Memo-gate and attack ads!

The MemoWhen we last left off, the Shane Osborn for Senate campaign had taken a blow from the local newspaper for a memo he sent them regarding the Hainan Island incident. The memo was drafted on Navy stationery, but had not gone through official channels.

Osborn has now issued the following statement about the memo:

As was noted in the Omaha World Herald and confirmed by my chain of command, I followed my directives and saved the lives of my 23 crewmates.

Now questions are being raised about a memo that sought to explain the matter in an unclassified manner and the directives we followed each day in service to our country. This was a response to attacks against my record of service to our nation of which I am very proud.

While the facts in the memo are correct and it was intended to clarify the issue, the manner in which it was handled was regrettable, and I take full responsibility. I look forward to a spirited campaign in the coming weeks focused on issues and the clear differences between the candidates in the race for U.S. Senate.

This comes along with an interview of the then U.S. Ambassador to China, Retired Admiral Joseph Prueher telling the papers:

“I ought to have the best view of almost anyone with experience running those missions and being there when the event occurred,” Prueher said Tuesday night during a telephone interview from California.

“What Shane did was make a series of good decisions, and they were in accordance with Navy guidance, to land the airplane.

“It’s peacetime and we’re not at war with China,” Prueher said.

“Given the circumstances, he did exactly the right thing (and) subsequently led the crew in doing a good job while they were detained” on Hainan Island.

While Prueher’s statement may generally mellow the debate of “should he have ditched”, we doubt that his statement will stop the third parties from slamming Osborn for the memo.

And because of the way it was originally drafted, it is unlikely the full story of who wrote it will ever come out. The Sasse forces at Breitbart and the Weekly Standard have already focused on it, along with much of the national media, and our guess is this isn’t the last you will hear about Memo-gate.

But it may also cut both ways. The feeling is that the text of the memo is true, and that generally helps Osborn, and keeps the discussion on his heroics. If that is the main topic of discussion, that generally will not hurt him. If there are more parts to the memo story or if a particularly crafty ad takes place, things could change. But in the end it could all be a wash.

This is going to get more interesting.


In the Governor’s race, the attacks on Jon Bruning have begun.
See the ad (which at this point, we believe only to by on the YouTubes) here:

Now, as you can see, this spot by “American Future Fund” dredges up the same accusations that went up against Bruning in the 2012 Senate race, generally by Joe Ricketts’s group, “Ending Spending Action Fund”.

Remember that ad? Well, here it is:

There is also a full-on website called, “The Bruning Record“, paid for by a group called “Citizens for a Sound Government”. There is a radio ad there and apparently a TV spot on the way.

So, the question now becomes, Who paid for the new ones?

Not so easy to answer.

First off, American Future Fund (“AFF”) recently did a positive ad for Beau McCoy. It was believed to have been paid for by Charles Herbster. Both McCoy and Herbster immediately contacted Bruning to let him know that they had nothing to do with the new anti-Bruning ad, even though it came through AFF.

AFF is generally understood to be a clearinghouse of sorts, where anyone in the conservative movement can get a 3rd party ad placed. So just because the anti-Bruning spot comes through AFF, it doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else associated with AFF had something to do with it.

So the Bruning camp essentially accused the Pete Ricketts camp — via Joe Ricketts — of creating this ad. It is visually and audibly similar to the 2012 anti-Bruning ad, even quoting the same OWH article. And since most candidates are trying their best to be 100% positive, it would make sense that Ricketts would use another group other than Ending Spending to take another shot at Bruning, in a race where his son is a candidate.

For what it’s worth, there is an extensive article out about how Joe Ricketts and his son Todd want to be the new Koch Brothers in the political PAC movement.

Does any of this specifically implicate Joe Ricketts? No.
And while McCoy and Herbster claim they had nothing to do with it, the Ricketts camp claimed that it was “clearly the work of a group supporting McCoy”.

You can be the judge.

All we know, is that we are just glad that this is the last negative ad we will see in this campaign cycle.



Speaking of Ricketts, Pete for Governor has THREE new spots up that we assume you will see on your telly soon. The first has him talking about taxes.
See it here:

The next two are Agriculture spots from ag guys.

Here is #2:

And #3:

Now, just to point it out, apparently the editor of the ad is not used to the term, “ethanol”.

Ricketts Ag ad - Kappa EthEnol 02

Ricketts Ag ad - Kappa EthEnol 04

We assume this will be fixed within the next few minutes or hours. Not a big deal, but you hate when those things happen.

**UPDATE — they fixed it, and we have updated to the new ad**

These spots seem fine, though we aren’t real sure what the guys are saying, other than, “I’m an ag guy, and Pete would be real good for ag, because I talked to him about ag stuff.”

Well produced spots otherwise.


We would be remiss if we did not mention the Sasse campaign’s recent media flurry with Ben’s “Constitutional Brackets”. FOX has covered this at least 4 times now — it seems that for some of the anchors, it is the first time they’ve seen a variation on the basketball brackets.

Here is one of them:

(Wait a minute! FOX has a blonde female co-anchor now??? When did this happen???)

Nonetheless, the amount of free national media coverage that Sasse has received during this campaign has been astounding. While some might question how much influence the Washington cognoscenti has on the average Nebraska voter, you still have to admit that lots of them watch FOX.

We doubt that any of the other campaigns would pass up that kind of coverage.


Breaking away from the campaigns, we have watched a number of the vids from conservative spokesman Dennis Prager and his “Prager University“. They are a series of short videos from conservative speakers talking about various issues, in well produced short pieces.

We particularly liked this one from Jonah Goldberg, taken from a chapter of his recent book, regarding the term, “Social Justice”.



  1. From South of the Border says:

    Viva Pedro Rickets! You and your poppa have them fooled! The voters are supid and I will live here forever!! I acn use some of the good ethEnol stuff too! Viva Rickets! Viva Rickets! Viva Rickets!

  2. A Second Apology... says:

    So this is the SECOND time Osborn has had to apologize for something he has done on this campaign. First, the “shortbus” comments and now faking a memo from the Navy. When a candidate is apologizing during the middle of a campaign… they are losing. Better watch out Osborn supporters, you may be on a sinking ship.

    Also, these two examples (both of which he has now had to apologize for) are a good look at Osborn’s judgment. And isn’t sound judgment what we want most in a Senator representing Nebraska in the U.S. Senate?

    Oh, and Sasse – supposedly he put out some plan this week. Has anyone seen it? I have looked everywhere – his website, etc. – and can’t find it. Looks like all smoke and mirrors from the Sasse camp to me.

    Sid at least has his “Three Cs” idea. My vote is with Sid.

  3. Still Wating says:

    for Sasse to apologize for 1) supporting Medicare Part D, 2) helping to implement Obamacare with liberal Mike Leavitt, 3) calling Obamacare an “important first step,” 4) telling Republican activists to quit wasting their time opposing Obamacare, and 5) using Midland as a tool to try to sell out the voters in Fremont. No, the great Dr. Sasse never apologizes. He’s so smart he’s allowed two positions on every issue while everyone else gets one. Sasse is a hypocritical fraud who’s in this for his own ego. Heck, “Mr. Outsider” still has his old house in the D.C. metro area all ready for him to move back into, still waiting for him to return after his years as a paper-pushing bureaucrat who expanded his budget in his own little fiefdom. If Nebraska voters are dumb enough to let this guy be our next Senator, we’ll get what we deserve, which will be Chuck Hagel Jr.

  4. Drew to 4 says:

    You are functionally illiterate. Sasse never supported Medicare D. Go read the last paragraph of the article. Sasse did not implement Obamacare anymore than your own employer and tax preparer is doing today. (In addition, Mike Leavitt is opposed to Obamacare) Sasse’s reference to Obamacare was to point out that at least was an effort to address the entitlement program.

    But here is what is really galling about the attacks on Sasse. Other organizations spent money, time and research and actually interviewed the candidates. All those who did interviews endorsed Sasse.

  5. Drew says:

    And another Shane Osborn is a great idea but whoever is giving campaign advice should be turned over to the Chinese.
    Seriously, he should have shut up about the plane but no, he insisted in using it to say how he “stood up to the Chinese”. Anyone knows vets think independently and were going to question such empty rhetoric. “You say you stood up to the Chinese but you surrendered the plane to them”.

    Perhaps if he had not drummed up the plane as part of his campaign, the criticism would never intensified. But the criticism did intensify to the point where the campaign felt necessary to get a bogus note from the Navy. The memo may not have been that much of an issue if the campaign had used proper channels and the military operation had been declassified but neither was done.

    So this just opens up a whole can of worms. The average voter can wonder if Osborn did the right thing with the plane, and can rightly be upset about the menu. And next time Osborn says “I stood up to the Chinese”, many will roll their eyes.

  6. Ricky says:

    The truth hurts right Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning?
    Deb Fischer won and Bruning lost his last race.
    And it was not a fluke.


  7. The Palin Kiss of Death says:

    “We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?” –Sarah Palin, admitting that her family used to get treatment in Canada’s single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010

    This makes it a great endorsement for Sasse. They both used to love centralized healthcare so much. Palin doesn’t understand candidates or politics. That’s why she endorsed Sasse. Meanwhile, Osborn is screwing himself over by continually going on the defensive and not attacking stuff like this.

  8. Anonymous says:

    OK, so Osborn got a medal for heroically saving his crew and his own ass. He did NOT receive a medal for giving the Chinese ready access to some of our most highly classified electronic equipment and God knows what else. Why can’t things that have been unceremoniously swept under the carpet just stay that way?
    The officer that released the memo violated a number of regulations. He should be court-martialed.
    Osborn should face criminal charges for soliciting, and distributing, an authorized Navy memo. At the minimum it is a case of fraud.

  9. Anonymous says:

    that should read “Osborn should face criminal charges for soliciting, and distributing, an UN-authorized Navy memo. At the minimum it is a case of fraud.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else in the Senate race served in the military? Just asking. Seems there are a lot here ready to pick apart Osborn for a memo while glossing over the fact the man flew missions everywhere and saved the lives of 23 crew-mates. Osborn holds a little more gravitas than just being a smart boy paper-pusher, Drew.

  11. Sasse campaign to Drew... says:

    Keep Attacking Veterans Drew! Nebraskans Love nothing more than watching a D.C. insider attacking our nations hero’s and comparing them to standard government workers!

    Keep up the good work! We will win this thing with your help! Viva Fremont!

  12. Still Waiting says:

    Drew, you’re the one with the reading problem. (Anyone who wants to read it Google “Why Part D is the Answer to Health Care Reform”).

    It’s obvious what he was up to. Remember the whole dust-up over the “public option” during the Obamacare debates? Sasse was being pimped out by Leavitt to support the exchanges (on which Leavitt stood to make a fortune). Sasse even went so far as to compare the exchanges (in another troublesome piece) to Travelocity. How did that work out?

    HIs basic thesis was that Part D has been “enormously successful” because it allowed for some competition inside the playing field set up by the government. He thought that the exchanges would work that way. Not so much.

    The real answer was to get the federal government the heck out of the health care market, not to have it set the parameters of it. True enough, Sasse did say that he was opposed to mandated coverage levels, but he clearly was trying to find a middle ground on Obamacare, and conveniently one that would make Leavitt rich. I suppose it’s just a coincidence that Leavitt and all his buddies maxed out to Sasse’s campaign.

    So when says now says that he was opposed to Part D and that the problem was that there was too much government control of health care, not too little, he’s not being candid.

  13. What has Osborn given us says:

    Look at the Osborn campaign. From the start it is been:
    1. I am the only one running, so I am going to win. Oh and I am a hero
    2. Don’t vote for Sasse because of X, Y, Z
    3. I am a hero
    4. Sorry about the short bus comment
    5. Don’t vote for Sasse because of y, z
    6. I stood up to the Chinese and I will stand up to Harry Reid.
    7. Sorry for lying about the Memo. Some people where questioning my judgement so I obtained an unauthorized memo that I will distribute to people saying it is from the Navy to show them I have good judgement.
    8. Don’t think of me as a hero. Let’s just focus on the issues.

    He has provided nothing but fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about Sasse and the worst part is, some of you buy it. If any of you do significant research on Sasse’s statements in context, without agenda, you can see that he was not for unfunded Part D. He, like most intelligent people who are a part of a larger conversation, stated things that were not horrible about it while still saying he wasn’t in support of it. I do that all day long in my business. I have to see others view points so that I can argue mine more effectively. It doesn’t mean I agree and Sasse is clear during that time, that he wasn’t for it. If you are looking at only facts, without bias, then the choice between Dinsdale, McLeay and Sasse could go different ways. The case for Osborn is clear, he should never represent Nebraska. I encourage every voter, to search out the truth about all the candidates based on their own research. I think you will find a much different answer than the F.U.D. that others spew to try to sway people that Sasse is some how not going to fight to repeal Obamacare. The facts don’t support that.

  14. To Drew says:

    Shane talks about his record as State Treasurer. He is the only one to actually cut government spending. How much did Sasse spend in his office in DC?????

  15. Anonymous says:

    Any candidate that claims he will repeal Obamacare has a very loose grasp on reality, or is an outright liar. It would take the cooperation of more of the Congress than the GOP has, or will have, to repeal Obamacare.
    If these candidates were honest, and that is a big IF, they would be proposing fixes to Obamacare, because it definitely needs fixing. But, in order to do that, they would have to cooperate and compromise with the Democrats. God knows that will never happen with any of the current crop of GOP candidates. They are more interested in blabbing right wing rhetoric than they are in representing our state.

  16. Anonymous says:

    11 & 12: “Fraud”? “Court-martialing”? How ethical is it when you’re supposed to be fund-raising for the college you are running but your hand is out for your own political campaign at the same time? If you want to take Osborn to the mat for the memo you should at least inquire as to what Sasse is being paid while on “leave” while campaigning full-time and how much he raised for Midland vs. his own campaign. The bunch at Midland must be dense to let this guy have his cake and eat it too.

  17. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous at 1:16 PM,
    I don’t like Sasse either. I believe what he is doing to Midland University is fraud as well. Which campaign are you working for? I am an Independent voter and I believe our political system would be better off if we outlawed the political party system altogether.

  18. watch for it... says:

    Bryan Slone is going to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
    He is the only one in the gubernatorial race without dirty laundry and he has a strong record as an accomplished bean counter.

    Nebraskans are over-taxed, paying 30-some-odd-percent more in taxes than taxpayers nationally.

  19. actually.. says:


    Colleges and universities like Midland (i.e. the size of midland) have fundraising departments, whose sole job it is to contact boosters, alums, and the like. Don’t get me wrong, Sasse is a bad choice for U.S. Senate, but you should really know more about Midland’s situation before you spout off about Sasse’s obligation to fund raise. Do you really think the President of a University spends his days hammering out phone calls to wealthy (read: busy) people in an attempt to shake them down for cash?

  20. TexasAnnie says:

    Is Bryan Slone still in the race? He is clearly the best candidate for those believing their taxes are too high. But there isn’t (free) news about him. I figured he had dropped out.

  21. The B.S. Express says:

    Ben Sasse should remove the “Washington Outsider” graphics on his bus and label it “The B.S. Express”, hauling B.S. to all 93 counties across the state. The guy makes Mitt Romney look genuine.

  22. Drew to 17 says:

    You deserve some praise for raising a good issue and a positive point about Osborn. No one else on this board has steered the conversation in a positive direction.

    But instead, many Osborn supporters have spent their time doing is taking Dean’s idiocy and attacking Sasse. That is why I am on the war path.

    However, with memo-gate, even if he gets to the general election, I will be inclined to write someone else in.

  23. Drew to 15 says:

    All I can say, is you could not be more wrong. You did not read the article in its entirety as I would be more than willing to prove to you in person if I could.

  24. To Drew says:

    When will you address Ben Sasse’s support of repealing the Fremont Immigration Ordinance???? Are you pro-amnesty like Ben Sasse!

  25. According to twitter he is in DC — isn’t that a bit premature — the election is still 47 days away and his HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!! He faked a memo and heads straight to his handlers in DC…

  26. To Drew says:

    So seeing all these Medicare Part D comments, I read through Sasse’s piece, and I honestly can’t find any wording that even remotely sounds like he is not in favor of Part D as a legitimate healthcare mechanism. Perhaps, you are arguing that Sasse is using Part D as an example of how a market mechanism could work. However, this also therefore ends up being an endorsement of Part D. Please substantiate your conjecture that Sasse is not in favor of Medicare Part D or something eerily similar. Below I’ve included the last sentence of Sasse’s editorial. I’ll let you guys be the judge of Benjamin E. Sasse’s stance on Medicare Part D:

    “There is very good reason to believe that patient-empowering solutions work better. One already does. [That being Medicare Part D.]”

    Sasse may be trying to only use an analogy. However, his analogy fails in showing his audience that this central planning in health care has worked, which appears very counterproductive towards his ideology. I directly quote a town hall when he said “You can’t plan this area of the economy!”. This appears to me to be some sort of central planning. Granted, this is extremely rational yet against his atypical “I’m the Tea Party candidate” message.

  27. Drew to 27 says:

    I have no connection to the work of the Sasse campaign. Sasse did state Fremont voters were responding to the fact the Federal Government failed to act on illegal immigration.

    Realistically, in my never humble opinion, the vast majority of anti-immigration activists fail to understand economics or the true goal of democrats.
    First, if we cut the payroll tax down to 10 percent, much of the illegal immigration would subside.
    Secondly, the Democrats are opposed to immigration because must immigrants are strong social conservatives. The Democrats claim to support amnesty but really do not want it. The Democrats stop any possibility of any form of amnesty by refusing to support any effort to secure the border. By this policy of duplicity, the Democrats always win on the immigration issue.

  28. From South of the Border says:

    Pedro Rickets, I hear a lot of people don’t like your ads. I LOVE them! It is OK. That Brunning guy is bad. He doesn’t like my status. We, you and I Pedro are alike! Our daddy’s are much the same. Mine told me to come here. Yours gived you a Corvette for your sweet 16 birthday and will buy you the election. Viva Pedro Rickets! I will stay here forever! Viva!

  29. Hesdeadjim says:

    So Pete Ricketts has the support of an ethanol man and a soybean farmer. Good for him! Everybody except farmers knows that ethanol is inefficient and uncompetitive. The only reason nebraska politicians talk ethanol is to pay lip service to the subsidy taking men in cowboy Cadillacs out (that means leather lined pickup trucks) out west. As far as soybeans…. are we serious? Without fed subsidies and invented demand, soybeans would not be a commercial crop. I think omaha voters are going to see through those ads from ricketts. There are people in government who will argue that ag subsidies for bs like ethanol and soybeans are a matter of national security, but follow the money and it’s a pretty thin veil over what’s really at stake: they want their money.

  30. Interested Observer says:

    I’m a little surprised to see that anyone is against “ag subsidies”, since 2 years ago so many of you thought that WELFARE GRAZING was a good thing!

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    Nope! It wasn’t about welfare grazing, it was about PAC’s battling for Nebraska’s soul.
    Like this year.

  32. Anonymous says:

    A “wash” would be all these gubernatorial and senate candidates being judged on the issues. However, voters have repeatedly been told all these GOP candidates are nearly identical on issues. Thus voters can either rationally pick the best explainer of issues, or else voters can viscerally shoot off on some tangent of patriotism and civic decency.

    We are on the latter course. To win on that visceral course is to have a blowout not a wash.

    Sasse is arguably the best explainer of issues. Yet Leavenworth St blog lists Sasse fourth after it lists Osborn’s military memo, AFF bash-Bruning ads, and Ricketts’ snoozer commercials.

    At this point, these races are about Osborn’s military service that Sasse lacks, and about whether or not Bruning is a crook by OWH statements which Burning couldn’t handle before, thus leaving Ricketts by default on the same high road where he was when he beat Stenberg. None of this is by accident.

    There is a lot of race left. Any candidate may have more strategy up his sleeve. But here, in Unicameralville, voters have a thin veneer of rationality to start out with. So don’t expect any winning strategy from here on to focus on issues. We are well beyond that and into the visceral. Yee ha!

  33. Ancient Chinese Secret says:

    Whoa I just watched that commercial again on youtube and it is racist.
    But, that was the 60’s they did not know better back then. I guess.
    Forget this post I am even sorry I took the time.


    PS the commercial was for Calgon laundry soap

  34. central nebraska farmer says:

    Hesdeadjim, maybe you should stick to things you know. Soybeans are not a commercially viable crop without subsidies and made up demand, seriously? You just remember that the next time you enjoy a pork chop or some chicken. Soybean meal happens to be the main protein source in their diet! Anyways this senate race field is pathetic! A guy that was a navy flier who can’t seem to talk about anything other than how he is a hero! A guy that will tell me he is a outsider who only has spent most of the last how many years in Washington? A guy who is so salt of the earth he actually worked cattle and worked at a grain elevator before he went on to champion the small business, how bout an ad with the little guys he has screwed! And finally a guy nobody has heard of, who’s first instinct was to tell everyone he was a lawyer till his staff convinced him otherwise. good grief!!!

  35. Hesdeadjim says:

    Having fed more than a few hogs myself, and having loaded and unloaded more than my share of feed (both bulk and bagged) I can assure you that I know plenty about livestock and feed.

    As for the Senate field, I think the most daunting task in front of Congress (referring to The Congress, not the House so calm down dummies) is getting our country’s financial house in order. Since that is the case, I look to Dinsdale and Osborn. Since I don’t see Dinsdale holding the line on immigration or Obamacare, and I definitely don’t see him attempting to change or repeal Dodd-Frank, that leaves Osborn as the obvious choice.

    Ben Sasse says he wants a repeal of Obamacare, but his actions and words of the past indicate something else entirely. Besides that, as a junior Senator from Nebraska his influence on a replacement would be negligible.

  36. Bens House... in the middle of D.C. says:

    @I don’t believe Ben has a house in D.C.

    Sweeper does not allow links or images but lets just say it’s not hard to find. It’s not a bad piece of property either!

  37. Pete could have... says:

    Ricketts could have at least tried to hide this one better. Everyone is well aware of his people’s connection with AFF. Follow the money and the consulting projects that both work on and you can connect the dots…

    Why is Pete so afraid to admit to attacking Jon? Everyone already knows it’s him anyways. He may as well own it.

  38. EV says:

    The NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE COMPACT would make voting for President, especially in small states like Nebraska, a useless action for voters.

    Nebraska voters take politics seriously, have their own ideas on policy, and they want their vote to COUNT.

    Yet Nebraska is today considering Bill LB-1058, sponsored by GOP State Senator Tyson and Democrat State Senator Haar, to have Nebraska join the NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE COMPACT,
    an initiative that automatically dumps Nebraska’s few Electoral Votes as one tiny chunk into a vast pool of national votes, making voting for President in Nebraska a waste of Nebraska voters’ time.

    National campaigns today must pay some attention to Nebraska’s EVs. Under this new initiative, Presidential candidates can ignore Nebraskans utterly. We could be in gulags or all dead of the pox or just non-existent for all they care. And then your vote for president might as well be made in the morning with a flush of the commode. It will be that useless.

    This screws small state voters. Nebraska is a small state. How small?

    Of the six states that border Nebraska, four of them have a total of 31 Electoral Votes compared to Nebraska’s paltry 5 Electoral Votes.

  39. TexasAnnie says:

    Thanx for the heads-up, Regency. I went to the OWH site and learned about Foley’s race and somebody named Carlson as well. If I were there, I would be voting. And if I were voting I would pick Slone. Foley would take second choice for me even though I would ‘fear’ his Catholicism and it’s potential intrusion into government business. I only like candidates with strong and consistent convictions! So, no way for Bruning and probably not Ricketts. Who was the 6th candidate? I forgot.

  40. To EV says:

    What world are you living in? The only time any attention went to Nebraska was 2008 in CD2 (Omaha). With the current system candidates ONLY spend time and effort in swing states.

    Frankly the only arguments against NPV border on the idiotic. Heineman and Gale are concerned that Nebraska electors might have to vote for the Democratic candidate? The horror! But under NPV it really doesn’t make a difference as that candidate would have a majority of votes and would win anyway. The “small state” argument doesn’t hold up either. Sure, every state gets two extra votes above what their population would indicate. This would appear to give small states more clout. But the problem is that large states such as New York and California with winner-take-all (as 48 states are) completely overshadow this effect. Consider California with 55 electoral votes. In 2012 Obama took 60% of the vote. If allocated proportionately he would have 33 votes. However with our current system he got an extra 22 votes. That makes our extra 2 votes miniscule.

    Some think everyone should go to Nebraska’s system of electoral votes allocated by Congressional District. But that only allows politicians to start gerrymandering districts. No, NPV is the only system that excludes politicians form the process and ensures that the person with the most votes becomes President.

  41. Macdaddy says:

    There is one and only one reason for the NPV movement and that is continued sour grapes over the 2000 elections. Get over it, and BTW, there was no President Gore you’re welcome.

  42. Macdaddy says:

    So the White House and the Vatican have completely different versions of what was discussed between Obama and the Pope. I’m no Catholic but I’m thinking the Pope is telling the truth.

  43. Macdaddy says:

    I doubt it, TA. Jesus spoke Aramaic and there’s no dollar sign in Aramaic. And I think back then the telephones didn’t have a pound sign.

  44. Anonymous says:

    There is one and only one reason for the NPV movement…

    That post is one of the dumbest you’ve littered this site with, Macdaddy, and that’s saying something. NPV is a way to ensure that the majority wins. I know that’s anathema to most Republicans when that candidate is not yours. And by the way, you can call wishing we hadn’t wasted a trillion dollars, caused the death or dismemberment of hundreds of our servicemen and tens of thousands of innocent people, sour grapes, but by doing so you’ve self-identified as a demented, soulless person.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    And what would President Gore have done? Hard to say but rest assured it would have been the wrong thing and idiotic at that. More than likely Saddam Hussein would be selling his oil with impunity and funding all kinds of mischief around the world. Oh, and 9/11 would still have happened plus more than likely the Taliban would still be in power and Osama would still be alive. That’s right. OBL would still be alive because President Edwards wouldn’t be so manly, cunning, and savvy as your precious President Obama.

    But as for why the NPV started, it was all because of sour grapes over the 2000 elections. Period. The Democrats lost a close one and they couldn’t let that happen again. It’s easier to manufacture lots of extra votes in the blue states. The only thing standing in their way is the Constitution but rather than trying to amend the Constitution, they try to sneak in the back door.

  46. Anonymous says:

    More conservative idiocy from MD. The common strain in your conservative viewpoint is “we don’t give a damn about how much damage we cause the rest of the world”. I doubt you’d find very many innocent dead Iraqi’s that would agree with you. And using naive youngsters who are now maimed for life is no concern of yours either. Amazing how irrational fear can shape one’s opinions.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    You won’t find any innocent dead Iraqis that will agree with you either. What you will find are millions of live ones who are enjoying democracy and not being fed into the wood chipper or gassed by their dictator. You liberals try to rewrite history and completely ignore all the good our military did in Iraq. Damage? That’s all you can see and by constantly putting down what we did in Iraq you are pissing on the graves and injuries of our military. By calling them naive, you turn adults into children just so you can try to score some political points and do your darnedest to hold onto power.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Blinders on, MD. Google Ten years after Saddam Hussein’s capture, Iraq struggles with violent legacy and find some facts that differs from the so-called “reality” in your mind.

  49. Rumsfeld to Cheney says:

    Damn, Dick. That was one heck of a batch of kool-aid we brewed up on Iraq. There are still some fools up in Nebraska that are high on it…

  50. Macdaddy says:

    Hmmm, Iraq has a lower murder rate than the US and definitely a lot lower than places like Detroit, East St Louis, and North Omaha. What is your definition of violent legacy now?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Depends on which half of Iraq you are talking about. Google “safer than canada? half of iraq deadly, other half more peaceful than us “

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