Is Lee Terry still in trouble?

Terry-Ashford 01With the exit of Chip Maxwell from the Nebraska 2nd District Congressional race, many supporters of Congressman Lee Terry got a B-12 shot of enthusiasm that Terry’s campaign was not doomed by the split of Republican votes.

However, the question now goes from “Can Terry win?” to “WILL Terry win?”

That…not so clear.

We have asked around a bit and the word that we get is, Uncomfortably Close.
And we aren’t talking about handshaking with Brad Ashford.

Essentially this is another Lee Terry race. It will be very, very close — either way.
And the stress is on that “either way” point, because of the clusterfrack that has gone on during the primary and since. Primaries are always divisive, but this last one got hairy, and the Maxwell goofiness didn’t help. Sides were chosen, and many will feel stuck on those for a while.

Will they come back to Terry in November?
We have to think most Republicans wouldn’t want to entrench Ashford, even if it meant an open primary in 2016. And it is not as if Terry doesn’t have a very good conservative record. And then the Cantor loss in Virginia really shows that an incumbent like Terry could be defeated in 2016, if that’s what they wanted.

Then again, an “open” primary isn’t really open if the incumbent has more than one challenger. If Terry wins in November, then GOPers really think Terry is vulnerable in 2016, more than one challenger would be likely to appear. You could see a Dan Frei and a Chip Maxwell and pick another name going up against Terry. Then you probably do the math and Terry can come out on top.

But if Terry’s not there, then you have your free-for-all where nearly every Ronny Republican who ever passed out a campaign sticker will give it their all to get in the race. (And heck, it’s the kind of job where ANYONE figures they could do it. “Can I vote yes or no on some issues? Hell yes, I could do that. Vote for me!”)

But that’s also just candidates. Does the average voter consider that stuff in the voting booth in November 2014? Probably not. They’ll really just see who they would want in more: Terry or Ashford.


But that does get to another issue: Will hard core Dems bother with Brad Ashford?
Well, only if they think Terry is really beatable.

But there’s no love in the Democrat community for Ashford.

There is a strong gut-feeling by leading Democrats about Ashford that “he’s not one of us.” The party leaders and even other candidates feel that way – and have shared that sentiment.

So will they really work to get rid of Lee Terry, even if that means they get squishy, former Republican, Brad Ashford?


Here is where our “Conspiracy Theory” comes in.
Well, it’s not so much a Consipracy as a general thought we have. We really doubt that dark meetings have been had, and that money will be supplied, etc. That being said…

Local Democrats do not want Ashford in. He is NOT their guy. He fell into this.

Our theory? They want Baby Buffett in for 2016 (or maybe 2018).

So here’s the conspiracy part:
“They” told Chip Maxwell to get out of the 2014 race, because otherwise Ashford would win, and could potentially keep the seat for a long time.

“They” then told Maxwell they will support him in 2016, so he can beat Lee Terry in a primary. Hey, if Cantor can lose, so can Terry!

Then, “they” figure they have a much better chance with Baby Buffett of taking out Maxwell than taking out Terry.
Bingo, Congressman Baby Buffett — who will garner national news as the heir to the Buffett legacy.

Ah, but who’d ever figure there’s enough will, ambition and money in Omaha to make something like that happen…


Interesting story about Julie Schmit-Albin and Nebraska Right to Life making a decision to no longer endorse candidates unless they are incumbents. The idea here is that they have to show, by their votes, that they are Pro-Life, as opposed to just answering a survey.

This isn’t a bad idea for just NRtL, but of any major group who wants to stick out their neck for a candidate. If a legislator really wants to be endorsed, they have to show their proven record. Anyone can SAY they’re pro-life, or pro-growth, or whatever.

At some point though, it might help for NRtL to say who they know they’re against. This would be helpful to voters who want to know who they definitely should not support.

Your thoughts?


Here’s an interesting one:

Remember the couple, back in 2005, who stranded themselves out in a rural area south of Omaha, strung out on meth, but couldn’t be found by 911 because of the location technology for cell phones? They ended up freezing to death, partly because of being strung out on meth in arctic temperatures, but partly because 911 couldn’t find them because they were on cell phones.

At the time there was a lot of discussion about how cell phones could and couldn’t be located and what the parameters of the technology were. Many were amazed that we hadn’t advanced on that front yet, considering most people had cell phones and many people were starting to only have cell phones, as opposed to land lines.

Well, here it is over nine years later, and it seems that a larger part of that issue is finally being addressed. The FCC has a proposal to require cell phone companies to use technology so 911 centers can locate callers even more precisely. On the one hand, if the 911 center could have pin-pointed where that stranded couple was, they could have sent help. But what about the case where an emergency cell phone call comes from a sky-scraper — say like the First National Bank building. The new FCC proposal would allow 911 to identify where the caller is, so precisely they’d know what floor they are on. This seems like the sort of thing we expect now from our technology, right?

Well, some of the cell phone carriers and their associations are pushing back on the plan. Too fast, they say, or somesuch.

Look, we understand limitations on technology. But in 2014, this is something most of us would expect — and are frankly surprised doesn’t already exist. Just get it done and bill us all the extra buck a month.


Want to know who is ahead in the Governor’s race?

Polls? Blogs? Word of mouth?

Nah. Just look to see who wants eighteen — EIGHT-FRIGGEN-TEEN! — debates, between the candidates.

Yes, that would be Chuck Hassebrook. (The guy who’s behind.)

Pete Ricketts, on the other hand, is happy with the 2+ that have already been scheduled. And here’s the reality: that “+” that’s factored in there is probably too many already.

One debate, you gotta have. Two debates, is usually good. By the third absolutely NO ONE is listening or watching or paying attention.


(Well, except for the campaign staffs, the occasional bloggers — yippee! another 2 hours of our lives melted away! — and the 5th grader who gets to ask the question, “How will you help to see that agriculture is important to Nebraska?” Oh wait, sorry, that was from one of the news anchors. The 5th grader will ask, “Can you say something positive about your opponent?”. Nope, still from a newspaper columnist. We’re fairly sure the 5th grader will ask something related to Kool-Aid, TV dinners or the Reuben sandwich, but don’t hold us to that. The previous two questions though? GUAR-AN-TEED.)

And heck the Senate debates will be even more awesome because there are FOUR candidates! FOUR! Ben Sasse, Domina, Jim Jenkins and then the other guy who always ends up on our Twitter feed. You looking forward to the Senate debates? “Here is my four part question (with 2 subparts for each question) regarding Obamacare and the VA. You have 19 seconds to respond.”

We will say that the OWH’s Mike’l Severe did a nice job as the moderator of one of the primary debates, but again, it’s not like anyone really listened.

Hassebrook hopes to have 20-30 debates so he can pick out a Ricketts quip or two to sell to voters that proves Pete is part demon, part Ohio State fan.

Good luck on all that Chuck.


Did you catch the U.S. Senate committee report on Jane Kleeb and her astro-turf groups (first reported on by Nebraska Watchdog)? The report essentially points out that Kleeb’s “Bold Nebraska” (you know they’re “bold” because it’s right there in their name) is supported by millions of dollars from out-of-state radical enviro groups.

The report states, in part:

In advancing their cause, these wealthy liberals fully exploit the benefits of a generous tax code meant to promote genuine philanthropy and charitable acts, amazingly with little apparent Internal Revenue Service scrutiny. Instead of furthering a noble purpose, their tax
deductible contributions secretly flow to a select group of left wing activists who are complicit and eager to participate in the fee-for-service arrangement to promote shared political goals. Moreover, the financial arrangement provides significant insulation to these wealthy elite from the incidental damage they do to the U.S. economy and average Americans.

They point out how Jane Kleeb sells herself to the progressive radical enviros as an “authentic” face.

The irony of Bold Nebraska’s grassroots image, as evident in Kleeb’s comments, is that it is nothing more than a cover for wealthy and distant non-Nebraskan interests who seek to advance a political agenda without drawing attention to the fact that they, too, are outsiders with little interest in or connection to the state. One of these outsiders is none other than Tom Steyer, who has a strong conflict of interest in opposing Keystone XL due to his financial stake in a competing pipeline called Kinder Morgan. Despite claiming that he would sell off all interests in the Kinder Morgan pipeline by late 2013, it was still unclear as of June 2014 whether Steyer followed through on that promise.

Oh but didn’t you see??? Jane got six people to march from a sand pit to the Solar Barn to protest Big Oil!!! So see! Nebraskans DO hate the pipeline! Or something. (And then they jumped into their Silverados and drove the 45 miles home.)

We chuckle.


ICYMI, here is the latest Ben Sasse video entitled, “Border Crisis”:

Somewhere Dave Domina is cussing and kicking dirt in circles.


Hey, how’s that for a healthy post?
Now here is some fun for those of you who had hoped to see other things discussed in the past few weeks:
No cheating! Noooo cheating:
Name Chuck Hassebrook’s running mate.

Yeah, that’s what we thought.
And YOU read political stuff!
Think the average voter has even a minuscule thought on that subject?

A sincere thanks to all of you who read and comment, on all sides of the issues.
You’re keeping political discussion alive in Nebraska!


  1. Cool Cal says:

    Weak Senate D candidate, Weak Governor D candidate, Weak 2nd Cong D Candidate = very low turnout for the D’s and a tremendous lack of enthusiasm on their side. LT will be ok again, R’s will come out to vote and go straight down the line.

    One other comment SS: Ashford is what, like 78 years old? how could possible hold anything for a “long time”??

  2. Ricky says:

    If anybody were paying attention, especially to the dysfunctional GOP – led House, they would see sending Dang Straight Nice House Lee Terry back is a fool’s errand. The Tea Party controls the GOP.
    Today the house will pass meaningless legislation that can not pass, because the Senate already left town. 80 per cent of Americans want immigration reform, but Terry’s house can not get their act together to get anything done. So Mr Obama is correct to use executive orders to at least accomplish something.
    And watch Nice House Terry will come back for the August recess and run against Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Hey, GOP! it’s your party that is holding back the country not the Democrats.
    If Terry loses I’ll buy a round for the house at Barretts on election night.

    ricky from omaha

  3. GOP'er says:

    Uh…streetsweeper. The OWH article says Hassebrook wants 6-8 debates, not 18. Although that number still shows he is behind!

  4. Uhhhh, Rickster, I hate to poke a bit’o’reality into your meanderings, but as of yesterday, 68% of Americans disapproved of Obama on immigration. It’s almost his worst score on any issue since he was elected. We now favor the GOP over the Dems on this issue 29-23.

    Obama’s lost the American people. Any unilateral action on immigration reform and the GOP will run the table in November.

  5. Ricky says:

    And that makes me laugh some GOP Senators think Bold Nebraska is run by outside billionaires. The Keystone Pipeline has drawn so many interested actors to Nebraska from the outside trying to push it through it’s not even funny.
    Starting with the foreign company behind the pipeline, who pays locals to try to convince the landowners to sign their rights away. Well that did not work, 50 per cent or so remain unconvinced and won’t capitulate to TransCanada.
    Then you have the fake grass-roots organizations like Americans For Prosperity and the Platte Institute. The Koch and Ricketts family throw away millions to hire lackys like Jim Vokal to pretend their are Nebraskans really concerned about wanting the pipeline built.
    Also you have the fake Nebraska For Jobs and Energy organization, which TransCanada set up while bribing labor and Democrats by trumping up the number of jobs coming with the pipeline, which everybody knows is widely exaggerated.
    TransCanada has spent so much in bribe money (Jim Powers was hired to help TransCanada with imminent domain issues) the Nebraska Democratic Party can not even come up with a policy for opposing the pipeline, even though candidates Mr Domina and Mr Hassebrook are both opposed to the Keystone Pipeline.
    But that report told me Bold got under the skin of the rightys big time; Maybe they finally sense defeat on the pipeline. That would be wise of them to do so, since the Keystone XL Pipeline is dead as a door nail.

    ricky from omaha

  6. OK, that settles it … the REAL Street Sweeper is gone, finished, kaputski, el toasto. The REAL Street Sweeper would never say thank you for ANYTHING (or “please”, for that matter), and he/she dang sure would rip out his/her own spleen before he/she would ever write the words, “Just get it done and bill us all the extra buck a month.”

    Color me bereft …

  7. Here UW, let me right the world for you:
    OWH, please stop with the freaking auto-play on your Mike’l Severe podcast, when I open the webpage. If I wanted to hear it, I would play it or download it or call him up, or whatever the appropriate method is. Yelling it at me when I’m trying to see the Huskers new uniforms is NOT the preferred method.

    (Now click the Amazon banner and buy something so I can pay for my 911 cell phone locator.)
    And thanks for reading.

  8. Stop the OWH Severe podcast push says:

    Totally agree Mr Street Sweeper, you can not open up without being bombarded by the Mr Severe and his on-line radio show. (I pay extra for on line access).
    What is driving this auto-Severe is that the OWH paid for a studio and hired Severe to do a radio show that only appears on This looks like a huge blunder, as nobody seems to be listening.
    So the paper is forcing this guy on the readers.
    The reason the on-line radio is a flop is because people are tired of Nebraska athletic department butt kissing. Pelini tells the fans and Mr Shatel and Dirk to F;; off and they STILL kiss BO’s butt.
    We can get constant media bombardment of Husker stuff; we don’t need yet another outlet forcing that down our throats.

    ricky from omaha

  9. Macdaddy says:

    Sasse’s video on immigration is infuriating on too many levels to address it on my iphone. Suffice it to say that his prescription is beyond stupid. Obama can’t give a speech that matters. He never could and he never will. Zero has zero credibility. Zero needs to actually deport people instead of sending them off to Hawaii and resorts. Sasse’s understanding of this problem is somewhere between Fox News and MSNBC. He’s had months of doing nothing since the primary and this is what he comes up with? Sheesh.

  10. AMEN SS--I hate the OWH auto-play says:

    So much so that after almost 35 years as a 7-day subscriber to the OWH, I have finally cancelled my subscription. The thought of going through another election this fall and having the dishonesty of the OWH political reporters land on my porch every morning was simply too skull crushing to contemplate. Remember the fraudulent poll the OWH ran during the closing days of the Fischer/Kerrey senate race–showing that Kerrey had pulled within inches of Fischer? Remember that? Get ready to see that same kind of crap all over again before the November elections. It started with Warren Buffet’s $100,000 contribution to Hassebrook, and it will only get worse.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Buffett can’t contribute that much to Hassebrook unless Hassebrook has a PAC. Surely the good and noble underdog man of the people Hassebrook doesn’t have a PAC. PACs are for evil corporations and Republicans.

    I am sure that the OWH will run a statement in 2 point font, of course, in any story about the governor’s race that Buffett owns the OWH and he has contributed to Hassebrook.

  12. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Max daddy, what are you talking about? Buffett could give him $1million. Nebraska doesn’t have campaign contribution limits in state elections. My understanding is that the $100K has already been donated.

  13. To Mac @ 10:39 says:

    Are you saying that running a statement in 2 point font that Buffett owns the OWH every time the OWH runs another biased political “news” report makes it okay for the OWH to continue doing it? Is that what you’re saying, Binky?

  14. Nebraska Democratic Convention says:

    Does anybody know what the Ne Dems official position on the Keystone XL pipeline?
    Maybe they will get to one at their convention in Lincoln this weekend.
    Have some guts Dems! Take a stand! Come out against the pipeline like Mr Domina and Mr Hassebrook have.
    Have the courage to tell labor that the small number of jobs coming with the pipeline is not enough to support the danger to Nebraska water.
    Good luck with that.

    ricky from you know where

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Hassebrook sure has because his sugar daddy Buffett wants to keep filling those coffers of BNSF. T&T I should have stuck to T&T and left out the gin. I forgot Hassebrook was in a non-federal race. #20, the OWH has to cover the governor’s race. It’s unfortunate that their owner has also ought the Democrat candidate but those are the breaks. The compromise, in order to maintain any journalistic ethics (quit laughing so hard!) is to acknowledge that one has a conflict of interest.

  16. Larry Sheldon says:

    Well, I guess you can put in the “Idgas” column.

    I have been pleading with Terry for more than a year to call off his robocallers–initially because I intended to vote for him, now because I intend to leave that part of my ballot unmarked.

    I remember when the drive-people-crazy loudspeaker trucks were outlawed–the robocallers are worse and their use should be capital felonies.

  17. I agree with Larry says:

    Any robot caught in the act of directly making robocalls or indirectly involved in the generation of robocall lists, caught with robocall devices, speaking monotone, or putting a string in a foam cup while attempting to make calls should be shot on sight. If said robot has standard bullet resistant alloy armor, that robot should be destroyed in a manner that is consistent with the guide “101 humane ways to kill robots”.

    Not only are these robots annoying, they are also taking away a job from a good mannered Indian with a broken accent.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    So far in the OWH this weekend, there were 2 articles about Hassebrook and in neither, even the one which reported the huge donation from Buffett, was it mentioned that Buffett owns the OWH. That’s pretty pathetic. Harold Andersen has to be glad he cashed out with his reputation intact.

  19. Dale Democrat says:

    Even the Democrats don’t know what the NDP’s stance on the Keystone XL Pipeline is. Sure, they probably argued for several hours over the punctuation and spelling for some kind of resolution about it, but it will never be heard of again. The only thing that will matter is what Vince Powers decides matters. The NDP, just like the NEGOP, is a dictatorship. They go through the motions of allowing the delegates to yell at each other for a few hours every two years, then they send them back home to feel like they actually contributed.
    Vince will let us know what he decides after speaking to the highest bidder.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We will never know what went on at the NDP convention since it barely even made the news. there was little on 10/11 and practically nothing in the LJS and OWH. Maybe they’ll report on it on their web page (chuckle).

  21. Anonymous says:

    Vince Powers tells us what happens at the Dem convention when he quotes himself over and over and over on Facebook. Ha ha.

  22. So our favorite trial lawyer, Dave Domina, is suing the state of Nebraska for tens of millions of dollars, on behalf of a hundred or so farmers in the Republican River valley, who were merrily pumping out enough groundwater to drain the river dry, until Kanas sued us under the Republican River compact and made us live up to our agreement. So Nebraska restricted the pumping, and someone’s gotta pay. And Dave reckons that’s you, the Nebraska taxpayer. However, after you’ve ponied up your couple of hundred dollar share, he’d sure appreciate your vote in November.

    You may recall, before he took on this suit to compensate farmers who were depleting the groundwater, he sued to stop Keystone XL, to protect our precious groundwater.

    If this all seems like complete and total hypocrisy, a career as a trial lawyer is probably not for you.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    I’m thinking Domina never thought he could win the election. That takes some chutzpah to sue your constituents.

  24. Fritz says:

    Who’s got what?
    Brad Ashford has: Nikko Jenkins, Mexican border control (lack thereof), Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Ebola.
    Lee Terry has: A landslide win in the making

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Fritz, if Terry can’t whup Ashford straight up in a race free from a third party kinda guy stealing votes from him, then he deserves to lose and let the next guy in.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Somebody needs to tell Lee Terry that Paul Ryan was elected the same year and chairs the powerful Budget Committee while Jon Christiansen made it to the Ways and Means Committee the year he came to office. Details are such a burden to excuse

  27. Fritz says:

    Anonymous- Somebody needs to tell Brad Ashford losing to Lee Terry worse than Tom White did will be the ultimate in political misery, and who is Jon Christiansen?

  28. troublecall says:

    Is Terry still in trouble? Its a competition for votes every 2 years. He is always vulnerable to a better candidate. But to assess if he is somehow crippled by this or that candidate running against him assumes voters don’t actually vote for Lee Terry but that they simply dislike the other guy more.

    Terry wins despite a promise to run only 3 terms, which kicked in in 2004. For the last ten years, voters have weighed that hypocrisy against his record in office. He is by all who measure such, universally deemed Conservative. You can measure that clearly by how Liberal groups hate his guts (ACLU gives him a 0 rating). And yet The Hill once called Lee Terry one of the most bipartisan members of the HOR. Partisans bloggers may object to that. But being called “bipartisan” is no small thing when most American voters give Congress a miserable rating for being too partisan, a sentiment even more deeply felt by voters in legislatively Nonpartisan Nebraska.

    But the game bloggers play here is to act like Terry does nothing voters like. He introduced the pipeline for NE and voted to repeal Obamacare, etc. etc. But no matter. We shall play along. We shall assume Terry does nothing and the only reason he is where he is today is because the voters only disliked the other guy more. So lets look at that other guy. To recap:

    Republican lawyer Steve Kupka
    Republican businessman Brad Kuiper
    Democrat television anchor Michael Scott
    Democrat State Senator Shelley Kiel
    Democrat businessman Jim Simon
    Democrat State Senator Nancy Thompson
    Republican Steven Laird (defeated 98. 06, and 08)
    Democrat businessman Jim Esch (defeated 06 while Dems re-took control of the HOR and also in 08 while the district voted for Obama)
    Republican TP Matt Sakalosky
    Democrat State Senator Tom White
    Republican UNL Football hero Brett Lindstrom
    Republican Professor Jack Heidel
    Republican veteran Glenn Freeman
    Republican Paul Anderson
    Democrat County Treasurer John Ewing
    Republican businessman Dan Frei
    And now Chip Maxwell bows out

    Is it possible that voters feel all these candidates stink? Or have most of them positively voted for Terry?

  29. anonymous says:

    troublecall is right for the wrong reason. Terry was elected because he was 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% more tolerable the other candidate. Hardly a ringing endorsement of Lee Terry, his party or their politics. If gridlock and ineffectiveness are the goal, Terry is the perfect choice. Yay.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Eeaaasssy big guy:

    Let’s not be so quick to call Brett Lindstrom a UNL football hero. He never started a game in his time at UNL. Hardly hero status.

  31. Macdaddy says:

    I will happily vote for Brett Lindstrom this fall. It’s good to see him start to build his political career and I hope he does well in the unicam.

  32. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I too, will vote for Brett Lindstrom this fall. I’m just pissed that my next state senator doesn’t rock suspenders as hard as my current state senator.


  33. Reality Checker says:

    Nurses, policemen, firefighters, EMTs, teachers, military are all heroes. Football players? Not so much.

  34. To #37 says:

    Umm…Jon Christensen served two terms as Congressman, and he didn’t divorce his wife so he could marry a virgin. Let’s just his wife found comfort in another’s arms. So, yes they divorced. He was single for a few years and then met the virgin. And, they are still happily married!

  35. Anon says:

    I’m so glad the AGs office will be investigating and get to the bottom of what advice the AGs office gave the DOC.

  36. troublecall says:

    39. You actually believe all those forenamed Republicans and Democrats stink worse than Terry and that not one Nebraska voter votes for Terry. You seem not to know that this sort of thinking works to Terry’s advantage. You also seem unaware that gridlock is built into the Constitution and you don’t know why. This is interesting, clinically.

    43. We rather doubt Terry’s “son” would call him a hypocrite as I did.

    40 & 45. I used word “hero” sarcastically toward a football player. I have taught, I have saved lives, and I have a Presidential Unit Citation that does not make me heroic. However, I have seen heroic acts performed and there is no kindness in it. Classically, heroism isn’t playing games or saving lives or being mentally deficient and learning to tie your shoes or even teaching, all of which are laudable but not heroic. Heroes are rare individuals who overcome terrible odds above and beyond that of most mortal men against a terrible killing foe, be it armed enemy or raging fire, with great risk to one’s self. Heroism, at its core, is not self-sacrifice and it isn’t care giving. It is rising to defeat a deadly foe. Admittedly, modern concepts of heroism vary and are much diluted. However, I have too many friends who have died in battle for me to deem any adult who plays children’s ball games a “hero”. I like to watch a good game. Sports are diverting. Heroism is hellishly real.

  37. Anonymous says:

    What was the Star not interested in the breaking news of Jon Christiansen’s former wife when the initial post was about his ability to find a seat on the Ways and Means Committee dang straight vs. Lee Terry’s seat at the kiddy table all this years?

  38. Anonymous says:

    #51. You speak of an “initial post” about Lee Terry not being on Ways and Means. We reviewed this blog stream and Ways and Means is mentioned in #35, which is neither initial nor recent. #46 spoke of Christiansen’s divorce and danced around the matter of his ex. So we addressed that. But we get it. You demand to know why Lee Terry isn’t chairing Ways and Means. We don’t know. Christiansen didn’t chair it either. Terry is on other committees. But yes, Jon did have a plum seat on W&M.

    Would it make you feel better if Lee Terry was House Speaker? Probably make you feel worse. You don’t like Terry. Fine. Everyone doesn’t like someone. But if you think most voters agree with your viewpoint while most of them vote for Terry against your viewpoint, what are you doing here? Who are you trying to convince? And where is your guy now? He either just lost to Terry, or he quit running against Terry, or he is a Democrat who wishes Chip was still in the race splitting the vote. It simply doesn’t matter where Terry sits in Congress. And doesn’t matter if we bloggers like him or not. Republican voters chose Terry again. Only Brad has an opportunity to beat him and that dimmed when Chip quit.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    The “Terry is an underachiever” trope is old, tired, and ineffective. His ACU rating is in the 90s unlike Fortenberry who always seem to get a pass. My guess is that these complaints are coming from the Left. My only complaint with Terry is that he supports Boehner as Speaker. That’s a big problem, but other than that Terry votes how I want him to. Terry will not break our hearts the way Sasse is going to. I still don’t know if I will vote for Terry but that depends entirely on the behavior of the House leadership. Sorry, Congressman, but them’s the breaks.

  40. Anonymous says:

    To #51 who must have meant to type, peck, hit or whatever #50, but inadvertently in the rush to make corrections made a mistake. Always good that there are blog police to make triple dog dare sure every nit is picked. Was a “demand” made that Lee Terry chair anything except the kiddy table? NO. The comment was made in regard to an answer the congressman gave in an interview when asked which sounded more like a very long excuse. Demand is such a strong verb. Was just trying to type, peck, hit or make a comment like so many others that have come before. Convincing is what the candidate try to do. As to the whereabouts of “my guy?” I think he’s somewhere on Dodge coming home, where’s yours? How nice of you to ask. Hope your thin skin heals well.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Tis true about Fort getting a pass. No viable opposition from the Tea Party ever surfaces in the 1st against Fortenberry’s voting record which is the least conservative of the five in the Nebraska delegation. But Lee Terry gets taken to the whipping shed every single cycle.

  42. Macdaddy says:

    Mayor Stothert has officially joined the ranks of the RINOs. Unable or unwilling to make hard choices, she’s certainly not going to cut a tax that didn’t exist 4 short years ago.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I had high hopes for stothert, and I “get” why she has to make concessions here and there. She is leading the whole city, not just the Republican half. That being said, she’s not being very loyal to the party, and for such a catty leader who demands unwavering ass kissing from all of “her people” that is a serious fault.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    Loyal to the party? She’s not loyal to the taxpayers. She’s being a lousy steward of taxpayer money if this tax that is less than 4 years old is suddenly indispensable to the city’s financial health. This is found money for her and she will never give it up. Of course, the citizens don’t seem to care, so what difference does it make? This will be a problem for her, however, if she decides to seek higher office. She’ll have to deal with non-Omahans who will not take kindly to her looting of visitors.

  45. anonymous says:

    Whaddayamean the rest of the world, including plants, animals, rocks, oceans and noble gasses won’t pay Omaha’s wheel tax? Bunch of freeloaders, allayas!

  46. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Sweeper: We did used to denote on our Voter Guides who Planned Parenthood had endorsed but they caught on to that and have since gone stealth with their endorsements. It is very difficult to find them publically anymore. Think they found it was the kiss of death on most of their endorsed candidates. I did read somewhere that they now ask candidates who might agree with them if they even want an endorsement to use publically in their own campaign.

  47. Anonymous says:

    JSA: Endorsements are overrated. Certainly I never voted for or against any candidate based on a NRL recommendation. (And after Ben Nelson, I should think NRL would be most reluctant to endorse!) Tell us please, when you did denote ‘planned parenthood’ candidates on your Voter Guides, was your connotation always negative? I mean, IF the candidate agreed with NRL on every issue except abortion, did you make that information available on your Voter Guides?

    Does Nebraska have a Planned Parenthood chapter? Or do they still team up with the one in Iowa?

  48. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    After Ben Nelson our PAC changed its policy to reserve the right to only endorse Republicans in Federal races where House & Senate winners only caucus with Republicans. I’m not sure I understand your question, 7:17 a.m. When we knew who PP Voters for Choice was endorsing and we had it in sufficient time we denoted it next to those candidates’ names on our Voter Guide. NRL PAC Voter Guides are targeted to the pro-life voter, not the general population. Any pro-lifer reading it knows that if a candidate is endorsed by PP, that is not someone they want to vote for. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s main office is in Des Moines after the regional shake-up that is be-falling many PP’s. They run an abortion facility in Omaha and Lincoln that each do surgical and chemical abortions. PP of the Heartland now covers all of Iowa, Nebraska and part of Oklahoma and Arkansas. I haven’t checked NADP recently to see if Nebraska Planned Parenthood Voters for Choice filed as a PAC in 2014 but I am certain they did endorse in 2012. I believe for a time they were defunct as a PAC but with the return of PP activist Randy Moody (of former Republicans for Choice fame) to Lincoln I think they have started up again.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Whenever you see an endorsement by PP, you know more — much more — about that candidate than just where they stand on abortion. Almost invariably, they will be pro-amnesty for illegals, in favor of redistributive economic policies, and anti-business. They’ll be stridently pro-abortion and oppose any reasonable limitations on abortion, such as parental notification laws and late-term abortion restrictions. They’ll probably also oppose protections for fetuses that survive abortions and will want taxpayers to fund abortions for others. They almost certainly will have bought into the ruse about the so-called “Republican War on Women.” No wonder they wouldn’t want to advertise their endorsements.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Rememeber when Lancaster Co. Attorney Gary Lacey busted Julie Schmit Albin for wiretapping and burglary wasn’t it? When some disgruntled Planned Parenthood employee turned over their database to JSA to mess with them, then JSA sorted through the medical files and found that PP had a 15 year old patients without parental consent, called the cops, and was herself arrested. That was awesome!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Endorsements mean little except to sheep.

    Right. Which is why candidates seek them and publicize whom they’ve received them from.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Poster at 7:12 p.m. yesterday thinks it’s awesome that Planned Parenthood performed abortions on 15-year-old girls without parental notification or consent. Sick bastard. Now you know why they’re called “libtards.”

  53. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    7:12 a/k/a Kill The Messenger: Nope, you got that all wrong. I had no medical records or database, only anonymous e-mails from a PP insider which I turned over to pertinent State Government authorities including the AG, DHHS, Dept of Insurance, etc. oh AND the media at the time. You’ll have to wait until I can write my tell-all to get your facts straight. Carry on.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Whatever became of the Leavenworth Street of old? Ever since the Tea Party sprung the loons from their padded cells, the quality of comments here has suffered considerably.

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