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Are you aware that all of the (major) candidates for U.S. Senate from Nebraska have filed to run?
No? You don’t have your Google news filters set to “candidate filings”?

Senate filers

Well, we are here to help you on the dullest press release that the campaigns are obliged to put out. Even with Shane Osborn “shaking things up” by putting out the “shaking hands with the Secretary!” shot, we fell asleep mid-PhotoShop.

But we are here for you.


Recently Bold Nebraska and the “We Hate the Pipeliners!” built some sort of barn directly on the route of the Keystone XL Pipeline.


It’s a bitchin’ little house, complete with a “Grandma’s attic”, where you could sit in a circle, smoke a bowl and discuss how much you hate non-Curling Canadians.

But how will they be able to cook their urns full of quinoa at this Hut of Solitude? Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska (you can tell they’re “bold” because it’s in their name) told Channel 10/11 in Lincoln:

“This barn will not only have solar energy,” Jane Kleeb, of Bold Nebraska, said, “it will have a wind turbine as well, so it will be powered 100% by renewable energy.”

One hundred percent?

That means, like, “all”, right?

Wellllll, it seems that the folks at Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska have found differently.

The kids at AFP tell us they made an open records request with the Perennial Public Power District and found that…

BOLD Nebraska’s “Clean Energy Barn” consumed 143 kilowatt hours of energy from September 2013 thru January 2014.

During that same period, 93 kilowatt-hours was produced by BOLD Nebraska’s generator which they claim is supported by a wind turbine and solar panel.

Altogether, BOLD Nebraska purchased 50 kilowatt-hours of energy, an average of 10 kilowatt-hours per month, from Perennial during the five month period since service to the site was initiated…which uses the same electricity that homes and businesses in York and other Nebraska communities use: power generated from coal-fired electricity plants.

Well now.

You mean to tell us that not everything coming from the Pipe Haters is true???
It’s as if the next thing you’re going to tell us is that the ant-Pipeliners are really just radical environmentalists who wouldn’t want the Canadian Oil even it were transported in Geddy Lee’s hair and was then carefully squeezed, drop-by-drop into a the Clean Energy Barn’s secret underground oil drums.

Color us shocked.

As AFP-NE sums up…

Bold Nebraska’s reliance on fossil fuels to operate the ‘Clean Energy Barn’ underlines the point supporters of Keystone XL have been saying all along: we need access to cheap, reliable energy to meet 21st Century energy needs. And Keystone XL is an essential component to meeting this growing need.


Our friends over at Nebraska Watchdog update the story:

At first Kleeb called (AFP’s) allegations “a ridiculous story” and said he apparently doesn’t know how to read an utility bill, but later acknowledged the barn has had to use some of the local power district’s energy during some cold months. During other months, the barn generated more renewable energy than it used, she said.

So to sum up Kleeb:

“Yeah, 100%! And they’re liars!”
“Oh, you caught me? Um, well, NOT 100%…how ’bout that?”


An interesting write-up “in the papers” about the Governor forum last night. Things get shaken up just a bit in these since they invite Democrat Chuck Hassebrook to counter just about everything the Republican candidates say. The General election choice should be pretty clear.

However we are still trying to sort out the differences between the GOPers. We do find that Mike Foley and Tom Carlson are the only Republicans who are willing to provide public benefits to illegal immigrants.

We also saw that, apparently, none of the Republicans is in favor of expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare. We don’t know the exact question that was asked at the forum, but ours would be, “If you were Governor and Kathy Campbell’s “Wellness in Nebraska” bill made it to your desk would you sign it or not?” That might make things crystal clear.


After we noted in our last post Attorney General candidate Doug Peterson’s endorsement by former Governor Kay Orr, we received a missive from AG candidate Mike Hilgers, who wanted to let us know about his multiple endorsements.

They are:

  • State Senator Charlie Janssen
  • State Senator Tyson Larson
  • State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh
  • State Senator Ken Schilz
  • Lincoln City Councilman Roy Christensen
  • Lincoln City Councilman Trent Fellers
  • Omaha City Councilwoman Aimee Melton
  • Lancaster County Commissioner Brent Smoyer
  • Lancaster County Commissioner Roma Amundson
  • Millard School Board member Mike Kennedy
  • Former Dean of Creighton Law School, Patrick Borchers

At some point we will need someone to do an algorithm on how many state Senators equal a former Governor, how many City Councilpersons equal a former Mayor, etc.

It’s all gotta be math.


  1. Ricky says:

    Wow a shocker Americans for Prosperity actually did something. I thought all they could do is release “studies” of one sort of another that nobody paid any attention too.
    Just because Pete Ricketts gave a bunch of money to rent an office and appointed Werner Robertson and perennial right wing favorite Jim Vokal to the board does not mean AFP has any credibility.
    And like I said a million times before; wake me up when the Great President Obama approves the thing then let me nap for another couple of years and wake me up again when TransCanada not only gets the route past the PSC but then unlocks little old ladies from bulldozers and hauls the 70,000 people away who have pledged to commit civil disobedience to stop the Keystone Pipeline.

    Ricky From Omaha

  2. The XL Pipeline will be built at approximately the same time that the Huskers win a Big 10 football championship … and Janie will blame the former on the latter … or something. (See … I’m gettin’ into this politics/sports thang too!)

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Pretty sure that little tractor in the background uses fossil fuel as well as all the trucks used to haul materials to the site. I’m sure it was free range organic oil.

  4. What is Sasse doing? says:

    What is Sasse doing? Does he think he is too good? Osborn, Dinsdale, and McLeay all filed in the Secretary of State’s office, but too good Sasse went to Kearney. Is that even legal?

  5. Hesdeadjim says:

    I’m glad thatan AG candidate has the endorsement of a former Governor who raised taxes and got ousted after one term. That’s the kind of endorsement I would want.

  6. Blast from the Past says:

    Oct. 10, 1990 12:11 AM ET

    LINCOLN, NEB. LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ Republican Gov. Kay Orr and President Bush face the same problem. Both promised they would oppose tax increases, and both went back on their word.

  7. Anyone look into who sold the photovoltaics and wind turbine to Bold Nebraska? It wouldn’t have been a former Senate candidate in Hastings who now runs a renewable energy business, would it?

    BTW folks, go look at your electric bill. If you have a heat pump, like us, you’re probably using about 1000 kWh/month, maybe more. So Jane’s little renewable barn generated 93 kWh in over 4 months, around 20 kWh/month. So, hard math problem, how many of Jane’s renewable barns would it take to heat one house in a typical Nebraska winter?

  8. Charter Schools in Nebraska Forum says:

    Whoa Nellie a five hour hearing on LB 972, Senator Loserback’s charter schools bill in front of the Education Committee of the Nebraska Legislature.
    (Wasn’t this hearing originally scheduled for Thursday Feb 27th? Think so.).
    I am betting the Ne Board of Ed and other right-minded thinkers will carry the day and defeat LB 972.
    All that maneuvering by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Omaha World Herald and the Tea Party in an attempt to load the Omaha Public Schools board with proponents of charter schools, the OPS board refused to endorse LB 972. OPS Board President Justin Wayne did not testify at the hearing, as far as I could tell by press reports. Appointed OPS Board member and recent transplant to Omaha Mr Vargas did testify in his own behalf in support of the bill. Nice going.
    Interestingly, a pretty good argument on behalf of OPS and against charter schools, was that since the OPS board was recently redrawn, and supposedly the wrong people were drummed out, give the new board a chance to prove they could improve the local schools, instead of going behind their back for charter schools.
    So it looks like Senator Loserback, and talk radios Mr Becka, and Justin Wayne and the GOP’s big shot in charge of public schools legal dealings David Kramer, shot themselves in the foot conspiring to change the OPS board to implement charter schools. Turns out the opposite happened.

    ricky from omaha

  9. anonymous says:

    Sweeper, you’re in poor form today, buddy. This latest story reads like some tidy PoS from Progressive Blowasses. As for your math, Farmer Kleeb and her useless barn at least sip resources and save money, which sounds conservative to me. Or have you suddenly gone all lib on us?

  10. Crickets says:

    Kleeb’s barn was built on a nest of endangered dung beetles!

    (Sound of crickets.)

    Have we already forgotten the original reason for not building a oil pipeline in Nebraska?

    Where have the dung beetles gone? Whose dung are they eating now? And how much will it cost taxpayers to study that? Is enough of it minority dung?

    Look behind Jane’s barn and you may find yourself privy to the answer.

  11. Not impressed says:

    When your list of endorsements starts with charlie janssen and ends with law school dean noone has ever heard of, you should rethink some decisions.

  12. NebraskANN says:

    I guess Bold Nebraska was asking for cheap shots as this when it made that statement about energy independence. Personally, there’s nothing I would love more than to see a 10-kw/month bill, especially this very cold winter. Ideological opposition to clean energy is financial stupidity.

  13. To NebraskANN says:

    If my calculations are correct 143KW divided by 5 months equals 28.6KW per month or about 0.953KW per day. That would be about enough energy to light a 40 watt bulb for 24 hours. I wonder how warm the barn is these Nebraska very cold winter nights, from getting it’s light and heat from the 40 watt bulb?.

  14. Your calculations are close. The energy they generated is 93 kWh (kW is a measure of power, not energy). Divide that by 150 days and that’s 0.62 kWh/day or 26 Watts.

    26 Watts is a dim bulb, but not as dim a bulb as Janie.

    NebaskANN: I don’t think anyone is ideologically oipposed to clean energy. As my example shows, clean energy is practically unavailable.

  15. Wasted Priority Bills says:

    In Lincoln today, Krazy Kinters LB 1032 met a quick exit, dealing another blow to Nebraska Right To Life and JSA. The silly legislation to force clinics to post signs telling women what they already know fails to get out of committee.
    And I learned today at the Capitol that Senator Loserbacks LB 972, the charter schools bill, will fail to get out of the Education Committee.
    Awww the best laid plans of Tea Party members Justin Wayne and Laugtneback and Becka and David Kramer and David Brown and the OWH’s Terry Kroeger have gone for naught.

    ricky from omaha

  16. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Ricky, Committees don’t typically take a vote the same day of the hearing. A bill sponsor usually asks for a vote on their bill when committees hold executive sessions. We will continue to work with Sen. Kintner for five votes on Judiciary for his priority bill. I suppose you know how to buckle your seatbelt on an airplane too but you’re still told by law and you have to sit through the spiel about oxygen bags and seatbelts because it involves the health and safety of individuals on the plane. Abortion is an irreversible, life or death decision and the Supreme Court has said it can be treated differently than other “medical procedures.” This law is currently enforced in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee and North Dakota and has not been legally challenged, despite Senator Ashford’s claims in the OWH that is it unconstitutional. Stay tuned…

  17. Ricky says:

    Why do you and Krazy Kintner Kare JSA?
    Leave it alone. Roe V Wade is here to stay.
    People are not bothering you please just go away.
    Why do Republicans want big government to get into peoples lives?
    Stop putting roadblocks on women’s right to choose, and get a hobby JSA and Nebraska Right To Life.
    This bill has zero chance of becoming law in Nebraska.


  18. Wanna Bet? says:

    This one is dead in the watter, Julie. Ricky’s right LB 1032 will never make it to the floor. Kintner sunk his own ship by putting in that $10,000 per day fine for not having the sign posted.

    Can you answer a question Julie? If the fine for not having the sign posted should be $10,000 per day, what do you think the penalty should be if and when you and/or your criminal friends deface or remove one of these signs? Parity would be some place in the range of $300,000 and/or 20 years to life in the pen.

  19. Bam says:

    Reduce – reuse – recycle. So why does Jane need a barn instead of a storage shed? Isn’t that overkill for a publicity stunt? Why did she have to kill trees and build new? Why didn’t she just take over a shed from an abandoned farm in the Sand Hills? Is she even planning on storing hay?

  20. Ricky says:

    JSA claims 1032 will get five votes to get out of committee. Of the five; let’s see Senator’s Ashford, McGill Chambers and Lathrop are a definite NO. I don’t know about the others, although Senator Laugtenback will probably be a no since he missed the Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday and did not hear the arguments. (He was not there in the first 90 minutes that I was there. Probably out talking to lobbyists).
    And I like Shauna’s argument that signs should be posted in clinics stating that women can not be coerced into continuing a pregnancy she does not want.
    Sen Ashford knows his committee and knows LB 1032 won’t come out. And that marks at least two sessions in a row that the anti-woman bills will not become law.
    Time for Nebraskans for Right to Life be disbanded?

    ricky from omaha

  21. Joe Bob says:

    Ricky, Senator Lautenbaugh isn’t a member of the Judiciary Committee. That might explain why he wasn’t there. The trouble with you, Ricky, is not that you’re ignorant, it’s just that you know so much that isn’t so.

  22. Ricky says:

    Oh crap you are correct Joe Bob. He is not. There was an empty chair and I guess that belongs to Christiansen, who was not there. My bad and I apologize.
    Still, LB 1032 won’t get out of that committee.
    Lautenbaugh was a member of the Judiciary Committee last session though.


  23. To Ricky says:

    Nope was not on the committee last year. The same members this year were on the committee last year. Every two years is the only time committee members shuffle, unless there is a resignation/death/etc.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Julie, if you don’t like abortion then don’t have one! What other people do with their own bodies is none of your damned business!

  25. Anonymous says:

    What gets me about all of you “Right To LIfe” people is that you are so protective of the unborn, but once the child comes into the world you could care less if they were ground up and made into dog food. You don’t want to help them get fed, educated or have any health care. If God wanted that for them He’d have had them be born into a God fearing, wealthy Republican family. Otherwise their just a burden on society.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    Julie, take heart. Ricky, et al, are arguing to keep women ignorant and exploited. That’s not a winning argument. I believe women can read and like more information rather than less. This paternalistic attitude that women don’t need to know anything when it comes to abortion will someday end.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    On a different subject. There’s a restaurant chain in Florida that is adding a 1% surcharge to defray the cost of Obamacare and that reminded me: when is Stothert going to ditch the restaurant tax here in Omaha?

  28. To Macdaddy says:

    Women are far more intelligent than you give them credit for, Macdaddy. Why am I not surprised by your misogyny? It seems to me that requiring them to read anything, once they’ve already made up their minds, is paternalistic and interfers with the choices they have already given plenty of thought to.
    Otherwise, let’s also require any man that gets an erection to read about the responsible uses of it, and the potentially decades long financial repercussions that using it to cause a pregnancy can lead to. A $10,000 fine for refusing to read and comprehend such literature every time they want to have sex should cool their heels.

  29. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Ricky, what do you have against charter schools? Give me the straight rub here.
    Do you hate charter schools because they don’t fall under union rule, or is it because you don’t think the private sector can spend the public money more efficiently?

    Please, no hyperbole, just give shoot me straight here.

  30. Macdaddy says:

    That’s funny #49. Posting a sign advising women of a law that is already in force is going to change their minds? Why would it do that unless it brought up a topic that the abortionists are so eager to keep them ignorant about? It’s just a sign. Your attitude that women don’t want to be bothered with details goes against every woman I have ever met.

  31. Anonymous says:

    MacDaddy, you must think very little of women if you think a sign at the last minute will change their mind. Don’t you think they’ve already thought about it?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’m sick of the stupidity. You have to divide by 24 hours in a day. From Wikipedia: when a light bulb with a power rating of 100W is turned on for one hour, the energy used is 100 watt hours

  33. #54

    93 kWh in 150 days is 93/150 kWh in a day. That’s 0.62 kWh in a day, or 620 Wh in a day. A Watt hour (Wh) = 1 Watt X 1 hour.
    1 day is 24 hours. 620 Watt hours in 1 day = 620/24 Watt hours per 1 hour, or 26 Watts.

    Is there such thing as a grade school equivalency? Because you need to study hard to get yours.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Gerard, you got the answer you were looking for, but not the answer to the problem you stated. You can twist it all you want, but you remain a dunce.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, having a law requiring signs to inform people what they already know is like those on the shirt labels that tell you not to iron it while wearing it. Fining anyone that doesn’t display the sign is just more of the Big Brother government that you right wingers are always pissing your pants about.
    Make up your minds, are you guys in favor of personal freedom or not?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Teacher: Gerard, what is 93,000 divided by 150?
    Gerard: 26!
    Teacher: How do you derive that conclusion?
    Gerard: Well, 93,000 divided by 150 divided by 24 gives you almost 26!
    Teacher: What a bright boy you are, about 26 watts worth of bright.

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