Has there been a shift?

First, Beau McCoy for Governor has a new ad up, called “My Pledge to You“.
See it here:

McCoy teased the highlights of this ad — 10,000 new jobs, traveling the globe — in the last debate.

This is interesting in that he has given some specifics here beyond “fighting ObamaCare” that may get ears to prick up a little during the onslaught of all the ads.


Things have happened in the two major statewide races over the last few days that lead us to believe that the campaigns believe there are major changes going on.

First let’s look at the Governor’s race.


Pete Ricketts, and others, have been pounding and pounding and pounding Jon Bruning on the airwaves for weeks. Many we talked to wondered how Bruning could come back, and/or why he wasn’t hitting back himself.

Then Bruning finally put up an ad that hit Ricketts, using much of the same formula that Ben Nelson used against Ricketts.

And what happened?

Team Ricketts screamed like a bully had stolen their lunch money.

Press conferences at the Capitol. Campaign endorsers Kay Orr and Bill Barrett calling out Bruning. Waving their hands about negative ads.

All this about ONE ad?

And then, DURING Wednesday’s debate, a tweet came out, and a webpage went up with a “new” poll, showing Ricketts up by nearly 10 points over Bruning.

Almost immediately after we Tweeted the poll, during the debate, we had politicos telling us that it was an “old” poll. The poll up by “Legacy Foundation Action Fund”, did not have any dates or other basic information about the poll, other than to say it was 500 Likely GOP voters.

And the URL on the webpage said, “support-ben-sasse-senate”.

We then heard from one of our sources that the poll was “3 weeks old”. And we posted that information on Leavenworth St (you know, our blog, not the actual street).

A few minutes later, the Legacy webpage was updated to say that the poll was taken last week. (With that info, we also heard from another politico who scoffed that a pollster would poll on a Friday.)

Now, there are those who criticize us for saying it was 3 weeks old, and question who are our sources, and yadda yadda.

First we would say, Forgive us for not bowing to the poll put up on a webpage, by a 501(c)(3), that specifically supports one candidate, was posted in the middle of a debate, gave almost no details surrounding the poll, certainly didn’t provide any crosstabs, and otherwise does not give any information as to its credibility.

But lets say, for argument’s sake, that it IS a good snapshot of the state of the campaigns, and was taken last week.

If that is the case, why are the Ricketts peeps jumping out of their chairs at Bruning’s relatively minor negative ad? If they are really up by 9%, wouldn’t they be keeping things positive? Would they really pull out Bill Barrett to go to bat for them?

This isn’t to say that Ricketts has a bad strategy, or doesn’t have the momentum or even that he is behind.

It is just that the poll numbers released and Ricketts’ actions of late don’t seem to coincide.

So here is what we think:

The race is VERY close.
That it could go any number of ways in the next few weeks.
And that NO one has it locked up.

We expect things to get weirder, possibly nastier and won’t be surprised if we get one of those days where it is 80 in the morning, tornadoes in the afternoon and snows in the evening.

Except with political stuff.


And then in the Senate race, the local paper had an interesting headline today:
“Sasse shifts tactics”

They weren’t kidding.

The Sasse camp has had a very good campaign going, in many senses. They have had all the support any candidate could want from DC and the conservative establishment. They have raised good money, nationally and in-state, and have taken their candidate from zero name ID to neck-and-neck in the campaign.

They have also run a relatively positive campaign — with only indirect negative attacks from their supporters and other DC peeps.

And then this strange attack comes yesterday:
“Shane Osborn, while STILL in the military, lived outside of Nebraska, and thought about living in South Dakota.”

Uhhhhh…what are we missing here?

Except that Osborn did move back to Nebraska.
And never moved to South Dakota.

This is supposed to be a “something”?

We sort of get it — Osborn has been hammering the “Beltway Ben” thing, and they want to show that Osborn too lived elsewhere. But it was WHILE he was in the Navy.

So while we have assumed that Sasse really has the mojo right now, the Sasse camp found the need to come out with a ham-fisted personally negative attack. And right on the lead-up to their big event with Palin and Cruz.


Did, “Osborn lived in Florida while in the Navy” poll well?
We don’t get it.

We have every indication that the Senate race IS neck and neck.
There may even be space in there for another neck, considering the number of Undecideds also involved.

We were under the impression that Sasse may have been pulling away, but after this attack, we really have re-thought that one.

And if THIS is where we are at two and a half weeks away, think what we might have coming up in the next week or so?

Much like the Governor’s race, we don’t think ANY candidate has this locked up.
And, again, we think Nebraskans can’t go wrong with either McLeay, Dinsdale, Sasse or Osborn representing them in the Senate.

But, the campaigns don’t feel that way.
And you may hear about that in the next 18 days.


This morning, Shane Osborn has a new ad up on this issue, called “Shame on Sasse“.
See it here:

Again, not real sure of the thinking behind the Sasse attack.


Shane Osborn has a new web ad out, called “Sheila Heieck Testimony“.
See it here.

Here’s the thing about this. We get that she’s trying to show how Shane was with them, etc. But we are less clear about how Ben Sasse’s prescient statement that Nelson was going to vote for ObamaCare is necessarily bad.

Just because you say “Putin is going to invade Ukraine”, doesn’t mean you’re in favor of that. It might simply mean, “this is what’s going to happen, so you better take the next steps.” We just don’t see this as some sort of “Ah-ha!”moment like Sheila seems to.

Osborn also has one called, “”Doug Kagan testimony, that you can see here:

And we only have one question:
Who is playing the piano???!!!


We live-Tweeted the Governor’s debate the other night, so we really don’t feel like re-living the whole thing for you.

Needless to say, the questions were generally atrocious. We don’t understand how you get that job, then come up with a completely worthless question like, “What will you do for agriculture?” or the pathetic, “How come Omaha and Lincoln get lots of road money??????”

We don’t blame Pete Ricketts for saying, “go look at my website”, because, exactly. Why the hell do you call the candidate onto a stage if you can get the answer with a mouse-click?

Frankly, they should have just done the “candidates ask the questions” thing for the entire debate. Sure some of the candidate took an easier route, like when Bruning patronized Bryan Slone by telling him how awesome he thinks Slone is.

But you also got a little bit of a feisty back and forth, like between McCoy and Ricketts. Other than when the moderator forgot to let Slone answer a question, that was about the only time we even looked up from playing “Flappy Bird”.

Oh, and yes, we think they should replace the opening “Pledge of Allegiance” with the Little League Pledge:

I Trust in God.
I love my country, and will respect its laws.
I will play fair, and strive to win.
But win or lose, I will always do my best.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Would Nancy McCabe run the Governor’s office the same way she did the DCRP office? That right there might be reason enough not to vote for Pete!

  2. Sheila Heieck says:

    You missed the point of my YouTube testimony. Several months before Ben Nelson cast the 60th and deciding vote for Obamacare, I asked Sasse for help to stop Ben Nelson. My point was that when Sasse had the opportunity to stop Obamacare he did nothing and told us there was nothing we could do to stop it. He thought we just had to learn to live with it. Since he has been running for office, he has set himself up as the “nemesis” of Obamacare and now after the bill has already passed he wants us to believe he will ride in on his white horse and save all of us from the evils of Obamacare. So which Ben should we now believe–the one who told us to live with it or the one who tells us how awful it is and who will save us from it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is a valid question to the people who want us to elect them — who will they align themselves with, who will they hire as staff, who will they appoint to certain positions, etc. The people Pete picks as his staff is crucial in knowing how his administration would run the state. If it’s Nancy, that’s scary.

  4. The Fraud known as Ben Sasse says:

    Ben should give us a date that Obamacare will be repealed if he is elected. Cmon Ben, you promised!

  5. OK, Sasse says says:

    he wants to repeal and replace Obamacare and he’s the guy to coach the team. So the fact that with it 4th and goal down 4 points with the clock ticking down he recommends kneeling on the ball is pretty relevant to me. It’s the same thing he said in 2010 at the conference at Midland U. (Or was it Midland Lutheran back then?) He said GOP efforts to try to stop any regulatory component of the law were a waste of time. He was certainly right that immediate repeal based simply on taking the House was impossible, but the GOP might well have had enough leverage through bargaining on funding bills to avoid the abortofacient mandate, for example. Instead his message was that Obamacare was an important first step — and probably a major boon to his consulting business. For Sasse, it’s always about Sasse. He thinks he’s always the smartest guy in the room and pulls this boneheaded attack on Osborn. My guess is that the most dangerous place Sasse has ever been is in a tanning booth. If he gets elected, the most dangerous place in D.C. will be to be between Sasse and a camera.

  6. To Ok says:

    Actually Ben Sasse has put himself in Danger many times. Those Red Eye Fights he took for his health care speeches for Leavitt had a lot of turbulence and scary night landings in Boston and DC. Don’t for get his trips to DC Starbucks. Hell he could have been mugged!!!! Also don’t forget that Midland has safety issues. What was Sasse’s signature hire convicted of again?

  7. Bob Loblaw says:

    Just had a pollster calling, surveying about the governors race.

    Q1) If election were held today who would you vote for?

    Q2) What issue is most important to you: jobs, lower property taxes, crime, and a couple other things I can’t remember.

    Then they went on to talk about how Pete Ricketts brags about his job experience, but he laid off 900 employees while taking a $1 million bonus. Then they said that Ricketts had incorporated a company in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes. This is a new one to me I hadn’t heard that before. I wonder if that is the next round of ads coming at Ricketts?

    Lastly they asked would you still vote who you said you’d vote for in Question 1.

    Just thought I’d share. Found it interesting. The polling company was named Issues Management. Solutions.

  8. Just curious says:

    When Bruning for Governor purchases ads on Leavenworth Street, does Jordan get a separate check for them or does the money just go into his paycheck?

  9. Simeon says:

    Just saw the retraction from the OWH article stating that Deb Fischer was actually NOT in attendance at the Sasse Rally in North Platte. I guess the reporter who did the story had RECEIVED A MEMO from the Sasse campaign stating that she would be there. Now, I’m just curious. Does the Sasse campaign legitimately think that Nebraskans are stupid? Are they so incredibly arrogant to think they can just make up random facts in order to try and sway an election? I will tell you one thing, Nebraskans are anything but stupid. Two things are lacking with Sasse and his people: integrity and honesty. And that is why, at the end of the day, Nebraskans will not vote for him.

  10. W-H Needs to Clarify That BooBoo says:

    That “mistake” would’ve been a FIRING infraction, back when I rode my dinosaur to a newsroom in the dusty, distant past. There is so much at stake, including millions of dollars. Heyyy!!!! If Sasse’s staff did this, it would no doubt lose him the election once and for all. If it was a dirty trick by Osborn’s peeps, same result. If I were Sen. Fischer, I’d go ahead and endorse one of those who DIDN’T do this. :>) Either the paper needs to make a copy of the memo public, reveal who told him (or her) that and make an even bigger splash of the correction than the original infraction, or fire the reporter. The crowd count also is suspect. Come on, folks. Let’s play fair all the way around!

  11. Ricky says:

    I don’t know about those polls if they are accurate or not. But from the debate where I gather the candidates for Governor went after Ricketts, I am guessing they think he is the guy to beat.
    Also, how come guys like Beau “Bundy” McCoy respect that idiot rancher in Nevada for not letting the feds mess with his cattle on public lands, but think it is just fine that another COUNTRY, CANADA, can come to Nebraska and take PRIVATE land for the Keystone XL Pipeline?
    That makes no sense.

    Ricky the wondering guy from Omaha

  12. Must be Jordan's day says:

    It must be Jordan’s day to write the blog with the repeated lie that Rickett’s has been attacking Bruning and the even bigger whopper that Bruning has barely attacked Ricketts. Then trying to once again discredit the poll that shows Ricketts pulling away and Bruning dropping like a rock. If truth is one your side, you set the record straight like Ricketts did this week. When you have been hit with the damaging truth you attack the other guy with at best half truth’s, lies and despicable class envy conspiracies of rich guys conspiring against you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Did Osborn have the crank Mike Groene hold a separate rally in North Platte? It is impressive to turn out hundreds of people at 10 AM on a week day to hear conservative champions like Cruz, Lee and Palin. Lets see how many people Shane and his “self proclaimed leaders” can get to show up at 10AM on Friday morning in North Platte.

  14. Joshua W. Weir says:

    “Amnesty” and “Pathway to Citizenship”

    I don’t suppose that most politicians in favor of “enforcing existing immigration laws” realize that they are actually in favor of “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship” for law breakers, which is already a part of the law. Many aliens who have entered the country illegally are eligible for “amnesty” under current immigration law. For example, victims of crime, domestic violence, and human trafficking as well as refugees and asylees can obtain visas despite an illegal entry or visa overstay. Aliens who are residing illegally in the country who have a U.S. citizen spouse, parent or child and who can demonstrate extreme hardship to the U.S. citizen relative can obtain a visa in a process called Consular Processing. Consular processing involves leaving the U.S. briefly, participating in an interview in the U.S. Consulate in their home country and re-entering lawfully. Any alien who has illegally resided in the U.S. for 10 years, has a U.S. citizen relative, can demonstrate exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to the U.S. citizen relative and has not committed certain crimes is eligible for Cancellation of Removal. All of these situations involve “amnesty” and each alien can ultimately become a citizen—i.e. has a “pathway to citizenship.”

    Politicians who purport to be in favor of “enforcing current immigration laws” actually support “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship.” They also support the heavy hand of the federal government, burdensome regulations, one-size-fits-all laws and government intrusion into every business/employee relationship.

    The same politician who’s in favor of less bureaucratic red tape and regulations should be troubled by the backlog in our visa queue and our immigration courts. Despite what many people think, when an alien is apprehended by ICE, they aren’t taken to their home country immediately. They are housed in our county jails at taxpayer expense and are afforded due process proceedings before an immigration judge. When an individual has a case that fits within one of the “amnestys” listed above, they are granted a bond, given a work permit and go on with their lives while they await a court date which can take two or more years before even getting a merits hearing. Millions of parents, children and siblings who legally qualify for visas and already have a “pathway to citizenship” have their visa applications stuck in the visa backlog and are “waiting in line” in the 20+ year queue.

    The crime of entering without inspection is punishable by not more than 6 months in jail or a fine of up to $5000. 8 U.S.C. § 1325. When an individual pays a fine within the range that corresponds to the crime they have committed, that is typically called “punishment.”

    “Family Values” and “Cutting Taxes”

    Politicians promoting “family values” talk about the breakdown in marriages and two-parent households. Nearly a third of single-parent families live in poverty and children in married homes are 82 percent less likely to be poor than children in single-parent homes. Each time the parent of a U.S. citizen child is deported, the chance that child will be raised in poverty increases.
    People living in poverty increase the demand for Medicaid, food stamps, free and reduced lunches, pre-K and after-school programs. Every deportation of the parent of a U.S. citizen child contributes to the destruction and breakdown of marriages and two-parent families, which puts additional pressure on the court system, HHS, our schools and our prisons. Any politician in favor of cutting taxes must find a way to reform or cut one of the big three, HHS, education and prisons. Does the deportation of parents of U.S. citizens lead to lower taxes?

    “Constitutional Conservative”

    Many conservatives would take the position that men and women are different and that every child has a right to a mother and a father. If a pejoratively-termed “anchor baby” does not have that right, then who does? The central premise of the Declaration of Independence and the foundation of the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights is that “all men are created equal … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” “Unalienable rights” are fixed rights given to us by our Creator, who is absolute and was, and is, and always be. In other words, government did not give us our rights and therefore cannot take them away. If our rights come from our Creator, then all of his created should have the same unalienable rights.


    Politicians who claim to be guided by their faith would be wise to consult the Bible and apply it to the current immigration debate. My Creator knows no nationality. My Creator commands me to love my “neighbor,” my “enemies” and the “foreigner” residing among me in my land. My Creator instructs me that whatever I did for the least of these, I did to Him. My Creator instructs me to forgive, to grant mercy, to forgive debts and to turn the other cheek. My Creator places the “sojourner” alongside the fatherless and the widow. My Creator granted the greatest amnesty in the history of mankind by taking my place on the cross and dying for my sins. I celebrated it last Sunday.


    A reasonable solution that works within our existing system would be to make visas immediately available for those who already have visa applications in the queue or who are currently eligible but have not filed during a limited enrollment period. Additionally, the waiver that already exists for unlawful entry and unlawful presence should have the threshold lowered from extreme hardship to hardship in recognition that society benefits from in-tact families. The criminal fine already associated with unlawful entry and visa overstay should be charged. Finally, those with certain disqualifying criminal convictions would not be eligible.

    Is that amnesty? I don’t think so but I don’t particularly care. It’s an actual solution that breaks the stalemate. The number of illegal aliens would be reduced by millions. The resources currently devoted to removing those with familial ties and other hardships could be diverted to those without family ties or hardships and to securing our border.

    The Pew Hispanic Research Center estimates the number of unauthorized immigrants in Nebraska as of the last census in 2010 at 45,000, whereas the total number of Hispanics in 2010 was estimated at 174,000. Nebraska has a total population of approximately 1.8 million.

    To see Nebraska’s elections, once again, devolve into which candidate can spout the harshest rhetoric about a population that makes up approximately 2% of our state, saddens me. It is especially painful when the rhetoric is Orwellian, the head-in-the-sand “solutions” do not lead to lower taxes or promote actual family values and are do not reflect my faith.


    Joshua W. Weir, Esq.

  15. The Sasse campaign paid says:

    Substantial dough for the so called endorsements of Cruz and Palin. Just wait for the expense reports. I tried to get Palin to appear for a worthy cause and nothing under $100k gets her attention I have a friend in a down ballot race and Cruz would endorse if that candidate would provide logistical help for Cruz in the Iowa caucuses. Anybody who thinks they showed up because they love Ben needs a reality check. It’s pay to play baby. So you who wrote checks for Sasse know that a good chunk of the money is sitting in some fat bank accounts.

  16. World-Herald bashers says:

    If you go back and look at the graphics that were used by Palin and the Sasse campaign when Palin’s appearance at the rally was announced. Deb Fischer WAS in those graphics. The logical assumption was that both of them were going to be there. The Sasse campaign knew this and let the confusion continue. It was Fischer’s people who wanted the correction. Get used to the idea that we finally have a member of the U.S. Senate who is very cagy about the media and endorsements. I’m expecting great things for Fischer.

  17. Ricky says:

    Good point Sasse at 6:59 PM. I did not know that the campaigns had to PAY to get Palin and Cruz to come endorse them. I guess I should have known.
    What a bunch of greedy SOB’s.

  18. John Heieck says:

    Dear Street Sweeper,

    I take issue with your characterization of Sheila Heieck’s testimony about Ben Sasse’s position on Obamacare before Ben Nelson’s crucial 60th vote in the US Senate. And while I admit that my issue with your characterization may be influenced by familial bias, that does not make it any less valid as a matter of logic. Two points are worth mentioning. First of all, Ben Sasse’s statement to Sheila was not “prescient”; it was defeatist. There is a huge difference between a claim of contemptuous – and presumptuous – omniscience, and a display of callow – and cowardly – resignation. Sheila Heieck and many others – including Shane Osborn – protested vehemently against Obamacare well-before Ben Nelson’s crucial vote. (You can find examples of Shane Osborn’s strong opposition to Obamacare on YouTube; you can find Ben Sasse’s obedient support for Obama’s massive welfare program on Google). And while neither Sheila nor Shane was “authorized” to enter Ben Nelson’s office (i.e. armed fortress) to discuss the matter with the Senator, I somehow managed to make my way into the Senator’s office one day to more fully explain my constitutional objections to the bill. But I was quickly diverted into a side-room and scolded by one of Nelson’s senior staffers, who either skipped, failed, or was simply not taught basic civics in high school, and who told me that, “Congress can do whatever it wants – no matter what the Constitution says.” Needless to say, I was left speechless. So, if by “prescient”, you mean contemptuous disregard for the US Constitution, and cowardly resignation (that Ben Nelson had) to the apparent power of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, I guess you are right: Ben Sasse was prescient about Obamacare. He was “prescient” because he resigned himself to Washington DC’s conventional wisdom, and ignored the Constitution. But if you ask me, I’ll take good old Nebraskan common sense – and the US Constitution – over DC conventional wisdom any day.

    Secondly, your point about Putin is a good one, because I am sure that Ben Sasse doesn’t know the first thing about Putin, Russia, “the near abroad”, the EU, or NATO – and the relationship between them all. And I’m sure Ben Sasse doesn’t know the first thing about how this entire crisis started, why it escalated, and why it is one of the foremost foreign policy challenges to the United States today. But Shane Osborn can tell you why. Why? Because Shane Osborn spent 9 years of his life selflessly serving in the US Navy, flying missions in the most dangerous parts of the world, in actual war zones, while we slept soundly in our beds. My brother served in the Navy in a similar fashion, and I am grateful for people like Shane, my brother, and their brothers who put country before self, and who placed our safety before their political ambitions.

    You know, I have watched this election with a mixture of amusement and anger. I was amused by Ben Sasse’s call for – literally – moving our nation’s Capitol to Nebraska. But I have been angered by Ben Sasse’s criticism of Shane Osborn’s so-called “residency” out-of-state. Shane did not decide – on a whim – to move. Shane did not choose – out of financial interests – to leave. Shane left this great state only because the United States Navy ORDERED him to do so. And the US Navy only ordered him to do so after he had volunteered for, was accepted to, and completed a four-year ROTC scholarship at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. So let’s not punish our veterans for fighting in foreign wars that we, personally, were unwilling to undertake.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that veterans, such as Shane Osborn, should get a pass. His position on issues and his record as Treasurer are fair game. But to be fair, we must tell the truth. And the truth is that, while Shane Osborn has been consistently against Obamacare, Ben Sasse has supported Obamacare, and has even profited from it. That is why Ben Sasse told Sheila Heieck “don’t bother, there is nothing you can do, it’s going to pass.”

    The question you have to ask yourself is: Is that the kind of person you want representing you in Washington? A person who would avoid his constituents, hide within his fortress, and instruct the people of this great state, from up on high, “don’t bother, there is nothing you can do, it” – whatever “it” may be (whether amnesty, gun control, or whatever) – “will pass”.

    If you’re anything like me, your answer is a resounding “No!” That is why I stand with Shane Osborn. And why I encourage you to do so as well.

    Kind regards,

    John Heieck

  19. Anonymous says:

    I want the people who DIDN’T pay for Palin to come endorse them to win. Sarah Palin needs to go away. She is NOT smart, people! She does not help the case for Republicans, she hinders us. She’s not even attractive looking anymore. She just looks drawn, tired, and classless. Get her out of our beautiful state!

  20. Drew to Sheilia at 3 and John at 22 says:

    Sheila, I have high respect for your efforts and you have my gratitude, but I think you missed what others were doing. John, I think you make the same error.

    I remember 2009 quite well and Osborn spoke eloquently to our concerns during that year and other years. However, in 2009, Democrats had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and the only thing good that happen for conservatives was the death of Ted Kennedy. There was a massive internet campaign to get Scott Brown elected in Massachusetts to block the Obama agenda but everyone I knew were terrified something would get through as Republicans were known to cave. The pressure intensified.

    You can take issue with what Sasse said, but he was right, and did not lie. Would you prefer a lie? I am not asking you to drop your skepticism of Sasse. In fact, I encourage it.

    What disturbs is what I see as blind loyalty to Osborn. Just because he says all the right things, does not mean he has the skills to deliver what he says. Since he is not getting much money from Nebraskans in real dollars, there is legitimate concern.

    Finally, I know your pain over the FreedomWorks endorsement changes but many keyboard activists took issue with the attacks FreedomWorks made on Sasse and that is what lead to the change. Irritating as hell to say the least, but to attack Sasse for it amounts to scapegoating.

  21. Sheila Heieck says:

    Drew, this is the first time I have followed this thread and hopefully it will be the last. I’m going to let my son John, a good friend of Shane’s who is working on his doctorate for international law in Brussels, Belgium right now, speak for me.

    We have all worked very hard for five years to stop Obamacare and Shane was with us every step of the way–he wasn’t running for anything, he just knew it was the right thing to do. Ben Sasse was no where in sight and from what i have learned he was profiting at the time from instructing people how to implement Obamacare.

    In my opinion, Ben Sasse is a fraud and a liar. Don’t we have someone just like that in the White House? Why would we elect someone just like that from Nebraska?

    Who are you people on Leavenworth St.? Man-up and identify yourselves. I’ve done that.

    To my smart son John–take it from here. . .

  22. Drew to John at 22 says:

    John, the residency attack is the result of Osborn attacking Sasse on the issue but again, this is one of those things that backfire. As the World Herald stated “He voted in Florida four times between 1996 and 2002, even though military personnel are allowed to retain residency and vote in their home state.” Sorry but anyone aware of the facts will see this as his effort to avoid paying Nebraska income tax as Florida has no income tax. Say what you will, but it adds a whole other dimension to Osborn many would not have contemplated.

  23. Drew to Sheilia at 25 says:

    Sheila, the problem you have with Sasse is he was fighting against it in a completely different sphere. He had debated numerous times confronting Howard Dean on the whole issue. As for the “profiting’ from Obamacare, this goes back to the Leavitt Partners association. Leavitt Partners own Facebook page shows they were oppose to Obamacare. The only difference if Mike Leavitt saw no serious flaws in state run exchanges but it took Nebraskans a long time to even convince Governor Dave Heineman of that as he did not oppose a state health exchange until Nov 15, 2012, after the 2010 and 2012 elections. This is why I view many of the attacks on Sasse as being pure paranoia.

  24. Soothsayer says:

    Shane Osborn sought Ted Cruz’s endorsement. He didn’t get it. Ben Sasse did.
    Shane Osborn sought Mike Lee’s endorsement. He didn’t get it. Ben Sasse did.
    Shane Osborn sought Sarah Palin’s endorsement. He didn’t get it. Ben Sasse did.
    Shane Osborn sought Gun Owners of America’s endorsement. He didn’t get it. Ben Sasse did.
    Shane Osborn sought Club for Growth’s endorsement. He didn’t get it. Ben Sasse did.
    Shane Osborn sought Senate Conservatives Fund’s endorsement. He didn’t get it. Ben Sasse did.
    Shane Osborn sought FreedomWorks endorsement. He got it–and then lost it. They’ve now endorsed Ben Sasse.

    Those people and groups are bad, so sayeth Shane Osborn.

  25. To Drew -- says:

    I hope Shane thanks you in his victory speech. Few people have done more (though in your case inadvertently) to help his campaign.

  26. Sheila's Conscience says:

    Well, since Sheila Heieck has now revealed that her son is best buds with Shane Osborn, I guess we know what her motivations are.

  27. Drew to 29 says:

    I do not care if you hate me.
    I am sorry if I have said things painful, true or mean but I harbor no regrets.
    Such claim of a victory speech will be worth just as much as that bogus Navy memo.
    A lieutenant in the military should know better and should have planned his campaign accordingly.
    If elected to public office, he campaign will be a reflection of what will come to be.

    Politics on the Federal level is a much different game and people like you essentially play checkers while I am playing chess. There is a difference.

  28. To Josh "Amnesty" Weir Esq. says:

    First, good luck on running for the legislature as an “Amnesty” candidate in 2016. I love the screenshot function.

    Second, what tool uses the word “Esquire”

  29. Drew says:

    Maybe I am just being stupid but the “Shame on Sasse” video is ineffective to me because the main point of the argument seems to be missing. I still think it makes Osborn look like a carpet bagger as he could have voted as a resident of Nebraska…………so?

    As for the Doug Kagan ad, that will carry weight for those who know and agree with Kagan, but for those who have read up any at all on this race, will see Kagan as patently misinformed as Sasse has raised more dollars from Nebraska than Osborn or any other candidate.

  30. Drew to Streetsweeper says:

    As the World Herald stated “He voted in Florida four times between 1996 and 2002, even though military personnel are allowed to retain residency and vote in their home state.”
    Let me expose a crucial mistake people on these boards make:

    VETERANS HAVE NEVER BEEN A MONOLITHICAL POLITICAL GROUP! They will side with Republicans on some issues and Democrats on others, depending what issues are hit. The problem here for the Osborn campaign is it makes it look like Osborn was trying to dodge Nebraska Income taxes as Florida has none. This is not to imply anything illegal but it does nip a bud in the nativist sentiments Osborn was trying to stoke in calling Sasse a DC insider.

  31. To Drew -- says:

    I don’t hate you. I just think you’re utterly ineffectual if your goal is to have Sasse win the election. If you want one of the other candidates to win the election, you’re a genius.

  32. I know Sheila Heieck says:

    Sheila is a friend of mine. And I’d venture to say that there isn’t anyone posting who has done 10% of what she has to further the cause of liberty in Nebraska.

  33. To Drew -- says:

    First, I don’t think those endorsements are going to matter much. But the fact that you have to point to something that someone else wrote really makes my point, now doesn’t it?

  34. Son of Ricky says:

    Sheila’s been very effective. All of those protests and rallies she held made Ben Nelson vote for Obamacare. Those who hate Obamacare should really blame her and by extension her candidate Shane Osborne.

    Fred Phelps used to hold a lot of rallies too. How effective was he?

  35. Joshua W. Weir says:

    I posted under my own name with the title just because I wasn’t ashamed to take ownership of the “book” I posted. When you’re screen saving, be sure to get the OWH op-Ed I wrote on the same topic. The immigration issue calls for conservative solutions. I’ll keep banging the drum until Conservatives see how contradictory they are on this issue. I tend to agree with Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush Milton Friedman and Marco Rubio.

  36. Sheila Heieck says:

    I woke early and checked the thread on Leavenworth. Drew, I guess I need to answer you. This will be my last post on this blog.

    I will admit that Shane Osborn is a friend of my sons. He is especially close to my son John, but is also a friend of my son Joe, graduating this spring from Harvard Business School, and who served in the Navy and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Drew, for you, I have held my six children to a high standard and I have often referred to Shane as my “fifth son”. I am very proud of Shane and am honored to call him my friend and adopted son. He served his country above and beyond and then continued to do a stellar stint as State Treasurer. He is a great father and husband.

    So Drew, it comes down to an election for the US Senate with one candidate (Ben Sasse) who can’t wait to get back home to DC and won’t be able to shake Nebraska dust from his shoes fast enough and the “real deal” Shane Osborn, who has worked hard to help this state, who loves Nebraska and who will actually represent his constituents.

    So Drew, again, give me your best defense for Sasse. I don’t think you have one. Signing out–Sheila

  37. Gutless Sasse says:

    The attacks on Shane Osborn’s service to our country, living in Florida while stationed in the Navy, are reprehensible. Osborn defended our country, the only thing Ben Sasse ever defended was Jason Dannelly.

  38. Those Who Would Do Anything to Get Elected . . . says:

    . . . should scare us very much. Does Sasse know that Cruz is pictured in The W-H flashing the satanic goat-head hand signal on his behalf? That’s a mockery of JC as the Lamb of God — and Cruz is doing it right after Easter. I know, I know, it’s the U of Texas signal, too. But neither Satan nor UT set very well with Nebraskans. Does Sasse know Sarah Palin flashes that offensive signal all the time, too, and Mike Lee is apparently about to be indicted? When you seek someone’s endorsement, you strap on to yourself everything that they do and are. Repulsive! Sasse tries to portray himself as a Christian man, yet his bio doesn’t show many, if any, acts of Christian charity or service. All those canned pictures of himself that he distributes, hiring an A.D. who got convicted of a sex-related crime, the double talk on Obamacare? A blend of extreme ambition with an extreme self-focus with bad judgment? Scary!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Sheila. Wise call to quit blogging when you are ahead.

    It is not easy to be a Conservative Republican and be told the GOP candidate you love and support has pocketed profits from the Obamacare you despise. To watch Sasse play a trump card of bashing veterans for being outside Nebraska only frustrates Sasse supporters more. It isn’t easy to be for Sasse and still be ethical.

    Your ad aims to calmly convince the least committed voters in these last weeks. Yet such is painful to the most committed Sasse supporters. You cannot calm them and you cannot sway them.

    Don’t argue with those whose scabs you just ripped off. They are self-inflicted wounds anyway. So sit back and enjoy the tortured screams and illogical barbs being thrown your way. It’s an oblique measure of success.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, your attack on Osborn that he was trying to get out of paying taxes is a pathetic one. You think he should have paid the high Nebraska income taxes on his wages while he was flying into harm’s way? That’s called adding insult to injury.

  41. Macdaddy says:

    Josh brings up an important point. Is Lee Terry going to vote for John Boehner as Speaker or will he vote for someone else? Boehner is already in favor of rewarding law breakers and punishing the 25% of African Americans who can’t find jobs. Is Lee Terry ok with that? I have whole-heartedly voted for and defended Terry in the past. The entire GOP leadership is giving me pause this time.

  42. Chicken Hawk Sasse says:

    This whole line of attacking Shane on where he lived is an attack on ALL MILITARY MEMBERS who serve at the Duty Station according to where others assign them….you can ask for certain assignments, but it depends on openings and what your job is in your branch of service.

    Another question to ask would be — Did his wife at the time have a job which would also dictate how they handled both federal income and state/local taxes. It would been beneficial to Shane to have residency in Florida to simply taxes, property taxes and other items that would be difficult to file three different tax forms if they both were employed. Unless he or she is also an active-duty member of the military, your spouse is considered a resident of the state where you are stationed for state tax purposes. Meaning, if you’re married to a nonmilitary spouse and you file a joint return, it may become a bit complex.

    I served in the US Air Force in the United Kingdom and lived in Texas for years, 20 years ago. Does that make me a Texan? NO! Did I vote in Texas, yes. Did I

    Sasse is a yellow-bellied chicken hawk for this type of attack on those who are serving and who have served.

  43. Anonymous says:

    comment # 28: Shane Osborn sought my vote. He got it. I see where a roaring crowd of 1,000 showed up, all of which ran home to fill out their absentee ballot. Unfortunately, chickens and cows aren’t allowed to vote though Sasse sought their endorsement.

  44. Drew to 50 and 52 says:

    Stating where someone resides is not an attack on military service, or veterans. This is world is not Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers where only members of the military are citizens.

    The ad is a direct response to the nativist/residency/carpet bagger argument started by the Osborn campaign. Such arguments are best made against Bob Kerrey who declared residency in someone’s basement days before filing for office. But in this race, it amounts to popcorn politics.

    The fact is Osborn could have declared residency in ANY state, but chose Florida which appears to have been done to avoid Nebraska taxes. End of story. Who cares about residency issue? The
    Osborn loyalists. So guess how this appears to the public? Looks like Osborn can stand up to the Chinese but can’t take anyone criticizing his choice of residency when his campaign was the one that brought the subject up.

  45. Here's what it looks like to us in Fremont says:

    What is looks like to me is Ben Sasse can’t even stand up to the Fremont chamber of commerce and his rich buddies.

    Why did he have midland vote in favor of the repeal of the Fremont ordinance? Why was a college actively helping repeal the ordinance anyways?

    Why does he accept so much money from the corrupt pro amnesty folks in Fremont?

    Why does he shy away from the immigration issue and how LOW marks on the issue by almost every immigration activists.

    The truth is, follow the money. If Ben Sasse can’t Stand up to the Fremont chamber of commerce and his rich friends, how the hell is he going to stand up to ANYONE in DC?

  46. Son of Sheila says:

    No this is not really a son of Sheila Heieck and that sounds like a fake last name anyway.
    Well I never heard of this Sheila Heieck lady but how nice she has kids that are going to Harvard and oh one kid is working on his Doctorate and Shane is just like another son of hers blah blah blah.
    She never heard of Leavenworth St before this latest election go-round and she is done now posting here anyway over and out.
    Thanks Sheila whomever you are.

    ricky from omaha and this will NOT be my last post on L St.

  47. Drew to Streetsweeper says:

    I reviewed your post again. The problem with negative ads, is they don’t always do what people think they do. The Osborn campaign has struggled since the bogus Navy memo so when they attack Sasse, Osborn does not benefit but Dinsdale does. The Sasse campaign had to respond to the attack ads but they first had to figure out who benefited from the attack. I wonder what they found.

  48. Moeing says:

    If you see a stupid attack add from Ricketts just think J. Moenning, vicious and unfounded attacks are the tell. As far as Sasse goes, he can stuff his D.C. Self where the sun don’t shine based Soley on his dis of military members. What a dum as$, oh and a tell he is not really concerned about the working class nor the sacrifices of our military members & their family members.

  49. Ricky says:

    Another note to Sheila at 4:56 am;
    Since you Sheila are new to posting on L St and maybe new to the current political landscape; it’s not a race to the bottom to see who is the most anti-Obamacare candidate running for Senate.
    Obamacare is the law of the land, there is nothing son Shane or Mr Sassy can do about the law, and anyway Obamacare is working and people benefit. So just stop it.
    Also use of the word “amnesty” is out too. This country’s goal is to find a way to citizenship for the millions of undocumented people living here, most of them children. So when the GOP candidates talk about “amnesty” they are merely being bigoted against the brown people which they think gets them votes from righty’s like Mr Osborne.
    So remember Sheila; advocate to your 6 sons to embrace Obamacare and stop using the word “amnesty” as well.

    ricky from omaha

  50. Drew to Ricky at 62 says:

    Slavery was the law of the land. The result split the country in half and resulted in Civil War.

    Obamacare is designed to fail. So what happens next?

  51. All Hat No Cattle says:

    We all enjoyed watching Pete Ricketts last night at the Cattleman’s deal in Wisner. He stood in the same spot talking to only a handful of people, mostly Lydia Brasch. Fish out of water. He was so irrelevant they even forgot to introduce him with the rest of the candidates.

    We know a little about bull and we ain’t buying Pete’s bull. We can spot a fraud from a mile away. Head on back to Chicago now Pete.

  52. Creepy Campaign says:

    Browsing through social media this morning and I just don’t understand the Ricketts’ staffers (and a few non-staffers who follow them around) unnatural disdain for Bruning. It’s obsessive and a little creepy. Could this be because he challenged their fearless leader, Chuck Hagel, back in 2007? Can the holier-than-thou Christians (no one is as Christian as them!) not forgive and turn the other cheek? Baffling. Remind me not to subscribe to their version of God’s love.

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, Prohibition was not only the law of the land, it was Constitutional as well. Just to help you pile on Ricky.

    But Ricky, if the word amnesty is bigoted against one set of brown people, what about the action formerly known as amnesty? The results are designed to keep a different set of brown people, I.e. African-Americans, unemployed, without hope, without change, destroying each other, and completely dependent on the government. So I’ll see your bigotry and raise you with racism, maybe even genocide if you want to continue, because that is the inevitable result of what Obama and the Democrats are doing.

  54. anonymous says:

    What a time for Macdaddy to reveal him/her/itself as Cliven Bundy. Do people of color a favor, Mac, and don’t “help” them. Go be white & guilty somewhere else.

  55. spike says:

    So much total BS in such a short space!!

    So Beau wants to tour the World on Nebraskans dime? Great line of BS Beau! Actually it’s pretty honest in so far that he says that if he doesn’t deliver, he won’t run again after his World Tour is over! Love his $200.00 hair due, shows he knows how to spend donors money well???? NOT!! BTW: is he gay? With a hair due like that, I wonder?? Pretty Boy, Beau McCoy!!!

  56. Ricky says:

    The Omaha World Herald did a number on Ben Sasse today (Sunday). First of all they endorsed Sid Dinsdale for Senate, saying he is as “Nebraskan” as they come. Also calling Sid pragmatic and can talk with those on the other side of the aisle.
    Then in that editorial the paper calls Sasse smart, but has “ties to Washington, out of state groups and national figures such as Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz’.
    Exactly what I and others on L St have been saying; Sasse is the favorite of Club For Growth and whomever from D C but not that popular with Nebraskans.
    Then in another story, the paper pulls apart Sasse’s health care and claims it’s pretty much useless.
    (and Drew Obamacare is not at all like slavery! Get over it GOP!).
    Bad day for Ben Sasse if he read the Omaha paper today.


  57. Drew to Ricky at 71 says:

    Ricky, you are simply wrong. It is blow out to all conservatives and Tea Party activists of all stripes. Dinsdale has no idea how to negotiate which is why he caved to Dodd Frank. The fact the editorial criticizes Ted Cruz, is proof the World Herald does not understand the problem of the Federal government.

    Furthermore, Omaha Republicans are not the drivers of conservatism in Nebraska although they effectively have three candidates in the US Senate race. So Omaha was never really in play.

    On top of this, both the Omaha World Herald and the Lincoln Journal Star have proven again and again, they do not have clear understanding of what happens in Washington DC,

    And as for Obamacare, Shane Osborn has already beautifully illustrated how government healthcare fails when he mention 40 veterans died waiting for healthcare from the Veterans Administration. Kudos to the lieutenant on that one!

  58. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 69, nice try. I am trying to help people of color by preserving jobs for them and trying to get them off the Democrat plantation. Can I help it if the Democrats have run the numbers and see that they can get more votes from Hispanics? And since they own the African-American vote, too bad for them. Democrats ought to man up and admit what they are trying to do. White guilt? LOL. I’m no Democrat. I have nothing to feel guilty about.

  59. Some Thoughts says:

    Pleased to see the OWH endorsed Dinsdale for Senate. I think they’re right. Osborn was my choice before Dinsdale entered the race, and there’s nothing wrong with him, but Dinsdale is simply much more impressive. He has actually walked the walk, grown a business, and made sound and pragmatic decisions. I think he would be smart and effective as a Senator, and out for Nebraska rather than simply out for himself. Sasse seems like he’s out for #1 rather than for the average Nebraskan. Dinsdale would be a true representative for our state who would do us proud. What do you think? Seems like everyone is camp Osborn or camp Sasse, but are you taking Dinsdale seriously as an alternative? To me he represents the old-fashioned kind of conservatism I grew up with here, and I like it. What’s the down side to this guy? Can anyone think of one?

  60. Question on LDs says:

    which two go through in LDs






    Republican or Democrat but the top two are? Come on Politicos.

  61. To 77 says:

    I totally agree with everything you said. Dinsdale will represent nebraskans the best. He has walked the walk and already has done so much for the our state. There is no down side to him, and he definitely has my vote!

  62. Nebraska Guy says:

    The downside to Dinsdale is that has financially supported Democrats, has family members active in Planned Parenthood, supported Dodd-Frank and had his bank give money to Ben Nelson AFTER he cast the deciding vote on Obamacare. Not surprised the Omaha World Herald and the Buffett elite like him.

  63. Macdaddy says:

    Does Dinsdale support amnesty like the rest of his Chamber of Commerce buddies? I have read his one line meaningless statement on his website about it but I would like to hear him explain, in detail, his understanding of the problem and the things he would support and oppose.

  64. 82 is very mis-informed says:

    But something tells me he/she already knows that and quite frankly, doesn’t care. Trolls are gonna troll.

  65. Anonymous says:

    If Dinsdale “has family members active in Planned Parenthood” while he’s carrying a pro-life endorsement, where’s the proof? Easy to throw this kind of thing out there to see if it sticks but why isn’t it bolstered with documentation? Hallmark of sloppy opposition research. Up your game people or go home.

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