A new poll and final ad round in #NESEN

2014 Senate Yardsigns 01

A new poll up from the Ben Sasse campaign (thanks for the numbers from Nebraska Watchdog).
See it here:


The poll was conducted Wednesday and Thursday by Strategic National of 400 likely GOP primary voters,
Margin of Error is 5%.

We really don’t know much about this polling firm other than what has been said about them in Michigan:

Saul Anuzis, a Republican national committeeman from Michigan who has locked horns with (John) Yob (head of Strategic National), said Yob is “extremely effective at guerrilla warfare. His company is the best manipulator of the process.”

Take from that what you will.

Another campaign insider immediately told us that the race is tighter than that — which if you compute for MOE or the Undecideds could make that the case.

From what we have heard, most think that Sasse is in the lead, but that the race is still close.

GOTV will matter.


The Washington Post’s The Fix reported that “Dinsdale is making the Tea Party nervous“.

And, as you have read, the “Tea Party” types are ALL IN on Ben Sasse in this race. If he loses, they are considered giant losers nationally — particularly after their candidates blew it in North Carolina.

So the Club For Growth has poured $200,000 into Nebraska with this spot:

(My, that’s a cynical tone from the narrator.)

Dinsdale immediately pounded back with a spot called, “Change Washington“.

See it here:

This is a good continuation on the “talking to the camera” spot, which as we’ve noted too many times, we like and find effective.

The Wall Street Journal wrote up this morning, “In Nebraska, Attack Ads Aren’t Welcome“, pointing to the Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, 60 Plus and Madison Project — all Washington, DC groups who have bombarded the airwaves with negatives ads in support of Ben Sasse.

Then Sasse came out with what the campaign says is their final ad, “Nebraska Proud“.
See it here:

In the campaign summary, you’ll note the line:

Governor Kay Orr likes that Ben never ran a single negative ad.

Except that U.S. Senator Mike Johanns would have something to say about that.
He told Nebraska Watchdog:

He doesn’t draw a distinction between campaigns and outside groups that “do the dirty work” for them – candidates who get a group’s endorsement and then benefit from the negative ads they buy.

“It’s all part and parcel of the same campaign,” he said. “At the end of the day, you’ve sought the endorsement.”

Johanns even went on to tell the Washington Examiner:

 I just think they’re enormously discerning; they realize who’s been running the negative ads and that’s why I think Dinsdale is surging. He’s had clean hands in all of this.

And here’s the thing: Nebraskans aren’t idiots.

They know who is responsible for the ads.
At this point, nearly $2.8 MILLION in negative ads has been spent in the Senate race, on behalf of ONE candidate.

Here is a short list of those who have hammered Sasse’s opponents Nebraska candidates with negative ads:

  • 60 Plus Assn
  • Club for Growth
  • Club for Growth Action
  • EmpowerNE.org
  • Ensuring a Conservative Nebraska
  • ForAmerica
  • Freedom Pioneers Action Network
  • Freedomworks for America
  • Gun Owners of America
  • Legacy Foundation Action Fund
  • Madison Action Fund
  • Senate Conservatives Fund
  • Special Operations for America
  • Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

And on top of that, don’t forget the National Review, Breitbart.com and Red State, to name a few.

You know, but other than that, “not a single negative ad….


And, yes, we know this sounds like we’re hammering Sasse.

We like Sasse. We think that if he, or Dinsdale, or Osborn, or McLeay gets the nomination, Nebraska would be well represented in the Senate.

But like in 2012, we aren’t crazy about the massive outside influence being flung into Nebraska, all because of a power-struggle at the top of the Republican Party.

Did you know that, according to U.S. News & World Report, whether or not Nebraskans elect Sasse will be a reflection on not just the Tea Party, but specifically on Texas Senator Ted Cruz?

That’s right Nebraskans. You wouldn’t just be electing Ben Sasse. You would be crowning Ted Cruz, in all his Hook-‘Em-Horns-ness.

And maybe you’re cool with that.

We just aren’t into what should be an election about who should represent Nebraska, turning into a proxy battle for the Power-Mongers in the U.S. Senate.


With that in mind, we will note the FactCheck.org story on Ben Sasse’s “important first step” speech.

They state,

Note that even the fuller context from the Fremont Tribune story — which only partially quotes and then paraphrases Sasse’s remarks — makes clear that Sasse was not calling the Affordable Car Act “an important first step” toward solving the country’s health care problem, but rather that it was an important first step in “thinking about” the problem of the uninsured.

Well, O.K. But that’s not what he said.

And the Sasse campaign’s defense was that he was speaking to a group of Democrats, which is why he used terms like “bill we passed” and “important first step”.

Much like Dinsdale’s contributions to Democrats and Osborn’s campaign emails, these are things that if the candidate could have seen into his political future, he wouldn’t have said or done.

Sasse has to take his lumps — yes he took money from pro-ObamaCare groups and at times hedged on his language with “important first step” and “I don’t plan to do is try to persuade you of either the demerits or merits of this bill.” But most voters are probably willing to take him at his word that he would still work against ObamaCare in Congress (and we don’t really need to hear that from his daughters).

And Dinsdale has to take his lumps : yes he donated to Democrats — 5% vs 95% to Republicans, and sure businesses often donate to both sides. But that doesn’t make it a good thing politically, and he will have to expect voters to weigh that.

And Osborn screwed up badly trying to defend himself with the Navy memo. Once he saw it wasn’t official, he should have pulled back on any distribution. And he did apologize for it. But Shane’s problem now is the drip-drip-drip of not only the Navy memo, but the economist thing and now the revelation of the old political emails while Treasurer. He has lost the trust of many voters, and now doesn’t have the cash to wage a defense and show his positives.

That’s too bad for Osborn, because his latest web-video is, frankly, inspiring:
See it here:

It’s too bad few will see it.


Not to be outdone, Bart McLeay had a new ad out a few days ago, called “Like Bart Said“.
See it here:



We are sure there will be more going on in the Gov’s race, so check back and we will do our best to update with a new post before Friday is over.


  1. FFW says:

    I think that Sasse is smart enough to be independent of Ted Cruz.

    I agree though, SS, any of these men would make excellent Senators. I disagree with you though on the outside ads/money. I would prefer that these groups spend their money defeating Dems but if they want to spend their money in Nebraska, bring it on.

  2. No mention of Dinsdale... says:

    plagiarizing? Pretty sad that he cannot come up with his own stances and has to steal from others. Do we really want a senator who is that lazy and unoriginal?

  3. Sweeper: it’s a mistake to deny the obvious.

    The main reason I trust Sasse is because he’s been endorsed by people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and the Club for Growth. I know where Cruz and Lee and the Club for Growth stand. In contrast, the local Republican party is a disgrace and a joke. With a large majority of ‘Republicans’ in the unicam this year, we had conservatives forced into playing defense most of the time, and nearly losing a couple of important fights.

    The Nebraska Republican Party is a bunch of glad-handing, mindless mediocrities, of whom Sid Dinsdale is almost the epitome. He had to cut and paste his immigration policy from other people’s websites because, fundamentally, he doesn’t know jack about immigration policy other than what the boss of the local meatpacking plant tells him at Rotary Club dinners, which is that Mexicans make fine hard workers who don’t complain when they lose a finger or two, like Nebraskans used to be.

    No, Dinsdale wouldn’t make an excellent Senator. He’d be Ben Nelson II; the polyester toupee continues. Osborn might be OK, though I don’t know what possessed him with that memo. And I think Sasse is smart enough to dance with those that brung him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If we’re going to complain about Dinsdale plagiarizing, you better complain about Lee Terry plagiarizing too!

  5. Simeon says:

    Plagiarizing? Are you kidding me? That’s ALL they can come up with against Dinsdale? WHAT A JOKE. Sasse’s campaign and minions are stooping to new lows. At this point, does anybody REALLY care who wins as long as it is not Sasse? I’m pretty sure his continuous quotes and commercials stating that he “has never run a negative ad” and he “has run a clean campaign” is more of a lie to the people of Nebraska than some dumb website that has a few of the same stances on issues as EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN IN THE WORLD. Get a grip, these lies and manipulations by Sasse and his minions cannot be tolerated. I bet they created the fake memo for Osborn and circulated it, then blamed it on him. They are a dishonest, truly low lot. I hope Nebraska sees through it.

  6. They’ve come up with tons on Dinsdale.

    Is it that Dinsdale can’t be bothered to write a few paragraphs of his own on immigration reform, or that he is incapable of doing it? Either way, it doesn’t look good. We don’t need Senator Cut’n’paste.

    Buzzfeed isn’t connected to Sasse’s campaign. Really. They’re a liberal-leaning news site.

  7. 16th Street says:


    And Sasse writes, “We must secure the border. End of story.”
    What a complete cop-out zero.
    Not a “how”. Not a “when”. Not a “it’s like X, but we need to do Y.”
    Did your boy Ted Cruz tell him to write that?
    (“Platitudes, Ben! Give ’em platitudes!”)

    Dinsdale may have used someone else’s words on part of it, but at least he made an effort.
    Sasse didn’t even show up to class. let alone the test.
    Get back to me when Sasse does something other than give speeches.
    (And the reviews of his “ObamaCare” alternative have all given it C minuses as well.)

  8. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’m with no candidate. Just an undecided voter. But if they’re ideas that all Republicans share why can’t he be bothered to write it in his own words and explain it from his perspective? Is he going to do that little research on all issues when he’s in Washington and just defer to what other people have already said? Why should I send him to DC if he’s just going to be another guy who thinks what everyone else does? I want someone with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and an ability to communicate in his own words what he thinks and feels on issues.

    I’m sorry, but for me Dinsdale is no longer an option for my vote. He is seeming to be too much of a country club GOP guy for me. He appears he will offer nothing new to the senate and will be a meek person who has no real new or fresh ideas. He doesn’t appear to be a great communicator if he can’t even be bothered to put in a little work to specify his ideas. Seems to me he’s relied on others to do things for him and he’s shown me that he has no ability to be any different in DC.

  9. 16th Street says:

    No you’re right, he wrote a bunch of nothing before that.
    Here I’ll plagiarize directly from his campaign website:

    The Federal Government’s primary responsibility is to protect Americans from enemies foreign and domestic. The American people are not safe unless we know who is entering and leaving our country. Neither Party has been willing to get serious about border security, dating back to the mid-80s when a Republican president agreed to amnesty in exchange for promises of securing the border later. It never happened.

    President “You can keep your doctor” Obama refuses to lead on this issue because he is more concerned about turning Texas into a Democrat state than he is about solving the problem. Republicans must not make a deal with President Obama. We must secure the border. End of story.

    So, once again, his absolute zero nothing of a “plan” is “We must secure the border.”

    Oh, THANK YOU Dr. Sasse!
    Boy, sure glad he didn’t plagiarize that from someone.

  10. GOPinsider says:

    On May 13, 2014, an expected 25% of Nebraska Republicans who reside in the Greater Omaha Area will vote in the Republican Primary to decide who will challenge Brad Ashford (D) in November’s General Election, with that Republican Nominee being the odds-on favorite to become the 2nd Congressional District’s Representative for the next two years.

    Tempus Fugit

    Although at this stage in my life, the years seem to blend together like whiskey over ice (hat tip to Charlie Daniels), I can remember the 1998 Republican Primary like it was yesterday. Faced with six utterly uninspiring candidates who were each vying to capture the 2nd Congressional District’s Republican Nomination, conservative voters elected Lee Terry in a plurality (with only 40% of the vote). At that time, Lee was the thirty-something-year-old son of a well known former news anchor here in Omaha. Lee Terry promised us that he was different, and better, than typical politicians; and that he would only serve for three terms – a stark contrast to the “career politicians” that many of us have come to loathe. As a lifelong fan of the Servant Leadership Philosophy as it relates to politics, I voted for Lee in ’98, even though he came across as mostly raw and unpolished. I believed Lee to be a true Constitutional Conservative and I was impressed that he just wanted to storm DC for a few years, make an impact, and then come back to Omaha to earn a living and raise his family under the laws in which he’d had a hand in creating. As I write these words, it is the day after Easter Sunday- April 21, 2014. Lee Terry has “served” as the 2nd Congressional District’s Representative for eight largely disappointing terms, and he is now seeking a ninth term in office.

    My conscience won’t allow me to ever again cast a vote for Lee Terry.

    Folks, we are at a cultural crossroads in this country. The Big Government Barbarians are at the gate; and frankly, they have been largely winning the hearts and minds of undecided voters for the better part of twenty-five years. As a Constitution-Loving-Conservative, I expect more from my Congressman than just showing-up and voting however he or she is instructed by GOP Party Leadership. Call me an idealist, but I also expect my elected representatives to embrace, protect, & promote Liberty – Lee Terry has failed all of us in this regard. From voting For the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), to voting For the Patriot Act, to his several thoughtless & insensitive public comments over the past couple of years, Lee Terry has proven to be little more than an embarrassment to the people of Nebraska. Thanks in part to Lee Terry’s votes in favor of the NDAA & Patriot Act, our government now has unprecedented legal authority to spy on its citizens and can indefinitely imprison any American Citizen without due process (all they have to do is label you or I as an enemy, without the burden of proof)…Thanks Lee! I could go on and on about how Lee Terry has been completely ineffective at actually selling or influencing those who are on the Political-Left to support common-sense conservative ideas and ideals, or about how he dutifully towed the GOP Party-Line by voting for the $700 Billion bank bailout in 2008 (forever a stain on our nation’s history); but you see, these acts of incompetence and injustice pale in comparison to Lee Terry’s vote to grant the Federal Government almost unlimited power over its citizens via the NDAA & the Patriot Act; a level of power that is straight out of Orwell’s “1984″ and that completely flies in the face of what our Founding Fathers stood for. From my perspective, based upon several decades of life experience & observation, I am convinced that Lee Terry is a Big Government Bureaucrat who has proven time and time again that he will vote for any bill that he feels will help to prolong his political career, and it seems to me (and to many others who have been paying attention) that political survival is Lee’s paramount ambition in life.

    A Better Way Forward

    Up until now, there hasn’t been a viable Republican alternative to Lee Terry. Thank God for Dan Frei. A successful businessman and family-man; Dan comes across as a Sincere, Focused, Intelligent, & Well-Spoken example of a Servant Leader; and Dan has spoken-out against all of the aforementioned anti-American legislative actions that Lee Terry has supported (Lee Terry Voted YES to the $700 Billion bank bailout. Lee Terry Voted YES to the Patriot Act. Lee Terry Voted YES to pass the NDAA).
    Learn more about Dan Frei here: votefrei . com

    For those of you who may be wondering, No, I have no connection to the Frei campaign. I suppose you could call this effort of mine “Grassroots Journalism”…or “Fed-Up with the Status Quo”. Bottom line, those of us who live, work, and raise our families in the Omaha area owe it to those generations coming up behind us to start paying attention to whom we are sending to Washington DC to represent us, because as we now see, there absolutely are repercussions for our political apathy & bad choices.

    It is my hope that you will consider joining me in voting for Dan Frei on May 13th.


    A Nebraska Republican

  11. my big problem with Dan Frei says:

    He has zero legislative experience. None. He’s reaching for the stars (not really, the House is the moon, Senate is appropriately Mars, and the White House is the stars) and while we as Republicans generally encourage people to reach for the stars, I do not encourage someone to gamble on themselves using our country as a poker chip. Maybe Dan Frei would do a better job in the House than Lee. Would he have the seniority? No. Would he have the relationships necessary to get anything done in the House? No. Is he as well versed in parliamentary procedure as Lee? No. Would he vote on the conservative side every time? We don’t know. You can’t trust his word, nor can you trust the Terry Campaign.

    I’m going to err on the side of caution and go with Lee Terry until someone with the necessary experience and the gusto comes along.

  12. Another Nebraska Republican says:

    I have too be honest…I don’t like Terry or Frei. Terry because he hasn’t done anything and Frei because he is a clone of Terry. There is no difference between the two except that Frei has better hair!

    I think this will be the first time I will leave that space blank. I am tired of voting for the “lesser of two evils.” Sometimes there isn’t a lesser, they’re both just as evil.

  13. GOPinsider says:

    “my big problem…” at 3:49 PM,

    Lee Terry vote for the NDAA, the Patriot Act, & the $700 Billion bank bailout. He needs to go, and if Frei can’t beat him, then I will vote for Ashford…no joke. Many Republicans feel the same way.

  14. GOPinsider says:

    Lee Terry’s Voting Record transcends party lines; he has quite literally voted AGAINST Liberty far too many times to be trusted.

  15. Another Nebraska Republican says:

    I kind of agree with GOPInsider…the way I look at it…if Ashford did win this fall..he would be a one termer anyway!

  16. GOPinsider says:

    A vote for any candidate (regardless of their party) who supported the NDAA, the Patriot Act, or the $700 Billion bank bailout is a vote against the U.S. Constitution.

  17. 13: Thank you for posting what he wrote. it looks entirely reasonable to me, and I expect those are his own words.

    More generally, I have to say a high percentage of the Dinsdale supporters I’ve run into are three-sigma dumb. I mean, we’re talking meth-baby level brain function. His former communications director is currently arguing on twitter that Sasse using the phrase ‘Ponzi scheme’ is plagiarism, because thousands of other people have used it. Previously, she announced another phrase he’d used had 17.1 m hits, because she didn’t know enough to enclose it in quotes. I just tweeted

    When you think of it, virtually every word Sasse uses is in Webster. He plagiarized a dictionary!

    …and she favorited it. I honestly think she thought I was serious.

  18. Quoting Dinsdale’s former Communications Director (really!)

    Ha! Sasse used phrase “transition Medicare to a defined contribution system”=17.1 million Google results. Plagiarism?

    Well, those of you still in second grade, here’s something fun you can try. Google that phrase. Record the number of hits. Then enclose it in quotes. Do the same thing again. A gold star if you can tell me why there’s such a big difference!

  19. 16th Street says:

    You’re clearly much more suited to teaching 2nd grade if you think Sasse’s Immigration “platform” is “reasonable”.
    It’s infantile. It’s pablum that means nothing, but which Deep Thinkers such as yourself sop up thinking it’s brilliance.
    Either that or, what I really suspect, you’re actually surprised that he wrote that and you’re now either lying or are in denial.

  20. Anonymous says:


    Are you sure that isn’t @fauxdinsdale you’re tweeting with? No way that can be someone who was actually employed as campaign communications director.

  21. No, it’s Susan Darst Williams, who was Sid’s Comm. Director in March. She tries to come across as a nice Christian lady, but scratch a little and you find she’s obdurately stupid and not a little nasty.

  22. To RWP says:

    If anyone would no about “borrowing” other phrases, it would be you. Are we to believe that you did not rip off the name of one of the greatest French actors of our time Gérard Depardieu!!!!!

    Also Harbison??? Are we to believe that Harbison was not a name stolen from Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n’ Biscuits “Harbison” Blvd in Columbia, SC.

    You sir are a fraud!!!

  23. Macdaddy says:

    I think all 4 candidates are lousy. I think Sasse is telling people what he thinks they want to hear. I get an Obama vibe about him and I think we are going to be extremely disappointed by what he does in the Senate only it won’t be his fault, it will be our fault for not understanding that voting for Obamacare lite is actually repealing Obamacare and so on and so on. Is he a liberal in sheep’s clothing? Doubtful, but he may be just as bad: a know-it-all that can’t recognize that he’s being rolled. His faith in his intelligence and cleverness is going to lead him to make some poor choices and guess who gets to pay for those? Not Ben Sasse. Oh, and I agree with 16th street. Ben Sasse’s answer on immigration reminds me of “Read my lips. No new taxes!” Lastly, having others do your dirty work is neither adult nor honest. Again, his smiling claims about running a clean campaign show him to be an amoral prick. We are going to rue the day we elected Ben Sasse.

  24. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, and I think I will not vote for Lee Terry in either the primary or general unless he says whether or not he’ll support Boehner. I know my vote ultimately doesn’t count, but I refuse to support the current road to Hell the GOP leadership has us on.

  25. Anonymous says:

    So, Pete Rickettsia has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Lee Terry?? What a bunch of idiot losers. Guess I’m not voting for Pete. I’m voting for Foley. My mind wasn’t made up until today, but as soon as I saw Lee’s goofy grin at Pete’s event……um, no thanks.

  26. Streetsweeper screws up again says:

    Freedom Pioneers Action Network actually attacked Sasse.
    Also, FreedomWorks were the first to attack Sasse when they had initially endorsed Osborn.

    The Osborn campaign has repeatedly attacked Sasse which is why the negative ads escalated. Once someone goes negative, everyone else pitches in.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The only bad thing about Lee Terry beating Dan Frei is that all the annoying Paulbots (who are the core supporters of Dan) are going to be screeching how the election doesn’t matter since the voters weren’t able to hear Dan’s (liberal) message.

  28. 8:04 pm
    You are correct. That is a list of ALL orgs who have put up negative ads in the Senate race.
    (And of course the vast majority are on behalf of Sasse.)
    In any case, we apologize for the mistake and have edited the post, noting where we have made changes.

  29. Fac says:

    Polling in Senate race. Hey who is polling the independents? They can vote in that race. I’m guessing dinsdale by a wide margin.

  30. Patrick J. Borchers says:

    Whether he finishes 1st or 4th in the primary, I will always be proud of having supported Shane in the primary. Yes, he’s not perfect. Yes, there have been mistakes made in his campaign. Yes, the other candidates have good qualities. And if this sounds valedictory, it’s not meant to be. Based on what I’ve seen, Osborn, Dinsdale and Sasse could finish in any order in the top 3. My friend Bart McLeay has run a good race, but never could get enough traction. The race is desperately close among the top 3. I believe that Shane would be represent Nebraska in the Senate. If you agree with me, vote for him. If you think another candidate would do better, then vote for him. The only poll that matters is the one based on the ovals that you will fill in (or have filled in). The winner will probably have fewer than 100,000 votes, in a state with about 1.8 million citizens. The winner of the primary will with 99% certainty be the next Senator for Nebraska. That means that as a practical matter, if you are a GOP primary voter, you are de facto voting for several other Nebraska citizens. Choose wisely.

  31. need more guys like him says:

    already voted absentee for a different candidate but I will admit that Mcleays commercial was funny, unique and did make me wish he got more attention.

    Well done Bart you might be the only one in your race that will be able to leave with your head held high, and and Nebraska that means something

    …or atleast it used to

  32. Drew to Borchers says:

    Thanks for being a good sportsman in politics. You always will always have respect from every corner of the Republican Party.

  33. Point of order, Gerard says:

    Gerard, in my defense, you’re wrong: the phrase that Sasse used was actually “Medicare is a Ponzi scheme.” And no, I didn’t have any problem at all with Sasse using it. That’s an example of usage that is NOT plagiarism, the same as the vast majority of the content in Sid’s immigration stance.

    Sasse did not originate that phrase, of course. It is in common usage. It does not need to be attributed or footnoted.

    Same point I was trying to make about changing Medicare to defined contribution — also a phrase that you see in countless sources, all the time, and Sasse lifted it without attribution in a perfectly proper way.

    In that North Carolina university’s description of what is plagiarism and what is NOT, that I posted for you, it explains that exact phrases and ideas that are in common usage, such as “secure the borders” and most of the other content in Sid’s immigration paper, do not have to be attributed or footnoted.

    Most of the ideas in all of our candidates’ positions on the issues stem from the many, many compilations of political views that are out there for the perusing. These include all kinds of candidate websites, the 2012 Republican platform, Bobby Jindal’s excellent Obamacare reform report, etc. etc.

    Sasse’s own Obamacare report is full of many, many of these recycled phrases and ideas which are not original to him.

    It is a good thing, not a bad thing, to cross-pollinate ideas from leader to leader. We WANT the influence of lots of points of view, of course.

    I’m sorry that in Sid’s case the background material was not reworked and recombined, and that attribution was not included, but am sure it was totally unintentional, and still gives the voter significantly more information than Sasse’s website on the same issue.

    I didn’t have anything to do with formulating Sid’s immigration paper since I had a health crisis several months ago and had to quit. Feeling better now, especially since he’s surging! :>)

    Anyway, best to you and sorry for the clash.

  34. Sid cleaning up says:

    Paper endorsements from Grand Island, Scottsbluff, and Aurora over the weekend. Sounds to me like he’s the real deal.

  35. Patrick J. Borchers says:

    The race is close. Any of Sasse, Osborn or Dinsdale could win. We have been subjected to endless robo-polls because we always vote. The reason to use robo-polls is that the refusal rate is so high that employing humans is cost-prohibitive to get a decent sample size. But the margin of error is extremely high. My guess is that full a quarter of the voters will be still mulling things over on the big races as they drive to the polls. I still remember me thinking over the Senate race in 2012 as I was driving to Ronald Reagan elementary school, and I’m more informed than the average voter. In the Governor’s race, either Bruning or Ricketts could win, with a Foley or McCoy upset not totally out of the question.

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill, free elections are the worst system for choosing a government — except for all the alternative.

    Vote. Vote your conscience. And wake up the next day knowing that nobody will throw you in jail because of how you voted.

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