Who dunnit?

**UPDATE at 3:00**
Freedomworks is pulling their endorsement of Shane Osborn and switching it to Ben Sasse. This could be a relatively serious blow to Osborn and a boon to Sasse.

They say,

“At this point, it is clear that Shane Osborn formed allegiances with Mitch McConnell and the K Street lobbying class. For us, that progression away from the grassroots has tipped the balance. FreedomWorks PAC has a responsibility to endorse the most reliable candidate for liberty, and after following the evolution of this primary, it’s clear that Ben Sasse is the man for the job.”

We aren’t sure that Nebraskans follow these out-of-state endorsements too much, but this sort of switch is liable to make voters who care about this take notice.

**UPDATE at 5:25 pm**

Osborn fires back:

“Today, the contrast in the race for U.S. Senate in Nebraska has crystallized. I am the proven conservative candidate who will fight Washington, D.C. and Ben Sasse is the candidate of Washington, D.C. Sasse has garnered the support of Washington, D.C. special interest groups because of his long history living and working in the city.

“FreedomWorks has decided to endorse a candidate who they have attacked for months over his lack of conservatism and record of championing big government policies. Sasse is selling himself as the ObamaCare nemesis, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“Nebraskans aren’t looking to Washington to choose their next Senator. The choice is clear for Nebraskans. I will remain focused on Nebraska voters and continue to discuss my plans to defend the Constitution and protect our conservative values.”

FWIW, here is what FreedomWorks wrote about Sasse, when they decided to endorse Osborn:

But there’s a problem. Mr. Sasse, a wealthy former business management consultant with a long list of health industry clients, is positioning himself as a staunchly “anti-Obamacare” candidate; but that doesn’t square with his past record, a careful review of which reveals four things:

He supports the basic principles of Obamacare, if not all the details.
While Obamacare was being drafted, he offered its authors advice on how to improve it.
After Obamacare became law, he prospered by advising health care companies how to implement it.
He wants to replace it with what may fairly be described as “ObamaCare Lite.”
What makes me think this? His record.

What are the basic principles of Obamacare? 1) A societal goal of universal health insurance coverage; 2) a government mandate (or other form of coercion) on all individuals to obtain health insurance coverage; and 3) generous taxpayer-funded “premium support” subsidies to hide the true costs of the goal from the insured.

Sasse supports all three of these things.

**Update at 6:30 pm**

At this point we would be remiss if we did not point out the other U.S. Senate endorsement announced today:

Sid Dinsdale was endorsed by:

Mayor David Black of Papillion
Sarpy County Attorney, Lee Polikov
Mayor Jim Timmerman of Gretna
Mayor Doug Kindig of LaVista
Sarpy County Commissioner Don Kelly

Hmm. You could argue about who you would really want to endorse you…


We were looking for a Joe Ricketts pic for this post, and realized instead that Pete Ricketts’s brother Tom, Chief among the Ricketts kids as head of the Chicago Cubs, has himself a political doppleganger:

So a Separated at Birth of Tom Ricketts and Texas Senator Ted Cruz!

Ricketts - Cruz SAB 02

(Except for the ears, that one’s sorta scary…)


While we wait to see what the 3rd party ad fallout will be to the Osborn Navy memo in the Senate race, things have heated a bit in the ad war in the Governor’s race.

Governor Dave Heineman weighed in on the recent anti-Bruning ad, telling KETV:

“Who is this outside group? Who contributed to their campaign? I think we deserve to know what’s going on here.

If you want to talk about the issues and you want to run a contrast ad, OK, so be it, but tell us where you’re getting your money because that’s going to make a big difference to Nebraskans.”

At this point, the Bruning campaign has pointed an arrow directly at the Pete Ricketts camp, particularly Pete’s dad, Joe Ricketts. Ricketts pounded Bruning in the 2012 Senate race with similar ads.

Bruning sent out an email message saying,

Pete Ricketts and his dad have funneled more than $2 million in attack ad dollars to Nebraska races since 2010.

And the groups running these misleading attacks against Jon Bruning have some interesting connections to the Ricketts family.

In fact one of the so-called “independent” groups running these ads – American Future Fund – recently gave more than $500,000 to another Ricketts’ front group, Ending Spending.

Do Nebraskans really believe that the billionaire Ricketts family – with an indisputable history of secret funding for negative attacks – is simply going to sit this race out with Pete on the ballot?

At this point, the Ricketts campaign has denied any involvement — though they would not likely have any official direct input on a Joe Ricketts ad anyway.

Well, like we said, this is probably the last of these we will see…


We cracked up at a Tweeter by the Chuck Hassebrook for Governor campaign, bragging that they had the “lead” in an online poll for Governor. Seems Hassebrook had been included along with Bruning, Carlson, Foley, McCoy, Ricketts and Slone — as well as a few of the fringe candidates.

Hassebrook had the “lead” in the online poll with 23%. You do the math from there, Nate Silver.


And onto the new ads!

First, Shane Osborn has a new TV ad.
See it here:

You will note that Osborn does not mention his military service at all in this one. If we had to guess, we would say you probably won’t hear much more about that until right before Election Day for the closer.

Though 3rd party ads may also force his hand on the subject.

Also, enough with Osborn, Sasse or any of the rest of the pols dropping the “g” on any word that ends with “ing”. (“Runnin’ for Senate” in this case.)

Sasse does this as well. Dinsdale and McLeay may do it, we’d have to go back and check (which we’re not into at the moment.) Jon Bruning is the arguable king if this. They aren’t the first pols to do it, but can we just say, it doesn’t make you sound more “Nebraskan”. You don’t sound like “folks at the coffee shop”. It sounds lazy, and maybe just a little condescending.


Next a new $280,000 TV ad buy for Ben Sasse by the South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund.
See it here:

This spot focuses on the various endorsements Sasse has — including former Nebraska Governor Kay Orr.
Our only complaint would be that other than Orr and maybe Sarah Palin, it is difficult to follow who those faces are at the end. Does anyone in Nebraska really know Utah Senator Mike Lee or Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn just by their faces? (And the labeling was very quick in the middle of the ad.)

In any case, decent enough “action” ad. We will be interested to see if Sasse tries to spell out his SasseCare plan in a 30 second spot.


Sasse continues with his “issue” YouTube spots today.
See this 2 minute one, with an intriguing title, here:

We more of less follow what he’s saying.

But more than anything else, we like that Sasse is taking advantage of easy social media to talk about the issue of the day. It’s a video press release, more or less, and other candidates would do well to follow Sasse’s lead.

(If you’re Bart McLeay or Tom Carlson, why not do one of these every other day? They’re free!)


We hear from Joe Duggan on the Twitter that Jon Bruning will NOT be endorsing any candidates for Attorney General in the GOP primary — though we will guess that he would for the General.

Wise move for a candidate who does not really want to piss off any supporters.


We added a new blog to our roll over on the right.
The Way I See It“, by former Creighton Law School Dean, Pat Borchers.

Borchers considered running for Senate early on this cycle, but decided against it. He has since sided with Shane Osborn, and a number of his posts concern that race, but he also discusses various and sundry other stuff.

Well written and worth your view.

And we are not sure if we mentioned it before but “Uncle Wiggly” is back, under “A View From the Middle Border“.

You can find both on the list at the right.


  1. Macdaddy says:

    So Sasse isn’t going to vote for McConnell for any leadership post? LOL. Yes he will. Sounds like FreedomWorks got spooked by the memo. Nice veneer on their excuse. Came from some kind of shady tree.

  2. but really... says:

    I’m not sure I want to vote for any #NESEN candidate who will vote McConnell into any leadership position.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Hey Sweeper,

    Who do you think you are goin around complainin about the way candidates are talkin in their ads? Quit your bitchin. It’s just somethin that some people do. Maybe you should quit worryin about it.

    I would have have never paid attention to it, but now that you pointed it out it’s like nails on a chalkboard annoying.

  4. Just so you know, sarcastic or not, Leavenworth St. is not complaining about any ads or who funds them.
    We are simply quoting those who ARE complaining.
    (In fact, to a certain extent, we encourage this type of behavior, since it gives us much more to write about…)

  5. Drew to Streetsweeper says:

    I was a little bit surprised by your take on the Senate Conservatives Fund ad for Sasse.
    Mike Lee’s endorsement of Sasse was crucial in turning FreedomWorks and Glenn Becka around in favor of Sasse. In addition, Mike Lee along with Ted Cruz and the Senate Conservatives Fund pushed the effort to defund Obamacare.
    Sid Dinsdale considers the effort to defund Obamacare a failure, but it has paid many political benefits for Republicans by forcing Democrats in to a corner to defend Obamacare.
    This is why this ad will resonate with many people.
    Coburn will also have some impact because he has often been mentioned in conservative circles for exposing insane government spending. I am not saying it is THE best ad but it is compelling.

  6. Ricky says:

    It’s kind of sad such rigamarole over something not relevant to the U S Senate and what it takes to govern in the United States of America.
    Isn’t it trivial what happened to Mr Osborn in that moment when it comes to how he would fit as a U S Senator?
    And why does it matter what outside group says about Sasse or Osborn? Why would it matter to Nebraskans what some probably drunken decision makers decide in the boardrooms of a Koch funded think tank?
    What a colossal waste of money these campaigns toss away on a senate seat that will mean little.
    Omahan’s fret about funding schools and city parks and city streets meanwhile dumb asses collect and spend millions of dollars to peddle influence.
    Count me out about caring what happens to Mr Sasse or Mr Osborn.

    Ricky From Omaha

  7. Anonymous says:

    Heineman demands to know who, exactly, is quoting the OWH saying Atty Gen Jon Bruning improperly used his office to line his pockets. Yet Heineman didn’t similarly demand to know who, exactly, at the OWH wrote that his hand-picked successor Lt Gov Sheehy was improperly using state phones to line Sheehy’s crotch.

    Sheehy was accused of phoning ladies at night. Bruning was accused of making sweet deals, at more taxpayer expense, and with more potential criminality, as our chief law enforcer.

    Yet Heineman seemed angrier at Sheehy than he is at Bruning.

    Heineman believed what the World Herald said about his own Lt Gov. “I trusted him and that trust was broken” said Heineman of Sheehy. Yet Heineman doesn’t seem to believe the newspaper when it accuses Bruning of worse. The AG is the state’s top investigator. Who investigates him? Not Heineman apparently.

    Who dunnit? Bruning did.

  8. If there were any impropriety by Bruning, it would have to be redressed by impeachment. Even packed as it is with Dems and RINOs, the unicameral does’t seem in the least interested. That hardly speaks to the credibility of the accusations, no?

  9. Jason Dannelly's Cellmate says:

    Why didn’t Jason Dannelly spend even a day in prison after sexually terrorizing women and threatening to murder them if they went to the police? Maybe because Ben Sasse appointed him and tipped him off before his arrest. This is disgusting, the A.D. from Midland University that Sasse appointed gets away with this because of his connections. He should be be in prison.

  10. Ummmm … I’m purty sure that’s TOM Ricketts in the SAB (not TODD, as stated) … unless I missed something. No biggie … I don’t intend to vote for either one if ’em.

    By the by … is anybody else just a trifle curious about how come a guy running for major office on the Pubbie side would have a sister who is/was a big-time fund-bundler for one B. H. Obama? I hasten to add that she can gather cash for whoever she wants – it’s still a free country, at least for a while … it just strikes me as a bit bizarre. They must have some very interesting family dinners.

  11. To anon 13 says:

    The difference is Sheehy actually did something wrong. As hard as the OWH tried to slander Bruning, there was no wrong doing. In fact, Bruning did what he was supposed to. He reported everything and did exactly what the other agencies recommended. So Bruning invests in Nebraska businesses, creating jobs in Nebraska while the Ricketts rip off thousands of people in the mortgage crisis, gets popped by the SEC for $10 million and Bruning’s the bad guy? Not so much.

  12. Anonymous says:

    13 missed the fact that Heineman treated Sheehy and Bruning very differently.

    Heineman said it was up to AG Bruning to criminally indict Sheehy for being a minor crook, the same Sheehy who Heineman had handpicked as Lt Gov and wanted to follow him as governor. Heineman apparently wanted to own Gov Sheehy and work him like a puppet from the sidelines. But Sheehy’s libido hurt Heineman’s personal ambitions. So Dave threw Rick to the dogs, that dog being AG Bruning. However, it was no skin off Dave’s rear end if Bruning was subverting justice by investing in partnership with those Bruning was supposed to investigating. That only hurt Nebraskans, not Heineman’s ambitions. Indeed, Bruning was Gov Heineman’s Attorney General. If there was wrongdoing, it was during Heineman’s watch.

    Today Heineman isn’t at all concerned that a crook might be running for governor. Heineman is instead trying to silence any who repeat the allegations against Bruning. He isn’t looking into Bruning being a crook. And some bloggers gere suggest that Bruning isn’t a crook because the legislator didn’t get rid of Bruning by impeachment. By that reasoning, Clinton is entirely innocent because he wasn’t removed. We might as well say Bruning is not guilty because he as AG didn’t charge himself.

    This stinks.

    Heineman said of Sheehy, “As public officials we’re held to a higher standard.” Heineman isn’t holding himself or Bruning to that standard. Makes you wonder about the whole bunch.

  13. A Nebraska voter says:

    I will never vote for Jon Bruning. The things he has done may have been legal, but they weren’t moral. Too many laws have been written by politicians to protect the members of their own little club. They have “legalized” out and out thievery for their friends!

  14. Another Nebraska Voter says:

    I feel the same way. That’s why I am voting for Bryan Slone…..he is the best choice for Governor.

  15. Hesdeadjim says:

    Bryan Slone is the pragmatic choice. This state had big money troubles coming down the way, and he is the guy who can most adequately address them.

  16. anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, the social construction of a winning candidate continues. Social construction is based on “facts” people make up, which we treat as real. Note that socially constructed facts are not scientific facts, as our good RWP would define them.

    Now, anything constructed is mutable. Complaints about a candidate being a RINO or changing his or her mind are specious, since both the candidate, his or her political ideals & values are (you guessed it) constructed, made-up, non-scientific, and mutable.

    Let’s not attach to much significance to these, our regularly scheduled political theatrics. Because the show is “real,” but not REALLY real. The Dems are doing the same thing, but their part of the show has more to do with Obama hitting Putin with his purse. And there is always the Clintons, delighting in taking Christie out of the running with oh-so-little effort. The bigger, but still “real,” but not REALLY real show is still to come in ’16, and in ’20 after that. Sadly things don’t REALLY change, just our fictional facts about fictional crisis. We don’t deal with the REALLY real because its just to darn scary.

    I won’t say “See you in Hell.” Because we’re already there.

  17. NEBCO says:

    Slone is the clear choice. It is going to be an interesting couple of weeks and they’ll ultimate lead to Slone winning the day.

  18. Lil Mac says:

    Sweeper, “dropping the ‘g'”? But of course we do. This is Nebraska. Nebraskans have the least accent of all the American states, which perhaps explains why some rather famous announcers came from Nebraska. However, we aren’t perfect. And I am not talking about you “worshing” your car.

    Nebraskans all drop their fricative ‘t’s. No Nebraskan ever actually says the word “Street”. We all say “Stree…” This is of course subtle. We don’t trail off the “ee” in a noticeable drawl. We stop it with our tongue on the roof of our mouth as if to approximate a “t” sound. However, we do not push air past that lingual stop to make the fricitive “tuh” sound of a “t”.

    Listen closely and you will find that Nebraskans, though they be coffee drinkers, all swallow their “t”. That is, when they aren’t loudly gagging on campaign chunks.

  19. Another Nebraska Voter says:

    Lil Mac, whatever you are drinking, I have an idea it isn’t coffee. And please, whatever you are drinking, make blog postings before you drink it.

  20. Lil mac; I think there’s also a tendency to a Scandinavian broadening of vowels, sort of mini-Minnesota.

    At least east of North Platte; west of north Platte, everything is different.

  21. Drew to Macdaddy post 3 says:

    You’re comical. So you are suggesting Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, FreedomWorks and Ben Sasse are conspiring to with Mitch McConnell? Have you been taking your medication?

  22. I have a question – how come no one is talking about the following(stay with me now):

    1) Sasse is on record (recent Tweet) as being unalterably opposed to LB 1058 (the NPVI thingie)
    2) Mark Fahleson is the main lobbyist and promoter for the NPVI folks (his lobbyist reg. form is on file)
    3) Mark Fahleson is also the treasurer for the Sasse campaign.
    [ I can’t link to the above documents but they are easily google-able]

  23. central nebraska farmer says:

    If Brian Sloane is the guy he had better do something to get his name out there no one knows who he is in Central Ne.

  24. Sloane on the move? says:

    Sloane is really on the move? He might have moved from 5th place in the race to closer to 4th place in the race. Face the facts, there is no Deb Fischer in this race. Ricketts and Bruning are going to duke it out to the end, and one of them will be the next Governor.

  25. A Nebraska voter says:

    The best thing Mr. Slone has going for him right now is that he neither Pete Ricketts nor Jon Bruning. Nebraskans are ready to push the “anybody but” button.

  26. Not Tom Carlson says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

    I supported and voted for LB 599…..to give illegals free health care, while many legal citizens can not afford health insurance or visits to doctors or hospitals.

    It was my bill that forced the most recent vote on term limits….where Nebraska voters voted by a larger margin than the 3 previous votes….to defeat my proposed change to term limits.

    And if I am elected governor, will I work to give driver’s licenses to illegals? Will I work to overturn Nebraska’s term limits law? If find it interesting that no reporter for the World-Herald or the Journal Star has ever asked me those questions.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  27. anonymous says:

    “I supported and voted for LB 599…..to give illegals free health care, while many legal citizens can not afford health insurance or visits to doctors or hospitals.” Repeating this lie doesn’t make it true. Pics or STFU.

  28. Only in Huskerville says:

    I have some questions–how come no one is talking about the following-

    A. Senators Lautenbaugh, Schilz and Murante are BIG Shane Osborn supporters and the primary sponsors of National Popular Vote.

    B. Suddenly what is an issue of the state legislature catches the attention of the Nebraska Republican Party, whose chairman’s son is the campaign manager for Bart McLeay.

  29. To 34 says:

    Sasse is so smart he’s allowed two positions on every issue, whereas his opponents only get one. So he gets to say that Part D is a model for healthcare reform and “enormously successful” and that he was against it all along. He gets to say that he’s the “anti-Obamacare” candidate while he told people to their face in 2010 that it was pointless to oppose it. He gets to be the fiscal conservative but put out a “plan” (I guess we can call it “Sassecare”) that says that the wealthy will have to pay more for Medicare. (It reminds me a little of a guy who keeps saying that wealthy will “have to do a little more.”) And of course now he gets to be against NPVI while his campaign is for it. Consistency is for the rest of us, but not him.

  30. Drew to 34 to 41 says:

    Osborn can’t get any donations from Nebraskans so he is betting on getting money from this connected to lobbyist groups and the military industrial complex.
    Dinsdale raises money because he can reposes your car and foreclose on your home. He sits on the boards of many corporations.
    Another candidate is a lawyer. Needless to say two lawyers lost in the last Senate race.
    So what do you guys do? Trash Sasse. As for the Sasse articles, those were both written in 2009 before Obamacare was passed and when Democrats controlled all three branches of government, House, Senate and White House. Who do you think Sasse was addressing when he wrote those articles?

    Sasse is the most accessible of the candidates. Screw me. Get off your lazy butt and go show up at one of the places he speaks and afterwards talk to him about it. But if you do that, you have better have read the original articles he wrote instead of some third party resource out to attack him.

  31. To Drew says:

    I’ve been to multiple showings of Ben Sasse. He’s the same thing on repeat. He is still saying the same exact quotes that he has had since November. He’s only impressive if you want him to be. He isn’t anything special.

    Also, in reference to your argumentative rhetoric, I think you need to take a page from your hero, Dr. Sasse. Rhetorical questions are fairly weak.

    When I approached him at his town halls about some of the issues that comment sections have been attacking him for, he just dodged them. He didn’t deny them or accept them. He just talked around the issue like he does with every thing. He tries to play off his answers to questions as “greater ideological points” as he likes to call them at his town halls. However, this fact just further cements the concept that he doesn’t take legitimate stances. I don’t want a senator who won’t tell me what he wants to do or has done. He refuses to burn any bridges which is completely unacceptable.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    I wasn’t on my meds when I made that post. I’m only allowed them Saturday nights and then only one. But yes, Sasse will vote for McConnell for the head of the Senate GOP and that’s even after (or because of) getting chewed a new one by Mitchie the Kid. Conspiracy, though? Hahahahahahaha! This is the GOP. They aren’t smart enough to plan anything. FreedomWorks panicked. Chalk up another win for Lois Lerner.

    But since Sasse is weighing in on strictly state-level matters, what is his stand on the Freemont immigration ordinance, or our supplying free pregnancy care to illegal immigrants, or heck, how about immigration reform? I think that’s a federal issue, right?

  33. Larry Sheldon says:

    I have already decided that there is NO WAY I will vote for Lee Terry because he refuses to call of his telephone robot when my wife (recovering from open heart surgery) is trying ti sleep.

    Now Ben Sasse has started,nd the very next time his robot calls, he will go on the no-vote list.

  34. To Anonymous at 7:01 says:

    So you want proof? I work in the medical profession, and every day I have legal citizen patients tell me about not being able to afford medical insurance or not being able to go to the doctor when they are sick–because they simply cannot afford it. That’s when I tell them that legislators like Tom Carlson, Galen Hadley, Mike Flood, and the ever-lovely senator Campbell voted to take tax money from them to provide free healthcare for illegals. I guess I could take pictures of the anger and disgust on their faces and send the pictures to you, but, you know, privacy rules prevent that. I will invite you to come with me to work to see for yourself.

  35. 6 million pictures for #39 says:

    6 million dollars–$6.000,000—is the amount of money the State of Nebraska took from legal citizens to pay for free health care for illegals during the first year of LB599. Would a picture of 6 million 1 dollar bills lined up end-to-end be enough of a vision for you?

  36. Delusional says:

    “Cosmic Bob” Kerrey calls Obama delusional and a liar. Somewhere in Omaha, Ricky’s postal shorts just exploded.

  37. Anonymous says:

    So you want proof? I work in the medical profession, and every day I have legal citizen patients tell me about not being able to afford medical insurance or not being able to go to the doctor when they are sick–because they simply cannot afford it.

    This is in no way because of money given to what will be American citizens when born. $6m is miniscule compared to overall health care costs. If you care to dabble in reality, you’ll admit this is because Heineman and enough Republican senators are blocking Medicaid expansion (the vast amount paid for by the Feds) that would allow these poor, but not poor enough, people to get medical insurance and health care.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I’d say that we’re a very backwards and uncaring society if someone has to die because of health issues since “they can’t afford it” when it comes to early or even any treatment.

  39. To #54 says:

    And it is REALLY too bad when those who die because they can’t afford medical care are legal citizens of America, while those who live are the illegals because they get free health care due to the legal hard-working taxpayers who were forced to pay for it for them.

  40. To IO says:

    Of course everyone makes decisions every day about what they can and cannot afford. Including illegals. New huge pickup or prenatal care for the illegal mother of my child who I am not married to? Well, let’s see…..her care is free, so I will get the pickup. Isn’t America great!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    You people are really disgusting examples of Human Beings. Yes, it is federal dollars that will now be spent elsewhere. Don’t kid yourself that any money will be saved by Nebraska opting out. And idiot “To #54”, don’t know how many times it needs to be repeated to sink into your dense brain, but the prenatal care is for the benefit of someone who is an American citizen (for those who believe full human life begins at conception), not the mother. Change the constitution if you don’t like this irrefutable fact. Your racism shows when one claims to be adamantly “pro-life” but only for those fetuses not yet born who have American citizens as parents. Disgusting!

  42. Macdaddy says:

    You guys on the left realize that we are only arguing over who pays for all this, right? And that somebody has to pay? That those federal dollars don’t just magically appear from some Chinese bank? Somebody (you and me and our kids, grand kids and great grand kids) will have to pay all this back. You know that, right? Why don’t you have a fundraiser and come up with that $6 million so that the taxpayers aren’t on the hook for it? I know, why not sponsor just one pregnant undocumented woman for just $1500? Lower your tax bill! Be the hero of La Raza!

  43. #60 You Are The First says:

    Anonymous #60, you are the first on this thread to use the word “Hispanic”. Not one of the rest of us has used it. So, please accept the award for being the real racist on this blog. Congratulations!

  44. anonymous says:

    Still looking for proof enough to obtain a conviction from a jury of my peers according to Nebraska law. All I read so far is the written equivalent of breaking wind.

    Pics or STFU. Not the usual assertions. Proof. I want proof. You guys are supposed to be “makers.” Business leaders. Money managers. Quants. Where is a list of John & Jane Dos, their ills, the cost and place of treatment, and outcomes? You guys claim the Republic is at risk, so HIPAA be damned. List ’em, round ’em up and throw ’em out. I will gladly help. If you can’t do this it is past time to give this BS a rest. With prejudice. To quote Wally in “Dilbert,” “I trust my gut when it talks to me. My gut talks in code. I have a message coming through about the hordes of illegals taking, taking, taking, just illegally entering, taking and stealing everything that is not tied down, no, everything that is tied down, while real, stalwart Nebraskans cower in fear at all the thievery and evil, bad, naughty health care stealing and taking going on, the kind of thievery that knocks people over dead. You know, a Zombie Apocalypse of healthcare robbery.

    Jay-sus Key-rye-ist. They can’t all be hiding, can they? This kind of blatant lawlessness should be obvious to livestock, small pets and even insects. Maybe all the health care those illegals are illegally stealing gives them stealth mind powers enough to cloud your vision and reason to the point they are invisible. Which, of course, is part of their nefarious plot to take over Nebraska and turn it into a Cuba-like paradise, where everyone is a barefoot doctor plotting to bring all their illegal relatives and friends here by truck, train, barge, by bike and on foot, to take such advantage of Nebraska’s largesse that even the dead will be forced from their graves to make room for the illegal dead, who envy the misplaced generosity with which real, Nebraska Cornhusker dead are buried.

    You know, those illegals. Not knuckleheads like our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, who stole this land fair & square from the people whose ancestors came here during the last goddamn Ice Age.

  45. God Almighty says:

    I just wanted to let you all in on a little secret. I don’t love Americans any more than I do all of my other children. Those of you who don’t care about your brothers and sisters because they come from another nation or because I chose to color them a little differently than you are going to be in for a really big surprise when you’re done with this so called life of yours. I’ve already given Peter your names so that when you arrive at the Pearly Gates he will know who gets in and who burns in eternal damnation.
    Gerard, I know you don’t believe in Me, but that’s OK too. Your sins aren’t so great that I’ve had to reserve a particularly hot area of Hell for you. You’ll be getting the standard roasting for all eternity.

  46. Living in the Shadows says:

    Liberals themselves keep saying how illegals are “living in the shadows” so yeah, most of them seem to be hiding. You want proof? There are churches in Lincoln that brag that half their congregation are illegals. Show up on a Sunday with a couple of vehicles of ICE officers and see who stays and who leaves.

  47. To: #60 You Are The First says:

    Did you flunk 1st grade? Since when did using a word that is the common name of a race equate to racism? You are giving me some insight into the far-right-wing mind. Completely irrational and devoid of any minimal amount of thinking.

  48. To #66 says:

    No one but you used the term “Hispanic”. Others used the term “illegal” because they were concerned only about the rule of law we live by here in America…..not some specific group or race.

    So could it actually be you who is the heartless son-of-a-bitch? Perhaps so.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Complete BS. No sentient being believes you and your ilk are just concerned about rule of law. You have a problem with people that don’t look like you. In this case it happens to be Hispanics. Maybe you need to take to heart what “God Almighty” posted. I’m pretty sure you go to a nice Christian church.

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