40 Days and 40 Nights

For the next 40 days it will be like you have walked into a Las Vegas buffet of political ads. (You may need to loosen that belt before it is all over.)

Have at it, with the latest…

First, this morning, Jon Bruning for Governor hammers back at Pete Ricketts.
See it here:

This is tough against Ricketts, on the favorite theme of a Governor campaign.

Our guess is this is the last we will hear between these two.


Sid Dinsdale for Senate has a new ad called, “Community Banker“.
See it here:

The main thing Dinsdale has going for him in this race is his business background which dwarfs that of Osborn or Sasse. If voters are weary of hearing about ObamaCare, and Osborn overplays his hand on his military career, expect to see Dinsdale creep up.

And there is the little matter, that Sid has the ability to toss in just a bit of his own cash.
We are telling you now: This could get interesting.


Governor candidate Bryan Slone has a new spot called, “Rural Growth“.
See it here:

This is nice and all, but it comes off as more of a commercial about “Nebraska”, than about Bryan Slone.

Yes, Rural Nebraska is swell and yadda, yadda, yadda.
But why does that mean you should vote for this CPA from Omaha?

With 40 days left, we are sure Slone will pivot more from the touchy-feelies to the “vote for me” ads. But for now, this seems a bit of a wasted effort.


Pete Ricketts for Governor has a new ad called “Kids“.
See it here:

Well, if Ricketts doesn’t want to invite some sort of criticism of his family, he picked a funny way to do it. We already deleted one relatively “mean” comment here about the kids — and will continue to do so — but it makes it difficult when the candidate puts them front and center.

We will be honest: We don’t like these type of ads, in general. We don’t think it’s fair to the kids — who are probably pumped at the idea of being on TV — to subject them to the potential ridicule they can be under from this. No doubt Pete and his wife think they did a wonderful job — and they’re not bad. But you think their classmates will always be that generous?

Beyond that, we think there are better ways to show Pete is a good family man, etc., than to trot out the kids into your living room. This is much more than just showing them sitting next to Pete.

Now all that being said, we have talked to other politicos (not connected to the Ricketts camp) who think it is a great and effective ad. Maybe it is more memorable?

We leave to you to decide (but would just note, again, that you to tread very lightly in the comments).


Jon Bruning for Governor has TWO new ads out.
The first, features his wife and is called, “Deonne“.
See it here.

The second is called “Everywhere I Go“, about property taxes.
See it here:

We feel less harsh on the “Deonne” spot than on the Ricketts “Kids” one above, mainly because of the differences between a spouse and the kids in a political campaign. Also because it is a little less in-your-face with her talking to the interviewer, as opposed to directly to the camera.

We would guess that the purpose of this is to soften Bruning, after the shots he has taken on the negative ad front.

All we have to say about the second one is, Who decided to have him keep on the ubiquitous fleece vest with the “Columbia” logo so prominent? Is Columbia kicking into the campaign? Did REI or UnderArmour also bid on this?

We kid, we kid. But it is just a tiny bit distracting.


Finally (we think) there is the Shane Osborn YouTuber that was released on April 1st, the anniversary of…Shane’s plane landing in China!

And you thought you had seen the last of that? Ha!
See it here:

We will say a few things about this:

1) Like it or not (especially if you are a Dinsdale, McLeay or Sasse supporter) it IS a pretty compelling, descriptive story. You know what’s going to happen, and you’re still drawn in.

2) The Osborn polling must show that the plane story is going to soar him to victory (see what we did there?). While this may not be on TV, and his other non-China ad is running, we still received another email today from Shane’s campaign with, “we were surrounded by dozens of Chinese soldiers armed with AK-47s…

We will be interested to see what the cut-off point really will be for a pivot to non-Hainan Island incident issues. We wonder if the goal is that every time you see Osborn talking about his work as Treasurer, or whatever thing he wants to talk about, you will always have the China stuff in the back of your mind.

Actually, we don’t wonder, we know that is the goal.

But Osborn needs to hit the other side hard, because the one-trick-pony stuff is likely already wearing on the voters.


And still on the Senate race, for what it is worth, the Washington Post’s Reid Wilson says “…Sasse has become a, if not the, front-runner.

We do not know what polling Wilson is basing that on, but we sort of doubt that he is making that up out of whole cloth. We have heard that Memo-gate did hurt Osborn more than he expected, though we also know that the Sasse-camp has plenty of supporters who talk a very good game. This sort of statement behooves one to back it up with something.

There are campaigns who are or will be out in the field soon, maybe with competing polls.
Which ones will be self-fulfilling?


The biggie endorsement of the day is Sarah Palin going for Pete Ricketts for Gov.
You really can’t turn this down, but we wonder how many votes she really pulls. Back when she endorsed Deb Fischer, it was a bigger deal, because she came out of nowhere, to support a candidate almost out of nowhere, and it caused people to take a look at Fischer.

With Pete, it is not as if voters aren’t familiar with him. It sort of makes it much more about her, than about him.

Oh, and she just did a skit with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show” and has a new TV show coming out.
So there’s that.

Palin - Putin skit 01


Ricketts was also endorsed by political blogger Erick Erickson of Red State.

Erickson talks about Ricketts’s resume, then states,

Here’s the thing with Pete Ricketts. He’s got several opponents in the race. We’ve encountered one before in the US Senate race in Nebraska and didn’t much care for him then.

Frankly one of the other candidates, Beau McCoy, is a solid conservative candidate and my support of Pete is not against McCoy, but rather for Pete.

Interesting that Erickson went out of his way to also knock Bruning, then give a nod towards McCoy.

Erickson doesn’t have Sarah Palin juice, but he’s a somewhat big deal in political circles.


Jon Bruning was endorsed by the York News Times (“All the Fits That’s Print to News!“).

We have no doubt that the Bruning-ites would argue that more Nebraskans read the YNT than RedState.


Over in the Senate race, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry endorsed his former Washington, D.C. office Chief of Staff, Ben Sasse.

The Combat Veterans PAC endorsed Shane Osborn.


Remember the Seinfeld episode with “Opposite George”? Where George decided to just do the opposite of whatever his natural inclinations were? (Instead of tuna salad on toast, he has chicken salad on rye…untoasted!)

Well, when talking into a microphone, we sometimes think the Congressman should go “Opposite Lee”.
Instead of trying for the witty repartee, maybe next time just, “I am very pleased to be here.


  1. Billionaire Pete says:

    Daddy told me he $pon$ored Erick Erick$on’$ blogger conference.

    Daddy ha$n’t told me yet how much $arah Palin co$t, but I did hear $omething about a private jet.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    All the Sasse & Osborn stuff is really starting to wear on me. It seems like those two keep trotting out endorsements from DC people and not really focusing in on Nebraskans. They seem most concerned about which obscure conservative magazine or website (that’s read by I’m guessing less than 500 Nebraskans) he needs to be beholden too. I couldn’t really give a crap less what redstate, or National Review, or any of these people say. They couldn’t even find Scottsbluff or Grand Island on a map, let alone tell us what issues are most crucial for Nebraskans. Both of these guys seem to me that they’ll already have so many favors to pay back when they get to DC that the people from Nebraska won’t even be a thought in their mind. I’m undecided still, but leaning more and more towards Dinsdale.

    On to the Governors race I still don’t see why Mike Foley isn’t getting more traction. To me he seems the most qualified and the most willing to cut the wasteful spending coming out of Lincoln. I think that this race will probably go to Ricketts or Bruning, but to me the better man is Foley.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sarah Palin is endorsing Pete? Well, okay then, that just seals the deal that I WON’T be voting for Pete. Ugh. Can’t stand her. Of course, I’m not voting for Bruning either. I’m thinking Slone will get my vote. At least he seems to be focused on Nebraska.

  4. RedState - Erick Ericson - Endorsement says:

    Erick Erickson pushed hard for Don Stenberg in the last U.S. Senate Race. Erick Erickson seems to follow wherever the Senate Conservative Fund goes.

    I also find it interesting how much the Pete Ricketts and Ben Sasse endorsements cross each other. They both have Palin endorsements. Erick Erickson has written articles pushing both Ricketts and Sasse. I’m sure there’s more.

    Food for thought.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not so sure Mr. Ricketts will publicize the Palin endorsement too hard… or at least it would be wise not to do so.

    Fischer got her endorsement, and the Fischer camp was very proud of it for a short while even going so far as to put it on a lit piece. Later, they had multiple tens of thousands remaining and the distribution of that piece ceased rather abruptly.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, that was my post on the Rickets ad that got deleted. Sorry. Wasn’t trying to be mean; I was trying to be honest and blunt. As I first watched that spot, I found myself wishing that someone within the Rickets camp had summoned the courage to be honest and blunt. My comments were intended as a criticism of the spot, but its impossible to criticize a spot with the kids like that without seeming to attack the kids themselves.

  7. Bob Loblaw, number 3 says:

    You saw Sasse got Jeff Fortenberry, right? That’s arguably the biggest instate endorsement of the race thus far.

  8. Anon says:

    Can I be completely proud of Shane Osborn’s heroics and service to our country without electing him to be a United States Senator? Many Nebraskans were similarly proud of and adored Tom Osborne without wanting him as our next Governor. Most Republican Senators in D.C. are voting in lock-step so it’s hard to distinguish between two candidates on the issues. Cruz, Rubio, Lee and Paul are the future of the party because they are brilliant thinkers and speakers. Sasse seems to fit in that mold and has a better chance of being a leader in the Republican Reform Caucus. That’s why he’ll likely get my vote but Shane’s story still gives me chills.

  9. anonymous says:

    Sorry, not brilliant thinkers or speakers, just successful packaging & marketing, like cheap lunch meat. You know, the social construction of political candidates. None of these guys pass the “Jesus” test: doing your job so well the powers that be conspire to kill you for it. Note that I do not advocate violence as a means of social change, and wish all concerned personal health, safety and long lives, etc.

    That said what we really need is a person who has principles and sticks to them, but can also take in new information, change their mind, and vote accordingly. None of the above candidates need apply.

  10. Interested Observer says:

    It’s amusing to note that # 9 left out our new Junior $enator from his list of the “future of the party because they are brilliant thinkers and speakers”.

  11. YoungVoter says:

    40 days and 40 nights of these Ads. I’m thinking it’s time to disconnect the cable tv and start feeling up my Netflix Q

  12. The Nebraska Cornhuskers Avery Moss says:

    Dear L St Readers,
    I am compelled to post this because of the lack of transparency involving the Big Reds football player Avery Moss; who was convicted of exposing himself to a student working on the campus. The Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star will not ask the powers that be; BO Pelini or anybody else; important questions; so this is my take:
    This teen ager kid on the football team Avery Moss exposed his genitals to a gal worker on campus, twice, in December of 2012. Videotape evidence was conclusive.
    Moss was arrested and a court date in Jan 2013 was set, but Moss skipped that hearing.
    Subsequently the kid, who was a good player, played in the Huskers 2013 season.
    Lincoln police thought Moss was a threat, and they banned him from campus. When the ban occurred is not evident, since Lincoln police and the University will not say, siting student confidentiality. What the papers reported was statements Moss made after his court hearing last year, that Moss was banned, after he repeatedly went back to the dorms.
    So what I want to hear is what Coach Pelini has to say for himself; why he let Moss play when he knew what the kid did, why was Moss banned from campus by Lincoln police and when (seems logical to me that the ban would have taken place after the incident in late 2012, which would have made Moss ineligible for the 2013 season), and why the University has such little regard for the victim of Moss’s crime.
    And I thank Mr Street Sweeper and the readers of the Leavenworth St blog for letting me post my rant, because like I say the Omaha World Herald, and reporters/columnists Tom Shatel and Sam McKeown, and the Lincoln Journal Stars Steve Sipple and Brian Rosenthal, refuse to ask the tough questions of the powers that be in the Nebraska football program.

    Ricky From Omaha

  13. copy and paste? says:

    um… ok thank you ricky?

    on a more related note to the discussion thought this was interesting:

    rickettsrecord dot com (Seems sweeper isnt a fan of links)

  14. anonymous says:

    Ricky had a double serving of a double stupid burger. That last post has nothing to do with Nebraska politics or the current election. Ricky, start nebraskafootballhatersst.blogger.com. Maybe we’ll see you there. Mr. Sweeper, this is not a link, there is no such working URL or blog, for illustration only.

  15. Waldo says:

    Is Foley still in the race? His poor fund raising totals is a message from GOP donors. You can not win a state primary if you are not rapidly against illegal immigrants. Bye Mike, nice try.

  16. From South of the Border says:

    Pedro Ricketts, I see someone made a great new video about your support for me and my family. You should really send them a thamnk you note! I do not understand why you have not talked about this more. There are thousands and thousands of us here and ready to come to Nebraska when you are governor.

    Maybe you can use some of you riches to air the ad more and more? Viva Pedro Ricketts! I will be here forever!!

  17. perspective says:

    Let’s see if we understand this correctly.

    A GOP Vice Presidential nominee’s endorsement of Rickettse isn’t a big deal but a York NE newspaper endorsement of Bruning is? Okay. – And Bruning’s wife saying he “stays positive” is swallowed whole while a creative and pleasant Ricketts ad with his kids is somehow child abuse? Okay but. We do smell a slant here.

    Let’s put some perspective into this, based on what one of these candidate himself actually said back in the day…

    “Conservatives… they’ve whined about elections, homosexuals and presidents’ wives. But I suppose you could call me the idiot who is foolish enough to show compassion for people who weren’t born into the same financial situation I was.”

    “How about Hillary Clinton, I said last week she was an amazing woman. Evidently everyone agrees because I haven’t heard differently. I know you’re out there because Bush won Nebraska overwhelmingly. Either you’re scared to stand up for what you believe in or too lazy to write a five-minute letter to the editor.”

    “Let me give you some cannon fodder. I think a woman should have a right to choose… I believe in gun control. I think the National Rifle association is wrong… I believe in helping those who are less fortunate. Conservatives believe that the poor must be born poor because they want to be (poor) otherwise they’d be rich… I believe homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else. They ought to be able to be Boy Scout leaders… I believe in affirmative action.”

    “I would love to persuade you that trickle-down economics was a farce or that Ronald Reagan was incapable of understanding complex policy arguments.”

    “I’d like to invite all conservatives to come out of the closet. In the eloquent words of the conservative President Bush, ‘Let’s get it on.’” – SIGNED, JON BRUNING

    When Bruning said this he wasn’t the age of Ricketts’ kids. Bruning was at the time older than most 4 year college graduates, old enough to know better. If you don’t like Ricketts’ money, that fine. But he didn’t steal it out of taxpayer’s pockets. Bruning is obviously in this for power at all costs. Because no one but the most slimy of beings turns his coat as entirely as Bruning has.

  18. “perspective” at 9:14

    No, you clearly did NOT understand the post correctly.
    It’s all there in colored pixels, yet you failed to read what we wrote and inserted your biased view instead.

    So let us boil it down to an intensely flavored sauce for you to take in:

    1) We did NOT say that the YNT endorsement was a “big deal” and that Palin’s “wasn’t”.
    What we DID say, is that the Palin endorsement of Ricketts isn’t really comparable to the Fischer endorsement in 2012.
    What we DID say is that the YNT endorsement will be read by more people than the Red State endorsement.

    2) You will note that we did not analyze any of the content of the Kids or Deonne ads. No, we never said Ricketts featuring his kids in the ad was “child abuse”, but as we noted, we aren’t really into it, no matter how “creative” you think it is.

    3) We usually delete posts that cut and paste long parts of other articles, but will leave yours up just to prove the point. We will note that it has absolutely nothing to do with the ads currently up, or any of the points we have made.

    And thanks for “reading”.

  19. wheres waldo says:

    valid point… yet I would say his belief in prenatal coverage does allow him to create a point of differentiation. Whether that is good or bad we shall see. Foley stands up for his beliefs and I respect that.

    But hey if he had, i dont know, maybe an 800k donor from falls city or a billionaire dad that wouldnt hurt either

  20. Frequent Voter says:

    Mike Foley must not feel the need to assault our senses every 30 seconds with another ad. Guess he’s quietly doing his job as State Auditor every day and reaching out to voters through his many grassroots supporters.

  21. Anonymous says:

    If I thought my Senator in Washington needed to have the skills to get himself surrounded by men toting AK-47s, then Shane would be my guy.
    If I thought my Governor in Lincoln needed to have the cash to buy himself an endorsement by an Alaskan media whore, then Pete would be my guy.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If I thought my Governor in Lincoln needed to line himself up for kickbacks and find other ways to enrich himself while in office, then Jon Bruning would be my guy.
    If I thought

  23. To #25 says:

    Alleging kickbacks is libel. Funny how the Ricketts machine can’t argue issues in a straight fair fight. Hope you have sheltered your assets.

  24. Supporting Amnesty says:

    I can totally see Ricketts and Palin tied to the hip. She has supported amnesty too!

    A billionaire spoiled brat born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and Miss Whatever she was…both out of touch with Nebraska.

  25. anonymous says:

    Message to Pete and Beau’s handlers: more of the above please. Not the crap you feed us 30 – 60 seconds at a time in soundbites on TV. How ’bout an intellectual and moral meal and not the empty snacks you lot feed the electorate?

  26. perspective says:

    Sorry if I upset you. If you say I clearly did not understand your post, then I clearly must not have understood it. By way of explanation, please know that I can only react to what I see.

    When you said of Ricketts that you “don’t think it’s fair to the kids” that means you don’t think Ricketts was being fair to his kids. The term “child abuse” is, like your suggestion that “Columbia” Clothing Co. is funding the Bruning campaign, just literary license. No one here actually thinks Bruning is getting free ski jackets or that Ricketts is abusing his kids, except for you actually saying he’s unfair to his kids.

    Yes, Palin endorsing Ricketts today is different from Palin endorsing Fischer in 2012. This race is for governor not senator and for a man not a woman. However, what is similar is that Palin is still doing the endorsing. She picked from among 6 Republicans in 2012 and from among 6 Republicans running today. And yet the only GOP candidate running in both 2012 and 2014, and thus is the only Nebraskan twice bypassed by Palin, is Jon Bruning. And, in case anyone has forgotten, this is Governor Palin endorsing a gubernatorial candidate not a Senate candidate. In that sense, Gov. Palin’s endorsement of Ricketts is more pertinent than her endorsement of Fischer.

    As far as which is a “bigger deal”, the York endorsement or the Palin endorsement, what you actually said was, “back when she (Palin) endorsed Deb Fischer, it was a bigger deal.” I grant that you didn’t inflate the York endorsement. But you deflated the Palin to the point where it hardly seems worthwhile to quibble.

    Finally, with regard to the assertion that Bruning’s own published political beliefs have “absolutely nothing to do with the ads currently up, or any of the points we have made”, your points omitted the massively obvious point that Palin has bypassed only one Nebraska candidate twice in two years, and that candidate was Bruning. What he acutally believes thus matters.

    Why did Palin pick Ricketts not Bruning? Why pick Fischer not Bruning? Back in 2012, Don Stenberg screamed when Palin endorsed Fischer saying he was the “real conservative”. Palin didn’t pick Stenberg either, or any of the nearly one dozen other Republicans.

    Amid all this, we saw in your prose some slant. You say there is no slant. Good. Because soon all this won’t mean anything. In a few weeks we will have a clear choice between the Republican gubernatorial candidate and Obama’s Democrat choice for Governor of Nebraska.

  27. “perspective”,
    I’ll give you this:
    1) both in ’12 and ’14, Palin DID make an endorsement(s) in Nebraska.
    2) you do have “perspective”; the perspective of a Ricketts supporter (or staffer) who sees all criticism as a partisan attack.
    Thanks for reading.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Sarah Palin was, at best, a weak city council member, a marginal mayor, and a half-term governor. She quit that last job to follow the cash that came her way after John McCain made the mistake of asking her to destroy his chances of becoming President.
    So, her endorsement is worth what? Perhaps a half-assed one if we are to be generous.

  29. SS is Jordan, SS is Jordan, Jordan is SS, Jordan is SS says:

    One of the only known contributors to this blog is Jordan McGrain, campaign manager to Jon Bruning. Anything and everything SS has written to this point on the governor’s race has an obvious bent toward Bruning. Now, Sweeper, if you are Jordan, and Jordan is you, or at least one of your buddies (which has been established by the fact that you’ve let him write for “you” in the past) that’s understandable. Just don’t expect people to allow you any benefit of objectivity when writing on the governor’s race.

    Thanks for reading.

  30. To Where's Waldo says:

    Foley giving benefits to illegals is the reason he can not win the primary. He’s a distant fourth and scratching his head why. He and his staff just do not get it.

  31. Interested Observer says:

    Then who does that put in the Sweet Third spot, poised to shoot the gap to first place while Bruning and Ricketts blast each other?

  32. anonymous says:

    Sorry to #35 at 2:04 am. My K Street spies tell me that Sweeper has managed to keep her/his/it’s identity a secret since the blog’s inception. Even they don’t know who Sweeper is (or don’t care to find out, or know and don’t care to tell me).

    I’ve spent some time checking the metadata on Sweeper’s “separated at birth” image files. No scars, tattoos or identifying marks – so far. There were some pictures posted from stairs in Creighton’s Harper Center in the last 2 years that are worth a second look. If Sweeper is a CU person, that person would do well to get back to work. Of course the usual rejoinder is for me to get back to work, but I am at work. So much for rejoinders.

  33. whatever, it's jordan says:

    although i remain a bit skeptical bc street sweeper is generally much more clever than anything that’s ever come from one of jordan’s failed campaigns.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Campaign managers and staff are too busy and have no reason to blog because voters who decide elections don’t. Bloggers are not the target audience.

    We too detect some “slant” but that is okay. All people have preferences and such will show up in whatever they write during a competitive race. Everyone has skin in the outcome. The embarrassment happens when we get caught trying to accuse others of being partial to this or that candidate when in fact everyone is partial. It is impossible to be impartial if you care enough to vote.

  35. To Perspective (Ricketts Staffer...Jessica...) says:

    Palin endorsing Fischer follows a pattern in her endorsements. Palin endorsing Ricketts does not. It is pretty clear that endorsement went to the highest bidder and I doubt any of the other candidates even entered the process.

    I’d bet there will be a fairly large deposit made to Palin’s PAC or foundation, if there hasn’t been already. Take a look at all of the Ricketts endorsements. They have all been bought. There is very little doubt the Palin endorsement is any different.

    You know this endorsement is paper thin. You wouldn’t be working so hard to make it stick if it wasn’t.

  36. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Are we REALLY back on the “Jordan McGrain is Street Sweeper” thing?

    I don’t know who the sweepsters are, but it ain’t Jordan. And to those making snide remarks about his “failed campaigns”, look in the mirror and ask yourself who ran the worst United States Senate campaign of the last 100 years. The whole party was embarrassed, and you’re on track to do it again only this time you won’t make it past the primary.

  37. hold the phone says:

    jordan mcgrain is too busy being billionaire pete and viva pedro ricketts guy… lets not give the kid too much credit

  38. Anonymous says:

    “Sweeper” is actually a group of GOP politicians’ wives. They needed something more stimulating than the run-of-the-mill book club and came up with this to relieve their boredom. Macdaddy and RWP are members of the same club,

  39. Ricky says:

    Q: does anybody know if a registered independent can vote in the Republican Primary?
    The Dems have only one candidate for Gov and D2 Congress.
    Voting in the GOP primary would be more fun, if I could do that.
    Or, maybe I could switch my voter registration to R for the Primary?
    I might do that if nobody told anybody.


    Ricky From Omaha

  40. MECA backs down says:

    Mean Jean 1
    MECA 0

    In a quick (five minute) meeting this week MECA said well maybe we won’t extend Mr Vokal’s term by two years.
    But then lawyer-for-hire Robert Freeman of MECA still insisted that the by laws of his committee means they could do whatever they wanted basically.
    And Jay Born With a Silver Spoon in his Mouth Friend of Ken Stinson Noodle said oh yea maybe we still will explore a longer term for members.
    This whole thing came about when the Omaha City Council rejected Susie Buffett for another white male in a vote then tried to explain that away by saying oh maybe we could have 7 members instead of 5 and then get a minority on the board.
    The agreement the City has with MECA seems to be a poorly written document open to interpretation. Lawyer Freeman insisted that the Mayor could not really have terminated the agreement without mediation, but they capitulated anyway.
    Does not really matter unless the City Council put on the ballot a vote to rescind entirely MECA’s charter. And that will not happen, so MECA still answers to nobody.

    ricky from omaha

  41. Drew says:

    Many men won’t quite get the Sarah Palin endorsements but conservative women appreciate what Palin did as a woman to defend conservatives values, so she does carry weight.

    As for the Ricketts kids ad, it is brilliant way to humanize Pete. But is this enough? I see taxpayers going for other candidates, particularly Slone. Thoughts?

  42. Anonymous says:

    TO: To Where’s Waldo? Foley is against the death penalty, holding to his Catholic principles though less than half of Catholics oppose the death penalty. Kudos to him for standing on the same principles he has held consistently but I would guess that opposing the death penalty might not garner you a lot in a Republican Primary either when all of the other candidates are firmly in support of it.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Nope, I’m a conservative woman who cannot stand Sarah Palin. She is not very bright and just ends up making all conservative women look not very bright. She and Michelle Bachman have done more to hurt the image of conservative women than anyone.

  44. Former Foley Fanatic says:

    The kiss of death for Foley’s run for Governor was his support of giving taxpayer funds to illegals. I have supported Foley for many years and think he did a great job as the auditor. But his support of LB599 ended all of my support for him. It is not about him being pro-life—I am as pro-life as Foley is–I just think it is unfair for hard-working, taxpaying Nebraskans to have to give free health care to people who broke the law to become illegals in our state.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, we’ve taken to talking about you because we are all bored to death with the fools that are running for office this year.

  46. anonymous says:

    Jeb Bush has a recognizably Catholic stance on illegal immigration. He says “it can be an ‘act of love’ to tKe care of your family.” That’s not too far off from Aquinas saying it’s not stealing if that’s the only thing between you and starving to death. Jeb is running for President. He strikes me as a person who can take in new information and act accordingly. A conservative, but not a willfully ignorant blockhead who stands on a morally indefensible “principle.”

  47. Ricky says:

    I read the OWH long article on Ben Sasse today. It was a glowing tribute.
    Not a bad bone in the guys body apparently.
    Once again though he fails to say exactly how he will repeal Obamacare.
    And the reason for that is because he can’t and neither can any Republican.
    It would be nice at the next event that somebody, anybody, ask these guys how they can repeal Obamacare and why when millions have benefited.
    Sasse and Osborn must really think GOP primary voters are dumb because they keep repeating that.

    ricky from omaha

  48. Pete says:


    Have millions really benefited from Obamacare? Because I’m a young person, and I hang out with other people my age. You know what? Everyone I know who is paying for their own insurance at this point (many of my friends are avoiding the calamity by staying on mom and dad’s insurance until they turn 26) are getting brutally bent over by Obamacare. To what benefit? Those who are paying out of pocket are at around $400-$500/ month for insurance, and even those whose employers pay the majority of their premium are at $200 when none of them ever get sick, save for the occasional 0300 brown bottle flu. What ever happened to everyone’s premiums going down and the cost of healthcare dropping? Because that’s what they promised. Instead, costs are up and your head is buried too far in the sand to accept the facts.

    I have a sister in law with spina bifida and scoliosis. Her back is in such terrible shape that is is crushing her kidneys and only one is functioning and it is at 60%. Her condition is so bad that the best back surgeon in Omaha says he is not skilled enough to operate on it. It doesn’t matter anyway, because he has not had a single major operation approved since Obamacare’s implementation. Her insurance won’t cover the fix, but they will approve a few patchworks that treat symptoms. Why won’t they pay for the service she so desperately needs? You guessed it! Obamacare. There’s no “care” in Obamacare. It’s just an insurance scam. Obama is a joke and I’m embarrassed that anyone who supports this shit sandwich shares my city.

  49. Anonymous says:

    # 40. You say “Palin endorsing Fischer follows a pattern in her endorsements. Palin endorsing Ricketts does not. It is pretty clear that endorsement went to the highest bidder.”

    So Ricketts can buy anyone except you? Lie down, friend. You may need some Prozac.

    Look, if money can buy endorsements and votes, then Ricketts would have been a U. S. Senator and Obamacare wouldn’t have been passed, right?

    Ben Nelson passed Obamacare by one vote. Nebraska voters, including many registered Republicans, sent Nelson to DC. They were as irrationally myopic then as you are today.

    Street Sweeper wants to know why many here care more about his identity then about the candidates. That is because most Nebraskans have proven themselves too stupid to vote, let alone prognosticate political outcomes. Nebraskans are not rational voters.

    Ricketts probably will lose to Bruning. To think any of pissants running today have a Fischer-like chance, is to be blind to Fischer’s management of her own victory. So its Ricketts or Bruning.

    And why not Ricketts lose to a Bruning? After all, Ricketts lost to Nelson even after Ricketts told you and every other Nebraskan that Nelson would pass Obamacare. Ricketts told you that. He put his money where his mouth was and still you and other Nebraskans voted for Nelson. Now you are either demanding the pissants not be pissants or you are kissing Bruning’s “I hate Republicans” ass in middle of a Republican primary.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, since you aren’t a Republican, while don’t you grace us with your opinion of your candidate Hassebrook?

  51. Revisionists says:

    Please show me ONE instance of Ricketts warning us that Nelson would vote for anything resembling Obamacare. Just one.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Pete, if your story is really true, then peddle it to the Koch brothers and their PACS. Every ad they’ve ran showing negative outcomes due to Obamacare has been proven false. They’d love a true one (if yours really is).

  53. Anonymous says:

    No, we’re back to the “Koch brothers lie” bit. Which is completely true and can be verified with actual facts unless one is brainwashed.

  54. It is amazing to me how many people (liberal AND conservative) still think the ACA is/was about health care. It’s a VEHICLE folks … think camel’s nose, all of his body, and most of his butt … and we’re still inveighing about deductibles, premiums, and pre-existing conditions … it makes my elbows ache.

  55. Ricky says:

    Sorry about the situation you describe Pete. But from a lot of other stories I have heard people have benefited from Obamacare. My son got onto the web site and now has health insurance.
    Which makes me worry less because he plays basketball and what would happen if he broke his leg?
    He did not have insurance before.
    But my question remains; how exactly will Mr Sasse and Mr Osborn repeal the new law?
    They can’t.


  56. To Pete says:

    Pete, you believe you are being “brutally bent over” because you are now expected to pay for health insurance? Oh, you poor boy. Welcome to the real world kid. We adults have been doing that for years. Yes, even before Obamacare. You are being a crybaby about having to pay $400-$500 month? That isn’t all that much, Junior. And you think your generation doesn’t need insurance because “none of them ever get sick”? You are delusional. You claim people have their heads buried in the sand while speaking with your head up your ass.

    By the way. I’m a Democrats and your question has been answered.

  57. To above says:

    Before calling people delusional, you think you are more than one person? “Im a Democrats” soooooooo…… The other possibility is you are seeing double, to which I would suggest to put down your Appletini and don’t drive.

  58. Macdaddy says:

    If you like your health insurance, you can keep it. Lie.
    If you like your doctor you can keep her. Lie.
    The average family will save $2500. Lie.

    There are as many uninsured Americans today as there were on October 1st of last year. Probably more, given the fact that 20-50% of those who have supposedly signed up for insurance haven’t paid their premiums. Oh, and we don’t know what the actual numbers are because this way Obama can lie about them more easily. Those who have signed up for insurance are paying more for things they don’t need plus a higher deductible, which means Heaven help Ricky’s son if he breaks his leg because he will be on the hook for probably the entire bill. But you Democrats keep chewing on that s*** sandwich.

    BTW, ricky? If you were that worried about your son maybe you should have paid for his insurance and left the rest of us out of it.

  59. anonymous says:

    Sorry Macdaddy, but unless the actual statistics are being fed to you personally, and you personally can truthfully summarize and report that data, the actual answer to the question “What is the fiscal and healthcare impact of the ACA on a representative sample of people:

    – those already insured (outside the ACA)
    – those newly insured (by the ACA)
    – and those uninsured:

    * uninsured before the ACA who declined to obtain or were unable to obtain insurance
    * and those uninsured after the ACA went into effect.

    – And, for good measure:

    * those who lost their insurance before the ACA went into effect, for reasons demonstrably unrelated to ACA
    * and those those who lost their insurance before or after the ACA went into effect, for reasons demonstrably related to the ACA.

    is “We don’t have enough reliable, unbiased information to know.” Period. Since you, Macdaddy, are no actuary, and have no access data beyond hearsay, the CONSERVATIVE analytical position is to wait until you can use words remotely related to reason, if not scientific inquiry.

    All we have from you so far is curt rhetoric. Which you repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat so as to establish the words you repeat as fact. Which you can’t because they aren’t. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Libertarian. I’m not identified by any label anyone might care to invent or apply. I don’t love the ACA. I don’t hate it. I don’t love Obama. I don’t hate Obama either. Or George Bush (either one of them). I do know I won’t like whatever easy rejoinder you come up with. Dispense with both your easy rejoinder and your curt rhetoric, and try to write like the intelligent man I believe you are, like you are writing an essay for “First Things.”

  60. Ricky says:

    You are exactly right anon at 6:38.
    There are MORE people with insurance now and MORE people on Medicaid now than before Obamacare.
    Objective reports verify this. But if Macdaddy won’t believe that guess there is no hope for him.
    I hope other GOP members are not blind to the facts though, and then maybe the Republicans will ask more of their candidates then how anti-Obamacare they can be.
    Please for the betterment of Nebraska Repubs; demand more than that from their candidates.


  61. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Having more people on medicaid now than ever before is not something to be proud of you insufferable moron.

  62. To to Genius above says:

    I have heard of a typo. I also know that “Oxycotin Freak” is not a proper noun or an official title but rather an adjective and does not need to be capitalized.

    Gosh dang the Learning Community made you more stupider!

  63. Anonymous says:


    Who cares? Maybe someone else more qualified than you applied. It happens. But no, your whole life you held a union job in which you had little to no chance of ever being fired. Now you draw a government pension and are still able to work so you go looking for another government job. But since you didn’t get it it is an attack on you. You rant and rail against city hall, elected leaders, and everyone else because you didn’t get the job you feel you’re entitled to. Welcome to the real world. Stuff happens. You are nothing but a leech on societ. apparently just like your son. Because he was too stupid to go on esurance or some other website and buy insurance before. But it’s not his fault, it’s someone else’s. Right rick.

  64. To Gerard says:

    Thanks for the correction on the appropriate capitalization of the brand name for oxycodone, Gerard. As a chemist, could you tell me WTF “Oxycotin” is? I’ve never heard of it. Perhaps it was a typo, and we know that those are not allowed here on Leavenworth Street lest the self-appointed grammar police chase us down and demonstrate their own ignorance to us.

  65. Anonymous says:

    78, let us cast no insult toward leeches. Tapeworm is a far more apt description.

    For the behavior of Social Liberals seems less vampiric and more like that of a creature living in the sunless bowel eating the digested remains of what others worked for, consumed, and would poop out but for the worms’ voracious appetite. Yes, they do drain your resources at your expense. But in the end they just make your butt itch.

    It is of course terribly embarrassing for America to have its ass full of these parasitic creatures. But the worms never seem to mind. From their viewpoint, food just flows magically to them.

  66. who-do-you-think-you're-kidding says:

    Spina bifida is a condition that, until recently, was always fatal. Spina bifida is a birth defect, where you are born with a spine that has not closed. It requires immediate surgery and intense medical supervision for years. Adults don’t have spina bifida. As I said, it is a birth defect that is either cured or kills you at a young age.

    So, if your relative has problems NOW with the way her diseases were treated when she was young — and I had friends in middle school who had to wear one of the gosh-awful braces for scoliosis — it is not the fault of Obamacare. Honestly, I don’t believe your story one bit. You are entirely misinformed on both topics. Perhaps you need to have a chat with your sister-in-law.

  67. Bob Loblaw says:

    Ever since Obamacare everyone, left & right, is a medical expert now.

    I’m no Doctor. But I do play one on the internet.

  68. TexasAnnie says:

    Bravo #72! Macdaddy denigrates the Affordable Care Act as much as Ricky supports it.

    But none of us can know it’s outcome yet. It does appear that over time we will all be signed up when our employer-supported policies become unfavorable to employers. And when that time arrives either government-mandated pay hikes, or, government-mandated (single-payer) healthcare, or both, must ensue because the current minimum wage will simply not suffice.

    Since government has been meddling in healthcare for a very long time, I’m ready for the full roll-out of government healthcare. Not because I believe government will promote BETTER healthcare, but rather because I believe it will promote EQUITABLE healthcare. We, U.S. taxpayers, are already sponsoring healthcare for the old, the young, the infirm, the military and other government workers, for university and county hospital support, for medical research, for pharmaceutical and other medically-related industry tax subsidies, and etc…..

    So why not Medicare for everyone?

  69. Anonymous says:

    Article in the OWH today talks about how Bart McLeay let every kid he coached have a chance to play. Socialist.

  70. Interested Observer says:

    That’s the only thing you got out of that entire article? What an amazing analysis!

    I actually remember when Bart McLeay sued the Park Service for their illegal actions against the ranchers up here and I’ll tell you that he absolutely is a hero to a lot of us!

    The National Park Service’s Niobrara National Scenic River office here started out as a 2 person staff around 20 years ago and is now up to around 40 FULL TIME POSITIONS. They keep moving into bigger buildings every few years, just to accommodate the extra people they hire. The whole time that this federal bureaucracy has grown like this, the actual number of people going down the river has been going down and therefore, the actual, legitimate need for ANY government employees has also gone down.

    THAT’S government over reach and out of control governmental growth. THAT’S what Bart wants to stop and I support him!

  71. Joe Bob says:

    To TA: So, you don’t want people to have BETTER healthcare, you want us to have EQUITABLE healthcare. As long as everyone has the same sh***y, government controlled healthcare, you’ll be happy?

  72. TexasAnnie says:

    No, Joe Bob. Your assumptions are false.

    I want everybody to have equity in what everybody is paying for (taxes).
    And for that matter, I want everybody to have equity of taxes, no exceptions and no excuses.

    When somebody tells me they are “conservative,” I immediately check to see if that is ‘code’ for somebody wanting to maintain taxing and programmatic advantages currently being enjoyed over others. I’m not arguing for any advantage owing to anyone; I want equity.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Equity? Health and life are unequal. Slavery and death are equal.

    Texas, you speak of military healthcare as if it is a bottomless pit of money and good care. I performed triage in war and in peace. I marked the hurt and the disabled as federal meat for death. I was given awards for doing that.

    Government’s job is not to heal but rather to control and to kill. It is government’s job is to decide who is fit by circumstance to keep alive and the cost measures required to kill them. War, executions, and triage are all part of dispassionate, pencil pushing bureaucratic government’s authority that decides who dies. If it was up to those who took the Hippocratic Oath, there would be no killing. Government isn’t doctors. Government kills people, officially and far more effectively than it cures them.

    Please don’t think badly of federal TRIAGE by doctors. For there is far worse. The who-shalll-die determination that is done on the spot by federal medicos who get promoted for keeping people alive, is by Obamacare being systematically undercut and replaced by a who-shall-die regulatory determination done by federal bureaucrats afar, desk workers who get promoted for keeping federal healthcare budgets within limits. That isn’t triage, that’s euthanasia.

  74. TexasAnnie says:

    Health and life are indeed, unequal.
    But taxes and govt. services SHOULD BE equal.

    You are telling me they are not equal. You are not telling me they CANNOT BE equal.
    Why not?
    Is it because “conservatives” fight so hard to keep their advantages?

    And don’t get me started on “euthanasia.” Nebraskans do have those BSDC deaths…

  75. Ricky says:

    In the OWH story on Bart McLeay today he claims winning a federal lawsuit on the behalf of David Sokol was feather in his cap and a reason to vote for McLeay.
    By the way this story was a lot more even than the adoring piece on Mr Sasse earlier this week.
    So it looks like David Sokol is making a sort of comeback after his fall from grace as a BRK exec.
    And Mr Sokol has invited Ben Carson to speak at his annual Salvation Army luncheon. Carson is the guy that equated homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia. And Carson compared the USA to Nazi Germany.
    So hey Mr Sokol, you can stay lost and in Wyoming where you moved to escape taxes even though you are rich.
    Sokol, remember, bossed Omaha Mayor’s around and gave money to try to recall the great Jim Suttle.
    And Sokol was on the first MECA board and responsible for driving the Royals to Sarpy County so they can compete against Omaha.

    Stay lost Mr Sokol and out of here please.

    ricky the unemployed

  76. Macdaddy says:

    #81, if by recently you mean 50+ years, then yes, you are correct. Pete’s sister still needs an operation and the super-awesome beefed up insurance that Obamacare has mandated won’t approve it. Obama said this wouldn’t happen. Maybe she should just take a pill like Dr Obama prescribes.

    #72, I was going for curt rhetoric so score for me! You do know the government has those numbers and won’t release them, right? Oh, but they did release the 7,041,000 number which was magically 41,000 over the goal they set months and months ago. What are the odds? What are the odds they are real? Zero.

  77. By the way, the Rand Corporation report that was selectively leaked last week, to seem to provide support for ObamCare, is now actually out. They say the number of signups is 3.6 million, not 7.2 million, and fewer than 1.5 million are new enrollees.

    I’d say Macdaddy had it about right. Zero.

  78. ‘Equity in taxes’. Some very smart people have debated for decades about what that means, but for the simple-minded, it’s simple.

    Then there’s the master of taxation himself, who was far more cynical.

    “The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing” — Jean Baptiste Colbert

  79. TexasAnnie says:

    Tax equity = same rate in exchange for same govt. services (no exceptions, no excuses).
    Is that simple enough for YOU, Gerard?

  80. Anonymous says:


    So you support a flat tax? Also, I don’t use any resources from the state for the developmentally disabled. Should I be taxed less than those that do use them?

  81. Interested Observer says:

    #100, you make a good point.

    Texas Annie said “Is it because “conservatives” fight so hard to keep their advantages?”. Is receiving assistance from the State simply an “advantage”? Is assistance in the form of additional instruction for a disabled person an “advantage” for the family of that disabled person? Is assistance in the form of an above average amount of State Aid to Education for the town down the road that has a meat packing plant an “advantage” for those non-English speaking students? Is assistance in the form of General Fund tax dollars going to the University of Nebraska system an “advantage” for the families of the students? Is WELFARE GRAZING an “advantage” for those few that get it?

    An “advantage” can come in many, many different forms. So, ultimately, where is the “equity” in ANY of it’s many forms?

    Is the “equity” that at some point everyone gets some, so give it to me first?

    Remember the last of the original 7 Commandments from “Animal Farm”, “All animals are equal.”

    But, in the last chapter, it was changed to, “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL

    Perhaps, therein lies the “equity”. . .

  82. anonymous says:

    At least we have the Rand Corporation’s report, however reliable it is, to quote. Not speculation. My point, simply, is “don’t guess.” Be scientific to the greatest extent possible. Now Ricky gets to at least attempt to explain the difference between Rand’s numbers and the White House’s numbers. And so it goes until we get a clear picture of what the real impact of the ACA is.

    This my round about way of telling Macdaddy what RWP tells his students: don’t complain when you get called out. Do a better job. That goes double times 100 for Ricky and Texas Annie.

    Oh, as for what what to call me, RWP, thanks, but “Sir” had me looking over my shoulder for my late Dad. I’ll accept your polite, respectful greeting on his behalf. As an Irishman he’d appreciate that.

  83. Miller Time regular says:

    Senator Janssen is making a fool of himself on the floor waving around a mountain lion vanity plate etching he is proposing.
    I think he must have been back at the bar over the lunch hour. Seek help man.

  84. anonymous says:

    I like Ernie. I believe I’ve seen him on “Game of Thrones” as Tyrion Lannister. Constantly mocked and not to be trifled with. Good for him.

  85. TexasAnnie says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! —#’s 100 and 101.

    All those advantages may be disadvantages to another; like all “tax incentives” are most certainly disincentives to those not receiving them. And when I’m writing about “equity” I’m stipulating that if you want a university system for your children and grandchildren, then I’m expecting special education for my youngest child. However when I lived in Nebraska, university spending was nearly unparalleled nationwide while SPED spending was being capped. And that was before the final closing of one-room schools in the late 1990’s, Interested Observer.

    I’m not arguing for an advantage over anyone else. Just equity.

  86. The Fraud known as Ben Sasse says:

    Looks like Nebraska Conservative leaders have called out the fraud known as Ben Sasse. The Freedomworks endorsement was all DC and not Nebraska.

  87. Dinsdale Supporter says:

    Sasse is the phony candidate. He is the DC outsider from DC. He was the Nemesis to Obamacare after he supported it. He is a champion of gun rights after he has policies at Midland against it. He is tough on illegal immigration even though he supported the repeal of Fremont’s ordinance. The guy is a fraud. Sid is the real deal!!!!

  88. Cougar Hunting says:

    ‘stick it to Ernie’ ???

    I thought that Charlie was going to kiss Ernie.

    It appeared that Charlie wrote this amendment on the back of napkin.

  89. Macdaddy says:

    #102, now I see. You wanted a richly sourced term paper. In other words, you were trying to get me to do all your work for you. Nice try. In general, when I write my comments I assume that the people who read this blog have a working knowledge of current events and know how to use google. Well, you know what they say about the word assume. You should google that.

  90. To Kay Orr says:

    I received a Robocall from Kay Orr asking me to support Ben Sasse. When I listen to a person endorsing a candidate I look at their record. Kay your record stinks. You set the Republican Party back 20 years and this country back 50. Yes you were the one that gave us Bob Kerrey, Peter Hoagland and Ben Nelson. Hal Daub should have been your Senate pick, but you divided the party by picking Dave Karnes and let us lose the Senate Seat. Furthermore you pissed off over half the state and even let Mort Sullivan get 30% of the 1990 primary vote. Ben Nelson was an unknown to most Nebraskans, unfortunately most Nebraskans knew you and your horrible record as governor. I give you partial blame Obamacare and the 60th vote in the senate. Now you edorse candidates like Ben Sasse! Ben Sasse was against the residents of Fremont on Immigration and he supported Obamacare. Kay don’t peddle your Karnesesque candidates on us. Every call I get I’ll ask 10 to support Sid Dinsdale

  91. central nebraska farmer says:

    Nothing against Sid, but any bankers I ever knew that got involved in politics were their for one reason and one reason only, and that was to make sure the banking industry was safe. Everything else was just an afterthought.

  92. Just got back from the debate says:

    Sasse’s handlers should have picked a different state to get this guy elected because nobody in Nebraska uses words like rubicon promulgate.

  93. History Lesson says:

    Why is Kay Orr all of the sudden getting so much run? Isn’t she the Governor who “inadvertently” raised taxes, then denied it, then admitted it, then apologized for it saying something like “I didn’t want to raise their taxes but there were so many of them”?

    Wasn’t she responsible for putting the Nebraska Republican Party in a almost decade long tailspin?

    Now, all of the sudden we are supposed to forget the real history and take this woman seriously? She knows best? I think not.

  94. TexasAnnie says:

    Wasn’t it Kay Orr who ushered in all those business “tax incentives” that now have Nebraskans in an economic bind?

  95. To the two geeks above says:

    To Sweeper and Bird Nerd,

    If you wanna geek out, grab a couple of your strategic game club buddies and head to mom’s basement. This is a place for civilized political discourse and not a place to discuss the merits of a 20 sided die.

  96. Gimme that jacket, kid says:

    Downtown Lincoln is crawling with 3,500 FFA students at their State Convention. I think I saw Jane Kleeb outside the Cornhusker trying to nab a new jacket.

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