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**UPDATE at 9:00am**

This morning Ben Sasse told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he would “absolutely” support Senator Mitch McConnell “if he is the one that the (Republican) Conference puts up as leader.



Wiggum for NebraskaIf (ha!) you vote today, know that THIS time your vote just may matter.

(Always love the Simpsons ep where the candidate loses by one vote, Lisa admonishes Homer for not voting and he responds, “Fthh! It wouldn’t have mattered!“)

As you have been reading, pretty much everyone acknowledges that Jon Bruning and Pete Ricketts are neck and neck in the Governor’s race, with Mike Foley and Beau McCoy close enough behind that no one is ignoring them.

Over in the Senate race there is tacit acknowledgment that Ben Sasse is ahead, but we have heard from several different sources that no one believes he is ahead by double digits, and that Sid Dinsdale is closing fast, and now Shane Osborn is gathering steam back on a final push.

(See our post with the most recent polling numbers here.)

(Also note that Sasse’s Magellan poll had Sasse up on Dinsdale by 6% when polling 5/5 – 5/6, then a jump up to a 14% lead on 5/8. Welcome to the Margin of Error.)

But one thing those polls don’t really account for is the STILL Undecideds.
More than any other election in recent memory, thousands will likely enter the voting booth with neither the Governor race, nor the Senate race decided.
This is one of those crazy races where yard signs at — nay, NEAR — the polling place could tip someone.

But will those Undecideds tip enough to knock of the assumed front-runners?


Oh, and still don’t know who to vote for for Attorney General?
We don’t want to try to steer you one way or another, but we’re sure Commenters here will.
Dive in.


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  1. What sources? says:

    If you have sources that say Osborn and Dinsdale are gaining, who are they? How does an anonymous blogger have access to such inside knowledge? Email? Secret meetings where your face is covered and voice masked?

  2. Sasse on MSNBC this morning says:

    Did you see Ben Sasse on MSNBC this morning? “If you are elected to the US Senate, are you going to support Mitch McConnell as the Republican Leader? Are you comfortable enough supporting McConnell if he’s the one the conference puts up?”
    Ben Sasse: “Absolutely.”

  3. Sen. Pete Pirsch Proven Conservative Leader for AG says:

    Pete has twice led the filibuster of Obamacare’s medicaid expansion in the legislature and was name “A Friend of Agriculture” by Nebraska Farm Bureau for his work as a Senator. Pete Pirsch is the sole candidate to be endorsed by the NRA and received their prestigious A+ rating.

  4. GOPinsider says:

    Early Polling data suggests that Dan Frei is beating Lee Terry in a LANDSLIDE. Like 67% to 33% – no joke.

    The polls in Douglas County are LOADED with Frei folks, all waiting in line, and EXCITED – reminds me of the Ron Paul movement. Only this time, with the low overall voter turnout, the Tea-Party candidate might actually win.

    You heard it first: Dan Frei will take at least 55% of the vote, maybe up to 65%. LANDSLIDE VICTORY for the Constitutional Conservatives. MASSIVE LOSS for the big money, DC GOP donors.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was excited to cast my vote for Bart McLeay for attorney general. He really seemed to have a grasp of the issues.

  6. LukeinNE says:

    #8……McLeay is running for U.S. Senate…

    I’m glad we’re finally to primary day. I had my mind made up a couple weeks ago and it’ll be nice to clear the airwaves (and my mailbox) of politics for a few months.

  7. Anonymous says:

    #10……I won’t vote for him for Senate. That dude is delusional if he thinks he has any qualifications to be a United States Senator. However, I’d vote for him for AG.


  8. GOPinsider says:

    Co-worker just returned from voting (Millard). He said there were 22 people IN A ROW, in his line, that said they were voting for Dan Frei.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Sure, because everyone knows that people waiting in line to vote just burst out who they’re going to vote for!
    Secret-ballot, Schmecret-ballot!

  10. Scotty says:

    Street Sweeper,

    I like the looks of the link you just tweeted. Shows Mike Foley winning and a tight senate race. Thanks for the link.

  11. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, did you notice the article in the New York Times yesterday about the Nebraska Senate campaign? The title is “Local Tea Party Activists See Own Groups Among Washington Adversaries”.

    It almost seems that our Senate campaign is a bigger deal to the outside groups than it is to us Nebraskans, especially considering the amount of money contributed.

  12. GOP'er says:

    I have to admit…I was supporting Lee terry all the way. This past week I started having doubts. Nothing in particular, just “what about a change?’ well, I stood in my voting booth for about 5 minutes and then makred the box for Dan Frei. I think Lee has done a decent job representing a district that is not a majority of conservative people. And I won’t be surprised if dan Frei has the same problems getting something done. But, why not try something new. And if Frei doesn’t produce, I’m sure we’ll find someone who can beat him too.

  13. Bring on the lib's says:

    To GOP’er at 2:03 PM,

    Funny, I did the same thing. Went into the booth, planning to vote for Lee again…but at the last minute, I paused and voted for Frei. I figured, why not? He can’t possibly be any worse than Lee (no offense intended to Congressman Terry…he has served us, I believe, to the best of his ability).

    I also voted for Sid and Pete.

  14. Dinsdale will win says:

    Dinsdale is gaining! He will pull out a win and make all those DC groups realize they can’t buy our state. Vote for dinsdale!

  15. anonymous says:

    When can we vote to get rid of the clowns we’re voting in today? I don’t like any of these people.

  16. Rear View Mirror says:

    I am happy this primary election is over…..I am so weary of the nastiness…especially the putrid way Sasse and Ricketts attacked their opponents—it is pure unadulterated classless slime and difficult to watch. I am so sick of both of them that I am almost to the point where I would cheer some democrat kicking their asses in November.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dinsdale is a nice guy, but he’s an absolute putz. You know how you see Joe Biden in the news with constant gaffes?? That’s going to be Dinsdale. Outside of banking, he’s a huge generalist. A US Senator should have a much more in-depth knowledge of issues than what he’s got. Plain and simple.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If ricketts loses will this be the end of Jessica M? Two HUGE & EXPENSIVE losses……..hope so! The Queen of nasty need to go……just go

  19. To #27 says:

    A putz? What have been Dinsdale’s “gaffes?” He’s said a few things he probably wishes he hadn’t — like ‘I’ll always vote to raise the debt ceiling’ — but those aren’t gaffes. BTW, most people who hold elective office are “huge generalists” when they are first elected. That’s why they have party leadership, caucuses, etc. Whoever gets elected will have more trouble finding the mens room than they will finding advice and information on issues.

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