Will you yield?

A short post on this Friday afternoon to finish up on a few items this week.


First, State Auditor Mike Foley for Governor has a new ad up.
See it here:

Long time Leavenworth St. readers know that we always like the “candidate talking to the camera” ads, so this one is a bit of a disappointment, only because Foley never addresses the audience. Instead we hear Congressman Jeff Fortenberry talking throughout.

Also, there are, well, a LOT of shots of the BACK of Foley’s head.

Mike Foley ad - back of head 01

What’s going on with that, director guy?

And then there is an awful lot of Jeff Fortenberry talking (featuring the FRONT of Fortenberry’s, in-focus, head).
But did Fortenberry say, “…and give extrOIDinary service…“? Is that a Louisiana accent thing?

Anywho, otherwise, fine intro ad.


And a group called Special Operations for America has an ad up for Shane Osborn for U.S. Senate.
See it here:

This is a nice sort of bio spot, but it only focuses on Osborn’s military experience. That is definitely important in this Federal office, but we wonder at what point voters will want to hear more about his policy views and experience post-military.

Nice to have others put that out for him though.


The talk around the Legislature yesterday was that state Senator, and Governor candidate, Beau McCoy refused to play games with Senator Ernie Chambers on the floor.

An issue of having school superintendents’ salaries being public was being debated, and Chambers decided he was going to get all of the Gov candidates to go on the record on this issue. The floor procedure is known as “yielding to a question”, and usually senators yield.

(You can see the video here, and the short exchange begins at approximately the 1:44:50 mark.)

However, as many know, Chambers isn’t asking some open ended questions. He is asking leading questions, courtroom style, searching for the response he wants. It is really a political game for Chambers and he no-doubt gets a kick out of it.

Except McCoy decided to simply NOT play, and refused Chambers questions. And of course, in Ernie’s style, he made it a HUGE deal, continuing to call out McCoy, etc., etc. (Chambers was also clearly flummoxed by McCoy’s move.)

McCoy did follow up with a Tweet, however:

I refuse to let the people’s business on the floor of the Unicameral be hijacked by the antics of Ernie Chambers. Nebraskans expect better.

Politically, this was absolutely the right move for McCoy.

First, taking on Chambers can never lose points for someone in Nebraska. Chambers is a known bully, and refusing to arm-wrestle with him is never going to lose you points — especially when you know he is simply going to kick you in the shins as soon as you arm-up to him.

Second, why play by his rules? You don’t want to go on the record on some issue now, why would you do it? Because he thinks you have to play his game on the floor? Screw that. What political consultant would counsel his client to answer political questions on someone else’s terms? IF McCoy wants to debate Ernie, fine, but let McCoy decide where, when and on what issues.

Now, we have no doubt that others will come in and say if McCoy is going to stay in the legislature he has to answer and blah blah blah. But there’s nothing that says McCoy has to play Ernie’s games and Bully for him for standing up to Chambers.

We have a feeling we will see others take a similar approach.


As we noted yesterday, the Omaha and Lincoln newspapers finally realized that Attorney General Jon Bruning is looking to run for Governor.

And we would just note that NEITHER recognized Leavenworth Street as breaking this back in October, and then restating it last week. The Objective Conservative blog also noted, a few days before we reiterated it, that Bruning’s name was being polled, and indicated a possible Gov run.

And Don Walton’s mention in his story?
The Bruning rumors were “on political blogs“.

Very classy Don.
Then again, we wouldn’t expect much more from a YANKEE fan.
(That’s right, we’re hitting where we know it hurts.)


Finally, the Dems now have an actual candidate for the 2nd District Congressional race.

U.N.O. professor Larry Bradley has announced that he will be running.

Bradley came in third in the District 11 Legislature race (to Senator Bob Krist) in 2010, and lost 55% to 45% to District 4 Regent Bob Whitehouse in 2012.

We haven’t seen much word of this in the newspapers, so looks like you’ll have to go to “the blogs” for future info on Bradley.


Have a great weekend and enjoy the Puppy Bowl!


  1. So what happens... says:

    Will McCoy refuse to yield for the rest of the Session? That seems kind of petty. And what happens when he has a bill up for floor debate? Ernie will definitely question him then. And no, I don’t think you’ll see others take that approach.

  2. Ricky says:

    McCoy is the Sarpy Royals and Ernie is the Boston Red Sox.
    The Great Senator Chambers was making a point quizzing those running for Governor and wondering what those candidates put aside for political gain state-wide.
    Maybe McCoy has an even bigger ego than Ernie if that is possible, thinking he has a snowballs chance in Hell to be elected Governor.

    ricky from omaha

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad someone had a “Homie don’t play that game” moment with Chambers. Long, long, long overdue.

    Foley’s piece lacks message and could stand editing from the crowd feet to the aerials hoosting whatever….huh? What a Walton moment. What’s he going to do to make my life better? Same ole political ad minus corn and bugles though a few flags. Good hair Fort!

  4. So the State Department Keystone report basically says it has minimal environmental impact. That leaves Obama with almost no cover if he denies the permit. My guess is he will let the State Department issue it and claim he was ‘hands off’. The first he knew was when he read about the decision in the newspapers.

    Berkshire Hathaway got its money’s worth from a small investment in Bold Nebraska. As the only maker of tank cars in the United States, they probably sold hundreds of cars for millions of dollars in the two year permit hold-up. Too bad tank-car shipped oil has a much larger carbon footprint than pipeline shipped oil. If one actually cared about AGW, that would be a concern. Too bad those people died in that tank car accident in Quebec, and there were those explosions and spillages in North Dakota. Too bad those pipeline workers had to cool their heels for a couple of years.

    Look at the big picture. Warren got his money, Jane got some more notoriety, and only little people were harmed.

  5. Environmental Extremists says:

    I see both Lee Nice House Terry and the labors union used identical language in describing opposition to the pipeline. Nice try but that won’t work.
    Little old ladies tying themselves to construction equipment in Sutherland will get attention.
    When will Lee Terry visit those farmers and ranchers that live along the pipeline route in Central Nebraska? He can not be THAT big of a coward, but maybe he is.
    The statement by the state department does not mean the pipeline is any closer to being built.
    Nobody has figured out a way around Nebraska and the water supply.
    That will never change and Keystone Pipeline won’t go through Nebraska. Ever.

  6. Howard Hawks' Avery Moss problem says:

    Since Super Regent Hawks announced he is running for re-election, would it be fair for his opponent to tie him to BO Pelini, whom he strongly admires right alongside Tom Osborne, and then tied to Avery Moss, the convicted sex offender who Pelini kept on the football team until Lincoln police kicked him off campus?
    Anything goes in politics so maybe it would be fair to tie Hawks to Moss.
    Somebody should say something at UNL about the how and why of Pelini/Moss/Hawks.

    ricky from you know where

  7. Nostradamus says:

    Look closely at the back of his head. Look for the mark of the one who will bring ruin to the land of the good life. Scripture foretold of this beast

  8. Anonymous says:

    Would LS be as entertaining or useful if Street Sweeper was not anonymous? Time to test that theory. Ground rules: no social engineering. And certainly no logging into other people’s accounts; that is illegal and unsporting.

    I am throwing down the gauntlet. I will try to identify as many people here as possible. When I think I’ve sunk your battleship, I will as Street Sweeper for confirmation. Street Sweeper may confirm or not as desired. As for me, I will reveal myself as soon as Street Sweeper confirms, privately, that I have found her, him, them or it out.

    I know many of you have gone to some length to remain anonymous. I suggest you check and recheck yourself with care.


    Spy vs Spy

  9. Innominate says:

    At #17: Oooooh, you are so scary with your threats….it makes shivers go up my spine. You have caused me to give up “anonymous” forever, and since you like using the term yourownself, you can now have exclusive use of the term.

  10. RWP:

    It’s more like 250 miles from Sutherland (at its closest point). Them easterners don’t have much notion of distances out here in 3CD country.

    BTW, I have no problem with characterizing Jane as “little” and/or “old” … it’s the “lady” part that bothers me.

  11. Ricky From Sutherland says:

    I drove out to Grand Island for the State Department hearing last March. Right before the blizzard hit.
    I remember driving through Sutherland Ne on my way to the ranch where I met farmers and ranchers adamantly opposed to the the Keystone Pipeline. And on this guys ranch was the route of the pipeline.
    The land owner showed me where the proposed pipeline would go, right behind a cow.
    I am not sure how far from Sutherland (which is a real nice town) was this place, but it was a lot closer than 250 miles and it was more like 50 miles. Or less.
    But I at least made an attempt to visit with the farmers and ranchers out there. (Yes I met Jane at this guys ranch). Unlike the cowardly Lee Terry who would sell these guys out for Canada without even meeting them.
    So would the Right Wing Professor and Nice House Lee Terry explain to everybody how the pipeline would go through Nebraska when there are over 75,000 people who have already promised to engage in an act of civil disobedience to stop the thing?
    I know Nice House Terry has urged terrorism statutes be used against these protesters, but there is no way the President or anybody can get around this problem.
    Even if the Great President Obama gave the go ahead for the pipeline, which I seriously doubt will happen.

    Ricky From Sutherland er I mean Omaha.

  12. Pass that pipe around, Ricky … Sutherland is 30 miles west of North Platte, which is 140 miles west of Grand Island, which is at least 60-70 miles west of the pipeline’s westernmost point. Math seems to be a problem for you so allow me to do it for you; that means it is approximately 230 – 240 miles between Sutherland (your new home town) and the KP. Dunno what town you were in on your way to see Janie, but it sure as hell wasn’t Sutherland.

  13. Ricky From Fullerton says:

    So sorry to my friends in 3d!
    It was the town of FULLERTON ne I drove through.
    Not Sutherland! They all seem the same to me!
    Not far from Central City and Grand Island.

    Forgive me outstate Nebraska!

    Now quit voting Republican it is not in your best interest.

    ricky from Fullerton er I mean Sutherland er I mean Omaha!
    god I am sick of that Mean Jean ruined the Super Bowl for me

  14. Anonymous says:

    #18, if that is true then I really want to know Sweeper’s opinion on why Lee Terry always has loyal opposition from Tea-Party types while Fortenberry gets a pass from Club for Growth and the Tea Party groups who should be up in arms over him having the least conservative voting record of the three Congressmen. The only thing I can figure is that Fort’s people are better at keeping GOP challengers away and Terry’s and Smith’s people aren’t so good at spreading the word that there will be hell to pay if they are challenged.

  15. In The Third says:

    So sorry Ricky, you HAVE no friends in the 3rd. We are a decent and friendly bunch here in the 3rd, but we do not associate with geographic and philosophic and political idiots.

  16. Ricky - Friend of the 3rd District says:

    Actually I really don’t have any friends in the third district. Wait a minute Is GI in the third district? We have friends there.
    Is Mike Meister in the third? That guy is the worse Husker Homer of all time. To him if Pelini does something it must be okay because he is the coach of the Cornhuskers. Same with Bud what a couple of dopes.
    Deb Fischer she is from the 3rd and obviously she is simple minded. And her neighbors hate her too.
    So I am still waiting for RWP or Nice House Terry or anybody to tell me how the Keystone Pipeline will be built when 70 per cent of the landowners won’t sign an agreement?
    There is no political will to pry little old ladies off bulldozers or pull ranchers off their land. It is just not going to happen. If people don’t realize that now eventually they will. The pipeline is dead. Deader than a doornail! Dead!

    Ricky From Omaha!

  17. Watch out Ricky says:

    Ricky, don’t bad mouth Bud here on Levenworth St. You’ll find a lot of those enemies you’ve made over the years becoming fans.

  18. Ricky:

    Frst of all, there is eminent domain. There were protests in Texas. The southern leg of KXL still got built, and built quickly. They were threatening TransCanada with little old ladies and grizzled ranchers there too. In the end, the protests fizzled, the little old ladies were hauled into court, and they signed easements.

    If the liberals on the Supreme Court had voted differently in Kelo vs. New London, eminent domain wouldn’t have worked. If liberals hadn’t blocked Bork, you might have been able to stop the pipeline. Ironic, huh?

    Second of all, I don’t believe your 70% number.

  19. Wavy Gravy says:

    Let’s use some good old U.S. eminent domain by sending our troops into Canada to create landfills throughout their tundra. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Why should we pollute OUR own backyard when our northern neighbors have so many places for us to dump our garbage. Maybe we could fill their tar sand pits with our garbage.

  20. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    The problem is Foley’s voice. He’s just as annoying as all get out. He has a high pitched nasal twang and the New York accent. And he’s boring.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever heard Heineman speak so I don’t worry what Foley sounds like. I do care that he voted for a taxpayer giveaway to doctors and hospitals that ends up encouraging more law breaking Socialists to move here.

  22. TexasAnnie says:

    And because of impending amnesty of some sort at the federal level, you won’t be voting REPUBLICAN anyway, Macdaddy, RIGHT? I read somewhere above that you would consider a third party…Libertarian perhaps? If so, I’ve got news for you: Libertarians are for sale to the highest bidder too!

  23. Hmmm... says:

    Guessing #40 is Ricky…got your tight postal shorts on a little early this morning, don’t you? Or are you still out road-tripping in the Third District?

  24. Interested Observer says:

    What is the reason for Janssen’s exit, the message or the messenger?

    What can the remaining candidates learn from this?

  25. Wavy Gravy says:

    Tell you what, Macdaddy, instead of railcars we could just reverse the flow and send our poop to the Canucks via their little Chinese supply line.

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