Here’s what we know.


Democracy isn’t perfect.
Capitalism isn’t perfect.
Markets aren’t perfect.

They’re waaaaaaay better than anything else.


If you download something on a PC, you never know what it’s going to do to your machine.


90% of the argument is about the money.


If Jim Jenkins had been in the Governor’s race, there’s a possibility it could have become interesting.
But he’s in the Senate race, and it won’t be.


You gotta let the meat sit after you take it off the grill.
Otherwise, you’re screwed.


The IRS thing looks to be a real, actual scandal.
The fact that the majority of Democrats are looking the other way on it, considering what it is based on, is outrageous.


The show “Lost” was an interesting idea, but in the end, it sucked.


“Breaking Bad” was the best show on TV ever (including “The Sopranos”, in case you were wondering.) If you haven’t watched it, you should have your TV privileges revoked.


We’re not really clear on how accents work, because dammit if Hugh Jackman doesn’t sound like he’s from Missouri…up until he does a red carpet and pulls out the Australia thing. It’s like he’s just screwing with us.


Somehow Omaha restaurants have come and gone (alas French Cafe).
But then there’s Spaghetti Works.
In the prime location, no less.



We really don’t think Chip Maxwell is going to have an issue getting signatures to get on the ballot.
But still having to reach for them at the Memorial Park concert doesn’t inspire tons of confidence.


You realize you’re officially old when Blues Traveller, Smashmouth and Sugar Ray are playing…for FREE!
Wha? Huh?


“Chopped Canada” stinks.
We’re fairly sure it’s the lack of Ted.


A cold beer takes the edge off.


We really, really don’t like Hillary Clinton. While she’s generally intelligent, she is a disingenuous fraud. And she would be a terrible President.

That being said, she wouldn’t have been as awful as Barack Obama. And Elizabeth Warren would be much, much. much much worse than both of them. Just horrible.

No idea who comes out for the GOP.
Open it up to you.


It would be nice if the county party chief didn’t come off like an extra from “Fast Times…”.


Even Warren Buffet money can’t turn tofu into well marbled ribeye.

He can tell you how awesome tofu is.
And try to tell you that it’s good for you and tastes great and that you REALLY need it.
But no one if going to believe that it’s a steak.

And yes, we know that this analogy is going to get beat into the ground in the comments.
Have at it.


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Here’s what I know:
    Democracy isn’t perfect.
    Capitalism isn’t perfect.
    Markets aren’t perfect.

    But they could be made waaaaaaay more perfect if we all paid taxes at the same rate for the same government benefits: no exceptions and no excuses. Near perfection is really that simple.

    For example:
    If you want tax incentives to “create” business, then I want tax incentives to shop at those businesses!

    If you want public institutions for educating, recreating and healing your progeny, then I want equitable public institutions for my less perfect offspring!

    If you want public subsidies and special tax rates for your agricultural adventures, then I want to be rewarded for growing my own tomatoes and sharing with my neighbors!

    If you want laws and mores aligning only with your religious beliefs, then I want to make you consider every alternative point of view!

    And IF you want a CONSTITUTION, then I want to make you abide it’s tenets.
    When did y’all stop believing in equity? And why?

  2. Nero says:

    The Constitution began this period of ever increasing irrelevancy when the Judicial branch elevated them selves above the other two. It was only a matter of time for the current state of affairs to become manifest. Rome is burning, and the Emperor is throwing fuel on the fire. Grab some marshmallows and and a stick.

  3. “Equity” is a funny critter … too many folks tend to confuse it with “justice”. I may have more (or less) than my neighbor, according to my abilities and energies (or lack of same). That is “just”, it seems to me – but certainly not equitable.

    Oh … and anyone who eats tofu squats to pee, watches soap operas and has lace on his saddle blanket.

  4. Buffeted says:

    Buffett “corners the market”. What a simple phrase yet so pregnant with meaning.

    We are tempted to view the Nebraska gubernatorial race as a surrogate battle between similar billionaires Joe Ricketts and Warren Buffett who both got rich by offering financial advice. But that’s wrong. They aren’t alike. Joe is supporting his son; Warren is investing in a candidate. Buffett’s Berkshire owns chunks of industry; Ricketts’ Ameritrade allows simple folk to try to become billionaires. Buffet is fifty times richer than Ricketts by virtue of being “The Oracle”. Buffett who own things, sells advice on how to purchase things and on that scam became as rich as Croesus and in a similarly scammy way (Croesus didn’t compete for wealth, he actually coined it). These are not similar men.

    Joe Ricketts sold affordable trades. He made it possible for average citizens to invest in the same stock market that Buffett had years before navigated when average people were unable to invest as he did, until people like Ricketts made it possible for average folk to try to do what Buffett did without having Buffett’s billions or his finance degrees in order to invest. Joe offered the masses the opportunity to grow wealthy. His penny off the top of each trade made himself a tiny billionaire. What his Ameritrade did seems almost egalitarian, empowering individuals, increasing freedom. He unleashed the competition of average individuals’ ideas into the greater marketplace. That sort of thing is what Democrats like Hassebrook say they are for, exceptHassebrook has hitched his wagon to the much wealthier and fundamentally different Buffett.

    Warren Buffett doesn’t compete. He works beyond the structure of market that constrains most investors to compete fairly. Buffett “corners the market” in a particularly insidious way.

    Buffett sets up deals to purchase huge swaths of industry, plays “Oracle” predicting what will be the next big industry, and by the time the suckers who bought his books are investing their money, they are buying what Buffett already owns and their money flows into his pockets. This is not an egalitarian man.

    Buffett is a Democrat because Republicans are for marketplace competition. Competition has losers. Buffett isn’t the 4th wealthiest person by competing. He enriches himself as a self-styled Oracle and he empowers himself as a self-styled Liberal. He gets people to serve his interests on the pretext that they are serving their own. People’s interests are collateral to Buffett’s greed; and in the case of a safer pipeline compared to Buffets’ flaming oil-spilling rail cars, such is painfully and obviously against people’s own best interests.

    Buffett’s real oil business is selling snake oil.

  5. Jeff Spicoli says:

    What Sweeper was saying was, Hey! You know, we left this England place ’cause it was bogus; so if we don’t get some cool rules ourselves – pronto – we’ll just be bogus too! Get it?

  6. anonymous says:

    What’s your beef, Buffeted? Do you want a law against Warren Buffet’s particular form of success? If ya do, does that make you a Communist? Sounds like you need some cheese to go with your whine. Rich people run things. Read up on the Roman Republic. You’ll find the equestrian class also organized public works, made infrastructure improvements, went to war, organized the army, led the army from the front, ran agriculture & business, ran the bureaucracy, sat in the Senate, and offered incense to the gods. All Buffet shows is that things have not changed that much. Enjoy your tofu; I’m going to have a steak, like Warren & Bill do.

  7. Anonymous says:

    # 8. No wonder Buffett targets you Dems. Easy marks.

    # 6 said Buffett is very good at selling snake oil to you Democrat Environmentalists. How is that statement wrong?

    Buffett purchased your boy Hassebrook for $100K in hard cash to support Buffett’s environmentally dangerous railroad oil profiteering. Do you need to see more photos of all that Buffett oil spilled and on fire? This is your issue. Buffett is screwing you and your whole gender bent sashay to the left crowd on your own issue.

    As for the meat you wish to gobble, try what Ricketts sells, buffalo. Its leaner than buffet.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    I agree with you Uncle Wiggily that justice is not always equitable, and thus your example of abilities and energies stands.

    However the content of my statement pertains to equity before the law. You do agree, at least theoretically, that equity before the law equates to justice. Right?

  9. TexasAnnie says:

    How does “capitalism” correct itself while lawmakers are choosing winners and losers via inequitable and unjust laws?

    Of course, our U.S.A. example is not true capitalism, but crony capitalism. Yet it is the “capitalism” we have and thus I challenge your idea that it is self-correcting!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Capitalism and markets are self-correcting, but the “self-correcting” only happens when the pitchforks come out. Is this really what you want? Google The Pitchforks Are Coming for us Plutocrats.

  11. GBA says:

    Talk about timing. The Fourth of July and most core Democrats say they are ashamed to be Americans.

    The June 12th Pew report on political typology shows “Solid Liberals” are alone among other Americans by them mostly (60%) not being “proud to be Americans” (and while Obama is President, go figure). Unsurprisingly, the Conservative GOP core is extra patriotic and duty bound. Yet in the vast middle ground of most Americans, which includes Left leaning Skeptics, Leftwing Religious, and Next Generation Left; they too are mostly patriotic, proud and they mostly value duty and honor; not as much as the GOP core do, but mostly. That’s not the case with the Solid Liberal core of the Democratic Party.

    Solid Liberals also stand out for their high level of disgust with religion while viewing themselves as more “compassionate” than other Americans view themselves; that being their core value. They are also most disgusted with the U. S. Constitution’s limits on government. They apparently pull their individual sense of right and wrong out of thin air and then seek more government to force it on those unwilling.

    Blind Religion and blind Patriotism are just as dangerous on the far Right, which has its own slimy incumbents and dimwitted party chairmen. But it is the far Left’s aim to increase government power that weaponizes all political power of all sorts against every citizen who disagrees with it.

  12. GOP'er says:

    Jane Rybauld (sp?) is LG pick for Hassebrook. Family owns grocery stores. wonder what they start their employees at? Minimum wage? or do they go above that without the government having to mande it? Doubt it. Hope someone asks….

  13. anonymous says:

    GBA, a better model for what ills the Republic today is where personal liberty is emphasized to the point of excess. The Left demands personal liberty to excess in individualism. What’s right? What I say it is. What’s wrong? What I say it is. As long as I’m not hurting you, and my legal age partners can give informed consent, scram. What I do is none of your business. And I’ll order the state, culture & society around my individualism.

    Ironically, “left – individualism” demands that an expansive state take care of everyone’s basic needs, and the low water mark of “basic needs” always rises, never lowers. If the state takes care of the unwashed, I don’t have to. That’s why you see the wealthiest Leftists driving Volvos and living in gated communities like Pebble Beach.

    Switch the word ‘individualism’ to ‘libertarianism’ and you’ll the excess on the Right. Libertarians bill themselves, accurately to an extent, as founded on “liberty, enterprise and personal responsibility.” the keyword is “enterprise” – business. Like the Left, the Libertarian Right seeks to order the state, culture & society around business. Once me & mine are taken care of, the rest of ya’s can beat it. Like that great line from one of the Tolkien-based movies – “I release you from my service. Go and die in whatever way seems best to you.” I’ll drive back to Pebble Beach in my F-350, retreat behind the gate, and grunt a gruff, tolerant, “right – business” “Hello” to my “left – individualist” neighbor.

    Birds of a feather flock together, yeah, united in their ‘eff-u’ attitude. Its the one thing Nancy Pelosi & Newt Gingrich have in common – that and their shared, faux Catholicism.

  14. Anonymous says:

    News flash: Corporations can now hold religious views like individuals; a really odd thing to unleash on corporate law.

    SCOTUS says government cannot force corporations that vote themselves Roman Catholic to pay for birth control. So what if a bank board votes itself Moslem and it won’t pay interest even to the government? What if any corporate board votes itself Faith Assembly and it refuses to pay for any healthcare because medical treatment is sinful? What if Leavenworth St. blog votes itself Thugee and strangles other blogs?

    Thank you Barry Bungwit and the Democratic Ass Party for opening this can of worms. Did you really think you could push federal government into ever crack and orifice of each individual’s existence without encountering something gooey and disgusting?

  15. 1 US Code §1

    the words “person” and “whoever” include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals;

  16. anonymous says:

    Sorry, Gerard, “Extremism” was bad when Barry Goldwater’s speech writers that little gem, and it’s bad now, the same way an extremely endothermic reaction is bad, ya? Obama opted for an extreme law in the ACA. The ACA was just countered, a little, by an extreme ruling by the Supremes. The whole, avoidable mess is extremely dumb. Maybe if we had more “stop & think” and fewer extremes, we could actually use politics to affordable solve a few problems. I wish you a conservative, by which I mean a moderate, considered and reasonable day. Not an extreme day; Pilger had an extreme day, I don’t wish you that.

  17. Buffetts' railroads says:

    A careful reading of Buffett history will reveal that the Oracle increased his interests in railroad at a time when the lure was cap-and-trade. Railroads are the most energy efficient means of transportation, but what kind of environmentalist uses his trains to haul the dirtiest, most environmentally foul type of oil known to man? BTW, Buffett was onboard for safer oil cars a couple of years ago.

  18. Why is an extremely endothermic reaction bad? And why was the Hobby Lobby decision extreme? It’s based on a very narrow reading of RFRA.

    In any case, I’m an extremely extreme extremist, and I wish you an extremely nice day!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Raybould could be a very good pick for the Hassebrook campaign. She comes from a legit business so she’s not some whack-job ideologue who thinks corporations are evil. Maybe balances out some of Hassebrook’s negatives. And she could be a legit Dem gubernatorial candidate in her own right. And, by legit, I of course mean in comparison to the guys like Stormy Dean, Dave Hahn and Mike Meister. My initial impression is that this is a good pick for the dems.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    This Hobby Lobby ruling has sent us all the way back into the Dark Ages of 2012. How will we ever survive?!?!?!

    #22, there is only one type of individual liberty that Liberals support and that is sexual libertinism. All other actions by the individual, including all health care choices not involving abortion, religion, private behaviors and thoughts, must come under the purview and regulation of the government.

  21. Let’s face it, if Hassebrook had been able to persuade one of the several term-limited members of the unicam to join the ticket, he would have. A Lancaster County Commissioner isn’t exactly a power-hitter. Jane has also done the crony-capitalist thing in a big way, lobbying both Lincoln City Council and the Unicam to act against Walmart. And she’s one of those strange but surprisingly common creatures, a ‘pro-choice catholic’, which won’t win her many votes outside Lincoln and Omaha.

  22. Dvlsavct says:

    This ticket is upside down. Hassebrook was a Regent. Ricketts’ Lt Gov pick, Lavon Heidemann was a Regent and also a State Senator and he is the Lt Governor. Not only is Ricketts and his Lt. Gov more qualified than Hassebrook, but Hassebrook’s own Lt Gov. candidate Raybould is more qualified than Hassebrook. — Of course, if this was Jane against Pete, it would still be uphill. A governor needs a Master’s degree in Business not Russian and being President/COO of a large corporation beats her being VP of a smaller one. They both come from family businesses. And Jane spent 16 years inside the beltway. Shades of Bob Kerrey! But that will wear off in time. She might be viable. Hassebrook never was viable.

    Jane is obviously getting her feet wet in the same way Buffett is obviously keeping his donating hand supple by “helping” a Hassebrook whom Democrats expect will lose. Indeed, they are counting on it.

    The sacrificial ram in this goat rope is the NDP’s version of Stenberg, a perpetual wannabe and thorny ideologue in his party’s side. NE Democrats long for the old days of boozy Exon and porky Nelson. And their first step toward that goal is, as Obama drags all donkeys down to hell this November, is to let Hassebrook fry to a crisp and blow away.

    If this Jane sticks around and has wits she might be the next Nelson. Or not. Its something to live down to. As her friends might say, “Cпасибо, tоварищ”.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Rumor heard today – the Dems are going to help Terry win (narrowly) so he will then be even weaker in 2016 when Buffett’s grandson is planning to run for the 2nd congressional seat.

  24. Anonymous says:

    RWP, term limited legislator types might not be so plentiful as you imagine. Sen. Snowplow has huge negatives and the redhead is running for Mike Foley’s old job.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    Nobody votes for Governor because of the Lt Gov. Nobody, nowhere, no how, at no time. Nobody cares. I don’t know why we even have one. You guys are hilarious for trying to drum up support for Hassebrook because he picked the one person in Nebraska who has even less name recognition than he.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    #34, if that strategy is true, then the Dumbocrats may keep he Republicans from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. In 2016 Boehner will be gone and the whole country will have seen how disastrous Democrat policies have been for our country and the world. If Buffett 3.0 wants to run, he’ll do it as an independent and Terry will still wipe the floor with him. This is the year to get Terry out, but all Terry has to do is put Boehner’s head on a pike and he’s in like Flynn. And look how easy Boehner is making it for him. A lawsuit? Who dreams this stuff up?

  27. Fritz says:

    Hassebrook showed his true colors in picking a running mate who majored in Soviet economics at Georgetown. He’s apparently still looking for an opportunity to prove he can make that system work, starting with getting people to vote themselves a minimum wage hike. Wondering if her grocery stores, as a show of good faith will raise their pay NOW without waiting for the vote. Hmmmmm?

  28. Billionaire Pete from Omaha says:

    Guess we are going to find out how much my daddy’s money can buy me. It got me the Cubs to run and financed my Senate campaign way back when and we got trounced then, but now it’s a different ballgame after I escaped from the Republican Primary in Nebraska with the lowest winning percentage in history.
    I realize I have never won a race for public office before, but with the voter registration in this state overwhelmingly GOP, I expect to coast to the Governor’s office.
    What could go wrong? I am owed this seat due to my daddy’s big standing with the tea party, who cares that in an agricultural state my opponent has forgotten more than I will ever know about farming.
    But the know it all professor from Lincoln says GMO is going to be a big issue. I need to brush up on that. What does it mean again?
    See you in the Governors Mansion.

    Billionaire Pete From Omaha

  29. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, sometimes you can be a real twit. This isn’t the first time you’ve accused me of being some liberal trying to drum up support for something. Just because I didn’t some knee-jerk “she’s an idiot; Hassebrook is so stupid” rant means I’m trying to drum up support? Sorry I failed to be as bombastic toward the dem candidates as your conservative litmus test demands.

  30. Lt. Gov. Raybould says:

    Raybould is hardly a liberal. Read the Journal Star Editorial from 6/26/2011 “A Breath of Fresh Air” that talks about her budget busting cuts to the fatcat Republicans who’ve ruled the Lancaster County Board unchecked for decades. Jane is on the board of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, had donations from Mark Whitehead and Matt Innis during her last election, and has stood up to the labor unions. Jane connects with people, and anyone who’s studied the results of the 2006 Governor’s race knows, Wall Street Pete just doesn’t.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What’s hilarious is January 2017 when Hillary Clinton is sworn into the Presidency. You think you won some big victory with the Supreme Court decision today? I think the Republicans are forgetting that women actually have the right to vote.

  32. To #34 says:

    When my brothers worked for my dad, the other guys called them SOBs, for Sons of the Boss. Nobody knows what Pete Ricketts did at Ameritrade or how well he did it. When your dad owns the joint, you’re golden.

  33. Chucky Hasselbent says:

    Dear 38. How’s that pottery class coming? I know. Its sooo fun, right?

    Shame on you for calling yourself “Pete”. He’s a Republican and his real daddy has fifty times less billions than my Sugar Daddy Warren has. Here in Lyons we are for helping the poor not abusing them.

    I am so grateful for Warren. He’s the best kind of Sugar Daddy to have, the kind that misses a ménage! But I blush and I digress.

    Warren is helping me with my totally brilliant plan to turn poor people into oil barons. And I mean really poor people. The kind so poor they only have one car and a black and white television! Can you imagine! Anyway, my idea is that Warren’s railroad cars spill some more crude oil into the dirt and our farmers here wring it out and sell it! Then we blame the mess on that awful pipeline they wanted to build.

    And they said an Arts degree would be worthless. Don’t you believe it, honey. The world needs more pottery and latex knee warmers. Hugs and kisses to the rest of the “party” out your way.

    Love, Chucky

  34. Anonymous says:

    While I agree with Macdaddy to an extent, that people vote for the name at the top of the ticket, the name at the bottom of the ticket can certainly harm the name at the top. At first blush, I don’t think Raybould does that to Hassebrook. Now, imagine if he’d picked Sen. Snowplow instead.

    And Macdaddy, when I said she’d make a legit dem candidate in her own right, I’d assumed I’d damned her with faint praise sufficiently by comparing her with past failed dem candidates to not be accused of being some dem troll, but evidently not enough for you.

  35. Wannabe TV critic says:

    So I took the bait and checked out ‘Breaking Bad’. It’s all right, but it’s just another TV show trying to emulate the Sopranos, i.e. a bad-buy protagonist (how original!) that’s shot in cinematic style with actors straight from central casting (more originality!). Whereas the Sopranos was like something from another planet, with actors that looked like they’d really kill you (in fact, Tony Sirico is a former mobster who may have really killed people, or at least broken a few legs). The moral of the story is that it isn’t easy to create a masterpiece.

  36. P says:

    My favorite signs held up by the anti-Hobby Lobby protestors.

    “Not my boss’s business: My Healthcare. My Body”
    “Birth control: Not my boss’s business”
    “Hey Supreme Court: No bosses in my bedroom!”
    “Bosses are in charge in the boardroom not the bedroom.”

    And yet what are they protesting for? They want their bosses to pay for their “contraception” (Plan B)

  37. Anonymous says:

    Okay, let’s stop the idiocy. Very few companies pay all or even most of their employee’s health insurance. I know that in my case I pay a huge chunk of it through payroll deductions. So these female employees are being told that their insurance payments cannot go toward the insurance coverage they want, and I’m betting Viagra is covered.

    Hobby Lobby’s owners are complete hypocrites. They invest their employees’ 401k in companies that produce the contraceptives they personally oppose. How the owner’s personal views should affect corporate “views” is beyond me. If they want to pierce the corporate veil, then I suggest it should go both ways and the owner’s become personally liable for future corporate infractions.

  38. Anonymous says:

    The idiocy of the left is being revealed in all its petulant glory in their reaction to the Hobby Lobby decision. I saw a piece on HuffPo where the commentator studiously observed that Hobby Lobby’s health plan, while declining to cover certain contraceptives for women covers Viagra for men. Oh the hypocrisy of Hobby Lobby! Because helping men with y’know disfunction us EXACTLY like helping women terminate the lives of their pre-born offspring. Clearly. So, if Hobby Lobby”s owners think terminating a pregnancy is tantamount to murder, then they have to also oppose men getting laid. Amiright?

  39. Macdaddy says:

    Actually, Hobby Lobby was only objecting to the abortifacients, not the contraceptives. BTW, when the average poor person in America owns a car, 2 TV sets, and a cell phone, why can’t anyone, regardless of income, show a little personal responsibility and splash out $10 for a box of condoms? Why does Uncle Sam have to get in the middle of all this? Why does the boss have to be in the middle of all this? Why are we making this way more complicated than it has to be? America may just be too stupid to survive. The Supreme Court’s decision is just delaying the inevitable.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 46, I missed the faint praise. I didn’t think it was full-on praise either and that was your mistake. If you’d gone full praise I would have known you were faking, but since you went only part praise I believed you. But, hey, at least we aren’t talking about Hassebrook’s anti-science attitudes despite being a Regent of the state’s higher education system, right?

  41. Interested Observer says:

    Why would a woman even want to work for Hobby Lobby if that woman opposes so many of the things that the owners’ support?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Work there. Or shop there. I mean, there’s always Michael’s. Yet, every Hobby Lobby I’ve ever been in was chock full of female shoppers.

  43. Planned Parenthood says:

    Thanks, Susanne, for another generous contribution. We knew we could count on another generous donation from the Ricketts family to keep the abortions moving right along. Don’t worry, nobody will find out and it won’t hurt Pete’s race.

  44. Billionaire Pete from Omaha says:

    Just a note here to bring L Street readers up to date on my biography and a little of my past history.
    Yes I won the womb lottery ( a Warren Buffett term) and was born to rich parents so I really had to worry about nothing.
    But daddy Joe insisted I get a job, so I went to work (actually it was almost a no-show job) at the Burger King at 90th and Center St in Omaha. Boy was that place bad. The french fries we picked up off the floor and served the people sometimes. It was a Westside hangout and my friends used to come by and make fun of me all the time. Boy I sure showed them didn’t I?
    But when I drive by 90th and Center now I see a vacant lot. Did somebody know of our bio-hazards at the Burger King?
    Anyway moving on, I did go to the University of Chicago, but that was pretty nerdy and I did not distinguish myself very much there so I ask myself; what now?
    Daddy bought that baseball team in Chicago, but it was such a terrible team I soon became bored with that.
    So Daddy suggested I use his money to buy myself an elected officials seat. I thought that sounded pretty good, not having to work too much at that job is what I thought. We tried the Ne Senate, but some guy trounced me on that but did I give up? Nosirree, me and Daddy persevered and now if that dang guy from Lyons would just lay down and die I could be Governor of Nebraska. How would that be?
    Looking good from this end. More later.

    Pete From Omaha

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ouch. 61, that gay thing really got under your skin. It was humor, that’s all. Funny only because ever Liberal is either is gay or wishes to be. There is a myth that says gay people are like Gandhi or Mother Teresa. That’s weird and silly but nobody really cares. No one is reaching for pitchforks. Certainly nothing for you to spaz out about and go all stiff bio ala Pete. Pete’s sister is an advocate for lesbianism. Cheney’s daughter too. If you haven’t told your family surely they have guessed already. You and Ellen Page, drama queens. Nobody cares so relax.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Why do you conservitards care so much about unborn children when you could give a crap about them once they are born? Kill ’em in the womb, it saves having to starve them to death later on.

  47. Anonymous says:

    #63, that is one of the most blatantly false canards that continues to be eaten up by ignorant liberals eager to believe anything bad anyone tells them about conservatives. Show me people who work harder to feed the hungry, and clothe and shelter the poor than those good pro-life folks down at Catholic Social Services. Similar examples abound.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Libtards are all about giving themselves collective pats on the back for what great, caring people they are while spending other people’s money on counterproductive stuff that doesn’t work. Like Head Start, for example. Ooh, there’s a triumph of what well-intentioned liberals can do when they want to feel good about themselves while accomplishing nothing much to speak of at all.

  49. Ben Dover And Kiss It Byebye says:

    Obama cannot be impeached. If I have to explain why, you need to read up on history and civics, or just ask Bill Clinton why it doesn’t work. Obama also cannot be sued. And he’s not a Lame Duck. He is going to rule by dictatorial decree until 2017, with a vengeance, and with sweeping changes that will eviscerate the U. S. Constitution and rip the fabric of America beyond fixing. He said he would “fundamentally change” America and he will unless something happens. And if it happens to Obama, we are even more screwed.

    For example, his dithering may invite a nuclear exchange with Islamists, NK or Putin. Unfortunately, the second target after Washington DC is always STRATCOM in Nebraska. That may prompt some cheers from troglodytes in Idaho but it would really suck for Cornhuskers. Our corn would pop.

    So let’s change this hypothetical to an asteroid impact on the Potomac. Even a rather small asteroid can make a big dent in a lot of political plans.

    And so we come to the deepest dungeon of this horror story… Presidential Succession.

    First in line, President Joe Biden. Obama picked the dunce as impeachment insurance. But let’s say the asteroid ignites Joe’s hair plugs and the fat deposit between his ears combusts. Then things get bad on a surreal scale.

    President John Boehner. Even Republicans cannot stand this guy.
    President Patrick Leahy. Ugh.
    President John Kerry. Double ugh.
    President Jacob Lew. Who?
    President Chuck Hagel. Oh, holy mother of god!
    President Eric Holder. Just shoot me.

  50. anonymous says:

    Only a nattering nabob refers to Joe Biden as if he were Spiro Agnew. Spiro was a far better crook than Joe is, too.

  51. Macdaddy says:

    #66, that was a scary rundown of the leadership We, the People, have elected. The other scenario is for the Republican Party to grow a pair and start defunding Obama’s little pet projects. Unfortunately, that’s just as unlikely as President Hagel.

    Calling Lee Terry! Calling Lee Terry! Did you think my support didn’t come with conditions? Time to step up and light a fire under Boehner’s ass. Pick up a bat from TD Ameritrade on your way to his office.

  52. to the above says:

    Bats at TD Ameritrade are detuned aluminum pieces of crap.

    He should drop by play it again sports and buy one of those outlawed composite bats.

    I like Lee. I think he’s ggos for the district, but he should help oust Boehner.

  53. Barry-Gone-Nuts says:


    The Liberal Press is being blamed by Obama so they turn around and blame Bush. For what? Bush stealing Obama’s brains and balls? Obama showed up for work missing both.

    Look, if this really is Bush’s World and Obama cannot make it Obama’s World, then Bush was an astoundingly effective U. S. President and Obama is a genuine klutz. Yet Republicans don’t think Bush was all that brilliant. George had good points and some less so but overall sort of average.

    Obama was pampered and dithered away opportunities. His first years he enjoyed a Democrat House and Democrat Senate and the big baby didn’t know what to do with them. He surrounded himself with bad choices and stumbled into one scandal after another. He is the opposite of Clinton who got his wanker yanked for fun and then sidestepped impeachment like a pro. Obama stumbles like an idiot child, drooling his way from one befuddlement into the next. And now, driven mad, Obama calls his own Liberal Media a**holes and they go spastic.

    Obama cannot manage to keep his own head out of his own ass. Whose fault is that?

    Oh yea, its Bush’s fault.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Every sentient voter in America knew or should have known we were electing a lightweight. The press did their best to cover for him during both campaigns and downplay his many failures while in office. But, bottom line, what we got is what we should have expected we’d get from a rank amateur in the Whitehouse who, truth be told, like liberals of his ilk have recently admitted about themselves, he’s not all that proud to be an American. To borrow a phrase from Jeremiah Wright, America’s chickens are comin’ home to roost.

  55. Anonymous says:

    #68. You object to Biden, who was caught and punished for plagiarizing in college, being called a dunce? The only alternative to him being stupid is that he was lazy and crooked.

  56. Anonymous says:

    What is that you conservitards have against democracy. President Obama was elected by a healthy majority of us. But you guys thrive on denial.

  57. Macdaddy says:

    “Healthy” majority? Majority, for sure, but I wouldn’t characterize the people who voted for Obama as healthy. At least not in any logical, intellectual, mental, or moral sense of the word.

  58. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how the libtard above thinks that pointing out what a nitwit Obama is means you don’t like Democracy. No, libtard, pointing out what a nitwit Obama is simply means you elected a dumbass for President. Has nothing to do with liking or not liking Democracy.

  59. TexasAnnie says:

    And same to you, Interested Observer!
    It’s already 75 degrees here and will be getting hotter all day. But neighbors have invited several households in for swimming, conversation, good food, and later, —FIREWORKS!

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