Osborn hammers Sasse on TV

Shane Osborn has a new ad out hammering Ben Sasse as a “Washington Bureaucrat“.
See it here:

Note that even after talking about Sasse’s DC ties, Osborn appears and says,

The greatest threat to our nation today is not a foreign enemy.
It’s a government run by Washington, for Washington.

Well then.

Are we wrong then that Osborn is saying the “greatest threat to our nation” is…Ben Sasse?

This is the new face of Al-Qaeda?

Bin Sasse

OK, maaaaaybe pull back on the rhetoric, just a bit there Shane.

Now camp Sasse is also pushing back on the “Sasse spent more time working in Washington than working in Nebraska, nearly a decade as a government bureaucrat“.

As near as we can tell that is not exactly true.

Sasse looks to have spent somewhere around 7 to 8 years working in Washington, D.C. or the DC metro.
We suppose that’s “nearly a decade”.

But for about half of that it would be hard to say that he was a “Washington bureaucrat”.

For a little over a year and a half he worked for the Justice Department, Homeland Security and Jeff Fortenberry. (Not sure you call a Chief of Staff to a Congressman a “bureaucrat”, but it’s certainly an “inside DC” gig.)

Then after a time as a professor in Texas, he worked for HHS in DC for 2 years.

So we will give him four years, give or take, as a DC “insider”.

The ad shows this doc:

Osborn ad

So for the other 4 years to account for in the DC area, the Wikipedia, which looks to us like it concurs, says:

Beginning in August 1996, Sasse commuted and worked remotely from Northern Virginia.

Sasse graduated from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1998, with a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.[3] During his master’s studies, Sasse was employed as a tutor/proctor for the page program by the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC.

Sasse graduated from Yale with a Master of Arts degree (M.A.), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), all from the Department of History in 2004.

During his time at Yale University, Sasse worked as a teaching fellow from August 1998 to May 2004, as consultant/acting executive vice president for Westminster Seminary California of Escondido, California from August 2001 to October 2002.,and wrote and conducted research from Washington, DC from 2002-2004.

So while he was doing research in DC, and was worked with the House page program, we aren’t so sure you’d call that time as a “Washington bureaucrat”.

We aren’t sure why Osborn felt they needed to go the “decade” route. They could have just as easily said he spent more time in DC than in Nebraska, and it would have still been accurate.

So they needlessly went over the top on the years, and Shane himself, goes over the top with the “greatest threat” line.

We gotta say, that is going to make people take notice. They are either going to nod in agreement or questioningly tilt their heads (you know, like a dog does when it’s confused, and makes that “mmmrrrwwrr?” sound) and go “huh?”

Our guess is the latter.

Shane is a balls to the wall kind of guy. If this race is close, he is going to go all out.

And this race, no doubt, is close.

Sasse has more money, and has a slew of orgs who would be more than happy to drop a few TV bombs in favor of Sasse. Sasse has received more free media than any other candidate. And with this ad, Osborn has has shown that he is worried enough about any lead he may have that he needed to go negative hard.

And then there is another factor.


You may have noted that Sasse has a million in the bank and Osborn has $700K in the bank.
And then there’s the guy who OWNS the bank.

Keep in mind that Sid Dinsdale has the ability to drop a cool million on this race with whatever he finds in the couch cushions. And he has a message to go with that of being a Nebraska guy who has helped build businesses, create jobs, etc. etc.

We aren’t saying that it will happen, but if you are looking for a candidate to pull a Deb Fischer, in this one it would be Dinsdale.

And that will make Osborn nervous, and potentially Sasse as well.

Four weeks out, we are in the thick of it.


And then Hal Daub jumps in an endorses Osborn.

Just to shake things up even more.

And we cracked up at Hal’s statement that “neutral is just not Hal Daub.”

And not referring to himself in the third-person would also be the equivalent to “Neutral Hal”.

Just another example of how things will rock back and forth for a month.


In the Governor’s race, Pete Ricketts tweeted:

Check out this new poll from @weeklystandard that shows Pete up by 4 points #negov

“This new poll” that is linked, is actually a link to a newsletter from The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol.

In the newsletter, Kristol says that while he was traveling in Nebraska (apparently when Sarah Palin endorsed Ricketts) he saw a poll that said Ricketts was ahead of Jon Bruning by 4 points.

While we do not really doubt that there may be such a poll, that is very different from it being a Weekly Standard poll, especially when Kristol also seems to be quoting the recent Rasmussen Senate poll.

We would all probably agree that the Governor’s race is very close, and may even be neck and neck between Bruning and Ricketts. And then add to that the carpet bombing that the broad Team Ricketts is making on Bruning that has no doubt taken a toll.

Will Bruning have enough to bruise Ricketts?
What effect will Beau McCoy have with his nearly million bucks?
Can Bryan Slone slip in?
Will Mike Foley’s name ID be enough if he doesn’t have the cash?



By the way, if you are interested, we are now hearing that it is possible, maybe, that while the anti-Bruning ads were not paid for by Joe Ricketts, they MAY have been paid for by the Koch Brothers and/or billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer. Politico looked at the “billionaire’s caucus” here.

In any case, the gist being that fellow gazillionaires can look at each other, give that nose-swipe motion Paul Newman and Robert Redford give each other in “The Sting”, and a giant bag of ad money drops in the race of their choice.

We aren’t sure if people care or not that it is a Ricketts hit on Bruning, but it is certainly different than Shane Osborn putting his name and face on a negative ad, than just the name of some group you never heard of.

But like we have said, probably the last of these types of ads in Nebraska this spring.




  1. If you look at Sasse's filings says:

    rather than his homered Wikipedia page you’ll see that the close to a decade claim is quite correct.

  2. If you look at Sasse's filings says:

    Sweeper, I guess my point is that his Wikipedia page downplays the significance of him living in the Washington metro area for activities that would not seem to require him to be there. It’s probably the subject of fair debate as to what constitutes being a bureaucrat. At least 4 to 5 years is inarguably in that category. The rest is more debatable. Let me put it this way — it’s a lot more defensible than the OWH’s story that 75% of Sasse’s contributions the last quarter came from inside Nebraska, which the OWH has now retracted twice as it becomes clear that OWH pulled that number out of thin air — or somewhere.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WTH? The greatest threat to our nation is Washington, DC, and people who work in DC? If it’s sooooo scary, why-oh-why would Shane want to get there so badly? That’s just ridiculous. And I would bet most people seeing that ad would think it sounds ridiculous.

  4. To 8 -- says:

    The same reason people go to fight wars. It’s not for the entertainment value or maximizing personal comfort. With a national debt of $17 trillion, a large chunk of it held by the Chinese, I don’t the claim is outlandish.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, if we want to blame all Washington “bureaucrats” for our outlandish situation in DC, we better look at people like Lee Terry. He’s been there longer than most other Nebraskans these days. Let’s blame him, Shane.

  6. So he stood up to the Chinese.... says:

    Talk to a WAR vet who stood up to the Viet Cong, the Koreans, the Japs and Hitler’s men. Chinese are wimps. BTW, does Senator Reid speak Chinese?

  7. Drew says:

    No one on this board ever understands how DC operates. If Ben Sasse was a true DC insider, he would have NEVER come back to Nebraska to run a rural university. Instead he could have joined some lobbying firm in DC and made over $350,000 a year and give the middle finger to Nebraska. Instead he came back to our humble state and saved Midlands University and recently Dana College. Vote for whomever you want, but calling Ben Sasse a “DC insider” is slander, a lie and proof of hate and envy from those who oppose him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m not Drew — or even voting for Ben Sasse — but maybe he is using it as rental income? Or who knows? But that fact would hardly buy him the title of “DC Insider” or “Bureaucrat.” You’re really stretching here.

  9. Drew thinks Sasse 'saved' Midland? says:

    If holding local creditors hostage, forcing them to forgive debt owed by Midland or he’d close the doors to the University means ‘saving’ it, then yeah, I guess he did…

    Those that think Sasse ‘saved’ Midland University are completely out of touch with that entire situation.

    The University is threatening to lose their accreditation for God’s sake. Some ‘turnaround artist’..

  10. Omaha and it's Pee Party Movement says:

    Oh poor Omaha! They have to pee on Ben Sasse because none of the urban Omaha candidates can run a good and positive campaign.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t need to see poll numbers. All I need to see is that ad from Osborn and it tells me that he is losing…and losing big time!

  12. Rickett's Cubbies says:

    Not sure if Pete should tout his family’s ownership of the Chicago Cubs on the campaign trail.
    The Cubs play at Yankee Stadium this week and the Times ran a story saying the Cubs have “Never Been Worse”.
    The story tells about how the Cub’s salary is one of the lowest in MLB, even as the franchise is supposedly worth a ton. And it says since the Ricketts purchase in ’09 the team is “weighed down with debt”.
    As Warren Buffett has said, owning a major league team is NOT a good investment. (Warren sold off the local Royals team and I bet the new owner is losing his shirt on that team playing in the suburbs).
    I know Pete Ricketts story is that just because his daddy is rich he started at the bottom of the business blah blah blah.
    Maybe the off-spring of Joe Ricketts are not that good of businessmen (and women)? I know the family is asking for tax money to help re-hab Wrigley Field and also finagled TIF money from the city of Omaha for their headquarters in Old Mill. So maybe they are a typical corporation trying their best to get tax breaks.

    Ricky From Omaha

  13. @ Pee Party says:

    The two Omaha candidates are Dinsdale and McLeay. Both of which have run exclusively positive campaigns. I would use facts if I were you.

  14. Read the Bill says:

    Hey 21! Get real! Bart McLeay, in the final debate, attacked Ben Sasse by referring to Obamacare as a comic book and WOULD NOT READ IT. Yeah, you probably would forgive a lawyer! Pelosi/McLeay, you have to have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.

  15. Also @ Pee Party says:

    Agree with #21. it appears as if Sassy boys supporters have no problem trashing the other guy…but if you trash him…that’s outrageous.

    Hey tea pot…meet kettle.

  16. Drew says:

    Let the facts be perfectly clear. The negative attacks started 15 seconds after Osborn received the endorsement from FreedomWorks. Bart McLeay and Sid Dinsdale were not attack but Ben Sasse was when he was in the single digits. It makes no sense what so ever, when you have a commanding lead in the polls to attack a candidate who is in the single digits but that is precisely what the Osborn supporters do and it completely backfired. Many Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks activists found the attacks on Ben Sasse to be bizarre, researched the matter, and complained. So FreedomWorks switched endorsements.

    Patrick Bonnett wrote up an “anyone but Sasse” petition and managed to get two members of the Douglas County Republican Executive Committee to sign it which largely implied the DCRP would not support Sasse should he win the primary.

    The Republican Liberty Caucus which claims to be against military intervention but largely supports Shane Osborn, who as a veteran, will receive wide encouragement to support military intervention far more than what the RLC would be willing to tolerate.

    Furthermore, the Omaha Tea Party activists have basically pimped out their organizations to Shane Osborn who regularly speaks to such events on an average of three months. Seriously, I like Shane and I sincerely appreciate the loyalty people show him. However, his campaign for Senate basically sucks and the memo scandal and the change of endorsements hurt me personally just as many Osborn supporters felt pain over such issues.

    However, attacking Sasse and signing a whiny petition opposing Sasse shows Omaha Republicans can’t handle opposition to their favorite candidate. These antics are bad for the Republican Party, conservatives, and the Tea Party movement.

  17. To Drew says:

    If you want Mr. Bonnett to dislike a candidate just tell them that the candidate is gay. Then he will start an anti-LGBT petition against candidate.

    Problem solved.

  18. @ 22 says:

    If you consider that an “attack”, then you probably believe children should be expelled from school for shaping their hands like guns.

  19. Anonymous says:

    By Shane and his phony baloney gang of 52 “logic”, the best and brightest better never accept an offer to go to an ivy league school or accept an offer of a job from his Republican congressman or answer the call when a republican president asks him to serve if you ever want to run for office.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I heard one candidate got a cheeseburger from a fast food joint in south baltimore

  21. To Drew says:

    Sasse came back to Nebraska after Barack Obama was elected president in 2008. Do you think he might have had trouble finding work inside the beltway after Dems took Washington? Sasse has no loyalty to Midland University. He took leave during a time when Midland was in the midst of an $11 million fundraising drive. Fundraising is what small-college presidents DO — schmoozing rich alumni, doting on elderly widows. It’s a fundamental part of his job and this is not a “surprise” fundraising campaign — they’ve known for years that they needed to raise money to reopen Dana. in a time of need, Sasse is rolling through the sticks in the Sassemobile looking after his own future.

  22. Patrick Bonnett says:

    @DrewSullivan, have you left anyone out there buddy? How about disabled vets, clergy or little girls? Anyone else you’d like to lash out at on behalf of Ben Sasse? What’s your role there anyway?

  23. Drew to 31 says:

    Sasse is one of those people who does not have to look for a job. The job seekers come hunting him down because he has the skills. Since he is offering to provide service to Nebraska, I firmly believe Nebraskans should eagerly accept his offer. There was an effort to draft Sasse to run for political office which is why he in the race.

    As for DC, does not matter which party is in office. This is where many voters and Nebraskans go moronic in not understanding how corrupt DC is. Sasse could so easily just sit back and watch the job offers come in from companies seeking lobbyists and consultants and get paid an easy 1/4 of million dollars a year. That is just how talented he is. But he came back to Nebraska and now he wants to serve Nebraska in the US Senate. He is not seeking office for himself but for our country.

  24. Bob Loblaw says:


    So Sasse could just sit back and watch the job offers Rollin? And we Nebraskans should be down on our knees praising the Almighty Altar of Ben that he came back here so we could send him to Washington to represent us simpletons since he is so much more talented & intelligent than any of us. Is that about right?

    I’m so getting turned off by Osborn & Sasse ego fest. I’m going to take a hard look at Dinsdale now. Any others of you starting to feel this way?

  25. Anonymous says:

    IO: You took the words right out of my mouth re: his spotty job history. Why was he jumping around so much? Maybe the OWH would like to do a front page splash about that and talk to former co-workers. Here ‘s a great question for Fort: why did Sasse only work for him for a matter of months and now he”s endorsing him. What”s with that? Was it because of his stellar few months in the Congressman’s office before he moved on? On the other hand, if anyone is going to dismiss a foreign threat over domestic one, Osborn has earned the right to it.

  26. Little guy says:

    Let the record reflect that Shane Osborn went negative first, and now the SuperPACs are going to light him up like a friggin Christmas tree.

  27. To Bob Loblaw says:

    Absolutely. Sid Dinsdale is seeming more and more like the clear choice here. The only grown man in the bunch it seems.

  28. NoDoginThisFight says:

    Has anyone looked at campaign donation reports? Osborn is the single largest recipient of money from Bank of America in this election cycle, and his next largest donor is JP Morgan Chase. They must figure he is a guy with whom they can do business.

  29. Tonic & Tonic says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong. Being chief of staff for a Congressman makes one the epitome of “WWashington Insider”.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Lol, no. You’re NOT a Washington insider for being a chief of staff to a freshman congressman for a few months. Try again.

  31. Betty Wilson says:

    I am 82 years old and I live Mead Nebraska. My grandson Tommy told me to get on this internet box to make a statement about Mr. Sasse. I would pen a letter to the editor but my ink well is dry. Mr. Sasse came into town in his post apocolyptic, mad max, death vehicle and almost ran over my collie Professor Snickerdoodle. If Mr. Sasse can not drive in Mead how is he going to drive this economy to create jobs.

    Now Professor Snickerdoodle has to take anti-anxiety medication and can no longer make left turns. Do you know how long it takes to get to the dog park only making right turns?

    I will be voting for Clifton Johnson because he has a ponytail and so did George Washington.

  32. Max Powers says:

    Public Policy Polling has its poll up for which state it will poll this weekend and Nebraska is one of the options. It would be good to see another poll on all the races. If it doesn’t win this week’s vote, it will probably be a choice again next week so you can try to encourage readers to vote and get it to win.

  33. To No. 41 says:

    “Whisper campaign in DC”? Clear give away you are one of the many DC social media hacks hired by the Osborn campaign. I live in Lincoln, and could give a rats ass as to what you people in DC hear. But obviously your candidate does.

  34. Vince PowerRanger says:

    I love to see Repubs beat up on each other. I know we Dems don’t have a chance of winning either the Gov or US Senate race, but it’s heartwarming to see the cracks in the foundation of the NEGOP.

  35. Bob Loblaw says:

    To #47,

    That’s exactly right. Osborn & Sasse think the most important thing is whether Bill kristol endorses them. Or if the Right Wing Neocon Monthly Journal Standard (or whatever obscure magazine that no one in Nebraska subscribes to) has one of them on the cover. Do they honestly think anybody in Nebraska gives a rats ass what redstate.com thinks of the race? This race, like all races, will be won or lost in the third district. And last I checked, most people in Scottsbluff, North Platte, Bridgeport, Etc., couldn’t care less about DC insider endorsements or beltway hurt feelings.

  36. To Drew says:

    That was a really good question earlier, I apologize if I missed the answer. What’s your role at the Ben Sasse campaign?

    Also, you seem to be operating similar to how you did for Stenberg during the last U.S. Senate race, what’s your role/relationship with the SCF, Club for Growth, FreedomWorks?

    You say, “There was an effort to draft Sasse to run for political office which is why he in the race.” Did that ‘drafting’ effort actually originate in Nebraska? Or did it originate in D.C., with Mark Fahleson coordinating it here locally? Much like Mark Fahleson did the Popular Vote Initiative.

  37. Anonymous says:

    So, Herbster drops another million on Beau McCoy in the Gov race, huh? That ought to shake things up a bit. That’s a lot of scratch he’s invested in a guy with only a remote chance at winning. Mike Foley should have made friends with the Herb.

  38. Yomomma says:

    Bruning is now advertising that “Pete Ricketts and his mom and dad have spent $1.5 million on his campaign… His other donors include the same secret billionaire club members that have spent millions on TV to mislead you about my record.”

    Bruning goes on to say “And Beau McCoy has been given $1.9 million from just one donor who runs a business in Missouri.”

    So, there, there are two billionaire clubs full of Republicans who all hate Jon Bruning?

    Or are we supposed to believe Joe Ricketts is donating more to Beau than to Pete?

    And why is Bruning feeling the need to kick Rickett’s mom?

    Even up inside the donkey’s rear, from whence Bruning apparently sprang full grown, you don’t disrespect a guy’s momma.

  39. The Fraud known as Ben Sasse says:

    Just wondering if Nebraska is such a great place to raise a family, why did Ben Sasse wait until he lost his job in DC to move back here????

  40. Daddy Issues says:

    Yomomma’s post is mostly incoherent babble, but … kick Ricketts’ mom? Is that really the talking point? The world knows that the Nepotism’s Posterboy Pete Ricketts would be irrelevant with his mom and dad’s checkbook, and when mom writes a check for $250K when nobody else will, I’m fine with Bruning calling them on it. Take it as disrespect or take it as fact, like everybody else does.

  41. To Bill Kristol says:

    Google “Bill Kristol is wrong about everything” and you’ll see that Bill Kristol is wrong about everything. Batting .000

  42. To Vince PowerRanger says:

    There are cracks in the NDP big enough to drop the Titanic into. Get back to re-arranging your deck chairs Vince.

  43. Who Wins on Work Experience? says:

    So Dinsdale has worked in the private sector for 37 years, has been a top dog in management for decades, and is responsible for 1,800 jobs and business operations approaching $8 billion in size. Doesn’t look like he has ever worked for the government.

    Meanwhile, Sasse and Osborn both have mostly worked for the government in their careers so far, at one level or another. They have worked in jobs directly affecting a relative handful of people and responsible for far smaller budgets compared to Dinsdale’s private-sector responsibilities.

    We are going broke in this country. So who should we put in charge? The type of people who got us here — government types who come from big “systems” like the military and academia? Or the type of people who can get us out — private-sector job-creators who know how to manage money and not go broke? Obviously, the latter. Obviously, Dinsdale.

    We need people with job-creating, real-world, private-sector experience and financial acumen if we ever hope to dig out of this hole.

  44. Re: 58 says:

    Osborn’s career as a member of the Military ≠ (does not equal) Sasse’s Bureaucratic career

    One is honorable, the other not so much.

    Osborn has clear achievements as the State Treasurer. What are Sasse’s clear career achievements as a Bureaucrat?

  45. To 59 says:

    I think we can all agree Shane served our country, and we respect that.

    But then what? He’s been in government the majority of his lifetime.

    And don’t tell me he’s an ‘entrepreneur’ who’s created jobs. Please..

    But at the end of the day, we can agree on one thing, he’s the next best choice after Dinsdale.

  46. To Drew says:

    It’s kind of weird that Drew Sullivan won’t answer those questions in comment 51, but will write a book about anything else. What you hiding there buddy? Maybe nothing. But it’d be nice if you clear it up.

    (1) What’s your role with the Ben Sasse campaign?
    (2) What’s your role/relationship with the SCF, Club for Growth, FreedomWorks?
    (3) Did that ‘Draft Sasse’ effort actually originate in Nebraska? Or did it originate in D.C., with Mark Fahleson coordinating it here locally? Much like Mark Fahleson did the Popular Vote Initiative.

  47. Like I'm nearly a Hollywood Actor says:

    “Six and a half years is nearly a decade as the ad states,” said Bill Novotny, Osborn’s campaign manager.


  48. From South of the Border says:

    Hey Pedro Ricketts. Tell you daddy he needs to give you more money. The gringos are getting upset because you want to give me amnesty. Ask the Burger King Guy for more money to run more of those ads talking about that Bruning guy’s college years. That Burger King guy is awesome for us. We see you passed his litmus test on amnesty. Good for you. Now get more money.

    You may be in trouble my friend. I don’t want to go home.

    Viva Pedro Ricketts!

  49. Drew to 63 says:

    To your questions as if I am a rock star, and you are Walter Conkrite.
    1) Independent citizen
    2) Independent citizen
    3) Have no details on the draft but I suspect it started in Midlands U. As for Fahleson’s Popular Vote Initiative, even a man has to “lay an egg” now and then. It really is a silly idea.

  50. Re: Drew says:

    Never thought you were a rock star, just another person who likes to listen to his own voice a little too much.

    You seem to have a healthy ego on what you think you know, and try to give the sense of some special sort of credibility.

  51. The Shane says:

    You people are ignorant….what is it you want in a representative? Sasse could be working and living anywhere in the world he wants to …..he came back here because of family, end of story. You do not know what you speak if you say otherwise. He kept his home in DC as an investment….bought it at a good price and is making money on it……is that against the law? You people are pathetic…..we have a person that wants to restore the Constitution and has some influence in DC and you don’t want to send him? Please vote for the shane if you want 6 more years of McConnell/Mccain/Graham and the establishment party line? Don’t vote for Sasse if you don’t like him but stop with the BS….you don’t know anything about his situation. It is quite pathetic because most of you just sit in your basement posting things you think you know while he is trying to do something about the sad state of affairs in Washington. Tired of the Osborn drones putting out this stuff. Vote for anyone but THE SHANE…..he is the DC insider. His ads seem desperate….McConnell is doing the same thing right now to Bevin. Good luck fools.

  52. MECA's bad pub says:

    The latest news is Omaha’s Metropolitan and Convention Authority board has taken liberty with their free tickets to concerts and sporting events and have sat in the suite many times with family and friends and friends of the family and little league baseball teams and God knows who else.
    Mr Jim Vokal seems to be the biggest user of the freebies, but his only regret is he is so busy with other obligations he can’t attend as many events as he would like.
    But it’s okay because the MECA board members walk around the Qwest Center and ballpark to see how everything is going. Since the board is all rich guys you would think they could afford their own tickets but … whatever. Members sit on the board without pay so free tickets is not out of line if they do not abuse the privilege.
    I just wonder why Mr Vokal gets so many perks like getting appointed to the MECA board and serving on Pete Rickett’s funded Platte River Institute.
    How come I never get appointed to anything?

    Ricky From Omaha

    PS One of the contracts I’d like to see if open records ever come to the MECA board is the deal between MECA and the NCAA and CWS inc to put on the College World Series. I bet there are lots of freebies for those involved in that deal.

  53. Bob Loblaw says:

    Will everyone quit acting like it is some noble act that Sasse came back to live in Nebraska. You realize that there are 1.8 million of us that choose to live here and dont act like we’re making some huge sacrifice when “we could be living anywhere in the world we want to”.

    Its just funny to me that Sasse supporters use his actually choosing to live in this state as one of his biggest qualifications for the job.

  54. The Shane says:

    Bob loblaw……your name is perfect for you…..so you just want people that wouldn’t be employable outside Nebraska to represent you? Way to reach for the stars! Point is, we have the opportunity to retain a very qualified individual that has allegiance to Nebraska and has some influence in DC to represent us…why wouldn’t you want that? I am sure that The Shane will reduce his senatorial budget 10% while voting lockstep with McConnel/McCain/Graham. What he did as Treasurer in Nebraska is meaningless in DC. Let’s send The Shane that has clearly lied on two occasions in this primary. Allegations of abuse, not following protocol in the service and presenting false info to the public…..he does sound like a politician. Anyone but The Shane!

  55. Interested Observer says:

    It’s becoming very disturbing to see how the frontrunners in both the Senate and the Governor’s races are raising and spending so much money. How can any of them honestly claim to be a “fiscal conservative” when a dollar has such little meaning to them? Maybe it’s easier when it’s either someone else’s dollar or they personally have so many of them of their own. How can any of their secret supporters with their anonymous ads have any credibility for the exact same reason?

    If we agree that both the state and federal governments have become too large and too expensive and that we need to shrink the size of government and reduce spending, especially deficit spending on the national level, how can a voter believe a candidate who says they’ll cut taxes and spending, when that candidate is raising and spending more than a MILLION dollars? That’s not very “conservative”.

    Don’t actions speak louder than words? Isn’t the campaign a very clear picture of what the elected official would do once in office?

  56. Betty Wilson says:

    All this fighting reminds me of the time Gertrude and I were playing a heated game of bridge. We were playing a rubber of bridge. Not to be confused with a jimmy hat you filthy sailors wear. Where was I? Oh yes Professor Snickerdoodle my collie was almost hit by Sasse’s death machine bus in Mead Nebraska. Mead has only one blinking light but Mr. Sasse flew threw it faster than Ben Johnson amped up on juice.

    Professor Snickerdoodle is a collie but I think that he has some Lab in him.

    I will vote for Beau McCoy for Auditor because he owns a roofing company which is good because I live in a nursing home.

  57. TexasAnnie says:

    We don’t believe them, Interested Observer. What we believe is that they would be better than the other candidates running…

  58. Lil Mac says:

    GOP “gazillionaires” impact elections up to a point. Some reach that point when they realize the richest billionaires in America are Democrats. Obama donor billionaires include Gates, Buffett, Broad, Doerr, Lenfest, Morgridge, Allen, Arnold, Chan, Diller, Jacobs, Stryker, Saban, Soros, ect. Most of the 20 top wealthiest Americans are Democrats with a combined net worth of $263B. Republicans half that.

    Despite this, Republicans have an odd habit of turning into Karl Marx whenever their favorite GOP candidate has less in the bank than a competing candidate. Money becomes, if not evil, unfair.

    We all know better. Poverty doesn’t make people good, wealth doesn’t make them bad. You either run on your own dime or you empower yourself at donors’ expense. George Washington was the richest man in America yet we don’t say he purchased the Presidency. Adams worked for a living. Candidates arise and voters accept or reject them as they will. Whether a candidate uses his own money or he solicits millions from donors, each candidate and donor seeks to deny competing voters their idea of good government and a good candidate. Politics isn’t nice. Nice doesn’t help. Being stupid in politics however will kill you.

    We can debate the psychology of why the biggest moneybags are Democrats, or why Conservatives so avidly stab each other in GOP races to the delight of Liberals, or why Republicans decide to go Karl Marx out of sympathy for a strapped candidate. But in the end, all this is at best wheel spinning and at worst elephantine suicide. We always have plenty of reasons for doing what we do. But the richest money bags in America are in fact Democrats. So if you want to worry about any “gazillionaires” you might want to worry about them.

  59. Bob Loblaw says:

    To The Shane;

    Being employable outside Nebraska isn’t some great accomplishment. Do you think if most of us left here we’d all die starving in the streets? Why is this a point you keep bringing up? It’s a dumb argument. Makes your candidate sound like he think s he’s better or above most Nebraskans, He’s not. We all have skills and talents. Move on to something different. You just sound dumb and starstruck by Sasse. Get over your mancrush.

  60. Anonymous2 says:

    Lil Mac, check the facts before posting what you think are facts. While the richest billionaires tend to be Democrats, the majority of donations from the top 1% go to Repubs. Just go to OpenSecrets if you need to verify.

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