Republicans who want a Democrat to represent them

NE02 November 01To start things off, here is a poll put out by Rasmussen Reports today on the Nebraska Senate race:

Ben Sasse………….51%
David Domina……..34%

We’re just going to skip ahead for those undecideds and give Sasse their numbers and put him at 66%.

Everyone good with that?


The bitter, whiney, sore-loser Dan Frei ranks of the Nebraska Republican Party — specifically those in the 2nd Congressional District — have decided that two years, or potentially more of Democrat Brad Ashford are preferable to any more years of Congressman Lee Terry in office.

You got that?

Their hunger for power is so great that they are willing to risk having Ashford serve and vote with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, rather than support the duly elected representative from the district.

Because Lee Terry is a liberal squish?
Because he votes with Democrats?

Just ask your local Democrats about that.

No, even though Terry is climbing the seniority ladder in the House — it ain’t the Senate kiddos; you have to wait your turn — they don’t care.

Even though Lee Terry is guaranteed conservative who fights the Democrats every chance he gets — they don’t care.

Even though the likes of a Jane Kleeb supported Dan Frei over Lee Terry because Terry is such a thorn for her over the KXL — they don’t care.


Because they want in.
And they resent Terry for being elected for so many years.
And they want in.

End of story.

So guess what?
They are OK with Brad Ashford winning in November.

Because if they mount a credible third candidate in that race — such as a Chip Maxwell — Terry will get half the Republicans and Maxwell will get half the Republicans and Ashford will get all the Democrats and most of the Independents.

And you’ll have yourself Congressman Ashford.

Oh, but you’ll have a robust GOP Primary in 2016, right?

And you’ll have Republicans beating the hell out of each other for a year, turning off any Independents, and then you’ll have a great chance of ANOTHER two years of Ashford.

And another two after that.
And another two after that.

See how that works?

Heck, you may get it anyway, even without a third challenger.
But you can guar-an-tee it with one.

So talk amongst yourselves haters in the NE02.
YOU could toss the alley-opp for Congressman Brad Ashford to slam dunk.

We will be sure to credit you with the assist.


EXCELLENT articles by the LJS and Watchdog, not to mention the NYT (as opposed to the York News Times) about the experience and background of that Ben Sasse fellow.

Now you can just factor all that in when you go to the polls last Tuesday.


  1. Ricky says:

    I hereby pledge $200 for paid circulators to get Chip Maxwell on the ballot in November for the Ne District 2 congressional race.
    Maybe everybody that donated money to pay people to circulate petitions to get Jim Suttle recalled can donate to this worthy cause? Because that worked out so well right Tom Becka?

    ricky from omaha

  2. Dan Brown says:

    If Dan Frei had such a powerful message, why did he lose? He says it is because he did not have the funds. Powerful messages, an organized campaign complete with people willing to support your message financially and a real voter base wins elections. Quit whining Frei, Brad Ashford is as Liberal as any of the Pelosi cronies.

  3. Dan Brown says:

    If Frei’s group is so intent on replacing Terry in the General, why not at least pick a viable candidate like Shane Osborn, Sid Dinsdale, Bryan Slone, Beau McCoy or Bart McLeay? Chip Maxwell, are you kidding me, he is as wishy-washy as Ashford!

  4. Why on earth would you have Chip do a write in says:

    There would be a huge GOTV for Dems basically killing all GOP down ballot races.

  5. Dan Brown says:

    Bart McLeay would be light years better than Maxwell, who votes “abstain” most of the time or is absent altogether. Check his record in the Legislature and on the County Board.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You wonder how Republicans lose. Why was Frei not bankable. He plenty of opportunity to make his case. Entitlement attitude doesn’t draw support as evidenced by his refusal to accept, whether he likes it or not, Lee Terry has people who voted for him that may be sick and tired of being called unprincipled or stupid. Can’t raise money? Check the mirror and learn from the defeat, but please stop whining sour grapes. Not everything is easy or free. This is sour grapes re-hashed from a campaign that had no message except “I’m not Lee Terry.”

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, the GOP leadership is full of back-stabbing snakes. How do you propose we get them to see the error of their ways? Send Lee Terry back for 2 more years? Is he going to take a bat to Boehner like Robert DeNiro in The Untouchables? Is he going to even say, “Um, excuse me John, but there are a few, well really more than a few, a majority actually, but not a real big majority, who think that perhaps, if it isn’t too much trouble, we shouldn’t pass amnesty in a lame duck session. Sorry if I offended you, sir.” Is he going to do even that? NO!

    So how else do we get the nimrods’ attention?

  8. Egads says:

    All politicians are back stabbing snakes. They all seek power and that isn’t pretty. But most don’t have the experience to navigate that morass expertly or to rise to where their voice can even be heard. If they are snakes, better one that can hiss and bite than one that just lays there as road kill.

    Lee Terry’s House Chairmanship has jurisdiction over interstate and foreign commerce, all trade, FTC regulation, consumer affairs and protection, privacy issues, product safety, product liability, motor vehicle safety, travel, tourism, and within all such areas, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity. It’s big a chunk of what government governs.

    There are 449 members in the House. Terry’s committee alone has 25 members. And each member is about as impotent as its Chairman is powerful.

    Congress operates like your family. The Chair/CoChair are the parents. They make the rules, hold the purse strings and enforce order. Most Congressmen are like the children, with as little ability to voice an opinion that carries any weight with the chairmen. Chairmen are powerful. Members aren’t. And most Congressmen aren’t Chairmen. Most just show up and vote. And none of their ideas get to floor without going through a chairman.

    That’s how this House works in this Republic.

    Americans see Hollywood nonsense about Mr. X goes to Washington where they all listen to him and suddenly they care more about his ideas than their own constituents or selves. In fact, a newbie like Frei could scream his head off and they’d still ignore him as number 449 out of 449.

    The real underlying culprits here are gullible, ignorant voters. Nebraskans who would never dream of hiring an inexperienced lawyer or surgeon to save them, for some odd reason want to hire utterly inexperienced people to make the laws they live under and suffer. Politicians must pander to that idiocy.

    Sasse, for example, has a over a half dozen years of DC policy experience that’s on a par with a 3rd term Congressman or 2nd term Senator. Yet Sasse had to hide that from Nebraska GOP voters who, with incredible stupidity, demand their government brain surgery be done by some guy who never picked up a policy scalpel or stepped foot in the Legislative operating arena. And Primary voters are smarter than General Election votes. No wonder lawmaking sucks.

  9. Fed Up With The GOP Scum says:

    This version of the GOP needs to be flushed – all of them. We need true Constitutional Conservatives, and if we can’t have them, then I’ll vote Democrat. If enough of us Conservatives do this, it WILL send a message, and we will be heard.

    Remember, Lee Terry Voted FOR:

    $700 Billion Bank Bailout
    Medicare Part D
    Patriot Act
    Raising of the Debit Ceiling

    And mark my words…Lee WILL support some sort of Amnesty for illegal aliens! Just watch! He will do as his GOP Masters instruct him!

    Anybody but Lee Terry in 2014!

  10. Let's Start a Movement! says:

    F— this Republican Party. Maxwell has my vote, and $2,600 as soon as he’s ready to accept donations.


    Lifelong Registered Republican

  11. If the GOP passes Amnesty, in ANY form - I'm done with them, for good says:

    Are there no Free Thinkers left in the GOP?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The more Dan Frei talks, the more he sounds like a sore loser. If he showed some party loyalty, he could earn some respect and potentially change the minds of “the establishment”; but instead he decided to be a whiney brat and throw a tantrum.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Whitney brat or arrogant moron with the nice house and kid in college who wonders why “comely” lobbyists get him so drunk all the time?

  14. Chuck It says:

    CHUCK H.

    He graduated from High School in Columbus, NE. Although the highest degree he earned is a local BA, he spent years posing as a scholarly leader of university academics. He publically endorsed Obama and is a fierce supporter of the Democrat’s Presidency.

    So, Hagel or Hassebrook?

  15. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    After they took over the DCRP, they been working to become the new establishment. Hand picking who is and isn’t good enough. Setting litmus tests that everyone else must agree with. Shaming whoever doesn’t fall into line with them. When necessary, sling rumors and false stories about those they don’t like.

    And, if we don’t elect their candidates, then nobody is going to get to win.

    I for one, welcome our new Overlords

  16. Anonymous says:

    To Larry #19,

    You mean you’re fed up with Big Liberty, correct? Because they are the ones that attempted/are attempting to change the results after the people vote.

  17. David Bywater says:

    Ok, so here the deal. I was listening to KFAB the other day and heard this Dan Frei guy freibating himself all over the host until he finally had a Freibasm. Calling Lee Terry a liar and going on and on about this huge ground swell of support that came out for him on Election Day. The real deal is that if you run against Lee Terry your pretty much-guaranteed 40% of the vote without spending a penny. Check the results and see for yourself. So in the first place, Frei was only able to get an additional 7% points…congrats! I seem to remember a self-described “recluse” getting 17% of the vote, so I’d be careful about patting myself on the back.
    Secondly, It can’t even have been more than 5 years ago when Dan Frei was supporting Tom White. I am curious if when Frei repeatedly said “if a principled constitutionalist” we’re to enter the race he would support him, was he referring to Tom White?
    Seems like and his supporter only want to tear down the system. For you to say that if The terry campaign hadn’t said those things about you would be singing a different tune is utterly silly. First of all you must know you do not have exclusive rights to the true facts. If something was on your website it was. You can’t make it go away by saying “it sounded squishy.” It was there. End of story. You supported Tom White. End of story! Who is the real Dan Frei and what are his real motives.
    Ah shoot, I must sound real desperate. Please forgive me. I am a liar too.
    To all my fellow republicans: Please pick your candidate and get out there and support them. Make phone calls, walk precincts, hold signs or make contributions. The Dems are coming for NE2!
    David Bywater

  18. "Tee Hee Hee...Giggle Giggle..." says:

    “C’mon guys, the Primary is over! Let’s get that Keystone Pipeline built, because the Keystone is WAY more important than all of the legislative turds I’ve supported such as the $700 Billion Bank Bailout, the NDAA, Medicare Part D, Raising the Debt Ceiling, the Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security, TSA, the Debacle in Iraq, the Money-Pit in Afghanistan, & a truck-load bull of pork-barrel spending!

    So just be good little Republicans and vote for me in November! ‘Cause, you know, I’ve got that nice house to pay for, so I needs me that fat bi-weekly gub’mint paycheck!”

    Later Punks,

    Lee Fairy

  19. The Game says:

    It’s interesting how Dan Frei attempts to portray himself as positive, but when you look closer you find that he’s got a rabid crew around him that gets viciously negative and employs some shady tactics.

    No surprising, but worth pointing out that Dan Frei and his crew are not all roses and butterflies. They are the same team working the game.

  20. Anonymous says:

    When one disagrees with ones’ own party or incumbents, how does that account for some Republicans here promising, in a political sense, to put a bullet into the heads of their own children and then themselves, in order to teach the GOP a lesson by them promising to vote for Democrats?

    Kate Witek comes to mind. And Islamist suicide bombers.

    If there is an opposite to Reagan’s successful Big Tent GOP, it is these suicidal rabid Republicans.

  21. youngvoter says:

    At first I just thought all this talk of a 3rd party run or a write in was just a few bitter people. But the finding out that under NE law you have to be registered non partisan by 01/01 of the year, you run as an independent. And that Chip Maxwell changed is registration to non partisan on 12/31/2013. It makes me think that this was Plan B in case Frei did not win. All I can say is Terry has a lot of fence mending to do between now and November or we will be packing is bags.

  22. Anonymity says:

    @ The Game. “Dan Frei…..he’s got a rabid crew…..that gets viciously negative and employees some shady tactics”.

    Please prove to us that you know what you are talking about and provide some examples. We can’t wait to be enlightened.

  23. To "The Game" says:

    You said: “It’s interesting how Dan Frei attempts to portray himself as positive, but when you look closer you find that he’s got a rabid crew around him that gets viciously negative and employs some shady tactics.”

    Did you happen to see the mailers that Lee Terry`s crew sent out, the mailers that made absurd insinuations and told absolutely vicious lies about Dan Frei? That evil stuff, dude. Pure evil.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Look up what Roger Snowden and Bruce Dickes (both involved with the Frei campaign) have said on Facebook and other places.

  25. Anonymous says:

    To comment 30: For weeks Frei has attacked Lee Terry nonstop long before any mailer. If you check his FEC report, it shows he didn’t pay any of a congressional campaign staff which means they were working for free as a benefit to his campaign and needs to be listed as in kind donations. Using someone for free and taking advantage of their business isn’t exactly the highest of standards. The guy feels entitled and last Tuesday more voters said “no” so now he’s throwing a tantrum in the candy aisle.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    Look, my target isn’t actually Lee Terry, it’s the GOP leadership: Boehner, Ryan, and Cantor. Egads, the bottom line in the House is that the Speaker has all the power. Terry actually has none. He doesn’t take a dump without Boehner’s say so. So why would I vote for him? The GOP has cut nothing from the budget. They’ve folded every time Obama glares at them. They refuse to defend the Constitution against Obama’s power grabs. Boehner has gutted the case against Lerner, in fact even seems downright annoyed by the whole thing. He will pass amnesty the Wednesday after the election but deny it in the meantime, has given conservatives the finger every time I turn around. Tell me. Why should I vote for more of this horseshit? If Terry has a problem, it has nothing to do with Dan Frei. I didn’t vote for Frei in the primary nor did I vote for Terry. Everybody else seems to be getting what they want for their votes, now I want something for mine. I want the GOP to frickin’ stand up for frickin’ conservative values! I have spared you the all caps but don’t doubt that I’m pissed off. And all I have to do is stay home and enjoy a beautiful November Tuesday.

  27. Lord knows I’m not Lee Terry’s biggest fan, but on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being Ron Paul and 1 being Susan Collins, he’s no worse than a 5. Conservatives had a shot at him in the primary, and came damn close, but lost. Anything subsequent to this point is, as Sweeper says, shooting yourself in the foot.

    If you want to protest vote, vote Libertarian. But voting for a Republican who didn’t register for the Republican primary, at the behest of another Republican who lost the Republican primary, is just dense.

  28. To Gerard says:

    5 doesn’t cut it anymore. We need 9`s and above to push the conservative message and agenda forward, yet GOP leadership continues to financially support milquetoast candidates like Lee Terry.

    I`m voting for Ashford in November

  29. perspective says:

    “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.” said Seneca. Ricketts was triumphant against Stenberg, defeated by the mighty Nelson, and recently won a fireball of a Primary. On the other hand, when Hassebrook was confronted by Kerrey, Hassebrook quit running.
    This year, Hassebrook had no Democrat opponent. If Senaca is right, this is a Ricketts advantage.

    And since Chuck’s claim to fame is being a Regent, degrees and what you do with them matters. Ricketts has an Masters in Business, Hassebrook a BA. Ricketts apparently used his degree to help save a large corporation when revenues tanked. Hassebrook used his BA, arguably more fit to that of an office worker, to lord power over doctorate level academics, such being the whim of an electorate. RWP may have more insight on such matters.

    Perhaps most telling is that both men lead economic development groups.

    Ricketts founded the Platte Institute for Economic Research, in Omaha, to “advance economic prosperity” by promoting free-enterprise on the assumption that not every problem has a government solution. His group has never accepted any state or federal funding.

    Hassebrook, in Lyons, NE, is Director of what began as the federally funded Goldenrod Hills Community Action Agency to “eliminate economic poverty” in five Nebraska counties. In 1973, the federal government felt it was wasting tax dollars on Goldenrod and cut off its federal funding, forcing it to reorganize as the Center for Rural Affairs with the same aim.

    Two economic groups, run by the candidates. One meant to create prosperity, the other meant to eliminate poverty. You couldn’t invent a more telling distillation of their fundamental differences.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Seneca acted as Nero’s advisor. So you expect Ricketts to pull a Nero? I doubt if Ricketts has suffered to much doing his job writing checks all to himself. . The man is very good at writing checks. But doing physical labor and such and having to worry about paying bills, no Ricketts is not your man with that type of experience. .

  31. 39. Yes, Hassebrook’s arrogance as chair of the board of regents was staggering. We had to get Jon Bruning to force him to comply with Open Meetings Law. He thought their royal highnesses were exempt.

  32. Ricketts will be a great Governor says:

    However; Terry and Sasse aren’t at all “Conservative” and need to be defeated, even if it means voting for the Dems

  33. Anonymous says:

    Let’s not pretend that the only reason many people want Lee Terry gone is because of his voting record. Yes, that’s a part of it, but also — he’s an ass. He is an imbecile who only cares about his nice house, his kid in college, and how much scotch he can buy with his campaign funds at the Capitol Hill Club for comely lobbyists.

  34. Lil Mac says:

    Thanks for discussing Hassebrook. Democrats here rarely mention him. He is running for governor, so we really do need to know about the man. The stock phrase “nice guy” isn’t nearly enough.

    Here is what we know of the man so far. To recap:

    a) For the last third of century Hassebrook ran one non-profit group in Lyons, NE, Pop 850.

    b) He lucked out with voters and was put on the Board of Regents where he illegally held secret meetings, had to be forced by the Attorney General to obey the law, flaunted his little Bachelor’s degree among Ph.Ds., and generally acted like an arrogant not-so-bright tyrannical ass.

    c) Hassebrook’s other political accomplishment was to run for the U. S. Senate and then immediately withdraw, bowing out to a resident of New York.

    d) Hassebrook slept through the latest mockery of a Primary since he was the only one running.

    Feel free to amend or add to this resume. We need to know who this guy really is. He simply is not that well known.

  35. Hassebrookenfeffer says:

    Chuck Hassebrook looks like a gargoyle.

    He will be a big hit with the body piercing crowd and likely has a lock on the Goth vote.

  36. anonymous says:

    Lee Terry is an average House member in all respects. He’s a member of the vast, unmemorable middle of House members over time. He is returned to office precisely because the voters in his district don’t seem to need or want a star player, and there is no reason to think that a replacement for Mr. Terry will be any different.

    What does a guy like Terry say about the majority of voters in the district he represents? You won’t get a different Representative ’till the voters want someone different. Maybe another way of “starving the beast” is to elect people who can’t advance legislation, indeed, who actively work against advancing legislation. If nothing moves out the House, you don’t have new taxes or new spending. Existing spending slows down. You don’t get smaller government, but you don’t get a bigger one, either, at least not easily.

  37. Big Change Coming to the NE GOP says:

    There are big changes coming. A group of 8 big money, liberty leaning conservatives met last night at a private table of a well-known Omaha restaurant. Decisions were made.

    For one, Lee Terry won’t win in November. There will be a different candidate on the ballot (not Maxwell) who is presently registered as an Independent…it is expected that she will switch to the GOP shortly after taking office.

    Sasse may be on the outs too…vote was 4-4. Yes, I am one of the 8, and this is the only message we will convey until official announcements.

  38. To Big Change Blowhard says:

    It wasn’t the Liberty Caucus meeting at McFoster’s All Natural Cafe again, was it? Or have you guys moved onto liberal-owned Clancey’s like Frei’s election night party?

  39. Glarin' o the Green says:

    GOP Frey held his victory party at Clancy’s?

    The only “Republicans” who step foot in Clancy’s are members of the Irish Republican Army who congregate there over pint of Black ‘n Tan to plot the destruction of the aristocracy and bring about true Socialism.

  40. hey big change dipshit says:

    Calling it now: Lee Terry wins in November(he’ll still me a Member of the House and you’ll still be a dunce) because the party is more important than your chicken hawk breast thumping and your me-too attitude.

    Fall in line and wait until the next primary, because I guarantee that if you don’t, none of us will forget who gave us a democrat.

  41. Macdaddy says:

    I think it’s wrong and stupid to run Frei or Maxwell in the general to ensure Terry doesn’t win. When Terry goes down, the story becomes the Conspiracy of the Gang of Eight and not how the stupid party is abandoning its base. Terry is not the problem. He has a pretty good voting record as far as I’m concerned. Boehner is the problem. Give Terry a chance to tell us what he’s going to do about it and see if it sounds believable. If it doesn’t, then stay home. But deliberately sabotaging him will do nothing other than deliver the seat to Nancy Pelosi. It will only discredit your agenda.

  42. Big Change says:

    You are either with us or against us. You will vote for our candidate if you don’t want Ashford to win. We are taking this party back from the DC game-players.

  43. anonymous says:

    “You are either with us or against us.”

    How is it that people who complain about Saul Alinsky are actually quoting Lenin? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  44. 10thAmendment says:

    Big Change…You better have some big “change” in your pockets to the tune of $3 million. That is what it takes to win a Senate seat in Nebraska.

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