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First, a quick NBA-themed Separated at Birth:

Vokal - Silver SAB 02

NBA Commissioner, Adam “The Hammer” Silver and former Omaha City Councilman Jim Vokal!


A new Nebraska Senate poll up from the Tea Party Express, via Nebraska Watchdog:

Ben Sasse: 29%
Shane Osborn: 27%
Sid Dinsdale: 13%
Bart McLeay: 3%
Undecided: 28%

According to Watchdog:

“…the poll showed Sasse had a 12-point advantage among self-identified Tea Party supporters, garnering 37 percent to Osborn’s 25 percent. Sasse had a 71 percent favorability rating among Tea Partiers, compared to Osborn’s 65 percent.

Tea Party Express Chief Strategist Sal Russo said the poll shows Sasse leading with “the most energetic voting block: the self-identified Tea Party supporters.”

“This primary will be decided by the Tea Party support as 23 percent of Tea Party supporters are still undecided, which means they will likely tip the scales to the winning candidate,” he said.”

There is quite a bit of math going on up there, so you can draw your own conclusions as to what the Undecideds may or may not do.

One thing we would note is that…

The statewide, live caller telephone survey of 400 likely Republican primary voters was conducted April 16-20 by NSON Opinion Strategy of Salt Lake City, Utah.

That means the poll is nearly a week old — and almost a week earlier than the latest poll commissioned by the Ben Sasse campaign.

What does this mean?
Things are close and all sides will continue plugging away.


A significant endorsement for Ben Sasse today — arguably more significant than all of his non-Nebraska endorsements combined.

Sasse received the nod from the Nebraska Farm Bureau. This is the first GOP primary endorsement they have made since Heineman vs. Osborne (which isn’t a good omen if your last name is a homophone of “Osborne”).

We can imagine that this will be a TV ad in your face, over and over and over, soon.


Lots of new ads up.

First, let’s see…

Mike Foley for Governor, “I’m going to Fix It!“.
See it here:

Sorry, but with the title, we can only think of one guy:

Fix It Felix Jr

(That would be Fix-It Felix, Jr., from the game “Fix-It Felix, Jr.” And we would note that “Wreck-It Ralph” was a highly under-rated flick.)


Beau McCoy for Governor, “Standing Up for Life“.
See it here:

Nicely produced pro-Life piece.


Shane Osborn for Senate YouTuber, “Stacie Osborn on Gun Rights“.
See it here:

Nice shootin’ there, Annie Oakley.


Brian Buescher for Attorney General, intro.
See it here:

The AG candidates trying to get a word in edge-wise.
Note the OWH endorsement tag.


Finally, a new Pete Ricketts for Gov ad, “Kay Orr“.
See it here:

Good piece, if you’re a Kay Orr fan.


We have word that there are #NEGOV poll numbers floating around out there.
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  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    Now that Sasse has the Farm Bureau endorsement I look forward to the commercial with his kids talking about their Dad’s opinion on the new crop insurance program in the farm bill and whether or not he thinks its a good idea. You know, stuff that every little girl talks about.

  2. Kay Who? says:

    The woman who turned the the state over to Democrats and set Republicans back a decade is supposed to be a big endorsement? The woman who botched the nuke watse dump deal, raised taxes and let Ben Nelson begin his rise to be the 61st vote for Obamacare.

    Really, are Nebraskans THAT stupid?

  3. Max Powers says:

    Public Policy Polling has their where to poll up now. There are no other strong choices, like Arkansas last week, so Nebraska should have a good chance to finally win.

  4. Lifelong Republican says:

    Kay Orr was a horrible Governor. She screwed up this state so bad it has taken 20 years for the GOP to recover.

  5. LIfelong Prosecutor says:

    I don’t remember Brian Buescher ever prosecuting. I checked the public records, and it shows he was never a paid prosecutor.

  6. RIcky says:

    This Hilgers guy is really starting to tick me off.
    We get the Republican mailings at our house and from Hilgers it says he is “The last line of Defense against Obamacare”. This from a guy that has never been elected to anything before.
    Then on the back this colorful flyer has a picture of Hilgers with the great President Obama,
    and it says “Barack Obama Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against Mile Hilgers”.
    Please! This pimply kid has the gall to have his picture on the same page as our Commander in Chief, the Leader of the Free World, the guy who got more votes for President, twice, than any man in History?
    This Leave It To Beaver guy says Mr Obama doesn’t stand a chance against some nobody who has accomplished nothing?
    I hope Hilgers gets his clocked clean which I suspect he will then he will crawl back to wherever he came from.


  7. Anonymous says:

    A sole endorsement from the Farm Bureau for Sasse? Doesn’t he even admit the closest he ever got to a farm was detassling as a teen? I would guess Dinsdale, as a rural banker in the 1980’s, has forgotten more about ag than Sasse will ever know. These contrived endorsements for Sasse must have been in the making months ago and now they are just dragging out the announcements to build up momentum. BTW, did the Nebraska Farm Bureau endorse in the Governor’s race?

  8. Jeopardy says:

    Contestant #1 I’ll take Nebraska Senate Republican Candidates for $200

    Alex: This candidate donated to Pro-Choice Liberal Democrat Congressman Peter Hoagland.

    Contestant #1: Who is Sid Dinsdale?

    Alex: You are correct

  9. FreedomWorks says:

    FreedomWorks salutes the Farm Bureau – now we can get serious about addressing this issue we call corporate welfare or as they know it The Farm Bill

    We underestimated the power of strategic perception combined with the lack of access to Google!

    Now if we can hologram Bens’ daughters into the Paul Harvey’s ‘So God made a Farmer’ video – calling Hollywood to the rescue

  10. To No. 10 says:

    Wouldn’t it be rational to endorse the consistently conservative candidate who has a fundamental understanding of what ails our country, has prescribed actual solutions to those problems, and has the physical stamina and energy to work hard and actually be able to make it through more than just one 6-year term?

  11. Jeopardy says:

    Contestant #2: Alex, I will take Nebraska Republican Senate Candidates for $300

    Alex: This Senate candidate gave liberal democrat Nancy Thompson a tidy donation for her run for congress?

    Contestant #1 Who is Sid Dinsdale?

    Alex: You are correct!

  12. Interested Observer says:

    I thought the Supreme Court ruled some time back that, even as offensive as it is, Fred Phelps’ family had the right to protest at the funerals of soldiers and exercise their First Amendment Right of Free Speech. I don’t quite get why they can do that, but this Sterling guy can’t even have a “private” conversation on the phone. How exactly is it that he is the only individual out of 314 million Americans that is not allowed his rights under the First Amendment?

    Even in that extremely left wing, liberal movie, “The American President”, the Michael Douglas character said:
    “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.”

    I can’t quite tolerate some peoples’ intolerance of other peoples’ intolerance. Wouldn’t it seem that the price of free speech is that it has to apply to EVERYBODY, not just to those people who happen to agree with our opinions?

    How does society get to decide that it’s OK to not like a racist, but it’s not OK for the racist to not like a different race? How can one prejudice trump another prejudice? Aren’t they both still prejudices?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure why Brian Buescher is boasting anything about experience with prosecuting criminals in his latest ad. Anyone can look up public records and see he was never a paid prosecutor. I don’t trust an Attorney General with no experience prosecuting. Mike Hilgers needs to slow down on tickling ears about stopping Obamacare on day one. Lets hear details on this lawsuit you’re going to file.

  14. Peterson = Experience says:

    Doug Peterson has literally twice as much experience in the legal profession of any of the GOP AG candidates. Doug has served in the AG’s office. He has the maturity to lead this critical office.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Interesting–each of the last two attorney generals (Bruning, Stenberg) had exactly zero experience prosecuting before getting the job!

  16. Anonymous says:

    IO The First Amendment says Congress will make “no law” when it comes to free speech.and prohibiting the free exercise thereof. So did Congress write a law saying Sterling had to keep his mouth shut? No, his peers the NBA owners said Sterling your an idiot and we don’t want you around no more. They have their rules, he broke them. He still has freedom of speech to be stupid and say stupid things. Congress never took that away from him. That is called peer pressure and some would even call it capitalism since the NBA and the Clippers were losing sponsors very quickly over the matter.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I worked with Brian Buescher when he served as a prosecutor with the Douglas County Attorney’s office. His firm, Kutak Rock, allowed him to work at the office for around a year. He is a very skilled and qualified attorney who is the right pick for Attorney General.

  18. Jeopardy says:

    Contestant #1: Alex I want Nebraska Senate Candidates for $500

    Alex: This Senate candidate gave a large sum of money to an ESPY winning pediatric brain cancer survivor?

    Contestant #2: Who is Sid Dinsdale

    Alex: You are correct!

  19. The Real Jeopardy says:

    Alex: Our Final Jeopardy category “RHINO DONATORS”
    This Rhino and US Senate Candidate gave a sizeable donation of $2,300 to a pro-choice Democrat Tony Raimondo who ran against Mike Johanns in the 2008 Senate race.

    Theme music………….
    Alex: So Contestant #1: What is your guess?

    Contestant #1: I know of only one Rhino Senate Candidadte that consistently supports pro-choice democrats, Sid Dinsdale.

    Alex: Contestant #1 you are correct, unfortunately we are all losers if Rhino’s like Sid Dinsdale win office

  20. Jeopardy Is What It Would Be, All Right . . . says:

    . . . if we elect one of these immature, ill-prepared, inexperienced, say-and-do-anything guys instead of the intelligent pick, Sid Dinsdale.

    Theme music . . .

    Alex: In stark contrast to the younger opponents, Sid Dinsdale has lived in Nebraska for 61 years, enough time for him to have made friends with countless Nebraskans. He graduated from the U of Nebraska, another source of friends. He has done business with people all across the state and been heavily involved in civic, charitable and church activities (former Sunday School teacher and is, too, strongly pro-life!) all that time. He’s a highly relational, friendly, loyal person. Naturally, as a statewide leader, he has become friends or done business with a large number of Nebraska’s leading citizens. They might be customers of Pinnacle Bank, fellow board members of area businesses, colleges, medical centers and charities, fraternity brothers, etc. etc. If he has given donations to three Democrat friends running for office in his 41 years as a grownup, the total amount given to them is far less than 1% of all the charitable, church and Republican/conservative political donations that he has made. Maybe less than .1 of 1%! For openers, the Team Jack donation was $100,000, according to the Norfolk Daily News, and The W-H reported that Dinsdale gave $45,000 in 2010 toward recalling the high-spending Democrat Mayor Jim Suttle. That far more than balances out his donations to his three friends. Then there are alllll the Nebraska-building donations to youth-serving organizations, veterans, college scholarships, charities of all kinds . . . amassing a mountain of kindness, the mark of a wise and mature person.

    With that in perspective, speaking of maturity, here’s the Jeopardy question: if Sid did give to the late Peter Hoagland, a Nebraska state senator beginning in 1978, how old were Sid’s current Senate candidates at the time?

    Jeopardy answer: Sasse was 6 years old and Osborn was 4.

    A financially-expert, sophisticated, capable, mature, seasoned, proven, generous, experienced varsity player . . . vs. promising-but in-need-of-more-development-time J.V.’era, at a time in which our nation and our world are in real jeopardy and need solid strength, not campaign glitz?

    No contest! :>)

  21. Anonymous says:

    As much as I hate to concur with Ricky on anything he is right about the Hilgers’ mailers. Completely over the top, sensationalism and have very little to do with what you would want your AG to be concentrating on. They simply come off as someone with a big ego rather than someone who can articulate what the office is really about.

  22. Jon Blumenthal says:

    Sweeper, if you’re going to steal your separated-at-births directly from my Facebook page, a little credit next time please??? p.s…I look a lot more like Robert Downey, Jr. than Zack Braff (sp??).

  23. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote something very sensible. He said he thought it was obnoxious that Sterling should be punished for what he said in a private telephone conversation, but that there was ample prior public evidence, from court actions, etc., that Sterling is a racist.

    Since I don’t watch basketball anyway, I don’t care. But Kareem’s piece reminded me there was a day when an athlete who graduated with a history degree from a school like UCLA could be assumed to be an educated, articulate individual.

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