Bruning vs Becka

Becka v BruningAttorney General, and Nebraska Governor candidate, Jon Bruning went on Omaha’s 1290 KOIL Tom Becka Show yesterday — while Becka was out sick. He instead was interviewed by Jeremy Aspen and Crash Davis, who more or less let Bruning chat about his candidacy.  (You can hear all of this at KOIL’s podcast page.)

Aspen did try to throw a couple of off-speed pitches to Bruning, trying to get him to respond about the Nelnet controversy and a few other topics. Bruning audibly bristled at the questions, and basically rejected the premises — which was not an unreasonable thing to do.

Bruning did also immediately bring up his bout with colon cancer and noted it several times throughout the interview. The hosts asked several times if Bruning felt he was a “changed man” because of the health scare, and he confirmed it.

Going back to the original story about him coming back “in the papers”, Bruning had said,

“I learned that political campaigns are not for the faint of heart. When you go through a health scare like I did, you start to realize that what’s important is your family and friends.

And suddenly political attacks are a lot less important and a little less jarring.”


Well, Becka didn’t take this very well, from what sounded like the pneumonia ward (sounding not like his usual Woodpecker on Crack, but more like Mickey Mouse on Meth). He jumped on at the end of the interview, essentially challenging why Bruning would call into his show when he was out. Before this, Bruning even noted that he would call in again — as long as Becka was in Samoa.

So after Bruning hung up, Becka stuck around for the next segment.

He called out Bruning for being afraid to be on his show.
He propounded (and repeated to us, after we followed up with him),

A Changed Man would mean he’d start answering questions!
A Changed Man would mean that he might not run since he was planning on running before the cancer!
A Changed Man might mean he’d be in his office and do his job as attorney general instead of spending taxpayer money as he campaigns!
A Changed Man wouldn’t come on a a show just because he knows the host is out sick!


So why has Bruning been stiffing Becka all this time?

Becka says it goes back to when Bruning was prosecuting an issue in the AG’s office that Becka felt was unfair. Becka then followed up later, questioning Bruning on the Nelnet controversy and other issues, and Becka says that Bruning then stopped answering his calls — whether he agreed with him on the issue or not.

Then things get a little weird. According to Becka…

Fast forward a year or two and Bruning decides he’s going to run for Senate and now he wants to come on my show. He comes into the studio and still won’t answer questions much like he wouldn’t answer questions about Nelnet with Jeremy (Aspen) yesterday. Instead he shows me how he had downloaded my book on his iPad and he was wearing a t-shirt under his regular shirt that said I (heart) Becka. He also brought me a similar shirt. I declined the shirt. He wasn’t honest. He wasn’t sincere. He was just going to use me.

I am unimpressed with pandering like that and let him know it. We haven’t spoken since.

We noted here on Leavenworth St. back in November 2012…

We were notified that Jon Bruning was supposed to record an interview on Tom Becka’s new KKAR show today, but that, for whatever reason, he backed out.

Since Tom has been a bit of a Bruning basher, he agreed to let Jeremy Aspen conduct the interview, but Bruning apparently declined at the last minute. Draw your own conclusions.

So clearly Becka wants to sic his teeth into Bruning, and Bruning is having none of it.


But…can you blame Bruning, either?

In the Governor’s race, Becka had taken to The Facebook (since removed) and declared,

  • Personally I like Ricketts and Sloan (sic)
  • If he agreed to be on my show the first question I’d ask him was who was your cancer doctor. #fastrecovery
  • Bruning announced he running (sic) for Governor and thousands is (sic) Nebraskans announced they’re looking for homes in other states

If you are his political consultant, do you suggest he go on a show with someone so outwardly hostile? As near as we can tell, Becka seems to be asking above if Bruning really had cancer.

Maybe some of this is meant to be humorous. Then again, we aren’t sure what benefit Bruning gets from chatting with Becka.


From a comment from Tom Becka:

I too am a cancer survivor. I never said or implied that Bruning faked cancer. I took the post down because people were saying that’s what I was saying.

From my experience with my father’s colon cancer when lymph nodes are removed there is follow up chemo or radiation. Now I’m not a doctor nor do I know Brunings type or stage of cancer. But if his doctor can get him up and running so fast he obviously is a very good doctor.


So what do we see?

Well, on the one hand, Becka is probably letting some of his personal bias get in the way. The “would a Changed Man do this…” kind of stuff is mostly a “maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t.” Just because Bruning had part of his colon removed doesn’t mean he has to come out like Warren Beatty in Bullworth and start rapping his campaign slogans and “making it all real”. He’s a politician. He is still going to be cautious on certain issues and likely run his campaign a certain way. He had colon removed, not brain.

(We also can’t blame Bruning for campaigning while in office. Unless everyone else is forced to quit their political jobs as well — including Auditor Mike Foley and state Senators Beau McCoy and Tom Carlson — then we are sure Bruning can manage his office from the road, if he has to.)

But Becka also has some points. It was Bruning who said he was a “changed man”, not Becka. As noted above, it was Bruning who said, “political campaigns are not for the faint of heart.” So it is not unreasonable for Becka to figure that Bruning would be willing to take on his challenging questions.

It is also not out of line for Becka to feel like it was a cheap shot for Bruning to come on his show while he was out sick. You could certainly make an argument that Bruning owes Becka one for this — and it would also make for some decent political theater for all involved (if it was something the Bruning campaign actually wanted).

And, particularly noting those above, Bruning may feel like Becka has taken his own cheap shots.

Of course the other campaigns are likely just kicking back and chewing their Good and Plentys while all this is going on.

Then again, they may all be reconsidering going on Becka for a while. (Or doing so, and making it a point of distinction.)


Our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Nebraska political commenter Doug Patton. Patton was a weekly writer for the Objective Conservative blog.

He clearly had a passion for America.


  1. Ricky says:

    A lot of Nebraskans like myself will think twice about voting for a guy who so recently had major cancer surgery.
    All of us know people who’s cancer has come back, sadly.
    And Nebraskans need to know if we vote a guy in for Governor he will be able to do the job full time for 4 years.

    ricky from omaha

  2. Crazypants says:

    Tom Becka openly suggested on Facebook that a person faked cancer. Why in the world would anyone take an unhinged, obviously biased wingnut like Tom seriously?

  3. I had colon cancer 18 months ago. It was caught at stage 1; I was back at work in two weeks.

    Is it OK with Ricky and Tom Becka if I call that cancer? A couple of well-regarded oncologists seem to think so. They also think they caught it before it spread, and tell me, after a year of tests, that I’m clear.

    What a pair of obnoxious twits.

  4. Aspen Tree says:

    How did Jeremy Aspen ever get on the radio? Was it because the slum-lord took a big role in trying to recall the great Jim Suttle?
    Still waiting for Mr Becka and Aspen and Crabbity and KKAR to apologize and pay Omaha back for a recall election we did not want.

    ricky from omaha

    and PS RWP; I did not say Mr Bruning faked cancer. I am glad you beat it but I don’t know if you had major surgery like Mr Bruning and you don’t want to be Nebraska’s Governor.
    If I were Pete Ricketts I would make the health of Mr Bruning an issue, because it is a major issue.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If Bruning is a “changed man” then why doesn’t he fess up to his past corruption and beg forgiveness from his maker and his constituents? After all, he’s given up a couple of inches of his asshole to be saved!

  6. At #6 says:

    If a conservative made a comment like #6 about a Dem, liberals everywhere would be up in arms about it. Ricky would get his postal shorts in a twist as well.

  7. Fairy tale #6 says:

    The only “corruption” is in your imagination and the worn out, made up attacks that those who can’t win on the issues keep digging out of the gutter.

  8. Tom Becka says:

    Unlike you posters here I put my name behind my comments.
    I too am a cancer survivor. I never said or implied that Bruning faked cancer. I took the post down because people were saying that’s what I was saying.

    From my experience with my father’s colon cancer when lymph nodes are removed there is follow up chemo or radiation. Now I’m not a doctor nor do I know Brunings type or stage of cancer. But if his doctor can get him up and running so fast he obviously is a very good doctor.

    If you’re going to accuse me of things please have enough integrity to put your name behind it.

  9. FCC says:

    We find it very unbecoming for a talk show host on a news station to take to the airwaves with a vendetta against an elected official for purely personal reasons.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have a vendetta against Jon Bruning for public reasons. He’s a crook. All of the deniers here on LS can claim he isn’t but the facts speak much louder.

  11. Freddie P says:

    Pro smoking Becka should keep his speculation about whether or not Jon had cancer to himself. That lacked integrity even for Becka. Glad he took the post down. Ricketts should decline Becka’s support if these are his tactics.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    I’ve known a number of people who have had cancer and they continued their lives while they got treated. That included going to work. So, Ricky, don’t you worry your pretty little head about Bruning’s ability to carry out his job. Oh, and you might want to check out how Berkshire Hathaway has done since Warren announced he had cancer.

  13. I had abdominal surgery, plus a nice post-surgical infection. Yeah, that was major surgery.

    Ricky said cancer surgery would make it problematic to be governor. McCain had surgery for melanoma before he ran for president, and he’s still in the Senate.

    I know this would drastically reduce your output, but seriously man, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, have the sense to STFU.

  14. Ricky says:

    There are a number of reasons why I would never vote Jon Bruning for Governor. Mainly everything he stands for I am against. Plus he is not a very good AG or even a good lawyer for that matter.
    Case it point; he takes the appeal of LB 1161 to the Supreme Court when any fool can see it was terrible and unconstitutional legislation. Whether Bruning does this for political reasons or just because he is not very bright is up to him but either way it’s foolish.
    And if I am the Ricketts campaign I would wonder out-loud if Mr Bruning has really recovered. Because it’s just too soon to tell right?
    And if Mr Bruning wants the nomination he needs to get out there and campaign hard in a tough primary battle. If I were he I’d lay my ambition aside and take a year off, do your job as Attorney General, then prove to Nebraskans you are healthy.
    The GOP primary voters should expect that one would think.

    ricky from omaha

  15. Political Novice says:

    If Bruning was indeed avoiding Becka’s hardball questions by coming on the show when he was sick then he better prepare himself better to answer them because it’s going to get worse . . . . a LOT worse.

  16. Case it point; he takes the appeal of LB 1161 to the Supreme Court when any fool can see it was terrible and unconstitutional legislation.

    Might be or might not be. The real issue is none of the plaintiffs had standing. i’m sure that’s what he will argue, and I’m sure he’ll win.

  17. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Ricky, you do realize that liberals have successfully pressed for state legislation that prohibits discrimination against cancer victims? One state that prohibits this is California, the state to which you say you want to move because you’d be more “comfortable” there. I fear, Ricky, that California would not be happy to have a bigot like you. You may now watch as I do the internet version of a “sack dance.”

  18. Bam says:

    His cancer has zero influence on me. He just strikes me as a self-serving opportunist on a money and power grab, who got caught and won’t admit it.

  19. karma says:

    Becka comes here, under his own name as fools will do, and says he’s not a doctor, says he doesn’t know what type or stage of cancer other persons have, but if they have any different or better results than the one cancer case Becka has known about, then Becka declares that person’s doctor must be a really, really good doctor; dripping sarcasm. Basically, Becka doubles down on his public hope to kill someone’s career by making people fear him like a diseased leper.

    Maybe they they will. Maybe Bruning will lose. Or maybe not. Ricketts doesn’t have to mention it. The matter was shoved out there by Becka who finds cancer victims useful to Becka’s political aims and to help sell radio time to line Becka’s pockets. Karma dude.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Bruning keeps bringing his cancer up so that he can get a few sympathy votes. He thinks he’s competing on Queen for a Day. Yeah, I know, I’m showing my age.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Masterful manipulation. Bruning’s peeps saw an opening to take advantage of a situation. Becka claims that Bruning entered his house in a less than classy way. True. Not sure why Becka’s sub even answered the doorbell let alone opened the back door wide to welcome someone to take a spin in drive prime time.

    Becka gets to talk about what happened for another day. Too much talk risks giving the edge to Bruning by imprinting his name into voter recall and also leaving an impression he’s been mistreated by a media bully.

    Some of Bruning’s troops are known for their unsavory ways. If it is true that you are the company you keep then Bruning got some bad advice and need to rise above the childish tactics to be the “changed man” and leader he has promised.

    It’s been said that if you get into a pissing contest with a skunk the best you can expect is a draw. Trouble is that one wants to be elected to represent Nebraskans as their voice by serving as their state’s highest executive. The other is in the business of hosting an exchange of ideas and talk that entertains his audience in such a way it boosts ratings to best his competition. This definitely was entertaining.

  22. Much Ado About Nothing says:

    I doubt very many people listen to that show on KKAR anyway. And those that do are on the right.
    So Mr Becka can claim AG Bruning faked cancer or whatever he said, but the intelligent liberal progressive people like myself and others realize that Chuck Hassebrook is not hindered by this scandal.
    I think Nebraska will have a Democratic Governor a year from now, although Chucky won;t be able hunt mountain lions like he says he likes to do, since the bill to outlaw that will pass the Unicam soon.

    ricky from omaha

  23. rob says:

    Lookup bruning’s banks. Right after he buys them, they get a significant increase of non-insured deposits. It would be interesting to know who starts putting money in his banks that he turns around and loans out to make money on? Nelnet or Adams Land?

  24. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Ricky, in all of his wisdom, single handedly just ensured we have a Republican Gov next term. He seems to have a taste for crow.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, so this is how it works? Somebody says something not only stupid but without any basis in fact and suddenly it’s a scandal for Bruning? Keep going with that Ricky. That’s a winning strategy here in Nebraska. (Chortle, snort, guffaw, guffaw)

  26. Ricky's Theory says:

    Well that was a surprise to see DJ Becka respond on L Street to whatever crazy thing happened while he fake called-in sick. (Probably so Crash could get air time).
    But it gets me to wondering why people that are interested and involved in politics locally do not post more often here on this nationally known blog.
    For instance I know senator loserbaugh and Mean Jean read L Street.
    Probably Hal and Brad and most pols keep track on what goes on with the Street Sweeper blog.
    It used to be that political insider Christopher Scott posted on here and I bet media darling and Tea Party favorite OPS Board President Justin Wayne reads the blog.
    But why don’t such luminaries write stuff and post their side of the story?
    I have a theory on why that is true. Do any of L Street readers want to hear my theory because I am not afraid to post ?

  27. Macdaddy says:

    The reason they don’t, and if they are politicians, they shouldn’t, is because the Internet is fraught with danger. The Internet is great for people like me who want to spout off and don’t care who they piss off. Politicians should show more maturity than that. So all you politicians out there, read all you want, but you’re an idiot if you post anything that hasn’t been vetted by at least 4 people.

  28. TexasAnnie says:

    I don’t agree with that, Macdaddy. Some of us post to inform.
    I did suspect that you were only spouting off and didn’t care who you pissed off though.

  29. PBI says:

    When Becka says he was not implying that Jon Bruning was faking his cancer, he is lying. He is an embarrassment to Omaha and should be ignored.

  30. Focused like a Laser? says:

    Not a Becka fan, but after enduring Thursday’s podcast, Becka did not attack Bruning’s cancer, he questioned how he was using his cancer. Becka stated the following facts:

    1. Bruning was planning a Governor run long before he was diagnosed.
    2. Bruning has not answered the Nelnet issues.
    3. Bruning needs to address his other business associations.

    Becka is squirrely on many issues, but he is focused like a laser when it comes to Bruning. And the Voters and The Great State of Nebraska citizens desire answers.

    Thanks Tom for continuing your vendetta.

  31. Anonymous says:

    A few bloggers use their own real name to frontload unearned weight to their words. That apparently, in their view, outweighs the real risks of using their own real name.

    Becka uses his name in hopes that a radio personality will impress you even if his words don’t. The same frontloading goes on with Harbison who hopes the title “professor” will sway you before you begin reading. Conversely, to be “Anonymous” means your words either carry valid weight on their own merit or what you write is seen by others as a waste of keystrokes.

    However, it is absolutely wrong to suggest Becka doubling down here on Becka making fun of a man’s cancer, is somehow equivalent to Harbison here speaking of his own experience with cancer. There is no equivalency of reason between the two. True, both men are paid to publically speak under their own names. Harbison paid to profess academic factual truth. Becka however is radio entertainment on a par with self-twiddling zoo primates. Yet the two do share real risks that come from one using one’s own name.

    Remember Brian T. Osborn? He was so proud to use his real name here, blind to the fact that the most insanely dangerous people can instantly find your history, relationships and home address if they know your name. Fear rightly motivated Brian to reason and he since blogs under pseudonyms and his words today carry no less weight, or more, than were he to blog under his real name.

  32. Anonymous says:

    #39 says Becka is reasonable to keep attacking Bruning on cancer and then #39 calls that Becka’s “vendetta”. A vendetta is an aim to assassinate out of mindless revenge. Vendetta is the opposite of reason, civilized tolerance and deliberation. There is nothing fair about vendetta, just brute revenge out of hate.

    #39’s comment says Becka is fair and yet Vendetta Becka is unfair. That’s a waste of keystrokes.

    However, #39 “Focused like a Laser?” was smart enough not to put 39’s real name on a comment that makes #39 seem anything but focused. That sort of stupidity-ego hubris sounds a lot like Becka himself.

  33. Ricky says:

    “Political Insider” Chris Scott stop posting here on L-Street (with his real name anyway) because people here made fun of him! Why do that L Street readers Scott is a “Political Insider” with the inside scoop from Becka and KFAB and all that.
    Why do Scott’s fellow right-wing party members make fun of him when he posts?

    ricky from omaha

    PS I am not anonymous everybody knows who I am and I use my real name. You can read a letter to the editor in yesterday’s paper from me about the dumb Crossroads Mall idea

  34. Chris Scott says:

    I haven’t posted here for a while because I have been busy. I use my real name because I can not spell anon oh muss correctly

  35. Osborn the inevitable says:

    Shocking story in today’s OWH. Osborn is getting 70% of his campaign cash outside of Nebraska? I was told this guy is inevitable — there is no way he can lose (oh, wait… that was the Osborn campaign saying that). Funny how the self-proclaimed inevitable U.S. Senate candidate can’t even raise money in his home state. Sounds to me like Nebraskans who are paying attention, really don’t want Osborn to replace Johanns. Bart seems to have even more support than Osborn.

    Oh, and “The Outsider” Sasse? Don’t even get me started.

    My vote is with Sid. He raised more than 80% of his money right here at home.

  36. Macdaddy says:

    I dinged them previously so now I will give them kudos: thank you OWH for acknowledging in an article about Berkshire-Hathaway that they own you. It is a small thing (literally. Is that size 2 font?), but doesn’t it feel better to be honest and upfront?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Dozens of Pinnicle Bank employees are paid by Dinsdale to donate to his campaign the money he paid them, I guess to keep from being fired. Shouldn’t Dinsdale be in prison for that?

  38. 40: A few bloggers use their own real name to frontload unearned weight to their words.

    That’s freaking insane.

    I was brought up to despise people who post anonymous denigration, and I do. I post under my own name because I stand by my words. There is nothing ‘unearned’ about my name. If you want to give some greater or lesser weight to what I say because you know who I am, good luck to you. I don’t post with the title ‘professor’, although it’s clear you resent I have it.

    But to make a virtue of sniveling cowardice is ludicrous.

    Actually, 40, I think I do know who you are, but don’t lie awake in fear. I won’t tell. The only person I’ve outed here I did so because he was defaming me. You haven’t. Yet.

    Your words are a waste of keystrokes.

  39. Anonymous says:

    GH, apparently I get a D for clarity. I was praising you, albeit indirectly, compared to Becka, for your heartfelt investment of self by speaking of your illness. Had both of you spoken anonymously, your words would yet carry the honest weight of suffering. just as his would yet express a reprehensible usage of another’s dealings with cancer. That you choose to be public in blogging is your choice. Yet, the risks by being known are dire if one is persuasive enough to get under the skin of the powerful. My loved ones were criminally victimized and I don’t mean campaign pranks. There are times when we must stand and risk. And so we do. But in a blog? Just as disease is not academic to those who suffer it, the risk of pointed speech, if your point be honed sharp, isn’t academic to one has seen the bloody results. You hope people learn from your experience. I hope they learn from mine. I’m on your side.

  40. Career politicians says:

    Jon Bruning is so morally compromised at every level – there is no hope for him. The sad reality is that the other so-called leaders in our state know it, and turn a blind eye, like the career politicians they are. If he is so intent on exposing government corruption – why hasn’t Mike Foley ever challenged Bruning on his conflicts of interest? Surely the fact that Bruning has made a fortune investing in banking, which the office of Attorney General oversees, is of concern to Super Foley. Anyone listening for the righteous indignation? … crickets.

  41. Career Ruthless Ricketts... says:

    I am sure Ricketts had no issue destroying an entire neighborhood to get his rich guy tax breaks from the city of Omaha.

    I am sure Pete got a great understanding of ‘blighted’ neighborhoods when he was was cruising west Omaha in his corvette at 16. Guy was born with a silver spoon no matter how you try to spin it.

    Ricketts understands your everyday Nebraskan about as well as Obama understands foreign policy. What a joke this guy is.

  42. Anonymous says:

    53, what Ricketts “got” was an education in District 66 that taught him how to use the word “got”.

    So, you want a governor who doesn’t know how to handle money?

    You must have enjoyed voting against Romney. How’s that Obama guy working out for you?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Osborn’s commercial is awful. It reminds GOP voters he gave our spy plane to our communist chinese enemy. Maybe Democrats see communists as friends but I don’t think Republicans do. Then at the end, it shows Osborn with his head cocked sideways looking sort of retarded.

  44. Interested Observer says:

    It was interesting to see that Bart McLeay raised about the same amount of money from Nebraskans that Osborn did. Apparently Bart’s one on one conversations with Nebraskans over the past months are paying off with increasing support.

    That’s particularly true around Valentine here, since a few years back, a bunch of ranchers out east of town along the Niobrara River hired Bart to represent them to stop the National Park Service from expanding the Scenic River rules and over regulations onto the rancher’s own private property.

    By the way, Bart won that case and the ranchers involved think quite a bit of him! So, when he says he’s focused on agriculture and that he wants to stop the EPA and OSHA from putting even more regulations on those of us in agriculture, we believe him because he’s already done it once before, when he stopped the NPS.

  45. To 52 says:

    Could it be that Mr. Foley is doing his constitutionally mandated duty and auditing the public accounts of the state instead of digging for political dirt? That’s what Auditor Foley was elected by the people to do, and he does it well.

  46. “I was brought up to despise people who post anonymous denigration, and I do. I post under my own name because I stand by my words…. But to make a virtue of sniveling cowardice is ludicrous.”

    Well said, RWP. I couldn’t agree more.

    How many of these folks would stand up in a public meeting and say what they say here (and elsewhere)? Damned few, if any.

    It’s still true – if you won’t put your name on your opinion, neither is worth much.

  47. Ricky says:

    Good point Uncle Wiggily. How many people that post here and on social media would stand up in a public meeting and say what they write on blogs?
    So is it that good or bad? Not many get to public meetings, public speaking is not easy, and this way lots of viewpoints get heard.
    And the reason elected officials do not post on L Street in my opinion is that they do not own this media. They are not in control. Not saying anything they don’t have to listen to opposite viewpoints. And, writing a coherent post is not that easy.
    Right Justin Wayne and Senator Lostenback?

    ricky from omaha

  48. Anonymous says:

    Career Politician: Foley doesn’t take on those who can fight back, a/k/a the University. When he did uncover something major there a couple years ago (people spending wildly on UN-L credit cards) it got swept under the rug with a “they know what they did wrong and they’re taking care of it now” response. Pay attention. He does not bite the hand that can harm him.

  49. vet says:

    I know a guy whose home was broken into during a campaign and police found the computer accessed and political slogans left in his kid’s bedroom. He didn’t quit standing up for what he believed. But he did upgrade his security system and his home defense to a larger caliber.

  50. To 61 says:

    As auditor Mike Foley has ZERO powers of enforcement. He audits state agencies and the reports are returned to the agency directors for their review. They may redirect their agency based on the findings, or they may round file the report. Auditor Foley seems to be a man who does his work with integrity. Imagine the good he could do with the power of the governor’s office!

  51. Crimea river says:

    Nebraska’s Nelson saved Obamacare. Nebraska’s Hagel is flopping around as Russia invades the Crimea. A whole lot of Nebraska Republicans voted for Nelson and Hagel, put them in power. And Republicans in Congress aren’t much wiser at dealing with Obama.

    Putin has more military experience and smarts than Obama, Biden, Kerry and Hagel combined. But will GOP Congressional leaders shut up and let Obama embarrass himself? No. Never. Doesn’t matter what Obama is doing or what is happening. Every time he heads for a brick wall, conservative leaders throw the elephant in front of him like an air bag.

  52. Anonymous says:

    #61 Try OFD’s bookkeeping–too big a mess. Really?

    #63 No power? Tell him that so he knows as he campaigns believing otherwise.

  53. TexasAnnie says:

    Foley is okay…for Catholics! Seriously, Foley is trustworthy. That’s true.
    But what about that Bryan Sloan guy? He wants to fix the grossly unjust tax policies y’all suffer.

  54. thank you 52 says:

    Lets all take a minute to admit we didn’t even know what a state auditor was before Mike Foley took office… If I’m going to pay taxes I want to have someone there to find out where the money is going. Now lets get this man to an office where he can make a real effect!

    And Texas what does religion have to do with this discussion at all…?

  55. TexasAnnie says:

    If you know Foley then you know Foley wants everyone to behave like good Catholics. And good Catholics have a tendency to impose their beliefs in the political arena…

    When I lived in Nebraska, I was quite aware of not only the State Auditor, but the Legislature’s Fiscal Office, the Governor’s budget process, the work of the Revenue Dept., and the Revenue and Appropriations Committee hearings at the Unicam. I guess I had become too aware of “where the money is going” in Nebraska. And since my family was brought to Nebraska, literally to shore up the tax base granted away for corporate welfare, it pissed me off when Gov. Nelson and all but three of 49 State Senators decided y’all just couldn’t afford to educate children with disability anymore (1995).

    So no, number 67 above, I will not “admit” to not knowing. The question is, do y’all still lack understanding about how unjust your tax policies have become?

  56. Time To Move On says:

    Texas Anne, isn’t it time for you to throw the memories of your miserable existence in the State of Nebraska in the ditch and move on with your life? Life in the great state of Texas is too precious to waste obsessing about Nebraska. Y’all should just move on.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Texas Annie, can you be any more of a bigot? Do you burn Catholics down there in Cowtown, Texas?

    You display Nazi-like hatred for others while you demand they pay for your retarded children. Your kids are yours not ours. Your responsibility. Everyone is responsible for having enough money in the bank to deal with anything that might happen before they begin having sex and giving birth.

    Frankly, we taxpayers don’t mind helping you out, you who neglected to plan ahead,,but then you really should shut your bigoted mouth and show some appreciation for the charity you get. You are an ungrateful beggar who sees your begging as your God given right. Hypocrite.


  58. Running unopposed is says:

    Senator Krist, And Tea Party Favorite Justin Wayne for the OPS board, UN Regents Clare and Hawks, both of whom are Pelini jock sniffers, County board members Douglas PJ Morgan and Borgeson, Sarpy County Attorney , the guy that stole the Royals from Omaha Lee Polikov of Sarpy County, and Sheriff Tim Dunning of Douglas County.
    Wow that is a lot of Republicans running unopposed,

    ricky from omaha

  59. Anonymous says:

    So TA, your family and yours alone “shored up” the tax base in Nebraska? Really? Who forced you to come here? Your husband’s employer? Sounds like hubby knew a good deal when he saw it and it might have included a better salary and bennies. Now that you’re retired in Texas as you have told us in the past, you must be doing a whole lot better financially than a bunch of us working stiffs still stuck in Nebraska. Enjoy the sunshine!

  60. TexasAnnie says:

    Actually, we woke up with frost on the ground today. That’s unusual. And yes, my family did shore up the tax base given away to corporate welfare in Nebraska. Not alone, mind you, which I did not claim; that was your statement. And the “raise” was just enough to cover the state income tax we had to begin paying.

    As to the vitriol before your comment, I will reply to #70 simply: your state and federal constitutions REQUIRE your special education expenditures. IT’S NOT CHARITY! It is regrettable that you feel so strongly against making those provisions. You expend a great deal of energy trying to HATE so much!

    ‘Gotta go vote!

  61. And good Catholics have a tendency to impose their beliefs in the political arena…

    Since when? The Catholic Church is nominally anti-abortion, but the Democrat Party is full of nominal Catholics who defend abortion — Pelosi, Kennedy, etc.

  62. Well, no, there’s nothing in the US constitution that requires special ed. expenditures, and only some very vague language in the Nebraska constitution.

    That doesn’t mean it’s bad thing, of course.

  63. Anonymous says:

    If it weren’t for the help that the mentally challenged receive from the government, none of the participants on this blog would be able spew their bile here.

  64. TexasAnnie says:

    Art. VII, Sec. 1, Neb. Const.: The “ALL” in “all persons” is inclusive of special education services.

    14th Amend., U.S. Const.: The “equal protection of the laws” clause includes those needing special education.

    So there you go, Gerard. Now go get your lawyer friend to back you up…

  65. Anonymous says:

    “Mike Foley is a good Catholic.” That would depend on one’s defintion of what “good” means or for that fact “Catholic.” Treating others as you wish to be treated must be in the laundry list of the top ten in the Catholic faith. Granted, saving tax dollars from waste is a worthy idea, but to use it as a means to exercise power like a dictator is quite another. Also, “good” people (not only Catholics) should be honest in their business dealings and not use others for their ego’s gain or selfish purpose. Mike? He was a basket case of indecision prior to his run for higher office and used people to get his spine strengthened then ran back to this Lincoln club of connection and influence. How honest is it to use the media like a cheap whore by rolling your press released audit out every several weeks so you can see your face on TV or hear your voice on radio broadcast to gain advantage over your opponent without paid advertising? Peacocks would blush for the lack of humble spirit so often mentioned in the Bible. WWJD?

  66. Governor Foley? says:

    Annie – you do realize that Mr. Bruning and Mr. Ricketts are Catholic as well, right? One way or another Nebraska is going to have a Catholic governor.

    Keeping Nebraskans informed via the media about how their tax dollars are being handled by state government is important. That’s not dishonest. What’s dishonest would be not telling the tax payers when their state is under-performing. Nothing to do with humility, or lack thereof. It’s integrity at its finest.

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