Chip Maxwell: I am running for Congress

Chip MaxwellChip Maxwell just issued a statement, via email.

Here it is in its entirety:

I am running for Congress. I am not ready to make a formal announcement because I’m still putting together my campaign plan and team. I have a plan to save the country, but first I have to put together a winning campaign plan.

I just want to comment on two topics that are generating hysterical assertions.

1. Dan Frei

There’s an allegation that Dan is orchestrating a grand plan and using me as a fallback dupe. He couldn’t beat Lee Terry in the primary, so he is convincing poor naive Maxwell to sacrifice himself and take Terry down with him in the general election, leaving a path to an open Republican nomination for Dan in 2016.

Dan had no idea that I had changed my party registration and was waiting to see what happened in the primary. In December I told him I had decided not to run in the primary. As far as Dan knew, that was it for me.

I approached Dan after the primary and explained that I was now putting together a campaign and would welcome his support, but I didn’t want my name or plans mentioned because I was still getting organized. That put Dan in a very difficult position. He caught a lot of flak for seeming to be a sore loser content to see the Democrat win. Dan had reasons to refuse an endorsement of Lee Terry regardless of my plans, but the truth is that Dan was holding off because he wanted to see what I could put together. I hope to get Dan’s endorsement when I have my plan and team assembled.

2. Petition Process

I will petition into the race as a nonpartisan candidate. After the election I will rejoin the Republican Party. I will serve in Congress as a Republican. The GOP is still the best hope for restoring limited government. The petition process is simply a procedural move provided by state law to get on the ballot.

The consensus of critics seems to be that I am pursuing an unconscionable strategy that will tear up the Republican Party and deliver the election to the Democrat.

Some people are making it sound like a crime against humanity or some bizarre process imported from the moon. The petition process — going right to the people and doing an end run around party machines — is part of the hallowed open-government-populist legacy of Nebraska. It’s right there in state law because it’s part of our political DNA. I’m not going to apologize for it. I am proud to utilize this process for exactly the purpose intended.

My candidacy should be a catalyst for a large Republican turnout and unprecedented unity among Republicans, plus the Libertarians and moderate-to-conservative Democrats and Independents who know the country is sliding too far to the left.

Actually, we’re all making this way too complicated. This election boils down to one main issue: Which candidate will fight hardest for the kind of course correction our country needs? It isn’t even close. I’m that candidate. I’m very very confident because I believe a majority of voters sees things the same way. They don’t care about party labels or internal party politics or other political squabbles. They just know the country is going in the wrong direction and needs a dramatic course correction. I’m the candidate who will fight hardest for that course correction in Washington.

Back to the anxiety in some Republican circles. Why are you a Republican? That is the real question. If you’re a Republican because it’s your private club and you don’t give a damn about the future of the country, then stick with the club’s guy, the incumbent. If you’re a Republican because you believe the country is veering dangerously far from fiscal sanity and needs a serious course correction, then I am your candidate.

I offer Republicans a candidate truly passionate about fighting for Republican values. If the Republicans complaining about my candidacy actually vote their alleged conservative convictions, they have no choice but to vote for me. If Ashford wins, it will be due to the-party-is-our-private-club Republicans who refuse to face the reality that it’s time to quit supporting an incumbent who is not the kind of Republican we need in the battle to get the country back on track.

Chip Maxwell


The key quotes here are:

The consensus of critics seems to be that I am pursuing an unconscionable strategy that will tear up the Republican Party and deliver the election to the Democrat.


My candidacy should be a catalyst for a large Republican turnout and unprecedented unity among Republicans…

If he really means it, the naivete of this statement is astounding.

Maxwell will not be elected in November, and by going this route, will deliver the seat to the Democrats.

This is simply a math problem.
2nd District Democrats, seeing blood in the water, will turn out in droves.
Republicans will mainly side with Terry, but a large group will go with Maxwell.
Independents will likely split three ways.

And the 2nd District will have Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford.

But Chip Maxwell knows this.

His plan is to then use his name ID to run for the GOP nomination in 2016,the Presidential election year, and hope for the best.

Well, it’s a plan anyway.
And will get many Republicans to run in that primary.
And will be full employment for Republican strategists.

Will it mean a Republican Congressperson?
THAT is another story…


**UPDATE at 10:05 am**

Not to be outdone…

1) Lee Terry has let go campaign manager Kevin Conroy and has a new campaign “Strategist” in Ryan Horn — formerly manager of the Jean Stothert for Mayor campaign.

2) Horn put out this from the campaign minutes ago:

Regardless of whether or not Chip Maxwell is successful qualifying for the ballot, there will only be one candidate in the race for Congress who has the proven record of introducing a Balanced Budget Amendment, standing to vote and repeal Obamacare, working effectively to build the Keystone XL Pipeline, and passing amendments that cut wasteful federal spending. That candidate is Lee Terry.

The Second District has a clear choice between a candidate who is a proven fighter and delivers results or others who change their mind and political affiliation to suit their own electoral goals.


  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    I think that a way this could be solved would be if Nebraska would do what California has changed to. Have an open primary where the top two bot getters regardless of party move on to the general election.

  2. Lee Terry Should Do The Right Thing And Retire says:

    This will not be close. Maxwell gets more votes than both Ashford and Terry combined.

    Look at the poll at omahanews . com. This election will bring Republicans out to vote in November in droves, like 70%+ of registered Republicans.

    Chip, you will have my donation and my vote, and I will spread the word. Finally, a Patriot will be representing the 2nd Congressional District. Finally.

  3. Wake Up, Sweeper... says:

    Actually, the key quote above is the following:

    “If the Republicans complaining about my candidacy actually vote their alleged conservative convictions, they have no choice but to vote for me. If Ashford wins, it will be due to the-party-is-our-private-club Republicans who refuse to face the reality that it’s time to quit supporting an incumbent who is not the kind of Republican we need in the battle to get the country back on track.”

    We all know he’s right and we all know Terry is incredibly weak, both here and in DC. It is time for an upgrade, and Chip is definitely better on all fronts, than Lee. Ashford won’t stand a chance if enough Republicans show-up to vote (and I believe they will).

  4. Realist says:

    Chip, don’t you have books to try and sell?

    Let be serious here though Chip. That same strategy didn’t work for Dan in the primary. Why would you possibly think it will work for you in the general with Democrats also voting? As sweeper said, it’s simple math really…

    You claim to be a strong conservative who will fight for our principles in Congress. But you are embracing a strategy that will likely result in a democrat representing us in Congress. Might I recommend taking a page from Matt Bevin’s playbook? After he lost to McConnell in the primary he said, “take the Hugh road as we leave here. If we return fire for fire, then we will burn our great nation to the ground. And we deserve better than that. So don’t return fire for fire. Don’t burn our great nation to the ground.” So Chip, please don’t try and burn our great nation to the ground…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maxwell is always guaranteed to care about himself first. He was a late entry into the city council race 5 years ago leaving 2 prominent republicans to fend for the very limited Republican vote in that district. The result–Democrat Chris Jerram wins. Maxwell is once again doing something that could easily result in a Democrat victory. Chip Maxwell, please quit thinking about yourself and start thinking about the good of your community and your country. Helping a Democrat get elected is not good for our country. You have no chance to win.

  6. Drew says:

    I can’t believe anyone thinks Ashford is some great candidate. He has little ties to liberal Omaha and while the Democrat Party may be excited by his chances, I doubt he can pull 25 percent of the voters. He amounts to a “rent a Republican” Democrat candidate.
    Seriously, I think the fight will be between Lee Terry, and Chip Maxwell and on that note, I think Lee Terry wins largely because the way the Keystone pipe line which Omaha voters support and large number of independent voters.

  7. Bam says:

    I can’t stand Lee Terry, but I can stand that Commercial-Federal-robbing, party-switching opportunist Ashford even less. Sorry, Chip – if you were serious about getting the job, you should have spent the money and tried to win your party’s support for the primary.

  8. Campaign Team says:

    I’m really curious who ends up on Chip’s campaign team.

    I assume that Scott Petersen and crew won’t be officially be on Chip’s team, but will be facilitating Chip Maxwell in the background. He’ll do his usual claim that he’s not involved with the division that he enables.

    Scott, you’ve been a wrecking ball. Only able to destroy, never leaving anything better off after you’re done.

  9. Chuck says:

    Its not arrogance, its cowardice. He was not willing to put his name up in the primary. His unwillingness to put up for a primary fight seriously makes me question his willingness to fight elsewhere. I have always liked Chip, but this is a selfish move that was obviously planned a long time ago.

  10. Campaign Team says:

    Would Scott Petersen & Bruce Dickes, who are on the DCRP Exec Board, be able to continue to serve in their role if they’re helping an ‘Independent’ (non republican) Candidate?

    Would it matter if they’re doing so in an official or non-official capacity?

  11. Anonymous says:

    “I have a plan to save the country.” This quote – and entire exercise – is Bob Kerrey level arrogance.

  12. Usually, when someone does something as horrible as Maxwell is doing, you ask yourself is it a result of stupidity or malice. In this case, I’m not sure if stupidity AND malice is sufficient to explain it.

  13. To Dan says:

    Any time you can lock up the guy who helped Brian Slone spend nearly a million bucks to finish behind Tom Carlson, you have to do it. What a strategist!

  14. Anon says:

    “the proven record of introducing a Balanced Budget Amendment, standing to vote and repeal Obamacare, working effectively to build the Keystone XL Pipeline”

    Reall, you want to tout three things that, so far, haven’t passed as your big accomplishments?

    Not to mention the fact the the BBA is a joke.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “the proven record of introducing a Balanced Budget Amendment, standing to vote and repeal Obamacare, working effectively to build the Keystone XL Pipeline”…….

    Ha ha, yeah! Real effective there. Sheesh.

  16. Patrick J. Borchers says:

    Oh, I wish you wouldn’t do this Chip. I wish I could agree with Drew’s assessment that Ashford will only get 25% of the vote, but he’ll do much better than that in my opinion. This will be one of a very few opportunities the Democrats will have for a pick up (remember how hard they worked to get Festersen to run?) and national money will come pouring into Ashford’s coffers. Maxwell is apparently trying to run to Terry’s right, which guarantees that most of his draw will be from Terry. He’ll take some anybody-but-Lee votes from Ashford, but in the end 80% of his votes will be people who would have voted for Lee. I know Chip thinks he has a chance to win, but in the end he won’t. He’ll be lucky to get far into the double digits. If Chip thinks that this move will make him more viable in the 2016 GOP primary, I think that’s a severe miscalculation. I think it will wind up being something like 45-40-15 Ashford, Terry and Maxwell in that order.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    Don’t know about the ‘math’ problem y’all are calculating in an effort to predict winners and losers, but I do know that Maxwell and ANYONE has a right to petition onto the ballot. And I do know that when both major political parties serve only corporate interests, the people be damned, that it will take an independent or third party candidate to fix what’s wrong with the country, as Maxwell vaguely pledges.

    Methinks y’all should try to discover just what Maxwell plans before denigrating his choice to petition onto the ballot. It certainly isn’t a “horrible” act. It’s his right.

  18. Poll Results Say Maxwell Beats Both Terry AND Ashford says:

    Today’s Poll Results From OmahaNews . com:

    Who Will You Vote For on November 4th?




    Chip Maxwell (I)
    115 47%

    Brad Ashford (D)
    65 26%

    Lee Terry (R)
    62 25%

    I’m Not Voting!
    5 2%

    Lee Terry should resign now, for the good of the GOP.

  19. It's also my right to... says:

    It’s also my 1st Ammendment right to critique and show my dismay about Maxwell ‘ s plans.

  20. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    Team Frei hit’s another homer in the ‘Game and Shame’ tactic. Oh, they sure know how to take advantage of those unreliable internet polls and use results to shame their target. Fantastic to see the team lend a hand to their new hero, Chip Maxwell.

    Too bad Baumgart won’t be able to send out a Straw Poll for an Independent Candidate, that would’ve awesome! You sly fox, guarding that hen house.

  21. Lee Terry should retire, for the good of the GOP says:

    Dot the right thing Lee – take the high road. You can’t beat Chip Maxwell; just announce your retirement now, so that Ashford doesn’t get voted into office.

    For once, Lee, be a leader, be a man. Retire for the good of the party and our state.

  22. Lifelong Republican says:

    You Maxwell supporters are idiots and do not have a clear grasp on reality. If you are members of the DCRP you should resign

  23. GeosUser says:

    You can already tell that Chip “Don Quixote” Maxwell is going to lose in November. He makes a non-announcement announcement before he’s even completed assembling some kind of ragtag bunch of loonies who will waste their time and little money on this campaign. He’s going to finish badly after running an ineffective campaign just like he did in his last two attempts at running for office. All he’s going to accomplish is ensure Brad Ashford now gets some money from the democratic congressional campaign committee along with some outside PAC support. If they can mobilize any kind of turnout in North O, Ashford wins going away. The very idea Chip is doing this for a potential 2016 run is beyond belief for any sane person, which leaves Chip out. This is the very public end of a very modest and mediocre political career. Truly sad to see a guy who supposedly is so smart make such a god awful decision.

  24. Quick Question says:

    Who is OmahaNews? It isn’t the Omaha World Herald.

    Seems questionable to have an Internet Poll being run by some unknown group. Do they have a dog in the race? Their polls always came out to Frei’s advantage, now they come out to Maxwell’s.

    Can you be certain they aren’t manipulating results? I’d put this particular site and polls into the, who cares bucket.

  25. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    Fake Polling Sites! You guys are good. I’ll never cease at being impressed with your tactics.

    What other slight of hand are you going to perform next for our new hero, Chip?

  26. Interested Observer says:

    I’m amused by someone who has a “plan to save the country”, but doesn’t yet have a “winning campaign plan”.

    If he can’t get the little things right, how can he ever get the big things right?

  27. RE: 48 says:

    Ironic, Chip says that “we’re all making this way too complicated” when it comes to his write-in strategy.

    But he certainly seems to have a campaign plan that is too complicated to deliver and execute, we must give him more time.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Why would Lee Terry retire from a seat he ran for and won?? If somebody else wanted to do this, they should have had the balls to run in the primary. Lee won the right to try. This is an incredibly and distinctly unpatriotic thing for Chip to do.

  29. I was hoping that this would all just be a rumor when it was first reported on last week. Now that it is a reality I am saddened. I like Chip as a person but by being up front that he is going to re-register Republican after the election it just shows he should have gone through the Primary like Dan did.

    I can’t see anyway this ends that is good. Even if Congressman Terry is able to hold onto his seat it will certainly drive up Democrat turn out because they now have a reason to show up at the polls and it will do nothing but hurt our Statewide and down-ballot candidates.

  30. TexasAnnie says:

    “…distinctly unpatriotic thing for Chip to do…”

    How so? Your descriptor begs explanation.
    Loyalty to a political party equating with patriotism?

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    Democrats have a right to vote; impetus for sending them to the polls should be regarded as PATRIOTIC!

  32. Ashford Will Win Unless... says:

    You vote for Maxwell. Stop sucking your thumbs, stop crying, and vote for the only Conservative in this race – Chip Maxwell.

  33. Public Political Self-Immolation says:

    “I want to phase out the two biggest and most-popular federal government programs (Social Security and Medicare), and I criticize religious leaders for supporting big government; what could possibly go wrong?”

    -Chip Maxwell

  34. How Many Books Did Maxwell Sell? says:

    “Maxwell said if he can sell 30,000 copies of his self-written book, he will see it as an endorsement.”

    “If you expect to be competitive in a primary in the spring of 2014, especially against an established incumbent, you need to be up and running by the summer of 2013. So, for me, I better find out right now if anybody’s buying what I’m selling, literally and figuratively.”

    -Chip Maxwell in December 2012

    Maxwell knows he can’t be competitive getting into the race in May of 2014. This is a kamikaze mission to take out Lee Terry and nothing more.

  35. CHip can not win says:

    This is out of hand. Voting for Chip with zero chance ensures Ashford wins. BTW you might want to vet your candidates better. From what I have read on wikipedia about Chip, no thanks.

  36. Wow, how moronic says:

    To suggest that voters love for Chip on the right is equally to the left’s utter disdain for Lee is idiotic at best.

    Never underestimate the Republicans ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This is a lose-lose for Republicans. This logic is like burning down Noah’s Arc to kill just one animal. You are killing all down ballot candidates to defeat Lee.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Wow! From reading these comments, Lee must be really scared about losing his nice house. And, uh oh, (gasp!) maybe his son will need to get a j.o.b.

  38. Interested Observer says:

    If Chip has a “plan to save the country”, why doesn’t he just promote his “plan”, instead of his ego?

    Is today the biggest day of Chip’s “campaign” and is it all down hill from here?

    Was this Chip’s 15 minutes in the spot light and is it over all ready?

  39. A Vote For Lee Terry is A Vote For Nancy Pelosi says:

    If you RINO’s don’t want Ashford to win, you best vote for Maxwell. Lee Terry is not going to win.

    So, your choices are: Vote For Maxwell and send him to DC, or Vote For Terry and send Ashford to DC.

    What’ll it be, you bunch of Crybaby “Conservatives”?

  40. A Vote For Lee Terry is A Vote For Nancy Pelosi says:

    Folks, we are at a cultural crossroads in this country. The Big Government Barbarians are at the gate; and frankly, they have been largely winning the hearts and minds of undecided voters for the better part of twenty-five years. As a Constitution-Loving-Conservative, I expect more from my Congressman than just showing-up and voting however he or she is instructed by GOP Party Leadership. Call me an idealist, but I also expect my elected representatives to embrace, protect, & promote Liberty – Lee Terry has failed all of us in this regard. From voting For the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), to voting For the Patriot Act, to voting For the $700 Billion Bank Bailout, to voting For Medicare Part D, to voting For raising the debt ceiling, to his several thoughtless & insensitive public comments over the past couple of years, Lee Terry has proven to be little more than an embarrassment to the people of Nebraska. Thanks in part to Lee Terry’s votes in favor of the NDAA & Patriot Act, our government now has unprecedented legal authority to spy on its citizens and can indefinitely imprison any American Citizen without due process (all they have to do is label you or I as an enemy, without the burden of proof)…Thanks Lee! I could go on and on about how Lee Terry has been completely ineffective at actually selling or influencing those who are on the Political-Left to support common-sense conservative ideas and ideals, or about how he dutifully towed the GOP Party-Line by voting for the $700 Billion bank bailout in 2008 (forever a stain on our nation’s history); but you see, these acts of incompetence and injustice pale in comparison to Lee Terry’s vote to grant the Federal Government almost unlimited power over its citizens via the NDAA & the Patriot Act; a level of power that is straight out of Orwell’s “1984″ and that completely flies in the face of what our Founding Fathers stood for. From my perspective, based upon several decades of life experience & observation, I am convinced that Lee Terry is a Big Government Bureaucrat who has proven time and time again that he will vote for any bill that he feels will help to prolong his political career, and it seems to me (and to many others who have been paying attention) that political survival is Lee’s paramount ambition in life.

  41. Pete says:

    Dear 68,

    Boys town receives zero funding that our representative in congress has any control over. You’re just pissed because they caught you disseminating Frei campaign garb on company time and put the Kabash on it.

    BT LOVES Lee. You, on the other hand, love a loser, and an independent masquerading as a republican, masquerading as an independent.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Oh brother. Just vote for the chunk of love you want. But spare us your florid pulsating prose.

    You newbie’s are cannon fodder. I have zipped a lot of you dunces into shrouds, both figuratively and for real. Minds aren’t changed in any political blog. So be entertaining, witty, even funny. Anything but serious. Faux sincerity is nauseating and if its real, that’s pathetic.

  43. Where do the anti-Lee Terry votes go? says:

    Every general election, the anti-Terry vote has gone to the Democrat opponent. However, now there will be three candidates. Why does everyone insist it will automatically go to Ashford?

  44. Dip Maxwell says:

    This just in, “Nebraska’s Republican Liberty Caucus will NOT be helping Chip Maxwell” according to Chris Scott’s blog. I thought Chip was going to get all of the conservatives support???? Chip, people are using you!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Lee Terry is a big boy. If he can’t win enough votes, then he will lose. And rightly so. Same goes for
    Frankenstein-face Asswad and Mister Chippy too.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Amen #74. You all act like someone deserves the seat or something. This is an election. No one is breaking the law. May the best people win in every race.

  47. Anonymous says:

    72. Are you really that stupid?

    No one here is saying that all the anti-Terry votes will go to Ashford. Maxwell says he’s going to switch back to GOP if he wins, so that splits the GOP vote and only the GOP vote. Maxwell pulls votes from a GOP incumbent and that leaves Liberal Democrat Ashford with more votes.

  48. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    Nice decoy! Tell everyone that the RLCNE won’t be working for Chip, but that doesn’t stop individual members from doing so. Liberty and all, they do whatever they want.

    Only reason for the press release is that much of Chip’s support is likely from the RLCNE members. Must be really worried if you took this step with an ‘official press release’. But don’t worry, nobody will know and that press release will keep everyone from figuring it out.

    It’s not like you guys ever say one thing publicly, but do something different in the background. wink wink.. sly foxes guarding the hen house.

  49. Okay ---- says:

    If you are a member of the DCRP and actively working against the Republican in the race — does that mean the body has the right to request a vote to remove the member??

  50. Finally - Conservative will be representing the 2nd CD in Wash DC! says:

    Go Chip, GO! Man, I haven’t been this excited about politics in a long time; it is very refreshing to see a guy (Chip) stand up and say “no more!” and throw his hat into the ring when he knows he will be impugned by fellow conservatives who are too narrow-minded to see that he is the guy for the job.

    Chip, you have my support, donation, and vote. Where do we get the petitions?

  51. Rip Torn says:

    If only Frei hadn’t supported Tom White, I would have voted for him and he would have won the primary and we would’t be in this mess!

  52. Finally Ashford can get in!!! says:

    Go Chip, GO! Man, I haven’t been this excited about politics in a long time; it is very refreshing to see a guy (Chip) stand up and say “no more!” and throw his hat into the ring when he knows he will be impugned by fellow conservatives who are too narrow-minded to see that he is the guy for the job.

    Chip, you have my support, donation, and vote. Where do we get the petitions?


    Every Democrat in Douglas County

  53. David Bywater says:

    When will we see a statement like this from the Douglas County Republican Party?

    A Republican organization, the RLC-Nebraska does not support or endorse non-Republican candidates if a Republican is in the race.
    OMAHA, MAY 21, 2014 – With the announcement of Chip Maxwell that he intends to pursue a petition effort to enter the 2nd District House race, the RLC-Nebraska wishes to affirm its position.
    We are a Republican organization. Our by-laws prohibit the organization from endorsing or supporting any non-Republican in any race in which a Republican is running. Mr. Maxwell is no longer a Republican, and he is (or would be if his efforts are successful) running against a Republican, so we are obviously not involved in this effort, officially or unofficially, as an organization.
    While individual members may choose to participate in the effort in some way, that is a purely personal decision on their part, and does not reflect the views or position of the Republican Liberty Caucus, and we are not encouraging our members to engage in any activity which would increase the likelihood of a Democrat victory in the fall.

  54. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    Dave, with the DCRP Chairman and several of the DCRP Exec Committee members being RLCNE members, this covers them also. Doesn’t it… wink wink …


    I welcome my latest robot invention. R2 DCRP 2. It has one mission and that is destroy the party.

    Step #1-Insert a third party candidate that has no pay to victory

    Step #2- Convince candidate the candidate that he has a path to victory

    Step #3-Bail on dumb candidate right after he does just enough damage to make sure the incumbent does not win.

    Step #4-Plausible deniability. Tell everyone in the party that you (Frei’s peeps) had nothing to do with Maxwell and he was acting out of free will.

    Step #5-Make Maxwell the fall guy

    Step #6-run your guy in 2016.

    Problem with R2 DCRP 2’s plan is that I am my family voted for Frei. Not next time around.

  56. Statement from the International Union of Robots, androids, and synthetic life forms says:

    I would like to go on record that R2 DRCP 2 is in no way created, encouraged, programed, or even a member of our group. We fight for robot rights and the humane treatment of robots and robot friendlies.

    We never condone seak and destroy missions nor suicide missions as clearly R2 DCRP 2 advocates.

  57. Lil Mac says:

    When Maxwell said he will run “as a nonpartisan candidate”, that instantly gave him an excellent chance of beating partisans Terry and Ashford. — The average Nebraska voter likes having a nonpartisan legislature and sees party loyalty as bad. Nebraskans elect people who profess to be Independent. Huskers like iconoclasm but not more than they hate partisanship. — Chip Maxwell had a very strong chance of becoming a U. S. Representative (I-NE). But then he chose to keep talking and to the wrong audience.

    In the same sentence Maxwell promises, “After the election I will rejoin the Republican Party. I will serve in Congress as a Republican. The GOP is still the best hope…”

    Poof! All the votes he gained by declaring himself “nonpartisan” evaporate.

    The moment Maxwell tried to reinforce the anti-Terry GOP Primary vote for himself he lost his chance to win, because that vote obviously peaked, unsuccessfully, when Frei lost. That’s was as GOP as any election was ever going get this year. Democrats who are unhappy with Ashford aren’t going to flock to I-promise-to-be-a-Republican Maxwell. And neither will Independents who view party loyalty as a serious flaw. To the average anti-party voter, Maxwell promises to shove the GOP down their throats.

    In case we forgot, Terry is reviled because he is a committee chairman under the GOP leadership of the House. Maybe GOP Primary voters see several different GOPs, but Independent voters who decide these elections see just one GOP. They see Maxwell promising to switch off his GOP loyalty now so he can switch it on later.

    Without having a window onto his mind, we can only guess that he sculpted this announcement many months ago for the GOP Primary and for some reason didn’t jump in, but then afterwards saw Frei refuse to congratulate the winner and Maxwell took that GOP pouting disunity as being his own opportunity. Well, yes, except that Maxwell’s announcement continues to try to impress and convince the small slice of GOP Primary voters who became much less relevant to the November outcome the instant the Primaries were over. Maxwell may have simply gotten excited and failed to edit what he wrote for Republicans so it would appeal to, and not piss off, the very different general votes.

    So be it. They each eventually screw themselves. The incumbent is past an expiration date he set, the loser chose to pout in a way partisans might forgive but general voters dedicated to polite campaigning rarely do, and Chip apparently failed to edit his announcement for a new anti-partisan audience. They screw themselves without our help. All we can do is observe and watch the show.

  58. RE: #87 says:

    I seriously doubt that. The Sasse campaign is concerned with their own candidate and wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. Nice try though.

  59. PistolAnnie says:

    Curious to know if the DCRP has done anything to assist Gwenn Aspen or Joni Craighead– or are they too concerned about unseating a Republican Congessman?

  60. If You Want Amnesty For Illegal Aliens, Then Vote For Lee Terry! says:

    Boehner will push forth some form of quick citizenship for illegals and all RINO’s will be pressured to support it. Do you really think Lee Terry will stand up to Party Leadership? Neither do I, which is why I support Chip Maxwell – at least Chip actually STANDS for Conservative Values and Ideals.

  61. Macdaddy says:

    I guess Lee Terry has his work cut out for him. I give him until November 1 to get Boehner to see the error of his ways. Having said that, I will not vote for Chip Maxwell or Brad Ashford instead of Terry.

  62. no doubt in my mind says:

    Terry will oppose and vote against so called “immigration reform” that does put border security first.

  63. Lee & The Constituent says:

    Citizen: “Congressman, Terry, define Conservatism.”

    Lee: “Well…uh…we should build that Keystone pipeline. And, uh…um…duh…hey, how about them Huskers! Yeah!”

    Citizen: “You had your chance. I will vote for Chip Maxwell.”

    Lee: “But what about the Keystone pipeline?!? And my mortgage?!? Who’s gonna` pay for my house? I need a drink…”

  64. Ross Perot says:

    Running as an Independent (disgruntled Republican) certainly helped me get elected President in 1992 and in no way contributed to the defeat of the Republican nominee former President George H.W. Bush.

    If you will kindly look at the chart prepared by the ‘volunteers’ you’ll also see that partisan voting behavior seldom deviates: Republicans vote Republican and Democrats for Democrats. Sure politicians (especially non-Republicans in this state) like to tout that this isn’t the case but then again, they never let the facts get in the way.

    Whomever gets the plurality of Independent votes between Terry and Ashford gets elected.

    The only possible influence Maxwell can have in this race is to do what Perot did for Bush 41 and give us Ashford.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry. If Lee Terry is so worried that someone in the race might take votes away from him, maybe he should stop whining and actually DO something to earn these votes.

  66. Why Did Lee Terry Vote FOR These Legislative Turds? says:

    1. $700 Billion Bank Bailout
    2. Medicare Part D
    3. Patriot Act
    4. NDAA
    5. Increasing the Debt Ceiling

    Are these the actions of a CONSERVATIVE? Um…No.

  67. I bet the donor is... says:

    I bet the donor is someone that Mary Beth Maxwell found. Mary is Chip’s cousin, who was on the short list of potential labor secretaries for Obama in 2008. Later she was chosen in April 2009 to be President Obama’s senior advisor in the United States Department of Labor.

    If there was a Dem donor, no doubt she’d have the connections..

  68. Kortezzi says:

    Maxwell is a useful idiot…and will help deliver NE2 for Ashford if he really follows through with this naive and hopeless strategy.

    Lee has been a disappointment on some votes, but he is a stalwart on KXL and votes right more often than not. I voted for Frei in the primary but certainly won’t help Chip do this.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Why is the Sasse campaign still doing robocalls which last most of a minute imploring people to sign up to help? A week after a brutal Primary? People want a break, really.

  70. I’m pleased to note Lee Terry voted against the gutted charade that is laughably called the USA Freedom act, which essentially codes into law NSA 4th amendment violations. Lee bucked House GOP leadership to do this. That should refute the claim he’s an unthinking tool of John Boehner.

  71. Lil Mac says:

    MD, I share your pain and your conclusion. But I would also note that Boehner leads a HOR that has almost 450 members. All but one, basically, just show up and vote. I’d like one of those 499 to wrestle sense into the head bone-head but that’s rather unlikely. We miss the good old days of Congressmen beating another Congressman’s head to a pulp with a cane.

    I suppose good government has never really been attainable. But avoiding worst government is a handy alternative.

    RWP, Ricketts notes various Nebraska areas that need improvement. Under Education he mentions, “In addition, state discussions on education policy should be made open to all educators…” That sounds familiar. A certain un-regal Regent in contest with a white knight of academia. Its enough to give the Bard palpitations.

  72. Anonymous says:

    If Ashford wins because Chip steels votes from Terry, I promise to run as an independent to the left of Ashford in two years in order to allay sweeper’s fears that Ashford could hold the seat for life. Sleep well this weekend, sweeper. And you’re welcome.

  73. Tonic & Tonic says:

    According to the municipal fish wrapper (OWH)
    Dip Maxwell believes he will pull votes from the right, right leaning I’s, and centrist/right leaning Dems.

    WTF Chip, do you not realize that Lee’s votes are made up of exactly that? That is literally the collection of groups by which Lee Terry gets elected. You can’t claim to be more conservative than him and then go after the same voters! Lee Terry gets elected because he is the best fit line for our scattered ideologies.

    You are either a complete dipshit moonbat, or you have ulterior motives that have nothing to do with being elected to Congress.

  74. Dan says:

    Thanks Chip, thanks for making my Vote irrelevant and for sending Brad Ashford to Washington.

    I’m no Lee Terry Fan, but you are a Spoiler, nothing more! You will not win, and thanks to you neither will Lee Terry. When Brad Ashford gives his victory speech I think I may get physically ill, and for what? To stroke your ego?

    Your hubris is truly Obamaesque.

    Thanks Chip. A State that passed a Constitutional Amendment against Gay Marriage by over 70% is going to be represented by, as Chis Baker like to say, a real Moon Bat.

    Good job.

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