More #NESEN polling

As we had noted earlier, a poll from the Legacy Action Network — under the URL “support_ben_sasse”–  reported the following numbers:

Ben Sasse………..35%
Shane Osborn….22%
Sid Dinsdale…….21%
Bart McLeay……..2%

We received word from another source that the numbers are much closer.

Those showed:

Ben Sasse………..32%
Shane Osborn….30%
Sid Dinsdale…….26%

And then another that showed:

Ben Sasse………..31%
Sid Dinsdale…….29%

Now, note that we don’t have the survey sample OR the undecideds in the last two, and even less in the last one.
We can say that each is from a reputable polling firm…but we won’t say which ones.

Sound nebulous to you?
Then ignore them!

We don’t blame you.
But we wouldn’t put up these numbers if we didn’t feel they had some veracity.

More info than less for you.
Do with it what you will.


  1. LukeinNE says:

    It’ll be what it’ll be. Just go out and vote for your guy (and preferably don’t throw a fit and sit out in November if he loses).

  2. LukeinNE says:

    Total speculation on my part:

    Mystery Poll 1 is from Osborn’s camp and Mystery Poll 2 is Dinsdale’s. If we mash them all together with Sasse’s internal poll, we probably get something like Sasse: 31.3, Osborn 27.5, Dinsdale 25.6, with another 20 percent or so undecided.

    Between all those undecideds and 4 percent margin of error, nothing from a double digit Sasse win to a Dinsdale win would surprise me.

  3. casual observer says:

    I can’t put stock in any pollster/client who can’t attach the source and particulars.

    Looks like Sasse is pulling away. The NE Watchdog story on Dinsdale has me moving him back down to third in my own “preferred candidates” ranking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, when ever Pete is asked whether his family is behind the anti-Bruning ads, he only mentions that it’s not him and it’s not his dad. Nothing about his brother who runs the Ending Spending PAC now…

  5. I just don't understand why Sasse says:

    is the 2nd coming of Ted Cruz all of a sudden to these national anti-establishment groups. The guy literally worked in the Bush administration. The same Bush administration that spawned the growth of the Tea-Party in the first place. Makes no sense to me. Either of the other 3 candidates in the race are less establishment.

  6. Sassehole's Gutter Politics says:

    Sassehole is pandering to the lowest level by using his kids to verbally defend him in that new tv ad – totally crosses the line. Makes me sad for those sweet girls to be used that way and sick to my stomach. Stinks of hypocrisy. Hey Ben did you also inform them that your third party groups on your behalf are telling lies about your opponents and attacking their families? Are they praying for your ethics? Missed that in the ad.

  7. ANYBODY BUT SASSE 2014 says:

    What Sasse did in that commercial is completely unprecedented in politics. It’s not uncommon for a candidate’s children to be in a photo, tv ad, parade or at an event BUT to be defending a candidate’s policy, saying his opponents are lying about him AND praying for them? He is the one that needs a prayer for his character. Everyone I have talked to agrees it is horrible that he put his kids in that position and will NOT vote for him because of it!!!! ANYBODY BUT SASSE 2014!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    S-A-S-S-E-H-O-L-E……..S-A-S-S-E-H-O-L-E…….. Movie buffs, remember that scene from Meet The Fockers with Little Jack? You Tube it. Now that is a humorous TV attack ad idea for one of Bogus Ben’s opponents using his own super secret weapon PhD strategy of hiding behind children to do his dirty work for him. The dirty diaper strategy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ______ hole is actually a mild term to describe a parent who would subject their children in that way. It is bordering on emotional abuse in my opinion and reeks of Sasse’s desperation to win an election. Osborn has children but you do not see them plastered on TV defending him. He should be ashamed to put his innocent daughters in that position. The ad makes me very sad for those little girls.

  10. Swerve says:

    Pete Ricketts’ mission now is to convince Nebraskans that one of the most popular Governors in the states history has run the state into the ground. Good luck with that Pete.

    Good bye Pete.

  11. Child Protection Services says:

    Fremont will be called if I see one more commercial featuring Ben Sasse’s children.
    There is something weird and creepy with the parents forcing the kids in front of the camera’s all the time.
    I don’t think those are Nebraska values but they might be Club for Growth or Freedomworks values or DC values but not Nebraska values.


  12. Anonymity says:

    Is Lee Terry losing to a no-name with no-money? Rumor is that he is looking for a new campaign manager. $800,000 down the drain….

  13. Anonymous says:

    There is a candidate here who is fairly the reverse of good Marcus Aurelius. He is not a humble lover of learning, reluctantly forced into power. Rather an ambitious power hungry man who scales ladders of academia toward a glory that is but self-aggrandizement. One who has never served anything or anyone but himself. An expedient who indulges in hypocrisy that he deftly cloaks as altruism.

    Good men appear in politics. This Sasshole isn’t one of them.

  14. My achin' Sassehole says:

    “You can be a Dinswit. You can be an Osboring. But don’t be a Sassehole.”

    Hmm. Perhaps its Dinsdale who is boring and Osborn is dim. But without doubt, Sasse is a gigantic inflamed Sassehole.

    The only saving grace for Republicans is that the Nebraska Democratic Party’s candidate is a dimwitted, boring, sassehole. A trifecta. So the Republican who wins this is “it”. Oh goody.

    When you get in the voting booth, try this. Bend over and grab your ankles. See if that attracts any more candidates.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey #22 – vote for Bart McLeay. If everyone votes for Bart, none of the other three you mention as “it” will win.

  16. Lee Terry says:

    Lees campaign manager is a complete moron, however, I will bet Lee still wins VS dan’s “campaign manager”

  17. Ricky says:

    Do Nebraskans want to see Mr Bruning run Nebraska the way Heineman has run the state and Stothert has run the city of Omaha?
    The Gov and the Mayor do not get gold stars for management. The Governor has his HHS department.
    Omaha’s Planning Department is not responsive, the city has lost bond rating under Stothert.
    An endorsement of Bruning for governor by Heineman and Stothert should make Nebraskans look hard at the other candidates.

    Ricky From Omaha

  18. Anonymity says:

    Problem for “moron” campaign manager: Lee Terry could spend $1,000,000 (and has) but at the end of the day, he is still Lee Terry

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame Dan Frei and his supporters are resorting to personal attacks not just against Lee, but his staff as well. Same on you Dan.

  20. LukeinNE says:

    Ricky, how, pray tell, is it Stothert’s fault that S&P downgraded Omaha less than 100 days into her term? When they were merely matching Moody’s earlier downgrade under Suttle? And what does that say about the US’s federal downgrade after nearly 3 years of Obama’s leadership?

  21. Truth In Advertising says:

    From a Sarah Palin robocall for Sasse: “No one has fought longer and harder against Obamacare than Ben Sasse!” Really? While he collected over $100,000 by speaking to pro-Obamacare groups? And they claim Osborn is making things up. Also, I think Sarah wore out her welcome in 2012.

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