Foley stays in for #NEGOV

Foley files 01State Auditor Mike Foley filed for Nebraska Governor this afternoon, ending speculation (put out by him) that he would drop out and run for re-election as Auditor.

We had been wondering why he would be so coy to the press, if he was in fact going to drop out. Seems like our Spidey-senses were correct.

At this point Foley is third in the most recent poll in the race, and fourth in fundraising.

On his page on The Facebook, Foley wrote:

“I’m going for the two point conversion because Nebraska needs to win!”

It is not clear at what point Foley scored a touchdown.


  1. Persch Pite says:

    I want to run a draw play for a touchdown. Maybe run the pistol. I’m hungry. Maybe the wishbone. Perhaps the triple option. Let’s throw a hail mary. Where’s my coat?

  2. Interested in ending the REAL war on women says:

    The thing I love about Nebraska voters is that the one with the most money doesn’t always win. In fact, Nebraska voters admire and often vote for the candidate that is prudent with his campaign funds. A very good indicator about the care that will be taken with OUR government funds! Voters can sense honesty and integrity too. So many reasons to vote for Mike Foley to be our next Governor!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Jesus Mary and Joseph. Voters will need some prayers. This means we might have McGill and and Janssen at the top of the ticket for auditor.

  4. Poor Richard says:

    And so the Auditor of God sets the tone of the race! “Naturally, I took him at his word when he said he would not run, but it’s a free country,” said Foley. At least he could have said something positive about himself instead of immediatly slinging barbs. That’s what happens when you poll a distant third.

  5. Fremont Voter says:

    Ben Sasse is on the radio today saying he is tough on immigration. We know better Ben. You lost here in Fremont in a landslide yesterday. It’s not over yet!

  6. Blank Stare says:

    Take the Foley Challenge. See if you can still like him after talking with him for five minutes. There is a reason he is having a hard time raising money.

  7. Demon Sheep says:

    Does Ben Sasse work at Midland anymore? His surrogates now claim he is on a leave of absence. He still is getting a paycheck from Midland. How does that work?

  8. one at a time says:

    blank stare… or maybe all the money “raised” is relative considering he doesn’t own a mlb team or have a 800k investor pulling his strings. just a thought

  9. Dreaming.... says:

    Sure wish SS would block Northstar (whatever) and his computers from posting on Leavenworth Street. It would be nice to hear from Interested Observer and Texas Annie verses andy’s buds….

  10. To Dreaming says:

    You must not like having your ass kicked by Northstar…..Their phones hit every Fremont voter at a fraction of the cost of the oppositions budget. WOW that is effective!

  11. Dreaming.... says:

    Don’t really care about phones but wish SS would block advertisements…He/She ran off Chris Scott and blocks other ads…

    BTW at least Chris Scott comments contribute to society verses Andy’s hood.

  12. I like guns Sasse says:

    Did anyone read the OWH article about Sasse’s gun endorsement. Really? You are taking your wife to a gun range in Valentine on Valentine’s Day… really?

  13. TexasAnnie says:

    I, too, have spoken with Foley more than five minutes. I have also spoken with Bruning (I did so while they “served” the people of Nebraska as State Senators). The contrast between the two could not be greater! I recommend: VOTE FOLEY.

  14. Running as a Centrist says:

    Brad Ashford is everything that’s wrong with politics. I really hope he runs, because I love watching him continuously get his ass handed to him.

  15. Interested Observer says:

    To: I like guns Sasse,

    Lots of men around here take their wives to the Heart City Bull Bash in Valentine for Valentine’s Day.

  16. Foley has my vote says:

    He supports taxpayer funded benefits for illegal immigrants and is against the death penalty. He also has yet to take a stance on Medicaid expansion.

  17. I know you Easties don’t give a rat’s back, but the committee hearing on LB 935 takes place today; to those of us out here in the 3CD boonies, this is as big as it gets. LB 935 is Mike “Whiny” Gloor’s bill to attempt to get a “do-over” on the selection of the new Nebraska Veteran’s Home. GI (who Gloor represents) got its a$$ handed to it in the selection process a few months ago and them crying Islanders are still trying to invalidate said process, thereby keeping the Vet’s Home there – even though they lost in a fair and monitored bidding process. Both Kearney and North Platte came in ahead of GI, with Kearney being the eventual selection. Turns out Grand Island isn’t any better at losing than they are at winning.

    Sorry for off topic comment … just thought you ought to know

  18. Osborn's Deathstar Trolls says:

    Simply laughable. Osborn’s Deathstar Trolls are now attacking Ben Sasse’s wife Melissa who is a respected children’s educator over a gun PAC endorsement? Signs of no ethics, money and path to victory. Desperate strategy to attack women. We all have seen here everyday their mission is to distort Ben’s character, policy and now his family. Andy must be very frustrated that he can’t gain access to the Drudge Report for Osborn. His Bill Gates Nebraska political equivalency goal is spiraling out of control.

  19. Anonymous says:

    @ Heart City Bull Bash all hearts will be on fire! Texas Annie would clean everyones clock in a gun fight with Interested Observer in the crowd proudly watching. The Heart City is Somewhere in Middle America. I miss reading Somewhere in Middle America’s heartfelt commentary! Where art thou?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well Annie, now we know why you’re in Texas where things are bigger including the wide eyed wonderment from being in the company of one cold fish. Good for you. Even Foley’s intro video had shots of his family sitting in perfect unity with 1.2 pancakes on their plates as Dad served them. Yeah right. There’s never a Pop Tart flying at Mike’s house as the kids make their way out the door at breakfast time late for school. Take a look at the photo where his wife is dwarfed as he towers above her in weird kind of subservient way. Granted, he’s a great faith based man who enjoys saving tax dollars no matter who he rolls his tank over as he rolls his audit in so he can roll out another media John Stossel moment at no advertising cost to his campaign to lead Nebraska. I always thought the golden rule had something to do with treating others as you wish to be treated. Pass the pancakes.

  21. MorningCoffee Admirer says:

    @33 – where is the image of Auditor Foley “where his wife is dwarfed as he towers above her?” He’s a tall guy.

  22. TexasAnnie says:

    Neither Foley nor Bruning fulfilled their constitutional DUTY with regard to the education of children with disability while state senators. Thus neither is ultimately ‘good’ from my perspective. But Foley does not obey the demands for corporate welfare which Bruning abides. Indeed, Bruning is a whore to corporate Nebraska. Thus it would seem y’all could get a small reprieve from the excessive drain on the state’s coffers under guise of economic development, if you pick Foley. That’s how I judge Foley. I judge Bruning much worse than I have stated here…

    But #33 as to the non-issue you raise, pancakes for breakfast, I don’t get your point. What video have you seen? I’m interested in seeing it.

  23. “Neither Foley nor Bruning fulfilled their constitutional DUTY with regard to the education of children with disability while state senators”

    Article and section of the state constitution, please.

  24. To Tex Annie says:

    Every child with a disability gets educated in Nebraska. School districts spend lots of money on this. You may not like they didn’t spend more, but they meet the requirements under the law.

  25. Funny to anyone else? says:

    Does anyone else think its funny that Osborn’s team misspelled “veteran” in their press release announcing Rep. Barrett’s endorsement today? That would be like Dinsdale misspelling “banker” or McLeay misspelling “lawyer” or Sasse misspelling “former assistant secretary of health”… Isn’t it ironic…

  26. To Funny says:

    Kind of like Sasse saying he is an “Outsider” when he lived in DC twice as long than he has lived in Nebraska as an adult.

  27. To To Funny says:

    It’s more like Sasse saying he is a conservative when he was behind the repeal of the Fremont immigration ordinance. Sasse and the ACLU really took it in the shorts.

  28. toneitdown says:

    Enough of the “whore” comments, lady. You cannot have it both ways. Show a little humility.

    Not everyone enjoys funding your communal ideal of raising your debilitated child at great expense to everyone but you. You act as if the fruit of your passion, of your choice to have sex and get pregnant while ignoring your responsibility to have enough money ahead of time to care for your own children, is somehow our responsibility. Normally we’d not mind being forced to give you charity our of our own tax pockets, we’d give it freely as decent people do, for misery touches all lives from time to time. However, you loudly deride “corporate welfare”, which actually might lead to more jobs and production for this nation as we all struggle against the real corporate welfare of competitors like Communist China. Against that benefit, your mindless sexual exertions have in fact made misery and expense. What you call a blessing isn’t our blessing. But it is at our expense.

    Again, we’d not point this out except for your rude hypocrisy. You applaud yourself as champion of tax fairness, as you demand our government leave your money in your pocket. Yet when state senators care about leaving everyone else’s money in their pockets, you call them “whores”.

    It is your orgasm we are ultimately paying for so tone it down on the “whore” comments.

  29. TexasAnnie says:

    No, RLP, that is not what I wrote or even implied. And I will not play your semantic game.

    Quite literally, during the mid- to late 1990’s, every Nebraska state senator failed their constitutional duty when they did not address the residency statute which local school districts were using improperly to deny admittance to children living within the district. Usually the children were homeless, or had been moved into the district as wards of the state. And an alarming number of those children were children with disability. The lawyers at the NDE tried to remedy the problem by writing new rules & regs., but Gov. Nelson would not sign, and thus the problem continued over multiple years… Until somebody began reporting the problem to the USDE!

  30. Howard Hawks Power Play = Fail says:

    The OWH today has an op ed praising the five state senators who voted down in committee LB 1018, which would have let the N E Board of Regents pick the new NU President in private.
    Speaking in favor of the bill were all the Regents, the N U President, and big shot Republican businessmen and advocates for big farmers.
    Speaking against were mainly media types and the NU faculty. Who prevailed.
    Now watch Super Regent Hawks and Clare will go about trying to get around the open process, which calls for public vetting the last four finalists for the public job. Since they know better than the lowly taxpayers.
    Hawks filed for re-election, which I hope fails as his judgement is faulty. He did not want Milliken as President, and Hawks brought back Tom Osborne as Husker AD, which was a big flop, and Hawks thinks Pelini is great. (Clare does too, serving on the Pelini Foundation. Hey what ever happened to that audit of the Pelini Foundation anyway?)
    Keep your eyes on a limo perhaps taking N U Regents to Mound City to get around the states open meetings law.

    Ricky From Omaha

  31. Interested Observer says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day from Valentine, where most people are tired of the automated phone calls the last few days inviting people to the various candidates’ events for Bull Bash.

  32. Star Wars Reality says:

    Thank you Interested Observer for the Val Day greetings. Appreciate you politely educating “blogger 23 I like guns Sasse” that folks in the third district do take their sweethearts to the bull bash gun range on Val Day. Guess those first and second district folks are in their own Star Wars reality galaxy. Go get ’em Texas Annie!

  33. Valentine take down says:

    Wow, just watched Sasse get taken down by John Stossel. Questioning if he was an outsider while listing all his D.C. positions. Probably going to be a bad day on the Sasse bus.

  34. Tonic & Tonic says:

    It’s true, and Sasse’s responses were so dismissive. He simply acted like Stossel had not just called him out.

    Sasse has never been a producer. he has literally neve done anything but cost money. I like a candidate who adds value to the economy rather than cost taxpayers and college students money. Make no mistake, it’s high dollar institutions like Midland U. that are screwing the current generation of students. Places like that have no problem securing $60k in student loans to students who have no means of paying it back and whose future prospects are bleak in most cases.

  35. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’m an undecided on the Senate Race, but it seems that Sasse is getting some chinks in his armor. To me, he is starting to seem like Chuck Hagel without bags under his eyes. I’m not sure if I want to vote for someone who’s spent most of his working life on the government payroll.

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