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A quick Separated at Birth inspired by Micah Mertes’ list of worst sequels (and not sure how you keep “Caddyshack 2” off that list):

Ben Sasse and Jamie Kennedy from “Son of the Mask“!

Sasse - Kennedy - SAB 01


If you watched the GOP Senate “debate” last night, we feel your pain. Once again, a pretty worthless endeavor.

If voters needed to know that all the candidates are very intelligent and well informed, job done. (And please, no one ask Bart McLeay, the LeBron James of name remembering, to recite every Mideast leader again…)

But if you hoped for any separation, fireworks, confrontation or anything else, you got a big fat zero.

Here is a perfect example:

Q: Would any of you support earmarks?
A: “No.” “No.” “No.” “No.”

So there you go.

This debate started with a question about campaign financing and transparency.

Well guess what, Media? If you did your job in these debates and forced the candidates to call each other out on stage instead of with 30 second ads, that might not be an issue.

There was a single question that tried to force that, and not much happened.
EVERY question should have been, “how do you differ and with whom?”

Otherwise, on debate number three, what’s the point?


Two bits of polling information in the Senate race.
And we do mean “bits”.

First, The Weekly Standard had this:

“…private polling in Nebraska by an independent outside group has the race dead even at 31-30, a slight edge for former state treasurer Shane Osborn.”

They go on to note that Osborn’s name ID is higher, so they argue that means Sasse has more potential to go up.

Of course, no other info, no details, no other numbers, no dates, and certainly no crosstabs.

Then Rasmussen Reports, who we usually look to for decent polling info, came out with this thing:

Leading Republican hopefuls Shane Osborn and Ben Sasse are well ahead of their Democratic opponent in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race, but Sasse runs stronger among both GOP voters and all voters in the state.

A new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Nebraska Voters finds Sasse with 52% support, while David Domina picks up 27% of the vote. Five percent (5%) like some other candidate, but a sizable 16% are undecided.

Did someone tell Rasmussen that there is a Republican PRIMARY before they get to the General?
Do they realize that there are FOUR GOP candidates?

Hey Rasmussen, can we get a side of plastic fries with that giant Nothing Burger you just served?

Look, we get that the DC press types love Sasse, but this kind of stuff is insulting.
It is our understanding that the race is very close, and that those 30-30 numbers may very well be accurate.

Then why not just release the damn poll???
When they don’t, it only leads us to believe there is some bad news behind it which they are trying to hide.

Sigh. What’s a political blog to do…


Ben Sasse has a new web-ad up, called “11 Missed Calls“.
See it here:


Speaking of polls, we suppose Congressman Terry’s primary opponent showed why you don’t give up your polling info.
In a release yesterday, they noted that Terry is up 40% to 26% in an automated phone poll.
And they were happy about it.

The Terry peeps pushed back that being behind by double digits in your own poll is usually not something campaigns crow about.


In the Governor’s race, former 3rd District Congressman Tom Osborne endorsed Auditor Mike Foley.

FWIW, you may note that there is no love lost between Foley and Governor Dave Heineman.

Osborne and Heineman? All we know is we always think about the 2006 Gov’s race.


What else in the Gov’s race?

Well, we saw the Bruning ad hitting Ricketts, in the face of the onslaught of anti-Bruning ads.

But is it enough?

We have to imagine that the anti-Bruning stuff will be non-stop. Bruning may have to spend much of his campaign funds defending himself against them — because we don’t see any third parties coming in on his behalf.

If those two are slamming into each other, will that leave space for a third candidate to slip through?


Hey, speaking of Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, did you read the latest story in the local Omaha newspaper about Warren Buffett’s grandson? Because Warren HAS a grandson, and he DOES stuff!

And we certainly cannot get enough news about Warren Buffett’s grandson.

Here is a quote from the paper’s story about the grandson of Warren Buffett (who is Warren’s son’s son):

The Omaha World-Herald is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Did we mention that Warren’s dad used to be a Congressman?


Finally, in the AG race, Brian Buescher was endorsed by Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert.

And Doug Peterson put out this YouTuber:

Have at it.


  1. Jeff B. says:

    Poor Doug Peterson is disillusioned. He thinks you can win a state wide race with a Kay Orr endorsement and no money.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Catholic Bishop of Lincoln has a couple of yard signs. Foley for Gov. No surprise there since Foley has a couple brothers-in-law who are Priests. The other is Sasse for Senate.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Humble and sincere apologies about post 2 above. Driving by, it looked like the signs were in the Bishop’s yards. Driving back the other direction its clear the signs are in the neighbors yard. Close, but not quite where I thought. Sorry for the error.

  4. Hopeful says:

    Hopefully, the Catholic Bishop of Lincoln would have more sense than to put up a Sasse yard sign–assuming that God has blessed him with a thinking brain.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can’t even bear to type Dan Frei’s name, huh Streetsweeper? There are quite a few “undecideds” from the poll you mentioned it seems. And we all know undecideds often don’t vote for the incumbent….

  6. St. Peter's Parishioner says:

    The reason why the Bishop has those 2 yardsigns is because Foley and Sasse are the most pro-life candidates in their respective races. Sasse was the ONLY candidate in last night’s Senate debate to discuss his pro-life beliefs. Dinsdale’s family has connections to Planned Parenthood and Shane Osborn worships at the altar of Shane Osborn.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can I ask a very ignorant question?

    Why the hell don’t we publicize these debates more? I mean, we can’t even get these on television? This is the United States Senate we’re talking about and we hold a debate in a classroom at the Law school? I mean is that serious?

    To me, a big reason our country is so far F’d is because people don’t pay attention to what the hell is going on. I would just think making the debates a very well known event instead of hiding them from people would certainly help things (and getting some legitimate panel questions that spur ACTUAL debate..)

    Drives me nuts..

  8. Wow says:

    Wow, you Sasse folks have a lot of hate. I think there are some programs at the catholic church for that. Practice what you preach.

  9. PistolAnnie says:

    I do recall seeing Sid and Dawn Dinsdale made a significant contribution to the Assure Women’s Center banquet a few weeks ago. Linking him to PP is grossly inaccurate.

  10. To Pistol says:

    Where were his donations before he was thinking for running for US Senate. I have never seen him at a pro-life event ever!!!!

  11. To Pistol says:

    Never seeing someone at a “pro-life event ever!!!” is vastly different than having ties to planned parenthood. It’s a pretty ridiculous reach.

  12. Mr Rogers Neighborhood says:

    Why does Mr Sasse use his two year old son as a political prop at every event?
    Seems cruel to me.


  13. The Real McCoy says:

    Sweeper – That’s a pretty revealing ad from the Sasse camp. No comment at all? Or do you think it’s too personal of a piece to take a crack at (positive or negative)?

  14. Cougar Ne state license plates says:

    Does anybody think that amendment by Senator Janssen was rude and really weird?
    To have an amendment on your own bill promoting mountain lions on license plates?
    To jab at Sen Chambers who saw his priority bill fail by a veto from the Governor?
    I read a tweet that said perhaps Charlie was at the bar having a cold one while the legislature was in session. That could explain things.
    And Janssen wants to get elected to a state-wide office? I hope he gets destroyed by Sen McGill in their race.

    Ricky From Omaha

  15. No Ricky, it made a useful point, which was that Chambers was willing to have cougar license plates, but not veteran license plates.

    Not sure why Chambers hates veterans. Come to think of it, given his age, why wasn’t he drafted?

  16. Macdaddy says:

    How about Senator Howard making up a story about ophthalmologists not taking One World patients if her bill to expand the scope of optometrists’ practice passes? Sounds really, really fishy. Sounds like one of those convenient stories the Left is always making up to gin up support for their loser ideas. Are you okay with elected officials making up stories like that, ricky? I’d bet she’s your Senator and you voted for her.

  17. Drew to Streetsweeper says:

    Streetsweeper, I think you misunderstood why Rasmussen conducted the poll in the way the did. The biggest problem with this election primary is there are several competitive. If there is a strong turn out for Ricketts for governor in Omaha, who in the Senate race benefits more? If Bruning has a huge turn out, who benefits more in the Senate race? If Omaha hates Lee Terry so much, they turn out in mass, does it help Ricketts or Bruning? Anyone else care to comment?

  18. Actually there was some entertainment says:

    at the debates in Sasse’s train wreck closing. I thought it would be hard to top Bart’s “Jump on the Freedom Train” but Sasse rambling about driving around the state in an RV and it only has a queen bed and the kids sleep in it and one of his daughters took his coat and he had to get up early one day when it was really cold out and he was shivering just wearing jeans and a hoodie (just to let us know that like regular folks he does have jeans) and something about a fence that was cold to the touch and then time was up. Were we supposed to feel sorry for him? I just didn’t get it. Most of what he said was just his stump speech cut into pieces. Dinsdale slouched in his chair and did a really good impression of a guy who doesn’t want to win. Osborn is back to his military haircut and nobody had to ask a follow-up because he actually made half an effort to answer the questions. I was about ready to strangle the next candidate who said “thank you for the question.” I think I’d vote for the guy who had the guts to say “that question is as bad as your hair.” Some funny gaffes. The pretty boy moderator welcomed everyone to the debate for the 2012 Senate race. Bart said that “we’re a small state so we only get two Senators.” (Uh, they all get 2 senators, except for DC which gets 100.) Sasse kept talking about the legislature (yeah, I know he meant “legislative branch.”) Every Sasse debate includes at least one major oddity in choice of words. For this one I nominate “Rubicon” (uh Ben, I knew Caesar, Caesar was a friend of mine and you sir are no Julius Caesar). It wouldn’t hurt Osborn to smile occasionally. Dinsdale talking about going down and crawling under the fence to Mexico and coming back was sort of funny (most of those guys coming across don’t have private jets to get them up north. Bart suggesting that he would be to the Senate what LeBron James is to a basketball court was, well, a bit of a stretch. Apparently UNL cannot afford air conditioning. At least the cash bar came without outrageous prices, which is always nice.

  19. To Harbison says:

    Harbison — Ernie Chambers did serve in the military. LJS had a story about him a couple of years ago, and there was a photo of him in uniform.

  20. EV says:

    I liked 24’s assessment of the debates.. The “They are all the same” mantra is a crock. People aren’t the same. The fact that Hillary folks hate Obama folks, and Tea Party and Republicans are stabbing each other in the gonads, proves it.

    The Ernie veteran thing somewhat applies. — Bob Kerrey served in the military. I still respect his medal. So too do most Nebraskans, who recently came around to agree with me that as NYC Bob he is an insincere political turd. I saw that when the veteran Kerrey voted rather consistently in the Senate to disadvantage the military. That was an education for many vets. They too differ. Some military are die hard right-wingers. Some are farther left than Marx. Being drafted or serving a few years, even with wounds, like a Dole or Hagel or Kerrey or Kerry, isn’t the same as a person having a long range military career mindset or a defense orientation.

    I care more about Osborn going back into combat, as a measure of commitment, than what he did the first time under pressure. But in fact, if Osborn is worth being a Senator, that is because as State Treasurer, Osborn reduced his staff and cut his budget and did the job with less of my tax dollars.

    All government does is use your own money to torment or bless you. Whatever government does, doing it with less of your cash is a good thing. And Sasse is good too if he is keeping his college in the black and working fine, which I hear isn’t the case. Sasse might or might not treat the military well, or Osborn either . These guys all saying they are the same on issues, so you have to judge them by what they did before. And miltiary is just one issue.

    Bruning has incumbent’s record like Osborn does, but Bruning has been called for being partners with potential crooks he was supposed to be investigating. That’s his record. Ricketts didn’t earn his dad’s millions but he ran his dad’s company efficiently through the dot com crisis. That’s his record. Again, it is your tax bucks fueling all this. They all have different backgrounds. Screw what they said. What did they DO. It matters if they cannot be trusted. If they are dumb with money. Its your money.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Good post, EV. With one hand Foley saves the taxpayers a few dollars and with the other hand gives away millions to criminals. Oops. On behalf of criminals. The clinics and hospitals get the money.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The illegal immigrant healthcare to me isn’t that huge of a deal. We are on the hook for the cost when the baby is born so I don’t see why it’s that big of a deal to take care of the baby while it’s in the womb to try and do some preventative care before it’s too late and you then have some very expensive health care bills. I’m guessing it might save money in the long run.

    I compare it to having the oil regularly changed on your car rather than waiting until the motor blows to fix it.

  23. Ricky says:

    Yes Senator Chambers served in the Army years ago.
    I heard some Senators were miffed that Janssen proposed this amendment, saying it trivialized the plates for vets.
    Also, I think Ernie was a little taken aback by this Cougar plate, not believing something so stupid would come from the mouth of Janssen.
    Had Janssen supported Chambers bill to end the hunts, maybe Janseen had a point, but I am pretty sure Janssen did not vote to over ride.
    Janssen is not too bright, and I hope Nebraska has heard the end of him, hope he loses by 20 percentage points to McGill, and he stays in Fremont and help Koch support the ordinance they love so much in that backwards town.


  24. MENSA says:

    Don’t speak about brightness Ricky. Your IQ didn’t even register. In fact our members are asked to not read your writings as they lose IQ points after reading your drivel.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Predict Amanda McGill will win. Remember Dawn Rockey taking a constitutional seat away from Republicans? Both young women, articulate and Amanda as a former TV reporter does very well on the stump and on TV. Not saying that’s a good thing but the way voters are, appearance and being articulate count. Janssen and McGill are both young but she’s a young woman so that’s an extra plus.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The more this unfolds I feel like Dinsdale is going to mop the floor with these two. They don’t stand a chance in the third district and these DC endorsements are laughable.

  27. Are you kidding me BRAH? says:

    Nobody wants to vote for a guy who forges government memo’s, or a guy who has lived in Nebraska for like 18 seconds, either….BRO!

  28. RE: 35 says:

    Janssen will run away with the Auditor race. He’s already been working the state-wide race and will have a lead against McGill on that front. Clearly the conservative, he’ll match up better with the voters across the entire state.

    Amanda McGill is quite liberal, along with being very pro-choice. This won’t play well in a state-wide race in Nebraska. She’ll especially lose in Western Nebraska.

  29. Urban Dictionary says:

    Curious of this McGill candidate, I put her name in the very reputable Urban Dictionary and this popped up.


    ginger kids

    Red haired, freckled faced, and light skinned youths. They have no soul, must stay away from sun, are creepy, and… in the middle of the night, will come to get you. The gene is recessive, and can remain dormant until adolescence. Stay away from ginger kids.

    In the 9th season of South Park, Eric became what he despised: a ginger kid. He then became the leader of the ginger kids supremacist group, whose main intent was to exterminate all non-gingers.

  30. Man tied up with rubber ball in his mouth.....from Ricky from Omaha's basement says:

    I think that David Domina will do as well as his wife did against McCoybrarea

  31. When MECA lost their MoJo says:

    Now that the baseball season has begun and we can hear the “ping” of aluminum bats at T D Ameritrade Park, am I reminded of when Omaha’s Metropolitan and Convention Authority over-stepped and became a object of scorn.
    Yes MECA had been voted in by Omahan’s in 2000 and the downtown convention center became kind of cool, but then came the debate over the end of Rosenblatt and the idea of a baseball stadium downtown.
    The South Omaha park had begun to rust out, and a move to downtown to play the College World Series became viable. So North Downtown got their stadium and the CWS, but for some reason MECA became the downtown park’s managing authority.
    Business along NoDo, like the Slowdown and Film Streams, suggested that, during construction, along the base of the park on N 13th street, belongs bays for retail enterprise, so as to keep the park viable 12 months of the year. But MECA would have none of that. (A good example of this kind of development is the new Gordman’s headquarters at AK SAR BEN village).
    Then the Omaha Royals suggested to MECA that concessions be made to them so as to continue to play baseball in Omaha, and at the cool downtown location.
    But MECA would have none of that either. Turns out, a baseball stadium downtown is great for baseball, but not for concerts in Omaha’s hot summers or pro football teams that don’t pay the rent or their players or coaches.
    And now, while the opportunity exists to host a pro baseball team for the majority of the Summer, like the Lincoln Saltdogs, MECA will have none of that either.
    MECA conceding the professional baseball business (and the jobs, which could go to North Omaha youths) to Sarpy County, is what sticks in my craw about them. For others it’s the lack of transparency and the good old boys network and the thumbing their noses at the elected officials in Omaha that irks people about MECA.
    But it’s the lost opportunity for North Omaha business and the supporting of the Republican suburbs (where the baseball Royals landed after striking out with MECA’s David Sokol) over downtown Omaha is what bugs me the most about MECA.

    Ricky From Omaha

  32. Bill says:

    Sara Howard played the other senators like a fiddle, using the floor of the unicam was her ad for her bill getting them to jump up and say how outraged they were. Was not her ploy the same as the opposition, the meek poor lady lawyer, I nominate her for a Unicammmy award

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