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Valentine NE 021414Happy Valentine’s Day!
(Or as many used to call it back in the dating days, “Black Friday”.)

Don’t worry, we are here for you…


A weird kind of story from Fox’s John Stossel (redundant?), where he first takes on the National Education Association (Teachers’ Union) and then… Ben Sasse.

See it here:

It’s a 4 minutes piece, and worth your full watch.

First, Stossel hammers Sasse for his “move the Capitol to Nebraska” ad. And, strangely, Sasse seems to be defending the suggestion of the move as if it’s a REAL suggestion.

Obviously the point of the ad is that Nebraskans are more down to Earth, less corruptible, yadda, yadda, yadda. But Sasse is defending it to Stossel, talking about what lobbyists would move with it, etc. Frankly, we don’t understand why Stossel is going down this route in the first place, as if he doesn’t get the real point of the ad either.

But Stossel didn’t stop hammering Sasse there. He knocked Sasse about all of his DC experience but calling himself an “outsider”.

Sasse on Stossel 021414

Sasse countered saying it was just a short time in his life, but doesn’t really fight Stossel on it.

Finally, Stossel tries to hit Sasse on his partial support of Medicaid Part D, which Sasse doesn’t like, but likes part of it, if he has to like it.

Just seemed like an odd interview, and we would add that it also looked to be chopped up, and probably didn’t provide complete answers from Sasse. But, considering all of the love Sasse has been receiving from the national press, it was unusaul to hear this, especially from Stossel on Fox.


Hey, look who wants to go to Washington!
Brad Ashford!

This is state Senator Brad Ashford who got whooped when he wanted to run for Omaha Mayor as an Independent, but changed to be a Democrat, after he’d been a Republican after previously being a Democrat.

Oh, and he’s against ObamaCare, except that he wants to keep it, but he wants to change it, but we aren’t sure how. (Oh, and WITHOUT raising taxes!)

And why is Ashford running for Congress?

“I’m a legislator, it’s what I do.”

Well then. ‘Nuff said.
Er, something.


After endorsing Pete Ricketts for Governor, former 3rd District Congressman Bill Barrett has endorsed Shane Osborn for U.S. Senate.

On the other side, Ben Sasse was endorsed by a group called, “Gun Owners of America”. We are told that this is a big deal, as the NRA is unlikely to endorse in this race.


Mike Foley’s statement that he is staying in the Governor’s race was interesting — and not just because he mixed gambling and football metaphors in a fashion that didn’t really make sense.

He took a shot at Jon Bruning, noting that he “took Bruning at his word” that he was not going to run for Governor. And then there were the rumors that he told Pete Ricketts that Ricketts was welcome to be his (Foley’s) Lieutenant Governor.

The Foley peeps seem to be looking at the Deb Fischer “shoot the gap” strategy, once Bruning and Ricketts begin to pummel each other (which must be inevitable, right?).

We have a feeling that the Fischer “strategy” will be quoted pretty much any time more than two candidates are running in Nebraska. Can it happen again? Well, we would just note that a giant media campaign seems to be an important component.


We have heard a rumor that former Governor candidate, state Senator Charlie Janssen will be filing to run for State Auditor next week.

If you’re running for something, please feel free to fill us in.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Ricky says:

    Does Senator Charlie Janssen think that photo of him smiling as Fremont voted to continue harassment of Hispanics will help him statewide?
    The kindest thing I heard Fremont called lately is “the armpit of Nebraska”.
    Other cities and towns want nothing to do with Fremont and will try to distance themselves and tell people Fremont is really in Iowa, sort of like Carter Lake.
    I can’t see that statewide Nebraskans will fall for the Janssen – Kris Kobach cesspool.

    Ricky From Omaha

  2. Political Junkie says:

    Sasse knows his ad wasn’t a legitimate idea, it was to get people talking about him since he was down in the polls. I don’t agree with the notion that Sasse was defending moving the capital to Nebraska…to me it sounded more like he was noting there are major issues going on in DC. And as the post notes, the interview was VERY choppy so he could have elaborated more on things than the cut portrays. I’m sure the Osborn folks are grinning ear to ear after watching this, but as choppy as it is it won’t get much mainstream play….

  3. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, thanks for posting the cool picture of the Valentine sign from the side of the Fashion’s building!

  4. Drew says:

    Sasse is not a fraud. Stossel cherry picked Sasse’s resume from over a 20 year period. The amount of time mentioned above is small. In addition, just because your a government employer, does not make you a DC insider. The whole reference to the DC insider comment has to do with all the lobbying going on. The closest your going to get to that is Sasse spent a half a year on Fortenbery’s staff. By the way, Osborn’s resume is paper thing. Stenburg has a better resume than Osborn.

  5. To Red Head says:

    Sasse’s BS and over exaggerated resume has got him in trouble. Sasse got a free pass with his DC media buddies in the early stretch of this race. Now people are actually looking at what he has said and done he is now having issues. The “Outsider” label gave himself was totally arrogant. People have criticized Sasse for months this was not true to no avail. Now that a major conservative media type has shattered this Sasse-created myth, Sasse may have further issues because like all major media types if they smell blood in the water they will go for the jugular. I suspect Sasse’s support of the Fremont Immigration ordinance repeal will hit him next

  6. To Drew says:

    How do you feel about Sasse being against the citizens on the Fremont ordinance. Maybe you can address why Sasse has flip-flopped on his immigration position

  7. BTW, Heritage Action has a scorecard out on US congresscritters. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee score 100% (naturally). What’s distressing is you have to dig down to 71% to find the most conservative NE rep., Lee Terry, believe it or not. Then there’s Deb Fischer and Adrian Smith at 64%, Fortenberry at 58% and Johanns at 56%.

    Not exactly a glorious showing for the Nebraska Republican Party, thought the best Democrat, Jim Cooper (N) is still only 36%.

  8. To Gerard says:

    Fremont tribune reported the Fremont Chamber Board unanimously supported the repeal of the Fremont Ordinance. Midland University is a Board Member. Another member of the chamber board is Don Pederson & Associates Real Estate run by Ben’s step-father. The council president who supported the repeal works for Ben’s step father. Guess who makes money of rentals in Fremont??????

  9. To 28 says:

    My brother’s wife’s cousin’s college roommate was a jabberwocky poet. Does that make me a jabberwocky poet?

    Nice try… You still didn’t answer Gerard’s question.

  10. To 29 says:

    Ben Sasse is the President of Midland. Midland supported the repeal. Or another theory Ben Sasse must have let the janitor endorse the repeal and for several months Sasse was unaware of the endorsement and let it slide. 29 your an idiot.

  11. To 30 says:

    Seriously — read your post. You sound like a Larry Bird/Michael Jordan McDonald’s commercial… Through the rafters, out the window, back in the other window, through the rafters again, off the floor, and a bank shot into the hoop.

    Give me a break.

  12. Harry Truman says:

    To Ben Sasse

    I have always said the “Buck Stops Here”. Evidently you don’t live by these words.
    At Midland University you have always passed the buck on your leadership.
    1) 2 years after you took over your University was placed “On Notice” by the Higher Learning commission for your University’s problems with finances and academics…you blame others
    2) Your signature hire for Athletic Director Jason Dannelly pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts of attempted solicitation of prostitution. He had been charged with felony pandering and terroristic threats and two misdemeanor solicitation counts concerning female Midland Students.
    3) You have failed to show any progress on the fundraising for Dana acquisition while you find ways to raise funds your senate campaign. Rumors on the street are that you have lost major donors to this effort.
    4) You have the University support the repeal of the Fremont Immigration Ordinance and now you try to have yourself delinked from this despite your family’s close ties to this issue and it being the biggest issue facing Fremont.
    To give you credit Dr. Sasse I don’t think its you actually passing the buck, its more like you trying to find ways to make your next buck and not be accountable for your blunders and mistakes.

  13. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Sasse is done. Put a fork in him. He’s not just done, He’s burnt to a crisp. All of the sudden all of his DC buddies in SCF and the like are running for cover. No, I’m not guessing — I know. He’s been a fraud from the start, He’s a fraud now. When the immediate reward was making money he lectured all over on the inevitability of Obamacare he did that. When he thought it was cool to be a DC bureaucrat he said what he needed to say on that. Then to get some “cred” in Nebraska he had a relative buy him the presidency there (check it out — his salary was paid for three years by a relative). His stepfather wants immigration “reform” so that he can get cheap labor, so Sasse was nowhere to be found on the Fremont ordinance. All of the oohing and aahing over his “resume” (read: fancy degrees and DC jobs) have been exposed as so much fluff. He’s a snake oils salesman. He’s a younger Chuck Hagel. He can take that “poll” he published and wipe his butt with it because that’s as close as he’ll come to winning this race.

  14. Drew says:

    Face facts losers! You attack Sasse cause you can’t build Osborn up. Osborn’s resume is paper thin compared to Don Stenburg and Don lost the last race. Osborn is going to lose big because all you can do is attack.

  15. Is that you Drew Sullivan? says:

    Facts hurt Drew. Stossel took down Sasse on his bogus claim of being an “Outsider”. As far as resumes Shane actually cut government while Dr. Ben increased government when he was in DC. Not many budget cuts in Ben’s area in fact his budgets increased.

  16. Jeremiah is not a good friend to women says:

    Jeremiah Jensen is the staffer who got fired from Janssen camp for lewd social media remarks about Senator Danielle Conrad. OWH’s Robynn Tysver thankfully reported on it. His out of this galaxy ethics strangely got him promoted to chief blogger for Deathstar Syndicate. He has a history of no respect for women. Mocking Melissa Sasse for going to a gun range. Interesting observation because respected mother and wife Stacie Osborn had several proud moments on the gun range last fall. More 2nd amend power to Stacie Melissa and all women! Jeremiah respect the women who bear the children in this world!

  17. Loup River says:

    Speaking of respect for women. Ben Sasse’s hire for AD really showed respect for the female athletes at Midland. Why wasn’t the student population warned about him.

  18. John Stossel says:

    Ben Sasse is not a good friend to the truth. He told me he only worked in DC for 4 years in the interview today. What a little fibber.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Jeremiah the bullfrog @ his best. Ignorant hypocrite. Funny. I am sure JJ the bullfrog furiously generated hundreds of likes and shares on Osborns facebook photos for Stacie’s proud concealed carry training. Yet ugly sarcasm aimed @ Melissa and Ben Sasse for spending their day on a 3rd dist gun range with the inference they were pandering for the 2nd amendment folks and gun pac.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Ashford is going to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. Thanks for playing. But wait a minute. Is Lee Terry going to vote for Boehner again for Speaker? Pelosi or Boehner. What difference at this point does it make?

  21. To Anonymous says:

    Who is running for Senate? Sasse or Jensen? It seems the Sasse camp doesn’t want to talk about the Fremont vote, Midland, or the Stossel interview

  22. Seven Valleys says:

    The Stossel video is a solid lock for all of those Nebraskans who have suspected that Sasse is a clone of Scott Kleeb . It is a stunning affirmation!

  23. TexasAnnie says:

    Macdaddy finally gets it. What difference does it make whether you vote for the Democrat corporate whores or the Republican corporate whores?

  24. Drew says:

    Evidently the Osborn campaign has too much time on its hand as they spend too much time posting to this board. You do realize the jobs Stossel listed cover less than 2 years? Do your homework people!

  25. Drew to 25 says:

    Sasse’s position on immigration has been clear from the very beginning. Shut down the border. He said Fremont was forced to address the immigration problem because the Federal government had failed to do its job.

  26. Anonymous says:

    It’s probably not the Osborn campaign themselves, but that over zealous bunch at Northstar. You can smell the arrogance a mile away. Particularly when questioned about the ethics of the company being paid by legislative candidates while the main investor is running the unicameral himself

  27. To random campaign staff and supporters... says:

    I really hope you keep concentrating on the consulting firms instead of the candidates. (I don’t know of a single firm that cares?)

    If I have learned anything from politics, the only way you win is by not worrying about the candidates and attacking 3rd party’s. Seems to work every time! *sarcasm*

    Smells of desperation. Back to the show. Make sure to grab some popcorn because this is going to be fun!

  28. To Enough says:

    I didn’t hear the Sassy camp complain when the flooded facebook, L Street, and Twitter, every time they were on Drudge, National Review, or some old DC buddy of Sasse’s blog. In fact paid ads were made to push his astroturf stories on facebook. The Stossel clip is devastating for Sasse and its all over DC now…lol

  29. Erin Disgrace says:

    If by vile comments you mean “$&@&”, then yes we at Omaha Witch Hunt bagged that Jeremy kid. But wasn’t without help from our insiders. Big shout out to the sisterhood in Norfolk!

  30. Stossel interview is golden says:

    I can’t watch that Stossel interview without feeling bad for Ben Sasse. This is what people hate about politics – it’s about time someone put the facts up about this guy on the screen and ask him to respond. I don’t really care if he’s an insider or outsider, but don’t try to sell us a lie – be honest about who you are, especially if you’re going to run for US Senate.

  31. Anonymous says:

    You’re right, a potential state senator’a company being hired to run other legislative races is nothing worthy of discussion; we should just let you and the other Northstar koolaid drinkers put up 50 posts bashing your clients opponents.

  32. To Anonymous idiots... says:

    I feel like this reminder goes out at least once a QTR but can we please keep in mind that you aren’t all that anonymous on here?

    Sweeps uses Site Meter that will pinpoint a great deal of information on you. Not to mention the relative ease of tracking users and posts using external methods on a word-press site.

    As you were…

  33. Deflection! says:

    Looks like Team Sasse is now making things up, that Jeremy Jensen said something about Sasse’s wife to deflect from the fact that Sasse couldnt defend his past to Stossel. Kind of a stretch, isnt it guys? At least come up with something real if youre going to attempt to deflect.

  34. To 55 says:

    Exactly. This interview is objectively devastating for sasse. No one would care if this guy did a stint in dc, the problem is his dishonesty about his background. The Stossel interview undermines the entire foundation of his candidacy as an outsider, and all the sasse camp can do is stammer… “but, but, uhhh, Mitch McConnell!” Shane Osborn is an American hero, and sasse is a fraud.

  35. Herbie Husker says:

    It shames me to think that other people in America have seen Ben Sasse on Stossel’s program and it will just reinforce the opinion they already have that we are nothing but a bunch of ignorant rubes. It embarrasses me about as much as having them witness Bo Pelini throwing his temper tantrums on the sidelines.
    God how I wish Nebraska could put on a better face when out in public!

  36. This might be the most hilarious thread ever says:

    It is a lot of fun watching the Sasse people respond with such indignation when he didn’t get the kid gloves treatment from the national media that he apparently sees as his birthright. Finally someone called BS on his “outsider” riff. For whoever it was saying that his DC positions added up to two years, just look at Sasse’s Wikipedia page. His gigs with Fortenberry, DOJ and HHS added up to about four years by his account, and that doesn’t begin to count the time that he spent in DC in non-government jobs and then afterwards cashing in on his time at HHS lecturing people about how to comply with that “important first step” (his term) that Obamacare is. (First step to where?). The weirder part was that he seemed to act like moving the Capitol to Nebraska wasn’t actually a joke and the fact that he didn’t have any semblance of an answer for the obvious point that all those “insiders” (and doesn’t that sort of describe his well-compensated lectures post-HHS?) would just come to Nebraska. Seldom have I seen a candidate have a worse four minutes on national TV.

  37. To Post 57 (aka Andrew) says:

    Nice of you to admit you attempt to track everyone who posts. Except if you use a smartphone or a computer not linked to a static IP address. Or proxy servers.

    Good try though.

  38. Seven Valleys says:

    To Herbie Husker: Feel shamed if you must, but it is not the average Nebraska citizens and voters who will be seen as “ignorant rubes”, it is politicians like Sasse and Kleeb who see us as that. Kleeb and his wife Jane see us as ignorant rubes and so does Sasse. Sasse’s fate will be the same as Scott’s, and someday maybe even Sasse will be selling insulation for homes. Nebraskans are not ignorant rubes and they are smart enough to know frauds when they see one.

  39. Anonymous says:

    BTW Kleeb is an alternative energy entrepreneur nothing like Sasse. Not cool objectifying women like Jeremy Jensen did to my friend Sen Dani Conrad. This blue dog democrat doesn’t care for either of the GOP cons rackets. On this siding with the Moenning Mafia over the Northwall Syndicate. The women will win pink straw poll for GOP ethics race. Don’t get excited my heart still belongs to Hassebrook for Gov and Domina for Sen.

  40. afternooncabernet says:

    When primates confront each other, they engage in attacks and stare-downs to establish dominancy within the social hierarchy. Soon one looks away and is awash in bowel-loosening fear while the dominant other revels Yet winners’ rage quickly turns to benevolent largess, which in turn causes the losers’ frightened submissive nervous grimacing to change to genuine relief and gratitude by what is now a loyal follower of the Alpha. Within minutes of every such encounter, losers’ testosterone levels drop while the winning Alphas’ levels skyrocket. Even in females, more so in males.

    Humans are primates. And power is power. Except humans don’t bother to risk the encounter. As civilized beings who vote, humans start out looking for an Alpha to submit to. After all, we expect our candidate to literally dominate us as our better, empowered by us to do us good or great harm.

    As Street Sweeper says, we “heart” politics. We sure do. We can barely contain our urge to flatter our ears and present ours backsides to our chosen Alpha for a symbolic dry-humping, quite unaware that this is in any way humiliating. In that sense, apes are more aware than we are.

    The core problem with Representative Democracy is that voters always react as primates. We don’t want to be represented. We demand to be lead and by someone better than ourselves. And that’s why our government doesn’t work. We are supposed to lead it. Its amazing we do as well as we do.

  41. Haha sasse got demolished says:

    The few sasse folks here who are defending this interview are hilarious, and are displaying remarkably flexible principles in their self righteous indignation. This interview is truly disastrous for Sasse. The only surprise here (for the folks who have really been following this race) is that sasse’s insider status had not been exposed sooner.

  42. Interested Observer says:

    There was a big crowd of people in Valentine today for the Bull Bash. I think all of the candidates for Governor and Senator were here, except for Osborn, and I also saw Pirsch for AG. There were almost more candidates than there were bulls on Main Street!

    It was really interesting to watch the way the various candidates interacted or failed to interact with the voters. The outgoing, competent candidates actually smiled, approached people, shook hands and visited with the voters, while a couple of the timid, uptight ones just stood there, said nothing, looked straight ahead when they walked around and did nothing and gained absolutely nothing. I had to wonder why they even bothered driving clear up here.

    The big surprise for me was that only a small handful of people attended the Sasse anti-Obamacare “rally” last night at the Senior Center. I guess it was fairly embarrassing, it was such a pathetic turnout. It appears that he just isn’t connecting in the 3rd District for some reason. I’m not exactly sure why.

  43. Agree says:


    I noticed the same thing at the forum in Hyannis in early January. Only one or two of the candidates for Governor worked the room and introduced themselves to the people. The rest of them stood around like convicts waiting to go to the electric chair. They acted like they were scared to death someone would ask them a question they couldn’t answer honestly.

  44. Interested Observer says:

    So then the question that comes from this is, if some of the candidates either aren’t able to or choose not to “work the room” at a campaign event, then will they be able to or will they choose to “work the room” on either the floor of the Legislature and in their office as Governor or on the floor of the United States Senate as a Senator?

    Last Monday, “Morning Coffee” did a terrific job discussing the fundamental difference in the jobs of Governor and Senator and said, “Senators persuade. Governors decide.”. The Governor still does, I think, also have to do a lot of persuading many times to get the support for proposals, budgets, etc from the State Senators.

    The point is that both positions require an individual with proven, highly developed, successful powers of persuasion. I very highly doubt that some meek, timid, “mouse in the corner”, extreme introvert will ever be able to ever get 49 State Senators to support his proposals when he couldn’t even get up the nerve to go shake somebody’s hand.

    Sometimes a little humble charisma can go a long way.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    That interview shows why John Stossel is a national treasure. He asked, what, 3 questions? And absolutely skewered Sasse by being prepared (did you catch that Bill O’Reilly?). Sasse sounded like an idiot. “America’s values come from small towns, blah, blah, blah…” Sigh. Maybe he does believe it, but it is still a glib and meaningless answer. You are talking to John Stossel. He and his viewers were not born yesterday. “Here’s an op-ed where you support Medicare Part D.” “I’ve always opposed Medicare Part D.” Sasse did you even hear what Stossel said? Flexible Principles had it exactly right. Sasse, if you oppose Medicare Part D then oppose Medicare Part D. This whole least worst option crap is what got us into this mess in the first place. Anybody from a small town knows that.

  46. A Bronco says:

    Hastings College subsidized Scott Kleeb as a “professor” after he was defeated by Adrian Smith. That time as a “professor” at Hastings College gave Kleeb enough time to figure out what other office he might run for next. He then ran for the U.S. Senate. The rest is history.

  47. Drew to 75 says:

    Stossel is a left wing liberal libertarian and his attack on Sasse is sloppy. Fact is Osborn has been getting Federal government check for 9 years which over twice of what Sasse ever got in over 20 years of working. You guys are low information people who do not deal in facts. Being a government employe does not make you a DC political insider or lobbyist.

  48. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, Sasse can set the record straight here on LS. I’m sure Sweeper wouldn’t delete his post. As for your characterization of Stossel, all you can call him is unoriginal. He wasn’t the first person to point out Sasse’s change in position. Club for Growth even had to do some damage control because of it. I wasn’t impressed with the effort. But what do I know. I can’t even read.

  49. Dear drew says:

    Bahahaha. Those are some real negotiable principles on display in your comment. Not sure if anyone would disagree with you that not all govt employees are insiders/lobbyists. Id say the most damaging portion of the interview/thrashing (out of many) was the point where sasse said he had always been against Medicare part d, at the exact same time stossel showed his us news op-ed he authored in favor of it. Pure comedy. Care to put those principles of yours to the test and attempt to explain that away?

  50. posters says:

    You can make fun of Jeremy Jensen all you want but HE is the reason that the Fremont ordinance stayed put. How many of you trolls were making countless calls while being outspent by special interests 10-1.

    If/when Jeremy ever runs for public office (and he should) he would have my vote because he will work for you people.

  51. Tea Party Patriot says:

    Sasse was so against the Bush administration’s policies, we went to work for them. Get real, it’s kind of like Chuck Hagel saying he is a conservative and then joining the Obama administration. Ben does what’s best for Ben.

  52. Drew to 82, 84 and 86 says:

    False, false and false. Medicare D was passed in 2003. Sasse had nothing to do with creating it and if you read his article, it was not a defense of Medicare D but a defense of market mechanisms which control costs. There is nothing inconsistent in defending market mechanisms while opposing the whole entitlement mentality. Sasse had short jobs in the Federal government totaling 4 years. Yet Osborn was in the military for 9 years and all the military lobbyists are backing up his campaign.
    Oh, and I love the comment about the Valentine event. It took place on February 14, a Friday. You really didn’t think the Sasse campaign planned for a large event on Valentine’s day do you? Good day to take the wife and kids to shooting practice which is exactly what he did.

  53. Is that you Drew Sullivan? says:

    So serving your country in the Military for 9 years is a bad thing? Is that the new Sasse take on serving your country?

  54. Is the Sasse camp says:

    Attacking Osborn for serving in the military now? Geez, a new low, even for Beltway Ben. Maybe he should spend more time tweeting awkward photos of his family at the gun range and less time attacking Shane for serving the country for 9 years.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Drew, are you saying a retired military officer doesn’t earn his pension? Two decades of service isn’t enough? You perhaps want all of our volunteer troops to serve like civilians, well beyond 60 years old, and still be in combat so they move slow and get killed and save you from paying a pension.

    Your tone, Drew, is officious and snotty, exactly like Ben Sasse. That buck-toothed coward Sasse.

  56. Over it says:

    The way the Osborn and the Sasse people are going after each other is so childish.Which really is what is wrong with politics today. I guess I will look much closer at Dinsdale and McLeay as they seem to have gotten out of the sandbox.

  57. Anonymous says:

    The same Jeremy Jensen that got caught calling a senator a c***? Then chewed out the reporter after getting asked about it?

    And if he’s foolish enough to run, he will have that hung around his neck for all time

  58. getsomeperspective says:

    #94. Candidates who haven’t a chance can be as wimpy as they like. But these jobs aren’t for pussies.

    When neighboring states want resources Nebraska needs in order to survive, and other US Senators gang up to force Nebraska to suck hind teat, we lose unless we have fighters in there swinging.

    But, by all means, please feel free to donate large sums of your money to a useless loser candidate. Fiscal Darwinian extinction is good for the body politic.

  59. Drew to 94 says:

    I am sorry you feel that way. All my posts here were aimed at clearing out the facts. Somehow, public civil service has been demonized as less important or worthless compared to military service.
    Stossel did not provide a timeline in his graph and it distorts the candidate record. If you were seriously comparing who has more experience in the private sector, it is not Shane Osborn. He did 9 years of military service and 4 years as State Treasurer. That is 13 years he did not have any experience in the private sector. As for Dinsdale and McLeay, they are moderates in this race and they are just not willing to fight to accomplish anything.

  60. Is that you Drew Sullivan? says:

    Shane has many years in the private sector. He has created companies and met a payroll. Speaking of payroll, who was paying for Ben Sasse to work at Midland?

  61. Drew to 101 says:

    Go look at the facts. Osborn spent 9 years in the military and 4 as State Treasurer. That leaves 7 to 9 years for the private sector and Sasse has been in the private sector far longer than that. I mean no disrespect to Osborn and his military service but every time he brings it up, he just builds a group of people only interested in supporting veterans’s benefits while hardly addressing any of the other issues.

  62. Billionaire Pete says:

    Dear Nebraska:

    Like I told LIBA today, I really don’t like Governor Dave’s management style. Very “top-down.” I want to radically change government by separating it into three buckets.


  63. Anonymous says:

    #94, you’re onto it…all this Shane/Ben blah blah blah is getting ridiculous. And that’s a good thing.

    lol at people underestimating Dinsdale. His competency when it comes to the private sector and understanding the real world consequences of DC bureaucracy on Nebraska businesses is overwhelmingly superior to the other candidates. He’s a small town guy that understands ag and has civically given much more than any other candidate.

    Not to mention, who’s going to buy the guy??

  64. Hesdeadjim says:

    Let’s start this off by establishing the most important thing: I work for no U.S. Senate Candidate. I don’t work for ANY candidate.

    To the above: Dinsdale clearly does not have a real great understanding on “the real world consequences of DC bureaucracy on Nebraska businesses” because he supported Dodd-Frank.

  65. Hesdeadjim says:

    Not sure if serious…

    That is absolutely the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. As they say when someone spews complete BS: prove it.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Why do republicans always attack veterans? First Bob Kerrey, than Chuck Hagel, Followed by Tom Brewer, now Shane Osborn. But they love draft doggers like Ted Nuget and Dick Cheney. Confusing.

  67. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, Sasse calls Medicare Part D enormously successful and a model that we should use for all other government entitlements. That was in the op-ed he wrote. Medicare D costs taxpayers $70 billion a year. I’m sure the old folk appreciate that little windfall but Stossel’s point that it is an unfounded mandate and that Sasse supports it still stands. I think Sasse made some good points in the op-ed and he should stand by his words rather than trying to weasel out of something he thinks will cost him votes. I’ve had enough of that BS.

  68. Macdaddy says:

    Is Dinsdale in league with every other rent-seeking businessman who thinks Americans are too lazy to do some menial job for peanuts? What’s his position on amnesty? And don’t try to bullshit us with talk about repaying taxes and penalties. We all know that you don’t mean any of it.

  69. Drew to Macdaddy 111 says:

    Macdaddy, the criticisms of Sasse’s Medicare D article are simply wrong. His article was addressing what a Democrat controlled House and Senate should do instead of implementing socialized medicine back in 2009. In fact, the article is directly aimed at legislation which was passed in the House and was being considered in the Senate. The article was published 4 months before Obamacare was implemented. He is quite clear if you are going to have an entitlement program, you need cost containing measures which can only be brought about by market mechanisms. As of now, Medicare has 88 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities. Yes, Obamacare needs to be repealed but far more needs to be done.

    More importantly, the nitpickers fail to read the article as a whole because if they did read it in its entirety, they would find this quote from Sasse:
    “We don’t need more central planning. We don’t need more government price-setting and mandated coverage levels. There is very good reason to believe that patient-empowering solutions work better.”

    Furthermore, Club for Growth has adamantly opposed Medicare D as an entitlement and understands the article correctly which is why the Club endorsed Ben Sasse.

  70. Real Tea Party Patriot says:

    I’d post the link but Sweeper won’t let me. Google “Sid Dinsdale Dodd Frank” and you’ll find an article about Sid lobbying Ben Nelson to support Dodd-Frank. Too bad Sid didn’t lobby his friend Ben to oppose ObamaCare.

  71. Anonymous says:

    If all the candidates bring their wives to Valentine and have a romantic day on Valentines day. What are they going to do in Chadron for fur trade days?

  72. Anonymous says:

    So the Demikrats are going to allow Independents to vote in their primary. What the hell is Vince Powers drinking these days, or has he been slipping over the border into Colorado and getting one toke over the line?

  73. to woof says:

    my favorite part is when consultants and consultants/campaign workers start attacking each other. Don’t they realize that nobody gives a damn about who they are? They aren’t even footnotes but in their minds…watchoutnow!

  74. C. Insult Ant says:

    Quit picking on us political consultants! We are experts in our field, and if you don’t believe us, just ask us! It isn’t true that we are just a pack of blood sucking leeches that pretend to help candidates get elected. We are repositories of vast knowledge. After all, most of us have political science, philosophy, or interior designing degrees! That should be respected!

  75. Agree says:

    To Interested DISqualifier;

    If I’m “and company” I’m in agreement with IO again. I’m not a Ricketts supporter. I’m not even a big IO supporter.

  76. Some Thoughts says:

    Up until now I’ve been an Osborn supporter, because what is not to like about this guy? He’s solid. I took a look at Dinsdale’s credentials and now I’m torn. He’s smart, successful, not beholden to any special interests, and might have the financial experience necessary to make some good decisions in Congress. Osborn or Dinsdale, what do you think? The things I like about them are similar.

  77. warning all lutherans and catholics says:

    sasse is not one of your brethren. he’s a 5 point calvinist, a couple of those points meaning that Christ came to earth to save only them (the elect), everyone else be damned (literally). they’re a pretty smug lot, consequently, with a dangerously arrogant worldview. there’s a reason john calvin was run out of geneva. look it up.

  78. Annoyed says:

    Hesdeadjim is obviously working for one of the candidate’s campaigns and looking to blow smoke. Why would Dinsdale want to support Dodd Frank?! That’s like saying a hairstylist would want heavy regulation on scissors… SMH. Give it up already.

  79. From the American Banker 12-10-10 says:

    While Nelson initially opposed moving the reform bill forward, he changed his mind at a critical moment. George Beattie, president of the Nebraska Bankers Association, said that switch came
    after talking with local bankers. “Sen. Nelson told me he knew he was going to change his vote
    and we were going to be disappointed,” said Beattie. “He had contact from a couple banks in Nebraska indicating he should support the bill.” Although Beattie declined to name the banks, others pointed to two executives: Jeff Gerhart, president of the $31 million-asset Bank of Newman Grove and Sid Dinsdale, the chairman of $2.7 billion-asset Pinnacle Bank

    Except…show up with facts. Dindsale supported Dodd-Frank

  80. Hesdeadjim says:

    As I noted before, I am not being paid, nor have I ever been paid by any candidate or candidate’s committee for the U.S. Senate.

  81. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, now you’re just being insulting. Don’t piss on my leg and try to tell me it’s raining. Sasse is trying to weasel out of his ringing endorsement of Medicare Part D, which is a $70 billion a year unfunded liability. Nowhere in that editorial does he say, “Medicare Part D sucks and if you insist on being foolish, be foolish in this way.” No, he calls it, and I quote, “enormously successful” and “unprecedented success.” Now I can’t read good, but I’m sure those aren’t synonyms for “sucks” or “a mistake.” He’s a make-the-best-of-it kind of guy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing…if this was the 80’s, but it isn’t. This country is broke and I don’t want a Senator who is going to meet Harry Reid 99% of the way and then try to tell me what a great deal it was that we cut a whole $800 million out of the 10 year projection in entitlement growth and how it’s all part of a larger plan and we’re wearing down the Democrats. Yeah, right.

    Oh, and Troll #129, beat it.

  82. FWIW … I’m told that Ben Sasse is opening a campaign office in Kearney within the next few days. Love him or hate him, the guy is making some serious waves out here in the Third. I hear a lot more chatter about him than all of the others put together.

    Just sayin’ …

  83. Drew to Macdaddy 133 says:

    He did criticize Medicare D by accusing Congress of making it worse. I quote again:

    “Instead of striving to find similar ways to stimulate aggressive competition to create value for consumers and taxpayers, the bill passed by the House of Representatives seeks to reduce choices and increase government controls by mandating specific coverage levels through Part D’s so-called “donut hole.””

  84. Macdaddy says:

    You do realize he was criticizing Obamacare with that statement, right?

    But maybe you don’t realize that. Maybe Sasse meant to convey everything you say he meant to convey. Guess what? He failed. He’s a pretty poor communicator if we have to sit there with a divining wand and read between the lines. Maybe he could write a new op-ed and tell us exactly what he’s thinking in plain English. I suggest he buy a thesaurus.

  85. Annoyed says:

    “Although Beattie declined to name the banks, “. Since when is that a fact??? Blowing smoke… I recommed looking up “fact” vs “rumor” in the dictionary. However, I may be mistaken in believing that not everything on google is a fact.

  86. Drew to Macdaddy 137 says:

    Macdaddy, no he wasn’t as Obamacare had not even been passed yet at all. It would be four more months late before that happen. He did communicate the issue in plain English. The problem is Dean Clancy of Freedom Works distorted the whole article to attack Sasse. Why? Unknown. But now others are piling on it.

  87. Sasse Supporter says:

    I’d just like to say that I think the jabs being made at Ben Sasse here are mostly misplaced. First of all, his idea of moving the capitol is very obviously making the point that those in Washington are lacking the core values that this country was founded on that he sees his home state upholding. Thus, his suggestion is more like the now-common Ted Cruz catchphrase “Make D.C. Listen”, not asking for the government to physically be moved to Nebraska, but for the ideas that still live here to make their way back into the hearts and minds of the people we elect to represent us. That being said, I think the analogy could have definitely been made clearer, and surely could have been elaborated on so as not to cause so much controversy. I wasn’t sure what that interview was about, so that awkwardness could have been completely caused by Sasse or Fox for cutting the interview oddly.

    However, his full ad (which I would advise watching on YouTube if you have not) explains something important; both Democrats and establishment Republicans are a problem for the American people in congress right now. Neither are defending the Constitution or the rights of those whom they represent, and so now, as citizens, we not only have the right but the duty to elect new officials. To claim that anybody with any previous experience working in the Federal government couldn’t possibly be a viable candidate because they’re a “DC Insider” is just absurd. It’s not those with experience working in government that are bad, it’s those who stoop low enough to give in and not fight against things like Obamacare that are.

    Last thing – I agree that most in Congress need to be replaced, but if you rule out everyone with experience in the federal government, what are you left with? A new Congress full of well-meaning, but ill-prepared ideologues that don’t know how the Federal government works. I’m not saying who to vote for, but give the guy a break – he worked for what he got, and he deserved it. Aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the party that’s fighting for the hardworking right now? If his own party holds that against him, they’ve got bigger problems ahead of them.

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