Final kick for #NEGOV

Closing ads in the Nebraska Governor’s race:

Beau McCoy, entitled Conservative Leadership:


Mike Foley, entitled Get This Done:


Jon Bruning, entitled Heineman’s Choice:

And (updated), this one with both Heineman and Mayor Stothert:


Pete Ricketts, entitled Believe:


Tom Carlson, entitled Energy:


And just to round things out, once again, here is Bryan Slone‘s Heroic Dreams:


If you want to see the real battles going on between the campaigns right now, go to The Twitter (hashtag #NEGOV).

As far as the polls go, from what we hear, things are very, very, very tight.

No one thinks that either Bruning or Ricketts has a significant lead on the other.
And there is still room for either Foley or McCoy to make a crazy late charge.

Anecdotally, from the people we talk to — outside of the campaigns — there are plenty of undecideds. People are all over the place. And we would argue that even those who have made up their minds will be reconsidering up until the moment they fill in the oval.

Point being, let’s see who put together the strongest Get Out the Vote program.
Get to it campaigns!


We will have a separate post soon on the Nebraska Senate race.
Keep clicking.


  1. Scotty says:

    If you don’t want to put up with Bruning or Ricketts for the next 4 years voting for Foley is the smart vote. Here is hoping he can pull a “Deb Fischer!”

  2. @@@ says:

    Think Ricketts will win.
    Three reasons why.
    Bruning is accusing his opponents of pushing amnesty for illegals.
    Bruning is touting endorsements from liberal papers which fewer people read
    Bruning needed Heineman endorsement to save him but Dave is toast.

  3. LukeinNE says:

    Should be an interesting finish. My guesses are Sasse and Bruning win, but primary polling is notoriously tricky and increased early voting makes it all the tougher to predict. I’m mostly just glad to be done with the political ads.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My wife and I sent in out ballots on Friday. We went Foley enthusiastically, Sasse reluctantly, Buescher just because, & Charlie Janssen due to name recognition.

  5. Sandman says:

    Mayor Stothert’s endorsement must not be important as he did not mention her by name in the commercial, even though there was a short glimpse of her. I can’t understand why an Omaha mayor would support a non-Omahan versus an Omahan that has brought many jobs and tax revenues to the City. I wonder what her motivation was?

  6. Interesting in LD4... says:

    Even though Matt Butler is whining about “hit pieces” against him, I haven’t seen anywhere Matt denied that he failed to pay $40k in rent..

  7. Potential GOP Presidential candidate seeking giant donor says:

    I endorse Joe …… er…. I mean Pete Ricketts!!!! Go Cubs!!!!

  8. Omahamamama says:

    I’ve seen a Bruning ad with Heineman and Stothert running in Omaha. Smart to do that where she does the most good.

  9. SLONE is the best one for the job says:

    but lacks traction. Do not like Bruning and can’t get there on Ricketts. I think he’s a good dude but just doesn’t have that ‘likeability’ factor. McCoy? I’m torn.

  10. Mean Jean's endorsement of Jon Bruning says:

    Means Omaha’s Mayor wants the state highway money still flowing through the city. You know, the money Heineman found after the Democrat Jim Suttle was out of office.
    Oh and by the way what are the chances that Omahan’s vote against the 92 million dollar bond issue on the ballot tomorrow because they don’t trust this administration to handle money properly.
    After all the city’s bond rating was lowered and the Crossroads deal was a debacle.
    Pretty good chance Omaha says NO to the bond issue.


  11. Jason says:

    Foley is my choice. I don’t trust Bruning, who seems to think apologizing for all of his unethical behavior in the past and PROMISING it won’t happen again will gain his trust. Ricketts is fine, but has no experience and has too many outside backers, so there has to be an alternate motive. Foley is the only serious candidate who’s backing is 100% by Nebraskans, and his integrity is uncompromised by outside businesses and wealthy individuals. Bryan Slone is my next choice. He is incredibly smart, but again, no experience. Vote Foley on May 13th!

  12. Jeff says:

    I am very impressed by Bryan Slone and found his campaign refreshing, but tomorrow I will be voting for Mike Foley. As I analyzed the race I found collectively in Mike Foley the individual strengths I saw in the other candidates. Foley stayed positive like Slone and Carlson, he is experienced in state govt like Bruning and Carlson, has a message (HHS Reform) like Slone, has financial experience like Ricketts and Slone and is unwavering on social issues like McCoy. I look forward to casting my vote FOR Mike Foley rather than simply against the other candidates.

  13. Dave Heineman says:

    I endorse Jon Bruning because he has experience and I do not like Mike Foley, because he hates how I run government and highlight the failures of my HHS department and directors.

  14. Pee Scary says:

    When Lee Terry loses tomorrow, maybe he can start a rap career. Pee Scary has a pretty good ring to it.

  15. Dave says:

    Is there just one person posting here…or a group of kids for Ricketts or Foley who think they are funny.
    This election just stinks from my perspective – we have a highly qualified candidate – Jon Bruning – just getting hammered and hammered by negative ads – every commercial break there is two negative on him, every single one. It amazes me – when are people going to wake up and see that the hit is on and it could only come from Ricketts – no one else has the pull or backing. Our country seems to be surviving without anything in Washington being done – we do however need our state to function. Ignore the b.s. negative ads and get the vote out for Jon – he is our only qualified candidate (and a brave one at that for putting up with this b.s…).

  16. Bob Loblaw says:


    I’m sure many of the negative ads are in someway connected to someone in the Ricketts family. But, I think that Foley is a much better choice than Bruning. They both were legislators, served statewide office, and are touting those experiences as their greatest assets. But to me Foley has been more accomplished in his office and you don’t get the ethics questions that are attached to Bruning. To me Foley is a better candidate than Bruning and he seems squeaky clean. Bruning may be better one on one but I think Foley is an outlier politician in that he actually cares about serving the people and not enriching himself or fluffing his over sized ego. I think for most people the choice will come down to Ricketts & Foley.

  17. Bruning attacks but never refutes says:

    Dave is another example of the mindless Bruning supporters, that whine that their guy is mistreated but never refute the truth which is he has sold out to the teacher unions and other public employee unions and his lined his pockets while in office. They can’t be conservatives because they all what the status quo in state government.

    Nebraska is one of the highest taxed states in the country with anemic job growth. The biggest obstacle to changing that is the public employee’s unions. If you are supported by them as is Bruning, it is unlikely you are willing to rock the boat.

    I support Ricketts because he isn’t beholden to the public employee’s unions or any other special interest group. In his time working at Ameritrade, they increased from 200 to 1500 employees. Ricketts remained on the board until recently and they are now up to 2000 jobs. His business experience will serve him well as governor. He is a man of principle and vision that also listens and will build bridges to get the state where most people want it to go.

    Despite no evidence that Ricketts is behind the attack ads, lets say it is true. If so, it shows what he is capable of doing to the public employee’s unions, liberals and rhino’s that get in the way of bringing meaningful tax relief to Nebraska. Him and his Dad have shown that they are willing to spend their money to support conservative causes,which is why there is such vitriol against them. The liberals and country club Republicans are scared that he will be able to truly bring the changes other Conservative Republicans have said are needed for years but have failed to deliver for this state.

  18. Dave says:

    To 32 and 33

    If Pete Ricketts didn’t have a ton of cash (along with his father), he would be behind Slone for governor – its because of his money that he is anywhere near the top. It buys name id and it buys attack ads. People generally like Slone and think he’s a smart guy but that he’s not qualified to be governor – that’s where Pete belongs – in the same category.

    Foley is someone who’d hold a press conference if he found a paper clip was missing. It was clear as day that he was running for Governor a long time ago. He’s always sought the spotlight. If there is one thing I know about change and fixing things, is that you can effect great change by partnering with others – I’m no apologist for DHHS or any government department. I just think there have been many times when he could have worked to affect change rather than seek headlines.

    If it’s a race on qualifications I agree that Foley deserves attention, but at the end of the day Bruning has the skills in all aspects of governance and knows how the system works.

    This isn’t about the “true” conservative – they all are – I don’t question that. I’m about results and ensuring we have a governor who knows what the heck he’s doing – not just a guy who’s talking platitudes (cause he’s never been in government) or a guy who seeks the limelight for a missing paperclip.

    Happy voting!

  19. To 34 says:

    I would hardly call the checks directly sent to low income families instead of the utility companies intended to pay energy bills; or the lady out west who had over 600 guardians that she bilked, a “paper clip”! C’mon. Nebraskans are smarter than that.

    It appeares that Foley tries to be transparent with the people of Nebraska. You’re hitting him because you’re afraid that more voters are going to circle the oval by his name today. And…he worked the media to expose wrong doings…he didn’t buy ads the whole time in office. Who’s guilty of seeking the limelight? You’re barking up the wrong tree.

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