A new slam on an old topic

Nebraska U.S. Senate candidate Shane Osborn was attacked today by the “60 Plus Association” in a major ad buy that went across Nebraska.
See the ad here:

We knew there was no chance this issue would just sit.

But here is the kicker on this ad buy:

A nearly $200,000 buy (in Omaha, Lincoln, Hastings, Kearney) was made by…Ensuring a Conservative Nebraska.
You may remember that group as Ben Sasse’s Great Uncle’s PAC.

That was the group which was 100% funded by Sasse’s uncle, who later stated that he had no idea what sort of ads that group was running. (They were attack ads on Osborn, for which the Sasse camp claimed no connection.)

So that nearly $200K buy from May 3-12 was suddenly changed from a buy by “Ensuring a Conservative Nebraska” to a buy by “The 60 Plus Association“.


Now we would simply note that, much like the Pete Ricketts blanket denial of any negative ads, the person behind these is obvious.

We will see if anyone (Ben Sasse) eventually takes credit.


Speaking of negative ads, Jon Bruning takes full credit for this hit on Pete Ricketts.
See “This Guyhere:

This came up in the “prison crowding” issue in last night’s debate where Bruning suggested that all imprisoned criminals deserved to be there. Ricketts and others took a different tack, as far as who should be in there. (We have no doubt the various sides would like to point out differences in the candidates’ positions.)

In any case, the long knives have pretty much been replaced by billy clubs and you can all enjoy sinister music from now until Election Day.


We may or may not get into the Governor’s debate later (don’t have time to hit details now).

But we will say that one winner was moderator Mike’l Severe who did a nice job with follow-up questions and details.

Too bad we couldn’t have gotten him on the Senate debates.

(You can see a replay of the debate here.)


And to finish things off, a new video from U.S. Senator Deb Fischer on overreach by the Federal Government.
See “The Cost of Overregulationhere:

That’s some serious editing.
Nice job, once again.


Things are very, very fluid in the campaigns.
Check back here and at our Twitter feed for updates.


  1. 16 hours says:

    16 hours after bragging about his squeaky clean campaign brimming with positivity Bruning has a new negative ad.
    Well I’ll be darned Jon.

  2. Billionaire Pete says:

    Q: Are you behind the $hady attack$ on Jon Bruning?
    A: No.

    Q: Is your daddy behind the $hady attack$ on Jon Bruning?
    A: No.

    Q: Are your family or other$ you know (hedge fund manager$, Kan$a$ oilmen, etc.) behind the $hady attack$ on Jon Bruning?
    A: All I can $ay i$, me and daddy aren’t.

  3. Becka On the Payroll? says:

    Tom. Listening to your broadcast (get his pod cast from 5/2/2014). Are you cashing Pete’s checks? Or are you waiting until the election?

  4. Laughing Out Loud says:

    Gee…the polls must be right with Ricketts leading the Governor’s race. Quick Jordan….put up a ridiculous radio and TV ad claiming that Pete wants to release child molesters and abusers. It’s over for Bruning…just like two years ago. LOL

  5. Becka On the Payroll? says:

    At least we will know who paid for the ad. Jon doesn’t have his daddy masking the source.

    Jon takes responsibility.

  6. Fischer ad rules says:

    Great ad by Fischer. You have to give it to Senator Deb Fischer, all these negative ads out there and she’s staying positive and focused on the issues. Others should do the same.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fischer ad?? I note it has her fischer.senate.gov tag at the end. Question: is this common for her to put out video updates of what she’s doing? Is this something new for members of Congress? Is this part of the franking privileges pile of money each one of them is allotted? It’s a good video but I just wonder why now, in the middle of election season when she is four years away from re-election AND who paid for it? If it was done by her staff does it count under franking? I’m not attacking the quality or content. Just strikes me as odd.

  8. conspro says:

    Anyone notice that Osborne got spanked by the Fremont Tribune today for false negative advertising? SS-I hope you’re planning to post about that!

  9. The Shane says:

    I used to enjoy this site…why don’t you just come out for The Shane? You are pathetic….who cares what Erickson says….funny that you are the one that looks emotional. The only reason this campaign went negative is because of Osborn. That is a fact. Why the love for this guy? How much do you need to know before you back off? Anyone but “The Shane”.

  10. Anonymous says:

    To: The Shane: why the cult worship for Sasse? What I don’t get is private University Presidents aren’t the typical Tea Party type. I can only surmise that Sasse says what they want to hear. How they get past his Ivy League background and government wonk jobs, I have no idea. Seems to me Osborn fits the Tea Party mold a tad better than the frat boy. Raised by a single Mom, pulled himself up by his boot-straps, had a decorated career as a military pilot; you know, all that.

  11. Blind what? says:

    Jon Bruning: yes, I’ll keep my ill begotten wealth collected from industries I regulated as Attorney General. But it’s cool because I’ll keep it in a blind trust.

    Q: what does that mean?

    Bruning: You know, I don’t really know. Don’t worry about it, though.

  12. Sasse's children says:

    I don’t know about missing but they sure are exploited.
    “Our daddy doesn’t like Obamacare.”
    How disgusting a father will do anything including use his kids to get elected.
    Nebraska will never select Mr Sassy to represent them in the Senate.
    The guy is a snake.

    ricky from omaha

  13. The real McCoy says:

    I have a new plan. we’ll drive our state unemployment rate down to 6.5 percent, reach enrollment of 10,000 at UNL, and move the State Fair to Grand Island. And I’ll travel 1,000,0000 miles, outer space included.

  14. Anonymous says:

    So Sugar Baby Pete, other than spend your inheritance on companies you don’t keep track of or planning with Jessica M which political office you’re going buy, what is it exactly that you do day to day?

  15. Drew to Streetsweeper says:

    You need to produce the links on the ad in order to make your claim stick. PACs can exchange ideas so may be one backed out and the other entered? Hard to tell since you provide NO EVIDENCE!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Drew: Stretching……stretching. So will Uncle Rupert’s PAC emerge with a different ad or will we find out before the Primary if his money got moved over to another PAC, say the 60 Plus Association? This is all so fascinating. (not really).

  17. Glen Th. Parks says:

    Wait. I don’t get it. Pete says we are mad at non-violent criminals, not scared of them. The Bruning ad shows a violent criminal whom we should fear. Where’s the contradiction?

    It’s called a non sequitur. Logically, it reads like this: Bruning loves cute Golden Retrievers. But mean pitbulls are bad. So vote against Bruning.


  18. Drew to 20 says:

    First off, Osborn could have avoided this whole mess by not putting out a bogus memo.
    Secondly, I am asking for PROOF as ONLY Streetsweeper has made this allegation.

  19. Lincoln Democrat says:

    Wondering whether Democrat Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler’s financial support of Sid Dinsdale is because he and Sid are of like mind on various policies or whether he still has an axe to grind with David Domina over the 1986 gubernatorial primary.

  20. Reminder to all says:

    This is an anonymous blog. This is someone’s opinion and doesn’t have to be accountable or even unbias. It is not a newspaper beholden to the laws of laible or to anyone for that matter. Watchdog is a online news source which must report nonbias news. Leavenworth street is an anonymous blogger with a domain name. Ironic that veracity with which SS attacked Erickson about facts, sources, and links does not have to be true in their own reporting. Links, facts, and sources are not needed in this anonymous blog. Let’s remember that this is one anonymous persons point of view presented as a news source.

  21. Drew to 25 says:

    Say what you will by lying is not credibility. The attempt to attach these ads as Leavenworth St has, has been cited by the Osborn campaign as “proof” while at the same time, the Lincoln Journal Star has said the 60 Plus Association has connections with the Koch brothers. Have a hard time believing the Koch brothers need any money from a Sasse uncle to fund an ad. Sorry. Leavenworth is selling Osborn crap.

  22. Bizarre says:

    Most bizarre thing in a bizarre cycle: the NE Farm Bureau stepping out in a primary to endorse a candidate backed by the Club for Growth and Tea Party fringes who would like nothing better than to see all farm subsidies and ethanol mandates wither away and disappear for good. I can only imagine Ben Sasse standing up to bat to protect the farm “safety net” and the renewable fuels standard the Farm Bureau holds dear. This endorsement is beyond baffling. There has to be a deeper story.

  23. Don't Forget #27 says:

    Club for Growth controls Adrian Smith.

    As a conservative Republican Nebraskan who votes every time, this primary is one of the sleaziest and most dishonest slime-fests I have ever seen. The most despicable is the dishonesty and sliminess exhibited by Sasse. It is embarrassing and depressing.

  24. Anonymous says:

    #30: No kidding. Five minutes around Sasse and you feel like you need to go take a shower. Apparently some Tea Partiers (certainly not all) are comfortable with the sleaze factor. It saddens me to see veterans on this video attacking one of their own. Osborn got control of an upside down plane with its nose sheared off to save his 23 crew members. That impacted the families of those 23 veterans who were happy they were saved. What has Sasse done that compares to that? Made money off government and on the speaking circuit re: Obamacare? Took a well-paying job in academia so he could move back to find an office to run for? If Sasse loses I predict he will be gone from Nebraska in about a month.

  25. To: Sasse's Children @ #16 says:

    I swore I would never mention the Sasse children, but since Sasse himself is putting the girls out there on a video, I guess it is okay.

    Here’s my question: If Sasse himself didn’t have the good sense to refuse to use the girls in a campaign video to discuss government policy, why in the world didn’t their MOTHER put a stop to that crazy idea?
    Was it because the money-bags great uncle insisted and no other opinion in the family mattered?

    It was a sick and wrong move to put the girls in the video.

  26. L.A. says:

    Senator Fischer has a true treasure in whoever (Andrew?) created this last piece. Would that some who hide in shadow groups take lessons from how to do a well done message that enlightens, intrigues and leaves ones feeling smarter for having seen it. The gentlemen who attacked Mr. Osborn are resorting to unsavory tactics to rehash an old news to sell ink topic meant to sandbag his campaign. Granted, they are entitled to the right of their opinion and freedom of speech they worked to protect for our nation, it is the tactic, timing and origin that is suspect. Disappointing that men of military service would resort to being used by Osborn’s opponent who is truly an evil genius in applying all means to his “winning” end.

  27. ratonis says:

    Fischer’s ad was unusual in that it is actually informative and clarifies a fundamental position. I don’t hear a lot of the standard cliches in it. It also appears at an interesting time, when David Bonior, former senator from Michigan and big-gov. Dem is now complaining about all the ridiculous regulations he has to deal with now that he is trying to start his own business. Richly ironic, I’d say. As for the senate candidates, I’m really weary of hearing little more than slogans. By the way, Sasse keeps on saying that “I” will repeal Obamacare. Really? All by yourself, college guy? I’ll say this: I’m really tired of political figures, elected or candidates, who make overuse of the “I” factor. It reveals a lot about themselves. We’ve got one of those in the White House, and for my money we don’t need any more, no matter the party.

  28. Replace Obamacare with What? Sassecare? says:

    Today a new flyer from Sasse seems to say he wants the federal government to control your healthcare. Not badly like Obamacare but wisely like Sasse would do it.

    From his flyer: “Here’s what Ben Sasse has to say about replacing Obamacare: Nebraskans deserve a plan that is comprehensive… enable families to secure the lifelong health insurance plans of their choice… dismantle the corporate insurance monopoly on health care delivery… empower states to care for the sickest and poorest… expose Washington’s over-promising.” — Say what?

    –NEBRASKANS DESERVE, means he thinks healthcare is a human right.

    –COMPREHENSIVE PLAN means it covers everything. (Sasse wants govt to force this?)

    –Enable LIFELONG HEALTH INSURANCE and DISMATLE MONOPLIES, are terms we haven’t heard since Karl Marx and the Bull Moose Party.

    –Make the states CARE FOR THE SICKEST. And that sword point is wielded by Sasse?

    –Scold Washington for OVERPROMISING on Obamacare. — So the problem is, Obama promised a socialized federal control that Ben Sasse will in fact deliver? — Oh brother!

    This boils down to one chilling phrase, “REPLACING OBAMACARE”.

    Replace it with what? RINO Socialism Lite?

    Healthcare isn’t a human right. Sasse speaks as if it is. That isn’t Conservative. It’s a mix of Marxist overtones and old school Fascism. Ben Sasse will make the trains run on time, right between you and your doctor, but the schedule will be better.

    Sasse is a federal solutionist. Or more accurately, a “policy academic” in the style of those who created the central controlling policy regimes that spawned the 20th Century’s greatest democides. Not all policy academics are bad, but the point is this: Being smart on policy and being ethical in judgment are two different things. This smart Sasse won’t even admit he knows his own uncle is running a one man PAC for Sasse.

    Dinsdale was wrong to have convinced the OWH he’d work with Harry Reid. Osborn was wrong to distill his flying heroism into a readable chunk (albeit an accurate distillation of events) on Navy letterhead, a silly move. But Ben Sasse is an unethical man; the kind that thinks socialism is good if only he himself can brilliantly and benevolently wield the federal sword and chain of its wonderfulness. Preserve us from such benevolent men.

  29. LukeinOmaha says:

    Bizarre – Yeah the Farm Bureau’s endorsement of Sasse puzzled me as well. National conservative groups are deeply hostile to farm subsidies. I’m not going to throw a bomb at Sasse because I don’t know what his stand on ag subsidies and ethanol are, but if I were a farming interest group, his national connections would concern me.

  30. Ricky says:

    Damn ! Nabity said something I agree with in today’s (Saturday) paper.

    “Mr Erickson has exposed himself for what he really is; a political hatchet man for Ben Sasse who has no knowledge of what is going on in Nebraska and someone willing to manufacture falsehoods in an effort to get his prized candidate in a national office”.
    Could not have said it better myself Crabbity!

    I will go out on a limb and say Nebraska will NEVER send a slime-ball like Mr Sassy to the U S Senate.


  31. NEBRASKANS DESERVE, means he thinks healthcare is a human right.

    No, it doesn’t, unless you’re a complete moron.

    COMPREHENSIVE PLAN means it covers everything. (Sasse wants govt to force this?)

    Did he say that?

    Enable LIFELONG HEALTH INSURANCE and DISMATLE MONOPLIES, are terms we haven’t heard since Karl Marx and the Bull Moose Party

    This moron probably doesn’t know who the Bull Moose Party were.

  32. Dear Gerard says:

    I, for one, am certainly not a “Dem disruptor”. I am a conservative Nebraska citizen–a Republican–who believes Sasse will be a disaster for the citizens of the state and country. So please, Gerard, stop swerving into the ditch with your mud slinging and name-calling claptrap and try to stay with things you know about.

  33. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Question: Do Scott P. and Dan Frei think he has a snowball’s chance in hell?

    Come on boys, Dan isn’t even conservative. In fact, he is more liberal than Lee in most regards. Dan also has zero legislative experience making him wholey unfit for Congress.

  34. Anonymous says:

    To #32: More likely Sasse himself insisted on the girls’ video and they’re still running it. Unbelieveable. It’s like saying they are the holy family and the other candidates, well heathens who couldn’t possibly be smart enough or devout enough to say on a TV ad that they too pray. Sasse’s campaign must have the money to poll the crap out of every message and somehow this one must be testing okay or they would have pulled it by now. Still turns me off every time I see it and I feel sorry for the girls when they are older and look back on this.

  35. Interested Observer says:

    WOW So much has changed in the last 2 years! Back then, this site did not allow any mention at all, whatsoever, under direct threat of being permanently banned from this site, of the children of a candidate, as specific, tangible proof of the candidate’s decision making and personal judgement and accomplishment even when said candidate had already personally included the children in almost all campaign images, while today the discussion of the candidates and their families goes on and on and on . . .

  36. perspective says:

    Mate, get a grip. To so utterly lose your cool so as to respond to arguments based on what Sasse said but with you calling people names? You accuse them of being ignorant. Call them cowards. Slaps and slams and too little retort of reason. Those are Sasses’ own words, RWP. He actually says he will replace not eliminate Obamacare.

    You cannot be okay with that. For you are the most sincere and usually reasoned Libertarian mind here and possibly in Nebraska. We aren’t talking about the guy’s haircut. We are talking about concrete solutions he offers; his promised policy. And it doesn’t involve eliminating Obamacare, or the Dept. of Education, etc. He leaves it all in place, rebranded, as if GOP fascio-socialism is better than Democrat fascio-socialism.

    The federal power that Republicans accept today will be on steroids tomorrow under even less freedom loving tyrants. You know that down in your marrow. You preach it and with good reason.

    Perhaps your visceral reaction is due to discomfort with Sasse appearing unwise. Sasse is a professor, a career where one is literally paid to be smart. But as you know, being smart and being wise/ethical are distinctly separate things. When Prof. Sasse volunteered to the Press that he doesn’t know his own uncle is the sole donor to Sasse’s number one PAC, that is more than disingenuous; it is downright silly. And when you allow yourself to fling emotional barbs, that too seem unwise . People are not comfortable with impoverished bankers, surgeons with palsy, or professors who act unwisely. You are in fact politically much wiser than Sasse. It cannot be fun trying to support what you know is wrong, what you have preached is wrong.

    You aren’t alone in your pained dissonance. Dinsdale’s conservative supporters hate being reminded that he told the newspaper that he’d work with Democrats to pass legislation. Osborn’s supporters, some of them veterans, would never have done what he did with that memo. We are enflamed not by the lies thrown but by truth when it confronts our constructs of belief, our vested concerns, the candidates we trusted. Truth hurts. It has the sharpest point.

    RWP, not one of these GOP candidates has your grasp of the essential nature of freedom being individual. But for your vulnerability to being chivvied by some statements into losing your dispassionate cool, you could be running and I would happily vote for you over this bunch.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Democrat Buffett can purchase a Bruning easier than he can buy a Ricketts. Buffett’s newspaper endorses accordingly. No surprise there. Buffett is for free markets as long as he owns the mall and you are across the street with a peanut stand.

    The Huffington post said Buffett doesn’t like media and that he only bought the OWH out of sentimental reasons, like it being a monopoly print media in Omaha so he could play being king maker. Joe Ricketts’s billions might interfere with Warren’s billions in politics. Which is good from a Democratic Party perspective.

  38. OWH endorses Bruning says:

    The AG does have a lot of experience, probably more than the other candidates for Ne Gov.
    What has he done with that experience though? The latest example being his botched handling of LB 1161, making a spotlight on the law that now has held up the beloved Keystone pipeline (which will never be built).
    Also, being identified with Gov Heineman is not a plus in my book, just look at the HHS mess. Heineman is just lucky to be in charge of a state with lots of rich farmers, and Omaha’s economy.
    The editorial has suggested Mr Bruning is a changed man by his health scare, and he says he would do things differently now, such as not look to get rich while in office. Maybe even he regrets comparing welfare recipients to raccoons.
    Has he changed though? I doubt he will become the progressive liberal that I want and what would be good for Nebraska, but maybe he has changed.
    Might be too late though if you believe the polls that show Mr Ricketts ahead.


  39. To 46...er...Jessica says:

    Nice try. The only meaningful Nebraska endorsement your “bald” guy can muster is from a washed up failed Governor from the ’80s. In case you missed today’s article recapping the debate it does an excellent job of highlighting Ricketts desire to raise sales taxes and let criminals who should be in prison out running around in the public.

    Not everything is for sale Pete…

  40. To Drew 2 says:

    That seems like a very simple question Drew? What date will Obamacare be repealed if Ben Sasse gets elected?

  41. The Shane says:

    You people that don’t know the Sasse family again show your ignorance. If we can’t get a guy like Sasse elected to represent us then we will continue to have the same RINO type representation. That has worked out well. Whether you believe it or not, Sasse is running for the future of his and the family’s children. He doesn’t need the hassle or the money or the job. Also, Osborn crony….I mean Street Sweeper…….you rail on Sasse and no mention that what Osborn did was dishonest? Yea, that’s fair and balanced……anyone but The Shane!

  42. Anon says:

    IO: I don’t recall Deb Fischer’s adult sons speaking for her in TV ads. I do remember their past transgressions getting dragged into campaign discussions regarding whether Deb would be fit to be a US Senator, which was wrong. The difference here is you hear Ben Sasse’s voice at the end of the girls’ ad, saying he approved this message. For that reason it is not attacking the young daughters to suggest that Ben posits the message they say, i.e. our family prays. The implication is that the other candidates need praying for. And maybe they do. It’s just not what one expects a candidate to say via his family.

  43. To Anon @ 4:59 says:

    I do remember someone going negative on Deb Fischer right here on Leavenworth Street–over and over and over again. Remember Deb Fischer’s awful fence? Remember her awful grazing leases?

    Does IO remember?

    Oh the humanity of it all.

  44. We’re busy cooking Sunday dinner here in the L.St. offices, but…
    To “The Shane” at 2:06 pm, please note that right after what we called “Memo-gate”, we wrote:

    So while the info may be true — the way it is sourced is false, or at best extremely misleading.

    This was extremely reckless of Osborn. There is no other good way to put it.

    This does not look good for him, and frankly the campaign should expect a barrage of 3rd party ads suggesting that he is a liar.

    Osborn and his campaign would be wise to get out in front of this, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Heck, in the end it could help them get their story out about what the Navy regs are for this sort of circumstance.

    Osborn and his camp decided early on to make the China incident the centerpiece of their campaign. They would be wise to fix this major mistake before it gets further out of their control.

    And thanks for reading.

  45. Drew to 49 and 50 says:

    With Obama having just over two years left and Senate term being six years, there will be time.

  46. So we have to wait on Obama? says:


    I thought Ben Sa$$ with his smarts would able to single handedly repeal ObamaCare and save us all. Your telling me he has to actually work with others to get that done? He can’t just declare it repealed and be done? Why not? That’s not what he says in his speeches? If that’s the case we are screwed and may as well vote for anyone but Sasse.

  47. 45 A total repeal of Obamacare is not going to happen. I’m a libertarian, but I’m not an idiot. You can’t immediately introduce a free market in health insurance. What you can it return it to where it was, at the state level, where states can opt to take a more-or-less libertarian approach. States have been up to their elbows in heallth insurance regulation for decades.

    Having had this gargantuan beast operate for 4 plus years, a simple repeal would be politically fatal. The MSM would have a line of cute children with brain cancer suddenly unable to afford treatment. PPACA is an iceberg; 8/9 of it is currently hidden underwater.

    Politics is about choosing the lesser of evils. In attacking Sasse, you are promoting the greater of evils.

    It took 30 years and a lot of work to get Medicare Part C, a slightly more free market alternative to regular Medicare. It’s still under constant assault. A frontal assault on entitlements is a route to political suicide, not a blow for freedom. You can gradually wean people from the government tit; but you can’t just hand them a libertarian steak and tell them to chow down.

    I like Sasse because he’s clever and well-informed enough to dismantle it thoughtfully, and I think that’s going to be the burden on the next Congress.

  48. Bob Loblaw says:


    I really respect your opinion here. I take it that you’re voting for Sasse. Got any insight into other races like AG, & Auditor? Thanks!!

  49. Macdaddy says:

    Did one of the vets in the add just say Osborn created the memo? One of his buddies sent it out, but that’s the first I heard that Osborn wrote it and and had his friend type it up.

    Perspective, by now you should know that you can’t just listen to what Sasse says. He’s a University President. He’s way smarter than you. That means that we constantly misinterpret what he says. The fault it ours. Medicare Part D is “enormously successful” but we are stupid to think Sasse likes it. To the contrary, he is criticizing it. When he says “Ultimately, Sasse said the healthcare bill “is an important first step” in thinking about healthcare coverage, but does not address problems that drive the growth of uninsured Americans,” he means it shouldn’t have passed. Oh, and when he says that Republicans are not going to repeal Obamacare and he’s going to get Obamacare repealed, well…I have no idea how to interpret that.

  50. Macdaddy says:

    Hmmm. Dinsdale puts out an ad decrying all the regulations that attack us daily. Fischer puts out a 3.5 minute infomercial decrying all the regulations that attack us daily. Hmmm.

  51. to To 46...er...Jessica says:

    Wait a minute! The bald one also has the endorsement of a famous self-promoter that quit half way through her job as Governor of a state with a population not even half that of Nebraska. You betcha!

  52. To #53 says:

    Yes, but Governor Palin was the Republican candidate for Vice President, the running mate of — oh, never mind.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Bruning will fight to keep criminals where they belong – in prison. Is he finally going to lock himself up for accepting bribes from NELNET officers?

  54. perspective says:

    Sasse is indeed clever. Gandhi and Goebbels were clever. They worked the crowd. And what we have in you, RWP, is a clever Libertarian conceding that Socialism must win out, that Obamacare’s big foot in the door can at best only be supplanted for a time by some other smaller federal foot. And so the inevitable transmutation is of America toward the hive and freedom is but a myth. Sadly, I think, you may be right.

    In 1913, the U. S. Senate was ripped out of politically adept state hands and is today, like the House, are chosen by politically inept television viewers. Senators must be “clever” to distract the voting monkeys while implementing policy beyond their ken. That works for Obama. He’s good at it. But that’s works for everyone else in DC too. Good luck with Sasse getting the matter back to the states because federal influence on viewers all but obviates state interests in power politics. At his cleverest, it is still uphill.

    You say Sasse is the lesser evil. I’d argue the Senate is evil, if oily Machiavellianism be evil. A clever Sasse carefully volunteered that he doesn’t know his own uncle runs his top PAC, which Sasse knows will head off this matter in a way that is difficult to prove, compared to Osborn’s concrete memo. And thus your argument begs the question: Which fits better in the U.S. Senate, dumb things that backfire or deceptions that work? The answer is chilling to us whenever we hope people are better than people are.

    When one is surrounded by 99 other Machiavellian oily bastards, all reaching for limited assets and boosting policy to benefit themselves and their states; and to a lesser degree benefit the USA against competing nations; is a clever oily bastard acting dignified a bad thing? In the long run, your argument for Sasse is a brutally sad prediction of where America is heading. And perhaps prescient. Your assessment is obviously based on a shrinking electronic world of growing sanguine humanity where Liberty is an iffy thing. This, to the delight of drones who enjoy the hive. I expect that your Libertarianism then is but a hopeful aim, a bulwark thrown up against the inevitable. Life is a struggle. You may be right.

  55. 66: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. 2008 was a major blow to freedom; we’re still repairing the damage. Looking at where the Federal government is now and where it was in 1913, I agree optimism is a little Pollyanna-ish. And I also agree direct Senate elections are a travesty. The founders were extremely wary of democracy.

    Is Sasse an oily bastard? That hasn’t been my impression, but I don’t know the man.

  56. Macdaddy says:

    Sasse says one thing then denies that was what he was saying. The only thing missing is the phrase, “Now let me be clear…”

  57. Real McCoy says:

    Guys, I have a new bold new plan. In four years, I-80 will be four lanes across the entire great state of Nebraska. You have my word, or I won’t run for a second term!

  58. The Shane says:

    Street Sweeper……I appreciate you posting that and I had read it but how about revisiting it in the same thread when going after a candidate. I am guessing many people don’t go back and read all the previous posts. I like the site but you do tend to lean towards Osborn.

  59. I’ve just been reading court documents from United States ex rel Hospitality Management Inc. vs. Pinnacle Bank, in which it is alleged that Pinnacle Bank, in essence, fraudulently supported a Small Business Administration loan for an insolvent Wyoming company. When the company went bankrupt, which was pretty much inevitable, Pjnnacle collected $1.9 million in a loan guarantee from the US taxpayer. The Justice Department has joined the suit. Sid announced he was running for Senate shortly thereafter.

    Yessirree, just send ol’ Sid to Washington, he’ll look out for your interests! Honest Sid, that’s what we call him!

  60. It Is A Stretch says:

    Gerard, you are becoming irrational with your obsession to find a molecule of trouble for Sid and then turn it into a global disaster for all of us. Perhaps you should put your hands up, step away from the computer, and get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air. Yessirree Gerard, it appears you have wandered off of your usually reasoned reservation.

  61. I wish I were so rich that I could describe $1.9 m as a ‘molecule’.

    Sid wants to hold up his bank as evidence of how gosh-darned terrific he would be in the Senate. Yet when his bank contributed to Ben Nelson in 2011, it acted independently. And I expect he will blame this nifty piece of alleged fraud on some underling. But I say you can’t have it both ways.

    Meanwhile, his minions are out bad-mouthing Midland University for the purpose of tarring Sasse, while simultaneously whining when anyone criticisizes him.

    Nope, I do not like this man.

  62. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, I too would never consider $1.9 million of taxpayer money to be a “molecule”. I’ve never met Dinsdale and don’t really have much of an opinion of the guy, one way or the other.

    I would hope that we would use the same measure of propriety on all of our candidates and our elected officials. I would hope that any outrage or sense that $1.9 million is a lot of money would apply equally to both Dinsdale and Fischer and whoever else benefits to a great extent from our Federal largesse/welfare.

  63. Anon says:

    Trying to tag Dinsdale with responsibility for one loan officer making a false certification to the SBA is even more tenuous than faulting Sasse over the sexual assault by his Athletic Director.

    This is getting ridiculous.

  64. Cheesehead says:

    Looks like Ricketts has the state of Wisconsin locked down, by getting Paul Ryan’s endorsement. Well, Ryan supports amnesty so I guess he fits right in with Pete.

  65. Interested Observer says:

    To Anon at 8:03 AM, even Harry Truman said “The Buck Stops Here!” and accepted responsibility.

  66. Interested Observer says:

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again that Bart McLeay seems to be the only candidate for the Senate that doesn’t have baggage.

    I will also say that every time that Sasse claims to be the smartest man in the room, I notice that Bart gets that sly grin on his face. Bart’s intelligence, integrity, strong Conservative values and communication skills impress me the most.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I agree with IO that Bart is a highly intelligent guy…I just wish he would stop the nonsense of the “Freedom Train”. In watching the “debates” and hearing the candidates speak in different forums, I would rank their levels of intelligence as so: 1) Sasse, 2) McCleay, 3) Osborn, 4) Dinsdale. But that’s just one person’s opinion here….

  68. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, the smartest man in the Senate race has a photo up of him voting early with his family. How can one do a good job darkening the ovals while holding a three year old? Seriously Ben, stop using your son as a photo prop/opp.

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