Battle on a neutral site

Dave Domina 03First, from Twitterer Dan Moser, featured Democrat #NESEN candidate David Domina, with his fine caption, at the right:


Quite a bit has gone back and forth between the Senate candidates about who is more “DC” or “Establishment”.

One of the points that some have stated here, and in other national blog arguments, is Who has been using the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) headquarters in Washington for a fundraiser location.

Well, the NRSC’s digital team spokesman, Bill Murphy, sent out this message regarding the Nebraska candidates:

Hoping to clarify the record any stories you may have read about the Nebraska Senate race: the NRSC is completely neutral.

We are in touch with a number of candidates in the state. We have met with a number of them and their staff. They all receive routine updates and information on issues from our team. Several candidates in Nebraska have used the NRSC building as a venue for their own private events – an opportunity that has been made available to any candidate in that race. In addition, several have attended campaign trainings that we have held and met with our political and communications staff. We’ve met with Ben Sasse several times. There are several strong candidates in the race in Nebraska, and our belief is that the best will become the next United States Senator. Our only role in this race is to be a resource for ALL of the candidates.

This was, we believe, to counter some statements that Shane Osborn was the only candidate being supported by the NRSC. In fact Ben Sasse was there back in December and Bart McLeay has also used the NRSC headquarters.

We will say that this is a little strange that candidates now are trying to separate themselves from the NRSC. There was a day when NRSC support showed that you were a solid candidate. We suppose it’s the whole “McConnell vs DeMint” thing.

This of course confirms what we have been saying: the Republican party has quality candidates for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska. While we understand that each campaign is looking to separate themselves somehow, they are also getting a little chippy on some of their points.

Not sure that we agree with the Hot Air blog’s assessment that the primary “is a mess”. But it certainly will be competitive, everyone is looking for an edge, and the national Republican civil warriors are looking to add to their roles.


Many of the Senate and Governor candidates are reporting their fundraising numbers, and we have been tweeting some of that info. We will wait until we have all of their numbers in order to take a look and compare and contrast, etc. etc.

Needless to say, it is interesting to see how each are doing, and their current strategies for how to spend the cash.


Anyone catch the news that President Obama OK’d the Keystone XL pipeline?
Well, at least for the portion that flows through Oklahoma and Texas.

Well, to be sure, Jane Kleeb and the Boldies noticed, as well as the Keystone supporters.

Jane Kleeb issued a press release to show how incensed she is:

“Pres. Obama made the wrong decision to fast-track this export pipeline…”

We always figured that the Obama administration had only been holding this up for political reasons, and that it has nothing to do with “pipeline safety”. This confirms it, right?

So the Presidents and all of his advisors now admit that the pipeline is safe.
And as we know, Nebraska’s own groundwater and Ogallala Aquifer expert states that the aquifer would not be threatened by the pipeline.

So what stands in the way of the Keystone XL being built?


Politics from Jane Kleeb and the NIMBY brand that she has stirred up.
Politics from other politicians who have jumped on the “we better study this some more” bandwagon in order to ingratiate themselves with NE03 voters.
Politics from the flatlanders who are convinced that if we just go back to whale-oil, we will have this whole energy thing manhandled.

And now that half the pipeline has been OK’d, we will expect the White House to drop the politics and confirm the rest right?

(Bwahahahahahahaha! Oooooh, good one….)


Uh, so State Auditor Mike Foley digs in and does an investigation of the Nebraska HHS.
And now that means Nebraska owes the Feds $22 million?

So we ask, only half kiddingly, didn’t Mike Foley just end up costing Nebraska $22M?
Was there not another way of investigating and fixing things without it costing an arm and three legs?


By the way, the talk of Attorney General Jon Bruning getting in the Governor’s race is now running rampant.

We’ve heard some say it’s 80/20 for him getting IN, with others saying his polling, among all candidates, makes him the leader.


Stuart Rothenberg has changed Congressman Lee Terry’s NE02 to “Republican Favored” from “Lean Republican”.


Interesting analysis in The Corner, as to why the national GOP would want to try to tackle the divisive issue of immigration reform now…

Did Boehner and company learn nothing from President G. W. Bush’s disastrous attempt to push immigration reform in 2006? Did they not see how it catalyzed a virtual civil war on the right? And do they not hear, again and again, from conservative grassroots activists that this is not just another issue for them, but one they feel passionate about — and passionately against the positions being pushed by the House leadership?


And if it JUST.DOESN’T.MATTER….why does Hillary have regrets about Benghazi?


  1. UPDATE in the post:

    “By the way, the talk of Attorney General Jon Bruning getting in the Governor’s race is now running rampant.

    We’ve heard some say it’s 80/20 for him getting IN, with others saying his polling, among all candidates makes him the leader.”


  2. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, I’ve been offline all day, what happened? I don’t see any mention of beef in the first few articles I just read.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    It also screwed taxpayers. At least the beef industry is about to get a large influx of people who are quite adept at carving up mammals and will work for $20 a week.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thought that too about Bruning but odd if he is going to get in that he didn’t show up at the 4,000 plus Walk for Life Saturday. Every other candidate was there.

  5. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, if you’re referring to the COOL issue, it’s a very contentious issue. Lots of independent ranchers support it in it’s current form, while the big packing companies and some national meat organizations strongly oppose it and might try to block the new farm bill unless the COOL is removed.

    I bought a ball cap at Mt. Rushmore that has a “Made in China” label in it. I kinda think that the steak in the grocery store should continue to have the same requirement, so I kinda like the COOL law the way it is and the way it is in the new farm bill, but that’s just me.

    Many of us have been supporting the Country Of Origin Labeling for a long time and feel pretty strongly that the consumer should be able to tell if they are buying meat from the U.S. or from some other country, which may or may not have the same quality control rules in place that we do. I remember many years ago when some “ground beef” from Australia that was imported to the U.S. was found to contain ground kangaroo in it. Then we wondered why the meat balls kept jumping off the plate! If someone wants to eat kangaroo, then that’s their choice, but someone who wants to eat beef, should be able to know, absolutely, that that’s what their getting.

  6. Chicken from China says:

    Will the chicken we import from China have been fed a ration containing melamine? American consumers want to know. Personally, I prefer that my chicken come from Tecumseh.

  7. Midlands and Sasse says:

    Political entanglements are fun to watch. The article and letter to the editor in this morning’s paper is just the beginning of a long journey for Nebraska’s U.S. Senate seat.

  8. ” … other politicians who have jumped on the “we better study this some more” bandwagon in order to ingratiate themselves with NE03 voters.”

    As a card-carrying Thirder let me assure you that XL pipeline opponents are purty scarce out here. I fear that the good Colonel did himself a lot of harm with that statement about further study being required. Yeah, yeah, I know we have a few yucca-hugging Luddites that blanch and start to tremble all over whenever they get within walking distance of any kind of petroleum product – but the overwhelming sentiment in the Third is “Build the damned thing – yesterday!”

  9. Anonymous says:

    NO ONE is getting the pipe “shoved down their throat”.
    Every single landowner is signing an agreement (or not) with TransCanada.
    Oh, and getting PAID.
    Glad to know you’re sucking down Jane Kleeb’s Kool-Aid.

  10. Another from the 3rd says:

    Ed S aka Uncle Wiggly,
    I’ll thank you not to speak on behalf of myself and many of the people I know in my part of the 3rd CD. We’re not so upset with the pipeline as the way the fascist Canadians think they have the right to usurp American soil to export their crud (not a misspelling) to China. There will be a fight, a bloody one, if they invade us.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hear much from Jane and the Boldies these days. No angry protests or made for TV photo opps. She must be off setting up a new gig with another sugar daddy.

  12. To the Osborn staffer behind today's Midland story, er, Number 9 says:

    You seem pretty excited about a story that basically said that a bunch of liberal democrat “pastors” all of whom support abortion, gay rights and ObamaCare, don’t like Ben Sasse because he’s too tough on ObamaCare.

    Oh yeah, the other part was the head of the Midland board talking about how Sasse has done such an awesome job, they asked him to stay on part time, even while running.

    If you think that was a good story for you guys today, uh, you should look for a different line of work, because you’re not great at this one.

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