BREAKING: Will Foley drop out of #NEGOV?

Foley announcementThe rumors are running rampant in Lincoln that State Auditor Mike Foley will drop out of the race for Nebraska Governor and run for re-election as State Auditor.

Some of the rumors from there go, that he has been in discussion with Pete Ricketts for a position as Ricketts’s Lt. Gov (should Ricketts win the primary) or as CEO of Health and Human Services. (FYI, the HHS gig would pay more than the State Auditor gig.)

Note that the most recent reports had Foley coming in 4th in fundraising behind Ricketts, Bruning and McCoy, and third in the latest poll by Conservative Intel.

If Foley did jump back into the Auditor race, it would make for some interesting decisions by Pete Pirsch, who is already in — though may be thinking about Attorney General, and Charlie Janssen, who may be thinking about Auditor — among others.

Foley has until February 18th to make up his mind.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Not surprised at all if Ricketts talked him into getting out with some promise of a new position. Ricketts hates Governor Heineman and so does Foley.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is the other vitamin D additive for deficient Ricketts? Fortenberry who all but endorsed Foley will now be free to endorse Ricketts.

  3. Dan Frei Supporter says:

    Street sweeper. Number 6 Warbucks comment is just all in fun! Geez!!!! Moderate or remove yourself if you must.

  4. Ouch says:

    Ricketts as a Svengali directing Foley? Yea sure. Don’t look into the Hypno Toad’s eyes or you will wake up licking stamps on his campaign. Get real kiddies.

    No one talks anyone into or out of their own ambition. If Foley feels he needs a certain type of catheter, he’s going to stick it up his own urethra.

    Or, do you really think it is somehow reasonable that a guy discovers he is several steps behind, leaning toward losing and thus damaging his future career, and yet you think its somehow ignoble for him to consider alternatives? If that is your position then you must have donated a lot of money to Foley. If you donated to Foley and he drops out, then the only loser here is you.

    If it turn out that you are rotten prognosticator, you should quit betting on candidates. Take up knitting. You will save money.

  5. Tonic & Tonic says:

    This just proves that Petey Ricketts is an illegal immigrant sympathizer AND supports expanding Medicaid.

    This guy is not a conservative… hell he’s not eeven a republican.

    Hey Pete, get off of my primary ballot!

  6. Another paid supporter says:

    The real story here is whether Pete Ricketts has one supporter, endorsement or friend they he hasn’t paid off. It was only time before foley was too. He’s only human and has a family to feed.

  7. Frequent voter says:

    Nebraskans aren’t stupid. They know the Ricketts campaign is a buying off all the republicans around. Support Bruning if you want leadership.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bruning is too rotten to use his own money to buy off voters, so he uses other people’s money to do that. Ricketts is too rotten to use other’s money to buy off voters, so he uses his own money to do that.

    Good people never seek power over their neighbors. Never. Only bad people do. Its evil, necessary but evil. And its worse when those like you coopt to their assertion they “serve” us when it is we who actually go to jail or worse if we don’t obey them when they are empowered. Power corrupts. And more so when helped by idiot voters who coopt it.

    They all have the same aim, i.e. to tyrannize their opinions up your ass and down the throats of your spouse and children. You awful dolt. You say voters aren’t stupid and yet here you are with boundless stupidity.

  9. Billionaire Pete says:

    Hey Beau:

    Where’d you find that classic Nebraska snow-capped mountain range for your rancher B-roll? I want to buy the mountains for my next ad…



  10. Anonymous says:

    I heard that Foley will run for state auditor again with a deal from Ricketts to appoint him to something else that will keep him relevant.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What about that other more attractive candidate Pete? Senator Pete Pirsch is the one with the biggest dilemma with the abrupt drop outs and drop in candidacies. Attorney General is his dream job but State Auditor was his plan B?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m voting for the candidate who juggles kittens and had a wet nurse until he was 13. He’s the most normal of this bunch.

  13. Out of work trolls. says:

    Janssen gets out of the Governor’s race to pave the way for Bruning to get into it – including “Hey, I just need a job” Jordan McGrain migrating over to Bruning – and the speculation is about Foley looking for a deal? Give me a break, trolls. Lame.

  14. Fools says:

    You are all backing the wrong horse! There is only one candidate that would crane kick Sara Howard. Geary. There is only one candidate that would superman punch Avery. Geary. Only one candidate would out jazz hands McGill. Geary. Only one candidate who would pile drive Krist. Geary.

    Vote Kempo Geary!

  15. Fremont Voter says:

    Jennifer Bixby, we know her very well. She is our soon to be former council member that supports illegals renting in Fremont. She works for Ben Sasse’s step-father at Don Pederson & Associates Realty. The Sasse family are big supporters of the repeal. Both Ben and his step-father have had their organizations support the repeal through the Fremont Chamber. Guess who profits from renting to illegals?????

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh, goody, goody, goody! Maybe now we can finally get all the dirt on Jon Bruning’s corrupt ties to those NELNET officials. Evidently Deb didn’t finish the job of kicking him hard enough. He’s come back for more.

  17. To anon #24 says:

    Sorry to disappoint you #24 but the OWH laid it all out during the Senate campaign and there was no “corrupt” there. If you can’t win on issues and record I suppose you have to resort to smear. Guess Pete’s people have forgotten how their smear campaign backfired in 2006. Saw that some of his people are even claiming Bruning faked cancer.

    Oh and don’t forget Deb didn’t kick anything, it was out-of-state billionaires trying to buy a seat – sound familiar.

  18. Tea Party Patriot says:

    Sasse had me fooled. The guy is not who he claims to be. The guy has lived most of his life in DC working for the “Establishment”. You don’t get top jobs from Bush if you are against him. The Immigration issue was the last straw.

  19. Real Tea Party Patriot says:

    One of our heroes is Sen. Tom Coburn, and as reported in tomorrow’s Don Walton column in the Lincoln Journal-Star he’s supporting Ben Sasse.

  20. Fremont Chamber says:

    I wonder if Tom is in support of illegal immigration like ben is? We could use the additional money as Ben’s daddy’s money only goes so far. I am so happy Ben has these guys fooled!

  21. Tea Party Patriot says:

    I suppose Tom Coburn doesn’t know Sasse doesn’t support the citizens will in elections. Ben Sasse has no respect for what Fremont citizens said on illegal immigration. Ben will lose Dodge county! Real Tea Party, you must be a Sasse cronnie if you know what is in tomorrow’s paper.

  22. Literati says:

    Tea Party Patriot, it’s called the internet. don Walton’s column has been up for a couple of hours now. You’re welcome.

  23. Tea Party Patriot says:

    To Literati: I’m waiting for Ben Sasse to explain why he and his family are against the Fremont Immigration Ordinance. Ben Sasse is another Washington Elite trying to carpetbag a Senate Seat

  24. To Tea Party Patriot says:

    Sasse will never address his support of repealing the Fremont Immigration law. He realizes it will ruin him.

  25. I want to rent from Sasse in the D.C. area says:

    I have no doubt that Sasse will carry Northern Virginia. After all, he’s a taxpayer there.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    You guys are funny. The immigration issue will be settled before Nebraska’s next Senator is sworn in. I will give you the short version: amnesty for all. Fremont will be lucky if she is allowed to exist as a city any more. Crimes against the New World Order will not be tolerated. I do appreciate the sentiment, though when Fremont tried to stand up for what was right. Barack Obama, with the full backing of the GOP, is about to bitch-slap her. Sasse doesn’t have to say a word about it.

  27. morningcoffee says:

    Most of these candidates started out by weighing whether to run for Senate or Governor, as if the jobs are interchangeable. To the average power hungry bastard, any power will do. But to us who suffer the ill effects of those we elect, unless we habitually ask our doctors to represent us in court and our lawyers to do our surgeries, we’d better pay closer attention to the exact nature of each job.

    Senators persuade. Governors decide. You cannot tell that from the campaign ads.

    A Senator is a policy board member who makes no decisions on his own. To be of any use, a Senator must be adept at persuading peers to vote as he votes. Successful salesmen, PR types, and lawyers who persuade judges and juries have proper senatorial persuasive experience.

    A Governor is a chief executive who leads millions of people and large complex organizations that require 24/7 decisions made by that executive alone. Governors give direct orders, the opposite of persuasion. Successful CEO’s, Army generals, and university presidents have proper executive managerial experience. Most lawyers and salesmen don’t.

    In Nebraska today, we have Senate candidates touting executive leadership experience irrelevant to the peer persuasion they need to be an effective U. S. Senator. We also have gubernatorial candidates who tout their non-executive professional background, perhaps in a law firm and then as a unicameral lawmaker who managed fewer staff than is required to operate a Jiffy Lube.

    Slotting an honest man in the wrong job is as or more dangerous than hiring a crook. All these candidates assume you are going to approach voting like a dumbass. Prove them wrong.

  28. MorningCoffee Admirer says:

    39 is the most reasonable writer I have seen in a long time. What does the position entail and who is the best fit? Brilliant!

  29. Tea Party Patriot says:

    So where will the Sasse be tomorrow night in Fremont? Standing with those that believe in the voters rights or those that make money off renting to illegal aliens?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Might just be my over-active pea brain but why isn’t any of our stellar media inquisitive enough to do a story about Sasse’s link to Fortenberry as his former Chief of Staff and what their relationship is these days? After all, Fort came out and endorsed Foley immediately and there has not been any similar backing of Sasse by the Congressmen so wouldn’t voters want to know why Sasse doesn’t get an endorsement from Fort, if that is really the case? Do reporters think of these things and get vetoed by their editors or what or does no one attempt enterprise stories anymore?

  31. Tea Party Patriot says:

    I comment for myself and nobody elese. When will Ben Sasse comment on his Immigration stance? When will he stop pretending to support the Tea Party Cause?

  32. To Tea Party Patriot says:

    I find it offensive that you boneheads in the Tea Party consider yourselves to be “patriots.” If you are, it sure isn’t for The United States of America. You fools have done more damage to this country than even Al Qaeda has managed to do.

  33. Anonymous says:

    51. But for a few more like you, we’d still be billeting red coats in our homes.

    I grant you that the TP draws some really odd survivalists to it. But the Democrats’ latte-sipping gender-bent pseudo-caring governmentalists, and the greedy GOPers shoving federal conservative solutions up your ass like Democrat-lite, they all have their assorted nuts. However, you calling TP unpatriotic is truly funny, Comrade.

    Experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. That’s you in a nutshell. But what is sufferable to a masochist like you isn’t normal.

  34. Meanwhile, Back in Reality says:

    While the Osborn, Dinsdale and McLeay campaigns and Democrats chirp falsely about a municipal vote (one which Sasse and Osborn and Dinsdale and McLeay are ineligibie to vote on since none of them live within the corporate limits of Fremont), Ben Sasse had yet another packed house at his Anti-Obamacare event last night. Keep chirping.

  35. Not Holding Breath says:

    I’ll be in Fremont tonight with the group who is opposing illegal immigration. I have to wonder if Sasse will show up in his own backyard on this issue. Bet you he doesn’t! “I’m anti-amnesty”. Prove it, Ben!

  36. To Meawhile says:

    You mean the staged events that Sasse holds and only picks the questions he wants to answer. Here is a question for the Sasse camp. Why does Ben Sasse support the repeal of the Fremont Immigration Ordinance. This is not some ordinary “municipal vote” this is in Sasse’s back yard. And while Ben lives just outside the Fremont city limits in his lake home, he has weighed in on this election by having Midland University support its repeal. Also Ben’s family seems to take his same view as his step-father’s business who deals with rental properties also supports repealing the Ordinance. Ben Sasse has utter contempt for the voters will. He has a lot of explaining to do.

  37. Conservative Voter says:

    I would like to know why Midland University is supporting illegal immigration. Why did Ben Sasse throw his weight against the citizens of Fremont? Is it because of his family’s business interests in Fremont rental housing?

  38. Anonymous says:

    I want to know why Pete Ricketts has not apologized to Mayor Jean Stothert for his behavior. He was falsely telling people after the primary election that she was not really pro life. Ricketts supported Dan Welch but claimed to be supporting her after she won the primary – despicable way to show his support. Do not trust Pete Ricketts!

  39. To Tea Party Patriot (and Texas Annie) says:

    The Tea Party has fought long and hard to render this nation The Divided States of America. Under the guise of emulating our nation’s first generation, they have only served to promote an end to what our founding fathers established.

  40. TexasAnnie says:

    WHAT? The USA (that which our founding fathers have established) is not ending and it is false to blame the Tea Party (whomever they be) as promoters of such an end. Be specific please. What exactly has the Tea Party successfully pulled off? Many Americans, not just Tea Party enthusiasts, believe our country is on the wrong course and in need of restoring founding principles. I only wish the Tea Party could accomplish such an important feat!

  41. To Tea Party Patriot (and Texas Annie) says:

    The Tea Party has only succeeded in promoting the public exposure of buffoons that like to dress up in period costumes while waving placards full of misspelled words. They have managed to elect a few louts to Congress that have managed to accomplish nothing other than gumming up the works.

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