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The new spot from Shane Osborn for Senate.
See it here:

This is an interesting ad, mainly for one reason (to us anyway): This is the first time we had heard or gotten a visual of how the ChiComs held and questioned Osborn. As near as we can remember, few details had been shared about this.

So the wooden boxer’s corner stool (or is that a Chinese bar stool?) sheds a little light on how this happened.

Otherwise, did you know Shane Osborn had been held by the Chinese?….


Governor candidate Mike Foley has a 15 second spot out.
See it here:

We have little to complain about this spot, except maybe for the excessive blinking at the beginning (which could be more and more distracting on the 9th viewing).

Short, talking to the camera.


As you may have seen, ALL the GOP candidates for Governor and Senate were endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life.

We had an avalanche in our in-boxes as each was letting us know that they’d been endorsed. We eventually read the NRtL email to understand the pan-endorsement.

So…uh…there you go.


AG candidate Mike Hilgers is wasting no time in putting up a new spot.
See his latest 30 second YouTuber here:

Nice quick summary of how the AG can take on…ObamaCare!


Interesting move there, MECA.


  1. Great Movie Trailer! says:

    Great movie trailer! I did not know Osborn was a movie star. When is the movie coming out? Where is the popcorn? Looks like a great action packed film.

    What? You are say this is a political commercial? Really?
    What is his position on TARP?
    What is his position on Medicare reform?
    What are his thoughts on the Federal Reserve?

  2. NE Voter says:

    “in a world in which Shane Osborn showed cowardice by disobeying standing orders to ditch his disabled aircraft in the ocean rather than have it and its crew fall into enemy hands . . .”

  3. @ne voter says:

    Osborn had orders he couldn’t ditch. That would have caused even further escalation in the area. If he did it wrong, we’d know about it.

  4. Mo Mentum says:

    In our best Hollywood dreams, we may think we’d have crashed Osborn’s aircraft were we flying it. But since Osborn got the DFC, apparently America’s leaders thought he did the right thing.

    Today what is important is what most GOP voters think. Specifically those least attentive who are still undecided and there are many. They will decide this election.

    Up to now, it has seemed to be a smart disingenuous Sasse vs a dumb sincere Osborn; dumb because Osborn’s former ads were comically inept. We might compare them to Ricketts’ first homely ads. Nothing worth ridiculing. Ads that make opponents relax. And that ought to give us pause because none of these people are stupid and creating momentum is everything. They need to start out low in order to ramp up high. And none started lower than Osborn’s initial bad ads.

    This new Osborn ad has weight. We know that by how it quickly brought out fangs in this blog. Nothing more solidly proves the efficacy of a political ad than measuring the noise that rises to ridicule it. It doesn’t matter what the noise is because as long as an ad’s punch is painless, the ad is ignored and silence reigns.

    We have a lot of candidates this year. The average deciding voter still cannot tell a McLeay from a McCoy. Even the most avid pundits grudgingly admit they all are similar in position. Thus these races will be decided by the most inattentive who make up their minds by what they feel. And this new Osborn ad makes them feel the weight of a very hard even bitter truth.

    Who here can deny that most Americans who run for public office have never risked anything for the USA before they demand the power to lead it That truth is inescapable. But even truth can wear thin over time and no candidate’s veterancy can outweigh a candidate being dumb. Osborn’s latest ad is anything but dumb. Osborn may have released it a bit early. Then again, his first ads were so bad he has room to ramp up. He’s ramping up. And the bared fangs seem to prove it.

  5. NE Voter says:

    Then why did Shane’s Navy career end after the incident? It was nice of Sen. Hagel to take him aboard as a staffer after that, though.

  6. NE Voter says:

    Has Shane released his discharge paperwork? Was his retirement planned? When did he announce it to his superiors? I can’t vote for or against any of the GOP candidates but I am astounded that no one is asking relevant questions about almost all of the candidates.

  7. NebraskANN says:

    Is it just me, or is it difficult to think of the Chinese as really bad-a$$ commies when half the stuff in your house is labeled “Made In China?” Aren’t they are more bad commies than bad-a$$ commies? Neither Osborn nor Sasse is the perfect candidate. Sasse has only lived in Nebraska for about three years and he is very extreme in some of his positions. (Quit hurling insults. You know that most Nebraskans don’t want to lose their Social Security or Medicare. And Sasse would plow under the farm program in a second. You may think that’s OK, but a lot of Nebraskans don’t.)

    Sometimes I think this is the year that the extreme kills the Republican in November. I don’t know much about Dave Domina, but he’s very organized for this point in the campaign. he doesn’t have the baggage of Bob Kerrey and he’s also at least as smart as Sasse. (I know I’m not the only one who’s tired of hearing Sasse brag about how smart he is. It’s not only so 8th grade, it’s 8th grade momma’s boy stuff.) .

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ann, since you don’t know much about Dave Domina, let me introduce him. Almost no one who knows him likes him. That includes Democrats and Republicans alike. When he lost his Democrat primary bid for Governor in 1986, he pulled the ultimate sour grapes move by endorsing the Republican candidate in the general election. He’s done nothing to win friends since. Unless he sued someone for you.

  9. To NE voter says:

    Shane signed on for another stint after China and flew in the initial combat missions after 9/11. It’s bad enough the Sasse people distort Ben’s resume and history, now they are doing it to Shane?

  10. Stothert's MECA board appointee is... says:

    Hold the phone! This just in; The Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority has decided to deny Omaha’s Mayor her choice for the board by proclaiming themselves on the board for 7 years not 5. Jim Vokal’s five year term was set to expire in May of this year.
    How did this happen you ask well …. because MECA said so, and MECA lawyer (where did he go to law school?) Freeman declared it legal despite the agreement between the city and MECA.
    (Wonder why Freeman thinks expanding the board beyond five members requires Omaha City Council approval but expanding the number of years one can serve on the board does not? But, nevermind).
    The OWH’s Erin Golden reported that changing the number of years board members serve was not on the agenda for yesterday’s meeting, which makes you wonder if Dana (Woody) Bradford, Jay Noddle and Jim Vokal violated Nebraska’s open meeting law by getting together in secret to plot their strategy.
    Wouldn’t surprise me; MECA is accountable to nobody.

    Ricky From Omaha

  11. Ricky says:

    The latest news is that Omaha’s city attorney is threatening to terminate the contract with MECA unless they back off their we have 7 years not 5 proclamation.
    I could have told MECA not to mess with this Mayor.
    As much as I would like to see the end of MECA and a pro baseball team playing at T D Ameritrade park after the CWS, I am guessing MECA will backtrack ASAP.
    Lawyer John Freeman went to Westside High, but maybe somebody should file an ethics complaint against him for ignoring the law to please his MECA masters.


  12. TexasAnnie says:

    “ALL the GPO (sic) candidates for Governor and Senate were endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life.”

    And so was Ben Nelson.

  13. Anonymous says:

    If being held prisoner after screwing up is sufficient criteria for election to high office, then we’ve got a place in Lincoln that is full of potential candidates. It is the place that Jon Bruning should be – the Nebraska State Penitentiary.

  14. Drew says:

    Well, that did not take long. Instead of commenting about how “great” Osborn is, people immediately start questioning his how military record. Are the Chinese threatening? Why did he not ditch his plane in the sea? Did he simply get a medal for somebody else screwing up?

    This is precisely what is wrong with the ad. We know next to nothing about Osborn but his ability to get caught by Chinese people.

    Why would you pay money to the Osborn campaign? To have him become a spectacle?

    This is why smarter donors donate through third parties like Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund.. Oh but sorry. Osborn did not get their endorsement. Gees, I wonder why……not really but…………..

  15. Drew to 23 says:

    Which resulted in Bruning losing? Did you know Osborn took much advice from Bruning which pretty much means Osborn is going to lose also?

    Unfortunately, I know far more about this race than I can disclose to the public let alone on this board. It will have to wait till the primaries are over.

  16. Drew to NebraskANN says:

    NebraskANN, you do realize however, the entitlement programs is what doing the USA in, right?

    Right now, we can eliminate all US military expenditures and the Federal Government would still be running a deficit.

  17. Whilst all you Easties are getting sweaty Shane-ifying and Sass-icating, a grizzled Afghan vet is sneaking up on Adrian out here in the Third. Tom Brewer is rapidly proving himself to be a VERY formidable candidate. He doesn’t have much money, but he has a TON of presence, ability and experience, and he can connect with folks better than anyone I’ve seen in the last couple of decades. Wouldn’t surprise me to very soon see the Club For Growth have to dump a load of cash on Adrian for TV spots, etc., and even then it’s not at all clear that he will be safe.

    I know its fun swooning and scrapping over Shane, Ben and Jon, et al, … but don’t ignore what is developing into maybe the best show around out here in 3CD.

  18. Effective and Accountable says:

    Mike Foley will be effective and accountable as the next Governor of Nebraska. He may not be the most exciting candidate on tv, but there isn’t a bad word to be said about him.

  19. Des Moines school superintendent's racy emails says:

    Good job by Nancy Sebring to continue with her lawsuit.
    I can’t remember but there must be some way we can tie this lawsuit and the botching of the Omaha Public School board’s hiring of her to Justin Wayne and Senator Lautenback and David Kramer. And that guy on the radio that loves rightys like these guys.
    At the very least we can look forward to a subpoena for editors of the local daily and OPS officials and lets go fishing and see if we can tie this leaking of her emails to the way the OPS board was undermined and forced to run another election.

    ricky from omaha

  20. Swooning and Scrapping says:

    Ed, that “that Tom Brewer is rapidly proving himself” is a figment of your imagination. As a fellow resident of Kearney, I have always thought folks who live in Kearney had more sense that to put out mystical and unbelievable nonsense as you just did. Perhaps you had too much coffee this morning, or maybe the Sandhill Cranes have cast a spell on you.

  21. badword says:

    Mike Foley came from New York where he worked summers for a Democratic anti-war Congressman who was indicted for lying to the feds about money. Foley attended college outside Nebraska and spent nearly two decades working in Washington DC., and not for the RNC. He worked for OPPD. And his wife is from here. That’s all we know. The rest is blank.

    When Foley ran as a Republican against the nutsy Witek-gone-Democrat, we would have voted for Foley if he had been dead. But now Foley wants to be Nebraska’s Governor and that means we need make sure no skeletons jump out later on. Somewhere between Foley working for Democrats and him now not liking homosexuals, he has gotten himself Republicanified. What’s that story?

    Foley’s switcheroo isn’t unique. Jon Bruning is another GOP official also is running for governor and who also used to be a Democrat. Bruning was a grown man when he publically expressed his strong Liberal views on affirmative action, gay rights and pro-choice. Today Bruning is a solid Republican like Foley. So we are told.

    Of course, there are some candidates who have never embraced or even been infatuated with the Liberal views of Democrats. They are and always were Republicans. They didn’t have to work hard at trying figure that out.

    Politicians benefits from the back-and-forth experience of switching parties, like one benefits from having been a hooker. They have been around.

  22. #31 (and all other anonymous/pseudononymous wussies) – If you want to debate me, put your name on your opinion – otherwise be quiet and let the adults talk.

    As I’ve said many times – if you won’t put your name on your opinion then neither are worth much.

  23. easy on Witek.... says:

    her votes we solid, but she got left out of the old boys club an turned on us. I don’t exactly blame her.

  24. Swooning and Scrapping says:

    It’s even worse if you do put your name on an opinion that’s not worth much. But I digress. Tom Brewer had to move to the 3rd district from his home in the 1st district–if indeed he really did move–so he could say he is a resident of the 3rd district. The 1st district already has a representative in the House of Representatives, so why should they have 2? As a resident of the 3rd district, you know full well how the voters in the 3rd detest interlopers and carpetbaggers. Remember Scott Kleeb and what happened to him? Brewer seems to be walking down that same road, and you seem to be right at his side.

  25. actually... says:

    representing a congressional district does necessitate having permanent residence in that district. Look it up. I could represent Iowa’s fourth just as easily as I could Nebraska’s 2nd.

  26. Churchill says:

    To badword, Many people change parties over there life. As Winston Churchill once said, “If you are not a communist by age 20 you have no heart, if you are not a conservative by age 40 you have no brain”

  27. To Swooning and Scrapping says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You seem to forget about Congressman Tom Osborne. Remember him? The guy who lived in Lincoln and ran for Congress pretending a fishing cabin on a lake out here was his home. I’ve seen a strong under current of support for Brewer myself. I don’t give him much of a chance and I’ve never seen him, but he seems to have a lot going for him. Brewer is from Sheridan County. He’s always had close ties there. I don’t think there are too many people who are going to hold it against him that he moved to CD1 so he could serve in a leadership position in the National Guard.

  28. Heard Ben Sasse on Beck says:

    this morning. He completely forgot to include his years in D.C. when Beck asked him about his background. I’ve never seen someone so ashamed of their career.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Churchill was speaking about those who simply change political parties. That applies to Foley. It applies to Johanns. However, they didn’t publish a manifesto of how much they personally hate Conservatives and Republicans. Bruning did that. And he wasn’t a teenager when he published it.

    Bruning wrote…

    “I would love to persuade you that trickle-down economics was a farce or that Ronald Reagan was incapable of understanding complex policy arguments.”

    “I think a woman should have a right to choose…

    “I believe in gun control. I think the National Rifle Association is wrong… ”

    “I believe in helping those less fortunate… Conservatives may believe the poor are born poor because they want to be, otherwise they’d be rich…”

    “I believe homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else. They ought to be able to be Boy Scout leaders… “

    “I believe in affirmative action. If a woman or a black person takes the place of a white male in a law school entering class, we’re all better off…” But of course, Jon Bruning didn’t give up his own white male seat to a woman or a black.

    Bruning raped everything Republicans love and respect and yet today he tells Republicans, “elect me”.

    To swallow his epiphany is to risk eventually being his political cuckold. But go right ahead and enjoy the conversion of Saint Jon. Some of us are more skeptical and will take a pass.

  30. From The Bleachers says:

    Late pile on but…..

    Ricky, your arguments may hold more water if you had your facts in line:

    1) Dana Bradford on MECA is not Woody Bradford. Woody is Dana’s father.
    2) Meca’s attorney is not John Freeman, but Robert (Bob) Freeman.


    Fact Checker

  31. To Anonymous at 6:46 says:

    Everybody knows Jon was a democrat when he attended UNL. He like many others (Ronald Reagan comes to mind) changed his affiliation 20 years ago. What troubles me if a candidate supported extreme liberal positions as recently as 2006. Supporting Amnesty for illegals comes to mind. Is there a candidate that ran in 2006 that was pro-amnesty that is now running for governor????

  32. RIP MECA says:

    I stand corrected #42. Dana Bradford is the guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth son of Woody on the MECA board.
    And it’s Robert Freeman the guy with questionable legal judgement for MECA not John. John is Roberts brother and was another WHS guy.
    I could have told MECA not to mess with this Omaha Mayor. But since they kicked around Fahey and Suttle they thought they could kick Stothert around too. Mistake!
    But I wonder what Mr Hal Daub thinks about this current dust-up. Isn’t Mean Jean his protege? And wasn’t he the guy that thought up MECA in the first place? Or, probably it was Ken Stinson and Walter Scott or whomever DonorsTrust was that gave the private money in exchange for the private MECA to run the facilities instead of the unwashed public sector.
    But Mr Daub was Mayor when the Qwest Center was built. I asked him one time if he picked David Sokol as the first MECA chief or did Sokol pick himself?
    Daub said he picked Sokol because of his expertise in building things like power plants for Mid America Energy.
    So I suspect Mr Daub is on the hot line between the mayors office and Mr Lund of MECA and this thing will be resolved without Omaha kicking MECA to the curb unfortunately.
    And Mean Jean will get her pick to replace baldy in May.

    Ricky From Omaha

  33. To Bruning acolyte at #43 says:

    Nice try. Ronald Reagan published nothing like Bruning’s hate-fest that called Reagan an idiot.

    On any particular issue, you yourself are right of and you are left of various others in your own party. That is not a manifesto of your or of their core beliefs.

    This isn’t about switching parties. Some switch. This is about Bruning publishing in great detail his sincerest belief that you as a Republican are an idiot.

    Since you are here trying to explain why that’s okay, at least in your case, he was right.

    The man said exactly what he believed. Then he discovered that if he remained a Liberal Democrat in Nebraska he’d at best end up marginalized beyond real power. He was too Liberal to be a Ben Nelson in a GOP state. So he dropped his core beliefs and slipped on a new pair. And now he has you here defending him having called you an idiot for your beliefs. In political terms, he screwed you so hard that you fell in love with him. That’s slick on his part but creepy for you.

  34. Reminds Me Of Bruning says:

    There was a politician who said “I stand on my principles. And if you don’t like those, I have others”.

  35. Billionaire Pete says:


    DeeDee, my poll$ter and chief policy advi$or, ha$ me up big in a $traw poll.

    In other new$, DeeDee and her group are now holding monthly meeting$ in their box at Wrigley.

  36. Anonymous says:

    So the reason I should vote for Shane Osborn is that he held up under some mild questioning by the Chinese? Does he really believe I need someone to represent me in Washington whose primary quality is withstanding mild questioning?
    Hell, John McCain was beaten, bayonetted, tortured, and made to live in the most horrid conditions. He was fed garbage and made to lie in his own filth over five and a half years. Does Osborn expect me to believe he went through anything at all similar?
    I want to know what my representatives in Washington will do for me. This video only shows me that Shane Osborn wants us to believe he’s some kind of hero and automatically deserves our support in return.
    As for Colonel Brewer, that guy really went through the meat-grinder on our behalf. The problem with him is that he’s been through the meat-grinder and it has affected his ability to think clearly. I’ve heard him speak and he’s a scary dude. His answer to the problems in Washington seems to be an M24 and a big box of M118 Match Grade cartridges.
    I honor the service these guys gave us, but I’d trust them in Washington about as much as I trust my fourteen year old daughter with the keys to my Lexus.

  37. RWP says:

    Brewer’s mission in Afghanistan was drug interdiction, which if possible has been a bigger failure than the rest of the occupation. More Afghan poppy than ever. Previous to that in the NG he was doing domestic drug war stuff.

    Not exactly a record of success.

  38. Drew to 51 says:

    In all fairness, Shane Osborn is a great guy but his campaign manager sucks. The campaign could have been done differently. While being a vet is a plus, the campaign sucks at using it to its advantage. So what are they doing now? They are basically attacking the donors to other campaigns. I have no idea what they expect to get from such negative campaigning.

  39. Husker Coach Miles ejected because says:

    He is “passionate”.
    Anyway “the players love him”.
    Besides “playing in Texas the refs are against NU”
    And “Miles was just pointing out a scoring error”
    Of course “Osborne hired him so he must be right”.

    GO JAYS no excuses and no T’s by the head coach!

    Ricky From Omaha

  40. Anonymous says:

    All of these Republican comedians share the same punchlines. They’re going to go to Washington and STOP OBAMACARE! They will also be stopping tornadoes by blowing their foolish hot air against them.

  41. to: Bruning Acolyte and the like (aka Ricketts/former Hagel staffers/descendents of Orr) says:

    Mr. Bruning wrote that when he was in college. 25 years ago. What other of our Republican elected officials were also Democrats? Good, solid conservative Senator Johanns. People change. Their views evolve, particularly when they graduate college or they move through different life experiences. Not all of us can have our dad send us to an Ivy-League school and promote us to COO of a global company. Some of us learn through trial and error and the school of hard knocks. Your hit points are shallow. Used.

  42. Anon says:

    Bruning went from a fire-breathing liberal to the a staunch conservative in the span of two or three years when he decided he couldn’t hack it in the private sector and need a spot in the unicam.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Feel free to run around naked if you wish. Those you criticize for hiding behind a cloak of pseudonym and anonymity are at least wearing something.

    Yes, we know. Courage. Signing the Declaration of Independence was a death sentence for our founders. But had they signed instead some illogical unconvincing diatribe, would we still be discussing its value today?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Bruning went from a fire-breathing liberal to the a staunch conservative crook in the span of two or three years when he decided he couldn’t hack it in the private sector and need a spot in the unicam.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Less than three months ago, Liberal filmmaker, Michael Moore, said this of Obama-care.

    “OBAMA-CARE IS AWFUL… clueless planning, a lousy website, insurance companies raising rates, and the president telling people they could keep their coverage when, in fact, not all could.”

    Then Moore, ever the Progressive, blamed Mitt Romney. He progressed beyond blaming Bush.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Where’s Shane Osborn? After the articles in the Weird Harold questioning the accuracy of his autobiographical heroic tales, he’s probably hiding in the basement, licking his wounds.

  47. anonymous says:

    This conversation is silly. As long as a Republican is elected to the senate and governor, he’ll be loved and supported. It doesn’t matter which Republican is elected to any open spot. They’re interchangeable Legos.

    And Democrats? Hello, echo, echo, echo. The who? The what? The only role Democrats play in Nebraska is to say, with a bare modicum of honesty, that we have more than one political party here.

    On to 2016.

  48. Macdaddy says:

    Osborn should not have gotten his buddy to write a fake memo. That was a pretty bone-headed move and makes me question his judgement. He spent enough time in the Navy to know that there is no such thing as a shortcut and if somebody doesn’t sign the memo it isn’t really a memo. It doesn’t matter how much you want criticism to go away. What he should have done, a long time ago since it’s not like the issue hadn’t popped up years ago, is formally ask the Navy to issue a non-classified summary of the review board’s findings. Or done nothing and not ask somebody to put their career in danger. As for “handing” the plane over to the Chinese that is an idiotic line of criticism. “He should have ditched the plane,” says the man who never was faced with that situation.

    I’m still not voting for Sasse. Guess it’s down to novice politician and likely rent seeker Dinsdale, or MacLeay.

  49. Drew to Macddady at 68 says:

    MacDaddy, you hit the nail on the head. I think all that Monday morning quarterbacking is stupid but Osborn thought it was important to get that memo. Horrendous move.

    I really wish you would revisit Sasse. You seem stuck on the “senior adviser” thing without understanding how organizations throw around titles. (The whole Leavitt issue is really an attack on Mike Leavitt who opposes Obamacare but thinks state exchanges are ok)

    It reminds of the church which had someone listed as “senior sanitation specialist”. Sounds important right? Well, turns out all they did was make certain there was TP for the church bathroom. In addition, the person listed had moved away over a years ago. No one really pays any attention to such designations. They are nothing more than ego boosters given out to people you like.

  50. elephantsmemory says:

    I caution Republicans against hubris. It is never safe to count out an opponent or party in Nebraska. Today’s climate indeed favors GOP candidates. And Nebraska is widely considered a “Red” state. But it isn’t. It is an a nonpartisan unicameral, split-electoral-vote state that might be called populist.

    Nebraskans have historically alternated parties. Prior to Heineman, it was Johanns (R), Nelson (D), Orr (R), Kerrey (D), Thone (R), Exon (D), Tiemann (R), Morrison (D), Burney (R), Brooks (D), and Anderson (R); a very consistent back and forth.

    Senatorially, Sens. Hruska and Curtis set records for longevity; a stunning 56 years between the two. Starting with them, Hruska was followed by 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Curtis was followed by Exon (D), Hagel (R), and Johanns (R); a Democrat advantage if you conclude Hagel made a career of sabotaging Republicans.

    Today’s NE GOP candidates are NOT interchangeable. They must be properly vetted else we get a Democrat or another Hagel. This year’s GOP winners will probably win the general. But that makes it even more important to find out how they differ. After all, it was NE’s GOP voters who gave Nebraskans the choice of Hagel or Nelson, and we ended up with both of them, who in turn gave America Obamacare and a weakened national defense.

  51. Time for some Swift-boating says:

    Did you catch the OWH today (Sunday) for a front page story on whatever happened to Osborn’s ditched plane?
    Reminds me of when the rightys went after Kerry even after Kerry was a hero.
    I don’t really know what happened with Osborn and I don’t care but maybe these Repubs will drag each other through the mud and Mr Domina will win?
    Good happen right?

    ricky from omaha

  52. Drew to 72 and 71 says:

    Hey, do some diligence. Vets as candidates have to face some scrutiny. In all fairness to Osborn, he did not kill anyone in a controversial matter. Look up Bob Kerrey and Thanh Phong raid.

    Anonymous, nope. Are you trying to suggest Sasse is the grand architect of Obamacare?

  53. To Macdaddy says:

    Did you even read the Omaha World Herald articles? You stated, “He should have ditched the plane,” says the man who never was faced with that situation.”
    Some of those that commented on whether Lt. Osborn should have ditched the plane or not were, in fact, veterans that were tasked with exactly the kind of mission that he faced. You may be right that they may never have actually had to ditch a plane, or land a severely damaged one, but having been in a position of command, they knew what was asked of them and were prepared to fulfill their obligations to keep their aircraft out of hostile hands.
    Lt. Osborn screwed up, now he is trying to cover up and is painting himself as the hero he really wasn’t. It occurs frequently in the military that someone that messes up is given a gedunk medal and sent on their merry way so as to cover the ass of someone higher up the chain of command.

  54. Macdaddy says:

    It is very easy to say you’ll do something that involves you giving up your llife until you are faced with that, the lives of 23 other people, all for a plane. You want to know why there are so few people that have jumped on grenades? Because it is not a natural instinct. Having just beaten death, I doubt Osborn was eager to then embrace it with open arms and that is specifically what people who have not been in that situation, nor ever again will be, are criticizing Osborn for. It’s a candy ass armchair criticism and I don’t care how many years you put in or how many medals are on your chest. Comparing Osborn to Snowden is especially egregious and Mr. Brigadier Politician ought to be ashamed of himself.

  55. gop vet says:

    The OWH’s article about Osborn in a GOP race says the newspaper prefers four humble war heroes; Kerrey and Hagel who hate Republicans, and RINOs Dole and McCain who got Clinton and Obama elected. That should earn Osborn a few more GOP votes. And if OWH is beating on him, they probably saw a poll showing him doing better. I don’t see how. As his ads make me cringe.

    Osborn must knows voters are ignorant of the fact that the UCMJ’s Code of Conduct was modified after 1953 to prevent loss of life associated with protecting classified information. The “name, rank, and serial number” thing ended long ago. You resist until you decide you reach your limit. You don’t kill yourself or your crew in wartime and certainly not in peacetime. Yet Osborn knows they don’t know this. Still he makes this the campaign centerpiece. His newer ad is more impressive but it’s still about his ability to withstand being water boarded in the Senate.

  56. Not sure what to think says:

    I did NOT like the first story about Shane Osborn at all, “Some in military challenge Shane Osborn’s view of 2001 heroism.” Nobody other than the people who were there on that plane have a right to judge him. Shane’s job was to bring everyone home and he did exactly that. It sounds like there is something of a cultural divide between the “Cold War Guys” and the younger guys like Shane, but that story just did not sit well with me.

    However, the other story DID bother me: “Friend of Shane Osborn, not Navy, issued memo that supports him.” So you’re telling me that last August, after he’d decided to run for office again, Shane Osborn got a buddy at the Pentagon to forge a letter on Navy letterhead, and then tried to pass it off unsigned to a reporter as an official letter from the Navy exonerating him from wrong doing? Which might be a crime? And now the Navy says they had nothing to do with it? Are you KIDDING me? There’s got to be more to this.

  57. Anonymous says:

    FWIW, I know you don’t like links Sweeper, so I’ll just mention that the Daily Mail over in the UK has linked/lifted the OWH article about Osborn and the questions surrounding the 2001 crash landing

  58. Ricky says:

    It’s all pretty sad in the Ne Senate race the war hero stud with marital problems who did or did not act heroically and the young whipper snapper pretty boy who uses his family as political props and came back to Ne on the behest of Club for Growth or whatever out-state rich group bankrolled the college president whose school suffers while he is out campaigning; whatever.
    Not that it makes much difference whichever GOP Senator represents Nebraska. The institution is broken and nothing much happens.
    I might give a crap if one of these dumbasses came out with some good ideas but NO all they can say is Obamacare and big government bad.
    What could make a difference is electing Mr Domina to represent the state. Why not at least it would give a needed balance from the state. But that is asking too much.

    Ricky From Omaha

  59. Anonymous says:

    Shane Osborn wants us to believe that gifting the Chinese with one of our most classified aircraft was some kind of heroic deed. Even if his crew was thankful and believe that what he did was indeed heroic, after all he did save their lives, he wasn’t. He was just saving his own ass. If he’d been a ground pounder he would have turned tail and run when shot at.
    The fact remains that he didn’t throw himself on a grenade, nothing close to it. The fact remains, he wasn’t water-boarded or anything close to it. The fact remains his campaign is based upon lies.

  60. Anonymous says:

    When, not if, the United States of America has to deal militarily with the threat that China presents to our nation and our allies the question must be raised, “To what extent were the Chinese able to learn about our nation’s intelligence gathering capabilities, and how many Americans and our allies will die because of their ability to mask their intelligence from us in the future?”

  61. Anonymous says:

    Sasse was on Fox this morning showing his “March Madness” chart. It’s a ploy to get attention. He’s saying the right words, “When Conservatives don’t offer ideas to counter Liberal ideas, Conservatives lose”. Sasse is trying to satisfy his egotistical ambitions by focusing voter concerns against the Obama administration in a way that may sway Senators and inform voters.

    Sasse is reducing complex issues of Obama’s actions to unconstitutional bits and presenting it in a form that even busy voters can absorb. That is all any Senator can do to help. What Sasse is doing is critical to Representative Democracy working. Is he oily? I think so. But he’s not stupid. Or at least he doesn’t remain stupid.

    Sasse once stupidly said, “I’m the smartest guy in this race” and that lost him votes. So he learned to stop saying that. Today Osborn keeps saying, “Look at my DFC, I’m courageous!” Sasse has quit saying, “Look at my PhD, I’m smart!”

  62. Lil Mac says:

    What is the distilled essence of a U. S. Senate election?

    I suggest it is that voters hire a Senator to bring home 1/50th of the pie and to convince 99 other Senators not to poop in the pie mix.

    We all wish it was a messiah selection process but it isn’t. And people’s tastes in pie vary. Unless you are tired of representative democracy, get used to it.

  63. Osborn Supporter says:

    The World-Herald’s campaign against Osborn is so transparent it’s nutty. Everyone with any direct knowledge of the mission says he did the right thing. The memo isn’t a “forgery.” It’s exactly what it purports to be — a 2013 summary of the 2001 incident. If people are stupid enough to let the World-Herald decide the race they’ll get what they deserve. Osborn just got endorsed by the National Coalition of Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans. I’m glad to see that they aren’t buying the World-Herald’s campaign of defamation.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Did you READ the article?

    Shane Osborn knowingly, deliberately got a buddy at the Pentagon from the office of the Chief of Naval operations to put out a memo containing classified information (!) on Navy letter head so that Shane could look good in a political campaign. And the only reason we even know this is that he tried to pass this off to a political reporter as an official document and he got caught.

    This raises a bunch of other questions:

    What does the Pacific Command think about this?
    What do the Joint Chiefs think?
    What about the House and Senate Armed Services committees? Will they do an investigation?
    Was this illegal?
    Who is the person who wrote the memo?
    Will they face charges?
    Was there a Hatch Act violation here?
    Was a crime committed here?

    Not great questions to have to answer if the central premise of your campaign is, “I’m a war hero, you can trust me.”

  65. anonymous says:

    “When, not if, the United States of America has to deal militarily with the threat that China presents” – Really? You don’t go to war with your banker. ’nuff said.

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