Bruning takes another cut at Ricketts

A new TV hit in the Governor’s race on Pete Ricketts from Jon Bruning, called, “Ricketts Fights for Ricketts“.
See it here:

We understand that Bruning is swinging back at Ricketts, but we don’t care for this “billionaire” line of attack.

This is essentially the same thing Ben Nelson said about Ricketts — he laid people off, he challenged his tax assessment. We don’t like the idea of attacking Ricketts because he’s rich. We didn’t like it when Nelson did the class-warfare stuff and we don’t like it here.



How is your soul Ben?

This was Glenn Beck getting to the nut of the U.S. Senate campaign in Nebraska.

We have no idea what he was gunning for here.

In any case, Beck interviewed Shane Osborn and Ben Sasse back to back on his radio show. We will say this: it was the closest we have come to an actual debate in the Senate race so far. Too bad he didn’t have Sid Dinsdale and Bart McLeay on.

But the thing to consider about Beck, or any radio host — particularly the national ones — is that they are about themselves. Not their guests. They didn’t get to where they are because they keep things down the middle. They’re opinionated.

So while Beck was relatively fair to Osborn, Shane had to have an idea that he was playing an “away game” when he went on Beck’s show. Sort of like playing UConn at Madison Square Garden. Sure it’s not their home court, but you know they are going to get the majority of their fans there.

Beck is a Mike Lee guy. He hates Mitch McConnell. Since those are the main tenants of Ben Sasse’s national campaign, you would have to figure Beck was going to go into the interviews with that bias.

That said, here is the Osborn interview:

And here is the Sasse interview:

We really suggest you take a listen if you’re undecided. You may find one of the other or neither to your liking.

But it is at least compelling to hear Beck call bullshit to a few of their answers and challenge them a little more than has occurred in certainly any debate setting.

And presumably you will find out more about Ben’s soul.


And to finish up on the enduring question of “how many years did Ben Sasse spend in Washington, D.C.”, we have come up with a few final answers: 7.5 years “lived” there, 6.2 years “worked” there. This is all, presumably, in the contest of was Sasse a “bureaucrat” in DC for a “decade”.


There was a shake up in Nebraska’s 3rd District GOP primary yesterday.

Congressman Adrian Smith’s challenger, Tom Brewer, had his campaign manager, Christine Vanderford and communications consultant, Dan Parsons, resign.

This was ostensibly because Brewer decided to bring in a personal friend, Col. Tony Baker of Florida, to run the campaign for the final 27 days. Baker is not known to have any political campaign experience.

Said a source:

“While in-fighting is common in political campaigns, in my 20+ years of political experience, I’ve never seen a more brazen, naive exhibition – all of which has been allowed by the candidate.”

You might say it is like bringing in a communications consultant to run the final days of your military invasion of Afghanistan. Not the wisest move, and not the way to keep your troops behind you.


Back in the Senate race, last night Shane Osborn held a teleconference Town Hall with anti-tax firebrand Grover Norquist.

On April 25th, Sasse will hold a rally in North Platte with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Senator Mike Lee and former Nebraska Governor Kay Orr.


The Nebraska Family Alliance has put together a Video Voter guide with ALL of the Governor and Senate candidates.

Each of these videos is 4 – 6 minutes long.

You can see all the Governor candidate videos here.
You can see all of the Senate candidate videos here.

We will try to spread these out over the next few days, so as not to overload your browser.

First we will give you Tom Carlson for Governor:

And Bart McLeay for Senate:


  1. Anonymous says:

    So Dave Nabity is showing his pro-amnesty colors live on radio this morning. Thank god we didn’t elect him mayor!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is everybody as sick of Osborn and Sasse as I am?? Man oh man I hope neither of these idiots wins! At this point, I don’t care if it’s Dinsdale or McLeay — just anyone but Shane or Ben! Ugh.

  3. Interested Observer says:

    I encourage you to take a close look at Bart McLeay, because he has really impressed me with his intelligence, his actual conservative nature and especially his ability to communicate. All you have to do is to visit with Bart for 10 minutes and you will realize how bright and capable he really is.

  4. Bruning must go says:

    Bruning is following the lead of his Democratic pal’s like Holder, Perez, Spitzer and Ben Nelson with his disgusting class ware garbage against Ricketts.No wonder Frat Boy just got the endorsement of the Nebraska State Education Association. The original source of most of his attacks on Bruning come straight from the Nebraska Democratic party’s attacks on Ricketts in 2006. That alone should make any true Republican not want to vote for him but his Class warfare garbage is an act of betrayal that should have him run out of the party. At least, it should lead to his defeat on May 13.

    Whether you vote for Ricketts or not, his success and that of his father are the American Dream personified. They have employed thousands of people and helped countless others by simplifying access to the stock market that has allowed them to increase their wealth. Since leaving Ameritrade, Pete Ricketts has been helping to get new business off the ground. He has many charitable causes that he supports and has put his money where his mouth is by supporting dozens of conservative Republicans running for office. I’ll put that record up against Frat Boy Bruning any day..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nebraska was recently namedthe least corrupt state in the country. The only blight on the record is the crony socialist Bruning using his connections as attorney deal to get sweet heart deals to line his own pockets.

  6. From South of the Boarder says:

    I heard that Dave Nabity guy on the radio today. I like that guy. He gets it. Viva Nabity! My pro amnesty friend!! He too is frinds with the Burger King guy. I like that guy! Perdo Ricketts, Dave Nabity and the Burger King guy forever!!

  7. I can see why Osborn says:

    thought it was an “away” game. Beck is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FW (or maybe it’s the other way around). I have no idea what his issue with Nordquist, but it was pretty cheap of him to wait until Shane was off the line. Sasse probably did better but I’m getting tired of him denying stuff that’s obviously true and then people just taking him at his word. I suppose next we’ll find out that aliens actually snatched the body of his uncle and forced him to create that Super PAC and everyone in the press will say “we KNEW there had to be a logical explanation.”

  8. Ricky says:

    Dear South of the “Boarder” guy at 12:46. How can you be so racist? “Amnesty” means giving a path to citizenship for those people who have lived in our country for years amicably.
    Who cares? Give them citizenship so they can live a normal life and pay taxes like everybody else.
    I also saw a piece of campaign literature complaining about some candidate being “pro – amnesty:.
    And you wonder why people think the GOP is racist.
    Also 12:16 PM why was Nabity on the radio anyway? That guy is irrelevant; how many times will he run for office and get rejected before he goes away?
    I see also that you mention the “burger king guy”. That would be Michael Simmonds, who made a lot of money paying minimum wage to his employees and not giving them health care.
    Simmonds backed Nabity over Stothert in the mayor’s campaign, and gave money to recall Mr Suttle, so you know how bright that guy is.
    Also I do think Dinsdale could benefit from Mr Sassy and Osborn sniping at each other, and if Sid is going to give himself a campaign loan, I suggest he do it quickly.

    ricky from omaha

  9. A Comedian says:

    It is funny to hear ricky complain about someone being “irrelevant”. If there were ever anyone who would be an expert at being irrelevant, it would be ricky.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bad move Bruning! Why would you emulate the strategy of the Nelson guy who beat Ricketts by 28 points? Ridiculous.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Ernie Chambers in a nutshell:

    Mountain lions- thumbs up
    Convicted murderers – thumbs up
    His constituents – thumbs down

  12. Fort Street Fury says:

    Ricky please tell me what racean illegal Allen is…

    Additionally, Bruning is a traitor top the party for playing the he had too much$$$ card. Bruning sure as hell wouldn’t turn down that much $$$ and a true Republican would never say that someone has too much. Bring wealthy is not a crime.

  13. Drew to post 8 says:

    You demonstrate to me why Sasse is going to win this election. Most of the Omaha people are for Osborn because they have seen him speak in person as he lives in the area. They feel no compelling need to hear him anywhere else. For the rest of Nebraska though, that means turning in to Glenn Beck or other radio shows while they are on the road or riding a tractor in the fields.

    Grover Nordquist has a lot of interesting associates and Beck mentioned Grover’s connection to Islamic organizations with connections to extremists on past shows. For me, the more disturbing connection is with Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist who went to jail. Sign Grover’s anti-tax pledge is one thing, but holding an event with him in the primary is just not a good thing to do.

    Arguing over how many years Sasse was in DC as if it matters is humorous since Sasse has already admitted he worked for the Federal government and found it unmanageable. I just don’t find the dispute compelling as it sounds more nativist than anything else. When Sasse speaks of DC insiders, he is referring to the Jack Abramoffs who are out there.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bruning apparently thinks he’s running in a Democratic Primary. His ad aims to convince wealth-hating Union workers who don’t vote in GOP primaries. He’s making the case for Ricketts to the GOP voters however obliquely.

    Case in point, Bruning accuses Ricketts of laying off 900 Ameritrade workers. If Ameritrade was today dead, Bruning might have an arguable point that the layoffs caused that. But Ameritrade is apparently doing fine. Thus Bruning’s point seem to be that it is evil to lay off or fire employees.

    Bruning once said, “I’m going to be in favor of more efficient smaller government every time.”

    How exactly was Bruning going to make government smaller? Hire dwarves?

  15. TexasAnnie says:

    I watched all six gubernatorial video guides. Only Bryan Slone had proper answers to the questions posed. He believes in separation of church and state, he understands the importance of maintaining Nebraska’s small-town persona, and he focuses on “economic growth” as an outcome of education and infrastructure, NOT EVER-EXPANDING CORPORATE TAX SUBSIDIES!

  16. Flatlander says:

    Every war in history was fought over disagreements of what people thought was a “proper answer” and this bloodless mini war of a GOP primary is no different.

    Annie, you prefer candidates who believe in separation of church and state, I do too but many Religious Right GOP voters don’t. You exclude them. You also believe in the importance of maintaining Nebraska’s small-town persona, i.e. appearing to be folksy while somehow coveting tax funded “economic growth” by subsidizing education and infrastructure while you refuse to subsidize business growth. You exclude Business Republicans as voters.

    What is “proper” is whatever voters vote. And what voters vote can be anything. There has not been one human taboo that hasn’t at some point been embraced as proper by some societies. What we embrace tomorrow is whatever the majority of our voters say is proper. Its better than chains.

    If Slone was black, an astronaut or had a vagina, he’d stand out enough to perhaps pull a Fischer. It is good he’s dipping his toe in.

  17. Bad news about Col. Brewer … not necessarily a “Good: Friday. I hope this re-vamp doesn’t kill his chances – I’ve heard/met him a couple times and he is the real deal. It’s been a long time since those of us out here in the Third have had a chance capable and dynamic Congress, and I’m kinda looking forward to it.

  18. Gone Kleebing... says:

    Talk about strange bedfellows, @MikeFoley4Gov is tagging @janekleeb soliciting party switchers from her following.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    Flatlander, I don’t know a single person on the Religious Right who doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state. The disagreement is over what that means and the battle is to define it. Now, if Slone is using that phrase as code for “I love the ACLU,” then he won’t even be an interesting footnote in this state.

    Drew, Jack who? And isn’t Grover the nice character on Sesame Street? You are whistling past the graveyard on that one. And let me tell you, Beck ain’t all that and a bag of chips. You guys are really over-reading what Palin’s endorsement meant to Fischer. Outside groups don’t mean much in Nebraska? Why? Because we know the candidates. Now I admit that I don’t know Sasse but the more I see of him the less convinced I am that he’s going to deliver anything more than what all his buddies in DC want him to, and I don’t trust them either. All his buddies in DC are just looking for the opportune moment to roll the GOP on amnesty and same sex marriage. I have no doubt Sasse will only be too happy to help them out.

    #17, I couldn’t have put it any better.

  20. Oh yeah, found it.

    That’s sad. Trying to win the GOP primary by soliciting ‘progressives’ to swith parties is filed under ‘sleazy’ in my directory. I’m disappointed in Mike, partly because of the sleaze, and partly because it’s a sign of utter desperation.

  21. Latest Keystone Pipeline delay says:

    If the Righty’s want to wring their hands and blame Mr Obama (maybe knock a bobble-head off a fence post?) for another delay in the Keystone XL pipeline they should look at Governor Heineman and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning and the Nebraska Legislature.
    Those people passed LB1161, a priority bill by Sarpy County’s Smith, which was highly questionable in it’s legality, giving the ability to okay a pipeline to the Governor’s office and expedite eminent domain to take the ranchers land around the pipeline’s path.
    The legislature did not even know what it was doing in 2012, and did not pay much attention or apparently understand the bill. Wise guy AG Jon Bruning lost the law suit, and will lose the appeal, but I bet you won’t see that on his campaign web site.
    So the Obama administration wisely delayed giving the pipeline the okay, until Nebraska sorts things out, which of course we never will, because Nebraska does not want the pipeline.
    Also, the legislature could have passed a bill this session correcting LB 1161, but chose not to for some reason.
    So if Lee Terry wants to cry some more about the pipeline, he should cry on Dave Heineman’s shoulder.

    ricky from omaha

  22. MAILBOX says:

    Wow… Big Daddy Ricketts is pulling out all the stops to get his son a big boy job. Got a bunch of hate mail on bruning from his dad’s groups today.

    It’s really too bad pete is so soft on issues that he cant win ony talking the facts. He has to have daddy come bail him out again.

  23. I Like Mike says:

    Glad that Mike is with Jane and her anti-Keystone Kleeb (aka club for you progressives). We need a governor that believes in junk science and shipping oil by train.

  24. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, do you actually believe this stuff you post? You do? Then please don’t vote.

    Economic growth has a lot more to do with tax policy and burden than schools and roads. Nebraska has the 3rd largest tax burden in the US which explains despite our low unemployment rate, people aren’t moving here. Our population growth is anemic. People, smart people, are leaving California and NY in droves. They aren’t coming here. Now we can debate whether or not we want them and I am sympathetic to the notion that we don’t want them, but the bottom line is that they aren’t coming here despite the nice people, excellent schools, good roads, highly educated population, low crime rate and (at least today) beautiful weather. The biggest impediment is that the taxes make our state unattractive.

  25. Interested Observer says:

    Where exactly are our tax dollars going that is apparently in excess of national averages? Are there glaring, specific departments, etc that are over funded? I’m sincere in asking this.

    I understand that our sales tax rate is very similar to our surrounding states, but several of them do not have any state income tax. So, where is the money going, specifically?

    I was going to say that I don’t mean those little lines in the budget that don’t amount to much, then I realized that adding all those little lines together adds up to be a big line. Maybe that’s the problem . . .

  26. To IO says:

    Interested Observer, take a look at Nebraska’s Health and Human Services, especially Medicaid, and you will see where the money goes. Then add another 6 million dollars spent on the first year of LB599, and then sit back and watch even more money disappear every year. And, in a tip of the hat to TexasAnnie, take a look at the money that DOES NOT come in because of business incentives—money that you and I have to cough up to replace. Then keep in mind that there were those state senators in the last session of the legislature who wanted to spend even more money by expanding Medicaid. Somehow there is a huge disconnect between the state senators and their constituents on how much we can afford.

  27. Like Mike says:

    Mike Foley is not trying to get people to switch. I read the twitter thread. It was said that they would vote for Foley if they were Republicans, and Mike simply said you can switch if you would like to vote Republican in the primaries. I don’t understand why people are jumping on him and his campaign over helping. In my opinion, everyone should switch to Republican for this primary anyway. You can vote for whomever you would like in the general, so why wouldn’t you want the best of each party to be represented there. Democrats only have 1 person running, so their primary is a farce. Good for Mike for at least being helpful and pointing people in the right direction. He didn’t ask for their vote, he just gave them an option!

  28. Interested Observer says:

    OK, I just looked at the current State Budget for July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014. A few of the big lines in it are:

    Administrative Services, Department of $232,737,221
    Correctional Services, Department of $191,586,691
    Education, State Department of $1,491,585,469
    Game and Parks Commission $99,419,037
    Health and Human Services System $3,402,200,604
    Revenue, Department of $239,577,224
    Roads, Department of $835,486,239
    State Colleges $139,135,127
    Supreme Court $123,122,117
    University of Nebraska $549,011,638

    These big lines total $7,303,861,367

    Then there are all the little lines that total $812,782,267

    Making the grand total $8,116,643,634

    Divided by our 1,860,000 people $4,363 per person

    Those are some BIG numbers!

  29. Drew to MacDaddy at 24 says:

    Get real. You sound like you live in Omaha. 3 of the 4 candidates live in Douglas County so of course Omaha would actually meet the candidates. But for the rest of the state, most their exposure will be through radio and television and the internet.

  30. Green Switch says:

    Like Mike (@ 2:47); let’s say that Jane and her cronies DO switch parties (from commie to Republican) and put Mike over the top…Do you think that Jane will sit in the corner and be quiet? That would be a first.

    If Foley wins the Governor’s race, Jane will make sure that the whole World will know that JANE KLEEB owns Mike and that he will do exactly as she says…If Mike get’s ‘bold’ and goes against Jane…She will talk more than Chambers talks about cougars.

    Foley is desperate and as some senators have learned….Kleeb will hold your feet to the fire when you are beholding to them. Ask Senator Carlson about the cougar deal he make with Senator Chambers.

  31. RWP says:

    Yep. it’s 1. Medicaid 2. Aid to schools 3. University of Nebraska. The real beast is Medicaid. which is not just a huge chunk of the state budget, but growing faster than anything else. I can tell you the university has been nervous for years. and is increasingly squeezed.

  32. Thanks IO says:

    38 shows exactly why Foley is the only choice for #NEGOV, even Jane knows that. Who else knows where all the dollars are supposed to go, and where they’re really going? Foley is the man!

  33. To IO says:

    Thanks IO for your information at #38. I am 70 years old and retired. For 2013, I added up all of the federal, state, local, and any other tax that I paid, and it came to almost $17,000. I realize that is not much for most of you, but it seems like a lot to me. And every year at tax time, I have to ask myself, why do I stay in Nebraska?

  34. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, can we also include the Department of Roads in the top 4 expenses? NDOR spends even more dollars than the University system and the State Colleges combined!

    1 HHS
    2 Department of Education
    3 Roads
    4 University and State Colleges

    I never did buy that idea of giving the DOR bonding authority for a half billion MORE dollars!

    I just added up these top 4 SPENDERS in our State Budget and they total $6,417,419,077 or over 79% of the total budget!

  35. Interested Observer says:

    When I look at all this spending, it REALLY burns me up that our side saddle Legislature overrode, what was it, around $61 MILLION of the Governor’s spending vetos? They wouldn’t even allow those budget cut vetos to stand and that’s just a tiny amount of money, compared to the overall total state spending.

  36. Randy says:

    You can hate the class warfare thing versus Ricketts, but really? Are you uncomfortable with the idea of three billionaires – one names Ricketts and the other two not even remotely from Nebraska, trying to anoint a governor? Pete Ricketts is a tool who has never had a real job. His daddy bought him a baseball team, and they suck. He has as much understanding of regular Nebraskans reality as does sassan Hussein after he died aka. None. Get over it. Someone needs to hit him in the mouth with ads. He mocks Bruning for being successful, yet he has never done squat. If Ricketts had a paper route he’s be a billionaire. Is prefer the guy who actually earned his money. Billionaire losers stay away. This is about as bad as the simpleton Jim DeMint corrupting our last election. Let’s let Nebraskans decide. Not billionaire hedge fund managers who just want to give each other reach arounds.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Bruning earned his money, you say? Yeah, he sure worked hard making those investments from the secret, insider tips he received. Phew! He must be exhausted after all that hard work.

  38. To Drew at 49 says:

    Move to Hong Kong and learn Mandarin. The U.S. will be better off. I hear the weather is good. Plus they have internet there and you can continue you provide your insipid “insights.” If Sasse wins, I hope he has fun on the Committee on Indian Affairs. Ben Sasse takes Ben Sasse seriously. Apparently you take Ben Sasse seriously. That pretty much exhausts the list.

  39. TexasAnnie says:

    Tax spending on Nebraska schools (K-12) is constitutionally obligatory; university spending is optional, as is Medicaid. Be sure that when you make departmental spending comparisons that you don’t forget to compare w/ that huge and ever-growing tax expenditure called “economic development,” Interested Observer!

  40. TexasAnnie says:

    We have open primaries in Texas so we need not bother with temporarily changing parties to enable a desired effect when voting.

  41. TexasAnnie says:

    Okay, I just checked on the google: Your Dept. of Revenue publishes a biennial ‘Tax Expenditure Report’ with additional and varied research reports about TAXES NOT COLLECTED.

    For every dollar uncollected, you the ‘paying’ taxpayers make up the difference!

  42. Drew to 50 says:

    You obviously know nothing about economics and the Greek style debt crisis we face. You are just a chattering fool. I am not going to respond to your posts any further.

  43. zippo the lippo says:

    i thought the irony of campaign staffers trying to convince one another to vote for their candidate would stop being funny after a while…. but it hasnt

    Thank you for humoring me kids:)

    FACT: everyone here knew who they would vote for back in august. stop the bickering

  44. Pedro Moje Detrás says:

    Will any of you tell me exactly which job I stole from any of you, or from anyone you know? I tried to hire your children to work on my roofing crew, but they are all afraid of heights, and they complain all day long about the heat and how hard the work is. Then they quit.
    Maybe you shouldn’t complain about how many of us illegals are moving here, at least we work and pay taxes. If it weren’t for me and my cousins, Nebraska would now have a population of about 800,000. The good thing about that is you’d only have one race to complain about, who was going to win the 1st Congressional District, because you wouldn’t have any more than that.

  45. NebraskANN says:

    I’ve missed something. I should vote for Pete Ricketts for what reason, exactly? His father created an innovative product — Ameritrade — and became fabulously wealthy. He’s a success story. Pete Ricketts — what has he done? He worked for his daddy’s company and they paid him an enormous salary, Aside from being born into the right family, Pete Ricketts’ accomplishments are what?

    Most bosses’ kids are known as the SOB — Son of the Boss. He might be good at ordering people around, but a governor has to work with the legislature, the constraints of tight budgets and federal regulations. He has to represent the state nationally and internationally. What’s in his background that recommends him for this office?

  46. TexasAnnie says:

    And if not Ricketts, then who? Surely not Bruning, NebraskANN!

    Bruning MOST ASSUREDLY defied his constitutional duty while in the Legislature. (SPED enrollment.) And Bruning MOST ASSUREDLY promoted and sponsored tax injustice. (Corporate tax subsidies.) And Bruning MOST ASSUREDLY took immoral financial gain from his fellow Nebraskans. (Predatory student loans.) And then there’s the notion that Bruning is pro-life and anti-GLBT. (Read what he wrote while in law school!)

    If not Bruning, then who? Tell us who you support, NebraskANN…

  47. IO:

    Agreed. if you look at Nebraska state and local spending over the next 5 years, it will be approximately $100 bn. They passed a $0.4 bn 5 year tax reduction and then patted themselves on the back for the rest of the session for this whopping 0.4% chunk of tax relief.

  48. Actually state tax spending on schools is not obligatory. The constitutional duty to provide free public education does not extend to the level or source of funding or require any level of educational adequacy.

  49. TexasAnnie says:

    No, Gerard, ‘obligatory’ is the correct describer for the constitutional duty proclaimed of Art. VII, Sec. 1, Neb. Const.

    I will agree with you that ascertaining ‘educational adequacy’ is open to legislative intent.

    However the ‘funding source’ is spelled out constitutionally; it is the state, not local government, which has the duty to perform.

    Now I know that it is the practice in Nebraska to rely on the property tax for K-12 schools. And I know that when the property tax reliance has been challenged in court, the state has stepped in and patched-over it’s constitutional duty by means of state aid to education. But when you get right down to the literal meaning adhering of Art. VII, Sec. 1, the funding source is clearly the state’s obligation. Simply saying the state passed it’s obligation to local government doesn’t make it logically and ethically so… Only legally so, in Nebraska.

  50. Re: Drew says:

    Drew, your comment #49 has to be one of the most over dramatic post you’ve authored, at least one of the top 10.

    Sasse loses, so goes the American Republic? Really. Seriously.
    Sasse loses, you’ll move to Hong Kong? Really. Seriously.

    Come on man. Is there some cult that I missed joining here?

  51. TexasAnnie says:

    No Gerard. The NCEEA v. Heineman case (I did look it up) decided in 2007 ruled that educational adequacy is not-justiciable; it did not rule about funding source. The Douglas County School District case was then withdrawn in view of another legislative patch-job, ‘The Learning Community,’ which in turn also fails the constitutional duty proscribed of Art. VII, Sec. 1, and provides fodder for more court action.

    I’m not advocating political expediency, Gerard. I’m arguing for a logical and ethical constitutional interpretation. At any rate, what causes your assumption that the Nebraska Supreme Court is the “right court?”

  52. Falls City Herbster says:

    Interesting article today (Sunday) in the OWH on candidate for Governor McCoy’s sugar daddy Charles Herbster.
    I am guessing the motivation for Herbster to show his love for McCoy is because they went to the same church and are equal Bible-thumpers. Or whatever.
    But what struck me about the article was it seems that Herbster found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or something to come up with the $ millions he gave McCoy.
    Because Herbster could not find the money to pay his taxes until he made it right in 2012. But two years later he drops a ton on a long shot candidate for Governor. Hmmmm.
    This reminds me of when David Sokol was throwing money around to try to bring down Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle and (I am guessing) buy out the contracts of Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan at Nebraska. (My theory on that is Super Regent Hawks and Sokol each had a hand in that fiasco).
    Anyway it turns out Sokol made a bunch of money insider trading Lubrizol stock right before Berkshire Hathaway bought that company. Then Warren fired Sokol.
    What is the explanation of where Herbster came up with all that money to throw away on McCoy? Just wondering.

    Ricky From Omaha

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, I may live near Omaha, but I know people all over the state. It isn’t really all that hard to do.

    Sweeper, thanks for posting that interview from Beck. What I got out of it is that the only accomplishment Sasse could point to was his saving Midland. The rest was a bunch of talk, oftentimes quite weaselly. So, has Midland been saved? Would Sasse care to open up the books?

  54. Macdaddy says:

    Pedro, you’re running a company? As an illegal? Who’s SSN do you use for all the paperwork you have to fill out for the government?

    BTW, you do know that 1.8 million – 0.18 million does not equal 800,000, right? Maybe that’s why nobody wants to work for you. You can’t fill out the paychecks correctly.

  55. Pedro Moje Detrás says:

    RWP, I’m nearly as big a fake as you are.

    Macdaddy, I’m using your mother’s SSN. Hope you don’t mind. BTW, are you still pulling numbers out of your ass? Maybe RWP could help you with that if he could get his head out of his own ass.

  56. Macdaddy says:

    Pedro, I am sure math works the same in Mexico and in Spanish as it does in English. Let’s go through it shall we? Hay 1,8 millones de personas en Nebraska. 9.7% son hispanos. 9,7% de los 1,8 millones es 180000. 1,8 millones menos 180.000 no es igual a 800.000. ¿Puedes ver?

    BTW, I’m pretty sure identity theft is also a crime in Mexico or Haiti or El Salvador or wherever you are from. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that?

  57. To Rhino Randy says:

    You are the one than needs to get over your irrational ignorant hatred of the the Ricketts family and other successful Americans. Pete Ricketts currently has his own company, he was COO of Ameritrade when it had some of its biggest growth.Everyone associated with the company credits him for being a hard worker who is a very intelligent and capable leader. He had part time jobs as teenager just like everyone else, worked for Union Pacific and some other company before being convinced by his father to join the family business. There is nothing wrong with joining the family business and illustrates one of his strength which is a devotion to his family. So when you say he has never had a real job, you are either ignorant or a bold faced liar. the whole Ricketts family invested in the Cubs but it is his brother than runs them so once again you can’t even get that straight. Plus everyone knows part of the attraction of the Cubs is that they are the loveable losers so winning has never been part of the business equation in the past. If you know baseball, you know it take some time to rebuild an organization if you do it right so once again you show your stupidity. Pete and his family have generously used their money for many charitable purposes and yes to promote conservative candidates and causes, which is a plus in my book.

    Everyone knew Bruning was going to get hammered when he ran for office again regardless of the opponents because of the questionable business dealings and flip flops over the years. If you can’t take it now, what is going to happen when the Democrats start going after him if he wins this primary? They will attack his ethics, his stupid statements and will use class warfare against him as he us try to do against Rickets, not mention there are many a rumor of other potential scandals that may surface in regard to Bruning when you get the real enemies going after him. A Republican should fear a Bruning meltdown in a general election, which is reason enough to not voter for him.
    You didn’t have any credibility anyway RHINO Randy, but comparing Rickets to a dead Husein is so absurd that nobody could take you seriously.

  58. DNJ says:

    Heard military man Brewer found Rep. Smith’s lifestyle distasteful and wanted to campaign on it. The two who left deserve a lot of credit for leaving instead of stooping soo low. Good for them.

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