Ricketts on the air

Pete Ricketts is on the air with his first new ad for the general election for Governor.
See it here:

Rapid fire messages here, likely hitting all of your subliminal receptors.

That final line cracks us up a bit:
“If it works in the REAL WORLD, it’ll work in Lincoln.”

We always DID feel a little ethereal and out of ourselves when in Lincoln.
This is all starting to make sense now…


So we were reading the Sunday morning paper (well, we don’t really dirty our hands with the actual fishwrap, but you know what we mean) and we came across the latest general-political story from Robynn Tysver of the OWH.

She whipped up a piece about how all campaigns today have a Facebook page and a Twitter account and yadda, yadda, yadda, hasn’t this story been written every cycle since Al Gore invented Google?

Anywho, point in the story struck us:

Facebook and Twitter are the two primary social media sites used by campaigns.

Both played prominent roles in last year’s Omaha mayoral race, where one of the biggest controversies in the campaign erupted on Facebook.

A photo of a T-shirt that depicted now-Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert as a stripper on a pole appeared on Facebook. It came complete with a crude pun that revolved around the words “private sector.” And, to make matters worse, the shirt was being held by Democratic Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram, who subsequently apologized.

“Erupted on Facebook”?

Uh, no. It did not “erupt on Facebook”.
We at Leavenworth St. acquired the photo of Jerram, posted it on Leavenworth St., and then various media outlets linked to the story and photo, ON LEAVENWORTH ST.

As we noted in an email to Tysver, CC’d across the local media world, it’s one thing to claim, as she did in her original story back then, that the Jerram issue was “making the Facebook rounds”. While it was an intentional run around from mentioning this blog, there was at least a little truth to it.

But to later say that the controversy “erupted on Facebook”, is like Pliny the Younger writing about the heavy tides in the Gulf of Naples, while ignoring the actual eruption over at Mt. Vesuvius.

And here’s the thing: back when this occurred, KMTV contacted us and asked to use the photo (to which we immediately said yes). WOWT and KETV ran stories featuring a photo of the Leavenworth St. web page.

But the Omaha World-Herald each time bends over backwards to avoid any acknowledgement of our existence.

OK Suits, we get your cowardly little JV game. That’s the way you want to play, fine.
We’ve already seen in dozens of times.

But you don’t then get to go making up the facts, here saying that this came from Facebook, just because it jibes with the story your want to sell in your newspapers.

Of course, if this was a pure “mistake”, we’re sure we’ll see a correction in tomorrow’s ink-mess on page 35D, right?



An interesting comparison in TIME Magazine (we remember back in the day when we would religiously seek out TIME to see who was on the cover and get the political news of the day. Alas…) of GOP Iowa U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst and Nebraska U.S. Senator Deb Fischer. TIME says Ernst is unfairly being labeled as “Iowa’s Sarah Palin”:

When asked which Senator she’d be most like, Ernst tells TIME she thinks she’d be like Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer. Fischer was elected as a little-known Tea Partier, and was also endorsed by Palin and accused of being the “Sarah Palin of Nebraska” by some Democrats at first, but has since proven to be a relatively quiet, self-described compromiser in the Senate. “We both come from Plains states and we have a lot in common both stylistically, and ideologically, speaking,” Ernst says.

It always cracks us up when Debbie Wasserman Schultz, of all people, starts calling people “crazy” and “disturbing”.


And for your jocularity, here is Rep. Lee Terry doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

He challenged Pete Ricketts, who took it up himself.

as well as Senate candidate Ben Sasse…


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Ice challenge? Donating to worthy causes is fine, but I would not confuse those who pull off the stunt as worthy of leadership roles.

  2. @ TA says:

    I’m glad TA is up and at ’em early.

    You’re still wrong. Economics is a science, albeit a soft one. There are in fact laws in economics. Facts which hold true at all times, under all circumstances. Like the law of diminishing marginal utility, the law of diminishing returns (this one is a lot like diminishing marginal utility), and there’s my favorite: The law of demand.

    When the cost of labor goes up, the quantity demanded decreases. When the cost of labor decreases, like in the instance of a tax cut, the quantity of labor demanded will increase.

    carry on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Economics is far more complicated that most of you simpletons think. @TA demonstrates a huge problem with economic theory with “hold other things constant”. If you don’t consider anything else, then @TA is correct. However in the much more complicated real world other factors must be considered. One can decrease the cost of labor. But if there is no demand for the products that labor would produce, then the demand for labor will not increase. Kind of like today’s situation. Cutting taxes made sense in the 60s and 70s when the top income tax rates were over 70%. They don’t make sense at our current historically low tax rates. The corresponding decrease in public spending due to the inordinate fear of deficit spending and/or tax increases is one of the main factors in our slow recovery. This is the first major recession where public spending went down before recovery was complete instead of up.

  4. Ricky says:

    Way to point out the Jerram t shirt story started here on L Street. Oh but the councilman apologized.
    And was re elected. Jerram should be recalled for giving the mayorship to the incompetent Jean Stothert.


  5. Macdaddy says:

    I didn’t see any ice in any of those clips so I’ll have to take their word for it, but tank you Lee Terry for making it weird.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, I see the hand of Buffett behind your being frozen out. So far, the OWH refuses to admit to the conflict of interest with their boss giving $100,000 to Hassebrook. You’ve been kind of harsh on Hassebrook by merely pointing out the obvious. You have also pointed out some inconvenient truths about Buffett and his grandson on this blog. Methinks that Buffett has a bigger hand in the day-to-day at the OWH than anyone cares to admit.

  7. Probably Not Terry Kroeger says:

    Warren Buffett’s $100,000 kiss to Hassebrook has absolutely nothing to do with the way our political reporters write political “news.” (wink, wink). Buffett is like anyone else–he can choose to support and fund anyone he wants to. Mr. Buffett has nothing to do with our news or opinion content. (wink, wink). And, Warren Buffett’s funding of Planned Parenthood with millions and millions of dollars really has nothing to do with how we report–or don’t report–pro-life issues. (wink, wink). Nope, Mr.Buffett’s ONLY interest in our fine Omaha World Herald is how much he can skim off our very profitable bottom line. (wink,wink).

  8. Reporters and Owners says:

    don’t move in the same circles. Anyone who’s ever worked for a newspaper knows that reporters and editors rarely, if ever, come into contact with publishers. They are even less likely to see someone who has an ownership stake. Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no pronouncements from on high about how to cover an issue or an individual. What you’re seeing is the World-Herald’s normal reporting pattern. The problems this year are a weak candidate in Ricketts and GOP fatigue. Voters feel like they’re paying a lot of taxes, but getting nothing in return. They’re ready for a change, and Hassebook is a high qualified candidate.

  9. Ricky says:

    I would have to take Warren’s word for it that he does not influence what is written in the OWH.
    Buffett has more to worry about than following the day to day workings of the newspapers. He lets the management team run the business just like he lets the other companies he buys manage their business.
    However, if Buffett were to influence the paper, I’d say it would be Warren’s friendliness with Tom Osborne. Warren went to UNL. So if Buffett were to tell the OWH what to write, it may be why the paper can not go one issue with out a TO mention, and why the sports writers there kiss BO Pelini’s butt, even after BO told them to F;;k Off.
    But on political coverage I would say the paper tries to be even handed, even as their editorial staff routinely endorses Republicans, like they did Jon Bruning.


  10. Macdaddy says:

    Thank you, OWH reporter (#9) for that blanket denial. I guess Buffett doesn’t have to directly give the orders. You’re smart enough to read the neon sign left by Buffett without him saying anything to you. The confirmation is that you think Hassebrook is a highly qualified candidate. The idea that Buffett drops 100K and doesn’t do everything in his power to see a return on that is simply not believable. But you know that not acknowledging the conflict of interest is a violation of journalism ethics and that taints everything that you and your colleagues write and further contributes to the cynicism and enmity that your paper likes to complain about.

  11. It’s not so much the owner pressures the newspaper, as the newspaper writers want to please the owner. So the OWH is not going to probe too carefully into Buffett’s activities, or rip into his pet political causes, because nobody wants to anger the guy who holds the pursestrings.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    #11, the OWH has gone out of their way on several occasions to avoid giving LS any credit for breaking stories. Some cycles Sweeper pretty much does their jobs for them. Maybe it’s one of those New Media vs Dinosaur Media tiffs.

  13. Anonymous says:

    When talking economics, it is best to employ the assumption of ceteris paribus because it is most prudent. Nothing moves without being pushed, and being as we cannot possibly determine, hard as we may forecast, what event will push which economic movement next, we must operate under the assumption of ceteris paribus. That being said, there are economists around who attempt to make predictions (read: wild ass guesses) about future economic activity accounting for multiple factors.

    Dr. Goss, are you going to weigh in on this? Don’t act like you’re not reading.

  14. TexasAnnie says:

    Well I had to look up the latin terms you threw out, but, isn’t this the point of our consideration: that all other elements are not held constant! And thus, economics is not a reliable “science” in the sense of yielding any proof that variable tax rates (those the lawmakers designate) promote job growth and increase tax revenue. That was my statement of yesterday.

    When I lived in Nebraska I took the trouble to obtain and read the economic models each time new tax incentives were being proposed. The lobbyists and their hired economists, such as Dr. Goss, would argue passionately about multiplier effects, stimuli for higher wages and overflowing public coffers. But alas, all Nebraskans got was a shrinking tax base with a promise of future returns, —20 or 30 years hence!

    And what about ethics?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ernie Goss is the biggest hack around. Amazingly his research and analysis always produces the results his handlers want.

  16. To: Reporters and Owners says:

    Maybe you just hit on something….you say that reporters and even editors rarely come in contact with the publisher–in this case–Mr. Kroeger. Perhaps that is part of the problem. Maybe, just maybe, if Mr. Kroeger would sit down with the editors and reporters on a once a week basis to explain the importance of ethics in editing and honesty in reporting, we would have a newspaper we could respect and have confidence in. Maybe editors and reporters need to be reminded on a frequent basis of the importance of ethics and honesty…..seems odd that they would need to be reminded of that on a regular basis, but it appears that they do.

  17. You are all idiots says:

    I am not an OWH reporter. But I was a daily newspaper reporter for 20 years. (I took my UNL j-school degree to greener pastures than exist in Nebraska for news people.) I can guarantee you that there is no future in making Warren Buffett happy with your editorial content. Solid reporting is what’s important, and awards help. (There is no category for “pleasing the owner.”) Very few reporters are so stupid as to throw away their reputation for a candidate because your reputation is what you build over the course of a career. It’s what you ARE. It’s your FUTURE. TV reporters, Fox News — I don’t know what goes on with them.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @You are all idiots: I’d venture that these idiots are exhibiting psychological projection. Never seen so many experts in every field on a blog in my life!

  19. Macdaddy says:

    So, @idiots, is it or is it not a breach of journalistic ethics to not disclose political contributions to the candidates you are covering? Because that is what is happening at the OWH every time Hassebrook’s name gets mentioned. And that’s on the news side of the house.

    And #21, you realize we are talking about journalism and not rocket science. Pretty sure you don’t even need to have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Nowadays you can just hit up a blog for your stories.

  20. Anonymous says:

    How in the #$%^ do any of you know what Buffett is thinking?

    All I know is this gazillionaire preached often about how he hated owning newspapers and that he’d never buy one. And then he bought his town’s only newspaper. I assume gazillionaires get to be gazillionaires because they have reasons for what they do.


  21. Buffett bought newspapers either because he thinks they’re a good investment in themselves, or because they give him power and influence. Nobody at the moemtn thinks newspapers are as good investment in themselves. And it his newspapers give him power and influence, it could only be because they’re doing what he wants.

    Our friend must take us for fools. Does anyone seriously think the New York Times’ swing to the far left over the last 50 years has not been a result of their ever more leftist owners? That Murdoch’s media outlets don’t swing right because of Murdoch?

    And the supposed difference between TV and print media is a load of ballocks.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The Ferguson Riot is all about stupid politicians trying to profit from human misery.

    Democrat Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri, who is facing three separate unrelated impeachment bills at a state level, joined Democrat President Obama, who also needs some smokescreen for his own plunging image; both criticizing Republican Ferguson City Mayor (and former policeman) James Knowles for “militarizing the situation”. Then the Democrat Gov. and Democrat Pres. took power away from the City of Ferguson and put Democrat Nixon’s own State Patrol and Obama’s FBI agents in charge of the rioting Black ghetto area.

    Since the Democrats have been running things, they have, 1) apologized every day to Blacks who call for the death of police, 2) have instituted a curfew that is ignored, 3) saw dramatic increases in looting, vandalism, shootings and assaults, and, 4) called out the National Guard, who are habituated to killing people in war zones. They will shoot to kill. — This is a real militarization by two Democrat politicians who needed a GOP mayor to smokescreen them, but instead the Democrats stupidly couldn’t resist the limelight and took charge. Now police, FBI and NG are under “heavy gunfire” and people are being shot.

    There may be wiser Democrat leaders but none of them are in charge this. In retrospect, Mayor Knowles, a former police officer, was doing a much better job handling this.

    Note that Obama expresses great concern for rioter’s rights and feelings and justice while demanding police not shoot back when attacked by armed people. However, the USA’s top law enforcement officer is President Obama himself . If an armed assailent attacks Obama, the Secret Service will shoot the suspect dead.

    Regardless what happens, of course, this will be Bush’s fault.

  23. Interested Observer says:

    Some estimate that 7,000 to 8,000 blacks are killed every year by other blacks. Where is this same level of emotion, this same level of public outrage, this same level of rioting, looting and stealing for each and every one of those other victims? Didn’t any of those other victims have any worth at all? Didn’t any of them matter enough for anybody to protest their deaths?

    This is a little bit like Ernie Chambers worrying more about a couple of mountain lions than his own constituents. Where were the riots in Omaha when that innocent little girl was shot by a stray bullet while she was eating her breakfast?

    And just what exactly does looting and stealing have to do with anger over a police shooting, in the first place? How does anyone even remotely connect those 2 acts?


    Is this what the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce had in mind when they conspired with Sen Lastatbar and Justin Wayne to oust the old OPS board and get one more to their liking?
    They had in mind 600 million dollars or more with a bond issue? I guess it was more than just getting charter schools going in Nebraska. Is the Chamber going to pick the contractors for all this building? Contractors to the Chamber’s liking I assume.
    OPS has a new superintendent, less than a year right? And the new board has been together for about six months?
    And the Chamber and the OPS board expect the public to support a huge bond issue?
    If it gets on the ballot watch for a ton of money spent on a marketing campaign to get the issue passed, so the money can start flowing to the builders of all this stuff.

    Ricky From Omaha

  25. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have a viable email address for Lee Terry’s campaign office? Or phone number?

    If you go to his website there is no easy contact information unless I sign up. How weird. For a guy desperate to save his seat…so to speak…you’d think he’d have ways for direct contact that are easy.

    All I get is endless money pitches to supposedly make Nancy Pelosi lose her mind if successful. If you try email off the address it comes back as undeliverable. Someone told me they don’t want to hear any feedback. Period. Nice attitude for a guy who wants to “serve” you…his people.

    Whoever is cranking that junk out has some strange obsessive focus on the other side and fails to list any reason why Lee Terry is the greatest since sliced bread or why anyone should give him another two years. Now? I’m getting snail mail that has in fine print off to the side that it is paid for with tax dollars. Granted, “franking” is perfectly legal, but is it really fiscally conservative? Spending tax payers money to tell taxpayers how you are spending their tax dollars at tax payer expense. Sweet.

    Terry’s money pitches always come right after I get one from the RNC that tells me no reason why the GOP is worthy for my consideration, money or vote. This stuff is coming straight out of DC cesspool of consultants. So while the good congressman tries to make it appear as though he’s the guy who feels our pain he’s feeding DC coffers. Every RNC email is the same, but instead of Pelosi crazy, it’s all Obama bad, Obama bad, Obama bad.

    Newt Gingrich is correct when he says there needs to be more than simply what is wrong with the other party or candidate. The GOP needs a concise message. Lee Terry needs plenty more.

    Email address? Phone number?

  26. Phone Number is in the Footer says:

    If you go to both the campaign and congressional pages, the phone number is clearly on the footer of each site. You must have missed it.

  27. furthermore says:

    the campaign office number has not changed in several years.

    The same number is still in my phone and it still works. the funny part: it’s in my contacts as “Dave Boomer”

  28. ratonis says:

    The communication from these political sites are one-way all the way. Implicitly they say “we talk TO you; don’t say any thing back.”

    During the primaries I responded to a Ben Sasse communication wanting to know if I’d participate in wishing him a Happy Birthday. I responded that I was not interested in his birthday and was declining the invitation. Then I get a trail of generic “thank you” emails from the Sasse campaign thanking me for supporting his campaign (including the birthday). I contributed nothing to his campaign. What they do is record an email communication so they can add it to their list, but they are NOT interested in you. Anonymous makes some cogent criticisms of these approaches, but the fact is the campaigns JUST DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK.

  29. Wellsaid says:

    IO, that is intelligently said. Try this news quote on for size.

    Since the Gov and Pres took control of the Ferguson situation away from a Mayor who used to be a policeman, “On Monday night and early Tuesday two people were shot and 78 people arrested including several journalists… just hours after President Obama called for calm and Gov. Nixon lifted a curfew in the hopes that National Guard troops could maintain order.

    Firstly, military troops don’t “maintain order”. They do the opposite. They create death and destruction. Believe me, troops aren’t police. But of course Obama and our mostly non-veteran Congress are ignorant of this. That is why they stupidly use Army domestically ala Katrina and use NG in shooting wars overseas. Its a recipe for disaster. Nearly everyone in the NG today has little experience with rioters and yet many years of experience killing dark skinned people overseas.

    Secondly, what is the point of having a Black President, who gets 95% of the Black vote, and Blacks don’t obey him? But to be fair, Obama hasn’t actually ordered rioters to do anything. He orders the police not to shoot back but he “asks” rioters not to shoot police, like the gigantic pussy he truly is.

    If it was just one rioter asleep, Obama might call in a Seal Team to assassinate the guy. But this is more than one, apparently beyond his math skills.

  30. ALS says:

    President George W. Bush just released his own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video and he instituted the Stem Cell Research Funding Ban during his presidency.

    I agree with you, and would encourage you to promote embryonic stem cell free research alternatives to help those suffering from ALS. But also, you might be making a leap to say showing support for our friends and family with ALS means you’re showing support for Embryonic Stem Cell research.

    One question. Why do you single out Lee Terry? Pete Rickets, Ben Sasse, Doug Peterson and many more have also participated?

  31. Sasse's child problem says:

    Dear Ben Sassy,

    Did it ever occur to you that we don’t like your children that much? And we don’t care if we ever see them again in a commercial promoting your candidacy?
    Give them a rest I am sure they will suffer in later life when people point out how you use them as camera props time and time again.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Lee Terry’s campaign contact information? Scroll clear down to the very bottom of his website and in tiny print you’ll find 691-0333, but no email address. They have no email address at the campaign headquarters? Weird.

  33. Shhh.... says:

    Why did the OWH purchase the extremely popular WikiCity.com in late-October 2009, and then abruptly shut it down? Two years later, Berkshire purchased the OWH.

    Why are two Conservative pools of money, one Liberal, and two Libertarian all circling Omaha right now, with definitive plans to enter the local news game? What’s so special about Omaha?

    Which entity has placed a purchase-option on 3,600 acres of land within one-hour of Omaha?

    Sweeper, dig the aforementioned stories up…report on them…

  34. Anon says:

    The challenge is designed to specifically benefit the ALS Association which, among other things, supplies funds for embrionic stem cell research.

    I singled out Lee because his was the only one I was aware of.

  35. ALS says:

    Odd, you must have not read the article above your comment. It had Ricketts and Sasse videos for the ALS Challenge also.

  36. @^^^^ says:

    Here’s an idea:

    How about you join the 21st century with the rest of us and recognize that there’s nothing wrong with stem cell research?

    Simple people.

  37. Macdaddy says:

    Yep, simple people who can recognize the different types of stem cell research and discuss the ethical, biological, and medical implications of each, rather than just trying to obscure the debate.

  38. Anonymous says:

    The problem with the ALS ice bucket challenge is that it is tied to donations, not just awareness and ALS Foundation has issued a statement saying they have one ESCR research program but will not close the door to future ones. ALS is no different in this regard than any number of other “disease” advocacy organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation that do a lot of good while supporting ESCR, which is unfortunate. ALS Foundation has already raised like eleven million more with this viral ice bucket thing than they did a year ago. Most people who would normally oppose ESCR don’t give a second thought to helping ALS in this because it’s fun, it went viral and it was a brillliant social media campaign. It is now getting around that ALS Foundation does support ESCR and quite a few politicians who normally would oppose that position have posted their ice bucket videos.

  39. anonymous says:

    Would that more politicians would accept the “bucket” challenge – no ice, no water, just a bucket over the head.

  40. Interested Observer says:

    I see that the Omaha Police Department hired a new north Omaha gang specialist to replace the guy first hired in 2011. But the gangs started in Omaha back in the mid ’80’s. It took 25 years to decide to do something about them? Even Barney Fife said:

    Barney Fife: “Nip it in the bud! You got to nip it in the bud! … Nip it! You go read any book you want on the subject of child discipline, and you’ll find that every one of ’em is in favor of bud-nippin’… Only one way to take care of it.”

    Andy Taylor: “Nip it.”

    Fife: “In the bud.”

  41. Macdaddy says:

    Since the “not OWH” reporter won’t answer my question about the ethics of not disclosing the boss’ political donations, let me give a partial list of journalists whose political leanings have been rewarded, sometimes richly: Jay Carney, Samantha Powers, Edward R Murrow, Diane Sawyer, Tony Snow and of course, the former The American Spectator investigative journalist David Brock who made a public pledge to the Democrats. If you’ll notice, I didn’t list just Democrat hacks but also threw a couple Republican ones in as well. The practice of “risking one’s reputation” doesn’t seem so risky, now does it?

  42. Anonymous says:

    # 40 asks, “How much longer will America stand idly by while American citizens are beheaded by Muslims?”

    Perhaps until Americans realize Islam is at its core a murder cult. For Islam applauds not a forgiving slaughtered savior but a bloody general who conquered cites and slaughtered thousands, some with their hands tied behind their backs. Even if you assume Jesus and Mohammad are myths for idiots to believe, there’s a big difference between following an icon who let himself be crucified and following an icon who crucified people.

    To prove how blind Americans are to this, every US newsman from MSNBC to FOX says Hamas has a good opportunity today to prove itself a civilized government by condemning ISIS’s beheadings and mutilating women. — Wow, the US news read that 100% wrong! — Instead, when Hamas officials saw the ISIS beheadings Hamas got deliriously, ecstatically happy; so happy that Hamas leaders suddenly reversed their weeks of lying to admit, proudly, that Hamas had indeed kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers which thus started the war in Gaza, They are bursting with joy and pride in murdering innocent people. They don’t hate those they murder, they are simply happy to dutifully follow Mohammad’s own example of bloodletting.

    Reforming Christianity took the longest bloodiest war in Europe’s history, and that religion’s icon is a cheek turning carpenter who orders his followers even today not to kill.

    For bloody Islam to somehow reform itself away from the example of the bloody killer Mohammad, it has to turn itself so inside out that Islam in effect needs to behead itself.

  43. Interested Observer says:

    Der Spiegel Online has an interesting article the last few days titled, “Caliphate of Fear: The Curse of the Islamic State”. It gives a brief history of ISIS and is worth the few minutes it takes to read it.

  44. Otis says:

    The Black homicide rate in Omaha was 34.4 per 100,000, in 2011 double the national average. Yet Omaha’s overall homicide rate was low, below the US national average. 80% of all murders in Nebraska happen in Omaha, many or most in Black North Omaha. Omaha Blacks are getting slaughtered. But by whom?

    UNO Crim Just Prof J. Crank says,”many neighborhoods of Omaha have zero murders per year. The homicides are not just racially specific but they are tied to very particular neighborhoods. Much of the violence occurs within specific neighborhoods of northern Omaha and is very often gang-related.”

    That’s it? Victims and neighborhoods? Aren’t there any perpetrators in this bloody equation?

    Everyone avoids mentioning the main cause of Black murders. Which is Black murderers.

    They blame it on poverty, drugs, on all sorts of things, except on the Black guy who pulled the trigger. If people aren’t animals, crime must always be about the criminal. Criminals come in all sizes and colors. But these who are killing Blacks, are mostly Black.

    Black victims aren’t committing suicide. And they aren’t being murdered by roving gangs of Chinese students or Mexican roofers or White polka dancers. If you want to stop Black people from being murdered, you need to begin by focusing on the Black people who are killing them. And actually, it has nothing to do with being black but rather some criminal’s finger on a trigger.

    Nip it in the bud.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    Sure is. I have some available. It’s prime riverfront property with a state of the art pedestrian bridge. Please contact me via this blog if you are interested.

  46. Lil Mac says:

    Humorous points made here regarding “Well said” versus “Poorly said” obliquely beg a separate but real question: When you agree, must you list your reasons why you agree, as opposed to when you disagree, listing those reasons? The social imperative seems to lean heavily toward the latter.

    Agreement is, after all, consensus and peace while disagreement is contention and contest and pain.

    Courts, lawyers, armies, police, and marriage counselors don’t exist to maintain peaceful agreement, as much as they’d like to think that’s the case. Rather they all referee, reward, punish, quash, or kill their way out of normal human disagreement. People differ. When they don’t, nothing is required.

    Tell someone “You are right” and the only reason they will ask “why” is so they can probe your veracity or elicit accolades out sheer self-indulgence. However, if you tell them, “You are wrong” you will get an icy “why” that demands reasons from you that must stand up in court.

    Try this with your boss, friends or spouse. See for yourself whether your agreement or disagreement elicits a “why” that demands more than a mere schmooze from youze. Or, if you aren’t stupid, don’t.

    The three magic words that are key to every human relationship are “You Are Right”. Anything else and you will likely end up painfully having more than your veracity being probed.

  47. Otis the Racist says:

    If you are the victim of violent crime, the odds are very high that you will know your attacker, killer or whatever. There you have, in a nutshell, the reason most blacks are assaulted/killed/whatever by other blacks. Despite what TV crime programs would lead you to believe, “stranger” crime is fairly rare. Attacking someone you have a beef with? Common. Attacking someone you don’t know at all? Rare. Most likely committed by a sociopath. Add in hot weather, a lack of air conditioning, crowded housing conditions, poverty — you get the picture. I know what you’re saying, though, and there is something to a culture of violence. My first newspaper job was at a Texas city where we had almost one homicide a week in a city of 100,000. (Amazingly violent to someone raised in Nebraska.) The city was about 92 percent white, and almost all of the victims and perps were white. Only one cross-race homicide I can remember. A black guy killed a little old lady who’d lived down the street from his family forever. He killed someone he KNEW. Go figure.

  48. Anonymous says:

    68, if you are calling mixed race Otis a “racist”, that’s funny. If you are white, Otis has a lot more to lose by racial discrimination than you do.

    What exactly are you arguing, 68? That Black on Black murder happens because it is hot outside? And you say race isn’t a factor in Blacks murdering Blacks because people just shoot whoever lives next door?

    You say you once lived in a place where White banjo pickers were equally violent. Is that supposed to be your evidence that Federal FBI Crime Statistics are wrong about Black crime rates? We can cherry pick examples to suggest anything. And yes, people are good and bad. But there is something extra murderous in the so called “Black community” and it is in fact Black murderers. Murderers are always a tiny fraction of any population, but that fraction is disturbingly larger among Black Americans in Black Communities.

    You don’t seem afraid to blame White murderers for pulling a trigger. Yet you excuse Black murderers because of hot summers? Are you blaming Global Warming?

  49. anonymous says:

    Anon, you’re begging the question. Are you suggesting some intrinsic difference in the murder rate based on “race?” You do know that the federal definition if race dates back to the census of1880 & 1890, were completely fabricated, have no basis in fact beyond being a primitive 19th century way of saying ‘culture’, and are retained because they are so entrenched in both national politics & the federal bureaucracy that we literally can’t stop using them?

    When we say “race” we mean “culture.” Culture has no intrinsic, ontological status. Culture, however noble and complex, is largely made up. Vicious culture results in vicious behavior, especially in families. Only the weight and bias of virtue, habituated and practiced, tamps down what is vicious in all of us. It doesn’t always work. “Black” murders, Timothy McVeigh, Chappaquidik, 9/11, the Unabomber, ISIL, the Unabomber, Putin in Crimea and Ukraine, sex trafficking, blood diamonds, Ken Lay – are those “black” crimes, “white” crimes or human crimes? Human crimes, of course, and like all things human they occur in a social & cultural context. That context supports or inhibits virtue. Virture often – not always – takes a back seat to perceived survival needs, and crime & sociopathy squeeze in the cracks like weeds.

    Lincoln was the best example for us here. He went to war to sweep away a corrupt society, freed those enslaved by that corrupt society, and made those freed women & men able, first, to defend themselves by means of arms. Stuffing people back into the physical box of a neighborhood or city, the educational box of substandard schools, and the economic box of diminished opportunity to advance is to spit on Lincoln’s grave. Is that Republicanism? Is that Conservatism? I hope not.

    Murder is committed by a murderer, yes. One of the root causes of this sin is the moral bedsore of indifference. Own it.

  50. Otis says:

    #72. You say I am responsible for Ferguson’s Black community rioting? That it is my own racial indifference, you say? You say I should own it? Are you insane? My entire family isn’t white.

    The Democratic Party’s Black-owning racist roots ooze from your pores, #72.

    Democrats owned Black slaves out of kindness because they believed Blacks were lesser human being in their eyes. Democrats quit the USA when the first GOP president was elected on an end-slavery ticket. Lincoln eventually ended slavery for MLK-like reasons, i.e. to ensure that Black Americans could be responsible for their own adult actions under law. You deny Blacks that.

    You say Blacks aren’t responsible for Black crime, and yet you call others’ racists because we don’t care enough to join your crippling of Blacks as a group, apparently out of your awful belief that Blacks cannot be personally responsible. You call even non-whites “racist” if they dare to disagree with your belief that Blacks cannot be held personally responsible.

    Ever since the DNC’s AA experiment of the 1960s, Democrats have chosen to own Blacks as a bloc of citizens incapable of being responsible for their own actions. Every Black once was a Republican voter, but Democrats patronized Blacks into an irresponsible bloc of welfare dependency, and have replaced Black marriage and family and church in Black communities with a hopeless sense of need for federal largess and welfare that you dole out. The DNC regained ownership of Blacks based on its original Democrat Party idea that Blacks are not responsible for their own behavior. Black on Black crime fits your political needs, 72.

    You Democrats have your vote slaves. It works for you. But then you are the cause of all this misery in Ferguson and elsewhere.

    The White officer in Ferguson is of no consequence to me. Neither are Ferguson Blacks. I have no relatives there or in St. Louis. But I do have relatives of many races. And like MLK, I see every person as being responsible for their own choices. Yet even after you say Black murderers are responsible for their murders, you immediately shift right back to blaming others, even me.

    You are correct that “indifference” is the root cause. Your indifference to the right of every human to be treated as a responsible citizen, responsible for his or her own actions, is repeated here as you torturously try to double-down on your apparently sincere belief that you help Blacks by you assuming Blacks are incapable of being responsible for murdering people.

    To clarify things, you allude to government’s “one drop rule” of the 1800s. That is today a preferred choice of so-called “Black culture”. Obama himself is White Irish but you’d never know it because one drop or one-half of African blood makes him Black by his own choice. It is chosen because it is expedient. And apparently with your blessing. And DC agrees. For our Federal government today defines RACIAL MINORITY as being Black, meaning not-responsible for your Black choices of violent behavior.

    In contrast, Asians are officially treated as a non-minority by our government. Asians were enslaved in California and as recently as the 1960s, Asian Americans were not allowed to intermarry under anti-misogyny laws. But according to the US government today, as oppressed RACIAL MINORITIES go, Asians are not officially deemed minority status, because Asians on average take more responsibility for themselves then even Whites do. Asians take responsibility for their own education and their own success to the point where government literally denies Asians scholarships earned, and gives them to lesser accomplished Whites, and give that of accomplished Whites to lesser accomplished Blacks, based on the presumption that being a Minority means you are incapable of being responsible.

    This leveling the “playing fields” is deemed to be kindhearted. In fact, it rewards thus reinforces irresponsibility and non-effort. In fact, it punishes hard work and eliminates personal responsibility. It cripples people. As kindhearted as you think you are, # 72, it cripples people. And it is the same kind heartedness that had Whites owning Blacks “for their own good” because in your view, then as now, Black skin makes one too irresponsible to ever behave like an adult. You expect Blacks to be needy. You view Blacks as crippled. Thus the cause of Ferguson isn’t my indifference. It is you Democrats needing Blacks to be dependent. That is not what America is all about.

    BTW, “Otis” comes from me inventing the elevator. Like politics, it has its ups and downs.

  51. anonymous says:

    Spoken like a sophomoric young Republican Otis. Alas I am an old Republican. Why don’t pool our resources – sorry, why don’t I, a productive, tax paying, thrifty, adult loaning you money out of the goodness of my heart for your education, if you don’t waste it – live in North Omaha and see what that’s like? I welcome your many relatives and friends of all nations.

  52. Dover says:

    I spent all day Saturday at the Nebraska State Fair, and it was a great experience. Got to see the world’s largest steer—all 3,400 pounds of him—what a piece of meat! Could a steer be considered to be “partially transgendered” bull?
    There weren’t many politicians at the fair, and the ones that were there had taken the suggestion seen here on Leavenworth Street—they had empty ice buckets covering their heads.

    Just so you know, “Dover” comes from me vastly improving on the Otis elevator.

  53. Otis the Racist #73 says:

    Yes, thirty years of affirmative action is all that was needed to counteract 400 years of slavery, and it’s “unkind” to cut anyone any slack. Let me enlighten you on how affirmative action works:

    You may get into a college based on your racial status, but your professors are going to grade you on the same basis as everyone else. So, you’d better be pretty smart and diligent or they will flunk you out with all the other failures — red, brown, green or purple.

    You may get a job because a company is looking to diversify the workplace. But if you don’t measure up, they’ll wash you out in six months along with every other slacker, dimwit and nitwit.

    I’m just telling you what everyone else knows. You may get a job because you’re a minority, or you’re uncle’s a VIP or your prospective boss thinks you have great legs. But once you’re in, the only way you stay in is to perform. Got it?

  54. anonymous says:

    Proving that bad baseball can be good business, which is what professional sports are. Put aside the hagiography and homage to character & teamwork, please. We’re in this business to make money.

  55. Anonymous says:

    so what we’re uncovering here is that Ricketts has a history of successfully selling a crappy product… some people asserted that in the primary


  56. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, yeah #77, because the Cubs never sucked before the Ricketts bought the team. They’ve run out of space on the side of the stadium to hang any more pennants. ROTFLOL.

  57. Macdaddy says:

    Some things can’t be fixed. The Cubs are one of those things. The Chicago Cubs. A Proud Century of Helping Others Feel Good About Themselves.

  58. I was a loyal Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan says:

    through the mid- to late 1980s. Every year, a 2-14 season. We had the No. 1 draft pick every year. We had some of the greatest players the game has ever seen. Vinnie Testeverde, Doug Williams — QBs who would win Super Bowls at other teams. Broderick Thomas! Every year a new draft day glimmer of hope that was never fulfilled. People told me it was the owner, Hugh Culverhouse. I didn’t know what to think. Then Tampa Bay got a new owner. They started winning, and they went to the Super Bowl. Maybe Cubbie ownership figures they don’t have to give the fans a winning team if they can be the fourth most profitable team with a loser.

  59. Rickett's Cubbies says:

    Because of Major League Baseball’s socialist and anti-competition rules, Ricketts clan makes money no matter what product they put on the field.
    MLB has a revenue sharing agreement, and they have a ban on anti trust legislation, given to them by congress.
    Also note the mandatory employer insurance coverage does not take effect to 2015, if then, so Ricketts was not avoiding Obamacare this year.
    Watch the OWH on a good letter to the editor on this subject.

  60. I don’t know from Pete Ricketts, or Tampa Bay, or revenue sharing agreements … but let me just note for the record that if God made anything better than a day game at Wrigley with the Cubs (win or lose), he kept it for himself. I’ve been to MLB games in many other cities – nothing compares to sitting at Wrigley.Field on a summer afternoon with a Chicago-dawg and a cool beverage, watching the Cubs version of the Great American Pastime.

  61. Macdaddy says:

    Under the revenue sharing in MLB the Cubs have to pay out. Snap! You should have looked that up before you wrote that totally awesome letter to the editor, ricky.

  62. Macdaddy says:

    I find it humorous that with all the winning issues the Democrats have, minimum wage, Keystone, killing endangered species of birds, I mean, clean energy, they’re talking about the Chicago Cubs.

  63. Cisman, the movie says:

    76 is clueless. They can’t fire you. You’d probably sue them, plus they have to keep up their diversity quotas. So they put you where you’ll do the least damage, and rely on the rest of the workforce to pick up the slack.

  64. Cisman, the movie says:

    Ricky is a poster boy for the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    DK is a fancy sociological term for the commonplace observation that stupid people are too stupid to realize they are stupid. Even when people get in his face and yell ‘Oh, God, Ricky, you are stupider than that piece of gum I just spat out into the garbage can”, Ricky remains blissfully ignorant that amoebas regard him as a sign they shouldn’t evolve beyond the single-cell stage, lest they lose IQ points.

  65. Heyrube says:

    Per Good Morning America, “The Ferguson teen shot dead by a police officer, had dreams and visions of death in the weeks before his controversial shooting, his stepmother said at Brown’s funeral.”

    “Mike Mike told me…’I’ve been dreaming of death, seeing pictures of death, seeing pictures of bloody sheets hanging on clotheslines.'” She said “That touched me… He prophesized his own death.”

    That also “touched” Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and three Obama staffers there to listen to “Many speakers at the funeral (speak) of freedom, justice, and equal rights during the funeral, as well as calling for peace. A full choir and band punctuated the prayers and speeches, frequently bringing hundreds of attendees to their feet clapping.”

    A band? A god damned band! Holy shit, with an emphasis on the shit.

    This poor gigantic black child bent on death, himself was “shot to death by a police officer” who is never mentioned has having his policeman’s face broken by this poor child who had just robbed a store, assaulted a clerk, and then assaulted a police officer.

    To call for JUSTICE is to call for blood. To call for PEACE is to call for shutting down fomenting media circuses like this.

    Most American Blacks volunteer to be ass-raped by the Dem Donkey in the name of 400 years of slavery that White Democrats miss inflicting on Black American skins. They are still the White majority of voters who elected Obama. The Elephant only offer smaller federal chains and, apart from moderates, a lot less welfare for the poor but subsidies for job making businesses.

    Since welfare in Missouri in fact pays more money than an entry level job in Ferguson MO, the GOP solution of More Jobs is not going to be any ghetto Black’s cup of tea.

    It also isn’t any ghetto White’s cup of tea, but Obama aides don’t show up for ghetto White funerals. They don’t come with band.

  66. Anonymous says:

    91 and 92 suggest by statement and example that Republicans argue rationally and Democrats when presented with arguments they don’t like simply give you the finger and sulk.

    I am sure there are some sulking Republicans and also some Democrats who try to argue reason. But they don’t seem to inhabit this blog.

    Or, perhaps I am giving too much credit to people who are attracted to policy “reasons” such as “let’s spend our selves out of debt”, “Pity and respect me because I don’t work”, and “Its your fault all my kids are bastards with different fathers.”

  67. Macdaddy says:

    LOL. Buffett is financing BK’s move to get away from Obama’s America. Hahahaha! And you guys think he buys things, like newspapers, out of the goodness of his heart. I look forward to the Democrats calling him a traitor. Oh, wait. He’s a reliable ally in their fight to keep power. Nevermind.

  68. Macdaddy says:

    Might as well throw the whole Nebraska Nice campaign in the trash after last night. BTW, what are our leaders going to do about crime in Nebraska, especially Omaha? What is Stothert doing that’s any different than what the hapless Suttle was doing and Fahey before that? Why should anyone be afraid to go to a Wendy’s at 9 at night anywhere in Nebraska?

  69. anonymous says:

    If “Otis” is to be believed crime would stop if everybody just grew the eff up and took responsibility for themselves, starting with bootstrapping themselves into civilized behavior and getting a goddamned job. I bet the perps at Wendy’s we’re doing their “job,” which is and has been criminal mayhem. Mayor Stothert ought to take up City Council approval of eight additional officers, unless she’s soft on crime. Or maybe “Otis” can head-butt criminals and cause blunt force trauma.

  70. Larry Sheldon says:

    I had decided to leave the part of the ballot where Ricketts name is blank because he won’t stop the G** D***** robot calls. (Similar decision regarding Lee Terry, but he did at last run of money or something because THOSE have stopped. I think.)

    But I am now about to de3cide to mark somebody else’s name if I can do it without puking. In Nebraska I’m not sure it makes much difference.

  71. Wendys at 9 oclock at night in Omaha says:

    Wow what genius decided letting a television crew get the run of Omaha for the Summer?
    There are a LOT of questions about the police shooting of a guy with a fake gun and another guy who worked for television.
    And, given that we know OPD covers up stuff, like what happened in North O, and Mayor Stothert thinks a civilian review board appointed by her and reporting to her is the way to go, I am not holding my breath waiting for the truth to come out about what happened at Wendys on Aug 26.
    But somebody has to take the responsibility for the death of the COPS guy, so either the Police Chief gets fired or the Mayor resigns.

    ricky from omaha

  72. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, accidents happen and when one willingly puts oneself in danger, one runs the risk of being killed. The dipshit robbing the joint might should have considered not robbing it. The innocent soul who was lost, didn’t have it coming but it was a very real occupational hazard. Accidents happen. Accidents happen. Accidents happen. The only crime committed was a robbery.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Police are the bloody tip of the sword that is government governing everyone for the greater good.

    And that means you as an individual are nothing to cops but a potential corpse screwing up their shift.

    You Democrats are the big government guys. Police work for government not you. And you Republicans think cops are there to protect you. Look outside. See any cops?

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