Egging him on

Governor candidate Jon Bruning has a new ad up, this one about immigration.
See it here:

Bruning has been bombarding the airwaves with new spots lately. As we noted, they are all basically chopped up from his re-intro video.

We suppose they may just rotate these around, so you never know what you’re going to get when you see Bruning’s mug on the TV. We would be interested to hear any theories on this strategy, as opposed to playing the same spot over and over.


U.S. Senator Mike Johanns told KWBE radio that he will not be endorsing any of the candidates in the GOP primary to fill his retiring seat (er…the seat he is retired of. We mean, the seat from which he is tired. You know what we mean…).

Johanns position of non-endorsementish could be in contrast to that of Governor Dave Heineman who committed the other day to maybe endorse one of the Republican candidates for the McMansion.

And one day after this non-announcement announcement, Heineman set out on a press-junket with candidate and Attorney General Jon Bruning to discuss…eggs.

Probably not the ringing endorsement Bruning was hoping for, but we would note that Heineman would not run on out to discuss eggs, bacon OR toast with, say, Mike Foley.

So there’s that.


Big Ed Schultz of MSNBC went to the We Hate the Pipeline Cabin to tell them how much he now hates the Keystone XL Pipeline, even though he used to like it.

And then we saw his little Tweet from the show.

Bold Shack

MY those are a lot of extension cords!

Gee, the windmills and solar panels that support ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the power in the Bold Shack must have really been working overtime to power all of those lights, cameras, audio boards and what not.

We sure hope no dinosaurs had to die in order to air Big Ed’s show…


Attorney General candidate Mike Hilgers has another webby YouTube piece.
See it here:

We like these, but, would suggest that they either be exactly 30 seconds or 60 seconds so as to emulate a real ad. Either that or run ’em a couple minutes.

If they’re going to be like ads — even though they don’t make it to the telly — they should at least be the same length. The viewer has certain expectations. (And if a sudden bag of money ends up on the campaign’s porch, they’ll already have a spot in the can!)


We were alerted last evening to this interview between Glenn Beck and Freedomworks President Matt Kibbe, discussing national endorsements in the Nebraska Senate race.
See, and listen, here (it’s a minute long):

Note that Freedomworks is the somewhat major Tea Partyish group originally funded by the Koch Brothers, which has endorsed Shane Osborn. It is significant, as the one major endorsement from a hard-core conservative national group that Ben Sasse did not get

Kibbe notes that Sasse recently received the endorsement of Senator Mike Lee, even though they, FW, had gone with Osborn. He then essentially notes that if either Sasse or Osborn won, conservatives couldn’t go wrong.

The Sasse folks would like to focus on this comment, as Freedomworks has taken shots at Sasse over his previous statements on ObamaCare. Now Kibbe seems to say he would be OK with Sasse. He does however sum up chuckling, “Mike’s wrong and I’m right, let’s be clear about that.

(Let the comment volley begin!)


And finally, we found this new ad from Pete Ricketts on the Twitter (as opposed to, ahem, in our In-box…).
See it here:

Well, we will say this. That’s an innovative idea. “Bald Conservative.”

(And hey, is that the announcer from the old “Elliot Ruuuuuustad” spots?)

Of course with his “I’m not a career politician” message, he could also be seen as knocking…Dave Heineman and Mike Johanns. Then again, maybe voters don’t really think of them when he makes a statement like that.

In any case, this spot will be known as the “Pete’s bald” ad (much like the 2006 ad focused on Pete’s red hat).
We will be interested to see if that obscures the rest of the message.


  1. Book Idea says:

    Does anybody want to hear my idea for a book I should write about an interesting Omahan who fell from grace?

    Ricky From Omaha

  2. Hesdeadjim says:

    ricky, none of us ever want to hear (or read) anything that goes on inside that sick little head of yours.

  3. Change is coming! says:

    You are right Pete! We need to change the type of leadership we have in Lincoln. Governors Johanns and Heineman have run this state into the ground. The state is in sad shape. We cannot continue down this path. Vote Pete Ricketts…the candidate of change!

  4. Ricky says:

    I was at the meet and greet and lunch yesterday with Dave Domina at Big Mama’s. I had the sailsbury steak and mashed potatoes and gravy and corn bread. Yum comfort food!
    So Domina was asked about all the out of state money coming in for Sasse and Osborn.
    Domina said if people vote for those two they should know that in order to get all that money Osborn and Sasse have already pledged to support the corporate welfare and interests of those behind the cash.
    Domina gave two specific examples but I can’t remember exactly what those were. Domina was passionate about his answer and well prepared for the question. You can ask Christopher Scott exactly what Domina said to his question. Scott was sitting right by me and actually bought my lunch.
    Also Domina said he could get a large percent of the vote of Ne D3, and said Mr Kleeb actually did well getting votes from there.
    Dave Domina, the next Senator from Nebraska!

    Ricky From Omaha

  5. You forgot Hope says:

    Just like his buddy Chuck Hagel, Pete’s a Hope and Change guy too. Maybe he’ll pay somebody to make one of those cool posters for him like that other hopey changey guy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is very superficial but on state and national levels voters tend to choose a male candidate that has more hair over others with less.

  7. Not a good day for Osborn... says:

    Anytime your campaign manger “admitted that the comments weren’t what the campaign was looking for” regarding the head of their biggest supporter… well that’s not a good day.

    See below:

    Bill Novotny, Osborn’s campaign manager, admitted that the comments weren’t what the campaign was looking for, but said they were confident they had the group’s full support.

    “Certainly we would’ve loved Matt to come out a little stronger, but FreedomWorks is squarely behind us in this race,” he said.

  8. Wow... says:

    If Kibbe’s comments are what “squarely behind us” look like.. then I would hate to see what “roundly behind us” looks like…

  9. Tonic & Tonic says:

    You know which comments aren’t what I’m looking for? Comments froma supposed conservative supporting Obamacare.

    Sasse is a bureaucrat, whose only initiative is to grow himself.

  10. @ MIA says:

    I am glad you asked! Shane was in Hastings last night while Sasse was in DC raising money from his wealthy DC buddies.

    Is it hard to run a candidate that hates being in the very state he is trying to represent?

  11. Political Junkie says:

    All you have to do is check the FEC records to see that Osborn gets more DC/outside Nebraska money than Sasse…..

  12. Freedomworks: the real question says:

    Imagine if someone asked SCF or the Club if they think Sasse losing would be a win-win. I don’t think they’d say yes to that. So it begs the question: Why would FW make a statement like this? They would not say this if they thought Osborn has the momentum or looked likely to win.

    Here’s one explanation: with 9 weeks left, Osborn is tied with an opponent that has half the name ID. Shane has far fewer dollars in the bank, and it looks like he will get outgunned on TV by Sasse the rest of the way, which means the name ID deficit will be erased at some point. And that doesn’t even take into account what happens if Sid ever decides to write the big check. . .

    So, serious question here, if you’re Shane, what exactly is your path to victory at this point? I wonder if when this thing is over we might all look back on this statement from FW as the canary in the coal mine signaling big problems in Osborn land. If this were poker, I’d say he’s running out of outs. Would be interested in hearing from others what his path is though.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I like how everyone in the Sasse campaign takes their cues from Washington DC. All the insiders think Sasse is one of them.
    Meanwhile, Nebraskans favor Shane Osborn, even in the poll Sasse paid for right after he went on TV.
    Sasse can have Utah’s and South Carolina’s Senators.
    Osborn will take Nebraskans.

  14. @13 says:

    Really? Shane has been in DC more than Obama over the last few months. He was even there earlier this week getting Phyllis Schlafly’s endorsement — who by the way earlier this week said she agreed with the characterization that Obama was a homosexual, not an American and damn all Muslims. Does Osborn agree with her that those statements are “the voice of truth and sanity on the air”?

  15. The Gambler says:

    I’ve made my life out of readin’ people’s faces,
    And knowin’ what their cards were by the way they held their eyes.
    So if you don’t mind my sayin’, I can see you’re out of aces.

    See Sasse is counting his money while sitting at the table.
    So is Osborn.
    McLeay is going to run out of money just paying for blinds
    Sid… is Sid. Wildcard. I’d take Sid over Sasse because even if he’s not all that conservative, I know he’ll be gone after two terms max (either to retirement or the grim reaper). I just trust him a helluva lot more than I would ever trust sasse.

  16. Comical says:

    You people that comment on Sasse are comical. Here is a talented guy that could be doing anything he wants. He came back to Nebraska to raise a family and save the college his grandfather invested his life’s work. He isn’t running for the Senate for personal gain…..he could be cashing checks left or right doing pretty much anything he wants. He is doing this because he wants his children and family to have the same opportunities he did. The truth is, if we can’t get qualified people like Ben in office that know how Washington works, then there is no hope for our political system. This bashing is why good people don’t run. As far as raising money, our system does require money to get elected these days….no one likes the system and it needs to be changed but it is what it is. Don’t you want someone that has some influence in DC? That is where the person elected is going to try and make an impact for Nebraskans. Sasse is the one who would not cower to McConnell for his support, Osborne can’t say the same thing. With Sasse you will get a guy that is going to fight in the best interest of Nebraskans and has the best opportunity to get things done because he knows how DC works. Osborne will be a lap dog for McConnell, if that is what you want then your choice is easy. It just gets old reading the ignorant posts of you self proclaimed experts.

  17. House of Cards says:

    Looks like the Fremont political establishment is about to crumble. Chris Scott seems to have opened up a huge can of worms.

  18. "Fremont Political Establishment" Hahaha says:

    Have you actually been to Fremont? It’s like Petticoat Junction. And who the hell is Chris Scott?

  19. Midland College says:

    Hey has anybody seen our President? Is he running for Senate or running our school?
    Do Lutherans support Fremont’s housing ordinance?
    If we see Mr Sasse around here we will ask him but he might be in D C raising money.

  20. To Comical says:

    Before you bash a candidate, at least make sure you spell his name right. It’s Osborn. AH. We aren’t worthy to have Ben Sasse grace our state with his presence. I didn’t know a doctorate in History made me qualified to run our country.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Bruning rotation of ads apparently applies the spaghetti throw tactic of seeing what sticks. It blends and looks the same as all the rest though minus a bugle playing, but give him points for having a flag waving. I understand that whoever is advising Pete is getting paid top dollars, but he seems to be getting taken to the cleaners with ads that are as bland as a warmed over Ramen dish.
    You’d hope for $42K over a few months last year consulting, Moenning could best her last try with Pete’s infusion of $12M in a Senate loss. Governor Foley anyone?

  22. Governor Foley? says:

    Governor Foley? Yes please. Actual experience without personal baggage. Mike Foley wants tax dollars to be spent how they’re supposed to be. What’s not to like about that idea?

  23. Like Mike says:

    Abrasive, rude and creepy?
    I’ll assume you meant to be describing another candidate who i’ll be nice enough to keep nameless…
    We would be lucky to have a governor who puts up his own yard signs and doesn’t have the puppet strings of a corporation tied to him.
    Vote Foley!

  24. Interested Observer says:

    Texas Annie, please read “Team Jack Gala makes one girl’s dream come true” in the Lincoln Journal Star. “Team Jack” is the Jack Hoffman Foundation to raise awareness of and research funds for pediatric brain cancer.


  25. Mo Mentum says:

    On the surface, Bruning’s ads portray gravitas on issues and Ricketts’ ads seem useless fluff. But GOP Primary voters already know these men and the issues. What we cannot see here is strategic potential. The question thus is, which has built into his campaign a strategy for increasing momentum to peak on Election Day?

    NE’s GOP primary voters obsess on Obamacare with reason. They shouted warnings that Nelson would pass this law that they believe fundamentally cripples freedom. They expect GOP candidates to mention it. Yet Bruning’s mention was early and perhaps. Like Osborn advertising handing a spy plane to communists, Bruning advertises he lead a losing fight against Obamacare. which after all is still there. There were other ways to approach hard core GOP voters view communists as enemy and Obamacare as anathema to freedom.

    Then too, there is the matter of party. These same GOP voters last saw Bruning kicking Fischer in a GOP primary while Ricketts was respected for high road decency with a GOP primary victory. Importantly, GOP voters don’t fault Ricketts for warning that Nelson would pass Obamacare. However, Ricketts has yet to mention this or or any other specific issue. But that will change. For his recent ad promises he will ratchet things up.

    Ricketts’ new ad isn’t hollow. Its joke on “bald” twists on pipeline Kleeb’s “bold” and it hints of “plans” on issues. There is more to come. And whereas Ricketts’s initial nice guy fluff can morph into gravitas that spurs momentum, it doesn’t work the other way. If Bruning’s negatives are too high, him suddenly airing saccharine good guy ads he will deflate him. If he goes negative, which Bruning has done in previous GOP primaries, that’s as much as a concession.

  26. Hey kids, long time no see.
    I heard through the grapevine that you guys were missing me, so I thought I’d pop back in to the old neighborhood to see what’s happening – as far as I can tell, pretty much the same old things. I’ve been busy with other stuff and have for the most part left politics to the sidelines, my snarky posts on my Facebook page, and occasional comments to the newspaper blogs, irritating only family and friends these days.
    I lost my political mentor this week, a fellow named Harry Dahlstrom. Harry was 92 years old, a WWII veteran, and an unapologetic Liberal Democrat. Unlike me, Harry was capable of discussing politics while maintaining a civil tongue. I wish I could grow up to be like him, but I fear that is a lost cause. He was the one that got me involved as a political activist back in 2005. After listening to the preacher at his funeral tell everyone about the things that Harry stood for, and fought for, I’ll admit that I am reconsidering my withdrawal from public political life.
    Today I read that the Democrats in California have made the legalization of medical marijuana a part of their platform. This reminds me of the resolution that I put forth at the 2010 Nebraska Democratic Party State Convention (the NDP’s “Supreme Governing Body” according to its Constitution) that stated quite simply, “The Nebraska Democratic Party supports and promotes the legalization of medicinal marijuana.” That, by the way, passed almost unanimously.
    Of course the people who run the NDP, not its elected majority, but the few oligarchs that REALLY run the show, put the kibosh on that. We can’t, after all, have a political party doing what its collective membership has democratically decided to do. The will of the ruling class is so clearly superior to that of the rubes that elected their representatives at their county conventions. The oligarchy’s right to veto or ignore the will of the electorate is manifestly evident. Proof of that is the extraordinary number of federal and statewide offices filled by successful candidates from the NDP, due exclusively to their wise guidance.
    If I do decide to re-activate my lapsed membership in the Captain Democracy fan club, and re-enter the fray on behalf of those citizens who need a strong voice to speak for them, I will do so with renewed vigor and a lust for justice unlike anything the NDP oligarchs have yet seen. Their house needs a good cleaning. It is full of musty, stale cobwebs.
    Harry would want it that way.

  27. No mentum.... says:

    Mo mentum…seriously? Is that what Pete’s $$$ is buying? That type of weak effort?

    Pete is talking about being bald while other candidates are talking about what they have actually done on issues important to Nebraskans. Funny, in a few years ago pete was talking about his stocking cap. Seems he is fixated on his image while others talk issues.

    Politico called Pete’s Senate campaign the worst campaign of that cycle. Looks like he is headed down the road to achieve this again. People don’t like Pete (his negatives are far more…negative than any other candidate) and when his daddy starts dropping big bucks attacking he will only look like the kid who daddy needs to bail out again. Back to the mailroom Pete.

  28. @32 says:

    So, the Ricketts Ad campaign expects to win over voters by mimicking Bold Nebraska and relying on Pete’s reputation for “high road decency?” Good luck with that.

  29. Mo Mentum says:

    Maybe you are right. Maybe Ricketts doesn’t care about momentum. Maybe Ricketts is just going to sit there and lose. Or maybe not. Bruning was a flurry of activity while Fischer was plugging along.

  30. Priority Bills going going ... says:

    Well it looks like Senator Lautenbak and Senator Kintners priority bills are not coming out of committee.
    No charter schools in Nebraska and no stupid signs at PP clinics.
    20 days to go in the session.
    I see lots of Ne Senators signed a letter by Jim Smith of Papillion promoting the pipeline. I wonder if the signers looked more closely at this letter than they did at LB 1161, which was thrown out by the judge.
    When I asked Dave Domina about Gov Heineman’s comments that lots of lawyers are in the legislature and they thought this bill was constitutional, Domina said they did not consider LB 1161 very closely.
    It was introduced at the last moment and nobody even read it.
    Smith of Sarpy County is a big friend of TransCanada, having gone on a junket on their dime.
    I get the feeling a lot of the Legislatures don’t understand what bills they pass into law. Take for example last years bill to shrink the OPS board; most out state senators didn’t even realize what they were doing.
    I like the one body legislature, but two bodies would not have passed LB 1161.

    ricky from omaha

  31. Anonymous says:

    Comment #32: Gravitas, the question thus is–good grief–it has to be an attorney and one whose memory either fails them or believes in the tooth fairy to speak such soothing tales of Ricketts long ago and far away. If Pete’s ad using “bald” is a twisted reference to “bold” then he’s getting worse advice than originally thought. Ads aren’t meant to generate celebral pondering. It’s a horrid ad. He deserves a refund. Let’s review. The same team that gave us Senator Ricketts and Mayor Welch is on board for Governor Ricketts. Paging Coach Callahan……

    Some points hidden in the stratosphere of ten dollar words are spot on. Bruning needed to first paint himself as a changed guy full of warmth and sincerity who embraces all Nebraskans as caring for them even the excitable talk show host in Omaha. You treat others like you wish to be treated then hire those who reflect your leadership style. Try calling his campaign headquarters to find out where candidate Bruning will be for his next meet and greet. Good luck with that one. I thought it was a campaigin of we the people not he his peeps.

  32. Bob Loblaw says:

    Jon Bruning has a lot of frickin nerve. Yesterday at PBA I saw him sitting during the game on “No sit Sunday”. Who the hell does he think he is? Do the laws set forth by our mighty ruler Tim Miles not apply to him? I also noticed that he was booed by the entire arena at one time. It was when the Detroit Lions player sitting next to him was introduced. The whole arena was yelling “BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” At least that’s what I think they were saying.

    Also, which team will Dave Heineman choose to cheer for in March Madness, Nebrasketball or the elite private school in the River City? He seems to flip flop and play both sides of the fence on this issue. These are the tough choices I need to know from our elected leaders and candidates.

    GO BIG RED!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    After Mitch McConnell’s comments about the tea party, I’m not sure if I can support Shane Osborn unless he publicly condemns McConnell’s comment. Not only is Mitch a total RINO, but anybody who vows to crush the sect of the party that keeps the rest of the party honest is most likely playing for the other team. It’s no secret that McConnell backs Osborn. That much I can live with. What I can’t live with, is one of o Ir party’s leaders attacking those to his right. NEVER ATTACK TO THE RIGHT.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I am a poor wanderer with a dog-eared lexicon but I will have you know my parents were married. Shylock, indeed. Mo

  35. The Fraud known as Ben Sasse says:

    Shane was attending Tea Party events while Ben Sasse was hanging out Mitt Romney and supporting Obamacare. I have yet to see Ben Sasse return Paul Ryan’s donation or criticize his budget. DC Sasse can’t run from his past record

  36. Fremont Voter says:

    Ben Sasse supports illegal immigration and tried to suppress the will of the people here in Fremont. He and the Chamber tried to overturn our immigration ordinance.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t dream of voting for sasse, I just want Osborn to publicly condemn the divisive rhetoric and actions of mitch mcconnel

  38. fatbastard says:

    Obama is using Planned Parenthood to stump at malls and colleges across America to convince young Americans to enroll in and pay for Obama-care. The federal deadline is approaching. What then? FBI kicks down doors of Americans who refuse to pay for health care? Its no wonder that more Americans are buying guns than buying Obama-care.

    If anything is worse than tyranny, it is tyranny run by the mentally deranged.

    Obama is having professional abortionists sell mandatory healthcare. Its like the Nazi nut ward has sprung its door hinges.

  39. Welcome back, BTO.

    Medical marijuana is a silly end run around a bad law. They should just legalize marijuana, period. And with my little 8 acre patch in Lancaster County, I stand ready to be the Lincoln Metro’s one stop shop for locally produced, organically grown herb. Because when you’re dumping copious quantities of hot carcinogens into your lungs, you don’t want them to be contaminated with minute traces of Roundup!

    Our soil must be pretty suitable, given the amount of ditch weed I have to pull out every spring. And a ganja farmer who isn’t stoned out of his mind all day long will have a natural advantage.

    I think I’ll name it the ‘Prairie Pothole’.

  40. TexasAnnie says:

    Once again, RWP displays his ignorance outside his field. Of course medical marijuana is a real and better substitute for some pharmaceuticals. Sanjay Gupta has put his own professional credibility on the line to establish this fact. Did y’all see the little girl, Charlotte, whose family left New Jersey for Colorado after Chris Christie refused to consider her compassionate care request? If you missed either of Gupta’s programs, and you are unsure of the efficacy of cannabis for medical use, tune in!

    Like the little girl, Charlotte, my own child has suffered unrelenting seizures. Do available seizure medications work? We’ve tried ’em all, and the answer is a resounding NO! Only by means of combining four different medications are we able to get some relief, at a price: the medications dull the brain and inhibit learning…

    When big pharma realizes big profit potential on the horizon, the industry will lobby and marijuana will become legal.

    P.S. to RWP: Medical marijuana is not always smoked!

  41. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Sanjay Gupta’s professional reputation and $2.25 will buy you a venti at Starbucks. He’s a talking head.

    Have someone read you
    Epilepsy Currents, Vol. 13, No. 2 (March/April) 2013 pp. 81–82. Few, poor quality studies done on cannabinoids as epilepsy treatment, , No reliable conclusions can be drawn.

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