New #NEGOV poll

From Rasmussen Reports today:

Pete Ricketts (R)…………….47%
Chuck Hassebrook (D)…….40%

We’re sure the Hassebrookians are thrilled to be “only” 7 points down. Though frankly, we figured they’d be closer, considering the blistering Primary the Republicans just had.

The survey of 750 Likely Voters in Nebraska was conducted on May 14-15, 2014 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.


And as long as we’re here, Chuck Hassebrook has a new ad up.
See it here:

We will tell you that we generally hate the contrived, “I’m talking to a group of people who are in a weird half-circle around me” spot.

But other than that, questionable why Hassebrook didn’t do a clearer introductory ad. The captions on each video “image” flew by and we didn’t even notice them until about the 4th time we watched.

And of course, who wouldn’t want more political ads at this point…


  1. I am a registered Republican (28 years now) says:

    I will be voting for Chuck Hassebrook, Brad Ashford, and Dave Domina. I will not be the only Republican doing this.

    These will be my protest votes against big money from outside our state trying to bully us into voting for the Republican establishment candidates.

  2. Sweetwater Woods says:

    Amen! The vicious attack ads by Sasse and Ricketts against fellow Republicans have turned this Republican voter into a non-voting cynic. Supporters and contributors of Sasse and Ricketts should be startled and embarrassed.

  3. I am a registered Republican (28 years now) says:

    @Sweetwater Woods,

    Don’t stay home on election day. Perhaps you might want to consider doing what thousands of Omaha area Republicans will be doing on election day (Nov. 4), which is voting straight-ticket Democrat. A message will be sent. Carpet-baggers and yes-men go home!

  4. I am a registered Republican (28 years now) says:

    Wow…check out the poll results from the world herald site (this is from today):

    Election Day
    Nebraska’s second congressional district race is set. Who are you most likely to support in November?

    » Lee Terry

    » Brad Ashford

    » I don’t know yet.

    » I probably won’t vote.

    Total Votes: 1392

    Lee Terry doesn’t have a chance. Maybe a write-in candidate isn’t such a bad idea now? Get to work GOP!

  5. I am a registered Republican (28 years now) says:

    Attn: GOP

    The above poll is what you get after years and years of force-feeding us YOUR chosen candidates. Blowback time.

  6. Ricky says:

    I think this will be a very interesting race. Ricketts has never held a public office before and hails from Omaha.
    Mr Hassebrook has been elected more than once as a Ne Regent, and he has a lot of knowledge and backing from folks out west.
    And Hassebrook is pretty smart. I bet Mr Ricketts will be sweating a lot before November.


  7. There are no brownie points for being a registered Republican in Nebraska. The Democrat primary is usually either uncontested, or gives you the choice between two losers. The GOP primary often chooses the ultimate winner. I know dozens of liberals who are registered Republicans.

  8. FFW says:

    Nice try, Dems. Coming to Leavenworth Street and posing as life-long Republicans who are now voting for Dems.

  9. The Way I See It says:

    Polls this far out don’t mean much. That said, Lee Terry needs to run hard or he’ll get beat.

  10. The Shane says:

    This is funny…… “lifelong” Republicans do what you got to do! It’s funny because no matter who won the primaries, they would be elected by a wide margin. This is the most conservative group we have had in a long time. Good luck with that.

  11. 10thAmendment says:

    I can certainly would see how a true Republican could feel like voting for Democrats as a result of all of the outside money destroying good Nebraskans like Dinsdale and Osborn. However, I could never vote to give the gavel back to Pelosi or Reid no matter what. My candidates lost and they were treated badly (in my opinion), which I will always remember, but the alternative is unspeakable.

  12. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    I love how the DCRP leadership (at least the Frei ones) love to ‘Game and Shame’. We saw several times over the primary how they tried to game the Internet / Straw Polls, and then use the results to shame their target.

    They’re not done, as seen in comment #4. Still gaming the highly unreliable Internet Polls. They’re really proud of their guerilla warfare, no matter the consequences.

    But of course, I for one, welcome our new Overlords.

  13. Wake Up says:

    That omaha dot com poll was pretty straightforward, and the responses would have been broad-based. So yes, without a write in candidate, Terry is down over 20 points to Ashford. This should not surprise anyone, and it means lots of Republicans will be voting for Ashford over Terry.

  14. pullyourheadout says:

    Not all Republicans or Democrats are “lifelong”, but people rarely change principles.

    The Leftwing Democrat Ashford used to be a Leftwing Republican. The Conservative Republican Johanns used to be Conservative Democrat. Parties are switched, principles almost never.

    Those who think Lee Terry isn’t a Conservative Republican have obviously forgotten true Liberal Democrats like Peter Hoagland, Kerrey, Ashford and Hassebrook. When #12 said this is the most Conservative GOP group we have had running in a long time, that is true. All of them.

    Republicans who vote for Democrats as a ‘protest vote” are like people who shoot their children. Why? Who cares why? What reason or protest is worth such vile insanity?

    Thus, you are either lying Democrats who act like Republicans, or as Republicans you are the same Republican fools who put Nelson into power. He saved Obama for reelection. All this Liberal horsecrap flowing out of the WH is your fault. — Liars and fools. America is dying from such as you.

  15. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    It’s cute how you act like you’re passively watching things happen. Contrary to your claims, you’re quite active in the background. At any cost, you will be right.

  16. Anonymous says:

    So #16, if people rarely change their principles, do you think Bruning changed all of his principles from when he was in law school?

  17. To Wake Up says:

    According to the World-Herald online poll, we can now look forward to supporting Mike Foley as our GOP nominee.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Um…. At a loss for words #SoreLosersWaaWaaTakeMyBallHome. The Libertarian sect will not gain legitimacy acting like spoiled children.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    Pullyourheadout, there is not a dime’s bag worth of difference between the GOP leadership and Mrs. Skeletor, Nancy Pelosi. Lee Terry could have a 100% ACU rating but with Boehner controlling what comes through the House and when, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to vote for Rickettsia. Sasse? Doubtful because I think he’s a poseur. Terry? Well, if he kneecaps Boehner, metaphorically speaking of course, I’ll be happy to vote for him. Actually, a real kneecapping would be more satisfying. But I’m not suggesting that. But it would be awesome. I have been on this blog many times pointing out the futility of voting for the “right” Democrat Congressman because it’s really a vote for Pelosi. Boehner has every intention of passing amnesty. In the meantime, Obama is releasing tens of thousands of actual real live hardened criminals and Boehner just eggs him on. Obama used the IRS to cheat in the last election and Boehner is actively thwarting the investigation. Tell me why I should vote, ultimately, for Boehner? Why? Boehner does not respect this country, this constitution, or me. I can’t change Boehner’s focus, I can only quit being the sucker.

  20. Lifelong Republican Voter says:

    I am so pissed off by the establishment I will be voting for Hillary Clinton. That will show them

  21. pullyourheadout says:

    # 18 and MD. -While Bruning is history, we should try to learn from history. Bruning lost because many a good GOP voter couldn’t swallow his complete swing from Left to Right. He almost won, however, because many other good GOP voters believed him on principle. Yet in order to trust him, they each had to swallow his previous Liberal diatribes. Some swallowed it easily; other’s gagged it down, but apparently not enough for him to win. Like in Greek a tragedy, the hubris of this politically ambitious brilliant young man, so eager to pontificate a hatred of Republicans and love of all things Liberal, and so willingly then did he carve it in stone, that he was so full of ego that there was no room in him to realize that he was hanging a future albatross around his own neck, is classically pyrrhic. But for that, Jon Bruning would today probably be the GOP gubernatorial nominee.

    The lesson we take from this is that Ashford and his Democrat ilk are today what they are. And Terry and his Republican ilk are what they are. And McConnell and Boehner are not running for office here in Nebraska, as much as they might like to think so. All we can do is to try to vote here wisely.

    It appears vastly unwise for GOP Conservatives to vote for Liberal Democrats just to spite their own party; for that foolish act of hubris, with Bruning as a prime example, carves deeply something that will come back with a vengeance. What Bruning did to himself we can always also do to ourselves.

  22. P says:

    How does voting Democrat “show” the establishment anything? The only message I would see a loss sending is that the state is not as conservative as we think and we need to moderate our positions on issues we’re passionate about. Is that really what you want? Engage in the process and work within the party to set the agenda. If you lose, work harder. Don’t whine and vote Democrat. That doesn’t help your cause or the conservative movement.

  23. LukeinNE says:

    We’ll see. The Gov poll doesn’t really surprise me. I honestly don’t buy that the GOP electorate is all that divided over the primary right now, the Senate race was by far the nastier of the affairs. Ricketts is a pretty weak nominee that doesn’t have a lot of support in this state………but Hassebrook is still a Democrat and that alone makes him a heavy underdog. He needs the Democrats to sink some money into this race, something they probably won’t be willing to do in deep-red Nebraska in an election year where they’re going to get creamed nationally.

    NE-2 is where the action will be. Half of the district’s Republicans dislike Terry, and obviously the Democrats will be out in force to take the seat. I half think it’d be worth it to elect Ashford and give him the boot in 2 years just in the name of dumping Terry.

  24. Dont get it says:

    In order to punish Terry for being too left of center, let’s elect somebody more left of center??? That will teach Lee Terry? I really like Frei, but this is just stupid. Frei is solidifying that he can never run for public office again.

    Now to those lifelong Republican’s who are going to vote Democrat. Nobody in Nebraska got bullied and if you did, then shame on you. Those outside ads had very little to do with the end result. Sasse would have won without them (less margin, but still a victory) and anybody that spent more than 10 minutes with Bruning knows that he is an ass. I mean the guy lost before he event started running. By voting Democrat, you aren’t proving any point other than the fact that you don’t think logically.

  25. Some Facts says:


    You’re overstating. This primary was an extremely low voter turnout, giving us only a snapshot of the of NE-2 voter. Your analysis is missing some details.

    Out of 170,018 registered Republicans in Douglas County and Sarpy County, 28% voted (47,185). Of that, only 13% (22,002) voted for Dan Frei.

    You cannot say you know what the remaining 72% of the registered Republicans in Douglas and Sarpy county will do, that will be determined in November. Your ‘plan’ of electing Ashford in 2014 and then reclaiming the seat in 2016 is idiotic. A disaster.

  26. LukeinNE says:


    I wouldn’t call having Terry lose my “plan.” I’ll vote for him. I’m open to voting for Democrats at the state level, but when it comes to Congressional races, I’ll never vote to send the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid reinforcements from our state. My longer term concern is that Terry is damaged goods, it’s exceptionally unlikely that he’ll ever be successfully primaried, but fairly likely he’ll get taken out by a Democrat in the general election as NE-2 gets bluer. I’d rather that Democrat be an old, odd duck like Ashford than a young “rising star” like say, Pete Festersen, who would be much tougher to oust.

    On your numbers, I have to disagree that I don’t know what those 72% of those remaining Republicans will do, because I do: most of them will stay home. The last two midterm years with Senate and/or Governor’s races on the ballot (2006/2002), Nebraskans’ turnout was 47% and 40% respectively.

    Terry has enormous problems. He may survive this round, but for the long haul, he’s damaged goods.

  27. Jake says:

    Terry votes for whatever bill(s) Boehner endorses – that’s it. A trained monkey could do this. I’m sending a message too: Ashford gets my vote

  28. Re: Luke says:

    I think the point he was trying to make, is that you’re making a big jump when saying ‘Half of the district’.

  29. Lt Gov Pick says:

    I heard it was one of the Dynamic Duo that will be giving up their PSC or State Bd Ed run to be Ricketts Lt Gov. It will be a hard choice since both of their resumes are littered with having the market cornered on the fine art of getting into events free and using yard signs for their chief grassroots strategy.

    It’s either Wiener 1 John Sieler or Wiener 2 Pat McPherson. The voters have completely forgotten or are oblivious to how classless they are. Sieler resurrected himself from being rightfully removed from his DCRP chair yet sued the State GOP and McPherson is resurrected from the Red Robin chicken inappropriate behavior charges. Their actions are liberal and Clintonesque yet they call themselves moral conservatives. They are leeches. OMG….help us all!

  30. LukeinNE says:


    Yeah, that’s probably a fair critique. I’m guessing annoyed anti-Terry voters were overrepresented at the polls.

  31. Anonymous says:

    If 28% of registered republicans voted and 13% went to Dan Frei, that means only 15% went to Lee Terry. Yikes.

  32. One Party State says:

    All this begs the question of why Milquetoast Lee Terry was elected and re-elected time & again? If Terry is what NE-2 wants, what does that say about the voters of NE-2?

  33. LT GOV says:

    He needs to expand his base further west that Omaha. He will need to shore up support out west — a lot of the farmers and ranchers remember Ricketts mocking them with his stupid ads in 2006.

  34. Anonymous says:

    #32 Why would Ricketts pick another Omahan for Lt. Gov? He already said he wanted someone with an ag background and as #38 notes above, an ag background will help in the Third.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    Lee Terry can still earn my vote. He can deliver an unmistakable message to Boehner that he will not support amnesty under any circumstances. He needs to tell Boehner that should he move on amnesty that he will not vote for him for Speaker in the next Congress. He needs to tell Boehner to get his head out of his ass on any number of issues. He needs to do all this publicly. Absent that, I am staying home to accept my fate as a serf for whichever party wins. Your appeals of “The Democrats Are Worse” have no credibility anymore. I’m a voter and maybe you guys ought to start listening to me. It’s my turn now. You need me more than I need you. As it stands now my life won’t change, Pelosi, Boehner, doesn’t really matter. Ashford, Terry, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference in my life. Try to get that through your thick skull.

  36. Anonymous says:

    BTW, Jane Kleeb is not in the running as running mate to Ricketts. Whoever she is, she has to look good in red.

  37. Things Not Looking Good For Lee Terry's Re-Election Chances says:

    Sounds like Maxwell might be announcing today or tomorrow.

  38. TexasAnnie says:

    I knew ‘Chip’ while he “served” in the Unicam. He had the right idea about tax policy back then (he told me he supported a flat tax and NOT corporate welfare). If he has maintained this belief, then there really IS a difference with this Republican! But alas, Maxwell’s too Catholic for my taste…

  39. New Poll has Maxwell beating both Terry AND Ashford says:

    New poll at omahanews . com has Maxwell beating Terry AND Ashford. Maybe things won’t turn-out so bad; I’m ok with Maxwell as our Rep in Congress…he’s a solid conservative

  40. Macdaddy says:

    I’m not voting for any third party candidate or writing anybody in and I will never vote for a Democrat as long as I live. I will either vote for Terry or not vote for anyone. The primary is over. We need to make this about getting Terry to do what we want rather than side-tracking the whole discussion with talk of sour grapes and sabotage. Did you people learn nothing from the Suttle recall?

    Oh, and TA, nice of you to put your bigotry out there for all to see.

  41. Anonymous2 says:

    TA, MacDaddy must be one of those thin-skinned Catholics. (I grew up in that church, so I know what I speak of). Maxwell (and Foley) are types that not only practice their religion religiously (fine with me), but also expect everyone else to (attempting to pass laws that codify their religious beliefs).

  42. TexasAnnie says:

    Right, Anonymous2. And that’s exactly what I meant when I wrote that Maxwell’s too Catholic for my taste. And of course, ever the antagonist, Macdaddy hurled his verbal assault…

  43. Mark says:

    1.Why vote for Domina when you can vote for Watson or Jenkins? I will not be voting for Sasse, he is running for a seat that use to be Chuck Hagel’s. Chuck is more liberal than most of us would like him to be, but he and his record are light years more Conservative than Sasse’s. To all you who keep repeating the phrase that this is the most Conservative group in a long time I give you truth. While Ben Sasse was creating and fighting for one of the largest entitlement expansion in American History, Medicare Part D, Chuck Hagel was one of the few true Conservatives he fought back. Sasse is just another Big Government Rick Santorum Republican. I look forward to listening and seeing if Todd Watson and Jim Jenkins espouse a tangible form of Conservatism that doesnt include entitlement expansion that bring America $Trillions,000,000,000,000 in debt.

  44. Mark says:

    2.I am a Conservative voter who is undecided in the Governors race between Ricketts, Hassebrook and Elworth jr. I am hoping Ricketts chooses a solid LT Gov. I liked Ricketts but was really put off by all his mailers that showed pictures of Bruning and Obama. I also was dissapointed that Ricketts said some of Foley’s views should disqualify him from being Governor. Pete has to earn back public trust, and I hope his :LT Gov pick begins to do that. The only Republicans I am excited to vote in November is Don Stenberg and Doug Peterson, I might be a protester in the other races, we’ll see.

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