Maxwell is out!

Chip MaxwellChip Maxwell has ended his bid for Congress.

This COMPLETELY changes things for Rep. Lee Terry and challenger Brad Ashford.

Ashford can put away the tape measure for his office drapes (for now anyway).

This doesn’t make it a slam dunk for Terry, by any means.

But it’s a whole new ball game now.


No, I’m not dead.

But still don’t have time to write a complete post, at this moment.
Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.

Carry on!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s go over what appears to have happened here: Maxwell writes an e-mail in early July that Joe Jordan gets a hold of apparently telling folks he is not running but getting petitions signed anyway. Then he wastes people’s time and efforts with a petition drive so he can have a stack of signed petitions even though he has no intention to run. He does all this to save face after he got zero support and the tea party laughed at him. Let’s be clear: Maxwell is not honest. He will use people (and waste their time) for his own purposes so he can have his name in the paper a few times. Maxwell doesn’t care about the cause. He cares about his ego. This stunt finishes what was left of Maxwell.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone has self interest. Everyone uses people for their own purposes. That’s fine. What’s not fine is big ambitious egos welded to zero common sense. They aren’t just selfish. They are selfish and dangerously stupid.

    Take for example Maxwell, who went to England to study American History. Last year he jumped into a non-partisan role to circumvent a GOP Primary while saying he’d support the GOP House, basically forcing himself to run for a narrower slice of the GOP than Terry gets. Democrats would never vote for him because he said he’d out-GOP Terry. And despite him planning, as early as Dec 2013, to let Frey get blown up in the Primary minefield to weaken the incumbent, the non-partisan Maxwell quits now in July. Non-partisan independents Maxwell needed don’t even wake up until September.

    If he didn’t have the signatures, then he lied. If he did have the signatures, he lied to his supporters about running. If he pulled out because someone has the goods on him, then those goods are bad and it is his fault he didn’t lead a more pristine life. If all this was him grandstanding, he’s a grandiose ass. And since this is only July and the general voters he needs are still asleep, he’s probably a fool.

    Must be the botox.

  3. GOP'er says:

    I’m curious as to how many of the signatures he had were dems vs. republicans….Perhaps he had more dems..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who says Maxwell is a “good guy” is wrong. He is not a good guy. Maxwell is dishonest. His admission that he knew for a month he was not running then duped his volunteers into getting petitions signed anyway illustrates he does not hesitate to treat people like crap. He is exactly the opposite of the kind of person we need in elected office.

  5. Fort Street Fury says:

    No need to kick the man while he’s down.

    Yes, any republican with a functioning brain is glad to see him step out. That’s no reason to attack chipper anonymously online. It’s not like he ran on lowering taxes and then went and raised a certain tax 45% without making any significant budget cuts to offset the hardship. Cause THAT would be a brain dead move.

  6. Ricky says:

    What a complete nut job. If the Ne GOP doesn’t want Terry and for sure the Dems don’t want Terry to continue and I certainly do not want Terry in Washington any longer who does want Dang Straight Nice House Lee Terry to represent Ne D 2?


  7. Anonymous says:

    Attacking the Chipper anonymously online is not nearly as much fun as watching Chipper ass-rape you and ricky in full view of the world.

    No one here is “attacking” the “chipper”. He screwed his own supporters. He screwed what used to be his own political party. He screwed Democrats and Ashford who were cheering him on. And he screwed himself because he planned all this. He actually planned on Frey going down in flames. He shifted affiliation back on Dec 31st, so all this nonsense is what passes for strategy in this dopy bookworm. Yes, all who seek power are indeed nasty and egotistical. But stupid is far more dangerous. This guy most screwed those who trusted him most. You don’t get dumber than that.

    If Ashford needs Maxwell for Ashford to win, then Ashford himself is a problem. If Terry can sell his position and seniority in the House with some dignity, and not manage to screw his own supporters, that’s minimally smart for any politician. But this isn’t Maxwell’s first rodeo. He didn’t stumble into this. This is Maxwell’s strategy. And that that means he is dumber than dog crap.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    So y’all will coronate Lee Terry once again even though he hasn’t been good enough to suit you?
    Y’all could just do what Macdaddy has pledged to do: never vote for Lee Terry again!

    Is Chip Maxwell holding out for 2016 because GOP’ers in metro Omaha need to threaten Lee Terry into representing the interests of his constituents? Is that your take on Chip Maxwell’s brief run, Fort Street Fury?

  9. Dan Brown says:

    Chip does not have the 2K signatures, that’s obvious. He is out because he did not want to get whacked by raising no money and clearly landing in 3rd place. 2016 He won’t be there either.

  10. Fort Street Fury says:

    TA: Not exactly. Maxwell wasn’t running with any big backers, nobody of consequence supported him. Chip is out because Chip recognized his inability to win and the likelihood that he would propel Asshford to victory. Nobody

    The unintended consequence (benefit) in this case is that Terry must pay attention to the intraparty dissent and extend the olive branch.

  11. Kumbaya says:

    Ok,Ok ,OK, The dispute is over. Now is the time to get out and solidify the base and also reach out to those unaffiliated voters, and the disaffected Dems, who have helped create a winning coalition and push towards victory in November. If you don’t know anything about NE02, its one race at a time and we are still on this one. Please get out and stuff an envelope, knock on a door or make a phone call. Thats how we win NE02.
    David Bywater

  12. TexasAnnie says:

    Methinks the only “olive branch” Terry could extend to the disaffected GOP’ers of NE02 would be immigration reform w/o amnesty. And he can’t do that! Heck, he doesn’t even campaign for that!!!

    Also I doubt, David Bywater, that there are any “disaffected Dems” there. It takes a lot of courage to be a card-carrying Democrat in Nebraska. You really don’t have an ultra-left evident from a distance. But what one reads either in the newspapers or blogs is not necessarily what is. And I’ve got a hunch that Terry is unlikely to receive any more support today than he had before Maxwell pulled out.

  13. OPS $638 million bond issue says:

    Holy Cow that is a lot of money.
    Is this the OPS board that the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and Sen Loserbaugh and the right wing talk show guy wanted when they conspired to throw out the old board?
    The chamber of commerce approved board thinks the voters will give them 638 million dollars?
    Fat chance.

    ricky from omaha

  14. Ricky says:

    I am not a resident of OPS so do I get a chance to vote on this bond issue?
    Face it; throwing out the old board, making them wage another campaign shortly after they just did so, making up stories like a late swearing in fiasco, plotting while probably drinking and driving, was just a bad bad idea. The legislature did not even know what they were voting on.


  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m a registered Republican in Douglas County who will never vote for Lee Terry again. I’m either leaving it blank on my ballot, or I may definitely plug my nose and vote for Ashford just to get Lee out of there and have a better chance of getting someone better in for 2016. And believe me, I’m not the only Republican saying and doing this. Lee Terry is a moron and deserves to lose.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Someone has to call out what Maxwell has done. Maxwell’s games DIRECTLY resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being committed to the NE02 race for Ashford. The Democrats have already bought TV time for Ashford! This wold NOT have happened if Maxwell had not been so selfish. Further, Ashford was able to raise a ton of money he would have never been able to raise had Maxwell not done what he did–especially month of July when Maxwell was lying about his true intentions! The fall out from this is significant–because Maxwell did this–the liberal, pro-choice Democrats now have a TON more money to beat conservative Republicans in Omaha/Sarpy AT ALL LEVELS on the ballot in November. Maxwell did the dirty work for the pro-choice liberals. Nice job Chip.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    This lessens the pressure on Terry for sure, but I was never going to vote for Maxwell anyway. Terry’s bigger problem is a national party full of morons who are licking their chops for the opportunity to aid and abet Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America. Right now I can’t see me voting for Terry because he refuses to stand up to the pro-amnesty GOP leadership. I doubt I’m alone.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The poster at #2 and #5 doth protest too much, methinks. Ok, so Maxwell’s political career is over, done in by his own hand, apparently. Yet #2&5 spews venom about what a horrible person this now-irrelevant person is. Listen, I don’t defend Chip’s decision to enter the race as an independent. But I do defend Chip as a human being and he is none of the bad things the poster above said. He might have been misguided in this endeavor, but Chip is truly one of the most genuinely decent people I’ve ever known.

  19. Anonymous says:

    To #22: That wasn’t “venom” 2 and 5 posted, but facts. This is a guy who wanted to be elected to lead by earning the trust of we the people. He sounds to be unstable and self centered at the very least. Comment #2 nailed it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    And, by the way, it looks like someone with an anti-Chip Maxwell axe to grind was busy on this blog today. I’d imagine posts #2, 5, 7 and 10 were all by the same person. Once upon a time, Chip must have peed in their Wheaties.

  21. Mister Twister says:

    This thread seems to be a dumping ground for every failure excuse Lee could use.

    Lee’s problem wasn’t the threat of Chip. It was Dan Frei’s 47% no-budget campaign, against nearly a million bucks– and Lee not moving the needle at all. And it was nearly being defeated by Ewing two years ago, despite gerrymandering.

    Oh hell, let’s just all blame Bush!

    Preemptive blaming sounds like a campaign planning to lose.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to interrupt your Stockholm syndrome pro-Chip rant on the tail end of him tail-ending you, but, Chip’s Dip into and out of the 2D race was the most interesting aspect of this entire election cycle. To not wonder why he did this is to be intellectually inert. And dangerously so. For his own supporters admit that he pulled a Witek, a suicide of his own career. Yet unlike Kate, Chip is an erudite, educated, accomplished individual. Him getting this so wrong is cause for concern. No one wants to end up like Chip or his supporters. All we can do is use logic to try to assess what happened and his supporters are not doing that. They seem deeply stunned.

    We each may guess his motives but we all know the outcome. He quit. And his quitting most hurts those who most opened their hearts and wallets to him. Ashford’s people are mildly disappointed and Terry’s people delighted, yet his own are crushed. And his reasons for dropping are as opaque as his reasons for running. And he left so unceremoniously. Maybe more info will come to light later. But he didn’t do his supporters any favors.

  23. So who is going to show up to vote?? says:

    Lee Terry can’t draw a crowd. Without Chip, all the anti-Terry vote will got Ashford and Terry will lose.

  24. To the idiot above says:

    You think conservative republicans will vote for a pro-choice, pro-obamacare, pro-gay marriage, tax hiker like Brad Ashford…lol

  25. Mister Twister says:

    No, anti-Lee voters won’t vote for Brad Ashford. Some will vote for Lee anyway, but many simply won’t vote on that race. If Lee loses, it will be due to Republican ennui.

  26. TexasAnnie says:

    Republican boredom? No. Anti-Republican sentiment stems from Terry-type Republicans, not the other way around. The Republican platform is still fairly good; it’s just not being used.

  27. To #9 says:

    When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. It is difficult only for the others……… is the same when you are stupid.

  28. Anonymous says:

    So, it’ll be interesting to see if, through this experience, Lee got religion or not.

    Was this a wake-up call for Lee? Or just a close call?

    My money’s on close call.

  29. Red Lobster says:

    I sure hope good ole Chip was able to increase his book sells via the MULTIPLE links on his campaign site!

  30. Macdaddy says:

    Ok, Congressman Terry, how about this for an out? Boehner threatens to cut off funding for large chunks of the government if Obama “legalizes” all the illegal aliens. As it is, Obama is walking all over us. He’s carting gang members all around the country and pointing guns at the heads of Boy Scouts. We all know that impeachment will go nowhere. Instead of bitching and moaning, doing something that will count. Threaten to cut 3 entire cabinet level departments because we can’t otherwise afford to absorb 5 million brand new mouths to feed.

    In the meantime, can Heineman call a special session to pass a bill that says that regardless of what Obama says, any and all people “legalized” through an executive order will be ineligible for any and all state government benefits?

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    The Governor may, on extraordinary occasions, convene the Legislature by proclamation, stating therein the purpose for which they are convened, and the Legislature shall enter upon no business except that for which they were called together. (Neb. Const. Art. IV, Sec. 8.)

    Of course the Governor may call a special session. But I doubt he will, Macdaddy. You seem to believe that currently elected Republicans have a will to fix illegal immigration w/o amnesty. Why do you still hold out with that false belief?

  32. Anonymous says:

    TA, I can think of a number of state senators currently serving Nebraska who will not, under any circumstances, entertain amnesty.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    I don’t hold the belief that the GOP has the will to “fix” immigration without amnesty. I have the will to do so. I am trying to impart that will upon the feckless GOP. Maybe it works and I can go back to voting for the Republicans. Maybe it doesn’t and then it won’t matter who I vote for because by 2020 this country will no longer exist.

  34. Winger says:

    Math. No way for Maxwell to win. If he’d stayed in, he risked giving that seat permanently to the Libs. Good decision. Like Terry or not, he’s the best chance to hold that seat this year. I don’t really think conservatives can, in good conscience, vote for Ashford. He has always been a liberal on most issues. He is a Bob Kerry clone.

  35. Kumbaya to you, too! says:

    Disaffected Dems will vote for Terry over Ashford? Get real. Nebraska hasn’t had a Dem in a federal or statewide office in decades, so what’s to be disaffected about? Ashford isn’t much of a Democrat, and he’s certainly no liberal, so I’m betting he has a pretty good chance of getting elected.

  36. Macdaddy says:

    If we use the 5 million number that Obama is considering legalizing and assume that Nebraska will be responsible for a number proportional to her population, then we will suddenly have 30,000 people eligible for Medicaid and all kinds of government services. If 200 Guatemalan kids are expected to cost the state $2 million, then we are on the hook for at least $300 million this year with the stroke of Obama’s pen. Is Heineman prepared for this?

  37. Anonymous says:

    You strain at gnats while swallowing camels.

    Terry is 1 of 435 House members. And he is supposed to force Obama to behave? Heineman is 1 of 50 governors and he is supposed to force a Unicameral of 49 NE State Senators to void a federal order from Washington DC? You you act like it matters what each NE State Senators thinks about national amnesty that Obama plans to force by dictatorial decree upon 5 million alien invaders pouring over US borders, none of which is a border with the State of Nebraska?

    It is dangerous to assume that a President automatically doesn’t want to see the USA dead and our Constitution destroyed. This one has said as much throughout his entire adult life.

    Obama said he would “fundamentally change” a free and prosperous America; but to what, voters didn’t think to ask. He pits Americans against Americans and presents a divided America to the world, while seeking to create one united monolithic tyranny within. This is diametrically opposite of a healthy USA that presents a united front to the world and yet within we are diverse, with that necessary inner diversity expressed by our Constitution that pits everyone we elect in Congress against whichever tyrant is our chief executive. Obama is out to kill our Constitution, to kill the USA.

    And you think Nebraskans can change this? Sure, like a few Massachusetts folk changed things on Lexington Green. By stumbling into a river of bloodletting or making more useless appeals to King Barry who isn’t interested in our freedom or our prosperity or our survival. But that won’t happen.

    Long before we had a Constitution, we had to declare Independence as our own death warrant of treason against our then proper federal government. And long before we declared our Independence from our own government, we had an army in the field killing our own federal troops who were loyal to our then executive federal authority. Americans today are weaker. Today they want tyranny.

    And whose fault is this? It is your fault, Nebraska.

    This noble experiment in Representative Democracy was doomed the moment American voters reelected Obama, who began his awful journey when one of Nebraska’s districts voted for him, and Nebraskan’s then cemented the tyrant’s reelection by elevating beloved NE Gov and Senator Democrat Ben Nelson who gave Obama the sweeping healthcare that the tyrant needed to be reelected. Obama is Nebraska’s gift to the USA.

  38. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing how disconnected from reality so many people can be. And still function reasonably well in society. One of life’s eternal mysteries! I suggest turning off Faux “News”.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Some prosaic fantasy posts above. Back in reality, the Republicans will keep the House in the ’14 mid-terms. The interesting question is if the Repubs can pick up a net 6 seats in the Senate. If the Congress swings to the Right, all it has to do is nothing for 2 whole years, something the present House has perfected.

    Refugees will still come in their tens of thousands. Congress will give the Obama Administration about a billion dollars to staunch the influx. It won’t help much. Sorry MacDaddy, Nebraska and states like it will fulminate, but no one cares.

    Looking ahead to ’16, the question is if we’ll continue to have divided government and the gridlock that goes with it. The net result is little government expansion. Isn’t that what’s wanted in the main?

  40. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I’m perfectly fine with gridlock. Fewer new laws passed means fewer screw-ups.

    I believe it was Ron Swanson who said it best, “A good government employee never lets a good idea get in the way of doing absolutely nothing.”

  41. Anonymous says:

    Grid Lock is the core of the United States Constitution. Not peripheral but the centermost core and central safeguard of freedom and the indirect cause of prosperity. It is called “checks and balances” by the court and history, but it boils down to Congress stopping the President and the President stopping Congress, and both houses stopping each other, and all stopping the court that stops them. They are checked and balanced out of efficiency, teetering constantly, the very opposite of streamlined government. Freedom and prosperity grow from making government slow, clumsy, and, per this one engineered term useful to tyranny advocates, “gridlocked”.

    It never seems to occur to Liberals and Moderates and Conservatives who all variously push federal solutions that fast and efficient governance is to advocate tyranny. They stupidly feel they can achieve a bureaucracy that cares, like seeking a typewriter that will kiss them. They all believe that some power hungry wannabes won’t want to abuse power the idiots demand be centralized.

    Nothing is more tyrannical than your own government being efficient. Americans who don’t understand this are the reason Hitlers are popular and Mussolinis make trains run on tim and Maos and Stalins raise their nations economically on rivers of blood and force. They all offer most efficient government with the least gridlock.

  42. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Let’s not get efficiently passing laws confused with efficiency. I get what your point, anon 11:16 a.m., but it read like you are an opponent of efficiently run government. Government can be run efficiently without being tyrannical.

  43. Anonymous says:

    We cannot oppose “efficiently run government” any more than we can oppose pregnant virgins. An “efficient” person per Merriam-Webster “does a job well and successfully. Fruitful. Productive.” To be efficient is to imply a healthy productiveness.

    Government produces nothing. Its bureaucrats have no skin in the game of competition and outcomes between worker and employer, parent and child, teacher and student, patient and doctor, etc. Government is necessary but in no way is it wholesome or creative. Admittedly, most of us crave to deem it so. Our altruism and patriotism expresses a blind faith in power somehow being good. Some of us have risked our lives in combat for the vain hope that government can be good, while others of us more soberly risked our lives in that same federal service for our personal freedom from our own federal government, which our U. S. Constitution affords us because it presumes our own federal government to be a bunch of rotten bastards who all need to be hamstrung by its imposed constitutional gridlock. Our Constitution never deems our government good or efficient, rather a necessary power-hungry tyranny to be restrained and skeptically watched by each individual as a voter.

    Government is necessary, less of it is less tyrannical, but productively efficient?

    How efficient – fruitful, productive – is a chemotherapy drug? It is always poison. It is never anything other than poison. In all but the most narrow usage and small applications, chemo drugs are 100% “efficient” at killing you. And when it seems to heal you, it doesn’t. No chemo heals you. Your body heals itself. Once it has killed the cancer, and before it has a chance to kill you too, when left alone free of the drug only then can your body freely prosper itself to health. The body politic is no different. If voters do the driving, they best be able to tell cake from poison.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    #47, nice revisionist history. The NE2 didn’t give Obama his victory nor did it vote to re-elect him. I am more than happy to blame Obamacare on Ben E Nelson, but Obamacare didn’t get Obama re-elected since pretty much none of it was in force in 2012. What got Obama re-elected was an IRS that illegally interfered with and stopped citizens from being able to organize against their boss. Making millions of voters dependent on the government didn’t hurt either. As for the rest of it, Terry may be 1 of 435 but it has to start somewhere. Might as well be him.

  45. TexasAnnie says:

    Wrong, Macdaddy! Obama got reelected because independent voters (those undeterred by false loyalty to failed political parties, –either right or left) were greatly offended by Mitt Romney’s “47%” gaff. It takes a lot of machismo to accuse others of benefiting from tax injustice when oneself is just such a beneficiary. Mitt Romney offended more Americans than not! His loss was that simple.

    Those who care about tax justice realize that Romney-types only pay about 15% of their income in taxes (after loopholes), while those at the bottom get EITC (reverse welfare), and those of us in the shrinking middle are being taxed at the highest actual remission rates. If we had a flat income tax the rate could be reduced for everyone: those taxed about 15%, those taxed about double that, and those getting reverse welfare (but I do not endorse the EITC as means to tax justice).

    A flat income tax could shrink the IRS and the lobby outside Congress. But it’s finest potential, of course, IS TAX FAIRNESS!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Why would the IRS let itself be shrunk? And why would anyone elected shrink it? The IRS takes your earned money and gives part of it to politicians so they can run for office and pay for ads that get them elected. The IRS uses your money to ensure its own existence. All government does that. And there is no one whom you can elect who will represent you in creating a flat tax or any other thing that makes government smaller. Anyone who says they will give you a flat tax or shrink government are scamming you while they personally reap the rewards of empowering themselves. That is how power works. That is why our Constitution deems all who are empowered to be evil bastards.

    Most hard-bitten rationalists are actually patriotic and altruistic and need to believe. Primate emotions drive reason in apes that have killer technology. That just has to turn out bad.

  47. Anonymous says:

    We could be so lucky as to have Mitt Romney as president. While this president mocked Romney for pointing out Putin was this nation’s next greatest threat, it appears he was dead on accurate. As for the 47% remark being detrimental to Romney’s election it was a set up that the media exploited when focus needed to be on the Benghazi murders that to this day have had no accountability with this free for all current administration.

  48. TexasAnnie says:

    Yikes 8:01am! You write as though believing nothing can be improved via innate power of the public, itself. And I don’t disagree, 12:27pm. But the public perception of Romney tilted the scale, the public power, to Obama.

  49. Anonymous says:

    So now that Chip Maxwell dropped out of the 2nd District Congressional race (how you can drop out of a race you never entered is a question for another day), Ass Bradford is calling on Gov Heineman to call a special legislative session (I thought those were too expensive, but that’s a question for another day) to deal with the high cost of housing inmates who were released too soon and had to be brought back to jail.

    Mere coincidence? Or is Ass Bradford exploiting his legislative position to try to score some political points in his race against Lee Terry now that Chip is no longer in there to help him?

  50. Larry Sheldon says:

    Lee Terry is out too–he refuses to stop the fraudulent robot calling. That part of my ballot will be blank.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Terry has cute rabbit teeth like Sasse, Ashford looks like a bloodless Herman Munster. Rabbits are cuddly. So Terry wins. Or do you harbor some delusion that people who vote in November are more sophisticated than that?

    Terry obviously doesn’t give you want you want, which is why you whine about him here. But he is working hard at giving, or seeming to give, at least 51% of his electorate what they want. And that must be working because he has been reelected by majorities of voters who preferred him to every sausage who ran against him. Or do we presume its the cute rabbit teeth?

    None can deny that Brad has a perfect face for radio. Unfortunately, he also went from sucking on the elephant’s you-know-what, to servicing the donkey’s you-know-what. Ugly and promiscuous is a killer combo of the bad sort. On the up side, Brad is less insane than Chip. Terry thanks you for the sausages you run against him. And if you really don’t like it, you should have filed, right?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Why do some still refer to the guy who never ran, but dropped out as if he was the second coming? Next time you see some kid at the grocery story throwing a tantrum to get attention, think of the great exploration of a congressional candidate with a rat’s ass chance in hell of winning who did the same only to have a media swoon dripping sugar. The numbers were never there, the money was never there and reality’s chicken came home to roost in a ego large enough to hold it.

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