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Heineman endorsement 01Today Ben Sasse announced that his U.S. Senate campaign was endorsed by Utah Senator, and Tea Party fave, Mike Lee.

Shane Osborn announced (a few hours later) that his campaign was endorsed by conservative doyenne and Eagle Forum president Phyllis Shlafly.

(We still remember getting our main introduction of Schlafly from the comic strip Bloom County — with Opus pretending to be a Texas Republican imagining himself whisking Ms. Schlafly off the dance floor…)

Exciting stuff?


While these endorsements are a little interesting, we are more intrigued by the idea of Governor Dave Heineman endorsing a candidate in the GOP Governor primary.

We have been batting this around with various politicos, and some see the concept as a real possibility. This was confirmed “in the newspapers” today, with Heineman press secretary Jen Rae Wang (nee Hein) confirming a “maybe” Governor Dave would make an endorsement.

So who are the maybes? Well, how about first, who are the “No Way” column.

  • Mike Foley (Ha! Hahahahha! Wooooo! Good one! Oooooh my stomach hurts now! Bwahahahahah!)
  • Pete Ricketts (Uh, no thanks.)
  • Tom Carlson (Not right now.)

Which leaves us with the “possibles”…

Beau McCoy, Bryan Slone and Jon Bruning.

McCoy is a loyal senator to Heineman, and one of his first early supporters (vs T.O.). Such an endorsement would be a big deal for McCoy.

Slone is a personal friend to Heineman, also loyal back to the ’06 primary. Though it is notable that Slone has not had any other significant political involvement — since his Congressional staffer days — in Nebraska. a Heineman endorsement would bring Slone out of obscurity.

Heineman and Bruning are known to get along fairly well. We would be surprised though if Heineman went all out for Bruning — but it could depend on the state of the race. If it was clear that the race came down to Bruning and someone else, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Heineman stick his neck out.

Or, if the Gov didn’t want to play favorites, and the race was still wide open, he could just say nothing.
Or, he could “endorse” more than one candidate, by cutting ads for more than one.

In any case, we sort of disagree with the Poli Sci prof in the papers who suggested that it would be “risky” for Heineman if his pick ended up losing.

Risk of what? Embarrassment? Big deal. So what. You build up political capital to spend it, not take it to your grave. He’d be endorsing a political candidate, not Ron Jeremy.

You get in the arena, you take some risks.
We see Heineman as a risk taker on this one.


Speaking of Gov candidates, we discovered that Mike Foley has ad on the YouTubes.
See it here:

This spot hopes to use Foley’s “Pro-Life”  stance to his advantage — in theory with all of those who attended that march. The Governor candidates certainly have to express their Pro-Life positions in the primary. But will it account for much separation?

Are there any of the candidates who don’t count themselves super-duper Pro-Life?

Considering how crowded this primary is, we won’t be surprised to see Foley just come out and say “I’m Pro-Life..AND I’m in favor of giving pre-natal care to illegal aliens!” Sure, there are voters who will specifically reject him for this, but there must be a Pro-Life cadre who will vote for him because of it, right?

Well, maybe that block isn’t big enough. But again, because of the numbers, we would be curious to know if it is worth the gamble.


You know, speaking of campaigning, how about intensely raising money when you’re not running — heck, when you CAN’T run?

Did you know that a couple of “leading” Democrat state Senators, who are term limited, are still raising money?

State Senator Heath Mello is term limited. Yet, “Friends for Heath Mello” raised $68,000 during 2013! He ended 2013 with $168,000 in the bank.

State Senator Jeremiah “Jeremy” Nordquist raised nearly $40K in 2013 to leave him with $105,000 to end 2013.

Neither could transfer that money to a federal race, but could use it in a Nebraska race — say if Heath Mello wanted to run for Mayor of Omaha (just a hypothetical!).

In the meantime, if they’re not running for office, what are they doing collecting all that money every month from various lobbyists? Both Mello’s and Nordquist’s term ends in 2016.

We are interested to see how they spend that wad of cash until then — and how much MORE they raise. We will be sure to keep this in mind the next time we hear a lecture about “good government” and blah blah blah…



Shorter Warren Buffett:

  • “Climate change” is bullpucky
  • Don’t raise the minimum wage, because it will cost jobs
  • Build the Keystone XL pipeline

Yet this guy supports Democrats?

Warren, put your walking-around money (we imagine he has one of those belt coin dispenser things, like the beer guy at the ballgame, filled with $100s and $1,000s) where your mouth is!


DCCC’s Red to Blue list doesn’t include Brad Ashford against Lee Terry.
Need to know more?


And just because…



  1. Anonymous says:

    I really like Slone. If only he could shake that “tax lawyer from omaha” stigma he could do quite well.

  2. Ricky says:

    I love Warren but he is not always right. Mr Buffett thought David Sokol was a good employee.
    Mr Buffett bought BNSF instead of Omaha’s Union Pacific RR.
    Warren thought strong-arming Sarpy County into building his minor league baseball team a ballpark with taxpayer money was a good idea.
    And of course Warren never said climate change was not occurring, and that it is was not caused by mankind.
    Buffett has no say on whether or not the Keystone pipeline will be built, and he is too old to go out to Central City to pry little old ladies off bulldozers.

    ricky from omaha

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jon B is still stealing money from Nebraskans? Oh, but that just can’t be. God is on his side. He let him survive cancer to prove it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Someone please elaborate on this supposed nelnet scandal. I wasn’t around for it and I want to read more

  5. Ricky says:

    I know a reason why Governor Heineman might find a down-side to endorsing a candidate for Nebraska Gov. The humiliation of seeing the guy he endorsed go down in flames.
    The paper says Nebraska’s governor is “popular”. Popular to whom? Everybody I know can not stand the guy. And in case you have not noticed Heineman carries zero weight in the legislature. His tax cut plans are going nowhere, he probably will be over-ridden on Medicade expansion; nobody pays attention to the lame duck Gov at this point.
    Probably Heineman has not endorsed any candidate because the guys ask him to keep his distance.

    ricky from omaha

  6. I can make up my own darn mind says:

    Governor Dave has done fine. But he doesn’t get to pick his successor. Bruning is probably the best choice of guys who have a breath of a chance of winning. Actually he might be the only guy who has a breath of a chance of winning.

  7. Daves' Choice says:

    The Governors’ endorsement might carry some weight, but the people he endorses aren’t of much quality. They seem to be about as good as his appointments to HHS.

    For example; Dave endorsed Bill Kintner for the Legislature. Kintner got elected, but hasn’t managed to get a single bill passed in two years. Kintner is despised by almost everyone in the Legislature for his ignorance. It bothers most of them that the guy most likely to stand up and lecture them about “Nebraska values” has only lived here about five years. The only thing he has managed to get done is take the title of craziest person in the Unicameral away from Mark Christensen.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    Heineman sure has a blot on his history: Beatrice State Developmental Center!

    But he was right about his proposed tax fix, Ricky. It’s past time for Nebraskans to shrug off all those “tax incentives.” Do you realize that more of the tax base has been granted away, than is being collected? If everybody paid taxes at the same rate, the tax rate could be so low that the Tea Party would just fade away…

  9. Ever Notice says:

    Ever notice how TexasAnnie never has anything good to say about Nebraska? Ever notice how TexasAnnie never has anything good to say about Texas? Ever notice how TexasAnnie is tenacious about hanging on to the past?

    TexasAnnie’s rants about the awfulness of Nebraska are becoming as wearisome as IO’s past obsession with rancher’s fences. IO finally threw that in the ditch, and we appreciate his efforts. Care to follow his lead, Annie?

  10. N Street says:

    Careful Ricketts trolls, if the state party finds out you’re violating the positive campaign pledge you forced through the central committee, we’ll have a problem! Or, is negative campaigning okay now that you’re 20 points back?

  11. Interested Observer says:

    Ever notice now “Ever Notice” never has anything good to say about Texas Annie?

    “Ever Notice”‘’s rants about the awfulness of Texas Annie are becoming as wearisome as DEB FI$CHER’s past obsession with with her neighbor’s land. The Kime family finally threw that in the Ainsworth Irrigation ditch, sold the place for NINE MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS, moved away from the FI$CHER’s and we appreciate their efforts.

    Now, ask yourself, do you want to keep this up?

  12. AG's Cancer Doctor says:

    Sorry I can’t comment on the health of the AG and candidate for Governor’s issues.
    The HIPPA laws mean only he and I and Becka can know the information on that.

  13. Ever Notice says:

    Yes, of course. I used to live in Texas myself. Thanks for noticing something good about Texas. Now, how about finding something good to say about Nebraska—other than the fact that I live here.

  14. To AG's Cancer Doctor says:

    Good one! Thank you. Perhaps Becka practices as a proctologist as a side profession and knows the inside scoop, so to speak.

  15. TexasAnnie says:

    Ever Notice when you have a problem to solve, and the resolution is eluding you, that if you sleep on it, you’ll realize your solution? Well I have pondered ‘something good’ about Nebraska, I’ve slept on it, and I even rewatched the film on cinamax, yet I remained stumped, Ever Notice.

  16. Ronald says:

    The Governor will endorse whoever gives him the best chance of continuing his lifelong government employment. He needs the insurance coverage because he knows those daily McDonald’s runs will catch up with him eventually

  17. Ricky says:

    Good question what will Senators Mello and Nordquist do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money?
    Mello would seem to be a good candidate for Omaha’s Mayor; a south Omaha Right-to-Lifer.
    Can his buddy Nordquist donate his wad to Mello for Mayor?
    Then Mayor Mello can appoint Nordquist to the MECA board where the real behind the scenes money can be had with no-bid contracts.
    Mean Jean is treading water while the city’s bond ratings continue to slide and people laugh off her police audit committee. She will be a one-termer.

    ricky from omaha

  18. Interested Observer says:

    Annie, watch the Jack Hoffman touchdown run from last year’s Spring Game and THEN tell me you can’t find anything good to say about Nebraska!!!

  19. Texas Danny says:

    Forgive my sister. She was plum kicked in the side of the head by our prize breeding stud Donkey Pedro.

    Thanks also to McCoy farms for donating the donkey.

  20. Ricky says:

    Don’t watch that video TexasAnnie! It’s BO Pelini propaganda!

    Also I agree that Ne has far too many tax breaks for this and that. But lowering the income tax rate for the rich won’t change that.
    It would be nice if Ne could just start all over from scratch and write new tax policy from the beginning.

  21. TexasAnnie says:

    Okay, Street Sweeper and Interested Observer: That was the most inspiring football footage I have ever seen.

    Ricky: BO Pelini propaganda? There are some tax bills before your unicam now. Check ’em out!

  22. To Ricky says:

    I know you have a *strong dislike* of Bo Pelini and I embrace your pain. but may I introduce you to a breath of fresh air in the NU Athletic Department by the name of Tim MIles?

  23. Interested Observer says:

    Annie, thank you for watching that. Now, you might want to Google “Jack Hoffman” and see what all that brave little boy has been through.

  24. Pelini and Larry the Not Funny Direct TV guy says:

    What do you want to bet that if Larry the Tea Party guy and BO I can get away with anything Pelini get together on something it’s probably crooked?

    ricky from omaha

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