The Ricketts win

Ricketts electionPete Ricketts clipped Jon Bruning by 2,100 votes last night.

And Democrats went back to kicking their dogs.

Because you can bet the Dems were salivating at the chance to take on Jon Bruning with Chuck Hassebrook.

Oh sure Hassebrook is a liberal’s liberal and looks like he’d be at home on the Bartles and Jaymes front porch (“Who?” said the kids).

But they figured that if Deb Fischer, who no one knew, could come from no where and beat Bruning…
And if Pete Ricketts, who lost by 20 points to Ben Nelson could be neck and neck with Bruning, even after the Governor’s endorsement, on Election Eve…
..Then they stood a puncher’s chance to take down the scandal-bruised Bruning themselves.

And now?
Ain’t gonna happen.

Pete Ricketts is nothing if not boring.
A nice, boring guy.
He’ll talk at you, while you consider the emails coming through on your phone, and wonder what meetings are like with the Cubs, and how fun it would be to be at Wrigley right now, and if they’ll ever field a descent team, like the time whathisnose in the stands knocked the ball in the playoffs, and what ever happened to that guy? Bartman, right? And…
Sure, we’ll support you Pete. (What’d he say?)

The moment Bruning got in the race, we received messages predicting there was no way Bruning could take it to the house. He simply had too many negatives.
And if you didn’t know that, there were certain billionaires who were willing to let you know. MAKE you know.

There was a big chunk of time where the airwaves were thick with the flak of anti-Bruning ads.
And Bruning was silent.
For a loooooong time.

Bruning’s base came out for him.
But others did not.
And enough came out for Pete.

We will enjoy watching Pete put Chuck Hassebrook back on Bob Kerrey’s couch.


Whither Jon Bruning?
We just can’t imagine that we’ve seen the last of him.

But coming back in 2014, with the memories of 2012 still fresh, was too much.
After some time to heal and memories to fade, Bruning may be back.

The rest? Well, there is a 33 year old Beau McCoy who made a splash with the boys.
We (and Ernie) will keep an eye on him.


And over in the 2nd District House race?

Lee Terry won ugly.

And he will have an interesting match with Brad Ashford.
Who voters know.
And have never been crazy about.
But don’t seem to hate.
Who used to be a Republican.
And Democrats may not be crazy for him.
But Independents may go along with.
Though he doesn’t have any money.
And Lee has lots.

There is a narrative that says if Ashford can get a regular base of Democrats and some Independents, and then be abandoned by Republicans who want to try someone else in two years, then he could have a real shot to beat Terry.

Then again, Terry has fought this fight before, has a strong base, and Democrats may not bother with Ashford, and Independents won’t hear his message anyway and Domina and Hassebrook won’t be increasing turnout.

There will be plenty to talk about.
IF Ashford can get some cash, this could be a real race.

Stay tuned!


  1. M says:

    I’ve seen Chuck’s front porch. Bartles and Jaymes’ porch is far, far nicer. I don’t trust a man who can’t keep up his home.

  2. GOP'er says:

    You know…I was one of the ones who changed my mind and voted for Dan Frei at the last minute. I regret it now. Why? Because of his sore loser attitude. Did anyone listen to Vorhees today?

  3. P says:

    His porch is far nicer than most Nebraskan’s porches. (see the picture on his website) He’s a likeable guy and would have given Bruning a run for “his” money. He comes across as a regular Nebraskan and if we spend time attacking him instead of his policies it will turn many away and lose the election for us. Don’t be stupid. Stay focused on how his stance on issues like wind power and the medicaid expansion are bad for Nebraskans so we don’t make this upcoming election closer than it should be.

  4. Class Act says:

    Anyone see Bruning’s concession speech? I’ll say one thing for the guy, he’s a class act. After getting pummeled, again, by attack ads, he showed immense grace. Good for him.

  5. Lee Terry May Lose to Ashford (Poll) says:

    If the poll over at omahanews . com is accurate; well, Lee Terry is in serious trouble in the November election. I am amazed at how many folks are saying they are going to write in Frei’s name – crazy.

  6. The Anti-Hawks vote says:

    Did anyone notice the number of votes Howard Hawks did NOT get for the Regent 2 race?
    Although running un-opposed, Hawks got only 23,633 votes. So, saying there are 50 thousand voters in his district, that means about 27,000 people do NOT want Hawks on the UN Regent board.
    I can see why, this is the guy that wants to pick the new President in secret, likes to have his name on lots of buildings, and hired back Tom Osborne, who ruined mens athletics at UNL expensively,
    and Hawks also loves BO and agrees with BO when BO says “F;;k the fans F”’ em all”.

    I think Hawks might lose to a write in.

    ricky from omaha

  7. Egad … have you been reading too much Hemingway again, Sweeper? Not used to all those short choppy sentences. Or maybe just poli-blog fatigue … take a couple days off … smoke if ya got ’em … get a good night’s rest

  8. Bob Loblaw says:

    The really bad part about Bruning & Foley running for Gov was that we lost a great AG & the best Auditor we’ve ever had. Kudos to those guys for trying. I respect anyone who puts their name on a ballot.

  9. Harvard Training says:

    So here is a taste of Sasse’s education

    “The administration at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government has agreed to work with a student group to implement a “mandatory power and privilege training” as part of its orientation, according to several reports by the group. A mandatory power and privilege training that examines components of race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, international status, and power differentials for every incoming HKS student starting August 2014,”


  10. Stothert's Endorsements says:

    Let’s see here Omaha’s Mayor endorsed that Brian Busher guy from Omaha for Attorney General.
    Oopps he got killed.
    Also Mean Jean endorsed two time back to back loser Jon Bruning for Governor. Lost.
    She endorsed Frei for Congress, at least I think she did although I did not read that anywhere.
    I think the Mayor and her lame duck friend in the Gov’s office endorsed Joni Forehead for legislature.
    So far she has not lost yet but probably will in Dist 6.
    Am I missing anything but she does not have the golden touch with her apron er I mean coat-strings.


  11. LukeinNE says:


    1. It didn’t surprise me that Sasse won, but I was stunned that he won by almost 30 points. The whole election I was somewhat hostile to him because I felt that without all that out of state money, he’d have had no chance. I’m not sure about that now, having misread Nebraska’s electorate so badly.

    2. Endorsements. Are. Overrated. The OWH and LJS went a combined 0/4 on their Senate and Gubernatorial endorsements. Heineman and Stothert couldn’t save Bruning. Money, baggage, and retail politics are what matter, and not much else.

    3. Hassebrook is a heavy underdog, but his chances are above 0% (where Domina’s are). Ricketts isn’t a strong nominee. He’s got a lot of baggage from that ’06 race, he’s still perceived as an elitist from Omaha, and 3/4 of the Republican Primary electorate didn’t vote for him. A reprise of “Wall Street Pete” could be effective, especially contrasted to Hassebrook’s rural background. But I doubt he’ll get the resources he needs to make it competitive.

    4. Omaha’s 2nd District is going to be very, very interesting. Frei had very little money, very few people knew who he was, which made this primary a very large sample approval poll for Lee Terry. Result: almost half of the Republicans in Terry’s district don’t like him. The question: do those anti-Terry Republicans hate him enough to give Pelosi another vote in Congress? Speaking personally, I don’t, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lee Terry’s troubles:

    His people think the campaign manager was the problem in the primary. To them, all will be fine after they fire the campaign manager. The relatively small margin of victory had nothing to do with a general disapproval of Lee.

    The Truth: Lee Terry needs to come out and say it point blank, “I promise to do better. The voters sent a strong message and I am listening”. Lee needs to repair some bridges AND get a new campaign manager. Everyone is still pissed about those mailers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How ironic—prior to the hotly contested GOP primary this website was sited as being a “malicious website” due to all the viruses that came with it. It was blocked at all public libraries. Odd. For years it always showed with not a problem. Low and behold, is now accessible for any patron to access shortly after the GOP primary. Coincidence I bet. Just a coincidence.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Not really to the interesting discussion on another’s website….just some fried minions still trying to be relevant in the face of a loss from an underfunded campaign lacking an effective ground game. Don’t cry for him Argentina or try to serve any humble pie.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Lee Terry should be scared to death, especially once the Democrats smell blood in the water. And the blood comes from the GOP leadership continually, literally and figuratively, belittling and insulting Republican voters. Amnesty will get passed just as soon as the election is over. How else are we to protest this other than staying home on Election Day and handing the gavel back over to Nancy Pelosi? What difference, at this point, would it make? Until Lee Terry and Fort and Smith get it into their skulls that the continual betraying of conservative principles will lead to their losing power, we have to decide if it’s worth voting for Pelosi-lite. I will never vote for a Democrat for the rest of my life, but that doesn’t mean I have to vote for the Republican.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, I forgot to give the solution. Here it is: I, Lee Terry, vow never to vote for any immigration reform bill while President Obama is in office, and if Speaker Boehner ever brings up any such bill, I will actively oppose him for Speaker, Minority Leader, or even Dogcatcher of the House.

    Be a leader. Be a man. Stand up for America for once.

  17. It wasn’t a virus, it was a piece of javascript that would direct your search engine to certain male enhancement product suppliers. Sweeper was notified about it, by a far left blogger, about a week ago. I confirmed it. I’m pleased to see it’s been cleaned up. No conspiracy.

    The problem is basically wordpress’s crappy blog hosting software.

  18. RWP:
    No, the Cialis type stuff has been up much longer than a week — we’ve been aware of it for months now.
    And while unsure of how to get rid of it, I can’t see any of the ads up now.
    And I have NO idea why, b/c we haven’t done a thing (not that we’ve haven’t tried).
    And now I AM wondering about a conspiracy…

  19. Lee Terry Will Lose To Dan Frei in November says:

    Folks are organizing, and IF Dan Frei decides to declare himself as a write in candidate, he will get MASSIVE amounts of donations and he will beat both Lee Terry and Brad Ashford.

    This will be a battle for the ages, and will make Omaha, Nebraska the front-line for the battle for the soul of the Republican Party. It’s coming.

  20. Obvious question (hopefully) says:

    Why didn’t Dan Frei get those “MASSIVE” amounts of donations when he was actually IN the race? It reminds me of 2012 when all those Paulbots were crying foul that Nebraska didn’t vote for their guy and attempted to “correct” the will of the people…for supposed lovers of liberty, all of you sure are turning out to be quite the little fascists.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    If Dan Frei mounts a write in campaign, he will beat neither Terry nor Ashford but will deliver the seat to Ashford. What difference, though, at this point, does it make?

  22. TexasAnnie says:

    Exactly, Macdaddy. And that’s what I’ve been telling you for years. Voting for the D’s or R’s makes little difference. In the end they always do what their corporate sponsors tell them to do, the public be damned!

  23. Anonymous says:

    You all don’t get it. — Traditional Conservatism died the moment Obama was reelected by most US voters who knew exactly what Obamacare was and is, i.e. the epitome of government interfering in human life. When Uncle Sam gets bureaucratically between your doc’s finger and your arse, and most Americans don’t mind that, we are beyond the point of no return.

  24. To Macdaddy says:

    Terry/Ashford – doesn’t make a difference. They are the same candidate. They will both vote for big government laws.

    Terry is no conservative, so he must go. Let Ashford win; then next election we will find a real conservative to run.

  25. Johanns Too Late says:

    Mike Johann has a piece in today’s Lincoln newspaper bemoaning the influence of outside money taking over Nebraska politics, especially excoriating Sasse and asking him to stop it.

    Senator Johanns, you are too late…..the damage has been done. And because of what Sasse has done with outside money, this Nebraska conservative Republican voter has ended his political contributions for the rest of the year. Why contribute, why offer support, why try to help when you know that the campaigns are planned and funded by outside money—money and influence that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Nebraska or Nebraskans. I hope Sasse and his campaign people enjoy the win because it gives final closure to those of us who thought grass-roots Nebraska conservative Republicans actually meant something in our elections.

  26. To the Tea Party says:

    You do realize that a write in campaign will draw national Democrat money and get more Dems to the poll. It also will not work and will really hurt Hilikeman, Craighead, Aspen, Reipe, Lindstrom, McCollister to name a few.

    Do not be so selfish. Frei lost and if he wants in two years to challenge him, so be it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    To #32: the national Democrats are already going to flood money into the 2nd district congressional race because Lee is so vulnerable. Get Lee out of there and we can get someone much better in 2016.

  28. Anonymous says:

    To #33: and you don’t think Lee is all about Lee and his nice house and kid in college? Get real. Lee doesn’t care about anyone but himself. On Tuesday night all he had to say about his race was, “I like winning.” Ick.

  29. To the Tea Party says:

    Great screw it up for all other GOP candidates to prove a point with a strategy that will not work. The election is over.

  30. Anonymous says:

    #28 said Traditional Conservatism is dead. Then #30 said, “You are right; however, we must not give up.” — I think that is what the Whig Party said just before it died.

    I agree that prior to Obama’s reelection, the USA was an ocean of individual freedom in which the GOP fended off encroachments of government tyrannies as if sharks. After his reelection, every individual is in tiny raft floating in a big shark pond. It is a different ball game and Conservatives haven’t noticed they are in different territory. GOP still thinks it is fighting someone other than most Americans.

    Freedom can move in only one direction. It is born in a big bang of bloody revolution and then dies incrementally as people embrace tyranny as largess. There is no reversing it. The wistful longing for the “good old days” is ever false. No one but nut cases volunteer to live in sod houses. So the GOP better get to some creative thinking because the Hive Loving DNC has the tyranny it loves marching straight toward it.

  31. Where do I send my check? says:

    Please, please, please will a true Constitutional Conservative either get on the ballot to compete against Lee Terry. I pledge $500.

    First of all, be real, and be able to pass a Constiutional litmus test. Then, start the ballot drive (need 2,000 signatures on a petition). If you are for real, I will help gather signatures, and I will donate $500. I am one man. There are thousands just like me in Omaha. Let’s do this.

  32. To the Tea Party says:

    So screw it up for every candidate so Ashford wins in November. Do not know if you knew this but Craighead and Aspen are in dogfights. Your strategy has no chance of winning. I am NOT a Terry fan but burning down your house to kill one mouse is stupid.

  33. Consistent says:

    “…but she does not have the golden touch with her apron er I mean coat-strings.”
    – Ricky from Omaha

    Does anyone else marvel at how sexist and misogynistic many on the Left are? They who accuse all others of being sexist and misogynistic. They who accuse Republicans of a war on women. Read: the White House, the NY Times. I’m remembering also the Unions in Omaha during Stothert’s mayoral race. Hypocrisy on full display, as they bank on the fact that so few are attentive to affairs of citizenship.

    Yes, I realize most everyone ignores Ricky for his mental challenges, but plenty on the Left exhibit his particular brand of hypocrisy.

  34. Really?? says:

    Dan has said it, his wife has said it. He will not be mounting any write-in campaign. If other’s want to do that, its up to them. But I think Dan has made it pretty clear, not to mention he is ineligible to be a write-in and/or by petition since he lost in the Primary.

    If someone wants Chip Maxwell to run via write-in or as an independent. He changed his party affiliation to NP, so he would be able to run and would need to find people to sign a petition to place his name on the ballot.

    Show me where Lee has really done any good over the last 16 years in office?? Hard to find anything positive from his Congressional career except really dumb threats, remarks, statements and apologies.

  35. To Really (#44) says:

    Chip Maxwell works for me. I’ll pass the petition around West Omaha and will donate money. What’s next?

  36. Sasse's next commercial says:

    Scene: family gathered around the dinner table at the Sasse house in Fremont.
    soft music playing in the background as the group finishes the prayer before the meal;

    Camera cuts to a Sasse daughter, and she says:

    “Daddy, I’m afraid of Obamacare. I had a nightmare last night about it. Can you do something about Obamacare daddy? Please?”

    Ben Sasse looks solemn and says “Yes honey Daddy has a ten point plan to repeal Obamacare. Look over at the big pile of papers on the fireplace mantel. Those are the regulations I will put in place to take replace Obamacare with.”

    Camera back to the daughter. “Oh thank you daddy!”

    Cue the other kid “Daddy, is it true that we don’t have to follow the laws of government because we answer to a higher power? That would be sweet if we did not have to pay taxes because we so distrust the federal government right daddy?”

    Sasse grins and says “Yes honey we do answer to a higher power. I don’t know about not paying taxes, but we can ignore the speed limits if we are late to church”.

    Daughter “That’s really cool daddy, we are so glad you were able to attract all those millions of dollars from those people in D C so you could run for the Senate!”

    Sasse, “Yes it was, now eat your spinach”.

    The camera pulls back and the final shot is of the Sasse family enjoying their evening meal.


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