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Nebraska Governor candidate Jon Bruning has an introductory video out.
See it here.

The first part (30 seconds or so) of this spot is separate from the rest and we assume it will be its own ad soon. And we will be frank: This is a good piece. You know we like the “talking to the camera” stuff (though it does sound like he could use a lozenge). It seems that it was not scripted — probably bullet pointed — though Bruning never hems or haws.

You may not like Bruning or feel that he has whatever baggage, but this video is well done.

See the new Bruning logo here, as well:

Bruning Governor logo 01


And speaking of the Bruning camp, we can confirm that former Charlie Janssen campaign manger, Jordan McGrain, has jumped over to be campaign manager for Bruning.

McGrain managed Bruning’s 2008 Senate campaign before Bruning stepped aside for Mike Johanns. He was Executive Director of the state GOP during the 2012 election cycle, when Bruning lost the primary to Senator Deb Fischer.

McGrain was recently referred to as Bruning’s “Senate campaign manager” by a columnist in the newspapers, without distinguishing which race.


We posted the FOXNews interview of Shane Osborn yesterday and we should have at least referenced his other network interview with ABC’s, and Nebraska native, Jeff Zeleny.
You can see it here. (Can’t embed it…)

If you missed it, unfortunately, zero new ground broken. Chinese incident, some stock answers, not related to Tom Osborne, etc.

It is interesting that Osborn is receiving a little more national attention, considering all that Ben Sasse has received.

Because you remember all the national interviews you saw of Bruning, Stenberg and Fischer in 2012.


Still no word from Auditor Mike Foley on any changes to his plan to run for statewide office. He has until next Tuesday to change his mind about running for Governor.

One would think, considering the chatter, that if he plans to stay in the Gov race he would at least say something to the effect of, “I’m still running.” And if he plans to just run for re-election, hey how about a heads up to the other candidates? There are peeps who need to make decisions, and Foley’s decision, whatever it is, will have a trickle down effect to other campaigns.

Foley hasn’t even Tweeted anything for 6 days. (*Though he has posted a few things on The Facebook.)

We wait…


Deena Winter from Nebraska Watchdog twitters:

State Auditor Mike Foley just told me he’s filing for an office at 2 today, but won’t say which office; re-election or governor.

Ah, more intrigue…


We did not watch yesterday’s vote in Fremont too closely, but we have one general view.
And we learned it from the Omaha election on the recall of Mayor Jim Suttle:

When voters have spoken, they’re not real keen on the idea of voting on the same thing again a few years later.

Note that even though Jim Suttle got past his recall vote, he got clobbered in his re-election campaign by Jean Stothert. The gist being, voters may have not liked Suttle — the loss to Stothert showed that — but they liked even less the idea that they were being asked to vote (for recall) AGAIN.

Now there were no-doubt other issues at play in the Fremont election, but the concept that this issue had already been addressed was certainly on the map with many voters.


After our SAB yesterday featuring Sarpy County Election Commissioner Wayne Bena, we were accosted on the Twitter by state Senator, and pizza magnate, John Murante, pointing out Bena’s other doppleganger…liberal FoxNews analyst Bob Beckel:

Beckel-Bean-Huggins SAB 01

(Bena is the one in the middle.)

It’s like they’re triplets!


  1. Ricky says:

    Agree that the Fremont voters did not appreciate voting on the same issue again.
    Which reminds me of Scott Walker winning his recall for Wisconsin’s Governor by seven percentage points, while Mr Obama carried Wisconsin by seven points.
    So that tells me that Mr Walker, he of stripping public workers rights to unionize, is no lock to win re-election for Governor of Wisconsin, and for sure not President.
    There aren’t any great G O P candidates for 2016.

    ricky from omaha

  2. Rob says:

    I sure hope everyone looks at the banks Bruning has bought. They all get significant increases in deposits after he buys them, mostly from non-FDIC insured accounts. Once banks get deposits, they loan those funds out at a profit. I’d be curious to see if either Nelnet or the Adams Land and Cattle have deposits in Bruning’s banks?

  3. Deja Vu says:

    “When voters have spoken, they’re not real keen on the idea of voting on the same thing again a few years later.”

    Yet, Nebraskans have had to vote on term limits 4 times now! I guess Nebraska voters express their disgust with having to repeatedly vote on term limits by defeating it by a bigger margin every time they have to vote on it.

    Which state senator will be the next one to work on a bill to bring term limits to the voters for the 5th vote? One of the current candidates for governor, Tom Carlson, is the state senator who carried water for the 4th vote, but he never seems to mention that in his campaign appearances.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bruning’s left eye looks bad. It’s either a case of Bob Costas olympic games pink eye. Or it’s just his new slice of humble pie tears of 2014 emotion on display for the NE voters.

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