New #NEGOV polling

CarhengeNew polling numbers in the Nebraska Governor’s race.
See them here:

Pete Ricketts — 25.3%
Jon Bruning — 20.8%
Mike Foley —– 17.2%
Beau McCoy — 12.8%
Tom Carlson — 6.5%
Bryan Slone —- 3.9%
Undecided —– 13.5%

These numbers are from polling done over this past weekend, ending on Monday (April 26-28).
They are from a sample of approximately 500.
Sorry, we can’t give out any further details.

We would note that these numbers are similar to those from the Legacy poll taken over April 17-18.

Those were:

Ricketts — 26.3%
Bruning — 17.8%
Foley —— 13.2%
McCoy —– 9.8%
Carlson — 4.6%
Slone ——- 4%
Undecided – 23.7%

The biggest factor, as you can see is the change in Undecideds, going down by about 10%.
Bruning, Foley and McCoy all increase by about 3%, but Ricketts only by 1%.
Though, of course, Ricketts still holds a 5% lead in these numbers.

Again, we would just assume it is very close at the top, and that you maybe might possibly see a few more commercials from the candidates.



With that, we would note that Citizens for Sound Government has a new ad out attacking Bruning in immigration (and the Ricketts camp has ZERO knowledge about this! Zero, we tells ya!). (If you have a link to this ad on the interwebs, let us know.)

Interesting that Governor Dave Heineman has come to Bruning’s defense on this.

Governor Dave said the ad was “misleading”, and…

“Attorney General Jon Bruning and I have worked closely together to ensure that illegal individuals do not receive taxpayer-funded benefits.”

We wouldn’t call that an endorsement from Heineman, but it sure doesn’t hurt Bruning.
Now to see if Camp Bruning sends that to the voeters.


A new Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate radio ad regarding Sasse’s Nebraska Farm Bureau endorsement.
Hear it here:


A Shane Osborn YouTuber, called “Education Path“:
See it here:


And a Jon Bruning YouTuber on his law enforcement endorsements.


The Governor’s debate will be streaming live tonight at 7pm on
Follow us on the Twitter where we will do our best to Live Tweet this final meeting.
Look for the #NEGOV hashtag (and make sure you click the “All” as opposed to just “Top”).

Will SOMEONE make it interesting?
We will see…


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve noticed that Pete keeps saying that neither he or his dad are behind the anti-Bruning ads, but doesn’t mention anything about his brother who is running Joe’s Ending Spending PAC now…

  2. RWP says:

    Eric Erickson of RedState calls out Dinsdale and Osborn this morning. Dinsdale, he claims, is no RINO. He’s a Democrat.

  3. to #2 says:

    It is good to see Sasse and his cronies attacking Dinsdale’s wife and daughter. This guy is a real piece of work. First he exploits his kids and wife, then he attacks Dinsdale’s.

  4. The article says that Dinsdale’s wife and daughter are on the Board of Planned Parenthood. That is surely not an attack; it’s a statement that is either true or false. If it’s false, Mr. Erickson should retract it. Presumably one does not voluntarily serve on the board of Planned Parenthood and at the same time believe it to be a shameful thing.

  5. Indeed says:

    And what is Erickson’s proof? Because Sid’s wife and daughter support Planned Parenthood that means that Sid does? First I have heard of any of this.

  6. Erickson has now mostly retracted; says it’s Dinsdale’s sister on the PP Board, not his wife or daughter, but that Dinsdale’s wife has contributed to pro-abortion groups.

    No links for any of it.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    And speaking of abortion, only 5 million people have paid their Obamacare premiums. So, 50 million uninsured + 6 million that lost their insurance because of Obamacare -5 million that signed and paid = 51 million uninsured criminals. Not bad for a community organizer!

  8. Macdaddy says:

    ***I got the 5 million number by multiplying the number that Obama lied about signing up (8 million) by the percent who paid (67% of those who signed up). More than likely the actual number is much lower since Obama can only be counted on to lie to make himself feel better.

  9. To No. 3 says:

    Team Shane Osborn has done a nice job attacking Sid and blaming it on Sasse. Those who were there know who videotaped Sid and gave the tape to Watchdog. And now this attack, conveniently peddled to a blogger who has previously expressed support for Sasse. I get it—-your guy doesn’t want to finish third.

  10. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’m no Osborn supporter but I fin it highly suspect that they somehow are in cahoots with Erickson, supplied him with damaging info about Dinsdale, all in the hope of making Sasse look bad. That’s some pretty sinister stuff there. I think you’ve been reading too many conspiracy theories lately. Maybe turn off the Alex Jones and go take a walk.

  11. Agree with Bob. Erickson is an influential conservative blogger, but he has a record of having made past wild statements. He could easily have come up with this on his own or from an anonymous comment somewhere.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, thank you for the bucolic images of Nebraska (CD3) you have been posting with recent stories. Helps to tone down the acrimony a little. Carhenge….sigh…

  13. RIcky says:

    Once again outside groups and people like Erickson and Club For Growth and whomever else have hurt Mr Sasse’s campaign by making him seem more popular outside of Nebraska than inside the state.

  14. Little Prayers says:

    I hope 2 little girls are praying for their father after what he pulled today and the commercial he is going to air tomorrow.

  15. Mr. Greenjeans says:

    So the sum total of Sasse’s understanding of agriculture comes from walking beans and detassling as a teen. Way to go Farm Bureau, your relevancy has eroded greatly.

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