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First, a look at a Bart McLeay for Senate ad out now.
See it here:

At this point no one expects McLeay to make a splash in the race, but we will see if this positive appearance can set him up for something in the future.


The national politicos are all asking now:
What does the Nebraska Senate GOP Primary election mean for the Tea Party?

“Um…what?”, said the Nebraska voters.

Did you not know, Nebraska voters? Nebraska is a bellwether for the rest of the “Tea Party” races.

Politico asks,

Can the Republican establishment finally tame the tea party and retake the Senate?

And notes…

The Nebraska primary on May 13 will test whether the likes of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin can push first-time candidate Ben Sasse past former state Treasurer Shane Osborn, though the GOP establishment has largely sat out the race because the seat is virtually certain to stay in Republican hands.

In an story entitled, “Why Nebraska is a make-or-break Senate race for the tea party“, the Washington Post notes:

Leading national tea party groups and figures have gone all in for Republican Ben Sasse in the Nebraska Senate race, a high-stakes gambit that could either blunt or bolster their momentum heading into the heart of the 2014 primary season.

They write:

Sasse, the president of Midland University, may represent the best chance for the national tea party movement to claim victory in a contested Senate primary this year.

And yet we wonder how many Nebraskans realize that a vote for Sasse is a vote for the “national tea party movement”.

Many? Most? Few?

The Farm Bureau, Jeff Fortenberry and Kay Orr will have more sway than Mike Lee and Ted Cruz — to say nothing of “The Senate Conservative Fund” and “Freedomworks”, whom the average Nebraskan have never heard of.

(Well, they’ve certainly heard their ads, which certainly carry a message. But that is using their money, not their influence.)

The Post feels that how Nebraskans vote next week will affect other states:

What happens in Nebraska on May 13 could set a tone for other primaries happening soon. A Sasse loss is the last thing tea party groups need heading into a stretch of primaries during the next eight weeks including contests in Kentucky, Mississippi and Kansas, where insurgent conservatives remain underdogs in their quests to defeat incumbent Republican senators.

Would a Milton Wolf victory in Kansas affect a Nebraska voter deciding between Dinsdale, McLeay, Osborn and Sasse?

And would the inverse be true?

We just don’t see it.

The Hill weighs in on this as well (ironically mixing up Sasse and Osborn’s images as they name them), noting that all of the Tea Partiers are weighing in on this race, and feel it is a critical win for them.

Watch it here:

We understand the vote tallying by the Senate honchos.
But we don’t see the average Nebraska voter making a “Mitch McConnell vs Mike Lee” decision when they go into the booth.

It certainly didn’t help, and arguably backfired on Don Stenberg two years ago.

But of course what did help Deb Fischer was a boatload of cash that was spent bashing her opponent.
That is what is happening for Sasse right now.

So while voters may not blacken Sasse’s oval with Ted Cruz in mind, the money that is behind Cruz may very well influence them.


In the meantime, the reports say that Sid Dinsdale dropped a cool million into the race, and may even rule the airwaves in the final week.

But of course that would be excluding the ads put out by the all the various national groups who have gone all-in for Ben Sasse.

For instance, the Madison Project, a “Tea Party” org out of Washington, DC which has endorsed Ben Sasse, calls Sid Dinsdale a “Counterfeit Conservative” in this radio ad:

The Dinsdale peeps pout out a release saying,

I am a life-long, pro-life conservative, who has voted for Republicans in every election and supported countless Republican candidates’ campaigns. I’m not the candidate who said Obamacare was an important first step in healthcare and could be fixed. I have passionately supported the Republicans’ attempts to repeal and defund Obamacare and would fight for Obamacare’s full repeal in the US Senate.

You’ll note the not-so-subtle swipe at the widely quoted Ben Sasse line.
We understand that Dinsdale will be up with his own response ad, and we will post that here and/or on the Twitter when we have it.

Here is the Dindsdale response radio ad:


In the mean time, this new ad from Sid Dinsdale that you have likely seen, called “Accountable to Nebraska“.
See it here:

Once again, a subtle hint from Dinsdale about the out-of-Nebraska influence in this race, as alluded to above.


And then a new ad from The Senate Conservative Fund on behalf of Ben Sasse.
See it here:

And then there is Utah Senator Mike Lee for the “Citizens United Political Victory Fund” from Washington, DC which will be spending $150,000 on behalf of Ben Sasse.

See it here:

And now there is a new group called “Freedom Pioneers Action Network” that has Mitch McConnell ties that is attacking Ben Sasse.

See the 15 second ad here:

We will say this about the otherwise generic ad on Sasse:

They should have left Sasse’s kids out of it.
That tactic will backfire.

We have criticized Sasse’s use of his daughters in his ad, but we don’t think this ad is any better by trying to use them to crack back at Sasse.

We doubt that you’ve heard the last of this.


Are YOU getting overloaded?
Well, we can tell you that we are.

We will try to hit these issues in another post, but in the meantime, Nebraska Watchdog makes a nice summary of these issues:

  • Sasse spoke to groups that support Obamacare
  • Osborn accused of exaggerating resume
  • Anti-Osborn 60 Plus ad pulled
  • and the afotrementioned Madison Project ad

See their story here.

We feel that post by Watchdog makes up for their story about Jane Kleeb’s thoughts on the Omaha area GOP Congressional primary.

(We had Tweeted that we were looking forward to the Khloe Kardashian endorsement in the #NE02 race, which would likely have more influence than Kleeb.)


On this busy afternoon in this busy week, we will have at least one more post today to focus on the Governor’s race.


  1. To Sid Dinsdale says:

    Please explain why you believed it was a good idea to give Ben Nelson money? I will await your response

  2. Ricky says:

    Question for Drew; Can you give us that date that Obamacare will be repealed if Mr Sasse gets elected?
    Cause our son was able to get health insurance through the ACA, and if Mr Sasse is going to repeal it we need to start looking on how to get more health insurance.


    Ricky From Omaha

  3. LukeinNE says:

    A few thoughts for today:

    1. Reading Red State, Politico and the National Review, I’m amazed at how clueless people nationwide are about the situation here in Nebraska. They all see it as a colossal Tea Party vs. Establishment match up, but every Nebraskan I’ve talked to just wishes the out of state ads would go away.

    2. I wish McLeay got more attention. I think he’s a smart guy, he just got no backing and is therefore not a viable candidate.

    3. Sasse made a mistake in putting his kids in a (cringe-inducing) ad to start with, but ads like that last one above make me hate the total lack of transparency with these third party groups. With no one to hold accountable, there’s no incentive to keep ads civil…or honest.

    4. I voted early yesterday in Omaha and the ballot drop box distribution is terrible. The box itself is nothing special, not much different than a Fedex or USPS drop box. Not attended, can’t cost much, so why on earth are there only 5 of them in the whole city? I had to drive 8 miles to drop my ballot off. Not the biggest inconvenience, but certainly an avoidable one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, how old is your son Ricky? Is he employed? Why is his insurance your problem? My parents don’t have anything to do with my insurance. I’m an adult.

  5. Sweepie:

    I know that all you Easties don’t give a rat’s back, but Tom Brewer has a TV ad up and running … I’ve not seen it yet on the box, but you can find it on YouTube. It’s not real splashy … just succinct and to-the-point.

    I haven’t seen anything yet TV from Adrian … maybe they’re out there, but I haven’t seen them. I must admit I’m a bit surprised – makes me wonder if he thinks he’s got this thing locked up.

  6. Interested Observer says:

    Frankly, for anybody who has actually talked to Brewer, Adrian DOES have this thing locked up!

  7. Ricky says:

    Good point I should say son get out there and get your own health insurance once Ben Sasse takes yours away.
    I thought the point was to de-couple employment from health insurance, but Mr sasse hates mr obama so much he wants to deny the President any political victory.
    Of course anyway I was just joking with Drew, whoever that is, because there is not a snowballs chance in hell that Mr sasse can repeal obamacre, and he knows it and The Shane knows it and everybody knows it but the dumbasses just keep going on and on like we are stupid.


  8. To Uncle Wiggily From Kearney says:

    Of course Adrian believes he has this thing locked up…..doesn’t everyone? Kearney is home to lots of smart people….. and one who is not so smart. But thanks for posting.

  9. The Shane says:

    FYI……..An extremely well funded contestant for the Senate race is touting that his campaign has raised 86% of it’s funds in Nebraska, and conversely, accused his opponents of being supported by out of state monies. Statistics are novel, in that they can be portrayed in varying lights based on desired and perceived outcomes. The fact is that Ben Sasse has raised the most money IN Nebraska and has the MOST individual contributors. Statistically, that may not equate to a political sound bite centered around percentages, but it does make the case of having the broadest and most wide spread appeal among ordinary Nebraskans.
    Having more people making smaller contributions (as they are able), as opposed to having wealthier friends who can skew the numbers with maximum donations would seem to present just such a scenario when discussing who has truly earned the support of regular Nebraskans. After all, very few candidates anywhere in the country have the resources available to have an Arena named after their family’s inherited business.

  10. The man named in the US Attorney’s suit against Pinnacle Bank Wyoming, accused of arranging a $2 m taxpayer-financed SBA loan guarantee for a corporation, driving it into bankruptcy, and pocketing the proceeds, is an Executive Vice President, who still works for Dinsdale.

  11. Drew to Ricky at 4 says:

    Heck, I have note even posted here and someone is already hailing my name! I am going to have to charge for this service!
    Anyways, Ricky, there is no such thing as a free lunch. You only can get what you are willing to spend. So your kid is covered, but by what for what and to what extent and how soon?
    If you kid ends up with diabetes and is not able to determine they have it, it may take them many weeks or months to see a doctor. By the time they see a doctor, gangrene may have set in, resulting in a limb having to be cut off.
    The Canadians and British have already experienced this severe delay in medical services and are trying to compromise for it.
    As for Obamacare, no one has more authority on the issue than Ben Sasse.

  12. Drew to Ricky at 10 says:

    Sasse has a good shot of getting rid of Obamacare because the Senate term is 6 years long and done on rotation nation wide. Obama has just over two years left, so there is plenty of room to do something about it, just not as much as I would like.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Gerard, are you doing opposition research for Sasse now or is this just a harbinger of the latest volley to come from that camp re: Dinsdale? I’m sure if you dug enough you would find some questionable antics on the part of some who consult for the Sasse campaign and it’s not as much a stretch as your court case in Wyoming. As a college President, Sasse doesn’t even seem your type since you’re always railing at your own Administration.

  14. To #13 says:

    Dinsdale’s in-state donations were something like 83% before he put his own money in. Since he is obviously in-state :>) and has been for 61 years, his % would now be in the 90s, right, compared to Sasse at about 50%, and his in-state total would outstrip Sasse’s, too. True?

  15. Who's kidding whom? says:

    Obamacare is NEVER going to be repealed.

    It’s looking less and less likely that Republicans will take the Senate, so no matter how many bills the House passes, repeal is going nowhere. Also, you have Obama in the White House until January 2017. By that time, you’re going to have 13 million to 15 million Americans covered under Obamacare, plus a few million more signed up for expanded Medicaid. There’s no way on God’s green earth that any Congress would have the fortitude to take health care away from 20 million people.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It is better to be a Dinswit or an Osboring than a silly Sassewhole.

    Sasse earned $114,000 giving Obamacare speeches to eight pro-Obamacare health associations in 2012-2013. That’s not ancient history.

    Sasse’s uncle gave as sole contributor, $100,000 to a PAC which Sasse’s campaign manager says Sasse introduced his uncle to and then asked his uncle to donate to that PAC. However, Sasse… who is apparently quite uninformed/stupid… was totally surprised that his uncle contributed, and was the only contributor, and produced Attack Ads for Sasse, which Sasse denies knowing anything about. — “I’m running a positive campaign, and in compliance with the law, neither I nor my campaign coordinated any messaging or spending with this group.” Shades of Nuremburg. Sasse’s own campaign manager said Sasse INTRODUCED his uncle to the PAC and INVITED his uncle to donate.

    Democrats paid Sasse a ton of money to help them help Obamacare along its birthing process. One year later he’s now telling GOP voters he’s against Obamacare. The whole Sasse is a Sassewhole.

  17. I’m always railing at my own administration? Really? Do feel free to be specific.

    Dinsdale thinks the bank he inherited is a limited liability company, as far as taking responsibility is concerned. He claims credit for its growth, but then blames its donations to Nelson, and its legal problems, on underlings. That’s not the way it works.

  18. 13 seems angry says:

    As much money as your candidate has take from DC special interest PAC’s throws any iota of credibility he may have had out the window. Just accept that your candidate is now part of the DC machine and the problem we have with our political races today. They own him.

    Dinsdale will work for NEBRASKANS, and Nebraskans ONLY. Something your candidate cannot say.

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