Maxwell’s Ship of Selfish Fools

World Party 01Back in 2008, some political analysts believed there was a very good chance that Democrat Jim Esch would take out Congressman Lee Terry in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

At the time, some politicos were already speculating about which Republicans would run in a primary the next election if Terry lost. And former state Senator and County Board member Chip Maxwell’s name was thrown about.

But Maxwell would have none of it.

On his personal blog he wrote:

“…any Republican who thinks it’s good for Lee to lose because it provides an opening is a selfish fool. The local Democratic Party would be revived, and local and national Democrats would move Heaven and Earth to hold that seat. The best play for whoever wants to succeed Lee is to be patient.”

(And this has been stuck in our heads all afternoon…)

Maxwell went on to say that he felt Terry would be in office until at least 2018, at which time Maxwell would reconsider the political landscape.

Well, patience is one virtue that Maxwell seems to have spurned.

Of course Maxwell will say that he is not seeking to make Lee lose for later gratification, but for present fulfillment.

But that doesn’t mean Maxwell is any less of a fool.
Or any less selfish.

Some speculate that Maxwell may not be able to get two thousand signatures or mount much of a campaign.
We doubt that with a little effort he can get the sigs, and don’t feel he will need much of a campaign. Heck, there will be Dem groups that will be willing to assist Maxwell in order to help Brad Ashford take the seat for the Democrats.

Those are the types who would “move Heaven and Earth”.

It will be interesting to see if Chip Maxwell listens to Chip Maxwell.

(And we will note that as we were writing this post, Maxwell took his 2008 blog post down. Which we are somewhat amazed at. But we still got it and will paste his entire post below.)


And just in case anyone wonders if the national folks are paying attention to the fate of Terry…they are.

As a Politico Roll Call article today states:

“…now that Nebraska’s 2nd District is possibly back in play, Democrats are salivating.”

But they also note,

“National Republicans say they are still unconvinced that Maxwell is organized enough to qualify for the ballot or to raise enough money to have an impact.”

It is not clear to us who those types are talking to, but if they want to hold the seat, they should look up from their smartphones. Otherwise they’re likely to walk smack in to a race they didn’t know was going on.


We are not really going to involve ourselves in Governor Dave Heineman’s interest in the the University of Nebraska President gig. However, it is interesting that Howard Hawks decided to have a great big beef with Governor Dave upon the announcement of submitting his application.

It seems that Hawks is still a bit peeved at the Governor for not slam dunking the Keystone Pipeline through. In addition, Hawks was a Mike Foley guy and the Gov’s beef with Foley has likely caused some hard feelings.

We will let others get themselves wound up about the Governor applying for the job while in office. (And did he use the office Xerox for making copies of his resume?)

In any case, we wish the Governor well in his job hunt and remind him to always hit the necessary buzzwords on his C.V., have a clean shirt and firm handshake at the interview, and remember to have a few pertinent “questions” chambered for the interviewer. Makes you sound well-informed.


Follows is the entire post from Chip Maxwell’s blog “Check with Chip”which was originally posted at the URL

Since 2:30 pm CDT on 5/29/14, the post is gone.
But you can find it Google cached, here.

For the record, here is what Maxwell wrote back in October 2008:

Yikes! Did He Say MY Name?

A local political analyst on the radio this morning speculated about Jim Esch winning and mentioned me as part of the next wave of Republicans going for the House seat. I don’t want my name connected with that kind of premature postmortem.

That makes it sound like I’m one of several vultures circling over Lee Terry.

Reality check: The vultures may be coming for my carcass next week. I’m in a tight race for re-election to the Douglas County Board.

Aside from that, any Republican who thinks it’s good for Lee to lose because it provides an opening is a selfish fool. The local Democratic Party would be revived, and local and national Democrats would move Heaven and Earth to hold that seat. The best play for whoever wants to succeed Lee is to be patient.

Five years ago — my children were small, life was relatively simple, and I knew I couldn’t continue serving in the Nebraska Legislature because of the financial blow to the family budget — I visited with Lee about his long-term plans. Now my children are older and life is much more complicated. I’m running for re-election to the county board because I have enjoyed it much more than I anticipated, and because it fits well with work and family life.

If I could write the script, Lee would hold the House seat for another 10 years while my wife and I raise our children. Then I could test my sanity by looking at a House race.

It’s all moot because Lee’s gonna win and I’m on my way to becoming a best-selling author and talk-radio host.

Wipe that smirk off your face.


  1. Anon says:

    Hawks is a bloviating jerk, but in this case he’s right. The Governor sucked the air out of the room and will disuade qualified candidates from applying. He’s trying to c-block (chancellor block) other applicants. Using his office to do it is just icing on the cake. Perhaps we can get Jon Bruning on the case to investigate the misuse of state office to enrich oneself. Oh, wait… never mind.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interestingly, back in 2008, Maxwell ran a horrible campaign after he made the referenced blog post and lost his reelection campaign to the county board to Mark Kraft–a weak candidate who Maxwell should have been able to beat easily if he had gotten off his duff and worked at least a little bit to win. Then Maxwell went on to enter the city council race a few months later right before the filing deadline, pegging two well-known Republicans against eachother in a Democratic district, with the full knowledge that splitting the Republican vote in that district would likely result in a Democratic win. It did. Maxwell does not act in what is in the best interest of the conservative cause. He acts in what he thinks is in his own personal interest, even if the result is electing a liberal Democrat. He’s at it again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maxwell’s “selfish” for running for a seat in Congress?? Isn’t Lee “selfish” for holding onto the seat for so many terms (after his promised three!) so no one else can have a chance??

  4. Really Anonymous says:

    First of all that’s what a primary is for and second of all it’s Chip’s own words. Stick to the facts Anon

  5. What Heineman did was self-serving and obnoxious. It likely eliminated the chances of UNL getting someone even half as qualified as J.B. Milliken (and Heineman isn’t 1/10 as qualified), and thereby damaged the entire university system. And all for the grubby little pursuit of a $600 K plus house plus car golden parachute.

    Surely a conservative should be against a political insider raiding the public till for personal enrichment. On the other hand, we’re discussing the NEGOP here, so i suppose conservatism has little to do with it.

    Heineman said he understands academic culture because his wife is a retired elementary school teacher! Because a system consisting of a research university, medical school and two four-year campuses is just like your local grade school. And he says he’ll learn on the job. Guess what, we can’t wait for a 66 year old man to learn on the job. There are plenty of people who can do the job from day 1, which was why Heineman had to drive them off with his completely inappropriate public campaigning for it.

  6. Anonymous2 says:

    Speaking from someone on the left side of the aisle, this has been Heineman’s modus operandi from day one. But for most of you it wasn’t a problem because he was “one of yours”. Or you had blinders on because he wasn’t a dreaded “Democrat”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Professor Harbison,

    I wish this was Facebook so I could “like” what you said and share it everywhere. You are spot on! Harbison stands on principles, a true conservative.

  8. RWP says:

    I supported Heineman for governor because the alternatives were worse.

    It’s what any conservative or libertarian always ends up doing.

    It’s not the case here. Nebraska could attract a first rate President. We just hired a Dean, from Purdue, who’s a member of the National Academy.

  9. What a Disgrace says:

    Did Anyone see Bryan Buamgart’s interview with Joe Jordan? He looked like a giggling teenager with a poorly kept secret.

    It was a simple question. Did you vote for Terry or Frei? While we all know that he’s a Frei guy, he executed the worst reply to the question I’ve seen. No Comment, with a smirk and a giggle.

    You looked like a idiot, my friend. Block and Bridge, look it up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Perhaps we can get Jon Bruning on the case to investigate the misuse of state office to enrich oneself. Oh, wait… never mind.”


  11. Ricky says:

    What gall for Governor Heineman to use his office to further his own aspirations. And the sad fact is he will probably get away with it. It’s so nauseating how Heineman acts. Get a real job Dave and stop living off a government paycheck.
    Thank you RWP for speaking up as you have done and what I read in the paper.
    What is funny to me is how the Lincoln paper and others say how popular Heineman is. Nobody I know likes the guy. The Unicam has swatted him aside for two sessions now, and his endorsement of Bruning for Gov went over like a lead balloon. Heineman is NOT a popular figure by any means in Nebraska. But 10 years of greasing palms as Gov and now he expects something in return.
    So the N U Board of Regents went out of their way to proclaim they want public input on the choice of the next NU President, and I bet you the calls are 10 to 1 against Heineman being chosen and the Regents will pick him anyway. (Board of Regents meeting tomorrow, in case anybody wants to weigh in on this. Use the public comment form on the Regents web site).
    I played golf with a UNMC official tonight who says he heard Heineman has 5 votes from the Regents already. And this guy was not happy about that, saying Heineman is not a friend of UNMC.
    So, chalk this up to another Republican blunder and Nebraska will have another GOP black eye.

    ricky from omaha

  12. Chip The Selfish Fool says:

    In one of his books, Chip talks about the need for eliminating social security in its entirety.

  13. To the Young Republicans says:

    Put down your wine coolers and quite posting about the DCRP Chair. BTW Vote Jerry Odom for President!!!

  14. What a Disgrace says:

    Wish I was a Young Republican, but I am well past those days.

    Serious question: Can you honestly tell me you watched the NE Watchdog interview and thought, “Bryan Baumgart was well spoken and articulate. He had a real command of the situation.”

    I can only describe my reaction, Bryan Baumgart looked like a giggling teenager with a poorly kept secret. It was highly visible and very unprofessional.

  15. Advice for Dave says:

    Keep smiling

    Try not to break the law on your application (might be too late on that one)

    Wear red

    Pretend to have misplaced Education page on resume.

    Hope like heck selection committee does not Google “Nebraska DHHS”

    Pay off your references so they fudge a bit on the question “how well does applicant work with others?”

    Good luck. Next stop Yale.

  16. Don’t ask “what time is recess”?

    Don’t ask where the school buses park.

    Don’t propose saving money by eliminating graham crackers and milk for the students (h/t Dan Moser)

  17. 20+ Year Registered Republican says:

    I am a Conservative person (both socially & fiscally). For as flawed as they were, I believe the framers of the U.S. Constitution were divinely inspired (that’s “by God” to those of you in Rio Linda) as they set-out to form this nation of ours. I have a family. I am a Christian.

    To me, and many like me, this race isn’t about having someone with the “Republican” label win. Lee Terry has proven time and time again that he absolutely will vote for bills that could legally pave the way for our federal government to someday place the boot of Fascism on the necks of my children, future grandchildren, and so-on down the line (NDAA, Patriot Act, initial support for SOPA), not to mention his support for legislative actions that spit in the face of Capitalism while continuing to bury us into even more debt ($700 Billion bank bailout, Medicare Part D, Debit Ceiling Increases).

    The aforementioned actions and choices of Lee Terry makes him unelectable (in my mind) by anyone who truly identifies with both the Conservative Movement AND The Cause of Liberty. A few years ago, I started to think I was more Libertarian than Republican, but after much research and reflection, I realized this just isn’t true. I’ve now come to believe that the Republican Party is the best hope to defend our Constitution and all of the things that make America the best nation on the planet. Problem is, we have allowed the Republican Party to become overrun with both corruption and ineptitude. I don’t believe Lee Terry is corrupt, but I do believe he is weak and that he is utterly devoid of either the ability to convey a dual-message of Conservatism and Liberty or the personal beliefs and conviction necessary to propel the Republican Party and this nation forward. Either way, he needs to go.

    If this means Brad Ashford wins, then so be it. There are enough people who call themselves “Conservative” in the 2nd Congressional District to take the seat back in 2016. I will be voting for Chip Maxwell. I know enough about Chip to know that he is far away better qualified to accurately deliver the our message to Washington DC. Chip is no coward, nor is it likely that he can be bought or intimidated by corrupt GOP Party Leadership (this is based upon my observations of him over the past several years).

    To you folks who are standing by Lee Terry; then I ask you, if you’ve been paying attention over the past 16 years and if you truly identify with the Conservative Movement and The Cause of Liberty, then how could you possibly continue supporting this guy? By now, you know in your hearts that Lee is not the best person to be representing us. Let’s give Chip a shot – if he screws up or lies, I will be the first to call for his replacement.

  18. To: Gerard says:

    Gerard, I think the Governor will do just fine when his term ends, whether or not he gets the university position. It is easy for you to throw stones—having never put yourself up for election to a public office or won or served as graciously as Dave has. The academic pinhead arrogance you possess is really starting to irritate. However, it appears that you and ricky boy are now on the same level of ignorant arrogance. Your most recent comment reeks of immature idiocy and perhaps allows for all to see your elementary school thought process.

  19. Fort Street Fury says:

    I don’t think the gov os qualified to be NU prez. I also don’t think he’ll get the job.

    Additionally, I think his press conference was out of line. I’m a pro-heineman guy for the moat part butbhe stepped in it.

  20. David Bywater says:

    to 20+ Year Registered Republican,
    I am interested to know how you voted in the Presidential election?
    Congressman Terry is a solid conservative and relentless defender of liberty and freedom. Something you can’t even come close to saying about any dem opponent you may help get elected to congress.

  21. GOP'er says:

    to 20+ year registered republican….thank you for copying and posting the same message everywhere. Not an original thought in there.

    Signed, a 26 year plus registered republican

  22. 24: I identify myself when I’m throwing stones. It’s part of not being chicken-$h1t.

    From your incoherent grunts, I suspect you think that terminal degrees come in cereal boxes, and that there is nothing that experience in academia could teach one about running the complex, interlinked $2.4 bn a year research, teaching and service operation that is the University of Nebraska. Yeah, let’s just make it a retirement package for a hack politician who wasn’t particularly notable for his ability to manage anything while governor. That’s a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

  23. 20+ Year Registered Republican says:

    David Bywater: I very reluctantly voted for Romney (he’s a joke, just like Obama, Bush, and Clinton). I was an ardent supporter of Ron Paul.

    GOP’er: Thank you for your thoughtful response.

    Gerard Harbison: Well said.

    Our group will be launching OmahaRepublicans . com and OmahaPolitics . com in the coming weeks; we look forward to serving our community with our thought-leadership in these arenas.

  24. Yawn... says:

    … serving our community with our though-leadership …

    The house of delusions is cheap to build but drafty to live in.

    Good luck with building those sites.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I would think it would be easy to understand that just because someone may think Heineman did an okay (or good, whatever) job as governor, does not mean he would necessarily make a good college president. They are two totally different positions. It’s possible to like “Governor Heineman,” but not like “President of NU Heineman.”

  26. Glorified Book Tour says:

    Chip Maxwell’s campaign looks like a glorified book tour. There are links to his book on Amazon all over his campaign site. I actually don’t think Chip Maxwell thinks he’ll be elected, but maybe he’ll get those 30,000 copies sold. I wonder where he got on that number.

    It’s weird, his entire campaign centers around this book. I bet there is a requirement to read it before you can volunteer.

    By the way, who is his campaign staff?

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Lee Terry has been in Congress 16 years. He has his own Subcommittee. He is supposed to be a conservative. It’s time to put that leadership, experience, and influence to work pushing the House leadership back on track. It is as simple as that. Do that and Chip Maxwell has nothing. Do that and I will vote for him and do it gladly. But if I smell a rat and suspect the GOP leadership is going to pass amnesty and continue to allow Obama to make up his own laws, then forget it. If I think, even a little bit, that Boehner is just waiting until after the election to sell middle class America down the river, then forget it. Lee Terry is my representative. He needs to start representing me. The days of running right for the primary and back to the center in the general are over. The days of all politics is local are over. Elections are nationalized. Lee Terry is in the unenviable position of being stabbed in the back by his leadership. Now he knows what the rest of us are feeling.

    The primary was 17 days ago. 16 days ago I gave Congressman Terry some valuable advice. So far I have heard crickets from his office or about him. Time is running out.

  28. Re: Macdaddy says:

    We’ve seen several communications from his office over the past few days. He’s had a statement about the 1 percent reduction in economic growth and the solutions he’s pushing for to get the United States back on track (including the KXL Pipeline). A statement on Secretary Shinseki’s Resignation. A quick look and you find his Website, Facebook and Twitter is quite active.

    We’ve definitely been noticing it. Maybe the holiday weekend was too much fun and you missed some of it…

  29. Anon says:

    Hopefully the Regents will see that Heineman will be irrelevant once his term is up. There isn’t much he can do if he gets mad about not being selected. Hell, he couldn’t get his own hand picked candidates through the Governor or Senate primaries. What sort of retribution will he be able to bring down?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Lee Terry has some “plans” and “solutions” alright, but unfortunately that’s always where it ends. None of his “ideas” ever get acted on or anything. And, yeah, if you want to get really real, any solutions, plans, or ideas he puts out are written by one of his staff members — or plagiarized from somewhere else. Nice leadership.

  31. anonymous says:

    Lee Terry was elected to represent his district. His district wanted a tepid, meaningless, do-nothing Congressman. Why complain if that’s what the district wanted, time & again?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Interested – why not? Do you want to keep electing all these people who make tons of promises, but never deliver?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Maxwell began as egotistical prick years ago. He has gotten worse. That, of itself, would be forgivable. His political treason and stupidity however is intolerable.

    He pontificates about how lucky Nebraskans are to have him as our overlord. Voters, in his view, need to stop begging for his god-like leadership while he raises his children and get his lawn in order. And he utters the most stupidly hypocritical statements in 100% concrete terms and now cut him.

    This isn’t like Bruning’s Law School manifesto. Bruning stupidly wrote that as a youthful student and in partisan generalities. Maxwell has no such excuses. He was deadly specific.

    Maxwell specifically spoke of Lee Terry and Chip Maxwell. He nailed it down like a coffin lid on himself. In politics, the only unforgivable crime is this kind of stupidity. Maxwell just blabbed on and on. His hubris is boundless. Yet Maxwell charges you to “Wipe that smirk off your face”. Apparently pathological projection.

    Maxwell has volunteered to give Brad an ass massage from the inside. Brad says, “Climb right in, Chip, and make yourself at home.” What a fricking dunce.

  34. Attention Lee Terry Supporters says:

    You will either vote for Chip Maxwell, or else Ashford will win the election. The election is in YOUR hands – either support Maxwell, or waste your vote on Terry, which will seal the win for Ashford.

    Choose wisely…we are NOT going away.

  35. Seriously.. says:

    Choose wisely, or what? Are you saying you won’t allow anyone to win unless it’s your guy. Completely childish.

    It’s not about you ‘going away’, nobody really intends to get you to ‘disappear’. Just win a Primary. You act like you ‘deserve to win’ the General election when you can’t get through a Primary? Your thinking makes no sense.

    It’s basically that Frei’s crew and Maxwell trying to working both sides of the Primary. You gave it a good run, but lost. Now you want to play spoiler, shooting the moon with a bad hand. You’re all frustrated because you aren’t able to persuade anyone outside of your core group. Chip should have tested his electability in the next Primary. Either this time, or a future election. That’s all.

    In the end, ‘2008 Chip’ needs to give the whole Frei team and ‘2014 Chip’ a talk. A little patience and perseverance. Not threats.

  36. Attention Lee Terry Supporters says:

    We are steadfast in our plans. Whine and cry all you’d like, but at the end of the day, unless you want Ashford to win, you should vote for Maxwell.

    We don’t negotiate. We don’t reason. We will do what we believe is right and none of you will deter us; so…join us or prepare for Ashford to win. Terry has no chance to win this election – it will either be Maxwell or Ashford, so cast your vote and be prepared to accept the consequences of that vote.

    We, true Conservatives of Nebraska, will no longer vote for the “less bad” candidate.

  37. How many says:

    Scott Petersen is ready to lose another race. What’s his win/lose ratio? Probably like 1 to 15 or 1 to 20.

  38. Re: 52 says:

    If you ask him, he was fundamental on every race that was ever been won since 2008. And to the person who doesn’t know, he’s convincing.

  39. Anonymous says:

    True #52, but he must have a line of baloney that keeps these guys mesmerized…..not to mention a printing press to do postcard blizzards at a reduced rate AND now a marketing firm to conduct in-depth analysis in addition to polling results you want to hear to bloat that ego just a wee bit more. He’s got the magic that blows up men’s egos to think they don’t need to do any heavy lifting like door to door to actually meet those they long to serve (too cold? too snowy? too much of a bother?), but rather pontificate from on high with controlled groups who sit and listen to how horrible their opponent is and what little they have done. Then come the other advisors with all their knowledge for FREE. Yet? How strange….FEC reports fail to mention all this professional help as an inkind contribution. wink, wink. How strange….no money is raised beyond low five figures….never mind you can just complain of how you are outspent by the big, bad incumbent.

  40. Welcome Home Soldier! says:

    To RWP,

    This is maybe the 3rd time I’ve complimented Obama since 2008, but I think this was a great move. The war is over; so why let this HERO rot in the mountains of Afghanistan? The war was a crock from the beginning – I can only imagine the range of emotions this HERO’s family has been through all these years.

    Good move, Mr. President.


    Republican, Nebraskan, Father, Husband, Christian

  41. Anonymous says:

    Heineman being governor has nothing to do with him being educationally unqualified to run the Nebraska University system. Like Hagel and Hassebrook, he earned nothing more than a minimal Bachelor’s degree. All three have fake (honorary) doctorate chevrons they sport like preening peacocks. By higher education standards, all three are relatively unschooled. Yet they each gravitate toward lording power over the highest levels of academia. Oddly, voters seem to like that.

    Hagel wangled a Professorship at Georgetown, Hassebrook convinced voters into making him a NU Regent, and Heineman wants to run the University system here. None of these guys are degree-qualified to teach at any reputable college.

    And the ironies keep a’ coming. Buck Sergeant Hagel is today in charge of every military general, while Hassebrook who isn’t fit to teach high school let alone be a Regent is seeking Heineman’s job as Governor, while Heineman who is also unfit to teach wants to be in charge of the Nebr University, but as a former Captain is better fit to be SECDEF than Hagel. No matter, because Heineman wants to rub Ph.D’s noses in Heineman’s measly Bachelors degree. This is like watching monkeys humping a football. And yet voters seem to like it.

    Between Gov. Heineman and the two guys running for his job, the only one who seems to show no interest in posing as a fake academic is the one who earned a Master’s degree.

  42. It appears to be pretty well agreed (and is confirmed by wikileaks) that Bergdahl, after expressing for several days his dislike of US policy in Afghanistan, wandered off base, traveled through a couple of Afghan villages asking for water (in English) and was captured by the Taliban literally with his pants down, i.e. while taking a crap.

    In general, I think we use the term ‘hero’ much too loosely, but in this specific case, you have to be kidding me.

  43. To: Anonymous at 3:41 says:

    Do you actually think it takes an academic with lots of degrees to set up secret meetings at an airport hotel in Kansas City to do University business in secret? Oh yeah, that takes a lot of ethics and brains, and is something Heinemann would never do.

    And I think it is really rich for Bob “basement dweller” Kerrey to suggest that Heinemann is not fit to be a University president, but that he, Bob “basement dweller”, is!!

  44. 2016 Candidates says:

    If you think unseating Terry automatically makes the seat ready for Dan Frei to take think of all of these potential candidates that can actually raise money and are well known here in the 2nd district. Dan Welch, Sen. Murante, Sen. McCoy, Aimee Melton, Mayor Stothert, Shane Osborn, Mayor Black, and a few others.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    The war was a crock from the beginning? I see #57 is one of those NION idiots. Even Obama thought the Afghan war was the good war.

  46. GeosUser says:

    Here’s how to bring a “responsible end” to our adventure in Afghanistan: (1) gather all the friendlies in Kabul and then turn the B52s loose on anything and everything that moves elsewhere; (2) arrest Karzai, all members of his family and all members of his Cabinet and their families. Tell them to turn over access to all the US monies they’ve stolen or they will be shot.; and (3) shoot all the friendlies after recovering any stolen US monies, starting with Karzai and any UNO professors who have enjoyed his hospitality funded by stolen US money. End of the Afghan adventure in the only manner which is responsible to all the blood and treasure wasted on what has been/still is/forever will be a 15th century Islamic paradise where they sell their 10 year old daughters as brides for a couple of goats.

  47. vet says:

    I lost friends KIA and four became POWs. I have decades of experience in conventional and nuclear matters. As bad as war is, Obama putting this level of terrorist back on the street is worse.

    These are less like Hannibal Lectors and more like Hitlers/Stalins/Maos ala the sheer numbers of potential victims. These terrorists released, have the maximum motive, means and will to engineer the slaughter of entire American cities. Nucs aren’t hard to build and dirty salters that kill all life for decades are even easier.

    Now for the bad news.

    Regardless whether it is a foreign country delivering nuc-bio-chem Armageddon via SLBM or drone, or terrorists assembling it a US neighborhood garage, the first target is always Washington DC and the second target is always Bellevue NE.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope the next American held captive is one of YOUR loved ones Gerard. By the way, how many years did YOU serve in the U.S. military?

  49. P says:

    It isn’t about winning elections and changing enacting policies to these nuts. It’s about self-gratification in their “purity”. But they don’t care. You can’t blame them when Democrats run the party into the ground. Why? Because they still don’t have any power. Go back to your mom’s basement.

  50. 68 should read what his fellow soldiers are saying about Bergdahl. Several of their comrades died searching for him after he walked off his post while on guard duty. And it was for this guy we exchanged five highly dangerous terrorists. Hagel and Obama are a disgrace. They’re in such a fever to close Guantanamo before Obama leaves office, the’ll go to any lengths.

  51. Anonymous says:

    The following arms were supplied to Iran: by our beloved leader Ronald Reagan

    August 20, 1985 – 96 TOW anti-tank missiles
    September 14, 1985 – 408 more TOWs
    November 24, 1985 – 18 Hawk anti-aircraft missiles
    February 17, 1986 – 500 TOWs
    February 27, 1986 – 500 TOWs
    May 24, 1986 – 508 TOWs, 240 Hawk spare parts
    August 4, 1986 – More Hawk spares
    October 28, 1986 – 500 TOWs
    On August 30, 1985, Israel sent 100 American-made BGM-71 TOW antitank missiles to Iran through an arms dealer named Manucher Ghorbanifar. Subsequently, on September 14, 1985, 408 more TOW missiles were delivered. On September 15, 1985, following the second delivery, Reverend Benjamin Weir was released by his captors, the Islamic Jihad Organization. Than in 2014 the Anti Christ Obama get one POW back for 5 so called terrorists. Trying to figure out who was worse?

  52. Gerard Is Right says:

    Even an opinion piece in the Washington Post tells the story and details of the fellow who ran away from his fellow soldiers in Afganistan–and now Obama and Hagel honor him by negotiating his return for 5 dangerous terrorists. The American soldiers who dutifully risked their lives looking for Bergdahl after he deserted are not happy with what their Commander in Chief and Hagel have done to dishonor their service.

  53. NEVoter says:

    Amusing that Sweeper decides to soft-shoe Heineman’s push for the NU presidency, clearly the biggest and most fraught political story of 2014 year-to-date.

  54. 73 Reagan arguably made some foreign policy mistakes 25 years ago. Therefore exchanging five leading Taliban terrorists for an America-hating deserter is good.

    Is that your logic? Why not mention Aaron Burr and Benedict Arnold while you’re at it?

  55. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Heineman said he’d reimburse the state for the cost of the paper he used to apply for the president’s job — yeah, because that’s what the issue is, a .02 piece of paper.

  56. Fair is Fair says:

    I agree that congress should have had hearings on Iran-Contra. Now we must have hearings on DESERTERGATE

  57. Fort Street Fury says:

    I’m starting a campaign to stop adding “gate” to every scandal. Next person who tacks on “gate” will be involved in a scandal known as mushroomstampgate.

  58. Furygate on Fort Street says:

    I don’t know if it is a scandal yet, but it could turn into one. Be watchful, very watchful.

  59. Anon says:

    Apparently, Bengdahl didn’t try to escape out of fear any injuries he suffered would be treated by the VA.

  60. RWPgate says:

    If the truth is inconvenient for the Professor, he labels it “ancient” history so that he doesn’t have to think about it. It hurts his little brain. He is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past because he is too damned lazy to mind anything older than last week.

  61. It’s absolutely not inconvenient at all. I think you should drag Ronald Reagan in front of Congress and force him to testify. Dick Casey too.

    Of course, you did drag Ollie North in front of Congress, and it made him a hero. And you put him on trial, but he was acquitted on most charges right away and on the rest on appeal. So we’ve been through this once, and you completely failed. But now, 28 years later, you want to drag it up again, because the President you support did a stupid, illegal thing, harmful to the US.

    After all, we can’t have a country where the President ignores the law of the land and does whatever the hell he likes.

  62. anonymous says:

    “After all, we can’t have a country where the President ignores the law of the land and does whatever the hell he likes.” Heavens, Gerard, not Nixon again! If you integrated over every evil act of every Democrate who ever served you wouldn’t get half a Nixon. You may get up to 60% of a Nixon once the Clintons are back in the White House in ’16.

  63. The entire Obama presidency has been an exercise in lawlessness. What law entitles BATFE to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels, to be used to kill American border agents? His AG was declared in contempt of congress for that. He has ignored or refused to enforce huge parts of his signature PPACA. He has refused to enforce immigration law. He has used the IRS to attack his political adversaries. He would be a disgrace to a latin-American junta.

    Obama makes Nixon look like an amateur.

  64. RWPgate says:

    Gerard, “After all, we can’t have a country where the President ignores the law of the land and does whatever the hell he likes.”
    Unless his name is Bush, or he’s a Republican.

  65. Macdaddy says:

    Obama is in deep doo-doo with this and the VA. When you have no credibility, when everyone knows you are a liar, when your enemies are no longer afraid of you, it’s just a matter of time before you’re done for. Too bad he’s the President and so we have to pay for his lying cowardly incompetent preening.

  66. RWPgate says:

    Sgt. Bergdahl obviously wasn’t operating on all cylinders when he walked away from his base. PTSD is an invisible wound that cuts deep. But you wouldn’t give a crap about that, would you Gerard? Why don’t you run down to the Marine recruiters tomorrow and show us what a freaking patriot YOU are?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Domina dominate Sasee in the Boys State Debate. Domina had facts and logic on his side. The other guy just threw out half baked ideas and made up stuff. So I figure in many minds in the “NIce State” Sasee won big.

  68. Oh, now we’re blaming PTSD. Too bad Bergdahl seems to have been a nut long before he was deployed.

    Cody Full, a member of his unit, wants him court-martialled for desertion, and blames several combat fatalities on the search for Bergdahl. He also thinks Bergdahl helped the Taliban against American units. Take it up with him.

    Waaa waaa George Boosh. You chumps are pathetic.

  69. Anonymous says:

    When did Bowe Burgdahl’s daddy learn to speak Pashto? And an interesting tweet by the father about God avenging the deaths of Afghan children. Wonder whose side he’s on.

  70. Anon says:

    Heineman is now claiming criticism of his campaign for the NU presidency is “politically motivated.” The stench of entitlement from his application is now mingling with the odor of victimhood.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Considering the number of my posts that were deleted or “awaited moderation,” I’m surprised post #46 remains up there. I guess I assumed words/phrases like “prick” and “ass massage” crossed a line, but apparently not.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I should just add that the dad’s actions have done nothing to dispel the notion that the kid was a deserter.

  73. It’s now being reported the Senate Dems are backing away from the Bergdahl Taliban deal. Bergdahl is poisonous. His squad leader said he not only deserted, he deserted and went looking to meet with the Taliban. Meanwhile, his father, who seems every bit as crazy as he is, was tweeting pro-Taliban messages. This was the same Taliban-bearded weirdo whom Obama hosted in the Rose Garden.

    Apparently the whole exchange was an attempt to curry favor with the Taliban, so we could negotiate with them, over the objections of the military. Obama floated it by the Senate in 2012, and was told to drop it. This time he went ahead regardless.

    And where was Chuck Hagel when this shoddy consorting with the enemy was going on?

  74. RWPgate says:

    Why do we hate George Bush? Because HE is responsible for thousands of dead American kids, tens of thousands of wounded Americans kids, and hundreds of thousands of victims throughout the world. All for nothing but flexing his own ego.
    It is now wonder that idiots like RWP love him so.

  75. RWP says:

    Unlike the majority of the Democrat Party, I did not support the occupation of Iraq. Period.

    Now, about releasing the Taliban leadership in return for an enemy collaborator.

  76. …but let’s face it, Bergdahl was certainly a deserter, and possibly a traitor, and that’s the only sort of American soldier a Democrat respects. No wonder they want him back. They’ll probably run him for Congress.

  77. Macdaddy says:

    And let’s not forget the Obama adminstration using Libya as a one stop arms store to supply hard-core Islamists fighting in Syria. That’s one thing the Obama administration is good at: putting weapons in the hands of people who definitely should not have them.

  78. Anonymous says:

    The Democrats excoriated the Haditha Marines who were innocent of trumped up war crimes but did the job they were sent to do. Now, the Democrats defend a bona fide traitor. We can see whose side the Democrats are on.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, you have created a monster. The brainless, the spineless, and the senseless have taken over your blog. So much for any sane political conversation on this site.

  80. Bergdahl and Heineman says:

    Military lawyers say that there was no way the U.S. could have continued to hold those Gitmo prisoners after the end of the Afghan war. So, they would have been out in a matter of months, anyway. They had been in American custody for as long as 12 years, and charges were never brought against them because they have never been connected to any offense against an American. The Taliban is fighting a civil war in Afghanistan. The United States has been in the way of their civil war. That’s America’s problem with them. In any event, I think it’s way too early to pass judgment on this. Bergdahl can be prosecuted for desertion, maybe even for treason. He’s not out of the woods.

    Heineman: To da*n old to launch a new career as a university administrator. He’s 66, and he’s
    been on the public payroll since ’95. I don’t think we should pay him $500,000 a year to while away his golden years. Find a younger guy — or woman — who’s experienced and ambitious — someone who will work hard because the NU presidency isn’t the end of the line for him/her.

  81. Liberty Focused Republican says:

    There are Liberty-Minded-Americans in both the Democrat & Republican Parties. Together, and in time, we can mold and change America for the better through the election and legislative processes.

    We must not yet THEM keep us divided with their social arguments of abortion, homosexuality, and class strife. We must keep our eye on the ball (aka, “Liberty”), and place this issue where it belongs – as the #1 priority for all 3 branches of government. To accomplish this, we need to begin voting only for folks who prioritize the protecting of Liberty as being the most important issue facing our nation, and the world.

  82. Anonymous says:

    112, what about liberty for babies that haven’t been born yet? You down with that? What about the liberty of bakery owners who don’t want to make wedding cakes for gay couples? You support them too?

  83. Anonymous says:

    #114 – what about the liberty of a restaurant owner who doesn’t want to serve black people? Or the liberty of a boss who doesn’t want to hire any Jewish people?

  84. Anonymous says:

    #116, how about the Seattle coffee shop owner who doesn’t want to pay his employees $15/hour? Or the Omaha homeowner who wants to use incandescent light bulbs? Or the bar owner in Lincoln who wants to allow his patrons to smoke cigars?

  85. To Anonymous at 8:27 says:

    Or the congregation that doesn’t want to have to perform gay weddings, complete with pink unity candles? Or the Nebraska taxpayer who doesn’t want his tax money used to pay for health care for illegals? Or the Nebraska taxpayer who doesn’t want his tax money used to pay incentives for the production of ethanol, thus sucking the Ogallala aquifer dry irrigating corn to make that ethanol to burn in cars instead of being used for food?

  86. anonymous says:

    Anon #110 – Its easy to use Disqus with a WordPress blog. The quality of discourse would improve if participants were required to use their real names and a functioning email address, not some throwaway account. This is why Disqus is ubiquitous on news web sites, blogs, anywhere where polite, responsible discussion is desired. Disqus is not a perfect tool, there may be others like it that work better. As for my anonymity, I’ll use my name when ‘Sweeper and everyone else do.

  87. To #120 says:

    Your post is one of the most disingenuous comments I have seen here. Bitch and moan about commenters not using their real names, then not using one yourself. Hello? If you cannot come up your own name, I have a few names for you that you can use when commenting—all of them very descriptive.

  88. Anonymous says:

    110 is just employing the typical liberal tactic of resorting to name-calling to try to shut down discussion about something he disagrees with but isn’t sure why.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Maxwell looks terrible. In October 2013, when he was trying to find funding to run in the Repub primary against Terry, he told Joe Jordan that a third party conservative running against Terry and the Dem would help the Dem. Now he tries to say the exact opposite. It is apparrent Maxwell does not care about getting a conservative, pro-life candidate elected. He just cares about what gets himself an occasional headline in the paper. I hope the pro-life community takes notice–Maxwell by his own admission in October, 2013 is about to do something that could very well give pro-abortion champion Nancy Pelosi a vote for speaker in Congress.

  90. TexasAnnie says:

    Hmmm. Wasn’t it the “pro-life” community in Nebraska which propelled Ben Nelson to the U.S. Senate? Yep. Just ask Julie!

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