BREAKING: Heineman to endorse Bruning in Governor’s race

Heineman-BruningWe promised a post on the Nebraska Governor’s race.
But nothing was going on.

Seconds later we got the following email:

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning will be joined by Governor Dave Heineman for a special announcement TODAY, Wednesday, May 7 at 11:30 a.m. CT at the Sheraton Omaha Hotel, 655 N 108th Avenue, OMAHA.

That can only mean one thing, kiddos.

(And if the two actually announce a trade mission to Canada, you can’t blame us for assuming.)

This is the HUGE turn in the race that we were looking for.

We have been looking at this race with Pete Ricketts likely in a close lead, but with LOTS of Undecideds left.

This should be a very real boost for Bruning.


  1. Lee says:

    All that sucking up Sen Beau McCoy gave to Governor Heineman and it still was not enough to get his endorsement.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jon Bruning has been a loyal and consistent Republican. Remember him stepping out of the Senate race to defer to Mike Johanns because everyone was worried that ONLY Johanns could beat Bob Kerrey for Senate? Bruning took a big one for the team at that time. Then he lost to Deb Fischer in the onslaught of negative advertising aimed at him in the waning hours of the 2012 Senate race. Jon has paid his dues, I’m glad to see the Governor endorse him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s always seemed to me in this race that McCoy has been trying to position himself as Bruning’s Lt. Gov. if Bruning got the nod…..but this is highly disappointing on a number of fronts.

  4. Omaha School Parent says:

    When will the NEGOP standup to the union? Jon has already sold-out and paid his ‘union dues’.

    Jon, we need charter schools in Nebraska not another big money sell-out union sell-out.

  5. Clear Choice says:

    This seals it up for me, the one person I trust to cut through everything is Governor Heineman. Jon has my vote.

    I was leaning his way before this, and this only makes my decision more clear.

  6. Settle Down says:

    Interesting to watch the Ricketts campaign going into a panic and starting to attack Heineman.

    Easy there.

  7. Dave says:

    Wow – seems to be a lot of haters out there. I’m guessing Ricketts supporters. I’d hire Pete to help run a business but frankly he has no qualifying experience as governor. I watch a lot of sports and for one fall I helped with my kid’s volleyball team – should I now replace John Cook? That’s Pete’s argument – “I know a lot and helped manage a big company, so I can manage a huge government.” It doesn’t work for me.
    Although I don’t think Beau is qualified yet either, on some level he may be more qualified than Pete. And that’s saying something. I think there are only three qualified candidates if I was interviewing them – Carlson, Bruning, Foley. And Bruning would be the top of the pile. So why wouldn’t Gov. Dave endorse him. He’s done good work and he is actually qualified to do the job. Any other complaining just exposes others as supporting another candidate but not thinking about the qualifications. As our national party is fond of saying – Obama was not battle-tested and was unqualified, are we going to now turn around and say qualifications don’t matter. Do we want Pete to be our state’s Obama. I personally like to see government work when we need it.

  8. What does Bold Nebraska say says:

    In real news I see BOLD Ne has endorsed Dave Domina for Senate and Chuck Hassebrook for Gov.
    On the Repub side Jane says vote The Shane and Dan Frei.

  9. Won't Make a Difference says:

    Hey guys…Heineman’s endorsement would have meant something years ago. People are sick and tired of him now. This makes little difference in the race for Governor; in fact, may very well have the opposite effect.

  10. Dave says:

    How many blog posts is Pete paying for in addition to endorsements. Sure seems like there’s a bunch of scurrying mice trying to limit the damage to their failed candidate. Nationally Gov. Dave is reportedly the most popular governor in the country. I guess if you convince yourself it doesn’t matter maybe you feel better. Good luck with that!

  11. Re: 16 says:

    If it didn’t matter, then why are all of the Ricketts folks on offense and trashing the Governor everywhere they can: here, twitter, facebook?

    They’re panicked, because it matters. This also reveals who they are and how they operate. I’m not liking what I’m seeing from how they react to this development.

  12. Shows his true colors says:

    This is profoundly disappointing. There is not a more loyal soldier to Dave Heineman than Beau McCoy. Heineman just chose political calculation over loyalty to a friend. Nice going Dave. Showing your true colors. Its always about politics to you. So much for friendship and loyalty. Disgraceful.

  13. Really?? says:

    If Heineman really believed in Jon, he would have endorsed him out of the gate, back in January. This isn’t an endorsement ‘for Jon’ as much as ‘against Ricketts and Foley’. It’s no secret that Gov Dave HATES Foley because of Foley’s audits uncovering all the fraud and abuse in Heineman’s government (and instead of leading the state through it and fixing the problems, he bashes Foley); and he has no use for Ricketts either (maybe Ricketts didn’t contribute hundreds of thousands to his campaign).

    This is going to get really interesting. Hopefully Nebraskans will wake up and hire Foley as Governor…the only guy who refuses to be influenced by millionaires and has to actually work hard to raise campaign $$; has run a positive, grassroots campaign; and has the real experience to do the job.

  14. To #20 says:

    You’ve got that right.

    I hope Nebraskans are sick of all this political posturing and negativity…vote for the best candidate, not the one with the most money and ads: FOLEY!

  15. sour grapes says:

    “Everyone hates Heineman, nobody even likes that guy, we’re better off without his endorsement! In fact, we’d rather have the endorsements of out of state politicians. Hockey moms rock, dontcha know?!”

  16. Jane Says .... says:

    “She’s done with Sergio” ….

    Anyway Kleeb good job coming out with your endorsements at the same time as the Governor’s, so as to take the publicity from them.
    Heineman has said some unkind things about jane, but she ought to thank her lucky stars for heineman and Bruning. Their botching of LB 1161 could have been the nail in the coffin for the pipeline.
    Vote for the same incompetence vote Bruning!


  17. Interested Observer says:

    As an interesting side note, I understand that Jon Bruning was up here in Valentine last night and hosted a large rally this morning. Valentine must be the new Nebraska Conservative Republican power house.

  18. LukeinNE says:

    I tend to think endorsements are overrated. This might give Bruning 3-4 points in the final results, but in the end, he’ll have to win it himself.

  19. Anonymous says:

    McCoy may have gotten some legislative experience under his belt at a young age but he’s 33 fleeping years old! He looks a decade older than and has four young children so most people don’t realize how young he is. That might be okay if you’re propelling yourself to be one of 435 in the House but I don’t think anyone that age has the life experience to be Governor. Tom Carlson has far more claim with his age and life experience to be Governor than McCoy. Keep your powder dry. If McCoy loses this one you can bet he’s positioning himself for the next race/appointment and it will happen.

  20. Anonymous says:

    IO, all Conservative Nebraskans look to you as our leader and it is natural for Valentine to be the location of where the house of Power is!!

  21. May the Traitors Burn says:

    I was a loyal Heineman and Stothert supporter. No more. They violated the most valued commodity in politics: loyalty. I no longer trust them. May they face their fate elsewhere.

  22. Anonymous says:

    TO: Jane Says: If you think anyone cares about who Jane Kleeb endorses or that she took publicity away from the Governor’s endorsement, me thinks not. Her New Energy “Voter Guide”, and I use the term loosely, is based upon nothing but her opinion and is a joke. Plus, how many Nebraskans actually read it or see it? Yet she talks about the “power” that Bold Nebraska’s grassroots possess, if only they could unleash it by showing that the electorate is solidly behind them. Not happening. She may be good at hijinks in front of the TV cameras but amassing voters is not her forte.

  23. Anonymous says:

    To: #19: McCoy supporter with your panties in a wad upset that “politics” won out over “loyalty and friendship.” Did it ever occur to you that when Bruning became a state senator in 1996, your guy was still in High School? Could Bruning’s time in the Legislature from 1996 to 2002 have allowed him to form some allegiances and friendships with other elected officials at the time, oh say the guy who was State Treasurer, then Lt. Governor? Could Bruning and Heineman possibly have worked together on issues during the time Beau was getting his feet wet and well before he became a chauffeur to the Gov in the 2006 campaign? Maybe McCoy knew the Governor long before 2006 (when he was in his 20’s) but the fact remains that these two men would have had the opportunity to work together while Jon was AG and in the Legislature and that’s long before Beau hit the Statehouse. Maybe all you know is what McCoy has done for the Governor since he was elected a state senator and you might possibly not know everything that the Heineman and Bruning have been through together before that time that would make the Governor think he is the best pick for the job.

  24. Anonymous says:

    To #34, could you make it anymore clear that you are a Bruning staffer? And a condescending one at that…

  25. Anonymous says:

    35: No, just someone who can put a chronological timeline together to know that when two politicos are in each others’ universe while another one is still in High School and College that perhaps maybe Heineman and Bruning have had a longer working relationship which could also bring in the loyalty factor. Not that tough to figure out.

  26. Fan of Foley says:

    I agree with 33; this is a middle finger to Foley. Governor Heineman couldn’t stand that Foley’s audits revealed how poorly managed this state really has been. Foley only hit the tip of the iceberg in HHS. If State Auditor Foley could uncover so much mismanagement, what could he uncover as Governor? Governor Heineman should have spent more time managing Nebraska and less time unleashing the evil that is UN initiated Common Core on the United States while President of the National Governor’s Association. Too much to think he would show class and go quietly into the sunset.

  27. Bruning for Coach Tom 2006 says:

    Heineman must have forgiven Bruning’s complete disloyalty for endorsing Tom Osborne for governor instead of him in ’06. Bruning kissed Heineman’s ass every day since then and apparently it worked. Beyond the loyalty factor Bruning has no personal or professional ethics and Heineman should know better than to give us another Rick Sheehy.

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