#NESEN: Dusty, not muddy

We missed this guy in the Gering debate the other week.
But GOP Senate candidate Clifton R. Johnson has a himself an ad put together.
See it here!

We will say this about this Clifton R. Johnson (not to be confused with Navin R. Johnson) spot: that is a semi-professional sounding voice-over and it’s 30 seconds long.

So there ya go.


National Review’s Jim Geraghty lamented the other day that Ben Sasse was getting hammered by Jon Stossel — and that the Stossel interview was being passed around by the Shane Osborn peeps. Geraghty included this as part of the “mudslide” in GOP primaries.

A few days ago, after an endorsement of Osborn by a national women’s group, Sasse kitchen-cabinet spokesman Jordan Gehrke typed a tweet, questioning why a women’s group would support Osborn, “given the candidates backgrounds”. He later tweeted that Osborn’s was a “campaign about nothing”.

Geraghty suggests that these sort of attacks should be held back, as…

“…Weeks of televised ads painting the opponent as a monster, a weathervane, or a crook plants seeds for the Democratic rival to harvest.”

Of course, the argument in Nebraska is that the GOP winner will trounce anti-Keystone Pipeline lawyer DavidDomina no matter who is nominated. Also, since most of the GOP are arguing about who is more conservative, it becomes less likely that such attacks would really hurt the eventual nominee in the General.

As long as things do not get personal, we doubt that hardball in the primaries is likely to injure the Nebraska GOP. Sure there are going to be hard feelings between the candidates, but when does that not happen?

The voters are good judges of when a campaign goes over the line. In the mean time, a healthy debate, that plays by the rules, will help choose a good nominee.


One of the local newspapers reprinted a Washington Post story showing the linkage between the Sasse campaign and the recent poll from Conservative Intel which showed Sasse and Osborn in a virtual tie.

This is pretty inside baseball stuff for pollsters, and we are happy to let them fight it out. Our takeaway from it is that none of the other camps have disputed the numbers, or have put out a poll with different numbers. So we take that poll pretty much at face value.

Frankly, considering the hideous “independent” polls that have come out — OWH, we’re looking your way — we will be happy to take polls from the campaigns and judge them accordingly.


Here is an interesting thought exercise, that has been debated since the dawn of the Information Superhighway (i.e. the internets), and is actually coming to fruition.

The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly passed the Marketplace Fairness Act last year. Both Nebraska Senators Johanns and Fischer voted for the bipartisan bill.

So what is it? The bill says online sellers with more than $1 million in sales annually would be required to collect local and state taxes at the time of the sale —  and the money would then be distributed to the individual state and city.

As you know, oftentimes shoppers go into Nebraska brick and mortar retailers, look at an item and then leave and purchase it online from, say, a California company. The late William F. Buckley called it (in our example) Nebraskans subsidizing the California company. The Fairness Act fixes that long overlooked tax loophole for internet sales.

But this would require states to simplify their sales tax laws in exchange for being able to tax Internet sales from companies.

If (and when) it next passes the U.S House of Representatives, there are two bills in the Unicameral that indicate any future Marketplace Fairness dollars would be put toward tax relief. One bill (LB 1031, Sen. Kintner) would put future Marketplace Fairness dollars towards reducing income and property tax. Another (LB 1057 Sen. Davis) would put the money towards reducing property taxes.

(For the hardcore: the Unicameral’s Revenue Committee will have a 1:30 pm public hearing and take public testimony on both bills on February 28th to determine if they will be advanced for full floor debate.)

As conservatives like Buckley, Charles Krauthammer and Paul Ryan point out, this is not a new tax or earmarking tax revenue. It is state tax relief, leveling a playing field, and fixing legalized tax evasion and a tax loophole. Nebraska loses out on $118 million in uncollected sales tax revenue. As the days of the internet Wild West come to a close, this one only seems to make sense.


Haven’t read much from the Governor candidates over the week, but as the Senate candidates battle, we anticipate the Gov guys to scrap it up as well.

As ObamaCare takes the featured position in nearly every ad, we expect to hear more on the Medicaid expansion debate soon. We are a little surprised we haven’t read more about what could be a potentially huge and divisive issue between the candidates.

Stay tuned.


As noted above, if you’re keeping track of these things, Shane Osborn was recently endorsed by “Concerned Women for America PAC”.

Today, Ben Sasse was endorsed by the Family Research Council — a group founded by social conservative James Dobson.


  1. All Aboard says:

    Johnson had better derail the “socialist express” soon, so that the rails are cleared for McLeay’s Freedom Train to keep chuggin away to Washington. TOOT TOOT

  2. Drew says:

    Things you will not read anywhere else.
    1) If Osborn is elected, he will be the youngest Senator out of all the current US Senators
    2) Osborn has spent the majority of his adult career as a government employee

  3. Sweeper, have you been in Colorado recently? Nebraska loses out on $118 m in uncollected tax revenue means Nebraskans pay $118 m less taxes. Since when is this a bad thing?

    Meanwhile, when people buy off L St, you diligently make sure NE DoR gets its cut, right?

    I swear, this state has a GOP, when what it needs is a conservative party.

  4. Is that you Drew Sullivan? says:

    So Drew we attack people that serve in the Military? So serving in the Military is the same as sitting behind a desk in DC? Drew you are creepy and need help.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gerard, since when does “conservative” mean “I get my tax loopholes!”?
    The small businessman with a corner store gets f***ed out of business, so you can take your business to the computer and not have to pay the extra 89 cents? How about everyone plays by the same rules? If you think you pay too much in taxes, go to your legislator and ask him or her to lower your rates. But enough of the special work arounds just because the government couldn’t figure out, until now, how Amazon works.

  6. Drew at 7 says:

    It is not the military service I am attacking, it is his age and lack of private sector experience. A reasonable man could enlist in the Army at 18, and retire at 28, open up a Tiki bar for ten years, and he would have both more private sector and military experience than Osborn has. The only reason we are talking about Osborn is because Dave Heineman did not enter the race and more seasoned Republicans were scared from entering in to the race. Osborn was conned in to getting in to this race by poll numbers. Many Republicans thought if Stenberg and Bruning could get burnt in the Senate race, why even try? Charlie Janssen would have made a better candidate than Osborn but he could not be conned to enter the race either.

  7. Number 8: The solution for the internet sales tax problem is simple. Reduce state sales tax. I have no obligation to pay ransom to the state just because somebody else thinks my doing so will help him stay in business. On the other hand, you want to raise my taxes. That makes you no different from a Democrat, in my book.

    Lincoln has an effective tax on cellphone bills of nearly 20%. Highest in the entire goddamn country. Why the heck does anyone have a cellphone billed to a Lincoln address? There’s an entirely legal and easy workaround, folks.

    The problem with this state is that there’s no meaningful distinction between the Chamber of Commerce, the GOP, and the NDP. They’re all heavily invested in crony capitalism, at the expense of the citizenry.

  8. Drew says:

    As for the internet tax, it would have little impact on consumers as they go to the internet for a greater variety of choices and free delivery. But the internet tax would kill businesses trying to sell across state lines. A Nebraska business attempting to go on the internet would have know the tax rates for over 10,000 cities and states and what items are taxed and not taxed. That is a nightmare for businesses. Those businesses complaining about the internet being tax free, need to put their products online so they know what they are talking about. Fischer and Johanns should have known better as the idea of taxing over the internet has been struck down again in the Courts.

  9. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Osborn is 39 or 40 and I got a lovely note from Sasse’s wife today suggesting that I donate $42 to Ben because he’s turning 42. So we’re going to make an issue out of the age difference between them? Good Lord. Government service, Drew? One guy was pushing papers for HHS and the other was flying recon missions. Osborn has started businesses and created jobs. Remind me of the last business that Sasse started (and no, his “pay me by a different name” Platte Consulting Group) doesn’t count. Sasse was born on 3rd base and scored on a balk and you’re trying to make it seem like hit a home run.

  10. Drew to Somewhere in Middle America (14) says:

    If you are going to go after Sasse, I am going to plant your ass in the grass.
    It is not just about age, but what they did with their life. You try to attack Sasse for doing a couple of years with the Federal government but was never a lobbyist or legislator and even in his government experience, he never held on to it to the length Osborn did in his two government jobs. Sasse knows how the private sector operates.
    People like you keep insisting Osborn started businesses, but you certainly cannot name such business or for how long. Meanwhile Sasse has been rehabilitating Midlands U for about 5 years and is in the process of recovering Dana College. You can’t sell me on Osborn unless you are trying to say every elected official has to be a veteran.

  11. Dana? says:

    We were told it was supposed to be open by now with a 10 year plan…

    I sure hope Sasse didn’t over promise or screw up that funding…

    Or did he?

    From Blair (now we know)

  12. Macdaddy says:

    The Marketplace Fairness Act should be renamed the Best Buy Bailout Act. Not collecting taxes on Internet sales cuts both ways. Nebraska businesses, which would have a very low customer base otherwise, have a chance to compete on the global stage because they don’t have to comply with the mind-boggling array of taxes, as Drew pointed out. Fat Brain Toys comes to mind as do Hayneedle and even PayPal. Nebraskans make good money thanks to the Internet and they pay income tax on all that income.

  13. Is that you Drew Sullivan? says:

    Midland??? Yes, let’s make whether Sasse is fit to be a US Senator over his record at Midland. You may not like what you find Drew.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Kintner's Priority Bill says:

    God’s gift to Nebraska Wacko Bird Bill Kinter’s priority bill in the Nebraska legislature is LB 1032, which requires abortion clinics to post a sign informing women that being forced to have an abortion is a crime and an abortion can not be performed without her consent.
    Oh, Okay! So some women may not know that and if she sees a sign on her way into the clinic she thinks well now I won’t have one! I have not thought out this decision at all!
    What a disgusting creature is Senator Kintner. When will white Republican men quit trying to tell women what they can do with their own bodies?
    It’s the GOP’s women problem again.
    Also Senator Lautenbcks priority bill is the charter schools one; LB 972; neither bill will make it out of committee.

    Ricky From Omaha

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ricky–you’re 1,000% correct in describing how misguided (that’s a kind way of saying nuts) Bill’s bill is. Would that there be a sign that says that a penis with sperm attached to a man was the cause of this unwanted pregnancy. Maybe Billy needs to focus on having men own up to their contribution to the situation once the child is born since he knows so much about what women should do. Better yet? Let’s see some bills that regulate what men can and can’t do with their bodies when it comes to making babies.

  17. Sasse needs to apologize says:

    “A few days ago, after an endorsement of Osborn by a national women’s group, Sasse kitchen-cabinet spokesman Jordan Gehrke typed a tweet, questioning why a women’s group would support Osborn, “given the candidates backgrounds”. He later tweeted that Osborn’s was a “campaign about nothing”.

    The Sasse is responsible for his campaign. He needs to apologize for the gutter tactics his people have been employing in this race.

  18. Guy says:

    I wonder what the property taxes are for that giant glass house Jordan Gehrke lives in.

    Google the dude. He’s a world-class scumbag. Hard to believe the Sasse campaign is associated with this fella.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Sasses’ recent mailer is the front page of the National Review announcing, “OBAMACARE’S NEBRASKA NEMESIS; Rising Conservative Star, Ben Sasse”.

    Osborn’s recent mailer shows the US spy plane Osborn commanded sitting on the ground, having been forced down by Communist Chinese.

    One candidate wishes to be seen as forced down by America’s military enemies. The other candidate wishes to be seen as rising against the GOP’s political enemies. This election is supposed to hinge heavily on GOP Primaries.

    Perhaps Republicans care more about military spy equipment. But all voters know up from down. They see a Sasse star rising and an Osborn proud to be forced down.

    There is nothing subtle about the photo of Sasse standing in a Nebraska field compared to Osborn’s spy plane standing in Communist territory.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky is actually right that the bill is a waste of time since the abortion clinics will just do the abortion anyway. Pimpin’ is easier, thanks to Planned Parenthood.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how all of you old, white, conservative men would feel about a plan that required your genitals to be removed if you impregnated a woman against her will, even if she was your spouse? That would certainly help to alleviate at least a part of the abortion issue that concerns you so.

  22. Rogers & Hammerstein says:

    “Our State Fair is a great state fair
    Don’t Miss it don’t even be late
    (our state fair is great)
    It’s dollars to doughnuts at our state fair
    It’s the best state fair in the state”

    C’mon Mark Fahleson….Sing Along!!!

  23. Well, 27, he wasn’t forced down, he landed a heavily disabled aircraft after a mid-air collision that destroyed the other plane, a fighter, apparently flown by whatever the Chinese word for a cowboy is. Let’s keep it factual.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I for one am tired of the repeated complaining and moaning by the Northstar crowd. I’m not even a Sasse supporter, but these constant attacks by that group are enough to make me support anyone who doesn’t use Matt Butler’s and Andrew Northwall’s company.

  25. for the love of God says:

    quite calling them out. You have no idea how much of a hard-on it gives them both to read their names in print. Just STOP. we get it. you don’t like them. Vote however you want, just don’t attack them by name.

  26. Drew to 35 says:

    I totally agree with you but you can’t just blame them. The local establishment Republican officials basically picked up the polls and said “run Osborn”. They really expected no serious opposition but smarter people looked at resumes and put in the other candidates. The more people attack Sasse, the more likely Dinsdale will win because they can’t sell Osborn. Veteran status only goes so far.

    To make matters worse, FreedomWorks has this guy Dean who served 6 years of service to House Speaker Dennis Hastert whose Congress passed Medicare D. Dean attacks Sasse in a vicious and most hypocritical and incompetent manner to the point of offer $1000 to dispute him.

    The more Sasse is attacked, the better Dinsdale does because the Osborn people still have not been able to sell Osborn. If Dinsdale wins, he will be totally worthless as he has no idea of the strategies of Tea Party Republicans.

  27. establishment? says:

    did anyone else hear morton blackwell last night? He may as well have called out Sasse, Ricketts, and most importantly, the people who work for them BY NAME.

  28. Another To Drew says:

    I watched the Stossel video too. I was leaning towards voting for Mr. Sasse, but after watching him I decided to go with Bart McCleay. Mr. Sasse looked like a deer in the headlights during the interview. He looked very unsenatorial. The guy really is a Washington Insider

  29. Brightside says:

    Well said, RWP. The Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) is as fair to freedom as the Affordable Healthcare Act is affordable for individuals. The MFA will co-opt a one-size-fits-all taxation system to all states, thus requiring the creation of a new federal Internet revenue department to do for State revenue officers what the Dept. of Education does for school administrators; i.e. addicts them to kiss federal ass for a dollar.

    Regardless whatever aims are stated by proponents, the end effect is to co-opt individuals to endure centralized government. And they will. People will do anything for a dollar.

    This is not without humor. For while the House not the Senate holds the nation’s purse strings, the Senate produced this “tax” MFA, perhaps as a comeuppance for State lawmakers who once upon a time appointed every US Senator. Prior to 1913, US Senators were forced to kiss their own state lawmakers’ asses. The MFA will instead force every State lawmaker’s lips onto every federal Senator’s arse. All for sake of effecting more centralized government that is tyranny.

    I like freedom but I am good at doing tyranny too. My profession was killing people. I got awards for it. And I work well in a police state environment. I took oaths to obey extra sets of tough US federal laws that most Americans find intolerably tyrannical. I can get people to behave or else. However, during all my years of service, I rather felt like I endured my tyranny, and had killed our enemies who served their own central governments, so that my fellow Americans could have one special freedom that no centralized government can allow; i.e. the freedom to “vote with your feet” which boils down to our constitutionally-inherent ability, in this state-versus-federal republic of ours, to escape intolerable laws by simply going to another state. That’s what our founders gave us. But since Republicans are now joining Democrats in a rush to centralize government, it is perhaps best not to watch freedom die by half measures. So bring on the gulags. With my background, I can put in for a staff job.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I am your bureaucracy fueled by your taxes for you good. Think of me as your Iron Lung. I am going to tax you to the point where you cannot move any of your limbs. Think of it as a spa. A relaxation therapy, Just lay flat and I will breath for you. Life will be easier that way, at least until the power goes out.

  31. NE GOP Member says:

    I was on the fence yesterday between Sasse and Osborn. After talking to Shane in Norfolk yesterday, my husband and I are voting for him. I don’t like dirty campaigners.

  32. Drew to 40, 42 and 46 says:

    46, you can avoid all dirty campaigns by canceling your voter registration. Seriously though, Osborn supporters started the dirty campaign and it showed up in the World Herald.
    To 40 and 42, if you are going by the Stossel interview, you are low information voter. The most misleading part of that interview is it took Sasse’s attacks on the establishment DC lobbying crowd and stretched it suggest merely be a Federal employee makes you a “DC innsider”. The fact is, Sasse has spent the majority of his working life in the private sector. Stossel mislead the viewers on this.

  33. To 46 says:

    If by dirty campaigning do you mean something like a campaign calling my grandmother and asking her who she supports and when she says someone who is not their candidate they start slandering the person she support rather than trying to build up their own candidate? Is that what you mean by dirty campaigning? Because that is exactly what the Osborn campaign did to my grandmother this past week.

  34. Drew to 25 and 50 says:

    Jordan Gehrke has nothing to apologize for. If you are seeking a six year term in the exclusive US Senate where there are only 100 Senators for the world’s most powerful country, your private life is deserves examination. Considering Osborn went through an ugly divorce and re-marriage is enough to be concerned about his stability. This is not to suggest anything wrong with Osborn but his ex can complicate many issues down the road. If the divorce and re-marriage were 10 years ago, it would really be cruel to even bring such issues up, but since it has been recent, it is a reasonable concern.

  35. To Drew says:

    There was never an issue about Shane’s Stability. He received sole custody of his kids. Evidently this is a smear campaign endorsed and approved of by Ben Sasse.

  36. Drew to 53 says:

    I would love to believe you but Nebraska Watchdog covered the story and he clearly made a POLITICAL decision not to run again for STATE TREASURER based off his MARITAL problems.

    His decision, not mine.

  37. The Taliban and Sen Kintner says:

    We welcome attitudes like Sarpy County’s Bill Kintner when he correctly surmises women can’t possibly understand their own bodies.
    We must establish Shariah law or in this case legislate Christian values into society and force women to heed our decisions.

    Senior Cleric from Kabul
    PS And a pox on Sarpy County for stealing the Royals from Omaha. (Why is that team still called “Omaha” anyway?

  38. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, are you even from Nebraska? Osborn’s divorce was over and done with a long time ago and people do not want to get back into it again. It’s this kind of crap that makes your guy look like an idiot who is out of touch with Nebraskans. If you have anything to do with the Sasse campaign, I implore you to go back and study the last 2 Senate campaigns run in this state. Stick to the issues, keep it positive, and quit making petty personal attacks. I gave the same advice to the people attacking Sasse weeks and weeks ago, it seems like they got the message, and they were rewarded with Sasse flip-flopping like Mitt Romney. Osborn was a public official. Surely he did something as a public official that you disagreed with or makes him look bad. Use that against him. So far Osborn is being attacked for not killing his crew and divorcing his wife. Those are not winning strategies in Nebraska.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    #56, yawn. You actually have it backwards. Again. Kintner wants women to be better informed of the law and their rights. It’s the abortionists who want women to be ignorant and intimidated. That’s right up your alley.

  40. Drew to 57 (Macdaddy) says:

    Here is the largest problem. You are viewing the marital in strictly a personal matter. When it comes to Federal political offices, the matter of personal stability is a growing concern to those who want to preserve the United States of America. This may sound trite or overbearing rhetoric to the likes of you, but there are many convinced, having read history and understanding economics, that the United States is not going to exist much longer as the country were born in to. With the crisis in the Federal government, government shutdowns should be far more common but they do not happen because elected officials carry the burden of how it impacts their families. Screw the election. Screw the candidates. Once elected, how much stability is the elected official to withstand the pressure to compromise and back down?

    Let me be clear, the issue may mean absolutely nothing to you or anyone on this board, but I can assure you, those funding these type of campaigns are checking for such matters.

  41. Drew to 57 (Macdaddy) part 2 says:

    The proof of my argument is what Sid Dinsdale has on his site. It is proof of his stability and the sense of safe harbor which becomes a draw to the candidate. Go ahead and try to dismiss it but here it is.

    “In July of 1976, Sid married Dawn Schreurs. Dawn has been the love of Sid’s life for 37 years now.”

  42. TexasAnnie says:

    The United States has not existed as the country we were born into for quite some time. You’re a little younger than I, and frankly I’m surprised that you’re putting so much stock in “marital status,” but one’s “stability” issues forth not only by means of one’s character, but one’s condition as well.

    From my vantage point, it’s not one’s “stability” that matters, but rather one’s reasonability…

  43. Drew to Texas says:

    Not certain how you can possibly determine my age………..

    Anyways, I would generally agree if we were referring to other political offices but the US Senate is a six year term and when a candidate can say they have been married to the same person for 37 years, it is big positive which people respond well to.

    As for the country, I am referring to the various efforts to resist Federal authority which will eventually result to conflict and secession. It sounds crazy, but how long do you the DEA is just going to sit back and let Colorado sell marijuana? This is but one example.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Marriage matters? Are you talking Gay Marriage?

    We had a president impeached and he was let off the hook. He screwed whores in the oval office and now the same guy is paid millions to speak as a distinguished gentleman and his cuckolded wife is probably going to be your next president. What world do you live in?

    But obviously this Osborn marriage thing matters to you for other reason, eh?

    If Osborn got custody of his children, that means Osborn is the holiest thing on earth this side of Jesus H. Christ. A wife has to be shooting heroin while she puts cigarettes out on kids to lose custody.

  45. Whoseyourmama says:

    Drew, if I say that Sid Dinsdale’s long marriage is a misery of dysfunction, cheating and bizarre threesomes, will you say that isn’t true? And if so, how do you know?

    You equate inertia with stability. A court of law has said Osborn is a very stable person because, as we all know, a court won’t give a father custody unless he is. That is a bona fide legal decision. Where is your proof that Dinsdale’s marriage isn’t abnormal? Because of a yellowing marriage document? Because you feel it in your heart? Because they have been married a long time?

    By your measuring stick, Bill and Hillary’s marriage is font of stability. By your measure, Josep and Magda Goebbles had a successful stable marriage and they killed their kids.

    Every married Republican and Democrat who is elected is automatically believed to be in a stable marriage, whatever that means. And they are assumed to continue to be that way until they are caught toe tapping, emailing crotch shots, and getting sex under the table.

    The only way you can know what Dinsdale’s marriage is really like is if you are in Dinsdales’ bedroom with them. But that would reflect on your stability. Might make for fun blogging, eh?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Secession? I say “The Union and the Constitution Forever.”

    Corporate overreach is as much of a real threat to United States and its Constitution as Obama is imagined to be. Stephanie Stacy reminded all concerned that the individual citizens of Nebraska are of equal, if not greater, importance than foreigners, even if those foreigners are as nice and rapacious as TransCanada and our Chinese bankers, PBUT.

    Nebraska, Conservative, Republican virtue can’t suddenly turn us into rent boys anytime somebody wants to lay pipe across private property. Or is our motto now “Nebraska: The Oil Whore State?” Those are the facts, now you decide.

  47. Drew to 64 says:

    You’re missing the point. I am not casting moral judgment. I apologize to everyone on the board but let me rehash this.

    A man gets married, has two kids, but his wife suffers drug addiction so he divorces her.
    He gains custody of the two small kids and remarries. The ex has visitation rights so she tries calling him but gets his wife. His wife ends up being the referee between her husband, her husband’s ex and his kids because her husband is working. At any time, this arrangement may break down and the ex may file some sort of custody suit or some other family dispute may emerge. Ultimately , his time can easily be tied down by family matters including the ex.

    Yes, it is unfair, but politicians regularly bow out of politics for their family when they have small children. Festersen considered a run for Congress but ended up backing out because he saw the effort would take away time from his family and work. Whether anyone likes or not, what is happening in a candidate’s personal life can matter. If you are just trying to get someone elected, may be it does not matter to you, but what really happens to them once elected?

  48. Anonymous says:

    By Drew’s logic Ronald Reagan shouldn’t have been president because he was divorced and remarried.

    Bill Clinton shouldn’t have been president, but not because his womanizing disqualified him from high office.

    Newt Gingrich, he of “Serial Adulterers for Liberty,” sorry, he shouldn’t have been Speaker of the House. Actually, he shouldn’t have been Speaker, but his his habit of shagging women, marrying them, and divorcing him did not disqualify him from high office.

    Jimmy Swaggert? Check. Half the Popes? Check. This list goes on forever.

    You don’t have to look very far in anyone and everyone’s lives to find some reason they should not be in office, should not be employed, should be in rehab, should be in jail and should be dead. But we live imperfect lives in an imperfect world. I’d rather have someone more than a little familiar with our dirty, messy, awful world than a naive fool.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Drew, the greatest moral hazard is a man who claims to be moral when, in fact, he is not. Drew, you are an immoral, lying, sack of shite. So am I. Am I electable? Probably not, but I hope to be useful. In fact I can be useful because I don’t claim the moral high ground. By contrast you claim to be a fit judge of others mistakes, which implies you sit on the bench. Be careful. The distance from where you sit to where I stand is the longest fall of all.

  50. simply... sigh says:

    This conversation is devolving to what it was in the days when a certain short, gray haired chimney of a political consultant was defending two term Terry from attacks. These personal attacks, all over who intends to check which box on their ballot, are just ridiculous. I hope you are all proud of yourselves.

  51. Drew to 74 says:

    What can you say about 73? They rather say I am wrong. Either way, the marriage issue was mentioned on the Tom Becka show.

  52. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, in general, a candidate’s family and personal life is off limits. Period. Trying to dredge up personal matters that were adjudicated years ago is dragging the family into it. Cut it out.

  53. Drew to Macdaddy (77) says:

    I fully agree with you, idealistically, a candidate’s family and personal life should be off limits. However, realistically it is anything but off limits particularly when it comes to donors. Why should anyone give $2000 to a candidate if they fear the candidate as an elected official will miss crucial votes to deal with custody issues or visitation issues?

    I am not going to state publicly here what the Osborn campaign can do differently. However, their attack on Sasse only benefits Dinsdale as he has been married to one woman for 37 years.

  54. Drew to 79 says:

    Osborn is a fine patriot, father, and husband but he does have a good enough resume to be in this race. When Heineman decided against running for US Senate, many rushed to anoint Osborn without the understanding of the consequences of doing so. Osborn enters the race and merely encouraged others to do so. It also encouraged many organizations to endorse in the race. The proof of the problem came when Nebraskans who contribute to Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund have convinced such organizations to take action in Nebraska.

    Make what ever argument you care to make but Sasse has the brass tacks. His resume is stellar. You can try to do what FreedomWorks did in tearing him down, but such tactics have been exposed as phony.

  55. Optical Illusions or Delusion? says:

    Drew, when you claim Sasse has a stellar resume, it makes some of us wonder if those stars you see are from a blow to the head. Have you been to the doc to see if you have permanent brain damage?

  56. Anonymous says:

    The continuing struggle of these political Legos to differentiate themselves from each other is tiresome. Each one is a tolerable example of corn-fed politics. Each will make a fine steak in Washington. Instead of the current malarkey why not draw names from a hat?

  57. To Drew Sullivan says:

    You need help. Seriously. Does Sasses campaign endorse this kind of behavior? I know they use the same talking points in DC (going after Osborns family) but they probably don’t want you doing it here. Or hell, maybe they do? Tell us more about how you are ethically superior to everyone else!

  58. To Ricky says:

    As a woman who has had an abortion (ufnrotunately more than one), and who is involved in post abortion trauma healing, I can tell you that the sign language could actually be helpful, or a source of “strength” for some women seeking an abortion.

    Some of the women I have worked with to help them find healing, felt pressured to have their abortions: The boyfriend threatens to leave (and whether we like it or not, some women do not have the strength to realize that him leaving her would be a good thing), he threatens to “beat the baby to death,” the parents of a young girl pressuer her so she doesn’t bring shame to the family, the parents of the boyfriend pressure her because it would hurt their standing in the church.

    And finally, a teen who was molested by the pastor of her church, who takes her to Planned Parenthood for the abortion and claims to be her father, while the whole time she is thinking “PLease ask me if he really is my father.”

    Would that sign have helped any of those women to have the courage to say no to the abortion? I honestly don’t know. But, even if it did encourage one woman to stand up fpr herself, then i say it is worth it.

  59. Anonymous says:

    85. Nice try, fellow. If we give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are a woman who had “more than one” abortion, were you forced? By whom? Or did you simply want to murder your own kids? The illogic of this suggests you are not only dishonest but that you have a dangerously inflated egotistical view of your own persuasive powers.

    Molested women, incest and boyfriends mesmerizing girls who brainlessly obey the hypnotic gaze? Give us a break. Your view demands all women be institutionalized as mentally retarded. And thus you probably aren’t a woman. Because if you are, then you really did choose to kill several of your own children, which you say leaves you feeling bad? Well no kidding. But just as you get medals for shooting bad guys, women who choose to murder their own baby—in your case babies—are by definition rotten, inappropriate, heinously bad mothers who are rewarded by not enduring the responsibilities and costs of motherhood. And so you give advice? Thank you Dr. Mengele.

    Assuming you have a vagina, which you may metaphorically have anyway, how were you repeatedly forced to murder you children? Were you 12 and raped? Or were you 22 and in college and inconvenienced? And would your little junior have been better off born as your unwanted bastard to grow up seeing you stare at him every day with that “but for you I’d have a MBA and BMW” look. But that’s really irrelevant compared to the fact – you say—that you repeatedly murdered your own kids. And yet instead of killing yourself, you now give advice to pregnant women? Oh brother, that’s rich.

    Dude, your grasp of persuasion is pathetic. But lets keep up the pretense. And so,madam, we ask you to please name the evil penis wielder who forced you to kill several of your own children and we will track down that Rasputin who so mishandled your very mushy subhuman womanly brain.

  60. Ricky says:

    I don’t believe #85 and I certainly don’t agree with #86 who claims abortion is murder. That post above is kind of sick.
    Women do not take having an abortion lightly, and they sure do not need Senator Kintner telling them what to do nor will seeing a sign in a lobby change their minds.
    People like Kintner has a warped sense of what being a man and a legislator is about.
    This bill won’t pass, and white Republicans need to get out of women’s lives.

    ricky from omaha

  61. Gosh, the sheer, rabid hatred and misogyny expressed in post number 86 is almost frightening. And all for a poor woman who regretted having an abortion and who expresses the entirely reasonable opinion, based on experience, that women are sometimes pressured into abortions.

  62. Sweeper Alert says:

    Does SS ever check to see the sick, wrong, and twisted crap that is going on here on Leavenworth Street? It appears to have morphed into the Leavenworth Gutter inhabited by trolls, misfits, and cretins. It is no longer a fun place to come to discuss Nebraska politics.

  63. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    #85 Thank you for your comments in support of LB 1032. The signs are of prominent size and font to be posted in every waiting area and consultation room of abortion facilities. Many don’t know that it is against the law to be forced or coerced into having an abortion and as you say, the signs might prompt some to turn away from their coercer who might be sitting in the abortion facility with them to ensure she does what they want. Thanks to Sen. Kintner for not only introducing LB 1032 but prioritizing it as well.

  64. From #85 says:

    #86: It’s not even worth it to respond to you.

    Ricky: yes it is true. I used to be very pro choice and simply chose to have abortions instead of having my children.And I do believe that I killed them. As far as my other credentials…I will facebook you. I hope you will understand that I choose to remain anonymous because of the situation. it is very personal.

    Julie: Thank you.

  65. To Sweeper Alert says:

    Even Kyle Michaelis threw in the towel after his gutter rag was taken over. Uh, oh! One of those that took it over is now challenging The Fort for his seat!

  66. As noted in the newest post:

    We let things go a bit in the comments of this post, just to see what would happen. Sure enough, it devolved into personal attacks against the candidates and their families.

    That will stop.


  67. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the signs says:

    Ace of Base. What will the right to lifers think of next? No woman who came to the conclusion to terminate a pregnancy will be deterred by a sing in a clinic.
    Just another way for the big government Republicans to get into peoples lives.
    And to try to get a fine out of Planned Parenthood.
    Give it up and leave women alone Nebraska Right to Life.
    The bill is going nowhere.
    Also, some Krazy Kintner Kultist wanted to facebook friend me that is the last thing I need is religious nut on my page.

    ricky from omaha

  68. Anonymous says:

    My religion tells me all life has value. Even yours ricky. You are one of the intellectually unborn yet here you are. Is that wrong? It is inconvenient and tiresome but it is not wrong.

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