Punching it out in #NESEN

NESEN01As the Nebraska Senate race winds up, all the candidates are continuing to swing until the bell sounds…

The main topics going ’round the national press, which is watching the race hawk-like, is that the latest poll available to anyone has Sasse up by 14% on Dinsdale. Credit at least to the folks like Rich Lowry at National Review, which has a vested interest in the race, for at least pointing out that the Sasse camp commissioned the poll.

Those who we talk to believe Sasse it up, but not by that much. They mainly point to the constant money being poured in for proof that he’s not up by double-digits. If you want to follow along on an hourly basis, go to this link at OpenSecrets.org where you can find the over FOUR MILLION DOLLARS being spent on this race by outside sources.

Nobody cuts that kind of cheese if they think it’s a slam dunk.

But you will also note that you haven’t heard any counter polls showing the other candidates ahead. So safe to bet Sasse has the lead right now.

Is it a solid lead?
Dinsdale has some ground he will have to make up to pass Sasse, and Osborn even more.

And with all the negatives, don’t discount the fact that there is a fourth, relatively unblemished, intelligent and qualified candidate who voters just may turn to in order to protest the other three.

That is not to say Bart McLeay can or will win. But votes to him could provide a serious spoiler effect to the other candidates, to the extent that things could get weird. Or they could just keep things they way they are, without much other movement.

8% to McLeay? 10%? More?

This race isn’t as volatile as the Governor’s race, but it still has potential for a late Tuesday night. “Potential” is of course no certainty, but it has been a strange enough race that we would not be surprised with any outcome.

(You know, except for a McLeay win.)


Ben Sasse today, when asked about his quotes being taken “out of context”, told KLIN, “We pray for people who do crap like that.”

(Does God still answer your prayers if you say “crap”.)


And then, with less than 24 hours before the polls open, there was a small crack in the conservative coalition surrounding Sasse.

Laura Ingraham had the Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach on her radio show. Kobach is also currently of counsel with the Immigration Law Reform Institute, the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. And he has endorsed Shane Osborn.

Hear it here:

The two of them talked about the NumbersUSA immigration survey, where that organization had given Shane Osborn the thumbs up, and essentially gave Sasse a thumbs down, based on non-responses from him. The Sasse camp responded to Nebraska Watchdog on this two weeks ago, and we don’t know whether they ever gave an update to NumbersUSA.

Kobach came after Sasse, and looks to have Ingraham with him:

KK: You have to say in very clear, explicit terms: I’ll reject any amnesty. I’ll reject any program that attempts to give legal status en masse to illegal aliens. And he doesn’t even come close to saying that. Whereas Osborn took the survey all the way through, and unfortunately, some Tea Party organizations, not necessarily the Tea Party people of Nebraska, but organizations, are pushing Sasse, and I’m afraid he’s gonna be a Chamber of Commerce, establishment Republican, which is so ironic because he’s holding himself out as a Tea Party person, but on immigration which is an issue very important to the Tea Party.

LI: It’s a litmus test for me. I don’t have a lot of litmus’ tests but that’s one of them.


KK: At this point we’re 24 hours away from learning who the next Republican primary winner is in Nebraska. At this point the Tea Party is what it is, it’s the conservative brand right now. I just hope people in Nebraska learn quickly that Sasse is probably pro-amnesty, all of the indicators are there. And you’ve got Osborn who’s a true conservative, and I just hope the word gets out.

LI: Hmm, Sasse is grass he says. Shane Osborn is the guy for Kris Kobach, Phyllis Schlafly, and I don’t think Phyllis Schlafly has been wrong about most political and cultural trends. She’s been pretty much right on every major issue from immigration to education to the family.

Well, take that FWIW.
Ingraham later took to the Twitter and compared Sasse to John McCain and Marco Rubio.
The most curious aspect, we find, is that Ingraham isn’t wearing the Club Jackets with NR, SCF, CFG and the boys.


A voter reported receiving an anonymous live call which said, “Rumor has it Sid Dinsdale is giving money to Ben Sasse to help him win.”


And who starts a call with, “Rumor has it“? What are we in, 1930’s Hollywood?


Dinsdale ended the week with endorsements from the Grand Island Independent and Scottsbluff Star Herald (both of which also endorsed Bruning for Governor).


We will do our best to update with any breaking news.

But be forewarned that Election Days are often bereft of news until the numbers come out.

Except for yard-sign stealing.
There’s always yard-sign stealing.


  1. BTW, for your further education…

    “Crap: Middle English: related to Dutch krappe, from krappen ‘pluck or cut off,’ and perhaps also to Old French crappe ‘siftings,’ Anglo-Latin crappa ‘chaff.’ The original sense was ‘chaff,’ later ‘residue from rendering fat,’ also ‘dregs of beer.’ Current senses date from the late 19th cent.”

    With a different Bible translator, we could easily be separating the wheat from the crap.

  2. And yet, we will go ahead and assume he just meant the stuff you scrape off your shoes.
    Or the garbage that someone tries to feed you, when you know the truth.

    You know, for your further education, like when someone tries to tell you that crap doesn’t mean crap.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Drew says:

    The activists’ base of the Tea Party movement in Douglas County is solidly in the Osborn and it is easy to understand why since Osborn spoke at so many tea party events in Douglas County why they support him. However, the tea party grew well beyond the standard rally and protests of 2009 and 2010 and went online. This is where all the attention of national groups pouring money in to the Senate election. After all, it is a Federal race.

    I doubt we would such money except the local news media did very little to differentiate between the candidates. Also, since Johanns and Heineman and started the Senate race by not being in it, this left a lot wiggle room for someone else to emmerge.

    Also, these last minute appeals to the immigration issue amounts to hitting the panic button and saying “I suck as a candidate but unlike my opponent, I oppose amnesty”. Do you really think that is a selling point?

    If you go to any Republican or conservative group, everyone pretty much agrees with closing the borders, opposes illegal immigration and any broad use of amnesty, but when you start talking to the die-hards, they really are just anti-immigrant and have no solutions.

    Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter can make many good points about illegal immigration but they can’t cite one case where 10 million people deported without it becoming a humanitarian and economic disaster. But who cares?

    Yet now comes along NumbersUSA which is nothing more than an environmental population control group pushing the same discredited Malthusian theory of the zero-sum game. On top of that, they challenge birth right citizenship which is absurd. Discuss it among conservative groups if you want but don’t be surprised if people outside conservative groups think you are trying to get rid of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

  4. Sasse has a core says:

    The last few interviews I have seen with LI, she has bashed Cruz, Rand Paul, and the like. She clearly doesn’t like them so I am not surprised that she is saying Sasse is bad. I don’t think it will hold water. I am also not sure all the effort of outside groups has much to do with the race being close. National Tea Party groups need a win badly to secure that they matter. In the last cycle, they got some candidates in primaries who got beat in generals. It makes sense that they hit hard in the primary here because it is pretty much a lock for the general to go R.
    I think Sasse will win. The other candidates have been stupid and both Osborn and Dinsdale have run anti-Sasse campaigns which means they are fighting for the same votes. Sasse wins in that scenario which is good for me because I want him to win. Nebraskans want ideas and Sasse and McLeay are the only ones that have them.

  5. Ricky says:

    Holy Stromboli that is a lot of outside money coming into Nebraska to influence the Senate race.
    Why you gotta wonder. Like my spouse says and what Mike Johanns says; the outside people whomever they are expect something in return for their enormous investment.
    So looks like Mr Sasse is somebody the Club for Growth and all those other groups think they can have on their puppet strings if he should get elected.
    I am a liberal and I don’t want to see Sasse or any GOP candidate win the Senate seat from Nebraska.
    But OMG the way Fremont Ben uses his kids as political props and tells everybody he will pray for his opponent; the guy is off the wall creepy.
    So I hope Sasse does not get the nod, and the out of state Tea Party types see their guy go down in flames.

    ricky from omaha

  6. Joshua "Amnesty" Weir says:

    Why is Shane Osborn making an organization with white supremacist roots (FAIR) the centerpiece of the final day of his campaign? Don’t think FAIR has white supremacist roots? Read up on it. Don’t think such roots matter? Read about Margaret Sanger.

  7. Laura Ingraham? says:

    Laura Ingraham is a closet liberal. I used to see her on MSNBC talking up the Marxist agenda with Ollie North. (It was one of those point-counterpoint shows with North being the conservative. It was canceled after about three weeks because those two had all the chemistry of a cold wash rag. It was a pretty good show until they replaced Buchanan’s sister, Bay, with North.) Haven’t trusted Ingraham since. She’s a wanna-be Colter clone.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If Sasse wins will we be subjected to six years of his pious spout-offs about praying for all the people who have done him wrong? Why does he have to state it and have his kids state it? If he/they truly pray for their enemies then why publicize it?

  9. Joshua "Amnesty" Weir says:

    “As Whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?”
    — FAIR founder and board member John Tanton, Oct. 10, 1986

    “I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.”
    — John Tanton, letter to eugenicist and ecology professor Garrett Hardin (now deceased), Dec. 10, 1993

    On Oct. 9, 1988, the Arizona Republic published excerpts from embarrassing memos that had been sent by Tanton and Conner to members of FAIR’s leadership. The documents were known as the WITAN memos; they came from an October 1986 conference in which Tanton met with a number of anti-immigration activists for a strategy session. Tanton warned of a “Latin onslaught,” complained of Latinos’ allegedly low “educability.” He asked, “Will Latin American migrants bring with them the tradition of the mordida (bribe), the lack of involvement in public affairs, etc.?” He also wondered: “Can homo contraceptivus [meaning whites] compete with homo progenitiva [meaning Latinos] if borders aren’t controlled? Or is advice to limit ones [sic] family simply advice to move over and let someone else with greater reproductive powers occupy the space?”

  10. Joshua "Amnesty" Weir says:

    Gerard- A number of liberals discount anything on Fox, Breitbart, etc. I’m not endorsing SPLC, but I can differentiate between editorializing and source material. Go ahead and kill the messenger, but can you dispute the information that is out there on FAIR? Would you make that organization the centerpiece of the last day of your campaign? Reasonable minds can come to different conclusions on immigration but FAIR should not be determining our litmus test and any candidate who wants to associate with them shows questionable judgment.

  11. I think you can smear anyone by selectively quoting, out of context, individuals associated with the group. FAIR is the leading advocacy organization for strengthening the borders in the US. So of course radical leftist groups like SPLC will smear them.

  12. Southeast Nebraska Voter says:

    As a Republican who considers himself to be pretty Conservative, I am tired of Sasse and Osborn fighting for the Tea Party endorsements and cow towing to the DC Special Interests. It seems to me that both these guys have forgotten who will be casting their votes in tomorrow’s Primary Election.

    Sid Dinsdale will be getting my vote tomorrow!

  13. Joshua "Amnesty" Weir says:

    Gerard- You have the same forum as I. Provide context. Explain why the founder of FAIR would say such things. Did the Muslim Brotherhood evolve beyond its foundational? Did Planned Parenthood move past Margaret Sanger’s original intent? Go ahead and kill the messenger. The information can be found on many other websites. I started by saying FAIR had some white supremacist roots. I supported it with statements by its founder. I agree with strengthening our borders. I just don’t see why Shane Osborn thinks Nebraskans care what FAIR says is best for Nebraskans.

  14. FFW says:

    If FAIR is against Sasse that makes me even more comfortable voting for him.

    I agree with Drew. The Kris Kobach’s of the world are really just anti-immigrant. FAIR and Kobach are living in a liberal-like fantasy world where all problems will magically be solved if the government just exerts its will strong enough.

  15. The material you cite, from a biased and at least secondary source, all refers to material allegedly written more than 20 years ago. It is of dubious relevance to FAIR in 2014, just as the Democrat party’s white supremacist roots have dubious relevance to the Democrat party in 2014.

    Tanton, according to Wikipedia, has also held national positions in the Sierra Club. Do you tar them with the same guilt by association?

    As for what he said, I think it’s a reasonable concern that American culture may be diluted or altered by immigration, and that people immigrating from countries with corruprt and very different political systems may not rapidly assimilate. Those concerns do not constitute white supremacy.

  16. Anon says:

    I really like McLeay. I think he would be a great Senator, but he simply won’t win. While he’s my first choice, I’m casting my ballot for Dinsdale. The campaigns by Sasse and Osborn have been disgusting.

  17. Schooling the Prof says:

    At Westminster Abbey, I trod upon sewer covers marked “Crapper”, as in Thomas Crapper & Co. The man popularized the flush toilet. He made the world sanitary for your fanny.

    The vulgarism coming from a Professor Sasse, that I cannot explain. Perhaps it is meant to make the bunny teeth seem more mature? Or perhaps to suggest the cloistered academic is just one of the average rough unwashed beings doing the voting today. And why not? This is a popularity contest in which the judges are fairly opposite of rational academics, so whatever it takes.

    Tom Crapper helped the world get rid of disgusting human waste–somewhat the opposite of what our candidates do when they cover themselves with millions of dollars of outside non-Nebraska money-turds, which means whichever Senate candidate we elect will be owned by other than us.

    Among the expedient and power hungry, Sasse is also faux vulgar. Lots of faux going on here.

    It is all part of the façade needed to gain power and not for our benefit. And while all this may largely apply also to Dinsdale and Osborn, they won’t be the ones disappointing Nebraskans and Republicans.

    The good news is, Ben Sasse will be diluted by 99 other Senate votes. Shades of Hagel. This is crap. But it is crap Nebraska Republicans beg to swallow. They begged even harder for Chuck.

  18. At Westminster Abbey, I trod upon sewer covers marked “Crapper”, as in Thomas Crapper & Co. The man popularized the flush toilet. He made the world sanitary for your fanny.

    The derivation of crap from Thomas Crapper is what is called ‘folk etymology’. It usually makes a nice story, but it’s not where the word actually came from. Yes there was a Crapper; yes, he was a plumber; problem is, the word is much older than he. It’s a coincidence. There’s a similar story about ‘condom’.

  19. …and if ‘crap’ merely means some form of detritus, and is not scatological, then one can hardly accuse Sasse of vulgarism. It’s is more likely he is simply better read than our wannabe schooler of the professoriate.

  20. Once Again says:

    Gerard, I have never seen an intelligent guy like you get so stupid over the likes of a guy named Sasse. Your #25 shattered all thoughts I had that you might be a man of intelligence and integrity.

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