The REAL battle begins: #NESEN and #NEGOV

Osborn - SasseAfter an article in Politico, Shane Osborn has come out full guns at Ben Sasse.

And in response, through a friend at the Weekly Standard, Sasse has shot back with accusations at Osborn.

And much like the first shots at Lexington and Concord, thus begins the REAL battle for the Nebraska Senate seat.

Politico wrote a story that the Sasse forces claim is simply a rerun, stating that Ben Sasse “aided” a firm that has worked to implement ObamaCare.

It is unclear exactly what Sasse did for the firm — we have been trying to get our arms around, “health IT related project” — but that hasn’t stopped the Osborn camp from jumping with a press release:

Sasse is the only candidate who worked with individuals getting paid to implement ObamaCare.

You can read the article and decide what, if anything, happened.

Similarly, read Mark Hemingway — a personal friend of Sasse — at the Weekly Standard, who defends Sasse on the Politico article and immediately hammers Osborn for being “a partner in the firm and could conceivably benefit from the sale (of TARP assets) in other ways.” This is also referenced in the Politico article.

What is interesting here is that there has been an effort by each candidate to be the lilly-white, non-aggression campaign, similar to Deb Fischer in the 2012 campaign. The Osborn camp has decided to toss that aside, and fully take on Sasse. The Sasse camp has chosen to go through intermediaries, with a much less direct slam.

Of course this is still going to be massively inside-baseball stuff (perfect for us!), which really won’t hit the public until you see TV spot, a radio ad or….a door hanger!


Which leads us to…the latest from Gov candidate Beau McCoy!
See it here.

McCoy door-hanger

This is a door hanger going around the state (the left image is the front and the right, the back).

The info on Ricketts is pretty basic. His Platte Institute, which we have featured here on Leavenworth St., has taken some controversial positions on certain issues. As a think tank, that is what they do — and as a candidate, Ricketts can now explain his positions related to those. This isn’t too different from McCoy standing by his votes in the Unicameral. Comes with the territory.

As an executive with the Chicago Cubs, Ricketts will also have to stand by what the board has done. We can’t imagine that he does not have an answer to respond to these issues — the Cubs looking for public funds to fix the issues at Wrigley is nothing new.

We were a little surprised though at Ricketts reaction to the piece.

Former Nebraska GOP Chair Mark Quandahl had an email out before we even saw the hanger saying, “Beau began baseless, personal attacks against Pete Ricketts.

Baseless? We aren’t sure either of these are baseless. If the Platte Institute position or the Arizona thing are not factually correct, that’s one thing. We suppose you could argue about the “Nebraska values” or “hostage” language, but we aren’t sure that makes them “baseless”.

But “personal”? How so?

We don’t see it.

But game on!


Fingers and toes crossed for some good seeds on Selection Sunday!


  1. Cubbie says:

    Unfortunately, the truths in McCoy’s flyer lose some of their punch by being included along with an absurd “guilt-by-association” attack trying to link Ricketts to Obama because the Cubs are in Chicago … a city of millions where Obama once lived. Laughable.

  2. Down with Slander says:

    I say we don’t elect a candidate who resorts to attacking another party member. Osborn and Sasse are about to begin acting like children, and McCoy is playing a dangerous game.

  3. Arizona Spring Training Stadium says:

    Read past the first sentence Cubbie. The second sentence describes the baseless, personal attacks on Ricketts who held Arizona hostage to gain tax breaks for building his spring training stadium for the Cubs in AZ.

    I am always for reduced taxes, but it looks like Pete advocates relief when he benefits.

    But I guess that Cubs management left the room before the tax relief ultimatum was decision was transmitted.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    “Sasse and Leavitt have until now denied the Senate candidate had any involvement in Leavitt Partners. Upon being presented with the company documents listing Sasse’s name, the campaign and a spokesperson for Leavitt said Sasse was involved at the firm’s outset.”

    Oh, THAT Leavitt Partners! I don’t care if Sasse did some work for his good friend, but he is trying to be too clever, too weasly, too much like a politician. He could have simply told the truth. His dissembling is going to blow up in his face. After all his years in DC, hasn’t Sasse learned anything? It’s always the cover-up that gets you.

  5. Seriously says:

    How does one lose a vote to get appointed to the Nebraska State Fair Board? When you have all that experience at 4H?
    Anyway, we need to know if Mr Sasse was for or against Fremont’s decision to provide residency before you can rent a house. Mr Sasse is President of Midland College, which is of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. On it’s web site it says a core value is a belief in a focus “on each person as an individual with inherent worth”.
    I did not know anything about the Lutheran Religion, so I looked on Wikipedia and it says Lutherans “should honor others, no matter how lowly, as being the means God uses to work in the world”.
    I am guessing that since Mr Sasse is President of Midland, he is against discrimination of a people because they have brown skin.
    But I have not heard anything about whether Mr Sasse was for or against the controversial Fremont ordinance. Can anybody ask him in a debate or on the campaign trail?
    Just curious. Probably the hero candidate is curious as well. Let’s get on that Deena.

    Ricky From Omaha

  6. Drew to 4 to 5 says:

    I was an Osborn supporter but switched to Sasse. You should listed to Tom Becka’s interview of Ben Sasse. It was on KOIL Almighty. The issues here is the status of consultant or adviser or speaker. If you temporarily help people out and they attempt to hire you, they will put stuff out with your name on it, and if you reject it, you can’t do anything to remove your name until it is way too late. I think this is a bunch of nonsense when you consider Sasse has spent the last 5 years working at Midland University.
    To Seriously, Sasse did respond. He said Fremont was forced to act because the Federal government has failed to act. What more do you need?

  7. @drew to 4 to 5 says:

    Checking out Sasse’s financial disclosure, he seems to get paid for speaking fees. What I just don’t understand is why he is volunteering to help Leavitt set up his firm that is working to implement Obamacare and doing a “health project” for free. If you’re a professional and you have knowledge on a topic, why give it away for free? Why does Leavitt get a free one? Also, how did he get to these conferences he spoke at? Did he pay?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just want to give kudos to Sweeper for the timely updates as things heat up. Always good to come here and see a new post and not something stagnant and three weeks old. Good job!

  9. Anon says:

    It was nice of Mr. McCoy to hire a second grade ESL student to write his ad piece. Too bad the teacher didn’t proof read it first.

  10. Pedro Sr. says:

    Gracias Senior McCoy. Juan Pedro Lupe Jr. do get extra credit at escuela for his project your ad piece. We are so grateful for another job. You a really good man.

  11. Mark says:

    I would much rather see Sasse as a professional Shepherd, than a United States Senator. The only thing Ben has proved this election cycle beyond a reasonable doubt, is that he knows how to gather and herd sheep.

  12. Drew to 7 and 11 says:

    Here is why strong conservatives stopped giving directly to the GOP and their Federal candidates. The whole Leavitt issue is popcorn politics. So Sasse debates the health care issues at a few Leavitt events where he explains Obamacare and ends up listed as a presenter. This means absolutely nothing to a guy who is willing to go to any forum to tell people how bad and complicated Obamacare is. He never got paid for anything and the connection to Leavitt is minimum and even if substantial is irrelevant.

    Nebraska put forth Deb Fischer but go look at the score cards from Heritage Foundation, American Conservatives Union and Club for Growth and ask yourself if Nebraska really elected a conservative who believes in the Constitution and free markets..

    If you really want to help the GOP, you need to ask what candidate has a serious resume in the private sector and can debate, not just merely advocate, on a wide array of issues. If the GOP does not do this, than stop complaining about Club for Growth, and Senate Conservatives Fund stepping in. Nebraska has got to get serious about putting serious candidates forward. There are many Nebraska conservatives yawning over this Leavitt issue and giving money to Sasse. His performance on the latest Tom Becka radio show proves Sasse is not going silently in to the night and is out to fight for the Constitution, Conservative values and against Obamacare. Those who question his sincerity on the matter are just monkeys flinging poop.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s so nice to see the photo of President Obama on Leavenworth Street. A man who twice was elected with more than 50% of the popular vote. The first President to do this since Eisenhower. A President who took a republican health plan and made it law. A President who was able to send the Navy SEALS to get Bin Laden. A man the pro pipeline folks have to write too to get their poison approved.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, I don’t mind that he worked for that firm. Obamacare was coming and a man has to support his family. What I do mind is that he panicked when the word was getting out and his first reaction was to deny it and his second reaction was to try to play us with BS about informal advice and not getting paid. Politico quotes people by name who directly contradict Sasse’s assertions. In other words, Sasse thinks we are stupid. You know what I think? I think Sasse is very good at telling people what he thinks they want to hear but he actually has few core values. Maybe he just needs to grow up and grow a pair, but I’m seeing a pattern of behavior here. If he needs time to grow up maybe he could first run for Fremont City Council or the Unicam, but I’m not sure that the Senate is the best first elected position for anyone, especially someone so slippery.

  15. Real McCoy says:

    Wow…Macdaddy, I couldn’t have said it any better myself (though I may disagree with the few core values statement). The underlying issue here is the deception on Sasse’s part when first asked about his involvement with Leavitt Partners – what reason did he have to lie? Just tell the truth and let it be the end of it…big misstep on his part.

  16. Drew to 16 , 17 and 18 says:

    Go listing to the Tom Becka interview. He never worked for Leavit but did supposedly speak at panel.
    This has all been hashed out. I think absurd to bring it up because Gov Heineman did not commit on exchanges until over 2 years later, Nov 15, 2012

  17. To Drew says:

    You’re trying to hard buddy. I listened the Becka interview and he sounded like a baby. It’s perfectly fair to look at someone’s record. Did he have a gun to his head when he called Medicare Part D a “policymaker’s dream”? Was he drugged and forced to write that there’s an “emerging consensus” that individual mandate might be a good idea? And where do you think the TARP stuff against Osborn came from? Honestly, I don’t really care about the Leavitt stuff that much. Ditto the TARP stuff. So his firm helped sell back shares of GM to the public. Would you rather have had the government continue to own GM? Sasse’s campaign has been peddling stuff on Osborn’s divorce. Now that’s personal. Looking at someone’s public record is not personal.

  18. Ben Sasse is the biggest says:

    fraud I have seen come through Nebraska in some time. For him to then go and pass around Osborn’s Divorce records in D.C. is offensive and shows how little respect he has for not only his fellow Republican candidates, but the voters in general.

  19. To the commentor above says:

    Ben Sasse is desperate. He got caught lying on Obamacare and Immigration. He calls himself an “Outsider” when he worked in DC for years. The guy is a fraud

  20. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, very well stated, particularly the “I’m seeing a pattern of behavior here”. I just don’t have a good, solid feeling of confidence in the guy or in what he says and it’s just getting worse for me.

    And Drew @ 1:02 AM, it’s just too bad that somebody didn’t at least try to warn us that $he wasn’t a real conservative!

  21. eggs Sasse perated says:

    Macdaddy and IO are spot on.

    I spoke with Sasse at one of his ObamaCare meetings. I got the feeling he’d do or say anything for another vote. Ben’s about as genuine as a three dollar bill. He might be smart and he might be ambitious, but I don’t think he has any values he wouldn’t compromise for the right price.

  22. Drew to 20, 21, 22,23, 24 and MacDaddy says:

    20, first off, if you actually READ the CONTEXT of what he was referring to, you would understand what Sasse was talking about. The same thing is true about him spelling out the political realities of the time those articles were written.
    20, 21, the Osborn divorce is NOT coming from Sasse campaign but one guy who said Osborn needs to explain why he returned to politics after exiting it.

    22, Sasse has spent the vast majority of his career working in the private sector.

    The Leavitt attack is humorous because the Leavitt Partners are in SALT LAKE CITY. Every seems to be accusing them of implementing Obamacare but the organization does dozens of things related to health care. No one could be implementing Obamacare in 2010 for one simple fact. It had just passed the Congress in March of same year. In 2011, when Nebraska had hired professionals determining if Nebraska should form an exchange, people asked many questions of the professionals. The majority of their answers were like this:

    — I don’t know
    — Sebelius has not told us and has not provided information.
    — The Obama Administration has not provided any details.
    — Governor Dave Heineman has not made any decisions on exchanges.

    And one other point, do you realize when you are dealing with a consultant for as little as an hour, regardless if you pay them or not, you have to give them credit for what consultation they provided or risk being sued?
    But the whole allegation is absurd. Sasse was already on board at Midlands in 2010. Seems to me Sasse is just getting more free publicity from people who cannot sell their own candidate.

  23. Ricky says:

    On the Sasse interview on that radio show I don’t listen to Sasse said Fremont had to act because the Federal government won’t on immigration. Does that mean he voted for the housing ordinance?
    And if so then how does that square with his position at Midland College, the Lutheran schools who’s values seem to go against such discrimination?
    Because I contend Mr Sasse should either be a college president OR a candidate for U S Senate but not both.
    Also I met Sasse at the parade in downtown Omaha today and he had his son in a backpack with his head sticking up like Sasse had two heads.
    The kid is not old enough to remember but in the future I wonder if people will remind him of the year daddy used him as a political prop.

    Ricky From Omaha

  24. Jason Dannely Tipoff says:

    Remember the Athletic Director from Midland that Ben Sasse hired that propositioned at least 2 students for quid pro quo sexual acts for job placements, recommendations, etc. Remember how he told one student if she told anyone they’d “find her floating face down in the Loup River?”

    Here’s my question, when Ben Sasse and the Midland College administration first found out about it why didn’t they go immediately to the police? They conducted their own investigattion, tipped Dannely off by interviewing him and discussing the allegations with him. About 40 hours later he was arrested. How much evidence could have Jason Dannely destroyed within 40 hours? How long had this been going on for? What makes Ben Sasse and the Midland admininstration think they’re qualified to conduct a criminal investiagation?

  25. Embarrassed Midland Alum says:

    to JD Tipoff @ 6:02

    You have to think that it was in Sasse’s best interest for Dannelly to find out about the impending law enforcement intervention at Midland, all the evidence Dannelly would have had time to destroy would have hurt Sasse’s political future. His associations with Sasse will get him off scott-free even though he threatened to murder a woman.

  26. Drew to all attacking Sasse says:

    Ok, so evidently there is nothing positive to say about the other candidates because all you do is attack Sasse. This seems to be a perfect case of identity politics. You don’t hate Sasse for his stance on his issues. You hate him because he has done more with his life than you have. You suffer from a bad case of envy and jealousy. Why should I bother with the facts when your emotions force you to tear Sasse down, because you can’t build yourself or anyone else up?

    There is no point of pushing logic in to this debate. You attack because that is all you can do.

  27. eggs Sasse perated says:

    To Drew,

    It looks to me like you’re doing the attacking. Macdaddy, I. O. and I all just expressed our opinions of Sasse based on what we’ve seen of him. None of us endorsed any other candidate. It looks like you’re having a major melt down because some of us who are watching this race closely aren’t very impressed with your boy. I thought this blog was for expressing opinions on Nebraska politics. You seem to think it’s about attacking others for their opinions if they don’t agree with your own.

    It’s obvious that Sasse is having a bit of a problem with some of us who are watching closely. He comes across as real slick, but not very genuine. You’re not doing much for his team if your best response is to accuse anyone who doesn’t buy the sales pitch of going negitive on poor Ben. You’d be wise to find a couple of cases where you can promote your candidate as the real deal.

  28. Regency says:

    If Ricketts would not have said something about the piece, would McCoy be getting this much attention? Nah… None of us had any clue what they were talking about. Good for McCoy, though.

  29. Amazed says:

    @27, haven’t you heard, Sasse is real smart? Just ask him or his staff. That makes him qualified to do everything, including police investigations and be a Senator.

  30. Anonymous says:

    After the primary you will all forgive the sins of and cuddle up with whomever wins the GOP spot on the ballot as if he were a warm puppy.

  31. spike says:

    Time for GOPER Nebraskan Pol Forum to get it’s head out of the sand or their asses & weight in on the US Coup in Ukraine?? Might be something worth hearing but I doubt it!!

  32. Macdaddy says:

    I don’t know where the comment I made later yesterday went, but it was that I have been really hard on Sasse, but I don’t think any of the candidates have made the case for themselves. What I want to know from the candidates is what have you done to reassure me that you are pro-life, pro-capitalism, pro-American sovereignty, anti-government spending, and anti-cronyism. What have you done that reassures me that you will uphold your oath of office to defend the Constitution as a deader-than-a-doornail document that the government should abide by under all circumstances? What have you done that lets me know when the slick K street folks come by with their $2000 suits and their $2000 dinners, you won’t stab me in the back? Are you going to be a McConnell or a Cruz? Actions speak louder than words. Where are your actions?

  33. Macdaddy says:

    #33, I might not vote for any of them in the Fall. It all depends on whether or not the Republicans are planning on selling America out on immigration after the election.

  34. Drew to 29 and Macdaddy says:

    I have no problem with legitimate criticisms or questions but some of the anons on this board throwing out liar and hypocrite is absurd.

    By the way, MacDaddy, to your earlier question. There are so many aspects to Obamacare, everyone can at least find one or two things they like about it but like a broken clock which is right twice a day, it is still a disaster.

    Whether or not state exchanges should be created was hotly debated in 2011. Mike Leavitt hates Obamacare but thinks the exchanges are OK and has taken a lot of heat for it. That is why connections to him are considered toxic and why Osborn has tried to tar Sasse over such connections.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, I don’t have a problem with Sasse working for Leavitt, but why lie about it? If I was interviewing somebody and they explained their resume as X and I later found out it was really Y, I would fire him. For lying. If your resume is Y, and you aren’t real proud of that, then say so and explain it. It’s like the USAToday column extolling the virtues of Medicare Part D. That was an entirely defensible column but when Stossel asks him a pointed question, he tells Stossel what he wants to hear and tries to tell us he’s really against Medicare Part D. WTH?

  36. NebraskANN says:

    To Embarrassed Midland Alum — Dannelly has pleaded guilty to reduced charges and sentencing is scheduled for April 7. At a school that is the size of most high schools these days, there are very few degrees of separation between the president and an AD so, yes, Sasse is to blame for not properly vetting Dannelly. (Dannelly’s background was in broadcasting. How does that qualify him for an AD job, anyway?)

    Looks to me that Midland/Sasse’s plan for reviving Midland on the cheap bit him in the fanny. I’m predicting that Sasse will be out of Nebraska within three months if he loses, but if he stays and goes back to Midland — he’s on operational leave now– maybe he’ll have learned the lesson that doing things the right way always turns out better than doing things the cheap way.

  37. Drew to Macdaddy at 39 says:

    MacDaddy, Sasse is not lying and he did not work for Leavitt. He was part of a speaking event helping his friend Leavitt who had just started up a consulting company and wanted to speak on health care issues. However, this neglects the point of the attack. It is really an attack on Leavitt because he opposed Obamacare and actually gave money to the Sasse campaign. The only reason the attack gains any traction is because Leavitt supports the idea of health care exchanges which is now broadly rejected by conservatives and the Tea Party base.

  38. Macdaddy says:

    Sorry in advance Sweeper, but this is to make my point:

    From the article:
    David Acheson, who in 2010 was listed as a Leavitt Partners managing director, left the company in October to start his own food-safety consulting firm. He said the dozen people listed on the slide comprised the company’s top officials, though not all of them were full-time employees.
    “That’s basically the senior leadership at Leavitt Partners,” Acheson said. “I don’t know that there was anybody on there volunteering their time.”
    Dennis G. Smith, who in 2010 was identified as a managing director and is now at the McKenna Long law firm, said he was on a Leavitt health care panel with Sasse in April 2010.
    “When I was at Leavitt Partners, Ben was like a strategic adviser,” Smith said. “I was there on a full-time basis, and Ben was there more on a part-time basis as an adviser.”

    Senior leadership, part-time strategic advisor. I think that’s a little more than speaking on some panel. How long before the W-2s show up?

  39. To Macdadd at 44 says:

    “I don’t know that there was anybody on there volunteering their time.”

    The guy even said he didn’t know if Sasse was or wasn’t… totally guts your own argument here.

  40. Drew to Macdaddy at 44 asl to 43 says:

    I think people are getting hooked on the word “senior adviser” which is a catch all term to describe someone who helps but only marginally. Leavitt Partners stated they listed him as such to distinguish him on the panel he spoke on. Personally, I think Leavitt was trying to get Sasse to take a job but he refused.

    To 43, I think many people are making too much of the immigration issue in Fremont. Everyone wants the law enforced but the City Council tried to get around it. That is why the voted ended the way it did. However, those who want practical and effect solutions to illegal immigration are the ones who are getting screwed. There nothing a University president can do on such issues.

    Here is one way to view it. Go to your local mall. Does it have a sign “no illegal immigrants allowed”? Well if it does not have such sign, is it promoting illegal immigration by not having such sign? Of course not but as as such argument is put out there to post such signs, anyone who says differently is accused of being pro-illegal immigration.

  41. The Fraud known as Ben Sasse says:

    Ben now is getting caught in his lies. His 3 central campaign messages concerning Immigration, being an “outsider”, and being against Obamacare are now crumbling apart.

  42. Interested Observer says:

    There have been so many seeds of doubt about Sasse planted that it really does make one look to Bart McLeay as the far more reasoned, rational and experienced communicator in the list of candidates, much in the same way that President Ronald Reagan was so often called “The Great Communicator”.

  43. Earth to Drew says:


    Your statement;

    ““senior adviser” which is a catch all term to describe someone who helps but only marginally.” is just nutty.

    So before Sasse was misleading the public on his involvement with Leavitt he was just trying to pad his resume?

    Would you also contend that the get away driver in a bank robbery was just a simple chauffeur who was being judged too harshly?


  44. Macdaddy says:

    I’m tired of talking about this. I’ve crossed Sasse off my list of who I will vote for in the primary. I may or may not vote for him in the general if he makes it there. That will all depend on whether or not there are other hidden gems in his resume and how he handles their revelation. He needs to take responsibility for himself. So far it has been just one miscommunication after another. Always somebody else’s doing. And to all the rest of you politicians, if you think I’m cranky, you ought to meet my brothers. Support for the GOP right now is Platte deep.

  45. morebastards says:

    If you don’t want to vote for an outlier, your choice is a blunt Osborn or an oily Sasse.

    My advice is, send a real rotten SOB there to out-SOB the other SOB’s else we Huskers get screwed.

    Back when Senators were picked by your state legislators, you didn’t have guys like McConnell and Reid fishing among voters for whichever candidate they find most malleable. Senators were politically brilliant back then and scary effective. Today we have a Senate composed of whichever PR wanker best panders to voters’ idiotic beliefs that the Senate is something other than a competition for the life’s blood of your own state.

    The U. S. Senate is 100 animals and the only choice is be predator or be prey. We Nebraskans are the cubs of our two Senators, one of which is Fischer. Think she’s a predator there? Yea, we wish.

    Give Fischer a real oily bastard of a slick politician to help her help us. And pray he’s crafty, disingenuous and brilliantly so, because both Reid and McConnell will try to use him like a bitch.


    I don’t know who I’ll support in the governors race, but I’m just glad State Sen. Bobby Krist of Omaha isn’t running. I’m watching the Legislature today here in the lobby and sit in wonderment of Krist’s arrogance and ability to annoy, from his new “hip” haircut to his condescending tone and narcissism. He’s 60 and still trying to figure out who he is … a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, a pilot, a lawyer, a public defendant, a senator, a wanna-be speaker of the legislature, etc., etc. …

  47. Hesdeadjim says:

    I called Krist’s office today to make sure he opposes today’s vote on medicaid expansion and they told me in no uncertain terms that he would vote against it.

  48. Dead People to Streetsweeper says:

    Streetsweeper, the problem with this board is clear. it is next to impossible to determine how many peop;le are actually posting to the board or how many people are part of the discussion. These types of postings are absurd. There is no way to determine if there is only 5 people posting or 20 people are posting and wh the real people are.

  49. And Yet says:

    Dead People to Streetsweeper joins in the absurd posting by posting anonymously. There are many, many people reading and posting here, and I would bet most of them are banging their head on the wall at the idiocy of your post. The problem with this board is Dead People. Instead of posting here, why not go vote—lots of Dead People do.

  50. To Hesdeadjim says:

    Then Senator Krist’s office lied. He advocated and used Legislative rules to pass last year’s Medicaid Expansion debate. He will squawk about being a conservative, but he will actively work to pass this year’s bill.

    Call his office if you do not believe me…

  51. A legislature of RINOs says:

    Oh Krist for it. As is Gloor and Campbell. All “Republicans”. Why is the GOP party so horrilbe at finding real Republicans instead of RINOs to run for the legislature? Does the GOP realize they are now outnumbered in the legislature?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Krist isn’t the only RINO initially appointed by the Governor. How about some proper vetting of these people for starters? Clearly didn’t happen or they out and out lied.

  53. The Reason says:

    The reason Gloor and Campbell are for it is that both of them are firmly attached to the rear end of the Nebraska Hospital Association—and whatever the Hospital Association wants, these two, plus Galen Hadley will bend over backward to make sure they get what they want. All 3 have very close ties with hospitals—you know—“non-profit” hospitals who always have their hands out to the workers of Nebraska who actually pay taxes.

  54. The Powers that be says:

    Don’t you all realize that having Democrats run as Republicans is the genius strategy of the NDP Chair, Vince Powers? There is no way anyone with a “D” behind their name will ever again be elected in this state, so they just run their leftist candidates as Republicans. The GOP electorate only cares about unborn babies, and their collection of assault rifles, so they only look for an “R” after the name and mindlessly put their X next to it. Whoever has the fortune of having their name listed first on the ballot in the primary will be the winner. You can’t expect those folks to waste any time reading the entire list do you?

  55. Anonymous says:

    Bruning in his latest letter writes, “I don’t think of myself as a career politician, but as a public servant. I am a lot more comfortable when I’m at a local coffee shop discussing issues important to voters. “

    He thinks he “serves” you via his power to incarcerate you, for which you pay him $95K a year so he can ignore his AG duties and instead campaign to further empower himself. Of course, that sort of doubletalk is not particularly new for any career politician. Yet Bruning goes out of his way to volunteer that he isn’t a “career politician”. How blatant can a lie be?

    Bruning graduated in 94, worked in 95, and ran for Unicameral in 96. He has not been out of office since. His entire adult life is as a career politician. And if there is anything worse than self-serving lying career politician; it is those whom we pay to lie to us. After all, most of Bruning’s races were run on every NE taxpayer’s time and dime.

    Bruning ran in 1996, 2000 and 2002. After that, all Nebraskans paid him $95,000 per year to ignore his AG duties as he ran to re-empower himself in 2006 and 2010; with US Senate attempts in 2008 (withdrew) and another in 2012 (lost). Now he runs for Governor.

    All that time and energy he spent over coffee talking to voters, which he says makes him “more comfortable” are hours, weeks, months and years during which Bruning did not do his job as AG.

    Bruning brags about his efforts as Attorney General to defeat Obamacare and bring the pipeline to Nebraska. Those are critical needs. They are squarely in the AG’s lap. And he failed on both. But he wants to keep on getting paid to try. His idea of trying is him trying his next campaign on our dime.

  56. Vokal's MECA gambit says:

    How do you like them apples? The Metropolitan and Convention Authority’s Jim Vokal, appointed by the Omaha City Council and due to come off the board this May, declared himself eligible for two more years.
    Wow these people think they are BO Pelini and can get away with anything.
    Mayor Stothert was going to appoint the next MECA board member, but the board decided they would give themselves one seven year term.
    Mean Jean is not happy. I’d say don’t make the mayor unhappy, but MECA has proven they can not be messed with. However this does not sound like it will pass legal muster.
    Now I am not the only one that thinks MECA should be dissolved and the responsibilities given to the city.

    Ricky From Omaha

  57. A legislature of RINOs says:

    Krist is up there speaking out of both sides of his mouth. So, if any of his constituents are reading this, he is saying that he “may” not vote for it but he is supporting it on the floor. RINO

  58. Anonymous says:

    Anon:#68: You act as if Bruning is the only sitting elected official trying to run for another office. I count several others about whom the same argument could be made, including people running for the same office that Bruning is running for.

  59. Royalty says:

    Who does Jim Vokal think he is? The only unelected person I know who clings to power is the Queen of England. Jim needs to remember he is a public servant and not a Queen.

  60. Omaha Voter says:

    Jim Vokal should resign. He looked real arrogant on the news tonight. How does one unilaterally extend their term of office?

  61. Interested Observer says:

    Joe Biden calls Putin’s annexation of Crimea, “nothing more than a land grab.” I wonder if our Junior $enator agrees?

    Or would she claim that it’s just a common border dispute between neighboring ranchers?

    Maybe Putin just wanted to know where to build a new fence?

  62. Fence Builders says:

    IO, maybe you and Deb, who you call “our Junior $enator”, could lead a delegation to go to Crimea and build some fences. That would probably work better that what Obama and Kerry have been able to accomplish.

  63. Danielle says:

    Strangely enough Ricky, I have agreed with you from day one about this MECA mess. They think they are above all, can do what they want, extend their own terms, don’t have to make public their meetings etc. I want to see it either disbanded as Ricky said, or made a publicly elected body accountable to the taxpayers of Omaha.

  64. Ricky says:

    The Omaha City Council can put a repeal of MECA on the ballot for a vote of the citizens. Or, by referendum, recalling MECA’s charter can be put on the ballot by enough signatures on petitions.
    This move by Vokal seems to be not well-thought out. If I were MECA I would not make Mean Jean mad.

    Ricky From Omaha

  65. Ricky says:

    The richest and most powerful people in the city are behind MECA. That is what gives them license to act as they do; changing the terms of their board membership and acting like royalty.
    The Omaha City Council would never be brave enough to stand up to MECA with a vote like that, and even if the people got enough signatures on the ballot for a vote, Ken Stinson and other powerful people like that would probably put a lot of money into defeating such measure.
    MECA does a good job managing the peoples buildings, but they coast on sold out Bluejay basketball games and the College World Series.
    I have always said there position on T D Ameritrade Park and North Downtown is hurting that area and the city. But MECA does not care as long as they please the NCAA and CWS inc.


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