Summer Build Up

To begin your long weekend, first a little Separated at Birth…

Larry - Jane - SAB 01

Trucker-hatted and sleeveless Larry the Cable Guy and…trucker-hatted and sleeveless, Jane Kleeb!

This image of Jane is from a recent video from some group of hipsters in front of a brick wall touting the virtues of Nebraska and how it’s actually hip and not flat and hip. (Spoiler alert: oooh, Swearing!)

Which is all fine (we’re sure they’re cause is awesome, and all that), but we just chuckled at the image of Jane in her “I’m so 3rd District” get-up. We’re sure Jane’s reaction after getting offered the gig was, “Do I get to fold my arms and look ‘genuine’? I’m in!

Of course, you remember that this isn’t Jane’s first poseur outfit. Who can forget when she suddenly became a member of F.F.A?

But of course Jane knows how to dress for whomever she is trying to impress.

Leather Kleeb

Whether it’s Pleather Tuscadero or Git-‘Er-Un-Done! with the anti-Pipeline crowd, you can bet Jane has a matching outfit to fit right in.


A follow-up on the exciting race for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat, where you may have heard a few things:

1) Real Clear Politics now lists #NE02 as a “Toss Up” race.

Heck that is generous compared to most of the opinions from politicos with whom we spoke. Many already consider it a “Likely Dem”.  And more than a few see Democrat Super-PACs on the horizon, coming in to “support” Chip Maxwell in his Quixotic Kamikaze bid.

2) Others lament what Maxwell could be doing to other races as well. In a “rising-tide” theory, turnout could potentially hurt a Pete Ricketts in the Governor’s race. If Hassebrook ever makes it close, Ricketts could potentially take a hit by an overwhelming Democrat vote in the 2nd.

And on that note, others go back and wonder what the point of it all was for Lee Terry to endorse Ricketts back in the primary. He needs every vote — especially now — and alienating 75% or so of the voters probably won’t do him any favors.

3) Some are more generous, and point out that Terry will have to pound Ashford and discourage Democrat turnout. Of course, that will have to be indirect, as telling voters Ashford isn’t “Democrat” enough would be awkward coming from Lee.

And then Maxwell will be pushing Terry towards the middle as well — something he has often tried to do on his own to capture Independent votes.

4) The entire Nebraska Congressional delegation is backing Terry.
You rarely get to read these things in full, so here you go:

Senator Mike Johanns:

“I have witnessed Lee Terry’s leadership and tireless advocacy for our state from the perspective of a Governor, Secretary of Agriculture and now as a U.S. Senator and I can say unequivocally that he loves serving Nebraskans and always has the best interest of our state in mind. He applies Nebraska common sense to all he does and works to get government out of the way of growth. Nebraskans have come to trust Lee for good reason.”

Senator Deb Fischer:

“Republicans in the second congressional district chose Lee Terry as their nominee in last week’s primary. Lee is now the Republican candidate and he has shown throughout his congressional service that he is also the conservative candidate. I have enjoyed partnering with Lee on a number of legislative initiatives during my time in the Senate. I look forward to campaigning with Lee in the months ahead.”

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry:

“I’ve known Lee Terry for a long time, first as a city council member. I know how dedicated he is to public service, his family, and our country. There’s a great deal of respect for Lee among his colleagues. Nebraska has a small, but effective delegation and we work hard together as a team on issues affecting our state and the well-being of our nation.”

Congressman Adrian Smith:

“The primary election is over, and now conservatives should unite around our Republican nominees. Lee Terry is a dedicated conservative and a leader in the fight against overreach from the Obama Administration. As we march toward a November 4th victory, Congressman Terry has my full support.”

5) But it really comes down to this: If Terry hopes to win, it will likely be after a political brawl with Maxwell and Ashford.

The Governor and Senate primaries will likely look like thumb-wrestling in comparison.


Have a great weekend!


  1. GOP'er says:

    Larry has cleaned up…Jane never really “had herself” so you can’t let go of something you never had…

  2. Ricky says:

    Is this really going to happen? Is Maxwell Smart really going to run as an independent?
    This is like Christmas in May. Can it really be the end of Terry in Congress and it happened this way?
    I realize nobody can stand Terry anymore, but I always thought the Sarpy County backstop would keep getting him elected, despite what Omaha wants.
    Go Chip Go! Go Chip Go!


  3. Ricky says:

    Larry the Not Funny Tea Party Guy is a hero to the hillbillies in Nebraska I realize that, but I can’t help but think the rightys are unhappy because Jane from Hastings and the people from Central Nebraska have beaten back the Keystone Pipeline at every turn.
    Kleeb is clever and smart, and Larry the Not Funny Tea Party redneck makes Nebraskans look like clods.
    So remember you are who you hang out with readers of L St.

    ricky from omaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    From what’s been said on the DCRP Facebook page, it looks like Scotty Petersen and Bryan Baumgart are feeling the pressure..

  5. Anonymous says:

    When Ricky Retardo endorses Chip Maxwell, its like getting the endorsement of Karl Marx. So that ought to send a message.

    Ricky also says Kleeb is “clever and smart”. Well, to booger eating Ricky, sure, why not?

  6. Ricky says:

    Another thing about Larry the Not Funny Tea Party Redneck Guy is that he is a jock sniffer.
    He loves BO and hob nobs with the football types, has a suite in Memorial Stadium, and gives money to the Big Red.
    This reminds me of the Koch Brothers giving money to the arts and Donald Sterling giving cash to the NAACP; it’s a smoke screen to soften the image of a guy like Larry the Not Funny Ted Cruz Loving Dorky Guy who Promotes the Far Right Red Neck Dumb Asses. Like Pelini.
    Get a better role model Nebraska conservatives please.

    ricky from you know where

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    Y’all keep lamenting that voters will turn out and vote! What’s up with that?

    Yes, the primary election is over. And now you’ve moved on to the general election. And a part of the general election is the potential for candidates to petition onto the ballot. If you don’t like this part of election law, get ‘er changed!

    Gentle Johanns excepted, your current representatives are commenting as though you OWE your votes to Lee Terry. You don’t. Forget admonitions from Fischer, Fortenberry and Smith. The Republicanism and teamwork they advocate is what they want. Is it what you want, ’cause if it’s not, then you’ve got to vote to change what you’ve got!

  8. Tonic & Tonic says:

    @anon #6
    Please to refrain from implementing the R word in your insults of Ricky.
    All ither words are fair game, just try not to have a story in the paper written about you.

    My thoughts exactly on the hear nebraska vid. I was thinking the exact same thing when I watched it… “ooo that’s so edgy”
    And you’re right, Hear Nebraska is a great cause, just one that is operated by world class tools.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    T&T is correct (earlier post) that Chip Maxwell described to the OWH the exact kind of voters he expects to pull away from Lee Terry and that they are exactly Terry’s base. Maxwell is specifically going after the voters who choose Terry over Terry’s Democrat opponents. That of course dooms both Maxwell and Terry by splitting that one segment of vote.

    We have seen something similar before, during Bob Kerrey’s last visit to NE.

    Democrat Hassebrook was running for the US Senate. Kerrey obviously wanted the job because he later ran for it. Yet Kerrey did not want to run against a powerful Heineman, so Kerrey staked out Hassebrook like bait and then calmly coiled and waited. He let Hassebrook commit himself. The moment it became too late for Heineman to enter the primary, Kerrey slithered through a loophole that allowed him to jump in and Bob pounced on Democrat Hassebrook, who arguably was more electable against a Republican woman than Bob running from NYC. Kerrey wasn’t aiming at Republicans. He aimed to coopt Democrat voters to help Bob squash Hassebrook flat. The result of Kerrey’s cool ambitious subterfuge was a Republican U. S. Senator; not at all what the NE Democratic Party had in mind but very much the fault of one Democrat Kerrey who put himself above his party and chose to act the snake.

    To find a similar Republican example, we must look beyond Frei’s refusal to congratulate his own GOP competitor. While petulant behavior isn’t mature, it is in fact due to emotions felt by Frey who ran a hard race and lost. –Not so with Maxwell who coiled and waited in ruthless coolness.

    Maxwell could have joined the GOP Primary and ran. Instead, like NY Bob, Chip chose to wait in the shadows for an opportunity to strike, not at the opposing party for sake of principles that he used as an excuse, but in Chip’s case, struck directly at his own party’s nominee. In this respect, Maxwell is worse than Kerrey.

    Maxwell’s ambition to run (which existed before because he is running now) didn’t seek the honest light of GOP competition. He instead waited coolly until Terry won a hard fought contest, which Chip didn’t fight. Only then did Maxwell shed his Republican skin and strike at the GOP nominee via the GOP nominee’s own core voters.

    If the lesson of Bob Kerry is worth learning, we see rather clearly how Maxwell will likely cause Democrat Ashford to be elected to Congress. After that damage is done Maxwell will, like Kerrey did, slither off. But not before he envenoms the veins of his own party in Nebraska.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The problem is we criticized Bob Kerrey’s for making Hassebrook take his name off the ballot like the seat was owed to Kerrey. But now you want Lee to do the same thing to Chip.

  11. A Grateful Man says:

    I am a Conservative person (both socially & fiscally). For as flawed as they were, I believe the framers of the U.S. Constitution were divinely inspired (that’s “by God” to those of you in Rio Linda) as they set-out to form this nation of ours. I have a family. I am a Christian.

    To me, and many like me, this race isn’t about having someone with the “Republican” label win. Lee Terry has proven time and time again that he absolutely will vote for bills that could legally pave the way for our federal government to someday place the boot of Fascism on the necks of my children, future grandchildren, and so-on down the line (NDAA, Patriot Act, initial support for SOPA), not to mention his support for legislative actions that spit in the face of Capitalism while continuing to bury us into even more debt ($700 Billion bank bailout, Medicare Part D, Debit Ceiling Increases).

    The aforementioned actions and choices of Lee Terry makes him unelectable (in my mind) by anyone who truly identifies with both the Conservative Movement AND The Cause of Liberty. A few years ago, I started to think I was more Libertarian than Republican, but after much research and reflection, I realized this just isn’t true. I’ve now come to believe that the Republican Party is the best hope to defend our Constitution and all of the things that make America the best nation on the planet. Problem is, we have allowed the Republican Party to become overrun with both corruption and ineptitude. I don’t believe Lee Terry is corrupt, but I do believe he is weak and that he is utterly devoid of either the ability to convey a dual-message of Conservatism and Liberty or the personal beliefs and conviction necessary to propel the Republican Party and this nation forward. Either way, he needs to go.

    If this means Brad Ashford wins, then so be it. There are enough people who call themselves “Conservative” in the 2nd Congressional District to take the seat back in 2016. I will be voting for Chip Maxwell. I know enough about Chip to know that he is far away better qualified to accurately deliver the our message to Washington DC. Chip is no coward, nor is it likely that he can he be bought or intimidated by corrupt GOP Party Leadership (this is based upon my observations of him over the past several years).

    To you folks who are standing by Lee Terry; then I ask you, if you’ve been paying attention over the past 16 years and if you truly identify with the Conservative Movement and The Cause of Liberty, then how could you possibly continue supporting this guy? By now, you know in your hearts that Lee is not the best person to be representing us. Let’s give Chip a shot – if he screws up or lies, I will be the first to call for his replacement.

    Have a great weekend, neighbors.

  12. TexasAnnie says:

    A Grateful Man gets it. Loyalty to the Republican Party is foolhardy; your candidate should be loyal to Republican ideals!

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Sasse has already buried the hatchet with McConnell including giving him $2000 in campaign contributions. I will say that the man must be a master at telling people what they want to hear.

  14. Anonymous says:

    #15. You said “I am a Conservative person… and believe that the Republican Party is the best hope…” Yet you support an Independent candidate against the Republican Party’s nominee and you add, “If this means Brad Ashford wins, then so be it.”

    You prefer the Liberal Democrat over the GOP’s nominee because you are Conservative Republican?

    That’s delusional. All these men want power. And you have a favorite. That is fine. But don’t try to tell us that by screwing around on your political spouse, you are really doing her a favor.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Telling people what they want to hear is how Senators sway other Senators. It’s the job. Sasse blew away his competitors and has been developing federal policy for a decade. He’s in demand. And, yes, he is an oily SOB. Good. He is entering the oiliest bunch of power brokers SOBs on the planet.

    Senators put newbies in their place with such razor like subtlety that most walk away thinking they have won, only to find days later they were royally screwed. When the victims being screwed are our own Senators, we are screwed. Power is ugly hot stuff. As voters, we keep trying to send saints into hell to cool it down and then we wonder why government is so inept. Its wheels grind hot.

    Sasse will more than fit in. And why not? None of us wants to hire a blood-shy surgeon or a gullibly honest lawyer. We certainly don’t need well intentioned malleable “good” Senators. Sasse may even have majority leader potential. Yes, it is ugly. But so too is butchering and yet our burgers are tasty.

  16. A Grateful Man says:

    To #20,

    You clearly either have a reading comprehension problem, or else you are incapable of tapping your critical-thinking skills as they apply to political conversation.

    Peace be with you.

  17. anonoymous says:

    GM, I grateful our Godly founders included men like Franklin and Jefferson, men whose personal piety certainly exceeded their Christian orthodoxy. They’d be run out of any but the most liberal denominations today. Anybody calling themselves a follower of Jesus ought to be scarred to death by what He demands of His disciples. Don’t diminish Christ by mentioning Him or His Gospel in the same sentence as something as silly as a political party or system of government. He stands above all such things in absolute, sovereign judgement of them.

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Gerard Harbison, for those of you not paying attention, is merely a pimp for the Nebraska Republican Party. That is all.

  19. TexasAnnie says:

    Come on, y’all! Put it in writing here and now, that you realize you have a right to vote your conscience, not your political party. Some of your comments appear to suggest otherwise…

  20. TA iis being disingenuous. The question is not what you have a ‘right’ to do. The question is what it’s smart to do. Even if Chip Maxwell were conservative perfection, which I doubt, voting for him would be stupid if it elected Brad Ashford. And it is pretty damn obvious that TA wants Maxwell to take votes from Terry so the 2nd district will elect a Democrat. Yes, it’s deceptive and in bad faith, but it’s TA to a tee.

    The rational way to challenge candidates who fail to live up to their promises is in the primary. Maxwell avoided the primary; in fact, he craftily changed his party registration so he could by pass the primary and get on the ballot by petition. He had the ‘right’ to do all that, but it is reasonable to conclude he used underhanded tactics to avoid a direct challenge to Terry. He’s banking on the tiny chance he can supplant Terry as a conservative candidate and win a plurailty, when there is a far higher probability the will simply throw the election to Ashford. It’s incredibly selfish and egotistical, and not particularly smart.

    Yes, it’s also deceptive and in bad faith. Funny how folks like that tend to work for each other.

  21. Sasse Supporter says:

    Ben Sasse did not give McConnell money!!!! You Osborn people are sore losers. Ben will never support establishment Republicans! Prove it!

  22. Drew says:

    In the Esch, Ewing campaigns, both tapped into anti-Lee Terry votes which amount to 1 out of 5 voters. Esch/Ewing were largely viewed as bland noncontroversial candidates with no voting record.
    So how does Ashford compare?
    Ashford has switched political parties more than once and has a checkered voting pattern in the Unicameral. He has no broad appeal as was shown in the run for Mayor which has the bulk of Democrats in district 2. Ashford is just as toxic as Lee Terry.
    And while all this was happening, Republicans now outnumber Democrats in Douglas County and Democrats are willing to vote Republican as the mayor’s race showed.

    Add in Chip Maxwell and the race is no longer an anti-Lee Terry issue but an anti Brad Ashford issue. Conservatives will show up in droves. Ashford can’t capitalize on the anti-Lee Terry vote. Can’t count on Democrats to vote for him. And he has a record that can be attacked with zest.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Texas Annie, you are a whore for Liberalism. (You call RWP a pimp, so tit for tat.)

    And you are a fundamental liar.

    You come here and say you are for a flat tax and fiscal conservatism but then you demand that everyone else use their tax dollars to help you raise your child forever. That’s social liberalism. Charity isn’t when you cheer government reaching into your neighbor’s wallets to force them to pay your personal bills. We all understand a parent of a needy child robbing their neighbors to help that child. But don’t call your robbery fair or just. You cannot have it both ways.

  24. TexasAnnie says:

    I’m not lying: I am for a flat income tax, no exceptions and no excuses, or better yet abolishing the IRS and initiating a federal consumption tax in it’s stead. The above commenter has lied in stating otherwise. Plus I have never made any demands on behalf of any of my children, as accused above.

    The problem with “conservatives” is that they often wish to conserve the unjust tax policies already in place…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy is advocating voting for the Democrat Domina over GOP Sasse.

    Maxwell Republicans say they prefer the Democrat Ashford to GOP nominee Terry.

    We need some Republicans to rise up and support Hassebrook over Ricketts.

    Republicans should stab every square inch of the elephant. You have missed a few spots.

  26. RE: Drew says:

    The whole ‘anti-Ashford’ theory for Chip is bunk, but whatever helps Chip Maxwell and supporters sleep better at night.

    By the way, not clear on where your coming from. Are you supporting Terry or Maxwell this election cycle? This whole ‘Maxwell cuts the anti-Terry theory’ appears to be messaging that is designed to make Chip’s race seem more palatable and stop the negative onslaught of dismay directed at Maxwell.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Somebody needs to get Chipper to make an iron clad oath that he will not try to sell anymore of his lame books, AND not be on the radio anymore…….he needs to leave the Broadcast area of KFAB once the reflection is over, or join tommy White under the rock he slid back under.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I used to read Leavenworth Street for its insightful political analysis. During the primaries it became about as intellectually stimulating as watching The Bachelor reruns. Now it has joined leagues with the Maury Povitch program with the Idiot Professor and the Annie Oakley want-to-be trading sophomoric insults and arguing the paternity of the NEGOP.

  29. Anonymous says:

    We’ll never know what sartorial delights the cross-dressing Sweeper might delight us with on the catwalk so long as he/she hides in the wings.

  30. Macdaddy says:

    Sasse Supporter, the National Review, Sasse’s main media cheerleader and probably biggest fanboy ever, reported that he gave McConnell’s campaign $2000. After that they had a very warm and cordial meeting. The hatchet is buried. Sasse will also vote for McConnell as GOP leader. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I TOLD YOU SO!

    Anon 33, I am not specifically advocating for Domina over Sasse. I’m certainly not voting for any Democrat ever. I’m just pointing out that your boy is going to betray conservative principles the first chance he needs to and then lie to your face and tell you that he didn’t just do that. Again. I TOLD YOU SO! Ben Nelson voted very conservatively almost half the time, but when it mattered, his true colors came out. If it makes you feel any better, I also have to live with everyone else’s poor choices.

  31. Osborn Supporter -- says:

    It’s not like we didn’t warn you, Sasse supporters. Sasse is a political whore who’d say anything to get elected, and now that he doesn’t need you, the SCF, the Club or FreedomWorks you can pretty much kiss him goodbye. Oh, the irony. FreedomWorks savaged Osborn for having “formed alliances with McConnell.” I hope they’re happy about the $2 million or so of their donors’ money that they wasted. Actually, more than wasted. They spent it on the “outsider” who really was an “insider” as Osborn claimed all along.

    Oh, he’ll fit right in. Yeah, the’s the “Outsider Who’s Going to Change Washington.” He was standing tough against McConnell. Oh, and now that he’s won the primary? You can pretty much forget about that stuff.

    I hope you’re happy about not believing us that you were electing Chuck Hagel Part Deux.

    National Review

    Thaw Continues as Sasse, McConnell Have ‘Warm’ Meeting
    by Eliana Johnson
    May 24, 2014, 1:15 p.m.

    Walking toward his Capitol office on Thursday, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell ran into Wyoming senator John Barrasso, who had a friend in tow: Ben Sasse, the tea-party-backed nominee who recently won Nebraska’s Senate primary and is all but a lock to win the general election in November.

    Sasse ducked into McConnell’s office for a private meeting that a Sasse adviser describes as “very warm.” That’s a sharp contrast to a meeting the two had in the same office last November, when McConnell chastised Sasse for working with the Senate Conservatives Fund, which had endorsed McConnell’s primary opponent, the businessman Matt Bevin, and for posting a video to YouTube in which Sasse criticized Republicans, including the minority leader. The latest meeting came after Sasse, the president of Nebraska’s Midland University, donated $2,000 to McConnell the evening the minority leader trounced the tea-party-backed Bevin.

  32. Sasse Supporter says:

    You people cannot handle that Ben Sasse outsmarted all of you. His secret strategy with Carl Rove showed who runs Nebraska politics

  33. Macdaddy says:

    To those of you who have lost loved ones who were defending this great land, please know that their sacrifices did not go unnoticed. America has thrived because of them and if she is to survive, it will be because of them. I offer my condolences and thanks.

    “Greater love has no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.”

  34. Osborn Supporter -- says:

    To #43. Oh the chicken has hatched and he’s running around back home in D.C. clucking away.

  35. Learn To Spell Sasse Supporter says:

    “Carl” Rove???? You’re kidding me—you don’t know how spell Carl, as in Karl Rove? I can tell you are going far in the political world!

  36. I’ve been reading, of all things, Ben Sasse’s Ph. D. thesis. Although I’m not a Sasse basher, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s erudite, literate, witty, and impeccably balanced; if there’s any noticeable slant at all, I’d have said Sasse was pro-Church-State separation. If you wanted a readable and wryly humorous histroy of recent establishment clause issues and their impact in mainstream American, I’m not sure you could do any better.

    I began this as a chore (to counter some leftist loons, like vile Kyle, who claim it proves Sasse is a ‘Christian Jihadist’). But it’s actually turned into an unexpected pleasure. Needless to say, it proves the opposite; Sasse has a sophisticated and well-informed view on American religion, and has carefully looked at what it means to everyday people, not just scholars.

    I am, by the way, an atheist, and a ‘strict separationist’.

  37. Lil Mac says:

    Sour grapes are an acid on open wounds. If you aren’t wounded, it is insensitive of you to opine on the pain tolerance of others. Not all of my candidates won. It hurts. That said, there are bigger dangers ahead. So get over it, get rational, and focus. Between the Republicans who today actively stab at the elephant and those who run around ripping off its scabs, this can all go horribly wrong.

    The Ricketts race for Nebraska’s Chief Executive matters more than any 1 of 100 U. S. Senators or 1 of 449 House Reps who by voting wield tiny bits of shared legislative power. Yet by cutting chunks out of the elephant at a Senate and House level, NE Republicans put the governor race at risk.

    Ricketts is vulnerable. If the Maxwell-Terry split manages to elect Democrat Ashford, that can boost an already surprisingly close Hassebrook to the governorship. Think that’s impossible?

    During the last 70 years, up until Heineman’s appointment, Nebraska has alternated between Democrat and Republican governors like clockwork. Democrats are due. And in case that isn’t enough to shake you awake, exactly one score years ago, Nebraska had a Democrat Governor and Lt. Governor, two Democrat U. S. Senators, and a Democrat Second District Congressional Representative. They were big supporters of GOP cannibalism in Nebraska.

  38. Osborn Supporter -- says:

    So I guess all that complaining about Nelson giving us Obamacare was “sour grapes”? I’m supposed to accept without question what Sasse says now? Sorry, it’s not 1930’s Germany or 1950’s Russia. I get to question what people in power (or near power) say.

  39. Morton Blackwell says:

    Jane Flemming thinks she is so Ag wearing a Livestock Market hat. Dearest Jane Nebraskans are not fooled by your dress sweetie as every Nebraskan knows you are a liberal Florida brat.

  40. I’m a regular reader of National Review. I read every Mark Steyn column as soon as it’s on line. I think Sasse’s dissertation may be the best piece of conservative political writing in the current century.

  41. Osborn Supporter -- says:

    I’m voting for Sasse. That doesn’t mean that calling BS on him is “sour grapes.” Save the lectures for somebody who cares.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Gerry, very glad to hear that about Sasse. I trust your opinion on such things, and am a big fan of Steyn. Especially when he fills in for Rush.

  43. Lil Mac says:

    50 & 54, it was an original diehard Sasse supporter who called your pain “sour grapes”. I defended you. So don’t spin and fire in all directions on full auto. I cringed when Shane took his campaign in less than helpful directions. One’s background has nothing to do with one persuading or dissuading voters. It’s an oily gift one has or lacks.

    You mentioned Nelson. It occurs me that if Nelson had passed Obamacare without the Kickback, Nebraskans would still be voting for Nelson today.

    Nelson’s core support was never the Democratic primary core he angered with his “Conservative Democrat” nonsense, nor the GOP core who never believed that lie. Nelson’s core was the larger pool of unfocused November voters who swallowed his self-serving hypocrisy as if it was principled iconoclasm. They didn’t hate Obamacare nearly as much as they felt jilted by his Kickback. And these are the same voters who Sasse, Ricketts, Terry and now Maxwell must try to persuade vs Hassebrook and Domina.

    Ironically, these Republican vs. Democrat partisan general elections in NE will be decided by mostly a-partisan populist voters who essentially don’t care about party, policy, or political principle but have a driving need to love whomever they elect. That’s Nebraska. We can call that good or bad but it is what it is.

  44. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    Comment #5 says: From what’s been said on the DCRP Facebook page, it looks like Scotty Petersen and Bryan Baumgart are feeling the pressure..

    More like they put on the pressure. Don’t you love how Scott Petersen and Bryan Baumgart work in tandem to keep anyone from challenging them. Say anything and they’ll bring the hammer. Well, kind of, they bring the hammer down on the weakest target they can.

    NEGOP Chairman JL Spray is quoted in an Omaha World Herald article questioning Scott Petersen’s motives. Silence… Tea Party Patriot Jerry Anderson calls Scott Petersen a liar. Silence…

    Some nobody nerd shares that Omaha World Herald article on Facebook. Ready the gang ready and pummel him into submission. We must make sure the past and current Chairman suppress any dissent. Everyone needs to learn the lesson here: Don’t mess with Scott Petersen, Bryan Baumgart and gang. Especially if you’re a nobody. They love easy targets. It makes them look really powerful.

    I love these new guys. Before them, I always hated how the ‘establishment’ squashed any dissent, they were such jerks about it…

  45. It won’t have nearly the impact of Chip Maxwell’s suicide-vest mission against Terry, but there are a couple of people running for Senate that may make Dave Domina’s bid even more impossible than it currently looks. One is Dan Buhrdorf of the ‘Tax Wall Street Party’. He has a very active social media effort already, and is peddling a kind of prairie Progressivism that could seriously bleed off votes from Domina, particularly if Domina’s polling continues to make him look hopeless anyway. For those who think the NDP couldn’t sink any lower, how does 3rd place sound?

  46. Rumor says:

    Is it true that Chip Maxwell hired David West to be his mustache consultant? Also hearing Jerry Odom has been put on retainer to distribute literature and tin foil.

  47. Tin Foil Request says:

    I live in Kearney, and I need some tin foil. Galen Hadley is my state senator and I really need some tin foil. Hadley already has his.

  48. Impact hammer says:

    The only direction for Sasse to go is down, dragged in that direction by Maxwell stabbing the elephant and Ricketts who isn’t yet in safe territory.

    RWP, rather than pinning our hopes on Sasse’s Democrat opponent having problems, perhaps the most useful thing one can do to help Sasse is to raise the drag anchors on him, by helping Ricketts rise and by cutting Maxwell off at his registered independent knobby knees.

    A Democrat Ashford win, plus anything close between Ricketts and Hassebrook, will greatly increase Election Day turn out against all Republicans candidates including Sasse.

  49. Macdaddy says:

    Sasse is safe and Ricketts is safe. The Republican-Democrat difference in Districts 1 & 3 far, far outweigh any possible Republican-Democrat difference in the 2nd. It’s not even close.

  50. Anonymous says:


    That’s right, kiddies, the Nebraska 2014 GOP Primary, in which every Nebraska GOP candidate objected to Illegal aliens being inside Nebraska. Yet the Nebraska GOP ballot is printed in Spanish (same for the Democrat ballot).

    Combine this with the fact that Nebraska does not make voters show a ID card when they vote, but simply ticks off their name as being registered, and also that anyone can register by showing an electric bill which isn’t proof of citizenship, and you have to wonder whether Dinsdale, Osborn or Sasse got the most illegal alien votes? Or Domina? And how could you ever know for certain they didn’t?

  51. TexasAnnie says:

    Our Tea Party candidates won handily in the primary run-off elections yesterday. It can be said with confidence that the Texas GOP solidly drinks TEA!

  52. anonymous says:

    I didn’t know speaking Spanish was a universal indicator of lack of U.S. citizenship, but speaking English universally indicated holding U.S. citizenship. Having a ballot in several languages expands the franchise. IT HELPS REPUBLICANS WIN.

  53. Anonymous says:

    #70. This is not about language. This is about the fact that NON-US CITIZENS CAN VOTE IN NEBRASKA ELECTIONS. That is a fact. The Spanish language ballot example only serves that fact because, simply put, everyone born in the USA speaks English, as a requirement in American schools. Plus, every foreign national who become a naturalized US citizen, and thus may vote, is required to learn English before they are sworn in as US citizen.

    Don’t let the language thing confuse you. — Most Nebraskans are surprised to learn that the closest foreign national language to Nebraska is Canadian French not Mexican Spanish. But no matter. For as we said, this isn’t about language. This is about Nebraska government allowing non-citizens the ability to vote in Nebraska elections; an egregious violation of law, sovereignty and common sense.

    Since every one born here and naturalized are all required to know English, thus all voters know English, the only possible reason to have a Nebraska voting ballot in any language other than English is obviously for people not born in the USA, i.e. foreign nationals who aren’t US citizens.

    Those foreign nationals who don’t speak English include LEGAL Green Card holders and ILLEGAL border jumping criminals. Yet ALL OF THEM can vote in Nebraska. The legal non-citizens and the illegal non-citizens alike can vote in Nebraska.

    We cannot blaming Spanish or French speakers for this. We cannot blame those foreign nationals here legally or illegally. We must blame, and rightly so, Nebraska’s Governor, its State Election Commission, its Unicameral, the NE Attorney General, etc.. They allow our elections to be a joke.

    Nebraskans resoundingly rejected Bob Kerrey because they felt he was a citizen of New York. Yet the same Nebraskans apparently don’t care that non-American foreign nationals are being invited, in their native tongue, to vote as non-US-citizens in Nebraska elections.

    It is a solidly GOP Nebraska state government that allows this. Democrats apparently find a destroyed electoral system to their advantage. Republicans insanely oblige that destruction.

  54. Egads says:

    Nebraska candidates and incumbents would bus in North Korean troops if it meant more votes for themselves.

    Nebraska has electoral voting integrity like a whore has scruples.

    All this campaign rhetoric amounts to these wannabe’s arguing over which gets to try on the used prophylactic.

  55. anonymous says:

    Still waiting, Egads @ 72 and Anon @71. By your logic the election we just held was a sham. Shame on both of you. The only language needed on your ballot reads:

    Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
    ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

    In English:

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

  56. Anonymous2 says:

    #71, this is just more idiotic, unfounded, right-wing paranoia. When I vote, my name is matched to a list. I have to be on that list to vote. If someone else voted using my name, it would be clear very quickly. Ask your local Election Commissioner how often this happens.

  57. To #74 says:

    Are you really using quotes from the language of Mordor. Your overlord Sauron would be so proud.

    Enjoy virginity….and eating meatloaf in your mom’s basement…..NERD

  58. anonymous says:

    Anon2, you’ve bought the lie, according to #71. You believe that list is accurate, but they – you know, “THEY” – have compromised it. All those illegals are already on the list. So they can vote. Because the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburgs made it that way. Once LaRouche is finally in charge we can sleep soundly at night. Yeah, that’ll fix it.

  59. anonymous says:

    Sorry #76. You see, I’ve already had your Mom’s meatloaf. Too bad you’re all we have to show for it.

  60. To 78 says:

    Somehow you speaking mordor pretty much leads me to belive you are not entirely familiar with the female anatomy. But hey, perhaps you could sweet talk a fat orce chick.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous2, do your homework. Most don’t. All voters should. Americans have the means to be factually informed yet most choose to remain ignorant. There is no guesswork to this. Look it up.

    The “list” you appear on at your polling place is the Secretary of State’s/Election Commission’s list of Registered Nebraska Voters. To register to vote in Nebraska, you need only show a utility bill receipt and then fill out a voter registration card. Nothing else is required. Everyone who lives in Nebraska; be they born in the USA or are here on a visa or here illegally; they all watch TV and pay electric bills. Utilities don’t demand proof of citizenship before they hook you up.

    Frankly, I think non-citizens who register (albeit illegally) to vote in Nebraska are more responsible people than the lazy Americans who are born here yet never vote. And I hope this last election isn’t voided, simply because most of my favorites won. I didn’t call this election a “sham”. You did.

    I simply stated a fact, i.e. that anyone who isn’t a US citizen can in Nebraska register to vote and then vote and there is no way for the Secretary of State Gale or anyone else to know it. Obviously nobody in our entire government wants to know. They form a very large club of the blissfully ignorant.

    Government has a habit of selectively refusing to enforce the breaking of some of its own laws. Examples include ignoring federal marijuana laws and homosexuality crime having been reversed. I have gay relatives and loved ones with glaucoma, so these changes don’t faze me. But most laws are enforced for civilization to work. Here, in a Representative Democracy, where voters choose everyone who makes laws and voters choose everyone with a final say in enforcing laws, voters are the key to everything. Voters are key.

    Who are Nebraska voters? We don’t really know. Our Constitution presumes our national sovereignty demands voters only be U. S. citizens. Yet today, any N. Korean agent (paranoia) or Parisian courtesan (wishful thinking) or illegal drug smuggler (it happens), or more likely Mexican citizen here illegally with hopes of staying, can breeze into NE and vote. Feel free to look it up.

    This is a crack in the foundation and everyone is arguing about what shade to paint the porch.

  62. anonymous says:

    To #80 above, you are a crank at best and a liar at worst. I don’t believe a word of your theory. Good luck selling it to fellow Republicans like me. This black helicopter crap makes it hard for reasonable people, especially those we’d like to attract to our party, seriously. Assuming the worst, that the problem you describe has existed in some form since the inception of the Republic, how do you explain the fact that we’re still here, and surviving at least tolerably well? Imperfectly to be sure but tolerably. We are not in the worst of all possible worlds here. And NO ONE will support the draconian measures necessary to fix your imagined problem. My God, you’ve imagined the worst fears & fantasies of the Obama & Bush haters in one go. Are you serious? Are you going to pitch THIS at the next DCRP meeting as a worthy topic of discussion? Tell you what – do it. Do it and tell us what happens, I dare ya.

    This kind of infantile malarkey is why we can’t have nice things, like a Senate to go with our House, and a White House to go with our Congress. Geez.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha, you can’t make this stuff up! Brenda Council is complaining on one of Vince Power’s Facebook threads about Heineman using his official stationery to apply for the University position. Yes, Heineman should not have done that — BUT, Brenda Council doesn’t exactly have any room to talk about people misusing official funds, does she??? LOL.

  64. Bryan "Overlord of us all" Baumgart says:

    It may seem cute to refuse to say who you voted for in the house primary to Joe Jordan, but in reality, it makes you look like an idiot

  65. Anonymous says:

    81, you seem so unusually upset about this. This is my issue and I’m less upset than you. My immediate family wasn’t born in the USA. Naturalized citizens. We don’t have a problem showing ID to vote. We are proud and see voting as the biggest perk of citizenship. We worked hard for it and you seem to slap our face and every American’s face by encouraging non-citizens to vote. That is what you are doing, right? You are okay with that? We don’t mind showing proof of citizenship to vote but you call that draconian. What kind of American are you?

    And why does this upset you so much? Are you soliciting non-citizens to vote for your candidate? Are you a green card holder? This isn’t complicated. There are places in the USA where most residents are not citizens. You cannot go live and X country and vote over there. Why is it okay for people over there to come here and vote in your LD for your state senator. You can’t even come to my LD and vote here.

    Check the voter registration requirements at the NE Election Commission website. This isn’t theory. Its what it is. Non citizens are allowed to vote here. Why are you so avidly for that?

  66. Anonymous2 says:

    #89, here’s the bigger problem. Various scheme to ensure only registered voters vote have been proven to prevent a significant number of citizens from voting. In your unfounded paranoia of these swarms of non-citizens that are flooding our ballot boxes, you’re willing to take away the right to vote from citizens who don’t have and would find it difficult to get an ID that would satisfy you (mostly the elderly).

  67. I for one, welcome our new Overlords says:

    Watch your mouth #88. Is there any chance you’d give us your name? That way we can prepare the gang for a coordinated beat down on our amazing Facebook thunderdome page…

    Anyways, Baumgart is so clever and coy… Under no circumstances was he working the background for Team Frei… noway, nohow… Not one smidget… wink wink…

    And you say Baumgart looks like an idiot… Well you just don’t get it, do you. That is pure absolute confidence. Baumgart is 100% confident that he’s fooled everyone….

    Keep it up, you sly fox guarding the hen house… nobody suspects your true intentions… wink wink…

  68. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous2, your rationale suggests you knowing who has sex with your spouse is irrelevant because even if you know, the spouse uses birth control, thus the impact is minimal

    You say you have “proof” of denied voting but then cite no proof. I gave you the NE Election Commission’s website. Yet you don’t care to know about the law or proof.

    Integrity lost in pursuit of power doesn’t bother you. It was, after all, your local candidate who was caught paying and transporting indigents to vote for him. At worst, you paid his bums yourself. At best, you aren’t concerned about election integrity because your idea of integrity is blissful ignorance.

    Not caring to know who or what is screwing you in your sleep, can lead to one waking up under a tyrant with a STD.

  69. Mater says:

    I think Leavenworth Street owes an apology to Larry the Cable Guy for defamation of character… comparing him to Jane Kleeb? Clearly Larry is the better looking one & is much more respected by his fellow Nebraskan’s. Come on Leavenworth Street, Git R Done!

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