February Madness

Governor candidate Jon Bruning has a new ad out.
See it here:

As you can see he is taking his initial 2 minute ad — which we liked — and breaking it into pieces. Again, hitting ObamaCare. Bruning has an advantage on this issue, as he was actively involved in some aspects of it as Attorney General.

It will be interesting to see if the other candidates — particularly those with cash to spend — try to turn the campaign to other issues that can interest the public.


The Attorney General race has taken some shape, with Mike Hilgers putting up ads, and Doug Peterson getting the endorsement of Kay Orr. We will expect more as well from Brian Buescher and Pete Pirsch.

One thing that makes this race a bit of a kick is that exactly two men have held the gig for the past 24 years.

To have the race this wide-open — we are not sure there are any favorites at the moment — makes it a contest worth watching, especially in the old-school mail and GOTV aspects.

We will keep you informed.

(UPDATE at 5pm)

New Sid Dinsdale for Senate ad up.
See it here:

Good intro spot. We are told these will be featured on a cable buy on Hannity, in particular.


We have noted the proxy-war going on in the Nebraska Senate race between the Mitch McConnell forces backing Shane Osborn and the Jim DeMint team backing Ben Sasse.

But did you know there is also a battle of Michigan going on in the Nebraska race as well?

Seems Sasse kitchen cabinet spokesman Jordan Gehrke, a Michigan Wolverine, is lining up against Osborn manager Bill Novotny, a Michigan State grad, in basketball arguments. Gehrke was seen on the Twitters mugging at Novotny for Big Blue’s recent victory over Sparty. Gehrke was also displaying his Schadenfreude at a Shane Osborn tweet congratulating the Husker basketball win at East Lansing — a tweet likely written unhappily by Novotny.

Not real clear why these guys are bringing this argument to Nebraska. But it’s cute how excited they are getting about their little teams in the lower half of the top twenty.


Oh, did we mention that your Creighton Bluejays are ranked #9 (baby!!!).

And as long as we are on a tangent, we would just note that while we are Jays fans here on Leavenworth St., we certainly root for Husker basketball, other than when the two teams play each other. We don’t particularly get into the vitriol between the two fan bases (though we also don’t take attacks sitting down).

And for all you Husker basketball fans with your undies bunched up about “Jay-sker” fans (Creighton fans who root for Nebraska football) we sure hope you never ever cheer on UNO Hockey. UNO is D-1 basketball now, so gawd help you if you don’t go all or nuthin’ with the Mavericks!

We would just add that we have seen a lot of Creighton basketball in our days, but the win at the C-Link against Villanova was one of the best of all time. Fans should soak up this experience, because watching a great team with the player-of-the-year is something not every fan base gets.

There is really no excuse for any part of the roof to left standing after Saturday versus Providence.


And back to politics (briefly!), we let things get a little Wild West in the comments of the last post, just to see what would happen. And sure enough it devolved into personal attacks against the candidates and their families that were frankly not a pretty thing.

That little experiment will not be repeated.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hate to sound so blunt, but the ad is stale which is a kind way of saying it sucks. It lacks creativity and someone probably sold Bruning on the idea that a big buy of frequency will make up for the failure to capture attention that holds a message that delivers. In the words of Clara Peller: “Where’s the beef?” Yawn.

  2. Basketball Fun says:

    UNO is a low major basketball team that never plays Nebraska and doesn’t recruit the same players.

    Creighton and Nebraska are both in elite conferences, play yearly and recruit many of the same players.

    Cheering for Creighton basketball and Husker football ,since the move to the Big East, would be like cheering for South Carolina football and Clemson basketball (which is no bueno).

  3. Basketball Fun,
    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who reads this blog is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    (p.s. Go Jays!)

  4. Just Wrong says:

    As the Diceman said there is no such thing as a bisexual….you either s$ck #$%! or you don’t s$ck #$%! Same thing applies here: you either wear the Red or you don’t wear the Red. You can’t have it both ways.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah? Well I fought Muhammed Ali and I won. It is just as true for me to say that as it was for Jon Bruning to say that he fought Obama and won. If he calls what he did to Obamacare a “win,” then what does would he call something he succeeded at?

  6. NebraskANN says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a fight between Bruning and Obama –you know, with a ring, 16-ounce gloves, two-minute rounds and a referee. My money would be on Obama. Jon looks soft.

  7. Not Fred Barnes says:

    The upcoming Weekly Standard contains an article by Fred Barnes on Republican Attorneys General titled “The Resistance” that directly references:

    “27 Republican AGs who challenged the health care law and won a partial victory — the Medicaid expansion was made voluntary for states, the commerce clause neutralized as a vehicle for federal expansion — in the Supreme Court.”

    What is doesn’t say is that it was the Nebraska challenge that the court considered. Win. Bruning.

  8. Fast Forward to Comment Section says:

    I’ll never understand why people would actually go out of their way to click on a campaign commercial.
    What do Nebraska and Creighton have in common besides their state?
    Both ran away from rivals they could not top, switched conferences for television money, and sent their players (and fans) to far-flung destinations.
    Nebraska could not top Texas and Creighton could not get by Wichita State.
    So now the “student athlete” competes in places like New Jersey for the Jays and State College for Nebraska. Who has time for class like that mattered.
    Terran Petteway and Dougy are pretty good though, and I will root for them in the pros but right now who cares.

    ricky from omaha

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ricky, Creighton beat Wichita 2 out of 3 in the Valley last year, including taking them down to win the Valley tournament on a neutral site.
    But of course, that would have been too difficult for you to research on your Google machine.

  10. UNL jealousy says:

    It amazes me that some Nebraska fans and their hatred of Creighton. Is it because they can’t control CU like they did UNO when UNO suddenly dropped their football and wrestling programs for the sake of moving up in other sports to D1? Or was it because UNL was afraid of an eventual move to D1 by UNO in all sports and the giant sucking sound of student and athletes going to UNO instead of UNL restocking their bench depth. You also have to wonder how nervous UNO is with the rumblings that UNL wants to get into the hockey business because of the Big 1G demands for television programming. At least Hal Daub shut it down for a time but it isn’t over yet and memories are long.

    Bottom line, when UNL and UNL fans can’t control a city like they do in Lincoln or a conference and bolt it like they did the Big 12 and can’t control a growing athletic power like Creighton, they get really tense and nervous and, well, don’t exactly act like the “best fans in the nation”.

  11. To UNL Jealousy says:

    Sir you are mistaken. Most Nebraska fans do not hate Creighton; they actually cheer for Creight and they admired for the team for their independence and the way they represent their school.

    I grew up a Creighton fan. I cheered for them to have success since 1970. However, I have learned to just ignore Creighton fans because it their jealousy of the Huskers is uncontrollable. I witness this in 2005 during the College World Series. Nebraska played Arizona State and the Creighton fans, dressed in blue, actively cheered for the Huskers to lose. Not just one or two isolated Creighton fans, but all the Creighton CWS ticket holders behind the dugouts, cheered AGAINST the Huskers.

    This experience has turned me against the Creighton fans because their arrogance and hatred of an in-state rival team that was having success.

    There maybe one or two big-mouth Huskers, but their stupidity pales in comparison to the Omaha Jays fans.

  12. 8:27,
    You’re either high or dramatically deluded.
    I was at that game, wearing red, and never SAW any fans wearing CU gear, let alone booing any Nebraska players.
    And I’m a die-hard CU basketball fan, and more or less CU baseball fan.

  13. 8:27 says:

    You are obviously not listening to sports talk radio, on twitter or on the sports websites of the teams. While all teams have “those” fans, it has been mostly, and probably younger, Nebraska fans who have spewed hatred towards Creighton. Some very “un-Nebraskan” things have been said.

  14. TexasAnnie says:

    Bruning won WHAT? While Nebraskans pay their federal taxes along with the rest of the country, they will not get the subsidized Medicaid reimbursements offered under ObamaCare. Of course, they’ll still retain the COST of emergency room care for the uninsured…
    As Governor, Bruning CANNOT stop the ACA. But he is sure to PROMOTE ever-increasing corporate welfare, an indebtedness which is already costing Nebraska taxpayers dearly!

    Take the effort to read about Bryan Sloan. Interested Observer brought him to my attention and IF his campaign is legitimate, he’s the best choice for economic growth!

  15. Anonymous says:

    8:27 do you mean like a team’s head coach calling out its cross state rival’s FANS in a post-game press conference — months after the 2 teams played?
    Yes, that is pretty un-Nebraskan.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just saw the Dinsdale ad. I did not know he was from a western Nebraska cattle feeding family. He has my vote! A candidate that has actually “worked” for many years in agriculture is a plus. It so annoying when candidates try to pander to the farmers and ranchers by padding their thin ag resume and say, “I worked as a corn detassler, hoed beans or visited my grandmas farm in the summer.” It is not real ag experience.

  17. To UNL Jealousy says:

    I guess that you are correct. NU hates CU because sports radio has a few fans with bad attitudes?

    Actually, I think that any NU jealousy is directly attributable to Century Link having beer sales during CU games and the Vault selling only Gatorade. Coach Miles’ comment is the start of a campaign to enable Beer sales at NU home games. Can’t you CU fans see the bigger picture?

    S.S. You must not have had prime seats in the middle of the CU baseball fans. And no, they did not verbally boo. However, they did applaud ASU and never cheered for NU…Maybe I am still hurting from the loss, but it was quite obvious the Jays fans did not support NU during the CWS.

  18. Longing For The Past says:

    Remember when Leavenworth Street used to be about Nebraska politics? It is fun to remember those days and hope they will return.

  19. Vote for Ben says:

    Don’t minimize Dr. Sasse’s work on farms growing up. The only work Sid has done in agriculture is foreclosing on farms and ranches with his bank. There are lots of lawsuits against pinnacle bank on this from what i read

  20. A simple test . . . says:

    . . . to determine which university team you should support:

    Did you attend the university? If so, support them. If not, don’t. People who support the college teams of colleges they did not attend are, in fact, certifiably insane. It’s science.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I believe Senator Johanns grew up on a Iowa pig farm.

    As Governor, as Secretary of Agriculture and as a U. S. Senator, how exactly was if of any importance that Johannes knows how to slop hogs? There is someone here who says Dinsdale earned his vote simply by being from a “western Nebraska cattle feeding family”. Well we suppose some ax murderers were too. So Dinsdale is going to feed cattle when Senators surgically take him apart? Feeding cattle? What in holy hell do you think goes on in government?

    Senators aren’t asked to fly airplanes or administer gaggles of whining academics either.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Great, 22 and 28. So, does Dinsdale support amnesty for illegal immigrants like all his buddies in the Chamber of Commerce and the Republican leadership do? His website is kind of thin on the issue.

  23. Jeeee-bus …. politics …. sports ….. politics …. sports. Gettin’ whiplash here. Latent schizophrenia is threatening to pop out and engulf us all. I can deal with rustlers or I can deal with Comanches … but not at the same time.

  24. Signs of Desperation says:

    Wow… now the Osborn trolls are attacking Dinsdale too? First Sasse, now Dinsdale? When are the McLeay and Clifton Johnson attacks start coming?

    If Osborn thinks he can win this thing on name ID and running a negative campaign against everyone else, he will be disappointed on May 14. I took a look at the cross-tabs of that last public poll… the Osborn “support” is soft.

  25. DCRP meeting says:

    Had a chance to listen to Clifton Johnson last night. This candidate for US Senate is the real deal. What a command of the issues and a greater reader of note cards. Clifton reminds me of George Washington.

  26. anonymous says:

    Jan Brewer is saving the Republican Party from itself. A problem that didn’t need to exist at all! Why did the Party of Lincoln, the Arizona branch anyway, take such a principled stand for bigotry? The mind reels.

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