Pro-Sasse PAC fires back at Osborn

After a direct hit at Ben Sasse by Shane Osborn, a pro-Sasse PAC replied with an attack ad on Osborn.
See it here:

We will say this about the ad: At least it uses new photos of Shane Osborn.
You can’t say the same about the local Omaha newspaper:

Fishwrap article images

(Osborn needs to put out a Subway Jared-style before and after shot.)

In any case, the next question that popped up is, Who is funding this ad?

This is curious only in that there was certainly no question about who was taking the swing in the anti-Sasse ad. There was Shane Osborn standing there telling you what (or who) was the greatest threat to the U.S. of A.

Here, Ben Sasse said:

“…neither I nor my campaign coordinated any messaging or spending with this group.”

The group in question would be “Ensuring a Conservative Nebraska“.

Ensuring a Conservative Nebraska has exactly ONE donor: Rupert Dunklau of Fremont.

He gave the PAC $100,000.

If you frequent the Midlands University campus, you may recognize that name.

Dunklau School of Business


And while this seems res ipsa loquitur, it got even more loquitered when it turned out that Dunklau is Ben Sasse’s great uncle!

Uncle Rupert

And then said great uncle, who personal and solely funded the ad (and we would presume all of the PAC’s website design and hosting costs), said regarding the ad:

“I honestly am not familiar with what you’re talking about.”

Well then.

So look. As the Swamp King said, “Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who!

We all know who is ultimately behind this ad. And we really don’t care — up to denying it with the “I’m running a positive campaign,” nonsense.

This is what we expected, and this is what we’re getting.

We are just sad that this is the last we will see of these ads…


As long as we are still hashing out that last anti-Sasse ad by Osborn, we would just note that there was still quite a bit of back-and-forth about how long Sasse lived in the DC area.

Osborn said, “nearly a decade”.

Some Sasse peeps said it was only 4 years as a “bureaucrat”, and then only 2 and a half working with the House.

We followed up, and had it confirmed that our “7 to 8 years working in Washington, D.C.” estimate was essentially correct.

So, math-wizards, does 7 1/2 = “nearly a decade”?
(Feel free to keep bickering about the “bureaucrat” part. We already had our say in the last post.)

(Ah, we are finally glad we can talk about “The Issues” in this campaign…)


Governor candidate Beau McCoy has a new ad out.
See it here.

McCoy pushing the anti-ObamaCare message (via horse!) here.

We note that McCoy will be very competitive in the ad space with Ricketts and Bruning over the next three and a half weeks. We will be interested to hear how his numbers move and what effects this has on the other campaigns.


Because it’s there, we toss in this Shane Osborn YouTuber, entitled “Saving a Dollar“:
See it here:

This nice little piece is currently listed as a “web-ad”, but we won’t be surprised to see it on the air at some point.

Note that ANYONE, if they wanted to, can apparently just grab this piece and put it up on TV themselves, if they want to.

(We aren’t crystal clear on all the rules for this, so if someone else tells us we are wrong, no problem; lay it out then.)


Lee Terry’s Congressional campaign has had a stellar fundraising period.
For the 2014 cycle they’ve raised $1.39M, with $700K cash on hand.

Heck any of the statewide races would be happy to have that kind of scratch.


  1. Who's your uncle? says:

    Sasse, what a tough guy, he hides behind his uncle. Yeah, he’d be a great senator with huevos picos. He basically admitted to violating the coordinated campaign rule in the OWH article. I wonder if Sasse claims to have read every page of McCain-Feingold.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking to me like Sid Dinsdale is the only grown up in the bunch. How can I take these two seriously with these ridiculous attacks of one another? Although, I will say, they’re mostly warranted as they each point out how tied to DC one another are.

    Becomes clearer every day that Dinsdale is the man for the job.

  3. Ethics probe says:

    So Mike Lee is coming in for Ben Sasse. Isn’t this guy under investigation in Utah? I thought he was tied to Harry Reid in this probe? Sasse is Washington!

  4. To Ethics probe says:

    Mike Lee has some huge ethics problems brewing in Utah. It looks like Eric Holder is Mike Lee’s new buddy.

  5. From the St George News says:

    “Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill and Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings, who have been investigating Swallow and Shurtleff, said they found allegations of possible wrongdoing by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, and Utah Sen. Mike Lee.” Maybe Mike Lee has been teaching the Sasse campaign on how to skirt FEC rules???…lol

  6. The Fraud known as Ben Sasse says:

    You people are assuming Ben Sasse is ethical. He reminds me of the villain in Billy Madison who freaks out when asked the ethics question.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    “Pro-Sasse PAC fires back at Osborn” – Seriously? That’s your title?

    Try this instead, “Uncle Rupert Fires Back at Osborn, Sasse Denies Knowing His Uncle is Only Member of PAC”.

    This latest title violates the comedic code of blogdom. For few things are less humorous than a PAC. But “Uncle Rupert” offers a host of comedic possibilities.

    Anyway, good article. Fun and spot on. Exactly what this infernal eternal electoral season needs.

  8. How Many Times Have They Been to D.C.? says:

    Insider? Outsider? These two are pointing the finger at each other, but when you point the finger, three more point back at you. In the third debate, Dinsdale said he had been back to D.C. just once since he announced his candidacy. He didn’t think it was right to pander for votes outside of Nebraska. With his 86% support from inside the state, he definitely wins as the D.C. “outsider.” On the other hand, reportedly the other two have been back there 10 or more times each in the past year and each has had major fund-raisers there that make up a significant proportion of their campaign war chests. If that’s true, then they are BOTH D.C. “insiders.” It shows where their attention is, and is likely to be, if elected. Sid’s the true humble, home-focused hero.

  9. Anon says:

    Some unnamed PAC director produced and posted this ad without the PAC’s only donor knowing anything about it? Really?

    FWIW, the PAC’s FEC statement was signed by Lisa Lisker, SCF’s former treasurer. The PAC’s only Q1 expense was for fees to Covington Burling, a DC law firm that has donated over $4,000 to Sasse and, so far, $0 to Osborn.

  10. To #12 says:

    Could not agree more. Not to mention he was born and raised in central NE, has been living here ever since, and has never once been in politics.

    Sounds kind of like, oh I don’t know, the PERFECT candidate.

    #SidforSenate >>>> DC boys

  11. To the Sid staff says:

    Welcome to Leavenworth St (They dont have it back home on the Jindal campaign) (#LAforlife) this is where all of us hacks get on the taunt each other (So sayeth the Sweeper) no civilians read this, so you arent winning Sid any votes with your posts

  12. To #12 says:

    I thought Sid was building a multimillion dollar mansion in Colorado and pull a Herbster. How much is that mansion?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Shane was starting to have some effect with his blitzkrieg attacks on Sass, until he crashed and burned on Glenn Beck’s show today when he announced to the world he was having a tele-conference tonight with hi long time good friend Grover Nordquiest. Grover is right on taxes but wrong on just about everything else. He is not only pro amnesty, he is for open borders. He has ties to radical muslim organizations, is a social liberal and a K street lobbyist. .

  14. Uncle Rupert says:

    Rupert is a well-known philanthropist in the Fremont area, who has donated to lots of local institutions, including Midland College. Do you suppose that when Midland was looking for a new president, that he recommended Sasse?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sid? You kid? The guy had a branch president he failed to control as a “trust” officer under Dinsdale’s supervision of two family estates. With that little power? He did nothing to rein in his incompetent and negligent “trust” officer even when asked. Two estates were ruined, squandered and lost due the Great Sid’s ability to be so much on the inside he couldn’t be bothered to bother with outside matters at least to one Nebraska family. This shrine that is being erected in hopes he has some sort of contrived surge fails to scrutinize the fact he’s a big time banker who hasn’t a clue about doing the right thing even when begged to do so. Spare me the canonization to sainthood for Sid.

  16. anonymous says:

    Osborne. Sasse. McCoy. Any one of them would make a tolerable ring girl at my next fight. Can we stop this farce and start over? Please?

  17. Russia from her house says:

    I see Sarah Palin and Sen Lee of Utah will come to Omaha for Mr Sasse.
    I don’t know what that accomplishes. Lee is the furthest right candidate you can get, and Palin is a half-term Governor from a small state in population.
    I doubt this visit swings any Nebraskans, and just reinforces the notion that Mr Sasse is the pick of outside groups, but not that popular here in the Cornhusker State.


  18. Honestly says:

    The likelihood that Sasse violated federal election law appears to be greater than the likelihood that he didn’t.

  19. Drew to Streetsweeper says:

    List your numbers on how many years Sasse was a government employee. The closest you can get is 6.5 years. And even at 7.5 calling it nearly a decade is a heavy stretch. When your 75 years old do you really want to say you are nearly a century old?

    But none of this means anything. Sasse has spend the majority of his life in the private sector and has the experience to show it. The other guy does not.

  20. CD1 says:

    How do you figure Sasse has spent the “majority” of his life in the private sector?
    I don’t think many consider working in academia the “private sector”.
    Just curious.

  21. Drew says:

    Here is the silly part of the DC insider nonsense. Shane Osborn is having a townhall with Grover Norquist whose best association was Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist, who went to jail for what he did. Abramoff later wrote a book: Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Corruption From America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist

  22. Ricky says:

    @RFO at 6:51 PM

    I don’t know why you brought up Pete Ricketts when my post just mentioned Mr Sasse’s visit from Palin and Lee.
    Why in God’s name (if their were a God) would anybody want Palin to come and endorse you?
    She is dumber than a box of rocks! Nobody takes her seriously as a policy maker or effective politician. Fox Network celebrity maybe. But I think Nebraskans can see through this lady, even the Republicans here.

    Ricky From Omaha

  23. Drew to CD1 at 26 says:

    I find your question most complexing if not insincere. There are many private universities, particularly religious ones. Under Obamacare, they are forced to provide aboritifacients and abortion as are many religious related institutions. The Hobby Lobby case is trying to undo that. Sasse ran Midlands University and knows what Obamacare is forcing on Midlands. I think this is the key to his success and both libertarians and conservatives believe they should not be forced to spend their money on something they deem immoral or have their money taxed to fund such evil. I think portions of the Tea Party has been aloof on this matter and Sasse gains ground every time he brings this issue up.

  24. Drew to 12 and 25 says:

    Sid Dinsdale has already demonstrated he would cave to the demands of the Federal Government whether it be Dodd-Frank or the debt ceiling. He plays to nativist sentiments because he can. This is why conservatives fail. It is great to be right on the issues but if you have no strategy or tactics, just what the heck will you deliver? Look no further than Mitch McConnell.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Drew 8:31 Then it would be instructive to know what Midland’s employee insurance policy covers if Ben is so adamant now about being forced to buy immoral coverage.

  26. @ Drew says:

    If you’re going to be knowledgable, it’s Midland, no “s”.

    Also, if Sasse is such a religious person, why did he allow “Lutheran” to be removed from Midland’s name, thus ending its religious affiliation?

  27. Drew to post 33 says:

    S or no s, I could careless. Names are a peculiar thing particularly marketing. People change names as do politicians. There are many advantages including saving on ink to sign space or to create a better perception. Have you been on the Grand Army of the Republic Highway or on Highway 6? If you have driven on Dodge St. in Omaha, you have.

  28. Nebraska Guy says:

    Did Osborn really have a town hall on Maundy Thursday? What’s next–tax rallies on Good Friday? #religiouslytonedeaf #agnostic

  29. putacorkinit says:

    Jesus held a meeting on Maundy Thursday so what are you griping’ about?

    For all you faux-religious Republicans, unless you are having yourself nailed to a real cross this year, shut up or God will smite you for dragging Him into politics. We notice you don’t mind doing that here, so if you choke on your Easter feast this Sunday, know that it is all for the best.

    As for Democrats, you don’t really believe in capitalism and you think you’ve already reelected god Obama to a second WH term, so stick to touting your “I lost to a girl” Dave Domina and your “I was raped by Bob who lost to a girl” Chuck Hassebrook.

    Democrats offering opinions on the GOP Primary election are disloyal to their own obligation to tout Democrat candidates. But we understand why you prefer anything to touting your own, since most of the GOP candidates can melt at a manly glance these twits into pools of their own estrogenized sweat.

  30. anonoymous says:

    Agree with 2nd paragraph above. Anyone calling themselves “Christian” ought to be properly scared to death at their claim, given what Jesus promised His followers. Alas “Christian” has become a convenient adjective, in politics as in life. A word to stop using and stop hearing unless used with its full force and effectiveness.

    Today, Good Friday, shows the minimal lower cost of Christian discipleship; no one running for public office aspires to or demonstrates such “foolishness.” Do us a favor, candidates, and put up or shut up.

  31. central nebraska farmer says:

    This senate race is an absolute waste. I’m thinking none of these clowns should go to D.C.! Apparently Bart M. must not have any cash because it sure seems like there is an opening for someone else. Osborn really made a fool of himself on Glenn Becks program the other day and Sasse did not do as bad but could have done much better. For these two too pass themselves off as professionals is a joke they just as well be running for dog catcher! In this day and age we all desperately want a candidate we can passionately support and this was the best we could do? Arghhhhh!

  32. Frequent Voter says:

    Not sure what marketing genius thought having McCoy knock a bobble head off a fence post was engaging. He’s a lightweight candidate, and millions in marketing won’t change that fact.

  33. BTW says:

    With how Drew has donated funds to Sasse through SCF and Club for Growth, makes you wonder what he promised Sasse and Fahleson. Drew — you are a joke. You hide on here, Facebook, blogs and make all these assumptions and innuendos about anyone but your candidate.

    Your act is getting tiresome, just go away!

  34. Anonymous says:

    The McCoy ad copy wasn’t bad but the only thing people are going to remember is the knocking the bobblehead off the fence. His ad people must think that will resonate well with Nebraskans. Who know what makes voters happy anymore.

  35. Drew to 40 says:

    Oh hell no! Not until I cut of your balls and stick them in my jar of other liberal whiners who fail to defend capitalism and the Constitution.

  36. BTW says:

    Yeah, he is a hell of a lot smarter than I . For the record, Drew—– you jackass. I am not a liberal whiner, buster,

    I am a conservative who does not like the way you trash Republicans. Go back to the Libertarian party where you belong anyway.

    I challenge you to put your name on a ballot and see what happens. It’s not as easy as you think, Drew.

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