What’s the Nebraska way?

Attention Democrat/Liberal readers of Leavenworth St.!

We have a basic question for you — to comment on in the comments section.

It gets to this:

Lately we see the constant stories (mainly sourced from Drudge) where Latin American immigrants are piling in over the border. Much of this seems to have been based on a belief that anyone who comes through now would get amnesty. Or maybe it’s just kids that came through now would get amnesty.

In any case, many are calling it a crisis(!) as immigrants are just pouring through the porous borders and are now being housed in military bases, health issues running rampant, kids being shipped all over the country, etc. etc. etc.

What we here at Leavenworth St. are interested in knowing:

What is the Democrat/Liberal position on all of this?

Is it that America should just take down the border fences and all that and let everyone in?

Or…well…er…eh…we’re trying to get past that one, because we don’t know what the other alternative is.

OK, we have established that you want anyone who entered the country as a child to at least get in-state aid (tuition, driver’s licenses, etc. etc.). But where does it stop?

Or start?

Is there any point to that giant fence?
Or border guards?
Or guys who inspect cantaloupes and limes?

We’re just trying to figure out where you start and stop.

We’ve seen the VERY compelling CNN previews of the show where the guy is in front of Congress — who entered the US as a 12 year old — and gripes to the committee, “Just what do you call an American???!!!!” (or some such).

And we’re like, “Yah, sure he’s an American!”

Uh, but no.
Because if we say HE’S an American, well then what’s the difference between him and the gate crashers at the border now?

Zip? Nil? Nada?

It’s just not clear to us what it is you are hoping for — for illegal immigrants who run the border.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get the whole, “turning Texas purple/Blue with immigrants thing”, but we hope/guess it’s more than that. You do see ALL the implications of open borders, yeah?

So where are you?

And forget all the “Who will pick your oranges and mow your lawns???” arguments.
This is really beyond all that.

With Nancy Pelosi and the rest welcoming in the border crashers, your leadership is saying, “Let EVERYONE in! Drop the walls!”

Do you agree?

And do you understand the ultimate implications of that position?

We are really, honestly, curious.

Weigh in.

(And is there another website in Nebraska where your voice gets a significant presence, read by every mover and shaker? No. No, is the answer.)

So dig in!


So here’s the thing:

We constantly hear that the country needs, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform!”

Conservatives/Republicans hear that as, “Amnesty!”

And maybe that’s true.
But the other side of that, generally, is “secure the border first!”

But as near as we can tell, Democrats/Liberals/Progressives have no real interest in securing the border.

Are we correct?


And we not to be too jingoistic, but frakin’ Joey Chestnut!

Kobayashi was the KING, and Chestnut just yanked it away!


And we’re going to say this to all the World Cup haters:

Are you a crazy hockey fan?
Do you live and die with hockey?
Can you tolerate the low scoring in hockey?

Or are you just an occasional fan?

And do you root on the USA hockey team when they play in the Olympics?
Such as, oh, we don’t know…1980????

Yeah, that’s what we do.
And we do the same with the soccer team in the World Cup.
And we can appreciate great athletes in a great sport.

So just root on the USA, would ya?
(And STFU.)


Nebraska minimum wage expansion?
Looks like it’s coming to a vote.

And we might agree that the min wage should be different between, say, New York and Nebraska.
But what about upstate New York and Manhatten?

And what about Omaha and, say, Beemer?

Does this make sense, that it’s a state issue?

Or should it be a municipal issue?
And would municipalities think a little more about that issue when they want to expand business for employees and companies?

We’re just asking.


Hope you’re having a grand weekend.


  1. Bring back Jordan!! says:

    Us long time Leavenworth Street fans have seen a lot of writers (Sweepers) come and go, but whoever it is now is the worst. Can’t we get Jordan Mcgrain to do it again, he was awesome! At least let Scott Lautenbaugh contribute like he used to, he’s very entertaining too. These last two posts were so painful to read. It’s obviously amateur hour.

  2. anonymous says:

    Well, we’re not going to simply execute these people. Not kids. Not for simply trying to avoid what amounts to execution in their home country. It’s reasonable to ask not only what the driver is – the lure of perceived safety and opportunity in the United States – but why such safety and opportunity are not present in Mexico and the several, small countries of Central America. Vincent Fox, not the most reliable fool but he was our fool, a servant of American interests, said you can’t expect rational behavior from your neighbor when your neighbor is the largest, wealthiest, armed junkie in the world. The circular flow of money, drugs, labor & weapons – all illegal – has its basis in three addictions: drugs, cheap labor and the need to control our “backyard.”

    You can’t insist people simply stay home and die.

    The U.S. also cannot, will not, and is not responsible for the military and civil pacification of said backyard. It doesn’t work, it’s expensive – dealing with the alien influx is cheaper than going to war.

    What’s the way forward? Decriminalize drugs, ala Bill Buckley. Buckley reluctantly said the so-called war on drugs was lost and he was right. Face up to our wide array of addictions – to drugs, cheap labor, and the need for control of the neighborhood. We might start be dealing with neighboring states as equals, taking their considered opinion about how the U.S. can help these countries become, in a word, as attractive, if not more attractive – free, safe, stable, crime free, drug free, violence free – to the extent that there is no interest in illegal migration. The proviso is that nation states are responsible for meeting their peoples needs, and securing their own borders. I don’t know who runs this – State and the AG would be my preference, not Defense and Homeland Security.

    There is a real, immediate problem to solve. The Obama Administration is not solving it. Congress is not helping; the House hates Obama and will use any means to a stalemate ’till the ’16 Presidential election. Fixing illegal immigration requires a level of real honesty, not BS, without incentive or reward. I am not sure what to do about that. So in “they” come, with no end in sight.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    “You can’t insist people simply stay home and die.” Yeah, because that’s what we’re saying. These teenagers have lived many years, traveled hundreds of miles across deserts and whatnot but if they stayed home they would just die. Or be executed because that’s what they do in Mexico and Central American countries: they keep a few people to oppress and the rest they kill. Maybe these “go-getters” could stay home and, perhaps, improve their own countries? Maybe Obama could figure out how to help those countries move towards non-corrupt democracies rather than using illegal immigration as a pressure valve to stay in power.

    Sweeper, I don’t think the Democrats have actually thought about it. Thinking about consequences is not their forte. They just feel and jerk their knees. The fact that 25% of Mexicans would move up here tomorrow if they could (that’s 30 million people) just doesn’t register. There’s probably that many or more from Central America and I can’t even imagine the numbers from China, Africa, and the Middle East. But Democrats don’t see that. They just see the next election and how can they get the Hispanic vote, America be damned. Come to think of it, that was Obama’s pastor’s motto.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let me just say that if people of Latin-American descent typically voted Republican, the Democrats would be the first people trying to close off that border. The party of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright is hoping that when the children of these illegals are old enough to vote, they’ll secure a filibuster-proof super-majority that will enable Democrats to disembowel what’s left of America the Beautiful.

    Somewhere, Alexis de Tocqueville quietly weeps.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Re: the minimum wage thing, I heard on the radio the other day that Dick Holland donated $350,000 to the effort. What’s so important about the minimum wage that Dick Holland is willing to donate more than a third of a million dollars to getting it on the ballot? Hmmm?

    And I thought paid petition circulators were a bad thing. I didn’t see or hear ANY media reports criticising the fact that the minimum wage people used paid petition circulators. (The fact that they had paid circulators should have been the first clue that there was money behind this effort.)

    So, again, what’s in it for Dick Holland that he’s willing to spend more than a third of a million dollars to get this on the ballot?

  6. Ricky says:

    And you thought refugee crisis’s only occurred in Syria and Irag and Somalia. Well we have one right here in the good old USA.
    Poverty crime and violence in Central America is driving this crisis, not politics in the USA, although the lack of will by the House GOP contributes.
    I doubt the conservatives want to raise taxes to put up a trillion dollar fence along the border, even if that were possible. The Obama administration deports people in record numbers. The law allowing children to stay in the USA if they get here was not a law the Obama administration drew up.
    (And Fox News and the right like to demagogue this issue, lying when they say these children have some terrible disease).
    So welcome to the world America, it’s a big problem. It will take bipartisanship to end the refugee crisis, but since the Republicans in the House refuse to work with Mr Obama on anything, good luck with that.

    ricky from omaha

  7. Mert says:

    If the left really believes that it is in humane to deny these people entry into the US, then they need to open the doors of their homes and put signs on their front lawns stating that the items in their homes are free to be shared by those in need. I mean, we have poverty all over Nebraska. Let them put their money where their mouth is and show a little compassion. Then have them post here what the results are.

  8. anonymous says:

    What’s with the new banner that says “how to get a small loan for 3500.00 but a late on credit.” Time for some repair work.

  9. anonymous says:

    Militarizing the border would mean some combination of the following: 1. At major border crossings, put up shot towers. Man them with snipers. 2. Mine major boarder crossings and land adjacent to them. Also mine known routes into the United States from Mexico. 3. Rather than put up a physical fence, fly armed drones. 4. Put up armed border patrols. Not with cops, but with soldiers.

    Let’s be clear about what this is. It is not mere intimidation. Cops wear a shield because they protect; violence is a possibility but a last resort. The armed forces have exactly two jobs: killing people and destroying things. If you want to militarize the border, you will – WILL – kill people and destroy things. There is no point in anything else. That is how you turn the United States into the worlds largest gated community. If that is how we want to be known in the world, if that is how we want to not deter but halt, stop, prevent & eliminate illegal immigration, we might as well get started.

    Who wants to draft and sponsor a bill in the House to this effect? Maybe Lee Terry can grow a pair and front this.

  10. @10:55am :
    I’m not seeing it using Chrome, but it’s there loud and clear on IE.
    I will be happy to take any suggestions for sites that instruct how to get rid of it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why do the democrats not help Dennis Crawford or Amanda McGill in the parades? In Seward yesterday, Dennis had like 3 people walking with him (in contrast to Fortenberry’s 50), and Amanda was walking by herself. Pitiful. Oh, and Hassebrook and Domina had more volunteers, but were still dwarfed by the Republican turnout.

  12. ITK says:

    Crawford, McGill and other Democrats turnout in Seward was just absolutely pathetic. Crawford had himself and like 2 others. McGill walked by herself.

    Looks like Vince Powers and his cronies were too busy to get them help in the parades. They have too busy trying to get signatures for a non-issue which will go down to defeat, blocking the pipeline, creating a false issue or two, and take away from their supposedly good candidates.

  13. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Does anyone know how much the paid circulators for the minimum wage increase were being paid? Was it…minimum wage? Was it $9/hour? Was it $10/hour? Were they paid per signature?

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, the immigrants themselves say they are coming because Obama is going to let them stay. Concerns of gangs and crime is a distant second.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    This refugee “crisis” is being manufactured by Obama. He has kids. How cynical and cold-hearted does one have to be to lure children into life-threatening situations when you are a Dad? He should be ashamed of himself. All these deaths are on his head.

  16. Anonymous says:

    We’re going to be feeling the pain from Obama’s policies for many Presidencies to come. Obama only wants to blame President Bush for dealing him a bad hand. When the libs and Obama say it, it’s a cop-out and more passing the buck. But Obama is truly creating a crap sandwich for the next generation of Presidents to have to deal with.

    For instance, the Middle East has long been kind of a crappy place. But, when Bush left office, it was at least a relatively stable, crappy place. We had western-friendly governments in Egypt and Iraq. We had a west-neutral but stable government in Libya. Syria was ruled by a despot but at least he didn’t cause much problem outside his own borders, at least as of 2008.

    Obama enters the Whitehouse, though, and look out world. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood over Mubarak in Egypt and there goes one stable, west-friendly government in the middle east. He actively supports the insurrection and violates the sovereignty of Libya, actively facilitating the ouster of Qaddafi, and there goes another stable government in the middle east.

    He supports the rebels in Syria. One might question whether we were funnelling arms to the Syrian rebels by way of Libya after we (helped) get rid of Qaddafi. This allows terrorist elements to find haven in Syria and eventually begin an (ongoing) effort to overthrow the Maliki government in Iraq. Had we not attacked Iraq under Bush 43, it’s not clear that Saddam would have survived the Arab Spring anyway, given Obama’s penchant for supporting sectarian insurgents over their more secular rulers. So, you can’t blame the current situation in Iraq on Bush.

    Oh, and Iran probably has The Bomb, or likely will by the time Obama’s 2nd term draws to a close. They didn’t in 2008 and likely wouldn’t have under a Republican President who would have green-lighted Israel to take out the centrifuges in Iran the way the did it in Iraq a couple of decades ago.

    He’s effed up the middle east and that isn’t going to be an easy thing to deal with for perhaps generations to come. And that’s to say nothing of the myriad issues which his refusal to enforce immigration laws will visit upon American taxpayers who will have to foot the bill for Obama’s decision to take care of the rest of the world’s needy, invite them over, ask them to stay …

    Thanks, Obama.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but after the bad weather we’ve had recently, I need my roof fixed very soon. Your American bred children don’t want to take on the work as a summer job, because it is to hard and dangerous. They only want cushy jobs that don’t require them to know how to make change or write coherently, like pool boys and baby sitters. So who else can I have do it? If you close down the border, my roof will continue to leak when it rains.

  18. Benthere says:

    Conservative Libertarian Republicans cannot see why Liberal Progressive Democrats don’t see a need for borders. They in turn cannot see why anyone needs borders. The Right sees the USA as a house–as PROPERTY being trespassed. The Left sees no property at all but one big expanse with no one owning it.

    Street Sweeper, you wonder why Democrats awaken to find burglars in their bedroom and yet they don’t object. Sound sleepers, we imagine.

    How much are any of you willing to do to protect what you own? You paid me to kill children to keep you safe. I have awards equivalent of a Distinguished Service Cross given to me on your grateful behalf for having volunteered to deliver nuclear Armageddon onto cities full of women and children. Pursuant to that, I possesses what you, Obama and Congress don’t have, a signed letter from a psychiatrist certifying me sane enough to annihilate populations on your behalf. Once you get past that considerable irony, the salient point here is that it was on YOUR behalf. Thus your squeamishness about using pitchforks to throw Mexican children back into Mexico is a bit late.

    Americans are increasingly squishy, squeamish, and myopic. They want their ethical cake and eat it too.

    And one last example; I’m in bed when intruders quietly jack open the iron bars on my windows, slip a small child in across my “border”, who then opens my front door and as they are cleaning out my house, I awaken to my spouse screaming they are kidnapping our baby. It happened. — If you learn nothing else, learn this:

    Soft pink fleshy people who are against ownership of property are the first ones bulldozed into the pit as lifeless carcasses when harder people choose to own what you chose not to defend. Babies go in too.

  19. Betterwages says:

    #14 State law does not allow for paid circulators to paid by the number of signatures. They can only be paid by the hour. N4BW paid 10.50 to 12.50 per hour. Far more then current or proposed minimum wage.

    #13 non-issue ok. But 134,899 registered voters disagree with you.

    #6 paid petition circulators are very common and have been used for countless petition drives in this state. Also if you want to know what’s in it for Dick Holland. Google Dick Holland and you will find out.

  20. Chipper says:

    Chip Maxwell had a busy 4th as he was at both the J E George and Ralston parade collecting signatures. Notice lots of Democrats that we with the various campaigns signing his petition. Guess his pizza parties did not work as well as he had hoped.

  21. Youngvoter says:

    As “liberal/progressive” I believe strongly that we need to secure the border.(Fence, more guards, drones)

    I believe that we need to make E-verify mandatory and have very harsh fines for Employers that knowing hire illegals.

    I also feel that for those who have not broke the law(other then crossing the border illegally) Who work and pay taxes( sales, property, occupation and excise) and fees. Who own homes or business, who are active in the community and church, who have served in the Arm Forces, who have children and gran children should have a pathway to citizenship. Paying fines and back taxes, having a understanding of English and civics. This would allow them to earn citizenship to this great country.

  22. Anonymous says:

    …and why do we have a photo of Miss Nebraska in a swimsuit on a political blog? You’re right. Have Lautenbaugh do some writing. At least his BS was of a higher grade.

  23. Karl says:

    The Republicans have decided that the best strategy on immigration is just avoid any comprehensive reform by saying “we will not do anything until the border is secure”. The reality is that border will never be 100% secure. So they can keep getting elected until the voters see through the charade. In Nebraska that may never happen.

  24. too @young voter 24 says:

    It’s funny that you should mention “having a understanding of English and civics”[sic] because judging by your post, you have very little understanding of English. I would like to add that nobody wants to read about your feelings, so don’t use the words “I feel” when you make an argument. Small errors are forgivable, but try to write above the eighth grade level. You’re sitting at the adult table now.

  25. to @young voter 24 says:

    Damn auto correct feature edited the name in my previous post to read “too” where it should have read “to”. We can all laugh at the irony.

  26. MoneyBag$ Pete says:

    Dear L Street readers; just a note to let you know how our campaign is going and I’d have to say it’s going pretty good. My advisers tell me not to worry about the Governor’s campaign because if something pops up we will just throw money on the problems, as we have lots of that thanks to Joe.
    I ask my campaign staff if I should talk about agriculture and the farm economy a lot, but since I don’t know much of anything about that and my opponent knows a lot, I maybe should back off of that a bit?
    I am feeling this is a done deal, because didn’t Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin come to Western Nebraska to campaign for me?
    Another thing I worry about is that Republicans like limited government, and me and my family ask for handouts … er I mean tax breaks from governments like the city of Chicago for fixing up Wrigley Field and from the city of Omaha for kick-backs from building our headquarters in the Old Mill area.
    But I am assured that since I am a member in good standing in the GOP and have unlimited resources and the Republicans outnumber the Dems in Ne by a good margin, I have nothing to worry about.
    So there is your update good friends of Leavenworth St.

    Billionaire Pete From Omaha
    PS next post I’ll tell you how ticked off I was that Governor Heineman and that lady Mayor from my home town endorsed some kid from Lincoln over me.

  27. Well here’s the deal; you raise the minimum wage to $9.25 an hour. Then you let in a flood of workers for whom $9.25 an hour is the best pay they ever got in their lives. Then you close down any projects, like Keystone XL, that might require skilled workers and thus pay a little more.

    Pretty soon, you have nirvana, with everyone paid $9.25 and hour, and collecting food stamps and Medicaid, at Federal expense. The debt explodes to $22 tn, interest rates skyrocket, you can’t raise taxes because by now anyone with money has squirreled it away or left, and so the only way out is to print money.

    Then you get hyperinflation. And that’s when the fun really starts.

  28. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, you’re trying to explain simple economics to people who have no critical thinking skills, only feelings. This is meant as a wedge issue (LOL). 29,000 Nebraskans make minimum wage. That’s 0.9% of all workers and 5% of hourly workers. The last governor’s election, Heineman got 230,000 more votes than the Democrat. In the primary this year, for the statewide offices, the Republicans got 150,000 more votes than the Democrats. Maybe this issue affects the Judge of the Juvenile Court race, but it will have no effect on anything else. The good news is that Dick Holland gets to waste his money, otherwise it’s a pretty feeble attempt to change the subject from Obama’s failed Presidency.

  29. P says:

    Hey moneybags, if you’re implying that tax breaks are the same as handouts it says a lot about your worldview. If you believe that tax breaks are just another form of corporate welfare it means that you assume that all money that is earned by a person (see the definition in the “Dictionary Act”) must have come from government. My guess is that most Nebraskans know that the money that we pay in taxes is money that we EARNED. There is a difference between letting people keep their own money (tax breaks) and giving handouts to “green” industries from the money that government confiscated from SUCCESSFUL businesses. Unless you’re a liberal. Then, you believe all money belongs to the government and they get to decide who gets it and who doesn’t. Nebraskans are not with you on this. You can only fool them for so long…

  30. To Nos. 1 & 25:

    I am not now, nor have I ever been, a contributor– much less Sweeper him (or her) self. I was offered the opportunity to submit something once (via a mysterious email) when I was called both a racist and sexist by a fairly well unhinged city councilman for wanting to shrink the OPS school board (misty, water-color memories), but I was busy with a trial and a special session at the time, and never got around to it.

    I used to comment here more, I grant you that, but I always used my name. So, for old time’s sake– I do support Lee Terry without reservation, I oppose the minimum wage hike, I support my friend Pete Ricketts– and he will be a great governor. I hope my historic horse racing measure passes, and I don’t see a way to forgive Chip Maxwell for his absurd kamikaze mission. There — we’re up to date — back into my “no comment” hiatus on here for another few months. See you in September– or whenever.

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    Hey P: If you are implying that “tax breaks” are not “handouts,” it says a lot about your worldview!
    It means that you assume SOME money earned shall be taxed, while SOME shall not, depending on whom those in government wish to advantage. It means that you believe those in government should be choosing winners and losers. And it means that you do not believe all taxpayers should be treated equally.

    Here’s a conundrum for you: What’s the difference between those in government volunteering “tax breaks” for SOME, and those on the street demanding “tax hikes” (minimum wage) for ALL?

  32. Interested Observer says:

    And that brings us, full circle, back to WELFARE GRAZING and the government picking the winners and losers, instead of simply allowing the market place to do it’s job.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Today, I’m not going to feed the (admitted) troll at #37. Instead, I’m going to laugh about a float in the Norfolk Independence Day Parade that depicted the future Obama Presidential Library as an outhouse. And then, I will watch as Democrats wilt into puddles of tears and outrage (as only Democrats can) over how un-American it is to mock and ridicule a sitting POTUS. That kind of mean-spirited abuse of a sitting President has simply never happened before. At least not to a POTUS they liked.

  34. Anonymous says:

    No one respects a leader who rises to swallow bait. Be such bait reasonable or ridiculous, it is not your bait so why risk hooking yourself on someone else’s point?

  35. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree on the quality of the last few SW posts. We just had an election with a dozen Republican candidates. No assessment of the primary. No assessment of the losing/winning candidates/campaigns. Who’s done after a pathetic showing? Who still has life next time after a defeat this time around? For Pete’s sake (and we have several of those in the races), millions were spent and there is no analysis here! It is obvious Sweeper’s favorites did not make it through, but at least give credit (or criticism) where due!

  36. Anonymous says:

    #40, that was all discussed. What else do you wish to discuss here? And why not open your own maw and let your concerns drop out as discussion?

    You want Street Sweeper to continuously hand you tidbits for you to criticize. This isn’t television. This is conversation. So converse.

    If you have some favorite candidate you wish to promote, go right ahead and do it here and that gives us the chance to pick you to pieces. That is what you had in mind, right?

  37. Fort Street Fury says:

    What’s with that kamikaze mission anyway? The only people who agree with your tactic, are in your little circle of terry haters. I know Scotty P. Has you convinced that when you fracture the vote, Terry will see bad polling numbers and pull out. After all, that kind of thinking is so impossibly stupid that there’s only one person who could have come up with it.

  38. P says:

    @TexasAnnie If you want to go to a flat tax I don’t think you’d get much resistance here. It’s the libs (and the IRS agents) that don’t want a flat tax.

  39. tonic & tonic says:

    The flat tax is regressive and wrong unless it has an income floor under which one pays zero income tax. 9% tax means a hell of a lot more to a family of 4 making $40K than it does a D-I-N-K family cracking $120k

  40. Anonymous says:

    To those who think the outhouse float in the Norfolk parade was raaaacist, I have a question: was it racist when people said the Clinton Presidential Library looked like a double wide? Or when national radio hosts called it “The Clinton Library and Massage Parlor”?

    Was it racist when Democrats called George Bush “Bushitler” or when Comedy Central created a series specifically designed to mock a sitting President. I don’t remember Dan Marvin getting his panties in a bunch when Bush was the target of ridicule. But somehow it’s beyond the pale for anyone to make fun of his guy.

    Yeah, ok. We get democrats. They suck, pretty much.

  41. TexasAnnie says:

    P: You need to think again! It’s not just libs and IRS agents standing in the way of tax justice. From Wall Street to Main Street, folks don’t want to give up their incentives and subsidies. For example, do you take a federal income tax deduction for paying your mortgage interest? How about for your healthcare needs or for child care?

    When I say I want a flat tax, no exceptions and no excuses, I mean just that. NO EXCEPTIONS for churches, NO EXCEPTIONS for job creation, NO EXCEPTIONS for agricultural adventures…NONE!

    And thus, tonic and tonic, IF we had tax justice, the tax rate could be so low that even you anti-regression tax enthusiasts could afford the outcome. Check it out!

  42. Cornhuckster says:

    “He is a liar who sleeps with goats” said a source close to Blah Blah Blah. That’s news today.

    The Fourth Estate gets a mention in the Bill of Rights for a reason. And this isn’t it.

    The latest Blah is “an unnamed source close to the Clintons”, which probably means Mr. Cigar himself, defending his fat assed wife whom he cheats on every waking moment. Apparently, many Democrats find Hillary Clinton to be the same insufferable bitch that Bill finds her to be. A marriage made in Political Science 101; hell itself. But I digress.

    Blog comments are part of the public digestion of meat provided by the Fourth Estate in the form of factual news. Digestion comes with heartburn and other discomforts, better or worse, depending on one being fed bran, tofu or red meat. Or more commonly by today’s News Media, horse manure.

    In the mid-60s colleges of journalism did an about-face. Instead of telling students to be dispassionate reporters of facts who violated journalistic ethics if they editorialized their opinions and feelings into the news, a new crowd of touchy-feely professors began professing that it was better to “inject your own feelings” into the story to “make it more interesting”. It sells papers, is more fun, it entertains, whenever reporters who almost always have zero real experience on what they report, pontificate within the factual news. As a result, generations of Americans have lost the ability to tell fact from opinion, truth from fiction.

    By swallowing this horse manure as if real food, voters today serve good government like Bill Clinton serves the cause of marital fidelity.

  43. Anonymous says:

    To #34 identified as Scott Lautenbaugh: Good that you masterminded a reduction of a new and approved Chamber OPS board to float a $700+ million bond issue. Who hired Eric Cantor’s pollster to find the likely voters that say the acceptable bond limit was around $650 million? If that photo really ties the room together in Lautenbaugh’s opinion, then the observation of being “sexist” suggests that the city council person may have been on their hinge. Always fun when someone outs themselves.

  44. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Common Core Math:
    If two trains leave two separate stations, with one 5.6 miles north of the other, and they are both traveling at 72.4 miles per hour to a destination in Terre Haute, IN….

    Is Barack Obama still the worst President ever?

  45. Frito Bandito says:

    Republicans rule this state, so if they wanted to pass a law that would require employers to use e-Verify, they could very easily do so. They have not done so, because Nebraska’s “job creators” rely on cheap, foreign workers. When was the last time you walked past a construction site or roofing job and heard English?

    The failure to require eVerify is evidence that most Republicans in positions of power are full of hot air when they complain about illegal immigrants. Obama has offered Congress comprehensive immigration reform, piecemeal immigration reform, and immigration reform that doesn’t start until he leaves office. Republicans have refused all of those options.

    The people of Nebraska may be telling their members of Congress that they want a crackdown on illegal immigrants, but industry is telling them not to take away their low-wage workers. If you’re unhappy about the situation, vote for somebody else. You elected them. I didn’t.

  46. To Cornhuckster says:

    I graduated from one of the nation’s finest journalism programs during the late 1970s, and I have no idea what you are talking about. Woodward and Bernstein became famous and ousted a president based on hard work and double-sourced facts. That’s what we were taught. That’s what journalists do.

    Bill O’Reilly, on the other hand, hosted some entertainment gossip show before he landed on Fox. No j-school degree there, or with Rush Limbaugh. (Didn’t he do sports on radio before he became a hate-monger? The people you complain about — on the left or on the right — are not journalists. They are “personalities.”

    Whether as an undergraduate or a grad student, I was never told to put my feelings in there. I know I’ve spent more time in newsrooms than you have, and what you’re talking about is not journalism.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    #54, you sure got your money’s worth from that J-school. I didn’t see Cornhuckster refer to O’Reilly or Rush or any other opinion personality. What happens is that it’s hard to see the difference between opinion journalists and regular reporters. From Candy Crowley defending Barack Obama during the actual debate to the Money section of the OWH getting caught be a reader (me) not acknowledging they are owned by Warren Buffet to then using 2 point font to acknowledge that fact, it’s clear that the MSM is in the tank for Democrats and the Left. By any metric you want to use, the press takes it far, far easier on liberals than it does on conservatives. It’s not even close. Just look at the media purring like kittens over the NSA scandal. Heck, it even took some obscure website owner to break a story about a former president Newsweek was sitting on and was going to bury. When it comes to liberal foibles and even crimes, the MSM is not interested. It’s really not a even a question.

  48. To #56 says:

    You are confusing “personalities” with journalists. Candy Crowly, Greta, Rushbo, Geraldo and all the rest are there to get ratings. You don’t see Bob Schieffer or Diane Sawyer going off on their opinions. And, you betcha, all of the newspapers are “in the tank” for liberals. That’s why the Lincoln Journal Star headlined a profile about Bill Hopner with “Class Warfare.”

  49. Not Bill Hopner says:

    Someone mention my name? Wow, I didn’t think anyone remembered me anymore. Thanks for the shout out!

  50. Macdaddy says:

    I’m pretty sure CNN’s chief political correspondent considers herself a journalist. If you want to make the case that she’s really not, well, thanks for proving my point.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Woodward’s sort of digging is always rare and never standard news reporting. It is more like police work. Standard news, things citizens should know, often in some depth, are today increasingly replaced by canned vignettes that function as the only alternative to a flood of immediate electronic tips that make for lots of “wow” and less who, what, where, when and how. News folk today try, sort of, to make sense of it for us. But sense for us takes a backseat to cents for them.

    Fox and MSNBC aren’t in it for justice. Sure they will hang an award on the wall. But mostly they sell time to advertisers, as one sells space in newspapers, as one might sells shoes. News is a business. Even Woodward wanted the scoop as much as justice, which when you think about it, isn’t really information as much as revelation, its own sort of “wow”. The good cerebral deep kind. Depth seems to give way to a broader shallower flood mostly for technological reasons.

    Most people today get their “news” visually. Yet it is words as symbols however that make us human and promote civilization. Pictures drag us rather quickly back to our beginnings. News floods in raw from people on the street photographing the thing as it happens. We are spattered with fleeting images, aural and visual, and our brains observe somnambulantly, as opposed to the active cognition of absorbing words.

  52. fix it says:

    Mr or Ms Sweeper

    On my google chrome machine, I’m still getting the viagra/loan/incredible offers when I come to your site. While it is a tempting offer, I suspect if I accept it may lead my computer to an undisclosed part of Romania (if that still a country, who can tell these days) and some guy will eventually attempt to purchase large amounts of office furniture and perhaps DVDs of “Frozen” with my credit card account. Granted, he won’t get very far on a $500 limit but still, it will be a hassle to cancel the card.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh, watch out, Lee Terry sent a letter to a judge in Mexico. Wait, scratch that, he’s LEADING the effort in sending a letter. Wow. Take that Mexico! Lee Terry’s on the case! What a moron. Vote for Chip.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Because chip is demonstrably not a moron?

    A kamkikaze mission to unseat an 8 term Congressman so a democrat can win and scott p can feel batter about himself is decidedly moronic.

  55. To Chip Supporters says:

    I have watched Chip Maxwell over the years and I am confused about your logic supporting him. What did he do in his 8 years of office that transformed the state or the county in a more conservative manner???? If Chip couldn’t do anything when he was 1 of 7 or 1 of 49 persons, how and the hell is he going to change anything as 1 in 435!!!!!!!!

  56. Anonymous says:

    An 8-term congressman whose biggest accomplishment is signing some joint letter to Mexico??? Sheesh – you guys have set a very low bar.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Better question: If Chip can’t find 2,000 sigs to have his name on the ballot, how will he find 70,000+ votes to win?

  58. To To Chip Supporters says:

    Chip Maxwell did nothing but spend money during his time in office. He made no major reforms and wasn’t a significant player on anything in the Unicameral.

  59. To “To Scott”: Well, I don’t know TexasAnnie or how, umm, stimulating a discussion of tax breaks as handouts can be to others, so I’ll defer to you, I guess. . . .

    I was never on Revenue Committee– maybe I don’t know what I was missing.

    (OK– really gone again now)

  60. 61 says:

    Unfortunately, Woodward lost a lot of his reputation by getting too cozy wit the G.W. Bush administration. As much as anything, he’s an advocate for the right now. (It’s sad when media celebrities get old. They do a lot of stupid things to stay “relevant.” See the Wikipedia entry for “Helen Thomas.” for another really good example.

    The only paper in Nebraska that does the kind of reporting that we’re talking about is the World-Herald. The piece about Corrections releasing hundreds of dangerous felons early, was really good. Unfortunately, there are few media outlets here that care to do that kind of investigation.

  61. Anon says:

    I understand that the viagra ads may have gotten Sen. Lautenbaugh to start posting again, but they really are quite annoying for most of us.

  62. anonymous says:

    I’ve written ‘Sweeper about the unwanted advertising.

    The diagnosis, from the WordPress forums, is corruption of the base HTML and/or the PHP code on a given WordPress web site.

    The fix is un-enjoyable: back up the web site’s database. Then re-install WordPress and associate with the saved database.

    I am looking for a better way to fix this problem. If I find one I will pass it on to ‘Sweeper.

  63. anonymous says:

    If you are referring to the Windows BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death – that has been a “feature” of Windows forever. I’ve noticed post-XP versions of Windows – Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 – are very stable products, especially with newer hardware. There can be some hiccups running a recent version of Windows on some older hardware. If a PC is older than the year 2010 don’t bother upgrading it, replace it. Macs are spendy, but you plug them in, turn them on and they work right out of the box.

    One other tip: change is the Enemy. Goof around with your computer too much and you’ll regret it. Keep your kids, friends, neighbors & relatives off your computer. Now that cloud storage is common, use it for stuff you want to keep. And the only way to keep truly private information private is to keep it in your head. If you must record it write it down on paper, and put the paper in your desk, nightstand or a lockbox.

    Back to your BSOD, I’ll post an email address for questions if you like.

  64. anonymous says:

    Send BSOD questions to the address above. Ground rules: no personally identifiable information, no privileged or inside information, no account credentials, nothing about money, all applicable law respected.

  65. P says:

    Back to the question at hand (for those whose computer screens work). I understand the impulse to control the border first. That said, it’s a big border. We are never going to stop all illegal immigration. In fact, a large percentage of illegals did not cross the border illegally. Many crossed legally with visa’s and overstayed. 20% of illegals are Asian. They didn’t swim across the border. This latest crisis highlights the solution. They are DRAWN here by our welcoming environment. These people at the border now are running TO border patrol not away from them. Why are they drawn? They want to work. And many businesses and municipalities are happy to accommodate them and their cheap labor. We need to mandate e-verify NOW–for every employer. And make the penalties on the employers huge. In some places it is not only permissible for employers to overlook immigration status it is illegal for employers to ASK about it. This is where the process must start. Make it impossible for illegals to get work. Then we can secure the border and deal with those here to get them onto a path to some kind working status (not necessarily citizenship). We can’t just deport them. It won’t happen. It isn’t the pro-family thing to do. We must make it impossible for them to work so they will be forced to go back themselves or come out of the shadows and get on the right path themselves. All this starts with enforcement at the workplace.

  66. To P says:

    What type of ‘work’ do you suppose the average minor crossing the border in our current ‘crisis’ is hoping to ‘do’ when they arrive? No, illegals (regardless of how they arrive) are coming because eventually, we give them free shit.

    In almost the next paragraph in yesterday’s Watchdog article about how the 200 illegal minors that have been sent to Nebraska aren’t entitled to ‘state aid’ is the fact that Grand Island public schools already expect 50-60 of them to enroll in school in the fall. All of this courtesy of the federal taxpayer and Grand Island property owners.

  67. Anonymous says:

    We may expect children sneaking in to the USA be what they were before they snuck in, drug mules and child prostitutes and kids whose parents threw them over the fence.

  68. Macdaddy says:

    Hundreds of children suddenly showing up and overwhelming local services. This has disaster written all over it. Lee Terry needs to do something. This is a federal issue. Terry needs to come up with names and countries of origin and then Heineman needs to bill those countries for services rendered. These kids will end up costing Nebraska taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions and we get crickets from Lee Terry. I can’t believe that the GOP is sitting around like a bunch of dumbasses when our country is under assault by the world with Obama facilitating it. This is why I won’t be voting for Lee Terry this fall. The GOP is freakin worthless.

  69. TexasAnnie says:

    “The GOP is freakin worthless.”
    That’s what I’ve been sayin all along, Macdaddy.
    Why has your realization taken so long?

  70. Anonymous says:

    We get your angry point. But please try less anger and more point.

    Terry is beyond his own expiration date, his subcommittee has nothing to do with immigration and he like most there is hamstrung by House Rules that gag members outside of their own committee leadership roles, and even more so GOP newbies like Chip and double gags Democrats like Brad. That’s the ruled landscape there. Brad and Chip, at least on the surface, seem to offer NE less influence than a GOP sub-chair in the HOR. But back to your gripe, you say this is about sealing the border. That is a big threatening problem.

    How exactly are you promising that Brad or Chip will accomplish that? That is what you are promising, right? Or what’s the point of all this?

    Congress is a toilet and government is crappy. Lee is in it. Brad and Chip want to dive into it. Prove to us that you aren’t trying to replace a turd with a couple of farts. Don’t just stand there telling us it stinks.

  71. NotChuck says:

    To “To Cornhuckster” at 54: I attended a speech given by Woodward & Bernstein’s boss Ben Bradlee, the editor of the Washington Post, at my college in the early seventies. His topic was journalistic protection provided by the First Amendment. At one point in the speech, he claimed that journalists’ rights were absolute under the First Amendment, “including the Right to Lie!” How does that equate with “hard work and double-sourced facts” to which you refer? I’m not questioning Woodward & Bernstein’s credibility, just the culture which succeeded journalistic impartiality and morality in favor of liberal bias and leftist partisanship.

  72. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy says that Terry and Heineman need to do something and we get crickets from Terry. I would add that Fortenberry and Smith and Johanns and “she who shall remain nameless” could ALSO at least try to do something here!

  73. Macdaddy says:

    I do not live in either Fortenberry’s or Smith’s district. I live in Terry’s district. I will not vote for either Ashford or Maxwell. Period.

    Neither Ashford or Maxwell are currently in federal government. Terry is. The immigration problem is happening now. Something needs to be done now. Last I heard, Lee Terry has a voice and a media outlet whenever he wants so don’t give me shit about how his subcommittee yada yada yada. Boehner doesn’t give one wit about House Rules. Guess what? Neither do I, so Terry better step up, be a man, AND START REPRESENTING NEBRASKA! IS THAT LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU? ARE YOU FEELING ME, DAWG?

    BTW, the anger is only going to get worse. The GOP can get out in front of it or be buried by it.

  74. tonic & tonic says:

    While I agree that the situation is frustrating, it seems to me that macdaddy wants some lip service from terry. He writes about how Terry has a media outlet whenever he wants, okay great! What does getting on the news accomplish? Zero. Zilch. Nadda.

    It would be cool if Terry got pissed off, but ultimately a rep. Getting pissed, or even launching and investigation does little or nothing. This problem is at our doorstep because Obama’s administration doesn’t give a damn about the law.

    Want proof that Terry is powerless and paying lip service via CNN won’t do shit? Look at Benghazi, IRS, and everything else whirling about. Boehner himself can launch an investigation and it wouldn’t matter. HHS et al will just keep on, keepin on with zero regard for the law.

  75. Anonymous says:

    I have an idea. For those who think we shouldn’t deport the unaccompanied minors who’ve crossed our borders, why don’t we post on-line sine-up sheets for people to register to adopt an illegal kid? They would agree to be financially responsible for that kid as though it was their own. Only employed people not on welfare themselves could sign up, of course. We’ll accept as many of these kids as Brad and Angelina are willing to sign up for. The Kleebs from Hastings could probably take on a few.

  76. Pete says:

    The Kleebs aren’t from Hastings. They aren’t from Nebraska, though farmer Jane would probably sell her soul for a birth certificate saying she was born in a renewable energy barn or some such rubbish.

  77. Macdaddy says:

    Boehner isn’t going to do a thing about any of it because all his money men want cheap labor. What Terry needs to do is let people know he isn’t going to support Boehner as Speaker next Congress. Get the ball rolling. I have made this point a gazillion times but do you know why I didn’t vote for John Ewing? Because despite whatever beliefs he has, a vote for him was a vote for Nancy Pelosi. Right now, a vote for Lee Terry is a vote for John Boehner. I’m having a tough time seeing how Nancy Pelosi could be any worse. TNT, lip service would be a welcome start. Right now, we the people are on our own without a President who will enforce the law and a Congress who won’t make him. Lee Terry needs to decide where he stands.

  78. Frank O. Phile says:

    I am sick of seeing every sign in Nebraska being printed in English and French just because we have a French speaking nation on our border. Are French speakers mentally retarded? Do we officially see them as sub-humans incapable of learning the American English taught in schools around the world as the universal language of freedom and success? And our borders invaded by these frogs!

    Does Wash DC officially see them as race of inferior creatures, descended from drunken French trappers who mated with beavers and stoats, and genetically doomed to forever smell like garlic? Or is it just that we want to encourage them to come here and grow the escargot that we are too lazy to grow for ourselves?

    Washington allows these frogs to throw their tadpoles over our border on the hope that they will grow into Obama-toads. Speaking French and being snotty, they naturally lean left.

    But they aren’t animals. If they were, we could fry the frogs. They are simply national invaders we must evict for sake of good hygiene if nothing else; for they are a vulgar race of hirsute women who never shave their legs or armpits and of disgusting men who prefer that. They are making the United States a country unfit for Mexicans to invade.

  79. Anonymous says:

    “A vote for Lee Terry is a vote for John Boehner. I’m having a tough time seeing how Nancy Pelosi could be any worse.”

    Are you for real? Nancy Pelosi is still in Congress so you are saying you prefer her to have a Democratic Party majority in the HOR and you don’t mind that. It cannot be worse, you say.

    Obama stupidly didn’t know what to do with a Democratic HOR when he had one. But you think Pelosi is not worse than Boehner? That is amazing. And your replacement for Boehner is… Maxwell? Who exactly are you bending over for in this twisted gripe of yours?

    This is what happens when decent rational principled people twist themselves out of their own shoes. To justify putting lips full on Chip’s anti-Republican butt, one has to believe that is all about you having principles that everyone else must lack. You must be sighted in a world full of blind people. How likely is that?

    Terry is no prize. Boehner isn’t either. But if you cannot tell them from Pelosi you have twisted a tad too far. Maxwell is riding you like a stump broke calf. Don’t confuse that with being a noble steed.

  80. Macdaddy says:

    Ok, #93. Maxwell can run or not. I don’t care. Maxwell will vote for Boehner, too. What I do care about is my elected representative not representing me or the majority of people in my district. That would be Lee Terry and by extension, the GOP. This country is under assault. Do you disagree? Boehner has done nothing about this. Do you disagree? Nancy Pelosi would have done nothing about this. Do you disagree? Let’s talk about other issues. Name one area where the GOP has rolled back any of Obama’s wins or power grabs. Just one. Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t have either. See? No difference. None. Nada. Benghazi? Zip. Fast and Furious? Zip. IRS? Zip. VA? Zip. Obamacare? Zip. Bergdahl? Zip. NSA? Zip. But please, let’s hear your case as to why we should re-elect Lee Terry and John Boehner. I bet I know what you are going to say because I’ve made the same case: this time it’s going to be different. We just need control of the Senate. We just need some conservatives with backbone. Boehner knows what the score is. We just need to protect the gains and build on them. Well, I’m done. This country is not going to exist by 2020 and the Republicans share just as much of the blame because they are too cowardly to use their power to even try to stop it. You’ll see. I predict Terry gets re-elected. He’s been as quiet as a church mouse so I bet he’s got reassuring polling. Guess what we’ll get out of it? The same thing we got in 96, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010, and 2012: excuses.

  81. TexasAnnie says:

    Macdaddy gave a good recap of C-Span’s program featuring Rep. Burgess (R) Texas. But Macdaddy forgot to mention that Boehner is preparing to sue the president, and as such, Macdaddy’s ‘zip’ and ‘nada’ accusations may prove false. (Of course, even if such a suit may properly be brought to the courts, it will take longer than Obama’s remaining term of office to adjudicate…)

    Meanwhile, the Republicans keep floundering and there really has not been a reason for Macdaddy to ever vouchsafe confidence in the GOP for as long as Street Sweeper has provided Macdaddy this forum! Yet Macdaddy has done so. Should we trust Macdaddy’s opinion now?

  82. Anonymous says:

    Should we instead trust the opinion of a Texan who demands money from the public coffers for her own selfish personal problems and yet says is for tax fairness. Why not admit you put your own interests first. Everyone does. But many are better at appearing less hypocritical.

  83. Anonymous says:

    So, liberals always point to this allegedly increasing income/wealth gap between rich and poor as a justification for redistributive economic policies. I wonder how much of the change (increase in disparity) can be traced to illegal immigration over the last several decades. The new, not-quite-legal folks certainly aren’t going to be bringing up the average, right?

  84. Duh says:

    The articles on this blog are written sooooooooooooooooo poorly! The quality is so low that it makes my freakin’ head hurt!

    Sweeper, you suck – get a new writer…please.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Anybody hear Hassebrook on the Scott Vorhees show this morning talk about the illegal immigration problem? He could not have sounded more indecisive and unsure of his position or solutions.

  86. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous @ 9:45am:
    I stand for tax justice; that is, the same tax rate for the same government benefits!
    I admit I put my own interests first; my pivotal interest is tax justice.
    I have no idea what demand you think I make on the public coffer???
    While most Republicans and Democrats are taking their third or more slices of the American Pie, my daughter and those in her condition have yet to gain a seat at the table. Yet for many, many decades my family has been paying taxes at the highest or higher tax rates than Americans generally and Nebraskans quite specifically. Evidently you think my daughter does not deserve what you DEMAND for your more perfect offspring. Why not just STFU about your erroneous assumptions and personal hypocrisy?

  87. Fort Street Fury says:

    Rand Paul’s poll numbers in Iowa don’t matter. Political hacks in Iowa made certain that votes from Paul- loving precincts never got counted in 2012 (Left in the trunk of someone’s car, arrived late etc), and it will happen again in 2016. It sucks, because I would love to see a Rand Paul nomination, but it’s the truth and it hurts.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Texas Annie, you say you have no idea what demand you make on the public coffers and then you explain at length the demand you make on the public coffers. You also explain how you think it is your right to take your neighbors’ money. You then insult other people’s children and tell people to “STFU”. Why resort to that? No one insulted your children. Why would they? Children aren’t collecting checks from the government. You are. Children are not saying their taxes are too high while they reach into their neighbor’s pockets without as much as a thank you.

    You are an unabashed Socialist with regard to the tax dollars you receive. You are an unabashed Fiscal Conservative with regard to you paying your own taxes. Real tax fairness would be that we all pay back every tax dollar we got out of every other taxpayer’s pocket. That’s not going to happen. Because everyone wants something for nothing. Some also want others to free them from the consequences of responsibility for their own situations. Most people see that as a two way street and don’t so avidly profess their Socialist right to grab the most while with equal avidity profess their Conservative right to pay the least.

  89. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous directly above:
    You are making no sense.
    I don’t get a check from the government. (I’m not retirement age yet.) And I pay a hefty sum, every quarter, as estimated tax to the feds.
    I pay more than my fair share of property tax, given that I don’t claim an ag exemption like my neighbors.
    I haven’t insulted anyone’s children. I’m not now, nor have I ever been a Socialist. And your definition of “tax fairness” does not comport with logic.
    So, perhaps you should STFU!

  90. Macdaddy says:

    I have no idea what Rand Paul’s poll numbers are anywhere. He’s an inconsistent idiot and my guess he’s as loony as his old man but with better control of his mouth.

  91. TexasAnnie says:

    Oh. Well, Rand Paul may disappoint you with his 2016 presidential victory, then, if he can keep his lead. He has polled ahead of every other Republican wanna-be candidate and as a bonus, ahead of Clinton and Warren on the Democrat side!!!

    I didn’t realize you are a Paulista, Fort Street Fury!

  92. TexasAnnie says:

    Amnesty never sounded “fair” to me. But after sooooo many years of inattention to immigration by the feds, haven’t you slid just a little toward compromise, Macdaddy?

    Is amnesty worse than getting this influx of non-English-speaking, unsupervised children?

  93. Fort Street Fury says:

    Rand Paul is not for amnesty. I would argue the point further, but there’s no point in arguing a blunt fact.

    TA, I’m not a Paulista. Paulistas are the type who voted for Ron Paul in the general after Romney got the bid. Paulistas are a lot like Chipshits: Morons.
    I support Rand Paul for President because I think he’s the best of the likely choices. I will whole heartedly support the nominee, whoever he or she may be. That’s how you keep getting invited back to the party.

  94. To Fort Street Fury says:

    How dare you call Chip Maxwell, Chip Shit! He is the only hope for this Republic. He is the only possible way a Republican can win in November. As a matter of fact, Republicans that are calling him out will be lining up in droves to thank Chip for running. Don’t believe me, just ask Chipshit!

  95. Macdaddy says:

    Rand Paul is for amnesty, he just chooses to call it something else. In multiple forums, including a conference call with Amnesty R Us Founder Grover Norquist, he was very open to allowing illegal immigrants to stay if they’ve met certain requirements. He has advocated multiple times for immigration reform calling our system outdated and antiquated. Translation: It doesn’t really bother him that Obama refuses to enforce the law.

    And TA, I haven’t slid towards compromise. The laws need to be enforced. They are not currently. Your comparison of amnesty vs the current invasion is one of the stupidest things you’ve written. Amnesty will lead to an even bigger influx of illegal immigrants. Reagan already proved that.

  96. Fort Street Fury says:

    The great and powerful MacDaddy (Pay no attention to the man behind the cutain) is so wise. Anybody who is open to the idea of not physically removing every illegal alien from our country is for amnesty!

    I’m going to look up every single bus manufacturer and buy their stock, because we gon’ need a heckuvalotta buses! I just hope the deportation program doesn’t cost so much that Boehner won’t sign on. Oh wait, there’s no difference between Boehner and Pelosi (thanks for pointing that out MD) so Boehner should have no problem tacking it on to the national debt.

  97. Macdaddy says:

    Fort Street Purring, Rand Paul is for comprehensive immigration reform. He’s said that multiple times. Since the push across our Southern border, he’s said nothing about rounding up those who have come over. What’s his plan for dealing with them? Apparently he is content with how Obama is dealing with them. Maybe he needs some work done on his house. Maybe he’s eyeing a big donation from Bill Gates. I don’t know, but he has done absolutely nothing about this. The status quo is fine with him. As for your disdain for rounding up the illegals and busing them back to wherever, that’s such a cute argument from 2 years ago. We have a de facto invasion by foreign powers going on and you think we shouldn’t round them up and send them back? That’s as idiotic as Texas Annie’s suggestion that amnesty is good and will solve this problem. Not rounding them up and sending them back will only encourage more people to wade across the Rio Grande. It’s a simple concept, actually. If you weren’t such a Paulista you’d see that.

  98. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, and don’t even get me started about Paul’s foreign policy philosophy which is essentially Yankee stay home and don’t travel anywhere. But at least we’ll be able to grow pot in our own backyards!

  99. TexasAnnie says:

    Why do you always resort to insult when expressing your opinion, Macdaddy? Nobody’s sayin’ amnesty is a good thing and my ‘suggestion’ as you put it, is pure pragmatism. Of course you and I do agree that we need to throw the bums out of Congress, unlike Fort Street, who is willing to keep voting for undesirable congresspersons. It doesn’t make me angry that Fort Street demonstrates more loyalty to the GOP than is warranted. Why do our opinions make you angry?

    P.S. I did not have a definition of Paulista when I used the term above.

  100. Macdaddy says:

    “Immigrants should meet the current requirements, which should be enforced and updated.” Rand Paul’s website. (Italics mine)

    “Border security first, but then we should have something that allows people who want to work in our country who are here to say we will find a place for you if you want to work.” Rand Paul on Meet the Press

    “If you want immigration reform, there has to be openness to compromise,” he said, adding that there’s also a group “entrenched” on the other side who won’t vote for any reform measures. Conference call with Grover Norquist, pro-amnesty Republican

    Paul speculated that some immigrants are coming to join the military. Same conference call.

    “Any immigration reform must expand legal immigration and the work visa program so that we don’t find another 12 million undocumented workers here a decade from now. The Gang of Eight bill actually decreases the number of visas for agricultural workers. Haven’t we seen this movie before? If work visas are less than what the market demands, the workers will come illegally — and we’re right back where we started.” Rand Paul op-ed in Politico

    “That’s why I am here today to begin that conversation and be part of the solution. I think the conversation needs to start by acknowledging we aren’t going to deport 12 million illegal immigrants. If you wish to work, if you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place for you.” Rand Paul at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Legislative Summit, 2013

    “After ensuring border security, then I would normalize the status of the 11 million undocumented citizens so they can join the workforce and pay taxes. I would normalize them at a rate of about 2 million per year. I would start with Dream Act kids, children brought here illegally as minors. “ Rand Paul, op-ed Washington Times, Feb 2013

    Thanks for playing, Anon 118.

  101. Interested Observer says:

    Since I was the first one in here to say last year that I did not actually fear the “Fiscal Cliff”, if that was the only way to actually cut back federal spending even a little bit, then I’m going to volunteer to also be the first one in here to say, WHY CAN’T WE DEPORT 12 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve already deported many of them at different points already, maybe even more than once. Why not once more, and this time, actually mean it and actually have the border security to legitimately enforce it?

    I read on an English language French newspaper yesterday that France is “overwhelmed” with 7,500 foreigners trying to cross the English Channel to get to England, illegally. They’re “overwhelmed” with 7,500, just passing through, and we already have 12 MILLION and we’re NOT “overwhelmed”? Then just what exactly are we?

  102. Interested Observer says:

    This is ironic. The New York Times has a new article, titled “On Southern Border, Mexico Faces Crisis of Its Own”. It states in part:

    For years, Mexico’s most closely watched border was its northern one, which generations of Mexican migrants have crossed seeking employment and refuge in the United States.
    But the sudden surge of child migrants from Central America, many of them traveling alone, has cast scrutiny south, to the 600-mile border separating Mexico and Guatemala.
    Now Mexico finds itself whipsawing between compassion and crackdown as it struggles with a migration crisis of its own. While the public is largely sympathetic to migrants and deeply critical of the United States’ hard-line immigration policies, officials are under pressure from their neighbors to the north and south as they try to cope with the influx. As a result, they are taking measures that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.
    Mexico has quietly stepped up the pace of deportation of migrants, some of them unaccompanied children. It announced plans to stop people from boarding freight trains north and will open five new border control stations along routes favored by migrants.
    “Never before has Mexico announced a state policy on the border, and now it has,” the interior secretary, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, said in an interview. “It is absolute control of the southern border.”

    So, I have to wonder, if even Mexico can now have “absolute control of the southern border”, then WHY CAN’T WE?

  103. Macdaddy says:

    LMAO, Anon 120. Rand Paul wants to let every single currently illegal immigrant stay, provided they want to work, of course, (snicker, snicker). Why not go along with what he wants to do? Why get all defensive when I point out the obvious? He’s probably smarter than Obama so why not get on board with his agenda? Or is his oiliness making you queasy?

  104. TexasAnnie says:

    And if not Rand Paul, which Republican contender currently in the spotlight would you trust? Are any Republican candidates trustworthy, Macdaddy?

  105. Macdaddy says:

    TA, all political candidates are in a Trust but Verify status. I don’t trust any of them. They don’t have to agree with me on everything, but I do have a few requirements. The first is that the person not talk out of both sides of his mouth. On that score, Rand Paul = That Dude on the Side of the Milk Carton Ben Sasse.

  106. TexasAnnie says:

    I don’t agree with your assessment of Rand Paul. Be that as it may be, surely you agree with Rand Paul on tax and economic policies???

  107. anonymous says:

    Rick Perry hasn’t got the sense God gave a fence post, no matter how subdued his haircut or those hipster glasses he’s sporting. Thanks for playing.

  108. TexasAnnie says:

    I guess you’re saying that, Macdaddy, because Rick Perry has called out the national guard to protect our border with Mexico. His grandstanding about illegal immigration is somewhat endearing. But he has skeletons in his closet. And his having called a second special session last year, and it’s effect, has divided Republican women in Texas (the Democrat Wendy Davis never looked so good!). Rick Perry is guilty of incessant personal bragging about the Texas economy, —which is very good to be sure, but hardly due to his credit. And Rick Perry did sign that DNR order concerning medically fragile persons taken into state custody. The outcome was not as horrid as Heineman’s BSDC killings, but Texans are not as willing to overlook such acts of barbarism on the part of their governor as Nebraskans have shown themselves to be. Heck, many Texans are still disapproving of Perry for having signed the HPV vaccination bill!

  109. Macdaddy says:

    TA, I don’t believe you even live in Texas if you think Republican women there are divided over Wendy Davis. She’s teats up and taking on water in the Governor’s race. Texas has done rather well during the Bush-Obama recession despite some Texas-size challenges (or maybe I should say Mexico-sized challenges) and if you think government has no effect on the economy, then my guess is that you actually live in Colorado and you spend your days smoking pot. Rick Perry has been Governor of Texas since 2000. I’m thinking he deserves at least a modicum of credit for her success.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Breaking: DC Circuit rules against Obamacare saying the law does not provide for Federal subsidies. The requirement to have health insurance just got really expensive for a whole lot of Nebraskans. Will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Comment #133: “She’s teats up and taking on water in the Governor’s race.” Nothing sexist there in that description. Would that Rick Perry’s impotence of memory in the 2012 debate be an issue.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Comment #135, no, nothing at all sexist in comment #133. Methinks you just don’t get the reference. Therefore, you assume it MUST be sexist.

    “Teats up” is a phrase that means an animal has died. Certain types of animals, when they die, roll over onto their backs. Exposing the teats on their bellies. Which would be up. So, for example, “We lost an old cow last night. I found Buttercup ‘teats up’ in her pen this morning.”

    Sooooo sexist.

  113. Anonymous says:

    So, Obamacare looks to be about teats up as well.

    Reading the article on NBC’s website about the Halbig case. They reluctantly acknowledge that this decision has struck a severe blow to the viability of the ACA. But, interestingly, the author goes on to say that the whole purpose of the act was to get more people insured, and then the other says “and it’s done that.”

    It has? The evidence please? Oh, next paragraph she says a Gallup poll (obviously the gold standard for determining who has insurance and who doesn’t” showed that 10 million Americans now have insurance thanks to ACA. Which moved us, according to the article, from 18% of Americans lacking insurance a year ago to only 15% lacking insurance now.

    Really?!? That’s what ACA was supposed to do? Move the needle 3%? BFD! We upset the whole applecart for EVERYONE so that we could extend coverage to an additional 3% of Americans? Which leaves only 15% of the country still uninsured. Wow, that spells success to … anyone who grew up believing that everyone who ran in the race should get a ribbon.

  114. Fort Street Fury says:

    no new blog post… there’s a lot of Fury over on Fort street!

    (Fort St. is in Omaha for all you sparsely populated county dwellers)

  115. Methinks the real Sweeper went south a long time ago … since then this place has morphed into a mostly unsupervised playground for a couple dozen or so highly opinionated “commenters” (not to be confused with “commentators”, which term implies a certain level of expertise/gravitas). Still occasionally fun to read, but little informed commentary. [Sigh] … ah, for the good old days …

  116. Political Alchemist says:

    So “teats up” is supposedly sexist? Why? Because only females have teats? Don’t get yours in a wringer but it’s not that simple.

    When mammals die and flop over on their back they all go teats up. All males and all females, with the exception of monotremes such as platypus and echidna that ooze milk, have ducted teats.

    If you were born without nipples, I stand corrected. Nope? Okay, then, we shall move on.

    But of course you have breasts. If yours aren’t large, we note some women are flat as a board. If yours don’t contain milk, most people’s teats don’t. Take enough estrogen and yours will. Men get breast cancer. And they don’t get that in their toenails.

    All men and women have nipples and breast tissue. That’s a teat.

    Unlike human genitalia that differentiate at about the 9th week, men and women have the same breasts until nearly adult when estrogen/testosterone genetically signal the growth of more fat between the breast ducting in girls and puts more hair on the chest of boys. But you can always find some mom who loves the scent of lavender oil and smears it on her son and that massive dose of phytoestrogen (yes, plants are sexually reproductive too) causes the fellow to grow breasts identical to females, enough of it and he will lactate. Squirt milk. It is, after all, estrogen. And it works the other way too. For every woman past menopause experiences a drop in her estrogen levels, which allows her natural testosterone (all women produce some testosterone) to rise and give her a nice mustache to pluck or shave.

    Big or small, all God’s chillin’ got teats. And a lucky few have a supernumerary breast, so when they die they go three teats up.

  117. Macdaddy says:

    Don’t worry, #137. With the number of illegal immigrants streaming across the border we’ll be back up to 18% in no time.

    T&T, LMAO. That was the funniest (or only funny) part of the whole movie.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Poor little Buttercup. So misunderstood. Poor Macdaddy. So hyper sensitive. Poor barnyard anatomy teacher. So boring. Bait the hook with an ism and the fish throw themselves into the net.

  119. Macdaddy says:

    #146, you’re kind of creeping me out. Were you wearing your mom’s dress and lipstick when you typed that?

  120. Anonymous says:

    Leavenworth Street has become as politically relevant as Vile Kyle’s old New Nebraska Network. A couple of years from now neither one of them will even be remembered by those that used to comment on their pages.

  121. Miss Liberty says:

    Americans were once proud to abide by the words inscribed on my statue in New York’s harbor. Today they want to send children back where they came from so that they can die from violence or starvation. Maybe it is time I hauled my old copper ass back to France.

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

  122. Greencard says:

    151. Ever heard of ELLIS ISLAND?

    Those Liberty words came with a legal demand that foreigners ENTER THE USA LEGALLY. That same legal demand exists today. Those with diseases and criminal records were turned away at Ellis Island and sent back home. No one sneaked in illegally.

    You however invite law breaking and cause the starvation and violence you say you abhor. Damn you for that. You are a horror and all that cosmically comes back as karma upon these children should by rights fall into your lap. You cause this.

    You are the ass. Jackass.

  123. Nebraskabornandbred says:

    Came here to see if SS had any info on Chip and the rumor circulating that he’s getting out of the race. Sad to see nothing here. Methinks SS is taking a break before the run up to the election. Hopefully that’s all it is. Have enjoyed this site for many years and commented a few times. Can’t wait for you to get back, SS!

  124. Macdaddy says:

    What do the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua all have in common? They’re all constitutional republics. They all have free and fair elections. They all possess the tools and opportunity to make their lives at home better.

  125. God Almighty says:

    Greencard, you might question just what fate your soul will experience when the life I have provided you on Earth is over. I shall provide you with an eternity to consider your foolishness, and it won’t be anywhere near my throne.

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