Primary Day Afternoon

Voting ElephantFor those looking for breaking Exit Polls!…
…we don’t have any.

No one does.

So what is there?
Well, the national shows will be looking forward to talking about the Nebraska races.

If Pete Ricketts and Ben Sasse emerge victorious, expect Ted Cruz to be featured as the Champion of the Night because Tea Party.

If it is only Sasse, they will mainly focus on Cruz and the Tea Partiers because the national newsies will focus on those coming to Washington over a Governor’s race in fly-over country.

If it’s Osborn they will call it the death of the Tea Party or some such and it will be about another victory for “the Establishment”.

And if it’s Dinsdale, it will be about the Deb Fischer way, and the problem of negative campaigning.

The national newsies have already chosen their boxes for these races, so just sit back and have yourself a cold champagne or a warm beer and watch along.


In any case, the “news” of the day was Sasse this morning saying he would play nice with Mitch McConnell if he wins — and, we would assume, if McConnell still controls the Senate GOP.

The news accounts are focusing on the campaign long spat Sasse had with McConnell ever after he called out McConnell to “show some actual leadership“, then got read out by McConnell while in DC. Since then, the entire theme of the Sasse campaign was the “Outsider” versus the “Establishment” — Sasse’s terms.

So with Sasse saying he would go along with the rest of the GOP, and then McConnell extending some sort of peace pipe to Sasse, there’s your news.

Does this mean McConnell thinks Sasse will win?
Well, the polls — all Sasse’s — have indicated that so far.


Though we will tell you that we had either overlooked a BIG one, or it was not reported until very recently.

We are talking about the Magellan poll from May 5th-6th, that showed the numbers of the Senate race as:


That 6 point lead on Tuesday, May 6th is MUCH different than the poll with the 14 point lead that was taken on May 8th and got reported on May 9th.
So what happened during that time to “increase” Sasse’s lead by EIGHT points?

Well, there was the Heineman endorsement in the Governor’s race.
So that pretty much blotted out any other news that might have affected voters in the Senate race.

And yet, when the polls are discussed, all you ever heard was 14 point lead.


Well, nobody ever said politics was beanbag, huh?
Guess we’ll find out the real numbers tonight.


  1. Ricky's Picks says:

    My predictions for this primary election:

    GOP Governor
    Ricketts 32 %
    Foley 30%
    Bruning 25%
    Carlson 20%
    McCoy – 3%

    GOP Senate

    Dinsdale 34%
    Osborn 30%
    Sassy 20 %
    That other guy 16%

    GOP House
    Dan “Glen” Frei 52%
    Dang Straight Nice House Terry 48%

    Mean Jean of Omaha’s bond issue 48% (loses)

    Senator Bye Bye Loserbaughs fake horse racing amendment 35% (loses)

    Ne Legislature Dist 6
    Stenacker 50%
    Joni Friend of no chin 35%

    NE attorney general

    That guy that hates Obama and the federal government and who got thousands from a secret far right friend 30%
    Pirsch 15%
    the guy stothert endorsed 25%
    Janet Stewart 30%

    Ne Auditor
    that far right senator that thinks Kris Kobach is great and cost Fremont millions in legal fees 30%
    Red 70%

    ricky from omaha

  2. Lil Mac says:

    Nothing’s wrong with people. If candidates manage to so disgust people that they don’t vote, then that’s the candidates’ fault. If even one candidate inspired real widespread respect, voters will flock to the polls. Voters aren’t blind. If they see a bald eagle amid geese, they know it when they see it.

    Sweeper, good analysis of the external impact on these NE races. Millions and million poured into especially this U. S. Senate race. Therefore whoever wins, WE don’t own him. And by that I mean Nebraska voters. That’s what voters must assume. Yet another reason why turnout may be down this year. We shall see.

  3. Elections Past Ghosts says:

    Mort Sullivan, Tim Criss, Gary Rogge, Subby Anzaldo, PJ Morgan, Mike Boyle, George Grogan, Elliot Rustad.

  4. Interesting valuation of the bikes. 7 bikes, worth $16 K. Do UNL students ride some really high-end, carbon-fiber, beryllium-spoke shit, or are people getting just a little excited on the insurance estimates?

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