Who hates negative ads?

AFF adPete Ricketts and his backers for Governor went after Jon Bruning at the State Capitol yesterday.

And we are still scratching our heads.

Ricketts, along with former Governor Kay Orr, and then later with former CD-3 Congressman Bill Barrett criticized Bruning for his negative ads against Ricketts.

You got that?
Ricketts is mad a Bruning for the anti-Ricketts ads.

Now, this may come as a shock to those of you who own a television.

Because you have seen the tsunami of anti-BRUNING ads over and over and over and over and over again.

So, if Kay Orr and Bill Barrett are really that outraged about negative ads, you’d think they’d have a problem with the anti-Bruning ads, yeah?

Well, no. Not so much.

They don’t like Bruning’s anti-Ricketts ads because Bruning actually put his name on them, and well, they’ve endorsed Ricketts.

And once again, Pete denies ANY involvement, from his campaing OR his family, with the negative ads against Bruning.

Look…of all the protesting coming from camp-Bruning, we thought this one really summed it up:

With Joe Ricketts history of funding negative attacks against Jon Bruning in the 2012 Senate campaign, does anyone think he is simply going to sit this race out with Pete on the ballot?

Well, of course not.

Then again, do voters really care who is funding the ads?
Or do they just let osmosis do its thing and let the message seep into their brains?

It is our guess that at tonight’s Governor’s debate, Ricketts WILL denounce the independent expenditure ads. And will call for them to be taken down — but point out that he doesn’t have the power for that to happen.

Oh an by the way, no one watches these debates.
So Candidates, if you’re hoping to make some news, you better MAKE some news.


In case you missed it, the Club for Growth has a new anti-Osborn ad out.
See it here:

However, immediately on the heels of this ad, out came Auditor Mike Foley to correct what this ad claims.

Foley said,

“I worked closely with Shane Osborn when he was Nebraska’s State Treasurer. He served both his office and Nebraska taxpayers well by cutting budgets, eliminating waste and implementing transparency in government.”

And then GOP Chairman J.L. Spray noted in his weekly newsletter:

I know there is at least one advertisement touting the endorsement of a former chairman of the NEGOP; it is not however an endorsement by your state party.

This would be referencing Mark Fahleson, quoted in the CfG ad, who was one of the first Ben Sasse supporters.

Now all this is fine and good, but unless Osborn turns the Foley quote into a TV ad, ain’t no one gonna know about it…


Congressman Lee Terry has a new ad out called “Stop Them“.
See it here:


The Sioux City Journal noted yesterday that Governor Dave Heineman still may endorse someone in the Governor’s race.

If we were gambling on this, we would still put our money on either Bryan Slone or Beau McCoy. But Governor Dave may also pull back if he sees info that other candidates have a better path to victory.

In any case, if he does endorse, that will be a significant shake up in that race.

In the mean time, Pete Ricketts was endorsed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and by Brian Bresnahan in an editorial in the York News Times (“All the Fits that Print the News!“)

**The York News Times editorial board itself has endorsed Jon Bruning.**

Jon Bruning was endorsed by the Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police.

Over in the Senate race, Ben Sasse was also endorsed by Ted Cruz, who will take part in Sasse’s North Platte rally on Friday.

Shane Osborn was endorsed by a group of Nebraska Conservatives:
Nebraska Republican Liberty Caucus President Laura Ebke, Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom President Doug Kagan, Nebraska Conservative Leader DeeDee Kelly, Western Nebraska Taxpayers Association Chairman Mike Groene and Omaha Liberty Ladies President Sheila Heieck.


We will do our best to live-Tweet the Governor’s debate tonight (but we make no promises).

In any case, if you’re Twittering, please use #NEGOVdebate, so everyone can follow along.

Starts at 7:00PM CDT and lasts 90 excruciating minutes.
Watch online at www.norfolkdailynews.com


  1. anonymous says:

    Anyone know the current standing on how much money each candidate for governor and senator has raised from out of state vs. what they’ve raised in-state? Those numbers are really important to understand who is beholden to Nebraskans…..and who is…….not.

  2. York Times for sale? says:

    Good catch sweeper! The York Times is actually in Nebraska, not like most of the Ricketts endorsements.

    I guess there is still time for the Ricketts family to buy the paper to secure that endorsement. They do that too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever taken a good long look at Senator Tom Carlson? He is intelligent, served in the Nebraska legislature, is a life long Nebraskan, knows the meaning of hard work, etc. But his biggest strength is the fact that he isn’t buying the Republican gubernatorial nomination. He owes no one!!

  4. Yeezus says:

    Brian Slone is a nice guy, and we know what they say about the finish order of nice guys. As such, there is no way he gets the Heineman endorsement. And while the McCoy shop is trying to tell anyone who will listen that they are climbing, they’re not. The Governor’s choices are narrowed down to one or none.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is never easy to back one who turns out to be inept. A candidate or an elected official who is so guileless as to confuse honesty with suicidal artlessness would disadvantage Nebraska should that behavior occur in office while conducting business of state on our behalf.

    Or more vulgar terms, which candidate would voters rather shake hands with? Those crafty and dignified enough to get others to throw feces for them, or those who are honest and stupid enough sign their own dung missiles, with their own finger, and then stand there proudly reeking with their hand out toward you?

  6. anonymous says:

    I thank God I have not seen or heard one election related advert. I invite you all to do the same. Don’t give these people power over your mind.

  7. Ricky says:

    Since Sarah Palin endorsed Mr Ricketts I can not vote for him and since Ted Cruz supported Mr Sassy I can not vote for Sassy.
    Mr Kagan and Mr Groene supports Mr Shane Osborn so I can’t vote for him.
    Bruning is the last guy I would vote for ….. whoops nevermind I guess that distinction goes to McCoy.
    So… I would not mind Mr Foley on the GOP side if he promises not to make Catholicism the state religion.
    And Sid Dinsdale for Senate might not be too bad for the GOP in that race. I do think Sasse and Osborn sniping at each other could let Sid sneak in. But Sid come on shake loose some of your cash and run more TV or something.
    And I hope every liberal running for the Nebraska Legislature defeats the rightys especially Mr Lautenback’s aide in Lincoln we don’t need another type like that in the Unicam.

    ricky from omaha

  8. To anonymous @ 1:48 says:

    Yes, we have taken a look at Tom Carlson, and here’s what we saw: We saw a man who wanted so badly to keep his position as a state senator that he actually got a bill passed in the legislature that forced us all to have to vote again on term limits. So sorry Tom, it was defeated by a huge margin. And here’s what else we saw; We saw a man who not only voted to give legal citizen’s tax money to illegals, but voted to over-ride the Governor’s veto of the bill—and now we have spent $6,000,000–that’s 6 million dollars to those of you in Nebraska City–to give illegals free health care. If it were not for those 2 idiot moves by Carlson, I would vote for him.

  9. Thanks, ricky says:

    Ricky, thanks for fixing your sticky CapsLock key. It is one of your finest contributions. Now, carry on with your supreme posts.

  10. Fine fine.
    You people wanna use #NEGOV for the debate, fine.

    But don’t come cryin’ to me when you’re looking for a tweet under #NEGOV in a few days and you get inundated with 30 comments about the glare off the microphone.

    #NEGOV it is.

  11. Chad Carlson says:

    Disclosure: Tom Carlson is my dad.

    I have watched for many months as this site and posters on it have, sometimes gently, sometimes not so gently, made light of dad’s campaign. Although I don’t agree with every decision that his campaign has made strategically, I have to say this to those of you who are still trying to objectively weigh your options. My dad is 100% genuine. He does not need the job of governor, and as a result cannot be influenced in the same way as someone who needs the job to support a family. Being governor would be the capstone to his career — not a stepping stone to something else. He is a Nebraskan through and through, and understands what it is like to work a farm, run a business, make payroll, and raise kids that weren’t always easy to handle.

    Dad has always been a leader. He was a three sport letter winner at the University of Northern Colorado (he played in the College World Series in Omaha), and after earning his PhD at Iowa, coached college football and baseball for years, and then transitioned to a successful career in the insurance industry. He has been president of Nebraska FCA, the state underwriter’s association, and is in the Principal Financial Hall of Fame. His bio is on his website, which anyone can look up. But what I want to say is this. I have known dad for 46 years and he is absolutely an honest and decent man. I never have to doubt his word when he gives it. Dad brings people together and he cares about them — even Senator Chambers. He doesn’t tear people down. He makes friends easily. His record in the statehouse attests to this. He has been in positions of leadership there almost from the beginning, and he builds coalitions. His water bill is an example of that, which passed unanimously. That, with respect, is what a governor will have to do. Dad loves Nebraska. He understands the state. His background in business, education, agriculture and government rounds him out in ways that other candidates can’t match. And his age is absolutely not a factor. I am a graduate of UNMC, in private practice Sports Medicine in Des Moines, and dad is smarter than I am. I know he is very aware and in mastery of the issues surrounding healthcare, since we often converse on this issue. He is not going to support Federal overreach into Nebraska through Medicaid expansion, regardless of the pressure of the hospital lobby.

    Dad also has been categorized as a more moderate candidate, which is funny. He’s not libertarian, but he is a conservative Republican who doesn’t want government in our lives unnecessarily. That said, he is pro-life, which led him to support the bill giving prenatal care to illegal immigrants. He also took a lot of flak for supporting a bill to extend term limits to three terms. I’m not sure why three terms in a unicameral legislature is that controversial, but if those are the biggest issues people have with him, I would respectfully suggest you give each candidate equal scrutiny.

    Dad would make an excellent governor. And I say that knowing that it would be better for our own kids if he were just grandpa. But it is interesting to watch the process and see what issues this campaign is turning on. There are good people in the race for governor, and even though dad is a cipher to many people, he is absolutely trustworthy, competent and made of the stuff that I would think would matter to Nebraskans looking for capable leadership. That doesn’t fit in a thirty second ad, but is highly relevant as May’s primary approaches. Just thought I’d throw out my two cents.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Chad – good write up. I know I’ll be supporting your dad in the primary, and I know a number of others who will be doing so as well. I wish his campaign would be using the approach you touched on: being governor is not a springboard to something else for him – I don’t think many too many folks could say they trust the other candidates in that regard. But Sen. Carlson is highly educated, an accomplished legislator, and knows rural Nebraska. I wish more people would be giving him consideration.

  13. Also To Chad says:

    Chad, it is nice you wrote some good things about your Dad. But please explain to me what being pro-life has to do with taking tax revenue from hard-working legal citizens to give free health care to illegals? Does your Dad believe in the rule of law? I am every bit as pro-life as your Dad, but I also believe in the rule of law. I would much rather have my tax money go to help legal citizens of the state obtain health care that to have my tax money go to those who broke the law and came here illegally. What is so difficult for you and your Dad to understand about that? I am also in the medical profession, and every day I encounter legal citizens of the state who work hard, pay taxes, and cannot afford to buy health insurance or afford to go to the doctor when they are sick. How do you think it makes them feel to have to pay to support illegals with free health care?

  14. Chad Carlson says:

    I wouldn’t presume to speak for someone else, but if I were asked, I’d say that, according to the rule of law — for better or worse — that unborn child will become a citizen of the United States and a Nebraskan, and that the state has a vested interest in protecting that child. Whether or not that child should be born a citizen is a fair question; but right now the law is clear that he or she will be.

  15. Thad Carlson says:

    I am actually Tom’s other son. I will be voting for Bruning.I would vote for my dad but he supports giving illegals healthcare but not Nebraskans through medicaid expansion.

  16. Also To Chad says:

    So I guess you are saying that it is better to give free health care to an illegal than to a legal citizen who is ALREADY a legal citizen. Is this state, with it’s LB599, completely upside down or what? Passing LB599 was like putting up a huge sign at the border that says–“if you are illegal and looking for free health care, come on in–the citizens of the state will take good care of you”—not so much their own citizens, but what the hell–we will make them pay their high taxes no matter what.

  17. Anonymous2 says:

    Talk about hate. You posters deriding LB599 are the scum of the earth and hypocrites to boot. Pro-life does not stop at perceived citizenship. Maybe you should actually read your bible sometime. You seem to be typical of pro-lifers I meet that are really just pro-fetus, don’t give a damn after they’re born. Chad points out a fact that your thick skulls seem incapable of understanding or accepting. These kids, when born, will be American citizens. It will even save the state money in the long run, but your hate trumps rationality.

  18. To Chad says:

    Babies born in the US are legal American citizens. Whether we like it or not, our welfare system takes care of those who qualify. I believe the reasoning behind providing pre-natal care to illegal mothers is, if a baby is born healthy, hopefully it will stay healthy. This is a tough issue anyway you look at it. Senator Carlson’s voting record is out there for the world to see. Maybe you agree with him, maybe you don’t. It’s really easy to second guess when you don’t have to make the decision. It would be interesting to know how some of the other candidates would have voted in the same situation. We’ll never know will we. By the way there are 17 legislative districts electing new senators this year. This would have been a great time for those who feel they can do better to throw their hat in the ring.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    Chad, those unborn babies might become US citizens. They might become Nebraskans. Until they are born they aren’t either. As a physician, you should know that prenatal care does not save money unless it can be delivered to very high risk populations for just a couple hundred dollars. You also know that it may or may not be of value to any particular child or mother. More than likely, it will make no difference in the health of either mother or child. What if a malformation is discovered and the mother opts for an abortion? Ever wonder where all the people with Down syndrome went? What it does make a difference in is the bottom line of the physician and clinic. So since none of the parties involved are citizens, and there are some in this state who feel strongly about this, wouldn’t the more Christian thing be to raise money privately to pay for this care? Why threaten people with fines and jail to pay for this? The contributions would be tax deductible to boot. Win win! Instead, it’s taxpayers lose, mother and child come out even, and doctors and clinics come out $6 million richer.

  20. Tom says:

    Pete Ricketts complaining about negative ads proves to me he is a worthless liar. he has been running negative ads since day one, and they have been funded by his dad’s investment manager and the koch brothers, who invited the Ricketts clan to their billionaire retreat. These are the same people who ran ads to help Deb Fischer, and they are all from outside of Nebraska. Ricketts is flat out lying when he says he is not involved in the ads. What a scumbag.

  21. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Chad, Thank you for your heartfelt commentary about your Dad, a fine and honorable man who understood the prenatal care issue ultimately was about taking care of innocent babies who have no control over their circumstances. I have seen your Dad take on Ernie Chambers on numerous occasions in floor debate regarding the death penalty. When Sen. Chambers would be ranting on, Sen. Carlson would calmly get up and interject that unborn children have no exhaustive due process afforded them when they are the victims of abortion. I always appreciated that he wasn’t afraid to point out Sen. Chamber’s glaring hypocrisy.

  22. Frequent Voter says:

    Sarah Palin came all the way to Nebraska to tell us that Pete Ricketts will balance Nebraska’s budget. Someone should have let her know that Nebraska already HAS a balanced budget, this is not an optional activity.

  23. To Julie says:

    Julie, it must make you crazy–as it does me–that we live in a state and country that on one hand takes taxpayer money to give free health care for pregnant illegals, and on the other hand, takes taxpayer money to fund Planned Parenthood that helps pregnant women kill their unborn babies. Is this a screwed up state and country or what?

  24. Tea Party Patriot Eric Kamler says:

    We need to focus on the candidates that will support liberty.

    Janssen, Osborn, and Rand Paul. I put the full weight of my endorsement as candidate for Geneva Village Board behind these guys.

  25. Real Eric Kamler says:

    I’m not sure why someone has decided to immitate me on here.

    Let me clarify, I’m not affiliated with the tea party. The tea party is a good group of fellas but they know nothing about Ag. They’re also a little to crazy for a solid gun luvin conservative 6th generation Geneva resident like me. YEEEEEE HAWWWWW

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