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Happy Friday!

There is a new spot going up on behalf of Governor candidate Beau McCoy by the American Future Fund.
See it here:

Like many of the candidates, this one touts McCoy’s connections to Governor Dave Heineman.
Not a bad way to go these days for this intro ad.


…though we know one Gov candidate who will NOT trod that route:
State Auditor Mike Foley.

In fact, we heard that at last night’s Sarpy County Central Committee meeting, Foley was asked about the Governor’s opposition to expanding Medicaid in Nebraska.

After Foley gave an analysis without clearly answering whether he was for or against expansion of Medicaid, he was quizzed again on it.

And again, Foley, we are told, did not answer whether he was for or against Medicaid expansion.

Should he clarify his position in the affirmative, this would be another item where he clearly differs from a Heineman policy — first on taxpayer funded benefits to illegals, second on the death penalty and third on Medicare.

Voters in the Governor’s race should at least find some clear distinctions between the candidates.


Over in the Senate race, we have seen Ben Sasse featured on the cover of conservative magazine National Review along with his online ads.

Now the Shane Osborn campaign has taken to the webpages of National Review Online as well.

Osborn on NRO 020714

But not to be outdone, Sasse has his up there as well (though we would argue that by using the NR typeface, it makes it a bit confusing that it is an ad, as opposed to something from National Review that one might just gloss over. Though not a huge deal…).

Sasse on NRO 020714

The online world continues to battle regarding these two, as a proxy war between Mitch McConnell and Jim DeMint.
Very strange aspect to it all.


Hey, we came up with the new and improved Sochi Olympic Rings!

SochiFail Olympic Rings

If you haven’t seen it online, watch the opening ceremonies tonight and you will get the gist.
(My, we’re clever…)

Have a great weekend and root on the Lumberjack Wragge Bombers!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great ad for McCoy! He is the only candidate for Governor who has a strong agriculture background. Coming from a 4th generation farm family myself that is VERY important to me, my father and grandfather. For voters in the 3rd Dist. that will be important too.

  2. Question says:

    Doesn’t one have to actually continue farming to be considered a farmer? I know a lot of people who come from farming families but have decided on a different career. Most of them do not refer to themselves as 4th generation farmers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You obviously are not from agriculture family and do not understand the meaning of the phrase “coming from a 4th generation farming family.” That does not mean that “I” am the 4th generation farmer. My father is the 4th generation farmer. I grew up on our farm. My hard working father continues to farm, my grandfather is a retired farmer as was his father and his grandfather.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The only purpose for referring to my ag family background was simply to provide reasoning for my appreciation of a candidate with a strong ag background, NOT to equally compare my background to the terminology used for him in the video.

  5. Anonymous says:

    To AG non y mous = completely clueless on AG issues Many farmers and ranchers children while growing up or who are now adults regardless of their current occupation would use that same language. If you were raised on a family farm or ranch operation everyone works including the wives. It is not uncommon at all especially in western Nebraska including women to refer to themselves as a farmer or rancher. It’s what you proudly do. It’s part of their hard-working culture.

  6. Rancher from The Third says:

    That is right poster 6. It is just what you do out here. Folks out here always ablige a wave to every truck you meet even if you don’t know them. It is as simple as folks saying dinner instead of lunch and supper instead of dinner. It is our respectful way of life.

  7. Billionaire Pete says:

    Hey Beau:

    Where’d you find that classic Nebraska snow-capped mountain range for your rancher B-roll? I want to buy the mountains for my next ad…



  8. Anonymous says:

    What about the other more attractive Pete. The one without the billions? Don’t forget about me Senator Pete Pirsch? He is the one with the biggest dilemma with the abrupt drop outs and drop in candidacies. Attorney General is his dream job but State Auditor was his plan B?

  9. Some Thoughts says:

    LOL at the snow-capped mountains in the photo of “Nebraska” ranchers!

    Shane Osborn is the front runner for good reason. I can’t think of a single reason NOT to vote for Shane, can anyone? The competition just can’t hold a candle.

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