Getting weird in #NESEN

A late Friday afternoon post for your pre-weekend pondering.

First, a new ad out from Jon Bruning for Governor, entitled “Leading the Charge“.
See it here:

We suppose this is fine as far as spelling out what Bruning has done in his career.
Otherwise, we are not sure that Nebraska voters will be overly impressed with AG’s from other states singing Bruning’s praises.

He’d be better off having all of his law-enforcement endorsers cutting a spot for him.
Maybe they will.


Beau McCoy for Governor has a new ad called, “Fight Against Taxes“.
See it here:

Hey, we’re just glad we weren’t driving the other way down that road!

Decent piece, invoking Governor Heineman, cutting taxes, etc.
We have a feeling McCoy is still working on introducing himself to voters, and will need a lot more of these to cut into the polls.


Mike Foley for Governor has a new ad out called “Water Resources“.
See it here:

This piece looks like it was done by the exact same team that put out the recent Bryan Slone piece.
Sure the Ogallala Aquifer is awesome. And water is awesome. And Nebraska agriculture is awesome.

So why again does that mean anyone should vote for Mike Foley?

Unless there is some crazy polling out there that says these ads are effective, we don’t get it.


FWIW, The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza of “The Fix” lists the Nebraska GOP Senate Primary as the best primary in the nation, as in “not to be missed.”

Says Cillizza:

Midland University President Ben Sasse is a somewhat unusual standard-bearer for the tea party, given his time spent in Washington in the Department of Health and Human Services and his alliances with GOP establishment types. But he has rallied the conservative base to his side against state treasurer Shane Osborn, the early favorite. A poll conducted by The Polling Company last month showed Osborn at 35 percent and Sasse at 24 percent. The primary is May 13, and the winner will undoubtedly become the next senator.

Of course much of this is because of the weight being throw around by the Republican factions in Washington, each “claiming” a candidate. The DC “Tea Party” types, as you know, have not so much as embraced Ben Sasse, as they have put a bear-hug strangle hold on him.

They are expressing their dislike of Mitch McConnell by stating their dislike of Shane Osborn, and thereby supporting Ben Sasse, because some of McConnell cronies (now including Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham) have supported Osborn.

This weirdness has led 50-some Nebraska conservatives — many/most of whom support Osborn, yet consider themselves Freedomworks Tea Party types — to write an open letter to Freedomworks expressing their dismay at FW’s support for Sasse.

Of course this letter would have been more effective had they not expressed a displeasure for Sasse — many are Osborn supporters, but also Dinsdalers and possibly a few McLeayites. Sasse’s peeps responded by pointing out this is just an Osborn campaign tactic.

And they’re right. But of course, the letter is true as well.

No one in DC has consulted Nebraskans on whom to support.
Freedomworks and Mitch McConnell and Jim DeMint and John McCain and all the other DC groups are all doing this endorsing for themselves. Oh sure, there are a few true believers who find the candidates to be their guy and are pressing for him.

But for the most part, this has become a strange DC powerplay, with Godzilla and Megalon battling it out while swinging from Chimney Rock.

Would anyone be THAT surprised if the DC people had gone the opposite way with Osborn and Sasse? Or if they had picked McLeay as the smartest guy in the room? Or if they thought Dinsdale brought the most experience and gravitas?

This primary can go a lot of different ways. And in the end, Nebraska Republicans will win.

What it will do for DC, we don’t know.


If you would like, you can see most all of the GOP candidates’ responses to Nebraska Right to Life’s election questionnaire here.


And completely unrelated, but for your viewing interest, see this Washington Post graphic to get a good idea of what looking for that Black Box ping from the Malaysian Airliner is like.


  1. The Fraud known as Ben Sasse says:

    Ben Sasse is wrong on all the tea party issues. What troubles me the most is his flip flopping on Immigration and 2nd amendment rights

  2. Anonymous says:

    When is Bruning’s ad come out touting his endorsement by the NSEA? You might like that if you are democrat but if you want proof that he is the least trusted candidate when it comes to supporting Conservative, Tea Party or Republican principles that should do it. Or maybe Eric Holder can return the favor of Bruning endorsing him by running an ad for Bruning.

  3. @3 says:

    Sasse just has talking points, not real views. He refuses to back up his stances with action.
    See watchdog for the whole story but Here’s your example:
    Bart McLeay tells Nebraska Watchdog he’s OK with the no-gun policy, at least for now, while Ben Sasse is mum.

    Sasse, considered by many a front runner in the race along with Osborn, issued a short statement to Nebraska Watchdog.

    “Ben has been endorsed by the Gun Owners of America because he’s a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment,” said Sasse’s spokesman.

    But in the same breath the spokesman added, “We have no comment on the policies of UNO.”

    Sasse, of course, is president of Midland University in Fremont. And according to Nebraska Watchdog‘s investigation, Midland’s gun policy closely mirrors UNO’s.

    This year’s Midland Student Handbook states:

    Unauthorized use, possession, or storage of any weapon (other than in an approved locale for selected weapons) on campus constitutes a campus violation. No handgun is allowed on the Midland University campus, nor will such a weapon be stored. All weapons are strictly prohibited in students’ rooms and elsewhere on campus.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nebraskan voters may just be so pissed off that Washington power-mongers are trying to buy Nebraska’s next Senator that they will just vote for Dave Domina despite the fact he is a Democrat.

  5. 6:30 pm
    No. No they won’t.
    Let me just quote one of the more quotable quotes on the Arpanet:

    “What you’ve just posted is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this blog is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    You have one, and only one, response.


  6. Lindsey Grahamnesty backing Osborn says:

    McCain and Graham are the original leaders of the GOP amnesty crowd. It’s why McCain’s campaign melted down for awhile in 2007. They’re both backing Shane for a reason.

    Funny to watch Team Osborn try to make these tortured connections to Sasse not being tough enough, meanwhile he’s got the backing of the two leaders of the Amnesty movement in the GOP–two guys who, BTW, hate Lee, Paul and Cruz.

  7. Sen Graham and Sen McCain says:

    We are the biggest supporters of amnesty in the United States Senate. We also support Shane Osborn.

    Osborn wants our endorsements — we gave them to him. However if we flip and go to Sasse he will say that we are the devil incarnate.

  8. Nevada Ranch says:

    So, how do you Senate folks feel about me being surrounded and all my cattle being taken away? Who do you support candidates?

  9. Mary Jane says:

    To #9 above: I would trust Osborn to stand up on principle against McCain and Graham before I would trust Sasse to stand up against anybody. Osborn stood up against Chinese torturers to protect his men for several days. Who has Sasse ever stood up against when principle hit the road? Rhetoric is easy, but reality is another story.

  10. Drew to Streetsweeper says:

    Your statement “No one in DC has consulted Nebraskans on whom to support.” is absolutely false. I cannot disclose all of what I know.

    The fact is though, people give money to these organizations and when they communicate to such organizations, they get action. This is what the Osborn supporters NEVER understood. Furthermore, the signers of the letter never took in to consideration of those who stopped showing up at their rallies where Osborn spoke. This is how they became myopic as to what was going on.

    Keep in mind, Deb Fischer supporters never made such attacks on Don Stenberg or the fact DC conservative groups supported him. This type of hypocritical and flawed reason of blaming DC groups needs to be denounced.

    The only legitimate concern is seeing your candidate lose and endorsement to their opponent. That is the ends of it all. Stop making it in to something it is not.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Osborn served honorably in the military. So did McCain Bob Kerrey and Chuck Hagel, but it didn’t stop the last three to abandon principle while in office. His Military service is a plus but is not the only factor I will use in deciding which candidate I will vote for in the primary. It insults the intelligence to continually have Shane and his supporters to try and silence any criticism by pointing to his military record. I am undecided in the Senate race so may vote for Shane but It is becoming less likely if the campaign continues to give me his honorable military service as the answer to any question or criticism.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dave Domina was one of Kerrey’s henchman to scrap the deal to save Commonwealth Savings and Loan back in 1983 that resulted in millions of dollars lost to hundreds of Nebraska Citizens. This is easily documented even in the biography of Jim Exon written by two loyal Democrats. He has continued to screw Nebraskan’s whenever possible supporting far leftist positions. Any of the Republican candidates will make a much better senator.

  13. To Mary Jane says:

    Uh, Sasse has ALREADY stood up to Mitch McConnell when he called him out by name, which is why the establishment is backing Osborn. Pay attention, will you? Or just don’t talk? Either is fine.

  14. Moonlighter says:

    If elected will Shane consider the salary of a Senator sufficient to do the job full time? He didn’t think he could live on the State Treasurer’s salary so was receiving a big pay check from some company while serving as treasurer.

  15. To Mary Jane times 2 says:

    Give me ONE… all I need is ONE… example of Osborn standing up to the establishment in DC. I dare you…

    The fact is, his campaign is funded by McConnell, McCain and Graham. The guy is THE establishment candidate in the race. Follow the money and the facts. You can’t deny it.

  16. anonymous says:

    Pretending to have a useful discussion while the real conversation takes place elsewhere. Straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Nice, and not in a good way.

  17. Patrick Bonnett says:

    Look, It’s really pretty simple. Our messaging to Freedomworks was this: “Don’t come in here to Nebraska, ask us to get behind your endorsement by committing to a grassroot support campaign, which we do, and then go endorse the other guy and especially without telling us. You had it right in the first place.” – Patrick Bonnett, I co-authored that letter.

  18. Patrick Bonnett says:

    The Sasse Campaign’s error occured when they spiked that endorsement football in the face of some of the most active political volunteers around the state and then padded the resume by claiming widespread support by TEA Party leadership here in Nebraska which they didn’t have.

    Instead of making things right and communicating, they and Freedomworks have chosen to double down by claiming thier own list of 160 TEA Party activists here, a ratio of 3:1. Impressive. Now let’s see who they are and how they’ve been organizing TEA Party activities over the last 5 years.

    Let’s start with Drew Sullivan who has been happy to come to the events, just never available to help.

  19. Fort Street Fury says:

    Bonnett, don’t you hand some bonds to vote for our something? God only knows how you got brought up in this whole conversation.

  20. Interested Observer says:

    To “Nevada Ranch” at 8:14 PM:

    I support the rule of law, not some crazy, delusional, crackpot, Posse Comitatus, Waco wacko. That guy in Nevada won’t even pay the paltry $1.36 that DEB FI$CHER pays per cow per month or agree to the land management requirements to graze cattle. Even DEB FI$CHER says that she and her family do what the Forest Service tells them to do, when to turn how many cows into which pasture and when to take them out. The guy in Nevada won’t even do that.

    He claims that he already owns the land that his cows graze since his Mormon family has lived there since the 1800’s, but does he pay any real estate tax on that land and does he have a legal deed to that land? One news article said the rancher’s wife said their son had been arrested and roughed up by the authorities, although, it didn’t say which wife . . .

    By the way, the current range of rates in Cherry County this year to graze a cow each month is now between $55 and $80 dollars, not the $1.36 that DEB FI$CHER pays for her WELFARE GRAZING.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    From NRO last November:

    “On Tuesday, November 12, Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse walked into Mitch McConnell’s office to clear the air. Contrary to the rumors, Sasse wanted to say, he hadn’t secretly vowed to oppose McConnell’s leadership if elected. In fact, he hadn’t been asked to make such a pledge and would never have even considered it.”

    Will Sasse consider it now? Sasse calls McConnell out but was always intending to vote for him? McConnell blasts him and Sasse is going to roll over and still vote for the guy? By all accounts, Sasse didn’t clear the air with McConnell. Now what? Surely the smartest guy in the race can figure this out. Maybe he’d like to update his future bosses on his brilliant plan as to how he’s going to stand on his principles and still get things done despite gratuitously pissing off the soon-to-be Majority Leader. But I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  22. To 7 Street Sweeper April 11, 2014 at 6:37 PM says:

    You write insanely partisan bull on this site and don’t believe that the quote you copied in your comment doesn’t describe you precisely? You are delusional Sweeper.

  23. The Shane says:

    Sasse not only said no to McConnell but he put a target on his back by calling out Obama with his bracket. Why is he the only one questioning Obama’s approach to the Constitution and bringing it to the forefront? The establishment Republicans let Obama run roughshod over the Constitution. Sasse took a big stand and shown he is willing to put himself out there. Guessing the IRS will be keeping a close watch on Sasse. If elected, Mr. Osborn will only do what McConnell, McCain and Lindsay tell him to do…….the same guys that have got us in this mess…does it get any worse than those guys? Any of the three will do but The Shane & Friends need to be kept out of DC.

  24. Lil Jack's touchdown run says:

    Was a triumph of public relations by the University’s marketing department. A tour de force by BO’s public relations manager, and it saved the wacky BO’s job.
    Anything that ties Larry the Not Funny Tea Party Guy and BO together you know can’t be for real.
    And for today’s spring game, Pelini downplays it, says it’s not important, and tinkers with the rules.
    Thanks a lot T O and super Regent Hawks for bringing this guy to Nebraska and supporting him.

  25. Bingo says:

    A recent Fox story ranked Nebraska the #3 worst state to be a taxpayer, saying “taxpayers are shelling out 36% more than the national average as state and local taxes cost $9,450 per year.”

    Here we are in this blog, in this election season, taking mean groin shots at a dozen GOP candidates in the gubernatorial and U S Senate elections, and Democrats are running a total of three people. Of course the Democrats don’t have a chance of winning. Not here, not this year for sure. But that’s the candidates’ egos at work. They areawful human monsters who want the power to execute you, and nothing less; for who else would run for all that power? Pick the least awful.

    But there are a lot of Democrats and a lot of Independent voters in Nebraska who just might care about this GOP message. Those Democrats and Independents aren’t getting an abortion tomorrow, they aren’t being sued over a Creationist protest of public schools, and they aren’t having grommets installed in their palms so they can nailed to a cross every Easter. Those Nebraskans, who aren’t Republicans, care about Nebraska being TOO DAMNED EXPENSIVE TAX-WISE.

    Wonder why nobody but idiots retires here? Nebraska has the highest death tax in the USA.
    Why? For starters, we have a One House legislature that has no other bunch of bastards to keep them even remotely honest.

  26. To Bonnett says:

    All the bonds you have issued at the NRD is quite contrary to limited government. Perhaps you need a Tea Party 101 class on big government spending.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    So The Shane, does that mean Sasse won’t vote for McConnell? I think neither of Nebraska’s Senators should vote for McConnell even for dog catcher. Does that make it easier for Sasse to pick what he’s going to tell me or harder?

  28. Ricky says:

    Thank you Mr Street Sweeper for including a link to the Nebraska Right to Life’s questionnaire for the pols.
    Unfortunately for NRL and those kind of people it doesn’t matter what questions are asked or answered, because nobody pays any attention to Nebraska Right to Life anymore. Look at what has not happened for years now in the Nebraska legislature. No restrictive anti choice bills passed or onerous anti women laws.
    The GOP is tired of losing the war on women.
    Row v wade is the law of the land, abortion should be safe and legal, and Nebraskans are not listening to NRL anymore.

    Ricky from omaha

  29. Not Tom Carlson says:

    I want to apologize to all of the people of Kearney and Buffalo County for illegally putting campaign signs on city or county right-of-way on the north end of 2nd Avenue. I really should know and respect the rule of law, but I put the signs up on right-of-way even though I knew it was wrong. It is kind of like me supporting taxpayer funds for illegals. I knew it was wrong but I voted for it anyway, and I voted to over-ride the governor’s veto of that bill–LB 599. Maybe if I am governor, I will allow illegals to obtain driver’s licenses. As Hillary Clinton says, “At this point, what difference does it make’?

  30. What of Glenn Beck? says:

    The Bonnett letters signers have every reason to be upset but putting out their protest letter is bad for the Tea Party movement and is a bad omen for conservatives. Anyone who saw Osborn and Sasse on the Glenn Beck show knows Sasse performed greatly particularly in doing the Constitutional Madness. Since Glenn Beck is the biggest promoter of FreedomWorks, it should have been obvious change was coming as viewers showed more support for Sasse.

    I really wonder if any of the signers watched any of Glenn Beck at all lately.

  31. Nebraska Tea Party dead says:

    If you want to know why the tea party died, just look at Patrick Bonnett’s post 17 where he attacks someone for showing up, but not helping out. No wonder so few show up.

  32. Bob Loblaw says:

    Wait a Lyndsey Graham endorsement is a reason to vote FOR somebody. The same Graham who is one of the most anti freedom, pro NSA, anti budget cutting, pro military, anti personal freedom, anti gambling, corporatist senator there is. His endorsement has pushed me away from Osborn. If that’s who he touts as they type of Senator he’ll be, then I want nothing to do with him.

  33. Interested Observer says:

    At this point, which candidate for Senate has the least baggage? Same goes for the Governor race, which one has the fewest bad things to say about them?

    Maybe those two gentlemen should be the ones to support.

  34. The Shane says:

    MacDaddy…..Sasse will vote for the Constitution and what is best for our children. He told McConnell no….McConnell came to him first. I can truly tell you with some insight, he won’t vote a certain way because of anyone else telling him to do so…..he is in this for our children. He has no other reason to even put himself in this situation and is fine if the people don’t elect him. There is no other candidate that will have more influence in DC…I always thought that is what we want here in NE. Anyone can go there and vote for the establishment.

  35. Patrick Bonnett says:

    The TEA Party principle of limited government involves the right sizing of government and appropriate spending not ‘no spending’. Omaha, where a full 1/3 of our population resides, is situated between (3)three major rivers and directly on top of the largest watershed in the region with over 20 tributaries. The water is here, the people are here and so we have to deal with it like grown ups. You won’t see private sector types investing in a creek. So the people of Nebraska created an NRD system to deal with them. Had the liberals not taken their eye off the ball and focused on environmental issues and conservatives not kicked the can down the road for so many years our community could have built the watershed management plan decades ago for pennies on the dollar and been paying $2k per acre while we still had access to the land but today we’re having to pay in excess of $40k an acre. In putting off necessary flood control and water quality infrastructure, we’ve set the stage to expand our geographic community exponentially even while losing tens of thousands of our citizens. That expansion inflated the costs of our utilities and public services. The inflation and interest rate risks we’ve exposed ourselves to over the years is nearly unforgiveable. I ran to put a stop to it, cut red tape and get things completed. By putting things off for so long, we’ve perpetuated another layer of government. Low interest rate principle reduction bonds are the best way to finance these large capital improvement projects. That is unless you have some extra cash laying around #31.

  36. Ricky says:

    A thanks goes to the local Tea Party groups for pointing out what I and others thought all along:
    Mr Sassy is the candidate the national DC right wingers decided to force upon Nebraska.
    Wasn’t the Midlands President guy on the cover of some influential conservative magazine as some hero at a time he was unknown to most Nebraskans?
    Not going to work Club for Growth and Freedom Works nobody here is buying what you are selling.

    Ricky From Omaha

  37. The Shane says:

    Ricky… know nothing of what you speak…….for those of us that know what is going on, McConnell hates Sasse…what in the world are you talking about? Used to think you had a clue…..obvious you don’t. So are you on McConnell’s payroll?

  38. The Shane says:

    OH…..Osborne staffer……sorry. All candidates are good except for Osborn/McConnell/McCain/Graham guy…..if you are happy with the status quo then vote accordingly.

  39. The Shane says:

    Are you talking to me fool?…that is what I said….same guy , establishment Republican. Please say you weren’t talking to me….I really thought you could at least read. So sad…….

  40. Ricky says:

    I don’t follow Republican inside baseball crap so I don’t know McCain from McConnell or any of the old fogey geezers that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.
    From what I gather this Sasse guy was sent here from some right wing DC think tank with his cute chin and adorable children capable of exploitation and these unregulated secret organizations with unlimited resources put their money behind Sassy.
    And it seems like to me Sasse is a lot more popular with the DC crowd than Nebraskans.
    Just my liberal take.

    Ricky From Omaha

  41. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t sign that letter so that I could be associated with that fraud Bonnett. We DID NOT sign a “Bonnett Letter”. Don’t call us “Bonnett Letter Signers”. That guy is only put for himself and NOT for limited government. Frankly, I’m offended that he and I are mentioned in the same sentence. I signed that letter on my own accord.

    All Bonnett wants is his name in print and money in his pocket.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Bruning has a chance to win because the same voters who empowered Nelson to pass Obamacare, also empowered Attorney General Bruning who failed to get Obamacare thrown out of Court.

    State Attorney Generals exist to defend states against the top federal Court. Bruning didn’t convince the Court not to twist Obamacare toward the faux argument of taxability.

    As 1 of 100 senators, Bruning will arguably have less power on the matter of stopping Obamacare than he had as 1 of 50 Attorney Generals when he was “leading” a failed legal charge against it in Court.

    Think of the irony.

    Obamacare was passed thanks to NE’s Ben Nelson and upheld in Court thanks to NE’s Jon Bruning.

    Bruning has the gall to brag about that -to Obamacare-hating Republicans of all people- because like Ben Nelson, Jon Bruning relies on voter blindness.

  43. To Bonnett says:

    OMG, it is Bush’s fault or the other guy’s fault. You authorized and voted for the biggest bond increase in the NRD’s history. Do not worry though, when Omaha goes “under water” at least the developers will have some sweet, tax payer funded waterfront real estate. Tea Party you are not sir.

    Guys like David West are the true Tea Party.

  44. Pelini's Cat Problem says:

    It’s too late coach to rehabilitate your image by acting like a moron.
    After six years Nebraska knows who you are and wait until you are gone.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    Wow, #48, you’re blaming John Roberts’ mind-boggling left turn on Bruning? Smoke another one, brah. Nobody saw Roberts’ decision coming, not even the liberals on the court who have known him for years.

    #47, I didn’t sign the Bonnet letter either. Can I make up a completely unverifiable reason, too?

    The Shane, Sasse will have NO influence in DC. Know why? Because despite having lived there for numerous years, he apparently did not learn how DC worked and gratuitously insulted the Minority Leader because he thought it would win him votes. Not even Cruz does that. Sasse went to McConnell’s office thinking he could reassure him it was all an act. Didn’t work. It’s one thing to stand up for principles. It’s another to be sidelined by your own cleverness.

  46. Bruning must go says:

    Isn’t it interesting that Frat Boy Bruning’s rhino followers can’t ever refute any of the criticism of him because it is all true. Instead they resort to whining and sniveling about how unfair it is that he is being attacked with truthful ads that must be paid for by rich people.Frat Boy Bruning has the same baggage he had two years ago that caused Deb Fischer to pass him and win the Republican Primary and is likely to bury him again this year. Even if you want to ignore his baggage in the primary be afraid of what will happen in the general election. When you put it in the hands of the Democrats to spin in a general election, all of a sudden keeping the Governor’s office in GOP hands no longer is a sure thing. Plus, when is the other shoe going to drop on some personal scandal? There are plenty of rumors that have been floating around about Frat Boy for several years that if anyone of them can be proved and put into a Democrat attack ad. then there could be a major melt down.

    None of the other candidates for Governor are anywhere close to having as much baggage or potential for their campaign to destruct because of scandal. With any of the other candidates ,the Dems will then have to rely on their typical partisan attacks. They will try and use a combination of these against any GOP candidate but this will be were the will direct their attacks against the other two most likely to have a chance of winning the primary. If it is Ricketts, all they have is the same Marxist class warfare garbage that is unlikely to work in the Governors race. If the Republican majority nominate him, he will have already addressed the charges since Frat Boy Bruning and his RHINO followers such as are already using this tactic. They will try to implement the war on women against Foley calling him a religious zealot… but only fools like Ricky believe that will work in socially conservative Nebraska. There is a reason that there is all the pro life signs across the state on private property. McCoy will get it from all sides but they may try to say he is too young and inexperienced. Carlson doesn’t have a prayer of winning but they would try the same stuff against him.

  47. Undecided Voter says:

    There isn’t’ a tinker’s damn’s difference in policy and philosophy between the Republican Senate Candidates. I also haven’t seen any major character flaws. Thankfully, all of them should be acceptable to Conservative Tea party Republican’s. This pissing match between so called tea party leaders over who is the more pure candidate is harmful to reaching the goals of saving this country from the destructive path to destruction it is know following. They remind me of Jesus disciples arguing about who would get the most power in his kingdom rather than understanding the great truths he was telling them.

  48. Ricky says:

    The Omaha World Herald reported today that OVER A HALF MILLION DOLLARS have been spent on television ads that are anti-Bruning.
    Holy cow that is a lot. If somebody spent that much on ads attacking me on TV there are some that might believe even I am not a nice guy.
    One of the few times I agree with Governor Heineman; whomever is behind these ads should have to disclose their names.
    The U S Congress could put a halt to unlimited giving and secret donor PAC’s if they wanted to pass legislation like that, and a public funding of political campaigns. But Congress won’t go there so I am not crying for people like Nebraska A G Jon Bruning.

    Ricky From Omaha

  49. Anonymous says:

    Leave God out of discussions of politics. Its a toilet and anyone who voluntarily dives into it isn’t less god-like than turd-like.

  50. Anonymous says:

    MD at #51, you leave Bruning entirely off the hook for Roberts’ Obamacare ruling? We are supposed to give Bruning credit for fighting Nebraska’s case as Nebraska’s lawyer, but then not notice he lost the case?

    If you were today trying to stay out of jail and you discovered your lawyer fights hard for his clients but gets blindsided and cannot sway judges to his clients, and loses decisions, you’d get yourself a better lawyer.

    Of course Justice Roberts made the decision of the pathway of the case. That’s how all courts work. Judges decide after lawyers vie to convince judges by weight of precedence and reason. Every attorney must be ready for anything any judge or opposing council might spring on him, and then convince the judge back toward the client. It was AG Bruning’s job to foresee this and to convince the court otherwise. Roberts was, after all, listening to two arguing sides and if he could side step a pinching position for himself, then it was Bruning’s job to forsee that and be prepared to quash that with weight of legality and logic. He was legally unconvincing else he’d have convinced Roberts and Obamacare would be history today.

  51. Macdaddy says:

    #59, you are really reaching to try to blame Roberts’ bizarre decision on Bruning. Roberts’ decision caught both sides of the aisle off guard and came up with a justification for keeping the ACA that neither side brought up during arguments, that of the penalty being a tax. What is clear is that Roberts’ didn’t want to get in the middle of this argument. You can infer what you like about that, but Jon Bruning had nothing to do with it. Bruning convinced 4 justices, partially convinced 2 others, didn’t convince 2, and then off goes Roberts into left field.

    BTW, all this innuendo about Bruning is just that, innuendo. If he’s this criminal mastermind, surely there’s some evidence somewhere. Even Billary couldn’t hide everything. Maybe those “outside” groups (snort, chuckle, guffaw) could put up or shut up. In the meantime, let’s remember that Ricketts’ pitiful attempt at beating Nelson last time was actually what gave us Obamacare. Ouch.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Oh how wonderful! First it was Tom Osborn. Now Pete Ricketts wants us to believe that God has hand picked him to be our next governor. I agree with Anonymous @ 2:37.
    Why do people that want to fill a political office always have to sit in the front pews so that everyone can see how “pious” they are?

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Stothert’s first weather test and she gets a big fat F. Ice everywhere and not a lick of salt. Plus, what is it with Omaha’s Public Works. Why are both 680 and Dodge torn up? They really excel at not coordinating their efforts.

  54. Stothert's April Blizzard says:

    I heard the same thing about Omaha’s roads this April 14th, Monday.
    A not very good job at all of being prepared and dangerous conditions.
    And after dealing, or trying to deal, with Omaha’s Planning Department and Parks Department, I can say these departments are NOT running smoothly under this Republican administration.

    Ricky From Omaha

  55. Harry Reid and The Rancher says:

    It would be fun to hear IO’s take on Harry Reid’s involvement in the BLM and getting the BLM to attempt an illegal take-over of a rancher and his land. If this isn’t the epitome of a corrupt US Senator working his way with an even more corrupt BLM, I don’t know what is. Who is next to be persecuted by Reid, Obama, and the US Attorney General. Someone in Nebraska?

  56. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, they didn’t run any better under previous administrations either. It’s a tradition of malice like no other.

  57. Anonymous says:

    #60, you are really reaching to try to hold Bruning blameless for losing a court fight he says he lead.

    Nobody but you has called Bruning a “criminal mastermind”. He isn’t that. You do however make a point of saying he is no mastermind at all. You say nobody saw Roberts’ sideways action coming. But we don’t know that. We cannot prove that no one on earth anticipated that by Roberts. Yet everyone does know that Attorney General Jon Bruning didn’t see it coming. He was ignorant of it. Yet he says he was leading the fight, and he lost that fight, and now he expects to be promoted for it.

    Adm Kimmel and Gen Short were in charge of Pearl Harbor in 1941. They were punished. Some try to blame others. But in fact there was a known threat that became a horrific reality and these men who were leading there, at that time, failed to keep a known threat from dealing serious damage.

    Similarly, Bruning was in charge of the court battle against Obamacare but Bruning failed to anticipate and deal with the court as he applied pressure and forced it to react. It isn’t important that other people didn’t see it coming. Bruning was in charge. He says he lead that fight and yet he didn’t see a simple legal sidestep coming as he pressured the court into it. Not only was Bruning not impeached for this failure as the leading AG on the case, but he is today demanding to be promoted for it. He made this the hallmark of his campaign.

  58. Interested Observer says:

    I don’t know anything about Reid and the BLM matter. I do know that I have absolutely no use for some squatter, no matter how long his family has been squatting on public land and not paying to do so. I don’t see any difference between his “Occupy Nevada” and the “Occupy Wall Street” idiots. All you have to do is to look at the people who apparently don’t actually have to work for a living and therefore seem to have enough free time to drive to that remote part of the desert to form some sort of ad hoc, anarchist’s militia to try to intimidate the government.

    I’m very impressed that the BLM had the superior judgement and decided to unilaterally defuse the situation and go at it from a different angle later on. I could basically care less about that turtle. We white, Republican tax paying men are probably far more endangered than any of those turtles are.

    I also know that, with a few very glaring exceptions, every rancher that I know PAYS to use land, either with their own real estate property taxe dollars or they pay rent to the owner who then pays real estate property tax. I don’t see any reason at all why that one, lone crack pot out in Nevada should legitimately be any exception!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Bruning MUST GO Nailed it. Bruning is a scandal waiting to happen. The guy is so driven by blind ambition that he will say and doing anything to get elected. Republican voters saw through it in 2012 when they rejected him for the US Senate. he lied to everyone and said he wasn’t going to run for governor until he did is just another example of how nobody can trust him.

  60. Harry Reid and The Rancher says:

    All I ask IO is that you actually READ about Harry Reid’s connections with the land grab and his son who is the out front lobbyist trying to take over the land so the Chinese can use it as a solar farm.

    Read, IO, read.

  61. …and I’d reiterate, once again, that regardless of the merits of the Bundy case, the Federal Government should not be in the land rental business. It is not constitutionally empowered to be in that business. Auction it off, and use the proceeds to pay down the national debt.

    Moreover, in much of the west, pretty much the sole means of production is rangeland. And what do we call a system where the government has monopoly ownership of the means of production, kids?

  62. Not Bill Kristol says:

    Whenever I see Bill Kristol performing as a talking head on television, I promptly change the channel–the guy has his head up his a$$, and is a pompous and egotistical buffoon.

  63. Macdaddy says:

    #72, for what it’s worth, the blaze cleared up that whole Reid/Chinese solar thing as it pertains to this rancher. There’s no there, there. I agree with IO. His “Occupy Nevada” characterization sums it up nicely.

  64. Macdaddy says:

    #68, I said you were reaching first. Quit being a copycat. It’s good to know that you don’t think Bruning is a criminal mastermind but it’s a little disconcerting that you are comparing not being able to overturn Obamacare using the law with Pearl Harbor. Good sense of proportion you got there. And lastly, please let me know when you find the one person who predicted Roberts would rule the way he did. He’ll probably be standing next to the guy with the perfect NCAA bracket.

    P.S. You do know that it is rare for a lawyer to get a case before the Supreme Court, right? It takes someone smart to frame the case in the right way even to get noticed.

  65. To Chris Baker says:

    The Legislature did what liberals always do on Thursday: Insult Nebraskans by ram-rodding that Illegal Immigration Resolution.

    However, you for got to ask Senator Janssen why he was absent? 22 Liberals poking their finger in the tax-payer’s eye, but only 2 Conservatives fighting for Nebraskans. Where was Charlie?

  66. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer:

    A turtle lives in or near water, whereas a tortoise lives on arid land.
    However, some folks use the term “turtle” colloquially to mean tortoise.
    Did you? And why don’t you care about “turtles” (sic)?

  67. Interested Observer says:

    Out south of Valentine where Highway 83 crosses through the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, the Refuge personnel got worried about the “turtles” and FORCED the Nebraska Department of Roads to construct and maintain very expensive “TURTLE FENCES along both sides of the road for several miles through some low meadow ground so that the “turtles” wouldn’t try to walk across the road (why did the turtle cross the road? I don’t know and I don’t care) and would, instead, be forced to walk along the turtle fence until it comes to a culvert under the road, where it could then get to the other side, that is, if it still remembered where it originally wanted to go in the first place.

    The Refuge would not grant any further easements to the NDOR for highway upgrades until the NDOR built the turtle fences. This action held up the reconstruction of a long stretch of Highway 83 for a few years. The main goal of the NDOR was to widen the shoulders of the road to make it a safer road for people. But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decided to put the interests of a few turtles ahead of thousands of people and who cares what it cost, it’s only tax dollars and we gots lots of THEM.

    It reminds me of Ernie Chambers being so much more concerned about a couple mountain lions than he is of HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS! Here Ernie has the 3rd most deadly area for black men, in the entire United States, on a per capita basis, and it’s almost as though he could care less about his own neighbors. He’s more worried about a few wild animals, that exist only to kill!

    I do not understand the idea of putting a couple specific individuals in other species so much further ahead of thousands and millions of humans. As I understand, over 97% of all species that ever existed are extinct. If we as a society or at least the Republican part of society feel strongly about protecting “life”, that should also include the life of all those who are actually ALIVE! This all reminds me of the proposal several years ago to reinforce both parts of Niagara Falls with concrete and steel, to “preserve” it.

    My favorite bumper sticker of all time said “Help stop tectonic drift”.


  68. To Mcdaddy @ #76 says:

    Yeah, right. The Blaze, aka Glen Beck, “cleared all of that up”! Yeah, right!

    Take a look Mcdaddy–Both Glen Beck and Senator Reid are loyal adherents to what brand of religion? When it comes to defending fellow adherents, Glen Beck is totally unreliable, and has almost no credibility.

    Try again, Mcdaddy, try again.

  69. Macdaddy says:

    I’m pretty sure Beck is Mormon and Reid is Government. I think the rancher is a Mormon. What was your point other than the area the Chinese were interested in was 300 miles away and they ditched the project last year?

  70. To Not Tom Carlson at #34 says:

    Thanks for taking the illegal campaign signs down. Kearney residents applaud politicians who figure out that they have screwed up, and show respect for the rule of law. Now work on the repeal of LB599.

  71. Macdaddy at 5:17 says:

    Beck is a Mormon, Reid is a Mormon, and the rancher is a Mormon. But it appears that money and politics is more important to Senator Reid and his son than a fellow Mormon and the United States citizens. If all is well, why are Reid and his son still fighting for the land? Wait and see, Mcdaddy, wait and see.

  72. hasenpfeffer says:

    Getting weird in #NESEN? You mean more weird than usual? How can you tell?

    Nebraska is the Wonka factory of US politics. It has the most bizarre political construction and electorate of any state. Kool Aid was aptly born in Nebraska; as epitomized by the infamous acid trip and community suicide ala Jim Jones.

    We had such luck with Nelson, I am sure we can elect another Oopaloompa to bring us more sweet treats. It’s all scrumpdillyicious in Nebraska politics!

  73. IO: Probably Blanding’s turtles, which are endangered. They’re also pretty neat beasts; they live until at least 70, and since turtles don’t age like humans, are apparently quite frisky at that age.

  74. End of the line for Ne term limited Senators says:

    Well looks like this Thursday is the 60th and final day of the Nebraska Legislature for this session.
    This week gives Gov Dave time to veto and on the last day over-rides can happen with enough votes.
    But for a number of the legislatures it is the final go round; unless they can make an Ernie-like comeback.
    Those heading out the door are Janssen, McGill, Carlson, Loserbaugh, Ashford, Carlson, Avery, McCoy and I am probably missing some.
    For a lot of those term limited it seems they can not stand not getting a state paycheck because McCoy and Carlson and Ashford and others seek other elected offices.
    Those guys I won’t miss are Lauttenback and Janssen and McCoy.
    About a year ago Senator Laugtenback was riding high, having talked the dim legislature into shrinking the Omaha Public Schools board; as a prelude to getting charter schools passed into law in Nebraska. Then came the .234 and things unraveled there, much to the embarrassment of Tea Party members Justin Wayne and Lautenback and their spokesman Becka.
    (We never did hear who was behind the phony late swearing in fiasco for the OPS board did we?)
    So now Scott rides off into the sunset, and hopefully Chuck Hassebrook will be elected Governor of Ne so we won’t have to watch Lautenback get another leg-up with an appointment.
    And of course Charlie Janssen’s last term was a failure; his dream for Voter ID derailed and quest for Governor denied.
    Sen McCoy was grandstanding at the end, buoyed by an un-Godly sum donated to his long shot campaign for Governor. Glad to see him go.
    But over-all I applaud the Unicam for taking care of business without Kintner’s influence and those of NE Right to Life.


  75. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Ricky, but McCoy and Janssen still have 2 more years in the legislature…unless they win their races this year

  76. Interested Observer says:

    I did notice that the pro-Russian militia in the eastern part of the Ukrain looked quite a bit like the Occupy Nevada rag tag militia kooks. Not sure if that makes them patriots or traitors, it’s always hard to tell unless they win . . .

  77. TexasAnnie says:

    Geez, Interested Observer! Show some compassion, please. Turtles and tortoises DO have to carry their house around with them wherever they go.

    And as for Ernie Chambers? Yeah. I noticed that about him also. He pontificates a lot about being the “defender of the downtrodden.” But when I spoke with him about those children with disability who were being unconstitutionally denied a public education in the late 1990’s, he ridiculed me for believing the Nebraska Constitution! I cried. I had considered Chambers the LAST RESORT for fixing the evil deed of capping SPED funding without regard to enrollment numbers, back in 1995, which had rendered this affect.
    —> NOTE: That 1995 action brought by then Gov. Nelson and supported by 45 senators HAD NO EFFECT on the education of my child. I was trying to speak up for those children with disability who HAD BEEN TAKEN into state custody. Chambers and his colleagues were responsible for fixing the problem they created (Art. III, Sec. 30, Neb. Const.) but they would not, for several years… Chambers IS A FRAUD! He would not and probably still does not abide the constitutional oath he has taken.

    And as for the Nebraska Right to Life? Well they helped put Gov. and Sen. Nelson into office, didn’t they, Ricky? I can tell you for sure that NRL turned a blind eye to the great evil Nelson was perpetrating against the disabled. I had sought their assistance before going to Chambers!

  78. To ricky at 9:28PM says:

    ricky, why do you persist in being such a walking compendium of misinformation? Take a break, and try to catch up on the facts about what is really going on in Nebraska. Perhaps an opportunity for you to climb the stairs and get out of basement for a day or so will arise. It would be a good thing for you to take advantage of that opportunity.

  79. Anonymous says:

    So now one of Lautenbaugh’s staffers was arrested for drunk driving? Sheesh. Seems like rehab is in order for a few people that hang around the Capitol building.

  80. Ricky says:

    Oh okay my bad Janssen and McCoy coming back? That is sad news.
    I see McCoy got another one million dollars from the Herbster. Wow what a waste of money that is shoulda gave it to the homeless.
    Also I see Mr Sweeper tweeted that Hal Daub endorsed Osborn for Senate.
    Hal has probably got a lot on his mind watching his protege Stothert screw up running the city and MECA getting bad publicity all around and also as Regent Hal is trying not to make the wrong choice for the new NU President, although I think Super Regent Hawks is going to make that choice solo.

    ricky the unemployed by choice retired mailman of omaha born and bred

  81. Sticky Situation says:

    Looks like Ricky was hitting the sauce pretty hard last night…in his postal shorts, sitting in a bean bag eating Cheetos and watching a little too much late night MSNBC,

  82. Anonymous says:

    Bruning titled his ad “Leading the Charge“ against Obamacare, which he failed to stop in court and in Obama’s chambers per his photo. And Obama was reelected, so to whatever extent Bruning tried to enlighten voters, he failed that too. Now he’s bragging about it. Nebraskan’s need to flush the Jon.

  83. Bruning must go says:

    Now that poll information has leaked out that Frat Boy is dropping like a rock in the polls again it is no wonder why him and his fellow RHINO’s are crying like little babies. When he loses, maybe his buddy Eric Holder will give him a job suing states that try to enforce immigration law or pass voter ID laws.

  84. To 99 says:

    This is why I know you are a lib. It is RINO Republican in name only not RHINO which everyone clearly knows stands for Repulsive, Hillbilly In New Orleans. James McCarville for short.

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