Dinsdale jumps in new #NESEN polling

NebraskaBen Sasse has new polling data out on his Senate race.
See it here:

Ben Sasse: 31%
Shane Osborn: 25%
Sid Dinsdale: 22%
Bart McLeay 5%
Undecided: 14%

We got these numbers after the Sasse camp sent us a link to the post on National Review Online, where Jim Geraghty says that the poll was commissioned by the Sasse campaign.

We aren’t real clear why the Sasse camp is sending their releases through National Review, but there you go.

In any case, this info from Sasse shows him jumping ahead of Shane Osborn now, but it also shows a significant jump by Sid Dinsdale, making this a “3-man race”. (Jim Geraghty’s words.)

Geraghty also says that the polling info from the Sasse campaign shows that the numbers for “Favorability” are:

Sasse: 57.8%
Osborn: 55.9%
Dinsdale: 54.1%

And “Unfavorable” numbers are”

Sasse: 18.4%
Osborn: 25.8%
Dinsdale: 12%

We are told, by Geraghty, the sample size of Sasse’s poll was 507 people, and was conducted April 26 through April 28th.

We have asked the Sasse campaign for further information about the poll — whether this is “Likely GOP voters”, percents by Congressional Districts, whether this was a “live” poll, and any other data.

We will update as we get further info.


The Sasse camp has a new TV ad out, entitled “Corrie & Alex“.
See it here:

We have already spelled out how we generally feel about a candidate’s kids in a political ad — noting Pete Ricketts’ in the last one. We were less harsh on the one when Sasse had his daughters talking about his wife’s ailment.

But for this one, we will let Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller give his take.

(First he reviewed a kids centered ad by Matt Bevin, who is taking on Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. This is significant, only in that whether you are for or against Mitch McConnell seems to be the theme of the Nebraska race for many cheerleaders.)

Now, let’s look at a more recent ad that, frankly, I think is a disaster. Maybe it’s just me?

I’m trying to figure out what I don’t like about this ad (there are so many things), but the bottom line is that it feels inauthentic. I mean, why would kids this age be so interested in ObamaCare?

The line, “He despises it,” feels especially coached (Sasse has been accused of previously supporting the law, I suppose it’s important to reiterate that he hates ObamaCare.) And calling their dad an “outsider” also feels like they are intentionally hitting some propagandistic message points that poll well.

Both these things got my “Spidey sense” tingling.

I’m left pondering a few things: Why are these kids so interested in health care policy (is this like Jimmy Carter getting foreign policy advice from his daughter)? — where’s mom? — why is it so dark? — and why is the music so damn depressing?

(Okay, the part at the end where the little girl says she wants a horse is cute! That saves it from being a total disaster.)

Ultimately, it seems that using your underage children in campaign ads is just as fraught with danger as writing about someone else’s kids being used in them. If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it right, and that’s easier said than done.

The problem is that candidates in, in the maelstrom of political war, they lose touch with reality — they cease to be good arbiters of what works and what doesn’t.

And once you get into this business of using family in ads, there is a fine line between cute and creepy; you never want to be on the wrong side of that line.

We agree with all of this.


The other day, the Daily Caller interviewed the head of Freedomworks, Matt Kibbe, to ask why they switched their endorsement from Shane Osborn to Ben Sasse in the Nebraska Senate race.

See the interview here (Kibbe talks about the Nebraska race, starting at the 4:12 mark).

FWIW, here is what he said:

“The development of that race was pretty interesting, because it became pretty clear to us that a lot of the establishment Republicans were gathering behind Osborn. And to us it looked like a good test of where he would caucus should he come to Washington DC. And [Ben Sasse] on the other hand was organizing around the grassroots, organizing around the kinds of Senators alike Mike Lee and Ted Cruz that I have a lot of respect for. So it looked like the new information was enough to make a switch and I think we made the right decision. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. We’ve never switched endorsements before. But I’d rather make the right decision than the wrong one.”

It is sort of interesting that Kibbe mistakenly calls Sasse “Osborn”. And it is certainly telling that a high profile endorsement like this seems to be based completely on whether you’re backed by either the Mitch McConnell clique or the Jim DeMint clique.

We look forward to the back-alley dance-off between the Sharks and Jets of the Senate.


The Osborn camp put out the shortest video in the history of campaign videos with this NINE SECOND one, entitled, “It’s Complicated”.
See it here:

This is an excerpt from a Ben Sasse speech on in Chautauqua, New York on July 14, 2012.

The text is:

“But I think it’s complicated and what I don’t plan to do is try to persuade you of either the demerits or merits of this bill.”

We assume he is talking about ObamaCare, but with pretty much zero context, we don’t know what to do with this.

Congressman Lee Terry has a new video out regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline, entitled “What more will it take?
See it here:

This is what you got when you elected the great Community Organizer, America.
Awesome, huh?


Congressman Adrian Smith has a new ad out, called “96 Hour Rule“.
See it here:

Yes, yes, it’s on ObamaCare.
But at least he gives it a “rural Nebraska” spin and gives a very specific part of the law he is trying to get repealed.

We give it two giant dog paws up.


  1. Watch the attack dogs says:

    come out against Sid. Immigration, abortion, donations to Dems — the Osborn and Sasse campaigns have pretty well gone through their oppo files against each other and Sid has gotten a free ride. The outside groups that like Sasse better than Osborn will find that they really hate Sid. I hope he has his big boy pants on.

  2. Ricky says:

    Wow what a shocker a right-wing magazine who long ago had Mr Sasse on the cover publicized a poll conducted by Sasse showing Sasse has the lead in the Senate race. Stop the presses!
    Meanwhile Sid shows pragmatism, which the Omaha World Herald endorsed, by stating the obvious in that Roe v Wade is the law of the land and Obamacare can NOT be repealed no matter who from Nebraska is elected to the U S Senate, and nobody is 15 million undocumented Americans.
    I hope the US Senate remains in control of the Democrat, but if Nebraskans wanted somebody from the GOP who actually could get something done they might have that in Dinsdale.
    But of course the GOP is beating each other up in a race to the bottom to see who can out-conservative other.
    The Sasse and Osborn camps could see the error of their ways in a couple of weeks.

    ricky from omaha

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Enough of the stupid “law of the land crap” on everything. If things are the law of the land and can’t be changed why do we need to have congress in session? It’s a dumb argument that means absolutely nothing. Laws can be changed. That’s why they publish the Federal Register every year. We send people to Lincoln and DC to change, repeal, or enact new laws and regulations. Saying something can NOT be repealed is dumb. Will it? Probably not. Could it? Absolutely. Ricky you may need to go back and watch some schoolhouse rock.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sasse, Osborn and Dinsdale. What a bunch of lunatics! Eadh one is trying to out Tea Party the other, and the Tea Party is nothing but a confraternity of imbeciles.

  5. To Ricky from Omaha says:

    Agree with everything you said. Nebraskans should vote for Dinsdale if they want someone who can actually get things done. Sasse and Osborn have become so wrapped up in tearing each other down, that there is no way they are focused on the issues that really matter in Nebraska. Let’s put someone in DC that will remain above the fighting and bickering that has already proven to fail this country. Do the right thing and vote for Dinsdale on May 13th.

  6. Ricky says:

    To Bob at 2:22; okay I guess it’s within the realm of possibility that Roe V Wade could be repealed; but it won’t because people do not want it repealed. Abortion has to remain safe and legal in America and it will remain so.
    And it is within the realm of possibility that Obamacare can be repealed, but it’s not really what the majority of people want, and certainly it won’t be repealed while Mr Obama is in office (2016 he leaves, to be replaced by Hillary. So by then hopefully the rightys will let this go).
    And it’s within the realm of possibility that 15 million people living here will be deported. But it’s extremely unlikely because that is not what people want either, and besides it would be nearly impossible to accomplish,but it’s not scientifically impossible.
    And so, despite what Mr Sasse and Mr Osborn and all the Tea Partiers think, Sid is right; better to be pragmatic and try to accomplish something, rather than just blow empty rhetoric at those conservative primary voters the GOP is trying to reach.

    ricky from omaha

  7. Billionaire Pete says:

    Hey Mike Foley, will you let me u$e your official office in the Capitol for my next campaign ad, too? After that, maybe we go bowling…

  8. What Mayor Kevin Johnson said today about Sterling says:

    “I hope that every bigot in this country sees what happened to Mr Sterling and … that if he can fall, so can you”.

    Got that Beau Bundy McCoy?
    Next time treat the President of the United States with more respect.

    Ricky From Omaha

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sasse seems to interject his kids in ads and You-Tubers more than any other candidate. This one smacks a bit pathetic when the girls talk about how it’s hard for their Dad to hear mean things said about him but they all just pray about it at breakfast. They may well do that and that’s great response to criticism but putting it in an ad/You Tube is really highlighting the “prayer” part, wink, wink, nod, nod, you can trust Sasse because he’s a good Christian. There is something over the edge about using that in a video ad.

  10. Concerned citizen from West Omaha says:

    I personally don’t think that Sasse or Osborn have the professional business resume, not to mention the character, after watching the attack ads, to represent Nebraska as a true Nebraskan would want to be represented in Washington. We are in the mess we are in because uneducated, non taxpayers voted a community organizer with no real business experience to lead the free world. A vote for Sasse or Osborn does the same thing in my mind. Puts someone with limited relevant experience in a position of power without having earned it in the private sector. You can also look at the money flowing in from out of state vs. in-state. That is the true sign of who NEBRASKA supports as their next voice as opposed to who Washington lobbyists support as their next puppet. I see Dinsdale as someone who will act as a politician, turning down money from outside interests. In the end, when you look at who’s filling their pockets, I think we all have to decide if we’d rather have a politician or a prostitute?

  11. Drew says:

    As for the Sasse ad, I really prefer children not be put in a talking role but if they are not doing advocacy and speaking of their dad, I think there is nothing problematic about it.

    Saying what their dad is thinks about Obamacare and wants to do about it, is redundant. The real attack is when the girls state they pray for the other candidates. I don’t if any is religious here but Christianity talks about forgiving our enemies and praying for their conversion. This is super veiled way to for the Sasse campaign to send a seriously covert message that they thing what the Osborn campaign has said about Sasse is morally wrong and offensive to the family.

    Perhaps I may be reading too much in to it, but it seems this ad plays to a base of Christians Sasse wants as supporters while flat out showing the “other candidates” are someone morally depraved and need redemption.

    And I will throw in a pony on that one.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Drew: there is nothing “veiled” about it. Sasse’s young daughters are being used as pawns to promote a holier than thou attitude from Dad. Most Christians I know would take offense to having that shoved down their throats. It comes off as pandering and its offensive if it even hints that the other candidates are “less Christian” than Sasse and his gang.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    It’s bad enough to put any of your kids into a campaign ad. I’d give it a pass if these were teenagers who could decide for themselves what to do, but this is just exploitation pure and simple. Leave your kids out of this, please. Seriously. Be a parent and tell the campaign manager, “No.”

    And Ricky, you just made up my mind for whom I will vote for Governor. McCoy it is. You realize that Kevin Johnson knows of what he speaks. Only for bigot, replace it with child molester, embezzler, and slumlord.

  14. Nebraska Guy says:

    The Sasse girls likely understand the evils of Obamacare better than Shane or Sid do.

    If Sid even gets close he’ll be cut off at the knees by conservative groups. You don’t support amnesty, give money to Democrats and give money to Ben Nelson after he cast the decisive vote for Obamacare and get elected as the Republican nominee for Senate in Nebraska.

  15. Anonymous says:

    When polled, most Americans say Congress is a toilet and politicians the contents. One Prof from George Mason Univ says politicians pimp taxpayer’s precious assets to the politicians’ customers. Point is, politics is raw ugly stuff.

    So what are we to make of a NE politician who drags children into that filth? Not teens perhaps contemplating law school but smaller children coerced to spew mouthfuls of adult political crap?

    Coercion automatically exists in every request made by a trusted adult to a child. Misused children may not grasp until years later they were pawns in an adult’s selfish personal wants and desires (power being one) and so were violated amid youthful inability to judge, and thus were used by one who should have protected them from, not injected them into, the toilet that is politics.

    And you think that’s “cute”? Some think dressing up tiny girls like hookers is cute. Some think a drunken baby if funny. If a child serves am adult’s selfish interests, especially in matters of “power”, it is always inherently coercive.

  16. Drew to 15 says:

    I would really like to know why the anti-Sasse posters keep establishing double standards. Oh, it is ok for Pete Ricketts to have his kids do and add, but it is evil for Sasse to do it.

    It is the same thing with attacking Sasse on Obamacare. Sasse’s statements are similar to what other tea party Republicans were saying after the 2010 election.

    But for the sake of argumentation, let’s just assume Sasse is the root of all evil. Here is what I am looking.

    Bart McFrench Fry is a lawyer. I can never get his name right. He hits about 80 percent of the conservative themes right but he fails to distinguish himself as someone of accomplishment which could take on the Federal government.

    There is Shane Osborn. His campaign has been so obsessed with taking down Sasse, he has totally lost discipline over messaging. It shows in the bogus Navy memo, the Bonnett petition, the lost of an endorsement and so forth.

    Sid Dinsdale is the gentleman’s vote but he is also indistinguishable from the RINO who says conservative things yet fails to deliver. Dodd Frank is the perfect example. Post 17 brings up other problems.

    But you find find fault with the Sasse girls’ when it apparently would never occur to you the Osborn attacks have gone so far, the Sasse girls’ could have simply asked “Shane Osborn, why do you hate our dad so much?”

  17. Drew to MacDaddy at 16 says:

    I disagree. Children have always been part of political advertising to one degree or other. However, the Osborn campaign has been obsessed with attacking Sasse from day one. There is a time use negative ads and a time not to. There are several people, including myself, who tried to hint the Osborn campaign should not engage in such negative campaigning as they could not control who would benefit. Apparently the advice has fallen on deaf ears at the Osborn campaign and its supporters have spent more time attacking Sasse than anything else. The Sasse campaign has been trying to bracket such negatives attacks. At this point, having the Sasse girls tell their version of the story pretty much inoculates the problem but only to the degree as to how far off base the Osborn attacks have been.

  18. spike says:

    Note that Sasse blocked comments on his latest pathetic TVC! Anytime someone blocks comments on an ad, it generally means that it’s BAD! The people that Sasse has hired to do his Propaganda is a very clear indication as to just how he will manage his choice of crew & position in DC. If he has incompetent con artist Spinning for him now, just imagine the clowns he’ll have on his DC team, that is, God forbid, that he’s elected! Bottom line on the ad, just who do his advisers think are going to listen to young children on past history public HC policy?? Is this supposed to be a Cute, child exploitation CON JOB or what? or did they drop the voting age to 6???

  19. HR Department says:

    Looking at Mr. Ricketts’ resume I think we will take a pass…

    – One year with U.P.
    – Let go by a Chicago environmental firm (can we say Liberal?) after one year
    – TWICE passed over to run his own family’s business
    – His family picked another Ricketts brother to run the Chicago Cubs

    It is clear that if not for his fathers extreme success, Mr. Ricketts may not be able to stand on his own two feet. Now he wants to run Nebraska?

    We will keep your resume on file Pete.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, I didn’t watch the Ricketts ad. How old are his kids? Look, Sasse is the smartest man in the race. He shouldn’t hide behind his kids. I didn’t comment on the ad with his wife because I was being polite. If I’m not mistaken, Biden and Edwards did the same stuff. It’s creepy. Maybe it plays with some people but it rubs me the wrong way and my guess is that it does the same for people who vote. And lastly, he’s got these elementary school-age kids talking about Obamacare? How is that normal? They sit around all day and talk about the evils of Obamacare and pray? Yikes! It’s a real fun time around the Sasse household. I have defended Sasse in the past on this blog against people who have tried to drag his family into this. Multiple posters here have. Sweeper deletes comments about families as well. Apparently Sasse saw that as a green light to drag his family into it. You know what that says to me? Nothing is off limits for Sasse. He will do whatever it takes to gain power. Sorry, but no sale.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    And one other point: now we’re talking about some stupid ad. Is that what Sasse wanted or did he want to talk about issues and how he can solve all the problems in the world?

  22. Dundee says:

    I find the audacity of Sasse’s doublespeak offensive: (1) Labeling yourself as “The Outsider” when, obviously, you are not; or (2) Labeling a self-serving video of your young kids as “In Their Own Words” when, obviously, the words are not. Sasse can keep trying to tell the folks that he is wearing some fine new clothes, but the people see the truth.

  23. The thing about Sasse says:

    is that everything about him seems fake and phony and contrived. It’s like he has lived his whole-life striving towards the goal of becoming President. That is fine, but the way he uses his kids after the debates for photo ops and then putting them in that commercial to talk about policy and how he “prays for his opponents”, it just leaves me with the impression that the only reason he had kids was to use them in his political campaign. Just creepy. Just let your kids be kids and quit using them as pawns in your self-serving quest for political office.

  24. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’m sorry but that is just a horrible ad. I have young children, a little younger then the Sasse girls it looks like. I don’t think that they could tell you who the President even was let alone my position on Obamacare. It just seems really creepy to use your young children as props in ads. I understand if its family photos of you or something in a biographical ad. Or if it’s a playful ad talking about their Dad. But when they’re that young and talking about policy issues, I don’t know, it just seems weird.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    We all seem to be using the word creepy and for good reason, but I’m going to go with icky or mawkish just to change it up a bit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Creepy also suffices for his story at the end of a debate about the family all sharing the only bed in the RV. Throw a couple bedrolls on the floor for gosh sakes.

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