Nebraska Results!


Results from Nebraska Secretary of State:

100% of precincts in…


Ben Sasse…………..49.36%
Sid Dinsdale…………22%
Shane Osborn………21%
Bart McLeay…………5%
Clifton Johnson……..1%

AP has called it for Sasse.
Sasse wins all but one county (from our cursory view).


Pete Ricketts………..26.48% — 57,922 votes
Jon Bruning…………25.49% — 55,751 votes
Beau McCoy………..20%
Mike Foley…………..19%
Tom Carlson…………4%
Bryan Slone…………..3%

And Bruning concedes down by about 1,500 votes with 85% of precincts reporting…


Lee Terry……………..52%
Dan Frei………………47%


Adrian Smith………..68%
Tom Brewer………..31%


Doug Peterson……..35%
Brian Buescher……..25%
Mike Hilgers…………22%
Pete Pirsch…………..15%

AP calls it for Peterson.


  1. LukeinNE says:

    The last month convinced me that most national observers don’t know much of anything about our state.

  2. Wish someone had showed me that map when I interviewed here. UNL chemistry department told me we were that long thin thing in the left corner. I suppose the lack of palm trees should have been a clue.

  3. Cooked Report says:

    Is there a pre-made post for for Sweeper a la “Dewey Defeats Truman” ? Like “Mort Sullivan Takes GOP Write-In” ?

  4. Cooked Report says:

    looks like JB closed a bit there….it’s interesting to look at the SOS maps. Ricketts wins some in the 3rd, JB wins some in the third. Foley really dominates Lincoln. I think Osborne won Lincoln too….should be a special night to see these 3rd D roll in.

  5. LukeinNE says:

    Waiting waiting waiting for Douglas, Lancaster, Sarpy (and the Tri Cities) to weigh in. Probably won’t make a difference in the Senate race unless Sasse somehow loses the cities by double digits, but the Governor’s race is still a total tossup. Also interested to see if Terry survives.

  6. Ricky says:

    Well I was wrong about Mr Sasse. I did not think the Tea Party fav was popular here, but I guess I don’t know the GOP primary voter well.
    But on my other prediction about Ricketts beating Bruning looks like I was right about that.
    But Mr Sassy has not wont the seat yet. I think Dave Domina might surprise and take the Senate seat here in Nebraska and deny the Repubs control of the Senate.


  7. Ricky says:

    Why is Mean Jean in Lincoln? Her endorsements were the kiss of death for that guy from Omaha she endorsed for AG got clobbered and of course her endorsement (along with Heineman’s endorsement) of Mr Bruning for Governor may have been the deciding factor in Bruning’s close loss.
    So Omaha’s mayor goes to a Sassy party and she did not even endorse that knucklehead.
    Hmmm Stothert went to the Star City for a big party for Bruning and blow out the candles and lock the doors because Bruning lost to an Omahan. (and by the way Stothert is from St Louis – not really an Omahan).


  8. LukeinNE says:

    The Governor’s race in the fall could be interesting. Ricketts isn’t particularly popular, and 73% of the GOP electorate voted against him, Hassebrook might have an opening with rural voters, who Ricketts plainly disdains.

    The Senate race is over. Barring a dead girl/live boy scandal, Ben Sasse will beat Domina like a drum.

  9. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I’m not sure how in the name of high school football Ben Sasse won. He is a joke, a fraud, and an all together fantasy. W.T.F. Nebraska.?

  10. spike says:

    Lu 21;

    You got it! Sasse is a shoe in! The GOP did well in planting this Sleeper Cel from the Beltway in Nebraska & pushing all the Retard Buttons on the Stupid Local Yokles!! Domina hasn’t a chance because he’s Old, Ugly & a Mean Lawyer that even a total Hollywood makeover wouldn’t help! Same hold true for Ricketts because Hassebrook is a bit of a Major DUD! But I think that there is a chance that Ashford might take out the piece of deadwood Terry. Might be tough though because Nebraskans are really, really stubborn & DUMB!!

  11. spike says:

    T&T @ 23;

    He won because the RNC played the game very well indeed! They got the Pretty Boy TV look puppet, put all the lame right words in his puppet mouth & hired all the right braindead jerks to endorse him! BTW; just what is the average IQ in the State of Nebraska? About 60??

    Voting for national office in America is a bad Joke because it’s become nothing but $$$ & inventive Marketing!!!

  12. Proud Lincolnite says:

    as a one who realistically knew Foley wouldnt be able to compete financially with the big dogs I am happy to see Lincoln/Lancaster country picked the right man!

    That being said… congrats Pete and you’ve got my vote in November! Just make the right decision and get Foley as Lt!

  13. Patrick J. Borchers says:

    Congratulations to Dr. Ben Sasse. You ran an impressive campaign. I wish that Shane Osborn had won, but with 50% of the primary vote the electorate has spoken. I believe that Mr. Osborn will have much to say about the future of our country and I may have something to say too. But tonight is your night.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Terry barely pulled it out over an unknown and the reason is one word: Boehner. I predict the Dems pick up the NE2 this year.

  15. Patrick J. Borchers says:

    I think Lee will beat Brad. Dan had the advantage of being relatively unknown and thus not tied to particular policy positions. But it should be a wake-up call to Lee. Winning a general election 51-49 and a primary 52-48 over relative unknowns should indicate that something is rotten in Denmark.

  16. anonymous says:

    After months of fulmination over Sasse and Ricketts, the two guys most hated and least wanted by many will represent Nebraska Republicans in the November ’14 election. How does this happen? The national party apparatus is calling the shots; so much for the small, the local and the representative.

    I agree with Terry losing NE2 in the Fall. The man is a perfect example of a long-term, do nothing House member. Throw a Nebraska Democrat – aka a Republican anyplace else in the country – up there for a term or two and see how that works out.

    I am distressed by the lack of hard science candidates, this election and most every election. People who understand the scientific method and can use. We need more hard scientists – mathematicians, physicists (and engineers), chemists (e.g. RWP) and biologists (e.g medical doctors) – in public office. Everyone else is a pseudo-scientist, people who may have a profession amenable to reason, but certainly not scientists. Lawyers build and navigate the great, big social construct we call “law,” amenable to reason but certainly not science. We live with law because the alternative is worse, not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    Business “leaders?” Please. If they were generals in a war we’d all be dead. No, business is an early example of “The Singularity.” Its a new, Frankensteinian life form created by law to solve certain economic problems. Now it sees itself as the savior of all, deserving of special favors. Do not be fooled. Business admirably democratizes the economy by providing a buffer between citizens and the state, but it also wants to organize the state according to its own needs. Remember, business is a creature of the state, or else why would you need the states permission to incorporate?

    Recently I read the crown charter for “The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson’s Bay.” In it Charles II basically says:

    – To everyone reading this memo, hi
    – My cousin and friends put up money to get valuable fur from fur-bearing critters
    – The land where these critters live is now mine. Because no one can say different
    – My cousin and friends can have all the land where the critters live
    – They may do all the things needed to obtain such fur and sell it, including:
    * build forts
    * raise armies & navies
    * coin money
    * make laws governing how people behave
    * enforce such laws via police, courts, jails & prisons
    * provided they follow the customs of England
    – Also provided they pay taxes to me, and I am always the final decider

    You can argue about makers and takers all you want. But you’re only a maker because the latest incarnation of Chuck II says you are.

    The trick thing is that the fictive, legal “persons” we call companies have an active “life” all their own. These persons often crowd out real, living human beings. Corporate persons vote with money in elections. They vote with money and give us Sasse and Ricketts. Sasse and Rickets are going to Washington and Lincoln respectively. Who do you think they will represent? Not real, living human beings. And they’ll use pseudo-science to boot. Cue the music and wave the flag.

  17. NE Voter says:

    The Biggest Losers.

    Jon Bruning, whose statewide political career is now over. May he enjoy the untold riches and wealth he accumulated as Nebraska’s chief law enforcement officer.

    Runner Up — The Omaha World-Herald. The newspaper went 0-Fer in its major endorsements.

  18. Lil Mac says:

    Who really won and lost the GOP primary? Money guys? Buffett’s newspaper picked two losers. Joe Rickett’s son won in a squeaker. Two billionaires locking horns? Not really.

    Buffett bought the newspaper as a hobby and he obviously isn’t very good at reading GOP voters. That may not be the case when Democrat Buffett has a Democrat to choose, in the form of “My butt still hurts from Bob” Chuck Hassebrook. And that’s still not a given.

    Maybe Buffett’s embarrassing Un-Oracle-like picks in this primary will cause him to lose interest and give way to Pete. Or maybe Warren and Joe can arm wrestle for it. Either way, this race still boils down to a Conservative GOP Pete Ricketts versus a Liberal Democrat Chuck Hassebrook, one of whom will be chosen by Nebraska voters. And Joe and Warren have little to do with that choice.

    Frankly, if money and endorsements could buy NE votes, then Pete would have been a U. S. Senator long ago and Dinsdale and Bruning would have won last night.

    It is comforting to know that money cannot buy NE voters, until we remember that NE voters are often nutty. But so too is our Uncle Wally and yet we still love him, drool and all. This as good as freedom gets, folks. Hooray or sigh as you deem appropriate.

  19. Hesdeadjim says:

    I see the sun still rose this morning. Although I was a little slower getting out of bed.

    Congrats to Ben Sasse and vice candidate Fahleson

  20. Drastically underestimated Nebraskan's says:

    appetite for a fabricated Tea Party patriot like Ben Sasse.

    1) Never in his life been to a Tea Party event
    2) Has voted in NE twice in his lifetime
    3) Whored himself out to DC $$ – only to end up selling his soul to Tea Party bandits
    4) Cowardly hid behind the curtain when his dirty work/negative ad campaign was being done for him

    Nebraskans will never see him again. He’s jet-setting to DC, moving back into his cushy home, and riding the DC machine for the rest of his career. I just hope he lets those fingernails grow out a bit, he’s got a lot of back scratching to do. He’ll vote with one thing in mind – and it’s not going to be the citizens of this great state.

    It’s excruciatingly disappointing that Nebraskans are that easily fooled.

  21. perspective says:

    Fellow Republican bloggers, don’t get mad when I say… don’t get mad.

    Most Republicans, including myself, had some major bitter disappointments last night.

    However, before we embarrass ourselves by angrily complaining about how our favorite Republican lost to another Republican, here’s something to calm us down and add healthy perspective.

    – Liberal Democrat U. S. Senator Domina.

    – Liberal Democrat Nebraska Governor Hassebrook.

    If you feel disappointed this morning, know that these two men want you to feel that way every day for the next four to six years.

  22. Interested Observer says:

    With all due respect, it did take MILLIONS of dollars of outside money to sway the voters yesterday. That right there is the part that amuses me the most, that a handful of billionaire donors who back the most Conservative candidates by literally throwing money at the problem, like some wild, radical left wing, tax and spend liberal, still claim to be Conservatives. How “Conservative” is that?

  23. Bob Loblaw says:


    You seem to be confused between private and government money. If some billionaire wants to blow billions of dollars on bubble gum and horse races, that’s his prerogative. I have no problem with it. It doesn’t affect me at all. Now if the government wants to waste money on inefficient programs, then I have a problem with it.

  24. Fried Beer says:

    Did anyone see the Matt Connealy appearance in the Hasse-broke commercial? Nice acting Matt. Loser in congressional and PSC races!

  25. The whole 'Tea Party' thing says:

    is really starting to wear me out. They’re idealists who cease to recognize they live in a world where ‘my way or the highway’ doesn’t work.

    It’s breaking the GOP apart and will continue to feed the domination by the Democrats.

  26. spike says:

    RWP @ 30; aka Anon

    Your wrong again Harbison, Sasse won because of HARD SCIENCE even though he personally is just an educated Puppet! The RNC did their homework Major Bigtime in how to play the idiot republicans living in Nebraska. Of course they may have made a few blunders like, I don’t think they really needed to bring in the dregs Palin & Cruz but who knows. Bottom line is, PROPAGANDA works & Good Propaganda is Hard Science!!

  27. Free Thinking Conservative says:

    I’ve been a Republican vote for almost 30 years. My line in the sand has been drawn – I WILL vote for Ashford and Domina in November and I will encourage all true Conservatives to do the same.

    I am done voting for non-Conservative Republican candidates – this is, I feel, the most effective way for Nebraska Republicans to send a message…by voting AGAINST the Machine’s candidates.

  28. To the idiot above says:

    Yes let’s vote for a pro-choice, pro-Obama ticket. That is how we will show our conservative values!!!!

  29. David Bywater says:

    This is for all you who have said Pete Ricketts bought his election last night. As an observer of Nebraska politics for over twenty years, In my opinion, there are few, and I mean few politicians who have spent more time involved in “grass roots” efforts than Pete Ricketts! It was a close, hard-fought election and his work paid off. That does not mean JB or any of the other candidates for Gov. didn’t work hard, in fact they all worked and and would make great Governors. But Pete spent the last 6 or 7 years working for this…congrats to Pete for a great win last night!
    David Bywater

  30. Interested Observer says:

    Bob Loblaw said, “It doesn’t affect me at all.” That would be true in your specific example of bubble gum and horse races, but when it comes to throwing those resources into a public election, that’s an entirely different matter.

    OF COURSE, those MILLIONS of dollars of outside money influenced this election. No one can legitimately deny that. It’s the same thing that happened 2 years ago when all that outside money poured into Nebraska, bashing specific candidates for the benefit of other, specific candidates.

    It is interesting that one has to prove one’s competence in order to legally drive a car, but one doesn’t have to prove any sort of competence to either vote or make babies.

  31. anonymous says:

    Spike is to science what Karl Rove is to medicine: out of his depth. Go back and read the post Spikey.

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