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Jon Bruning has a new ad out.
See it here:

This is a piece chopped from his original intro spot, and is heavy on the ObamaCare.
You will note that he is specifically staking out a claim against expanding Medicaid — that may contrast him against one other candidate.

We suppose he is capitalizing on the ObamaCare theme running through pretty much everything Republican these days. We look forward to some other themes eventually.


New Attorney General candidate Mike Hilgers is right out of the blocks with a YouTube spot.
See it here:

Nice little intro piece, heavy on the bio, hitting the ObamaCare once again.


Nebraskans for Jobs & Energy — the pro-Keystone Pipeline group — is going up statewide with a radio buy.
Hear it here! (We got the raw version and posted ourselves…)

MSNBC is making a trip to Nebraska to do their version of NIMBY for the pipe, so this will likely be an effort to counter that free media.


Here is a new spot from Pete Ricketts for Governor (which may be invisible on the YouTubes, depending on when you read this.
See it here:

We’re not nuts about these “here are people describing the candidate in rapid-fire fashion” intros. Heck, we would have preferred to just hear Kay Orr speak. (And a little weird that she just got lumped in with everyone else.)

From the Ricketts camp release, the ad features…

  • Pat McPherson of Omaha
  • Jay, Jessica & Jarren Blattner of Kearney
  • Carolyn Gigstad of Syracuse
  • Scott & Kellie Mingus of Omaha
  • John Lowe of Kearney
  • former Governor Kay Orr of Lincoln
  • Lou Allgayer of Elmwood
  • former State Board of Education Member Bob Evnen of Lincoln
  • Art Knox of Lincoln
  • Joel & Isaac Kuehn of Heartwell
  • Chase Langenberg of Hoskins
  • Mairead Safranek of Lincoln
  • Sheila Heieck of Omaha
  • Rick Bettger of Omaha
  • State Senator Lydia Brasch of Bancroft
  • Judy Tamisiea of Omaha
  • State Senator Mark Christensen of Imperial
  • Scott Cooney of Omaha

We aren’t sure what else people will need to know about Ricketts at this point, so this campaign will be interesting to watch.


More from us soon…


  1. Ricky says:

    Is that going to be the big issue for Mr Bruning; Obamacare? Really? Talk about riding a dead horse.
    Nothing the G O P can do will repeal Obamacare, and I wish the G O P would come up with some fresh ideas.
    Also, I see Mr Rod Edwards has left the Mayors office for Bruning’s campaign. Perhaps because Mean Jean is a micro-manager. Gave one days notice and the Mayor doesn’t know if the job will be filled.
    Maybe it was a no-show job to pay off Mr Edwards for his campaign help?

    Ricky From Omaha

  2. To Ricky says:

    Let it sink in really good. Jean will be your mayor for the next 7 years and the guy who got her elected is working for Jon Brunning your next governor.

  3. Bruning won says:

    He fought for states to have the authority to decide to expand/not expand Medicaid, not the feds mandating it. Did you watch the ad?

  4. Anonymous says:

    If Bruning is a changed man, he shouldn’t be going with Edwards. Wonder why Beau didn’t get first dibs. Poor Jon. I thought he had changed.

  5. Ricky says:

    Another flub by AG Bruning when LB 1161 was shot down today by the courts. The special legislation was suspect from the beginning and it was not a surprise it was found unconstitutional.
    That ruling on the Keystone Pipeline did not make Lee Nice House Terry’s day.
    (Jim Smith of Papio was the Repub that sponsored LB 1161 – a Rod Edwards client).
    Dave Domina was the lawyer that cleaned Bruning and Governor Heineman’s clock on this.
    But I wonder; does Mr Bruning support the Keystone Pipeline going through Ne D 3 now that he is running for Governor? I would not think that is a winning issue out there; taking land from Nebraskans for the benefit of Canada by eminent domain. In fact that sounds like a loser for anybody that wants to win the Governorship of the Cornhusker state.
    So where is the quote from Bruning on the demise of the new pipeline route?

    Ricky From Omaha

    PS I doubt Ms Stothert wins another term. Nothing to her credit yet has there been?

  6. Justin Wayne re-elect for OPS Board says:

    Well not really. That guy has to run again? With friends like Senator Lautenback who needs enemies?
    Was state intervention really needed to trim the Omaha Public Schools board from 11 to 9 members with causing multiple elections? How dumb was that?
    And all for the lost cause of getting charter schools passed in Nebraska, which I predict will fail miserably in the Unicam next month.
    All the pressure put on the OPS board by the Omaha World Herald and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the tea party Repubs to get the OPS to back charter schools language for the state and the board STILL won’t come out for them.
    Guess the big shots did not get their monies worth out of our elected officials.

    Ricky From Omaha

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    Y’all don’t appear to have anyone for Governor who will “fight” for tax equity. Bruning says he has fought and won against “ObamaCare” (Medicaid expansion) while having personally gained of predatory student loans (impoverished students need Medicaid). Foley appears to want Catholicism to become the law of the land. Ricketts just wants y’all to like him in spite of his money. And who are the other candidates?

  8. Interested Observer says:

    State Senator Tom Carlson is running and he’s the guy who’s most famous for wanting to extend term limits from 2 terms to 3 terms, even though Nebraska voters have voted on this issue several times already and feel that this issue has already been put to rest years ago and also for wanting to spend $50 million every year from not till eternity for even more publicly funded water projects.

    State Senator Beau McCoy is running and he’s the guy who’s most famous for wearing his clip on bow ties and for receiving around $800,000 in a campaign donation from Charles W. Herbster, who had just dropped out for the race for Governor last summer.

    Bryan Slone from Omaha/Gering is running and he’s the guy who’s been a close trusted friend and adviser of Governor Heineman for decades and is most famous for his expertise in governmental tax matters, starting with his personal involvement in helping to write President Ronald Reagan’s tax overhaul and who has already released specific plans to make Nebraska’s tax laws more fair.

    And lastly, I am NOT a candidate for, nor will I accept, my party’s nomination for Governor of Nebraska and if elected, I will NOT serve!

  9. Random Thoughts..not by jack handy says:

    But they aren’t contributing financially and only one has actually said he supports Osborn. Methinks the reporter made a mountain out of a molehill.

  10. To Where's Hilgers from? says:

    Does anyone actually watch the videos posted? Hilgers is from Omaha…he says it in his announcement video. Do your homework before you make a stupid comment!

  11. RIcky says:

    I see Candidate for Governor Because Some Guy in my Church Gave me Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars Beau McCoy came out in support of building the Keystone Pipeline. Is that Mr Bruning’s stance as well? He had to appeal the courts decision throwing out LB 1161, since he foolishly defended the obviously flawed law. But since votes in Ne 3 are so important, and taking land by imminent domain would seem to me very unpopular out there in Southerland, I would be surprised if Mr Bruning backs building the pipeline.
    However, since nearly all the legislatures voted for the bill in special session, and none of them thought the bill was unconstitutional, I have come to the conclusion that the people in the legislature like Beau McCoy are just not that bright.

    Ricky From Omaha

  12. To Blurred Lines says:

    The Sasse Camp isn’t twerking over the Lincoln Journal Star picking up the story concerning Sasse’s dubious poll numbers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like Osborn constantly reminding everyone that he handed a US spy plane to the Communists. He can instead talk about things Republicans really like, fiscal stuff, like his math degree and him being Treasurer. But Osborn never lets us forget he handed that goddamn plane and its intelligence equipment to the enemy. He cannot shut up about it.

    From the outset people wanted Osborn court martialed. Gen. MacArthur said JFK was negligent and should have been courts martialed. Bob Kerrey still defends his failed mission that resulted in dead babies and Bob stepping on a mine. But that’s not part of politics until they themselves drag it in and highlight it. Osborn saw what voters did to MOH Kerrey and POW McCain. Besides, he’s approaching Republicans as if they were Liberal Democrats. Liberals are the ones who put saving people above saving US intelligence assets. Its Conservatives, GOP primary voters, who care that the Communist enemy get their hands on our spy stuff. The GOP elite feel that way.

  14. To the Sasse supporter above says:

    You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Shane was decorated for his handling of the incident. In fact the Navy had him serve another tour afterwards and he flew in some of the initial missions after 9/11. The crew of Shane’s plane properly destroyed the sensitive equipment on board. The plane itself was built over 40 years ago and was prop driven. Last I heard the Chinese mastered the propeller.

  15. 32: You should read the Seymour Hersh article in 2010, which says (according to a retired admiral) the Navy had to redesign their entire operating system, at a cost of $500 m, because they were convinced the Chinese had it, thanks to the incident.

  16. To Gerard says:

    And have him reenlist to fly more sensitive combat missions? Really? Idiot! All of those who were on the plane stated they destroyed the equipment. Shane followed all protocols and saved the lives of his men. Gerard if you want to join Adm. Fahleson’s Sasse Boat Vets….go right ahead.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer:

    I read about Bryan Slone and I do believe he’s your man! He has correctly identified the business tax incentives (beginning w/LB775) as the source of your tax problems in Nebraska. And he wants to take your top income tax rate from 6.84% down to 4%, which is still about 4% too high for my preference, but better for Nebraska.

    When my family was brought to Nebraska to pay the taxes which had been granted away under the original LB775, I did not complain. I foolishly parroted, “taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” But there is nothing civilized about Nebraska’s tax structure: Corporatists have literally caused individuals to underwrite corporate success rather than the other way around.

    Y’all should take the trouble to read about Slone, if only because he’s getting so little press there…

  18. Sasse Supporter to 32 says:

    Osborn served his country honorably — period. Anyone saying that Sasse is attacking Osborn’s military record is being dishonest — period.

    However, I do want to point out what Osborn actually says about his honorable service in the Navy, “What does flying planes in the Navy have to do with being a good Senator? Not much.” This is Osborn’s quote — not mine.

  19. To Sasse Supporter says:

    Shane is correct, flying planes isn’t a qualification. It is how one conducts him or herself in adversity. Shane handled adversity well. Furthermore he is well up to speed on intelligence issues as he was stationed in the Far East, Afganistan, and the Middle East.

  20. Anonymous says:

    # 32. I have plenty of combat ribbons that say you are wrong about me. As a former officer, I am trying hard to support Osborn. But dumb is dumb. Osborn served in uniform. I like that. Sasse is an oily egotist who says he’s smarter. I don’t like that. Yet Sasse may indeed be smarter only because Osborn is acting so dumb. The Senate is an oily place and the one thing a Senator must never be is an easy target for predatory Senators whose job is to grab limited resources thus leaving Nebraskans suffering the brunt.

    Who is Osborn trying to impress? Its core Republicans who see China as our military enemy and who most care about our military intelligence capabilities. Liberal Democrats value saving human lives at all costs and would willingly open our spy secrets to the world to bring on Utopia. Osborn has qualities Republicans love, like fiscal smarts. Yet his math degree and treasurer experience are always mentioned last if at all. He could show a photo of himself in uniform and leave it at that. Instead, he keeps driving home this same old rusty spike as if he either fails to read his GOP target audience or he is trying to convince himself that he did the right thing years ago, or both. Maybe he has polling that says this will work. I don’t see that. But maybe.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Surprised I did not see GOP traitor Chuck Hagel in the Ricketts ad. It’s no secret that the Ricketts family, camp staff and consultants all have a lovefest for Hagel. Trips to his DC office. Fawning over him when he’s in NE. It’s sickening. He has been helping him behind the scenes. Wait found him. He was hiding in the Ricketts fridge with the arugula. Hagel and Ricketts are both selfish opportunists.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    So your (multiple people above) criticism of Osborne is that he’s still alive. You think he should have killed himself and 20 something other crew members. I see that criticism gaining traction. LOL! BTW, should he have screamed Allahu Akhbar when he splashed the plane or perhaps Banzai!? My point being is that Americans don’t typically penalize somebody for not committing suicide, especially if it would mean the deaths of 2 dozen others.

    I have a better idea. Osborne used to be a public official. Perhaps he left a paper trail giving us insight into how he would act in the Senate. Maybe somebody could look into the decisions he made and how he made them, because your current criticism reminds people that Osborne saved the lives of 2 dozen sailors.

  23. To all the dingbats above that never served says:

    Osborn had the choice of having the crew bail out then ditching the plane in the water and awaiting U.S. fleet recovery teams which would have been in the area and deployed with urgency. He chose to give the Chinese communists a nice gift of American secrets. There was no way to eliminate ALL of the devices and data in the time he had.
    American military personnel know that risks are part of the job description and lot of good people have died doing their duty, knowing that their lives were less important than our nation’s intelligence assets. Osborn knew as soon as he made the decision to land in China that his career was over, just as the skipper of a destroyer that gets grounded on a reef would know it. The brass often covers up sins within their own ranks just to hush things up. That is no secret.
    If you haven’t served in the military, then all of your Monday morning quarterbacking has as much value as a warmed over crap croissant.
    Oh, and by the way, I am and always have been a liberal Democrat.

  24. To the idiot above says:

    You have no clue what you are talking about. The crew had over 20 minutes to destroy everything, which they did. Shane’s orders only had one country he could not land the plane in an emergency and that was North Korea. Shane was decorated and served another tour with full clearances.

  25. It was my understanding they poured coffee on the equipment and used fire axes. I’m doubtful that was enough to really destroy milspec computer hardware to an adequate level. The Navy was very doubtful about it, and later convinced itself that the Chinese really had reconstructed the OS. You don’t rebuild an OS from scratch for $500 m on a whim.

    I’ve never served, but I have built computer hardware, including stuff at a milspec grade.

    What I find most troubling is why the Navy didn’t have a better (i.e. not improvised on the spot) plan for destroying hardware they could not afford to be captured by the enemy.

  26. Macdaddy: no, but perhaps there was a plan to have the crew bail out and then ditch the plane. As I said, the alternative is to believe the Navy’s plan to deal with an extremely costly and quite likely contingency was to tell the crew to pour hot coffee on motherboards.

    Like you, I don’t think Osborns military actions have much bearing on is likely Senate performance. But, like reporting-for-duty-John-Kerry, you can’t use your military record as a selling point and then protest when people critically examine it.

  27. To Gerard says:

    You do realize the standing order of the Pentagon allowed him to land in China. Also the crew followed all the procedures in destroying all sensitive materials. Do you realize that plane should have crashed with the amount of damage it had? Shane’s flying saved that crew. His shoulder is messed-up from that incident.

  28. City of Blair says:

    Glad to see Ben Sasse is our raising money for himself instead of us. Word on the street is Ben cost Midland a major Donor for the Dana project. This guy is full of it

  29. To: To the idiot above says:

    Which branch of the service did you serve in? What were your duties?
    I have a clue because I spent several years in the U.S. Navy performing duties very similar to what Lt. Osborn did. Did you?
    I was trained in procedures for destroying the crypto equipment in my custody. Were you?
    How is it that you are privy to what Lt. Osborn’s classified orders were and why are you divulging them to the public?
    John McCain was decorated despite having been responsible for the destruction of several multi-million dollar aircraft. I’m sure he kept his clearances too.

  30. To: To says:

    At the time Shane was flying there was only one asian country his mission could not land at, North Korea. You know if Shane did anything wrong, they would not keep him flying sensitive missions and he did over Afghanistan much later. Are you a member of the Sasse Boat Vets?

  31. I have no doubt he saved the crew. I do know the procedures he and others claim were used to destroy sensitive equipment, and I find them questionable in the extreme. I know Seymour Hersch, quoting a named Navy source, reported the Navy also doubt the procedures were effective, and spent $500 m precisely because they had reason to believe they were ineffective.

    Knowing what I do about the military (having done research for them) I would not rule out that the specified method for destroying computer software/hardware was pouring hot coffee on it, but it makes me want to scream.

  32. To: To the idiot above says:

    And no, I don’t believe the Sasse campaign would have me. I am a Democrat. I haven’t any use for Mr. Sasse for the same reasons you guys didn’t like Scott Kleeb.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    Have the crew bailout over the ocean and hope for the best? I think you guys are overestimating the search and rescue capabilities of the 7th Fleet. The ocean is a big place and the odds of picking up all 25 people is basically zero. Of course if Iron Man was available…

  34. To: Macdaddy says:

    Tell that to the hundreds of airmen plucked from the Pacific in WWII. Consider also that they were retrieved without the technology such as the AN/PRC-63 transceiver, the AN/URT-33A beacon, GPS locators and more modern devices which Osborn’s crew no doubt had.
    You could be right that some would have been lost, but that is what everyone in the military accepts as an occupational risk when they take their oath. Military service isn’t, nor should it ever be, considered a “safe” occupation. It’s like policeman or a fireman; they have no guarantees they’ll come home safely.
    The only thing that landing his EP-3E at a Chinese airbase guaranteed was the surrender of highly classified technology and information to our most dangerous adversary. I think you, Macdaddy, are overestimating the ability of his crew to eliminate all of that stuff while Osborn was struggling to retain control of the aircraft. He sure as hell didn’t grease it in on a nice, gentle flight path that allowed the crew to unstrap and stroll about the aircraft pouring coffee on circuit boards and shredding classified documents. It’s difficult enough for the ground techs to extract circuit cards when the plane is sitting on the ramp, let alone having it done by operators, not technicians, while in inverted flight!

  35. Macdaddy says:

    If the crew couldn’t eliminate everything then that’s the fault of the Navy and not Osborn. The Navy didn’t come up with a very good contingency plan and so shouldn’t have sent the plane that close to China. As for S&R, you have got to be kidding me. You should get out off of Beaver Lake and go take a cruise on the ocean. The ocean is big. Really big. People are tiny. Even with all the technology, it is not a slam dunk you are going to find everybody and that’s without the Chinese Navy running them down. Were people plucked out of the ocean in WW2? Yes! And many, many more weren’t. This really is an idiotic line of attack on Osborn.

  36. To: Macdaddy says:

    The fault still lies with Osborn. He made the decision to wrap his EP-3A, with all of its classified equipment and documentation on board, in a nice tidy bow and present it to his captors. A better man, a better patriot, would have ensured the aircraft never fell into Chinese hands.
    Osborn had the opportunity to destroy his damaged aircraft in a way that it would be unrecoverable, but he chose to save his own sorry ass.
    Sorry, Macdaddy, but thems the facts.

  37. To: Macdaddy says:

    Macdaddy, I spent plenty of time over the ocean, flying P3s, doing much the same thing as Lt. Osborn, so don’t tell me to get off of your lake! Settle back into your Lazy Boy and go give Tiger Woods the benefit of your “expertise.”

  38. Drew says:

    I have had just enough of the Osborn military record. The Osborn exploits it to the hilt without supporting serious policies. They forget these facts.
    Unlike Osborn, many vets such as those who fought in the Vietnam War were forced by the draft/conscription to fight. Vietnam was a far bloodier war as over 55,000 soldiers died in that war. There were no drones or smart bombs like there is today in 21 century warfare. Americans feared ICBM nuclear bombs from the Soviet Union would destroy the United States.
    Bob Kerry lost a leg in the Vietnam war but before even considering running for office, he started a restaurant called “Grandmothers”. Upon being elected, only then did he toot his horn and sing Waltzing Matilda. The Cold War was still in play but coming to an end.

    Now comes Osborn and he expects us to elect him because he crashed a plan in Navy he chose to enlist in……………………Think about it.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    #58, If you flew P-3’s then you know that bailing out over the ocean means certain death for a sizable portion if not all of your crew. You are criticizing Osborn for not killing his crew. That’s what you say he should have done. In this day and age when there are no secrets and the Chinese own us, you really think that criticism is going to fly? You’re mad that Osborn isn’t dead. Ask your friends (not the drunk ones) if that’s a winning argument for not voting for him.

    If you want to criticize him for making too big a deal out of it and avoiding talking about the issues, that’s a stronger argument, but “He should be dead,” is just pathetic.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Where can the statistics backing up your assertions concerning the odds of survival of an aircrew that bails out of naval aircraft be found Macdaddy? You stated your case and we all know how everything you state here on LS is always backed up by nothing but facts.


  41. Macdaddy says:

    I think you should go do the research personally, but there actually is data and the survival rate is 53% on commercial planes ditching in the water. That number is buoyed considerably by a number of river landings with no loss of life. If you parachute over water, you have about a 5% survival chance, at least in WWII. I doubt it’s much better today. Jumping out of a wildly rocking plane is just crazy. So the best bet would be ditching which would afford the Chinese the opportunity to recover the plane anyway. In other words, you’re criticizing Osborn for still being alive. That’s a really bizarre argument to make.

  42. To: Macdaddy says:

    Sorry about not replying to you immediately, Macdaddy. Some of us have other things to do with our lives than spend 100% of our time on the blogs, dispensing our twisted logic.
    A 53% survivability rate isn’t bad for passengers without the benefit of military grade, government supplied survival kits including personal life rafts, flotation vests, Nomex suits, survival beacons, survival radios, signal flares, shark repellent, etc.
    As for a wildly rocking plane, that just goes to show that what I have stated about the probability of nearly all of the classified materials surviving this incident to be rational.
    Ditching the plane and ensuring that it sank would have ensured that the ChiComs wouldn’t have found much that was worth their time. If they did, then it would have cost them a lot of money that they could have spent being better adversaries. As it is, Osborn handed it over in pristine condition.

  43. To: Macdaddy says:

    You have to also ask yourself, Macdaddy, When, not if, the day comes that the U.S. is involved in a shooting war with China, how damaging was the gift that Osborn gave them? How many American servicemen, merchantmen, and civilians will die because of it? Considering some of the clandestine activity that we are always involved in with our adversaries, the question must be asked, how many of our operatives have already been eliminated because of the information the Chinese were given?

  44. Macdaddy says:

    So you would have preferred a few dead servicemen. OK. Got it. I’m betting nobody on that plane agrees with you, nor do their families. You know what? None of your neighbors agree with you either.

  45. Anonymous says:

    And all you care about, Macdaddy, is Osborn and the guys that could have died with him. To hell with those who died because of his decision. After all, since they were clandestine operatives, we’ll never know their names.

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